Not dead yet

Hey guys!

Some of you may wonder where the hell I’ve been, i’m still here lol… just not very active.

On my previous post, i mentioned that I would post videos for your entertainment for the lack of reviews and here they are!


These are student animations that i quite like.

A nice Shinkai Makoto short film.

And… the beautiful latest PV from FLOWER, a girl group that i have been following since the formation of the group.

I couldn’t really play otoges since August and just a heads up, i may not be able to play any games for the first half of 2014 as well. That doesn’t mean i don’t play anymore, just no time lol. Yume updates me with otoge news which is awesome 😀 ! I do have quite a few games in mind that i really need to get and play like Tiny x Machine Gun, Geten no Hana, Jewelic Nightmare and Black Wolves Saga.

In the anime world, I’ve been faithfully following Valvrave the Liberator, Gundam Build Fighters, and my ultimate love Uchuu Kyoudai. There were others i was watching but kinda paused them due to time (eg. yowamushi pedal, galillei donna, outbreak company, gingitsune, samurai flamenco). Are any of you guys watching these as well? I’d like to know!

I’ve been busy with school lately but I do update my blogs as often as i can about my progress.

Check them out here for my final year project works and other works-in-progress!

You can also follow me on instagram @reggievegy for more updates!

Till the next post! 😀

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