Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: After Story, Triangle Date


Merry Christmas! Here’s the next post for Glass Heart Princess: Platinum! You’ll find the remaining sections: After stories and the Triangle Dates. Naturally there will be spoilers for the first game.

Tenma’s after story

This is about the events immediately after Kyouko became a vampire, and before the epilogue in the first game. Kyouko wakes up in the school infirmary in nothing but a large shirt. Tenma offers her a cup of coffee and helps her to recall last night’s aggressive……fight with Gino lol. After the fight, Kyouko was too tired to return home so she stayed here for the night and changed out of her torn uniform. But apparently Shinnosuke had already prepared a fresh set so Kyouko changes into that soon after. It still hasn’t quite sunk into Kyouko that she’s now a vampire, as Tenma tells her to prepare for her daily lifestyle to be completely nocturnal now. It took him quite some time to adjust to life out in the sun after all. He also informs her that he’s returning to work in the school from tomorrow. Shinnosuke soon appears to persuade Kyouko to return home once, as Satsuki’s been worried too. Kyouko agrees, but is unsure of how to break the news to them. Tenma reassures her, as he says that his seal has been broken so he can now freely leave the school and will go to her side if she calls for him.

Upon returning home, Kyouko reveals the truth to Shinnosuke and Satsuki. To her relief, they accept it rather readily. In Satsuki’s words, if she wanted to shock them then it should at least be along the lines of a warm-blooded robot (lmao). However, Kyouko forgot that it wasn’t just the nocturnal lifestyle she had to get used to. The next morning, she was rudely awakened as Shinnosuke greeted her good morning and drew open the curtains. The sunlight burnt her skin and she screamed for Shinnosuke to shut the curtains. Next, Satsuki brought her breakfast but the smell of garlic made her curl away. Later, Shinnosuke brought her tea but it tasted horrible and Kyouko noticed that he used a silver spoon. In addition, Shinnosuke started to make rare slip-ups such as pouring tea onto his own hand. Satsuki’s weird behaviour also went a notch up as she offered to sleep next to Kyouko.

At night, Kyouko can’t sleep and starts feeling thirsty. Just then, a white mist fills the room but it soon disappears and Tenma appears. Impressed, Kyouko asks if she can do it too and he answers that it’s still too difficult for her. But his main reason for visiting is to give her a blood transfusion pack to drink. Tenma understands her initial resistance, but it’s best for her to focus on recovering. It takes a long time to be like him, being fine without sucking one’s blood now. Kyouko drinks it up and feels better. Tenma is glad as he wouldn’t want her desiring to suck Shinnosuke or Satsuki’s blood. Once they suck a human’s blood, it’s hard to resist further temptation. He has to return now, as he’s been tasked with a troublesome task by the school director. They both admit that they’re lonely though, and he kisses her on the hand for now.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0216

Things with Shinnosuke and Satsuki get worse though. In the morning Satsuki is literally inches away from her face, and feeling the danger, Kyouko roughly pushes her away. Outside, she finds Shinnosuke training Gino (puppy form) as he’s set up loads of traps in the garden for him to pass through. Kyouko quickly helps Gino out. Just then, Gino lightly cuts her finger and a light briefly enshrouds them. Kyouko tells Shinnosuke that she’ll take care of Gino, though the butler starts raising his gun since only he can be his mistress’ dog lmao. She tells Shinnosuke to take a rest as he appears exceptionally odd. Kyouko brings Gino into her room, though he appears to look rather sorry for some reason. In any case, both Shinnosuke and Satsuki are acting too strangely and she calls Tenma over to seek his advice. It totally slipped his mind that it’s almost the time of the new moon. Unlike a full moon, when it’s a new moon vampires loses control over their ability as well as their reason. The reason why they’re acting strange is probably ‘cos Kyouko is not suppressing her own powers, in this aspect it’s “charm”. She can control it with practice, if she’s able to make it through the night of this upcoming new moon. For losing their reason = the great desire to suck blood. If she gives in to that, it’ll be hard for her to resist the temptation to suck human blood.

During his time, the previous boss shut him up in a dungeon and by the time he woke up in the morning, the dungeon was half-destroyed. He hardly remembered but he thrashed about quite a bit. He doesn’t mean to threaten her, but if she makes it past this her desire to suck blood will settle down, as will her ability to control her powers. Kyouko reassures Tenma that she’ll do so, if it’s to be with him. They decide to start training from tomorrow, and he advises her to return to the infirmary. The temptation to drink blood will only increase as the time draws nearer, so it’ll be dangerous for her butler and maid. And at school, at least he’s within its perimetres to stop her. But they decide not to tell the truth to Shinnosuke and Satsuki, and just explain it as training. As for the shining light that occurred with Gino, it appears that Kyouko unintentionally made a contract with him as he touched her blood – making Gino her familiar. It was unexpected but perhaps it’s just as well, as Tenma asks to borrow him for a bit.

After that, Kyouko’s been training with Tenma though the results haven’t been as successful as she’d like them to be. Meanwhile, Tenma and Gino have been heading out every night – probably to do with the troublesome task Tenma mentioned before. One day, Miyashita comes in to find Tenma. There’s been a rumour spreading in school, that shadows have been showing up on school grounds, so he wanted to check with Tenma in the case that it’s due to supernatural reasons. Hearing this, Kyouko realises that the timings are all when Tenma and Gino are out so it’s hard to think of this as pure coincidence.  As Miyashita leaves, Kyouko catches herself wondering what his blood would taste like. When Tenma returns, Kyouko asks him about this and he has no choice but to tell her. They’ve actually been ridding of apparitions. They’ve no idea why they suddenly appeared, but they all appear to be low-level and so won’t attack the students. But they can’t leave them be either so they were instructed by the school director to rid of them. Gino appears in his human form, though he can only temporarily transform thanks to the contract. Still, it’s better than being with Shinnosuke and he thanks Kyouko. Though Kyouko can’t help them out since she has to focus on her own issue, she promises to cook whatever Tenma wants.

Contrary to their expectations the apparitions keep increasing as days go by and they get busier. One night, Kyouko realises that she’s run out of salt and thinks that it should be okay to leave for just a bit. On Tenma’s end, both he and Gino notice that the apparitions seem to be working as a team – they reason that there must be a mastermind controlling them. But, they are unable to sense who or where the mastermind is. Gino expresses his worry over how his men are doing, and Tenma reassures him before realising it. Gino remarks that his life now must be relaxing, but the teacher denies it. When he was first brought here it was hell-like as he could only feel the shame of having to live alongside humans, who he saw as below himself. Plus he would be beaten up by the school director each day he tried to mess things up. But somehow along the way, he started to recall his own mind as he saw his students and was unable to leave them be. And when he first met Kyouko, seeing how upright and honest she lived, Tenma felt that he wanted to live alongside her. He can’t easily abandon his hometown, but he’s chosen her so one day he will properly end things. Just then, the clone Tenma attached to Kyouko informs him that she’s left the room. Ignoring Gino, Tenma dashes off to stop her as the slightest of the moon hangs in the night sky.

At Kyouko’s end, she starts getting a bad feeling and decides to try getting salt from the school canteen instead. Just then, her vision blurs and she sees a female student in a distance. The student approaches her out of concern, but she passes out instead. Before realising it, Kyouko catches her and strokes her neck. Just before she bites it, Tenma stops her in time and Kyouko comes to her senses. Tenma asks one of his bats to have Gino bring the student to the infirmary, while he tries to calm Kyouko down – who starts to call herself a monster, she was too naive. Tenma tries to reason that the new moon’s night is drawing near, and it isn’t her fault. In the end, Tenma brings her to the vegetable patch and shows her that it’s been restored thanks to Miyashita too. He tells her that she hasn’t drank human blood yet – just like this place she can still recover herself. He definitely will stop her, and won’t let her regret becoming a vampire. He stays with her till she calms down. As the days pass by, her desire increases and finally it’s the night of the new moon and Tenma stays behind with Kyouko.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0219

It isn’t long before Kyouko smells the scent of humans outside and acts on instinct. Tenma holds her down and tries to talk to her, but his words don’t get through her at all. All reason has left her and she only desires blood – anyone will do. So instinctively, she bites into Tenma’s neck. Drinking a fellow vampire’s blood does little to quench one’s thirst, but it’s all she has now and so Kyouko drinks more. Tenma lets her be, as it’s better than letting her sink to the temptation of human blood. She can live on by only desiring his blood, thinking that it’s the most delicious. The next morning, Kyouko wakes up in the infirmary and Tenma offers her yet another blood transfusion pack. She doesn’t find it tasty at all this time and Tenma concludes that after last night’s events, she probably can no longer be satisfied unless it’s his blood lol. Which means that she’s lost interest in human blood so results-wise it’s for the best. All that’s left is to learn to control her powers.

Days later, her powers have stabilised so for the sake of practise, she’s been allowed to accompany Tenma and Gino on their nightly duties. But they didn’t encounter anything, and Tenma takes this chance to flirt with Kyouko – only for Gino to awkwardly announce his presence too lol. Tenma decides that it’ll be good for Kyouko to try using her “charm” power, which will be useful in drawing the apparitions to them instead. Kyouko succeeds, a little too well as a massive amount shows up. After that, Kyouko continues to train but she eventually either can’t release her powers or releases too much of it. Noting this, Tenma decides to take her out on a date one day for a change of mood. Outside, Kyouko searches for the movie she wants on her mobile. Unfortunately, she unwittingly uses her power which causes all the people around them to start professing their love for her. They manage to escape but by the time they find a quiet place to rest it’s nighttime. Tenma asks the details of what happened, and Kyouko admits that she’s always trying not to let her powers go out of control. Hearing this, Tenma concludes that her powers are extremely strong, so if they’re not used properly it’ll go out of control. She’s too afraid of her own powers.

Kyouko observes that Tenma looks sad, and realises that by thinking like this it means that she’s afraid of him too – since he’s the reason why she’s become a vampire. She takes his hand and places it on her own chest, as she feels the same powers coming from him. She forgot that this was what she’d wished for, so as to be together with the one she loved. It’s proof of their love. She tells Tenma that she’s no longer afraid, and they kiss. In that moment, it’s as if something that wasn’t part of her before, finally did so. Just then, Gino interrupts the couple earning a punch from Tenma. But he has a valid reason for rushing over, for the apparitions have suddenly started pouring out and at this rate they may overflow the school grounds. All of them rush over, but strangely the shadows disappear at the sight of them. Kyouko decides to chase them down, before Tenma can stop her. Kyouko is dealing a lot better with her powers now though. It doesn’t take long for her to realise that they seem to be leading her to some trap, and she decides that the fastest way to end this would be to locate the mastermind. She focuses and appears to sense something similar from before – when Tenma appeared in her room with a white mist. She wonders if the mastermind is a vampire too, and heads to the location – her own classroom.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0226

Meanwhile, Gino tells Tenma to chase after Kyouko as he deals with the situation here. But Gino soon recognises the apparitions as someone familiar. At Kyouko’s side, the mastermind reveals himself and Tenma soon shows up to deal with him. He has Kyouko release her powers too, and they easily defeat the mastermind – whom they recognise as Tenma’s men. Gino comes over with two puppies, whom appear to be his men too. It turns out that their place was suddenly attacked by some East Asian whom beat the pulp out of them, and forced them to come to this school. Then, he ordered them to stir a ruckus so as to ascertain the new vampire’s ability. In other words, the real mastermind is the school director. Tenma’s men apologises for troubling him, when they’d promised to no longer bother him so that he could be happy. Tenma gets mad as he wouldn’t forget about them when they’re his family. He’d wanted to properly set things right. He doesn’t intend to return to being their boss. But Kyouko suggests for them to come here as students. When Tenma protests by saying that they need the director’s permission, silver stake comes flying past him with a simple message: “I approve”.

And so this was how a night school was formed, with both Tenma and Gino’s men being the students. Thanks to his contributions, Gino is now hired as a staff of the school for the 10 years till his powers are fully restored. But he has the same condition Tenma had then – being sealed to the school grounds. When that day arrives, Kyouko plans to end her contract with him. When the couple is alone, Kyouko contemplates aiming to be a teacher and Tenma encourages her. He thanks her for giving his men a place here. Before he met her, he thought of returning to the dark life from before but he no longer thinks the same. He wants to create a new belonging place with her here. As the mood is about to get good, his men appear from a distance, looking for them. Annoyed at being interrupted yet again, Tenma carries Kyouko and flies into the sky this time. He confesses that before, he often wondered why he was living and even found life meaningless. But he’s found his answer now after hundreds of years – it was so that he could meet her. Kyouko confesses the same too. Tenma promises to make her happy. Back in present time (epilogue of the first game), Kyouko is lost in her own thoughts. She was just looking back on their past. Now, Tenma has taken over the school director position and she’s a teacher for both day and night classes.

In the epilogue, much time has passed since then. It’s the graduation ceremony and a student calls out to Tenma, asking if he’s seen Kyouko anyway. The student plans to confess to her, though the others laugh at him. Tenma awkwardly encourages him, as the student disappears to find her. After he’s gone, Tenma flies up to a branch where Kyouko is sitting. Kyouko teases him, as she wonders if she should accept the confession. Today marks the 100th batch of students she’s seen graduate. As expected, it’s a little lonely but she’s happy to see them move on well in life. Tenma remarks that they’ll meet many more farewells in the future, but will also keep watching over the students’ futures. And they’ll both continue looking out for each other for eternity as lovers.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0228

Kanata’s after story

Someone is heard reading through Kanata’s reports – including how ramen changes when left for a long period of time, or how lions change into humans when sprinkled with gold dust (lmao). Just then, the voice notices something approaching Earth and at this rate Earth will be destroyed. At Kyouko’s side, the two of them are at university and get called out of their own world as fellow peers approach them to ask for their opinion on some school work. As thanks, they are offered a pair of tickets to the amusement park. It’s been a year since Kanata returned, and Kyouko was surprised when he expressed that he wanted to go to university like her – to experience campus life with her. So they both entered university, and to the astronomy faculty. Though it is a rather unique university with lectures such as “how the Earth’s gravity correlates to the success of the crane game”. Meanwhile at Area 51, the staff is trying to deal with the impending astronomical doom and a Mr. Hoshino arrives to help them.

At the amusement park, the couple is soon greeted by the sight of several helicopters and the US President. A young boy also appear before them, and Kyouko soon makes the link that he’s the green alien who was always with Kanata before. Contrary to what Kyouko thinks, he declares that he’s more like Kanata’s father age-wise. His current appearance is merely a long-distance device for him to move about on Earth. The boy introduces himself as Hoshino Konata, and ask for their cooperation. They return to Kyouko’s house where Shinnosuke and Satsuki also listen in. It turns out that in a month’s time, a meteorite is going to crash into Earth. The government is doing all they can but it appears rather hopeless. Kanata remarks that his home planet can easily destroy it but Konata replies that there isn’t enough time. They don’t have the current technology present with them now, but it’s possible to create one from scratch. However, it’s going to require an enormous amount of energy – approximately 100 years of the Earth’s total energy consumption. As such, they’re going to need their help – the energy generated from their engines. Though their bodies are now human so they can’t control it, Konata says that Kyouko knows the way to increase its output aka up the doki doki moments. In other words, he wants them to flirt with each other to the max. within this month so as to accumulate the energy they need.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0231

There’s little choice as the Earth’s existence is at sake. A temporary room is created underground where they can live together for the month, and where they’ll accumulate the energy in. Inside, Kanata says that they’ll protect the Earth together. After all, he’s chosen to be with her. First, they check all the necessities and discover that there’s only a single futon purposely designed for them to sleep together. In addition, there’s a pillow with “OK” and “PASS” words printed on either sides. Kyouko can only think of one person, and immediately demands that Kanata disposes of them – making him think that they’re extremely dangerous goods lol. Afterwards, they go out to shop for the necessities and Kyouko also makes a note to deduct Satsuki’s pay. At the department store, there’s a fair going on in a store for newly-wed couples. Kyouko gets flustered, correcting Kanata as he thinks that they fit under the category. She gets embarrassed when she admits that it’s up to him on whether they become one in the future, yet Kanata remains clueless. Later on, they try to accumulate energy but Kyouko feels something off. Her heart condition is perfect though, so she decides to consult Satsuki. The maid thinks that it’s to do with being tired of always doing the same things as a couple, and gives them a booklet containing 100 things they can do lol.

The couple try out several suggestions in the next few days, but to no avail. It’s been a week since they started living together, and they’re far from their target. She consults Satsuki again, who suggests going out for a date to change their mood since they’ve been stuck indoors all this time. They go and have a meal first, and Kyouko feels her heartbeat quickening as it used to when Kanata waits for her to feed him. It’s odd as they’ve done this before. After their meal, they head to the game centre where Kanata wants to try challenging the crane machine after having sat through that class. However, it takes more than 30 minutes till he gets a toy. All in all it was a fun date, and Kyouko thinks that perhaps Satsuki’s suggestion was right. But Kyouko didn’t expect that small glimmer of hope to be overturned so easily. Even after that date, once again they can’t accumulate much energy properly. But she remains positive and finds Kanata stuck in the closet. He says that he’s working on his investigations, and asks her to call him when dinner is ready. He’ll hug her after that. A stab of pain hits Kyouko, and she thinks that she must be the only one whose heartbeat isn’t increasing. She feels bad at the thought that her feelings for him aren’t enough.

One day Konata comes to find her, and comforts her. Though Kanata has become human, his heart hasn’t. So he pretty much has to be taught what it’s like to be human from 0, so he hopes that she can accommodate that. Kyouko thinks that perhaps they’ve been too hard on each other, and decides to try being more relaxed. After he leaves, Kanata returns and decides to hug her for their daily dosage of energy accumulation. For some reason, Kyouko feels hurt and she finally realises the root of the problem. This room and them living together, is all for the energy accumulation to save Earth. Due to this sense of duty, there’s no longer any love in their acts of love. She asks if Kanata’s heartbeat quickens when with her in this room, and he vaguely replies “probably”. Kyouko apologises, and says that she can’t cooperate now and asks for some time. And ever since then, Kanata notes that Kyouko has been out of sorts. He wonders why she refused to hug him then. That day, Kyouko goes out to sort out her thoughts, and Konata comes to visit Kanata. He tells Kanata that they’ve hardly achieved 1/10 of their goal. In addition, it’s not just Kyouko but Kanata’s heartbeat has been pretty low too. In any case, at this rate they won’t make it in time. Konata advises Kanata to talk things out with Kyouko – but he isn’t listening at all and thinks to himself that he needs to take drastic measures.

When Kyouko returns, she notices that Kanata doesn’t look well and decides to talk to him tomorrow. Later that night, Kanata wakes Kyouko up and she’s shocked to see him on top of her. He asks her for a favour, and before she can respond he forces a kiss on her. She resists, especially when he remarks that they have to do this to accumulate energy in time. Kyouko shouts for him to leave her, as she hates this. She doesn’t want to be kissed for such a reason, to do actions like these without any feelings. But Kanata replies that there’s no other reason besides accumulating energy. Hurt, Kyouko flees the room and dashes inside where Shinnosuke and Satsuki are. Meanwhile, Konata apologises for failing to watch over things and the president decides that a dramatic approach is required – Hollywood.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0235

The next morning, Kyouko regrets having said overly-harsh words to Kanata. She goes to find him, but sees that he isn’t in. She recalls the previous time when he erased her memories, and dashes out to search for him. But she fails to, and when she returns she finds Konata there. He’s heard everything from Satsuki, and she confides in him. Konata tells her not to blame herself, and says that he’s here for another matter too. He shows her images of the subject Kanata most passionately researched on – her. Kanata didn’t do this to send the data back to his home planet, but ‘cos he was interested in her. He constantly thought of her, and finally found out why – as he loved her. Though Kanata’s heart is still immature, Konata assures Kyouko of his feelings. Kyouko cries, and realises that she was just happy to have Kanata by her side. Yet she didn’t believe in his feelings. Konata says that since she’s realised that, she should never forget the happiness she felt when they were reunited.

At Kanata’s end, he’s outside recalling the events last night. A stab of pain hits his chest, as he thinks that “hate” is the opposite of “love” – which means that Kyouko no longer loves him. He bumps into Yukito, someone whom he hasn’t seen since graduation. It’s an unexpected meeting, and Kanata takes this chance to ask for his advice. After hearing what happened, Yukito says that she probably doesn’t mean it – his sister often says the same thing. But it doesn’t mean things are well either and Yukito hits him. He tells Kanata that when his grandfather passed away, his grandmother said with a smile that her life was great as she was by the side of that person. The happiness one feels being by the side of the one you love must be proof that you were happy. Despite all that happened, his grandmother summed everything up as “happy memories”. He asks if Kanata can say the same. Kanata can’t, and he admits that he’s always been prioritising himself. Yukito says that all he needs to do is be honest.

Meanwhile in Kyouko’s home, all the Hollywood directors are proposing dramatic scenarios like Titanic or kung-fu action flicks. Satsuki isn’t impressed, as takes the chance to propose her own idea. None of them seem to be listening to Konata, who says that he doesn’t think there’s any need for this anymore. True enough, Kyouko finds Kanata where they went on their first date. He tells her that he’s prepared something, as he points to the glowing words “suki” on the grass. Kanata says that’s how he truly feels, and thinks that he now know what she means by crying out of happiness. They both make up, and apologise to each other. Kyouko says that it was her first time seeing him anxious, and even angry. Hearing this, Kanata admits that he’s afraid of learning other emotions lest he hurts her. But she tells him that despite all that, they just need to be smiling together at the end so that everything will be important memories. Kanata realises that it’s similar to what Yukito said, and promises to do so.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0236

Satsuki and Konata come to find them, as they discover that there’s no longer a need for any interference, much to Konata’s relief. Shinnosuke shows up in a helicopter, as he asks them to hurry back for there’s bad news. Back at home, the NASA staff have gathered too. The meteorite’s course has suddenly shifted and its destination is even closer to Earth – there’s only 2 days to go. Just then, Kanata recalls that his ship still has a weapon which can destroy the meteorite from outer space. Though its condition is not in its best, they can fix it up. Konata exclaims that he forgot all about that. He calculates that the best place to attack is from the moon. As for the energy, there’s no choice but to generate it on-the-spot. They decide to set off tomorrow morning, as they make the preparations. That morning, everyone sees them off – including Monji. In outer space, Kanata uses his home planet’s technology so that Kyouko no longer needs to wear the spacesuit. Konata helps to set up the weapon and soon the meteorite is in sight, but there’s not enough energy.

Just then, Kanata remarks that he researched on it – the words she told him when they went shopping. He also found out that it’s an extremely good relationship for them to always be together. Kanata decides to hold the procession here now, and proposes to her as he vows to always protect her. Kyouko agrees, and they kiss. She finally realises that the throbbing of her heart is the feeling of happiness when together with her loved one. They promise to create many memories, ones in which will definitely make them smile. Their actions create enough energy to destroy the meteorite, much to their relief. Just then, Kanata receives a message from his home planet: congratulations. He hopes to introduce her to his people one day.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0237

In the epilogue, Konata is seen in the Himeno residence as he’s now watching over Earth. He’s actually switched to his “real self” now, but has somehow managed to keep his young appearance – it’s more convenient in a human body here. As for why he’s staying in this house, Monji expressed his loneliness and asked for him to stay too. In this house, it’s only them and Shinnosuke now. Satsuki’s animation movie describing all the events Kyouko and Kanata faced, was a big hit so she left for overseas. But today she’s returning home. As for the couple, their ship arrived earlier than expected so they should be here soon too. They married soon after the incident, and spent 3 years at Kanata’s home planet being goodwill ambassadors. They return home, and introduce their children too – twins. They’ll create many memories for them now.

Yukito’s after story

In the morning, Kyouko sees no sight of Shinnosuke or Yukito at all. She then hears someone in the bathroom, and thinking that it’s Shinnosuke she heads inside – only to find a half-naked Yukito. Thinking that it’s a dream, she closes the door and opens again but Yukito’s still there. Embarrassed, Yukito quickly explains that he came here earlier to eat breakfast with her but Satsuki suddenly drenched him in water so he had to change. Finally realising the situation, Kyouko apologises and closes the door. Satsuki then appears, commending her own actions. After Yukito’s “last job”, Yukito expressed that he wanted to go to the same university as Kyouko. He asked for Tenma’s help in tutoring, and also went to the mountains with Shinnosuke to learn a secret tactic of studying. In the end, he succeeded even if they’re in different faculties (Kyouko = business; Yukito = literature). The couple travel to school together by taking the train, and Kyouko also habitually makes lunch (bento) for them everyday. Yukito has also started working part-time at a maid and butler cafe through Satsuki’s introduction (Amnesia’s Meido no Hitsuji?). As they converse, both of them realise that they don’t know each other’s birthdays. Kyouko’s was during Yukito’s “last job” and so she couldn’t bring herself to mention it. Though she also missed Yukito’s birthday in November, he still feels back since during her birthday they were already going out.

Later during lunch time, Yukito says that he wants to do something in return for her always making lunch. Kyouko recalls something Satsuki once told her, and decides to request to have a study session together at his home. He agrees and yawns, as he explains that he’s been gaming late into the night. Wanting to ease his weariness, Kyouko makes him lie down on her lap – it’s not till Yukito points it out, does she realise that she’s doing this in public. Yukito remains there for a while longer though, till it’s time for him to leave. He thanks her as he feels more awake now, leaving Kyouko wondering whether that’s really considered a success. On his way to work, Yukito still thinks that he should get her a present of some sort. He bumps into Tenma on the way, who has heard about his part-time job from Satsuki (and for the false reason that he admired Shinnosuke lol). Tenma can tell that he’s troubled, and doesn’t hesitate to offer help. Yukito thinks that it’s better than talking to his mother or sister, so he asks for advice. Tenma’s advice is simple: it’s no good to only think. Since he can’t think of any suitable present, he should just give something he feels which is right.

Kyouko is picked up by Shinnosuke later that day. She decides to give Yukito a call as she looks up at the full moon. Just then, she spots a glider in the sky and thinking that it may be Yukito, she follows it. However, she spots a stranger touching down who calls himself Kaitou Eagle. He dramatically expresses his affection for her, and leaves her with but a single feather. Kyouko quickly calls Yukito, but as he’s busy she decides to tell him tomorrow at school. The next day after he hears everything from her, Yukito tells her not to get caught up with the guy. However, the stranger did say that he’ll come see her – and indeed he shows up there and then next to them. He’s registered himself in the same faculty as Kyouko, and says that he’s done his research on her (by questioning all the people around her). He completely ignores Yukito, till the latter barges in between them. Kyouko soon learns that they’re cousins, and that the flashy man’s name is Washizaki Kagari. She also soon learns the reason why Yukito told her to stay away from him, for he gets caught up in his own world – refusing to believe Yukito when he says that they’re lovers and dismisses it as Yukito’s fantasies. Even when Kyouko affirms this, he remarks that she’s being overly kind to Yukito. Kagari is soon dragged away to finish his registration, but it certainly won’t be the last they see of him.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0292

That night when Yukito returns home, he discovers that Kagari dropped by for a visit, even giving his mother and sister roll cake. Yukito can’t help but find this suspicious, and warns Kagari not to touch Kyouko but his words don’t work on Kagari. When he’s alone, Yukito sighs as he wonders how he’s going to pass that to Kyouko. After that, Kagari constantly popped up the whole day, hardly giving the couple any alone time. One day, Yukito calls Kyouko from work and says that he got a pair of tickets from a senior at work to watch a play. He invites her out the next day, and doesn’t think that Kagari can barge in on them since all tickets should be sold out by now. But just in case, he goes to fetch her a bit earlier and they are wary of their surroundings as they to the theatre – that is till they find Kagari sitting right next to them. Yukito knows that he must’ve bought off the ticket, but soon the play starts and they have no choice but to sit through with him. After the play, Yukito gives Kyouko the cue to escape before Kagari can catch up with them. After they lose Kagari, Yukito remarks that he’s at his limits. He soon finds the chance to pass something to her, but they’re interrupted as Monji calls Kyouko out to have dinner. Yukito decides to leave it for another time, and asks her out on another date next Sunday to the observatory.

Meanwhile, Kagari thinks to himself that Yukito’s fantasies are escalating to the point where he’s making Kyouko go out on a date. He decides to expose Yukito’s true facade to Kyouko. For the next few days, the couple are not bothered by Kagari at all. It’s hard to imagine that he’s given up, but it’s really peaceful without him. Yukito adds that everyone in the Washizaki family is like Kagari, showy and stealing for the thrill of it. On the day of their date, Kyouko’s chest starts to hurt slightly when Yukito closes in for a kiss. Worried, he offers to bring her home but Kyouko reassures him that she’s okay. She tells him to continue, but he settles for just a kiss on her forehead and decides to leave his present for another time. He sees her home, and suggests having their study session tomorrow at his place as he’s off work. At Kagari’s side, we learn that he’s been following them from a distance all this time. He purposely kept his distance from them this whole week so as to avoid suspicion.

Kagari follows Yukito home, and sees him taking out a small box before heading to a corner of his room. Wondering what’s inside, Kagari decides to listen in through the wire device to sneaked in from his last visit. He overhears Yukito mentioning the words: “prepare”, “necessary”, “one last step”, “and with this it’ll finally go his way”. Taken aback, Kagari thinks that he’s going to threaten Kyouko with whatever he prepared in the box. But we learn that actually Yukito is playing his game, and asked Satsuki, a top player, for help as he needed the flute item to control the dragon (lol Moujuutsukai to Oujisama). Satsuki asks if he still has yet to pass the present, despite her telling him Kyouko’s preferences. Yukito replies that he’ll definitely do so tomorrow. The next morning, Satsuki decides to prepare sekihan just in case and notices someone outside. She finds Kagari, who realises that he’s too late in stopping Kyouko. Satsuki offers her help, and learns from him that Yukito has gotten a hold of Kyouko’s witness so as to force her against her will. Satsuki soon realises what’s going on, and remarks that the box contains an item which is extremely dangerous to Kyouko (in terms of her heartbeat). Kagari says that he’ll definitely steal it, and quickly leaves.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0301

At Yukito’s place, Yukito is clearly nervous as he fumbles for words till they get started on foreign language. Curious, Yukito asks her to translate some sentences from her Portuguese textbook: “Carlos and Maria are lovers. Carlos decided to propose to Maria, but is unable to pluck up the courage to say it. He couldn’t say it today either, as Carlos drops his shoulders every time a date ends.” Yukito laughs nervously at the sentences, and Kyouko is happy that he’s interested so she happily translates the next sentence too: “Carlos is (too) chicken!!” and Yukito exclaims in return that Carlos has his reasons too and isn’t a chicken lmao. He declares to Carlos that he’ll definitely see things through, and grabs Kyouko’s hands. He first confirms if she’s feeling well, before expressing that he has something to pass to her. He takes out the box, but then Kagari comes crashing in as he snatches it away. He tells Kyouko that she’s free now, and Yukito screams aloud to prevent him from revealing the box’s contents. Kagari asks for a match – if Yukito wins he’ll give back the box, but if not he’s to end his relationship with Kyouko. The place they’re to meet is his old high school, at midnight. If he doesn’t show up, Kagari plans to reveal his identity as Kaitou Raven to the world. Yukito doesn’t have much choice but to accept, as Kagari disappears. Yukito stops Kyouko from persuading Kagari as it’s useless, and also tells her not to show up later at night for it’s his own problem. After she leaves, Yukito prepares for tonight as he asks Nana to get something from Kagari’s grandfather.

That night, Kagari has purposely gathered a crowd as he always performs before a crowd, and in the case that Yukito doesn’t show up. The rule is simple: for Yukito to snatch back the box from him. Unfortunately for Yukito, it doesn’t take long for Kagari to unhand him. Kyouko, who had been secretly watching them, decides to step in though it seems that Kagari was waiting for her. He’d heard of a Kaitou Glass Heart who’d usually help Yukito out when he’s in a pinch. As he captures Kyouko, he notes that she must love Yukito and asks Yukito to choose between her or the box. While the couple is left speechless, Kagari thinks that he’s making Yukito choose between a false love and true love lol. Naturally Yukito picks Kyouko, and so Kagari takes his leave via his glider. As he does so, the ending movie plays…or so we thought. The screen crashes as we’re back to the game – and Kagari’s glider breaks and he falls to the ground. Yukito reassures Kyouko that’s he shouldn’t be heavily injured, as he explains that he had his sister check up on the design. Using it as reference, he knew which key areas to remove the screws. It was thanks to Kyouko’s entrance that he had the time to do it.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0303

They tie Kagari up, and Yukito retrieves the box. There, Kyouko also reveals her true identity which confuses Kagari and Yukito exclaims that they’re lovers – as he’s been saying from the start. He also shows the true contents of the box to Kagari, before giving him a letter from Kagari’s grandmother. His grandmother has heard everything, and tells him off for taking action before doing proper investigation. She calls for him to return immediately to train from 0 again – and that his punishment will be to shave him bald lol. After Kagari disappears, Yukito finally gets to pass his late birthday present for Kyouko – a pair of matching rings. Thanks to her, he’s now living a purposeful life. Kyouko feels the same way, for he still stuck by her even after knowing of her illness.

In the epilogue, Kyouko retrieves a puppy from the garden as it’s full of Shinnosuke’s traps. Satsuki hurries Kyouko inside, not wanting her to ruin the wedding dress she’s wearing now. She knows that Kyouko’s restless for the wedding tomorrow, but would like her to remain inside her room. As she does so, Kyouko recalls how Yukito proposed to her after they graduated from university. He was successfully employed and brought her to that high-class restaurant with his first pay where he proposed to her. What they didn’t expect was that he was hired in her father’s company, so everyone now knows that they’re together and Yukito gets threatened by his superior if he dares to quarrel with her. Just then, a slip of paper appears at her window – it’s a notice that he’s come to take her, from (ex-)Kaitou Raven. Kyouko follows the words written there, and jumps out of the window with the puppy still in her arms. There, Yukito catches her and they sit on the rooftop. He’s wearing his costume, as he chanced upon it while cleaning up and was filled with nostalgia.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0307

Yukito is surprised to hear that the puppy is the kid of the dog he found in the rain. They received a call from the owner they found for the dog, saying that it had given birth and so gave this puppy as a wedding gift. As the puppy happily approaches Yukito, he mutters to himself to bear with it for now. He lets Kyouko choose a name for the puppy (the game will prompt you to enter a name), and says that he’ll choose a name for the next time, if any. They promise to work hard and support each other. Kyouko recalls that one of the rules was that he was not to steal anything aside from his grandfather’s fake art, yet he just came to steal her away. Hearing this, Yukito casually amends it to exclude his bride. She remarks that the amendment comes rather late though, for he’d already long stolen her heart when they first met. Yukito bursts out laughing at her words, before kissing her lightly. Kyouko remembers that back then, she’d wanted to be a suitable woman for him in the future and to remain by his side. And now, that future has become reality.

Shinnosuke’s after story

Neither Shinnosuke nor Kyouko remembers this past memory, but the promise made that night still remains within him. That night, a young Shinnosuke saw Masaki about to leave the house. Masaki said that it has nothing to do with him, but it was ‘cos he made a mistake and brought danger to the family. Shinnosuke noticed it, and asked why he wasn’t with the family on the day Kyouko was kidnapped – if he’d been there they definitely wouldn’t have succeeded. Instead of a direct answer, Masaki questioned if Shinnosuke knows about the pendant aside from it being a tracking device. Seeing that Shinnosuke knew nothing, Masaki decided to share it with him. After Masaki vanished, Monji didn’t seem surprised after learning about it the next day. He then told Shinnosuke that his next training location has been decided, and was surprised by how obedient he’s taking it. Shinnosuke thought to himself that it’s better than his days in the organisation, and that it’s okay to be influenced by these people.

In present time, Shinnosuke had disappeared on paid leave in order to clear up the rest of the criminal organisation linked to Kuroe and present them to the police. Kyouko and Satsuki watch the news at home, as they figure out the reason for his disappearance. He finally returns after one week and the couple hug each other upon reunion – till they’re interrupted by Monji. He’s heard of the news. Now that Shinnosuke has fully cut ties with the organisation, he’s truly free. And so they start living as lovers though they have (silly) lovers’ quarrels which make even Satsuki side-eye them. Ever since Kyouko graduated, they’ve been going on date every week. For today, Kyouko decides to buy Shinnosuke some new clothes – though it takes quite a bit to get him to change. After their shopping, they head to the observatory at night. Looking back, they both agree that if it weren’t for the glass heart syndrome they wouldn’t have realised their feelings for each other. They kiss and confirm their feelings for each other. On the way home, Kyouko asks Shinnosuke for advice on behalf of her friend, who recently got a puppy. She wonders if there’s any good way to train it, and he recalls how there’s a secret device which was used in the army and will lend it to her next time. When they reach home, they find Monji and Satsuki drinking their sorrows away for some reason. After escorting both drunk people back to their rooms to sleep.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0359

After Kyouko showers, she finds Shinnosuke frozen in the living room. It takes a while before he finally replies that he’s no longer a prince. The next day he explains to everyone: Akram, a prince who’d adopted him as a son, had eloped and hence was disowned from the royal family – which also means that Shinnosuke is no longer a prince. Hearing this, both Satsuki and Monji quickly take the chance to point out that he has lost his “requirement” of fetching Kyouko as his partner. Kyouko tries to reason otherwise, and is even on the verge of threatening her father till he finally says that he’ll give them a challenge to overcome. Even if he’s not a prince anymore, it’s a fact that he’d helped Kyouko to overcome her illness. Monji remarks that as a couple they should be on equal footing and will give them 2 weeks to present proof of that. If they fail to, then he’ll send Shinnosuke to someone he knows who’s looking for people to investigate Mars. He also gives Satsuki 2 weeks of vacation so that she does not provide any help to them. Having received the legendary black card from him, the maid quickly packs her things and disappears.

As they’re left alone, Kyouko first tells Shinnosuke to correct his speech – for he’s always calling her ojou-sama. She wonders why he no longer calls her by her name, when he’d managed to do so back then. She tells him to try doing so now, but he ends up biting his own tongue – it looks like things won’t be that easy. The next morning, Shinnosuke is about to wake Kyouko up as he always does till he hesitates as this is part of his job as a butler. Yet at the same time he doesn’t want to give up this role. He’s at a loss as to what he should do, till Kyouko ends up waking up late. He ends up beating himself down later, calling himself rubbish inferior to an alarm clock lol. Later, Kyouko tries to find out the reasons behind why Shinnosuke doesn’t call her name. He remarks that as he’s lost his title as a prince, he’s now reverted to a butler. He then gives Kyouko a collar for her friend who’d asked for advice with her dog the previous time. It’s a collar which will send electric shocks if the dog misbehaves. In the midst of his words, Shinnosuke is struck with an idea. Upon their return home, he holes up in his room tinkering with the collar.

The next morning, Shinnosuke presents to Kyouko a modified collar which will send electric shocks if he speaks like a butler. By doing so, he’ll be forced to change. He decides to demonstrate once for her, and he’s immediately electrified when he calls her ojou-sama. Kyouko worries about the strong degree, but he insists that it should remain this way. But after that, he ends up repeatedly getting electrified throughout the day. Shinnosuke thinks that it has to do with the amount of time he served as her butler, moreover if he stops his duties there will be no one left to take care of the house now that Satsuki is temporarily gone. Upon hearing this, Kyouko offers to switch positions and be the one taking care of him instead. She also confiscates the pendant off him, despite his protests. Kyouko promises to return it to him after everything’s solved. And so, their reversal life started. In the end, Shinnosuke finally stopped acting as a butler. But the deadline is tomorrow, so they still have to prepare the “proof”.

However, Shinnosuke collapses all of a sudden and Kyouko quickly calls for a doctor. The doctor diagnoses the cause as extreme stress. By the way, even in his sleep Shinnosuke kept calling out “ojou-sama” and getting electric shocks each time. Kyouko had wanted to remove the collar, but it seems fixed so she can’t do anything about it. The doctor suggests that there might be a condition which Shinnosuke has such that he can’t quit being a butler, as such when he was not her butler it resulted in the accumulation of stress. It’s possible that he doesn’t remember it anymore, but it’s certainly there. After the doctor leaves, Kyouko tries to flip through her photo albums to find any clues but to no avail as Shinnosuke is hardly in any of the photos. She then looks down at the pendant, and Shinnosuke seems to feel at ease when he holds it in his hand. However, he also mutters a promise to always be by her side – upon him saying the word “ojou-sama“, an electric current shocks Kyouko and she passes out.

Here, Kyouko starts to look back on her different memories with Shinnosuke: 12 years ago when he first came to their house not long after the kidnapping incident. 10 years ago when a young Shinnosuke first mistook Santa (Monji) as a criminal. 7 years ago when Shinnosuke finally ended his long training and became a proper butler. 5 years ago when Kyouko was in her rebellious phase and made Shinnosuke and Monji cry a lot. 3 years ago when she’d entered high school and Shinnosuke kept snapping shots of her. Kyouko is unable to remember anything crucial, till her memory is triggered when she sees a needle. It was one night over 10 years ago. A young Kyouko sees a young Shinnosuke talking to Masaki. She was unable to hear their conversation though.

It switches to Shinnosuke’s perspective. That night, Masaki told him that the pendant was given to him by Kyouko’s mother when he’d become a butler. He’d actually served her longer and when he first met her, he wasn’t too different from how Shinnosuke was before. Though on the surface the pendant was proof of their master-servant relationship, it was also a tracking device as Kyouko’s mother was quite bad with directions. Masaki had always seen her as a younger sister and was satisfied just to see her happy – till she fell sick. He couldn’t bear the pain of seeing her slowly meeting her end, and escaped. The day they kidnapped Kyouko, he was no longer working as their butler. A while before that happened, when Kyouko said that she wanted a butler, Masaki gave her this pendant and told her to give it to her butler. He left after that. But in the end, he hurried back upon hearing the news. Having put Kyouko in danger, it was more than enough reason to be fired. Before Masaki leaves, he asks Shinnosuke to listen to his request in return for him saving Shinnosuke – to always protect Kyouko as her butler, which was what he was unable to do. But Shinnosuke’s promise to Masaki isn’t exactly the true reason.

After that, a young Kyouko asks Shinnosuke where Masaki went. Upon hearing that Masaki will no longer return, she asks if Shinnosuke will do the same one day. In return, he promises to always be her butler – whether she’s an elementary school student, middle school student, high school student, university student, when her prince comes for her, or when she becomes a grandmother. He swears upon the pendant that he’ll always be her butler and they make a pinky promise (which explains the needles). The couple wake up from the same dream, as they both recall the promise. Kyouko feels apologetic as she was the one who tied him down in the first place as her butler – she should be the one to swallow the needles. In response, Shinnosuke says that it’s his responsibility too and confesses that he forgot about it too. The reason being that the next day after that, he lost her at the mall. This resulted in her getting mad at him for breaking their promise, and forced him with a bucket full of needles. The shock was too much for him that he forgot all about it.

But now they finally know the reason. Shinnosuke returns the pendant to Kyouko, and says that he’ll stop being her butler from today. He asks her to give it to the next person who becomes her butler. Soon, Satsuki returns home. She gives them each Surströmming-flavoured pudding (as a joke). Upon receiving this, the couple look at each other and decide to eat this in exchange of needles – and pass out the moment they take a bite. When they wake up, Shinnosuke no longer acts as a butler but they still have yet to prepare the proof. There’s not much time left, but he reassures Kyouko that he has a plan. When Monji returns home, Shinnosuke declares that no proof was prepared much to everyone’s shock. While he fulfilled the promise of fetching Kyouko as a prince riding on a white horse, he never guaranteed it would remain the same in the future. Shinnosuke realised that up till now, he never did anything due to his own will. When he was in the organisation, he did as he was ordered too. After that, he became a butler as he was told to. He also betrayed the family upon Kuroe’s offer, and later saved Kyouko as Monji and Satsuki told him to. But now for the first time, he wants to do something for his own sake.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0417

Shinnosuke gets down on his knees and pleads for Monji to give him the eligibility to be on equal footing. In the end, Monji accepts on one condition: to bring Kyouko to his side when he’s about to pass away. As Shinnosuke promises this, Monji lets them be. But Kyouko is mad as she heard nothing of this and didn’t think that he prepared nothing at all. Before Shinnosuke starts to sink forever in depression, she tells him that it’s still too early for marriage as she still has to succeed her father’s company. He happily hugs her, saying that he’ll wait for as long as it takes. As Kyouko looks back on everything that has happened, she can say that everything was for the sake of them coming together. This is the proof of him starting to be “Masaki Shinnosuke”. He confidently remarks that they both need each other for their own happiness, and that he’s no longer a hetare. And so Kyouko asks to be his in care forever as her future husband, and he replies the same – but adds “ojou-sama” at the end and gets electrified.

4 years later in the epilogue, Kyouko wakes up with a hangover. Satsuki greets her, and Monji and Shinnosuke is nowhere to be seen. Kyouko wonders where he is, since up till today he wakes her up as he didn’t want to give up this role even if he’s no longer her butler. Satsuki says that Shinnosuke is at a church now, and is speechless when Kyouko fails to remember anything. She advises her to stop drinking alcohol, and adds that he’s there for a wedding. Kyouko finally recalls that today is her wedding day and quickly hurries to the church with Satsuki.  But on the way there, they are chased by a car filled with the members from the criminal organisation Shinnosuke took care of 4 years ago. They’re here for revenge and Satsuki asks Kyouko to help tackle them with a gun. However, their own car gets hit soon after though thankfully the church is just a distance away. Satsuki tells Kyouko to go ahead – since if she remains here to fight it’s a certain death flag for her lol. As Kyouko hurries on, one of the member catches up with her but Shinnosuke saves her in time. He remarks on how she often gets caught up in troublesome matters – making him have enemies everywhere, giving him the trauma of being unable to quit as her butler, forcing him to undergo useless training, making him her date partner for rehabilitation etc. As Kyouko sulks, she jokes that she’ll get her new butler to come as a prince on a white bike. He reminds her that they’re now on equal footing, both being office workers. They’re completely not on time for the wedding, but Kyouko attempts to reason that they can still make before the wedding chimes end. They say their vows there and then and kiss. Shinnosuke thinks to himself that he won’t hand her over to anyone, be it a phantom thief, vampire, android or engagement partner (lmao). He’ll always remain by her side – not as a butler or prince, but as Shinnosuke.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0419

After the credits roll, it switches to Kyouko’s mother’s perspective on the night Shinnosuke brought Kyouko to visit her in the hospital. She can tell that Kyouko is being caught up in something again, but decides not to question and leave things to Monji and Masaki. But she decides to give them the pendants to make things a bit interesting. Upon hearing that they’re about to return, she wonders what she should tell Kyouko knowing that this could very well be their last meeting. She finally thinks of something, and with her remaining strength she tells Kyouko to be happy.

Gai’s after story

Kyouko has a dream of the young Gai, only to be greeted by the older Gai in bed when she wakes up. He heard her talking in her sleep about giving him a reward, and attempts to get it as he closes in on her. Upon seeing her tense up, he decides to leave it for another time. When Gai had returned, he’d wanted to force a wedding there and then and even had the honeymoon planned complete with a national broadcast to announce the news. But upon hearing this, Kyouko and Gai’s grandfather persuaded him to postpone it. And so Gai asked instead to stay at Kyouko’s place to make up for the lost time of 8 years. So now they’re living together, and Gai has inherited his family’s business too. As always, he makes things difficult for both Shinnosuke and Satsuki, and can be aggressive in his approach with her. But at times Kyouko can’t help but think that Gai sees her as very important too.

On that day, Gai brings Kyouko out on a date though he keeps buying her clothes and accessories that suit his taste. While Kyouko finds it all a bit too revealing for her age, Gai thinks otherwise and reassures her that she’ll only wear them when they’re alone. Kyouko continues to insist that it’s not that she likes them, but it’s only ‘cos he chose them for her. Hearing this puts Gai into an unexpectedly good mood. Ever since Gai came back, Kyouko is experiencing a chest pain similar to the glass heart syndrome. During lunch, it acts up when she’s made to feed Gai. He immediately notices this, and brings her outside to calm down. She reassures him that she’s alright, but Gai decides not to continue with the rest of the date and sees her home. He’s happy to hear that she enjoyed himself though. The next day, Kyouko receives a call and is informed that the vice-president is unwell and hence unable to attend an important party that evening. Kyouko has no choice but to go, and has Shinnosuke prepare her outfit. She keeps this a secret from Gai.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0171

Unfortunately, Gai spots her being approached by another company’s president. When he’s told off for interrupting, Gai asks for the man’s company and quickly makes a call – and buys over the majority of that company’s shares. The man panics and leaves them to themselves, as Gai remarks that he thought that she’d changed but she still continues to deceive him. Despite Kyouko’s protests, Gai points out that she still came to this party secretly and plans to punish her. He forces a kiss on her before everyone, and the impact is too strong for Kyouko as she soon blacks out. Shinnosuke and Satsuki rush her to the hospital, where the doctor diagnoses that her glass heart syndrome has been triggered again. Hearing this, both Shinnosuke and Satsuki think that Gai should no longer stay at her place. Soon after, Gai comes in to ask about her condition as he was unaware of it all. However, Shinnosuke remarks that he’s in no place to know the truth and challenges him. If he wins, Gai is to break off his engagement with Kyouko. If he loses, then he’ll quit as her butler. Gai accepts in the end.

Their challenge is the next day. Kyouko comes to watch them, though Gai worries about her condition. He feels vexed when she still refuses to tell him anything, even though he sees that the current him is strong enough to support her. Though the last match was a clear win for Gai, it was also ‘cos it was a surprise attack. As such this current match is rather even – that is till Shinnosuke purposely lures Gai to a trap he’d set earlier on. This sets Gai off as his energy is drained while escaping the trap. In the meantime, Satsuki explains to Kyouko that Gai has always been serious since young. Despite his current self, he’s still the same serious person deep down inside. As such, he can get overly-focused and lose sight of his surroundings. In other words, in terms of physical capabilities Gai has the upper hand. But Shinnosuke has more experience. At the same time, Gai is filled with hatred for his past self as he’d thought that he’d gotten strong enough to be next to Kyouko. As such, Kyouko starts to observe that Gai is getting caught up in himself.

She can no longer watch on as both sides continue to sustain injuries. Kyouko steps in to interfere and noticing this, Shinnosuke quickly dashes to her side thinking that she’s feeling unwell. Gai sees this as an opening and Shinnosuke protects Kyouko from the incoming attack. This results in Shinnosuke being heavily injured and Gai snaps out of it. He tells Gai that while he has become stronger, it’s only in physical strength. He’ll only accept Kyouko’s partner if he’s someone who can share both pain and happiness with her. This all seems to shake Gai’s will, as he leaves. Satsuki had immediately called for help, and soon the medics come. Shinnosuke tells Kyouko to go to Gai’s side instead. He reveals that he knew this would happen, and had been wearing a protective vest all along. As for the blood, it was a special blood pack he’d gotten from Hollywood lol. He happily proclaims that this way, Gai could be thoroughly deceived. Both Kyouko and Satsuki are speechless, and Shinnosuke quickly provides an explanation before they have him tranquilised.

The butler says that all along, he’d been planning to let Gai win. But as Kyouko’s engagement partner, he saw that Gai had to mature not just in strength – though Kyouko points out that he was the root cause of Gai’s trauma. Though she’s just as much responsible. He tells Kyouko to take this chance to talk things out with Gai. She does so, but not without telling him that he’s forbidden from having contact with any guns for 2 weeks. She eventually finds Gai at the place he used to train with Shinnosuke. Kyouko decides to no longer lie to him, and tells him the truth of what’d happened earlier on. Hearing this, Gai merely says that he foolishly lost sight of her at the critical moment. He thinks that she has every right to leave him, seeing that he doesn’t deserve to be with her. Kyouko sees that he’s severely blaming himself, digging at his own wounds. When she hugs him, he thinks that she’s being too kind. Kyouko realises that his root personality hasn’t changed since young as Gai remains silent – till he remarks that he always thought of her when he was away. And so Kyouko tells him to confide everything he wants to say to her. Gai finally says that he likes her, and wanted to have her even if he was being forceful.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0182

In return, Kyouko comes to the realisation that she fell in love with him when he returned that day after 8 years and captured her heart. She reassures him that she won’t lie or betray him anymore. She wants to be with him as she loves him, and not out of guilt. Kyouko thanks him for always thinking of her, and apologises for the past and for only replying now. Gai thanks her for choosing him, and Kyouko reveals one last secret to him – the truth about her condition as well as the truth of what happened 8 years ago. Since they’ve both confessed their feelings now, Kyouko suggests redoing their date. They go shopping once more, and this time he buys her an ornament that suits her. But she notices that he’s been avoiding physical contact with her, not once holding her hand. So she brings him to the observatory at night, and opens up on the subject. Gai admits that he was shaken when she passed out the previous time, and doesn’t want that to happen again. Kyouko tells him though that it’s okay to be his usual self, after all she’s going through the rehabilitation – and just asks that he tells her beforehand. Gai does just that, as he returns to teasing her and kisses her (with pre-notice). He won’t let go of her again.

After that, Kyouko focused on her rehabilitation. But gradually Kyouko got bored of the usual date spots, plus she barely has time for them with her work responsibilities. In the end, Gai suggested going on a trip before their marriage. With that, her father and his grandfather came back to work for the time being as they started touring different countries. And a few months later, Kyouko was informed by the doctor over the phone that she’s been completely cured. That day also happens to be the day of their wedding, and Gai soon comes to fetch her. He asks if he’s become a suitable man for her, and Kyouko tells him to force an answer out from her as he usually does. Gai remarks that she’s changed, as he kisses her. She points out that it was he who said that he’ll tease her for a lifetime, so she merely decided to go with it so as to enjoy the moment and asks him to take responsibility for it.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0184

Triangle Dates

Shinnosuke & Yukito: Yukito invited Kyouko to the amusement park as he had tickets, but Shinnosuke insists on coming along to guard her. He also stayed up all night to formulate the perfect route, but upon hearing that the first destination is the most popular roller-coaster ride Yukito immediately advises against it. Indeed, it turns out to have a 3-hour wait. Kyouko suggests buying some popcorn to eat while they wait. Though Yukito doesn’t feel right treating him to popcorn so he decides to give Shinnosuke the worst-tasting popcorn flavour. After lunch, Shinnosuke declares that he’s done the perfect route this time – and indeed it was. Though the amusement park’s website claims that one can’t go through all the attractions in one day, they did it. For the final attraction, they come to the carousel. Shinnosuke reminds Kyouko of how they once sat together on the carriage when they were young, but Yukito refuses to let Shinnosuke have the seat next to Kyouko. In the end, Kyouko sits by herself on a horse. The only seats left are the carriage and…the two boys end up sitting next to each other much to each other’s discomfort. Kyouko thinks of Satsuki who is alone at home now, and decides to take a photo of them to send to her to cheer her up. They fail to stop Kyouko and later, Kyouko receives Satsuki’s reply: ごちそうさま (gochisousama).

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0200

Tenma & Kanata: Thanks to their performance at the school festival, the school director has given them free passes to the amusement park. However, Yukito and Shinnosuke are unable to make it so only the three of them do so. There, they are being guided by Kanata on what route they should take – or should I say, the alien he carries with him. After lunch, they even took photos with a bear mascot – though it was mostly shots of the alien and the bear. They’ve reserved the most popular ride for last, but unfortunately by that time it was closed for maintenance much to Tenma’s disappointment, since he hardly is allowed to go outside school grounds. Instead, they ride the ferris wheel and admire the view, as they observe that it’s a night of a full moon. At the end, Kanata expresses his weariness at having to play messenger the whole day and thinks of getting Shinnosuke to play the guide role the next time.

Shinnosuke & Kanata: Kanata doesn’t know how to swim, and so would like Kyouko to teach him how to. Kyouko sees that it’s a rare chance of him offering a date opportunity, and agrees. Shinnosuke jumps in though, saying that he’s much more suited to teach having swam the Straits of Dover. Kanata grows excited at this, and agrees. 30 minutes later though, Kyouko sees that Shinnosuke is about to make Kanata jump into the school pool full of piranhas. According to Shinnosuke, they’ve trained countless soldiers like this as humans can do things they can’t when on the verge of death. Of course Kyouko refuses to go with this, and drags Kanata away to teach him personally. But later, Shinnosuke adjusts the pool features to cause huge storm-like waves which come pounding towards them, saying that it’ll help. Kanata misunderstands Shinnosuke as wanting to harm him, and sends a wave of water gushing towards Shinnosuke and crashes the door. When everything’s settled down, Kyouko persuades Kanata that there was no ill intention on Shinnosuke’s part, and tries to cheer up a depressed Shinnosuke. Kanata makes up with Shinnosuke, noting that he was probably just jealous and invites him to join them. ‘Cos of this, Kyouko ends up having two students now though being sandwiched between them did cause her heartbeat to increase. At the end, the two guys swim 25 metres and they congratulate Kanata on having successfully swam. Kyouko thinks that being a teacher might not be too bad. Shinnosuke decides to whip up some piranha cooking to congratulate Kanata – and Kyouko screams at him to return them to the Amazon lol.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0254

Yukito & Tenma: Kyouko is told by the teacher that the previous swimming class she missed out on was on lifesaving. It’s compulsory so she’s told to attend a special class. Apparently Yukito who skipped out on class too, will be joining her. This piece of information rattles the male classmates. The next day, Tenma appears as the teacher in-charge, as the physical education teacher had injured himself. Tenma doesn’t appear enthusiastic, unlike his usual self, and Yukito asks if Kyouko has ever seen him teach swimming – the answer is no. Yukito seems to guess the reason for that already, but Tenma doesn’t give him any chance to test it out. He has Kyouko play the role of the one drowning, while he guides Yukito from afar in “saving” her. Naturally, the close physical contact tests Kyouko’s heart and when they’re back on land Tenma asks after her reddened complexion. She gives the excuse that the waters are warmer than usual, so Tenma goes to check the settings. Unfortunately for him, he slips and splashes into the pool. He starts screaming for help, till Yukito points out that he fell into the shallow end. After a brief silence, Tenma rapidly dashes back up. As he catches his breath, Tenma remarks that he was almost purified lol. While Yukito says that everyone has their weak points, Tenma insists otherwise and calls him out for being KY (空気読めない; failing to read the atmosphere) pfft. He also moves onto CPR before Yukito can ask for another demonstration. He has Yukito breath air into the mannequin, while Kyouko presses on its chest. After they’re done, he has them exchange roles. But midway, Kyouko realises that this is an indirect kiss with Yukito and blacks out as her heart gives way. When she wakes up, she discovers a concerned Yukito and Tenma by her side.

Shinnosuke & Tenma: Kyouko decides to participate in this year’s school autumn festival. Shinnosuke willingly accompanies her (fully decked up with weapons of course), and so does Tenma as he requests to join them. On the day itself, Kyouko chooses to accompany Tenma to the goldfish stall – where a legendary goldfish called Moby Dick has never been caught in 10 years (only natural since the scoop is made out of paper). Tenma seriously challenges this and fails yet again this year. Kyouko decides to just scoop out a normal-sized one. As they continue looking around, the yakisoba stall owner passes out from eating too much shaved ice and asks for their help After they call help for him, they pop down to his stall and realise that his yakisoba is legendary and widely popular. Kyouko asks Shinnosuke and Tenma to all help out, though Tenma’s condition was that he gets to eat her handmade sweets for 1 week in return. In the end, it was a success thanks to the stall owner’s secret sauce. After they’re done they sit down to have a drink. Kyouko allows Shinnosuke to have some alcohol, but somehow both guys end up getting very drunk and collapse onto her. Things get worse as they think that she’s fallen ill due to her rising body temperature and try to change her clothes. Fortunately, Satsuki saves Kyouko at the last minute.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0333

Yukito & Kanata: Kyouko goes to the festival with Kanata, and they chance into Yukito. He was forced to come here with his sister, but she’s now disappeared with her friends. Seeing how Kanata tends to wander off on his own, Yukito decides to accompany them to lessen Kyouko’s burden. Kanata has everyone hold hands though, lest someone gets lost in the crowd and they never see each other again lol. However, midway a group of members from the sumo club come passing through. Yukito and Kanata both don’t coordinate and go separate ways, leaving Kyouko stranded in the middle as she gets swept away. When she finally escapes, Kyouko realises that she didn’t bring her mobile and can only search for the guys on foot. But she soon gets cornered by two suspicious-looking men. Unfortunately as she’s wearing her yukata, she doesn’t have her usual emergency button to call for Shinnosuke, nor any of her other items to defend herself. But soon Yukito and Kanata come to her aid, and drag the unconscious bodies to benches with some empty beer cans to make it look as if they’re drunk. Yukito seems to have plenty of experience with this, though he quickly explains that it’s only in games. After that, they watch the fireworks and Kyouko thinks that she’ll never forget this experience.


I enjoyed this a lot. The resort story and dates were fun. So was Satsuki’s route though I could more or less guess the outcome. I liked that they voiced the side stories. As for the after stories, I think that Tenma, Shinnosuke and Gai’s were pretty solid as the issues they had to solve were pretty important. For Kanata and Yukito’s, there wasn’t much problem to solve so I guess that’s why they added in the new characters for those two routes. Still, their after stories were the funniest. The CG comments were amusing too due to the way they designed the interface, it really looked as though the character was looking back on it like a photo album. But they’d say stuff like “no don’t press the ‘x’ button” or “okay press the ‘o’ button and move on” – as expected of GHP’s heightened awareness that it’s an otome game (of course this applies to Satsuki’s lines too).


The characters are fun as always, and Kyouko still remained the “Madonna” she was while being gutsy at the right moments too. The comedy and romance factors were present too, and there was a lot of reference to Moujuutsukai to Oujisama. Even if you don’t know their other games, it would probably help if you know about that one game since NakaD worked on it too. Speaking of her, I played in the order she recommended on the blog: resort, side stories, after stories. As for the triangle dates and Satsuki route, she mentioned that you can play it as you like. I personally played the characters in the same order I did for GHP (except Gai…I couldn’t resist the temptation and played his first). Of course, since everything is available from the start it’s up to you how you want to play.

Sure, as a FD it’s shorter than the first game. But still, it’s not a thrill ride that is over in like 2 minutes. Okay that may be an exaggeration. But in any case, it’s a nice follow-up to GHP! If you enjoyed GHP, you’d probably enjoy GHP:P for the same reasons too.

24 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: After Story, Triangle Date

  1. midoriha says:

    Hello again, and thanks for this!
    Tenma’s route was cute, after all, there are many things she had to get used to after becoming a vampire,right?but thag ending, though..her 100th batch? That means, everyone else, is gone…?why, why must my mind think of it like that, truth though it may be. Tenma and Kyouko are together, though so that’s what matters, in the end.
    The rest of the routes were cute indeed! Kanata’s ending though, marriage, twin children…Oh ye—-s!


      • midoriha says:

        Haha, actually, i think i should apologise for all the comments. It’s on the verge lf being spam…or is it already spam?lol! Well, don’t feel pressured to reply to all my comments..that’s a lot of comments to reply to!
        Oh yes, it was all su—-per cute!-screams from the cuteness-


  2. thinkerbee says:

    I hope NakaD and Usuba Kagerou works on more games… I like their art! ❤
    I'm glad you find GHP an enjoyable experience after what you've been through (Shiratsuyu no Kai). :C

    And Gai are you Erik in disguise?! *nosebleed
    It's quite short, isn't it, though perhaps it's just me… I want MOAR GAI (or Erik I don't mind)

    I hope SBL won't let us down… I like fairy tales themes in any case. Is it just me or SBL's art is almost, quite identical actually, to MtO / GHP?

    And of course, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful time. ^^


    • Yume says:

      Oh, NakaD is actually the director :3 But yes, Usuba Kagerou! I thought that earlier this year they said Usuba was going to work on a new game yet there’s no news till now…I wonder what happened.

      LOL that’s what I thought when I first saw Gai. /// Yeah as he’s kinda like a secret character he had a much shorter route compared to the rest.

      I’m still stuck in the common route for SBL so I can’t say much about it atm haha. But yes, I love fairy tale themes too. Hmm I would say the art is quite similar. I guess the newer artists kinda take inspiration from the older artists. I remember reading a SBL entry in which the artist for the SD art for SBL sought everyone else’s opinion on which style is the best.

      Thank you! I hope that you have a wonderful 2014 ❤


  3. Sena says:

    I’m sure I will. Glass Heart Princess seems like a promising series, which is why I bought the FD before I even played the first game because I was sure I would regret not getting it later…I could’ve probably still bought it though. I got it just in case it for some reason became hard to find. Ironically I started playing the Moujuutsukai FD again today and thought of you 🙂


    • Yume says:

      No worries about the comment!

      Ohh I see~ Well at least you can play the first + FD back to back! Ahaha, thank you XD I hope you’re feeling more motivated to finish it!


      • Sena says:

        This is true. That was basically what I was doing with Amnesia. And I already told you how I played Matheus’s route in the original game of Moujuutsukai and then played his route in the FD and went back and played everyone else’s route in the original game because I realized switching like that was probably not the best idea. I did that with Silvio’s route too, so even now, I sometimes get mixed up with what happened in the first game and what happened in the FDs for both their routes. I think after playing my last game, I need a lighter game anyway, haha.

        I think I will definitely be going that route with Glass Heart Princess. Getting to play FDs/sequels right after the original games is probably the only nice thing about having gotten into otome games recently.


          • Sena says:

            You know what’s weird? I found all my saved files for the FD of Moujuutsukai but my CGs and any scenarios I opened are lost…I wonder what’s up with that. So I just finished Klaus’s afterstory route but then I’m missing Matheus and Silvio…I wonder what happened here…the game is being pissy at me because I’ve been neglecting it. According to my saved files date, the last time I played it was in mid June…


            • Yume says:

              Did your save files get corrupted? Sometimes that happens to Otomate save files when you update your PSP system. :\ Lool, you can choose to force-skip till the end while doing something else too if you really want to. XD


            • Sena says:

              This is possible. I don’t recall updating my PSP since then but who knows. I might just wait until later, when I forget enough of the story to find replay value in it. Or I might get OCD and skip like you said. I’m torn, haha. Although the thought of replaying seems odd to think about with the neverending backlog of games I didn’t even play once yet…


            • Yume says:

              If you can’t load your save files and it says “corrupted” then that’s the most likely problem. If not then…idk what happened lol.


            • Sena says:

              See that’s the funny thing. It doesn’t say anything about it. I can load all the saved files. I just don’t have any indication that shows I played that far because there are no CGs and no unlocked extras that open as you play. It’s so strange.


          • Sena says:

            As much as I wouldn’t mind playing those routes, it’s too soon to replay them since I can still remember what happened…and then I’d have to play Silvio’s endings six times (three times each) to get all the stupid scarves CGs…why I gotta have such completionist tendencies I’ll never know.


  4. Sena says:

    Merry Christmas to you too! It’s not Christmas in my time zone yet, but it appears to be in yours, so wishing you the best!

    As I try not to look at this review until I play the game…I did read your overall comments though and I’m at least encouraged by your opinions on the game…I still can’t believe I didn’t finish the Moujuutsukai FD. Gotta get on my game.


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