Here’s the Prologue for SNOW BOUND LAND! There’s somewhat of a common route after that, but I decided to get this out first since I finally wrote it.

It begins with the Snow Queen unable to find her mirror, and she calls for Ivan to search for it at once. Meanwhile, our heroine Gerda dreams of her past: her grandmother telling her stories of the “Magic World”. It’s a world far away from their current village and consists of a few areas. There’s the Red World, where it’s always dark and the sun is never out for the witch living there hates the sun. It’s ironic considering the fact that she controls fire. In the Yellow World, it’s a bustling area with an incessant flow of goods, and people are constantly chased by time. As for the Green World, there are thick forests and many animals. However, much of it remains in mystery. Her grandmother prefers to remain in their quiet village though, and so does she.

Gerda wakes up from the nostalgic dream and goes to check on the condition of the flower (Chloros – fictional?) sitting by her window. It hasn’t withered completely yet, but things don’t look positive. It’s not long till Kai, her childhood friend, comes over to visit her with a bouquet of flowers. Amidst all the flowers, he shows her one which had failed to bloom last year, but this time it did. But he failed to grow the same flower again this year. It’s a plant which they challenge every year, but have failed each time. Maran, the owner of the flower shop Gerda works at, suggests that it isn’t a normal flower and requires something special in order to bloom – like magic. While none of them have ever met someone from the Magic World, they have come across such magical items from time to time. Kai remarks that he prefers not to rely on magic though, and finds it more fun and worth it to do it via his own efforts.

Both Gerda and Kai are the same age, and both love flowers. Since young, they started growing them though Kai is the one who would read up a lot of them. As she serves some tea to him, Kai chokes on it while weakly insisting that it’s delicious – he’s the only one who says that. He also hopes to build a rose garden one day. White roses are something which they never see though, and it’s almost like a legend – like the Snow Queen. Gerda lost her parents in an unfortunate accident and ever since then her grandmother has been looking after her. She passed away 1 year ago. Her grandmother told her that the Snow Queen rules this world, and resides in the White World where white roses can be seen. The White World is not located on any of the maps though. No one has ever been there though, so it’s passed off as a mere legend. But if they read up a lot, perhaps they can find something – as such Kai decided to study hard to as to make the white rose a reality one day.

Gerda decides to visit Orva since she has the day off from work today. Kai asks her to give the bouquet to him then, and tells Gerda to go ahead as Orva will probably be happier just to see her. He’ll drop by another day instead, and pass some herbs. As Gerda heads over, she wonders if she’ll ever see the white rose. She hears a voice responding to her, but sees no one in sight. On the way, she spots Craes buying ingredients. He works in the restaurant as an apprentice, and they have known each other since young too. He asks her to come over to the restaurant later to try out a new cake he’d baked.

At Orva’s, he happily receives the flowers but goes quiet upon hearing about Kai. Suddenly, he takes Gerda’s hand and remarks on how different it is from his – warm and healthy. He feels comforted for some reason at her touch. She knows that he feels uneasy about his own condition, though she never ventured to ask about the details of it. He apologises as each time she visits, she’s cooped up indoors together with him. But he knows that his parents will worry even more if he goes outside. He’s unlike Kai, who can tend to the flowers outside. She is free to leave if she’s bored, but of course Gerda doesn’t think so. She promises to bring some seeds of flowers which he can grow easily, and indoors.


Afterwards, Gerda goes down to the restaurant where Craes happily welcomes her. He eagerly sits her down, while the cook teases him – likening his behaviour to a puppy. Soon, Craes brings her cake and tea and hears her positive comments before returning to work. Aje enters and sits next to Gerda. It’s been a while since Aje came to this village. According to Craes, Aje fails terribly at directions. On his way to this village, he got lost and collapsed due to hunger. Thankfully, Craes saved him and it’s just recently that Aje can now find his way to this restaurant without getting lost. Gerda secretly wonders how he can be out travelling like this. It’s not unusual to have travellers passing by, but it’s the first time that she’s seen a real sword. Craes stops Aje from helping himself to the cake, and they make a commotion till Gerda points out how the rest are looking at thme. After Craes takes Aje’s usual order, Gerda wonders if Aje is feeling irritated as he’s hungry. She offers to feed him some cake, and he gets embarrassed at her gesture. Later, Craes comes to ask about Orva’s condition as he takes a break to have his meal. The doctor said that unless there’s magic, it’s impossible to cure his condition. Aje recalls hearing about a mirror that can cure any illness, though it’s probably just some legend. Just then, Gerda hears a voice commenting on the mirror – but again no one is in sight.

The next day, Kai arrives early that morning. He met a merchant passing by and bought a magic mirror off him – supposedly it can grant any wish. It was suspicious, but somehow he ended up buying it and would like to give it to Gerda. He’d rather have her wish granted. She thanks him, and looks at the mirror. For a moment, it feels as though she’s being sucked into it and a chill runs through her. She decides to wish for Orva’s illness to be cured.

That evening, everyone goes down to Orva’s place. Craes and Aje heard about the mirror from Kai, and tagged along out of curiousity. Gerda hears the same voice again, remarking that he has no intentions of granting their wishes. Meanwhile, Kai recalls the method of wishing from the merchant. He raises the mirror up and just then, it’s as if it bumped into something – and the mirror falls and shatters. A glaring light engulfs Gerda, and she feels a sharp pain in her arm and blacks out. When she wakes up later, she gets everyone up and they all seem alright. But they notice that the glass shards have disappeared. The light from before wasn’t normal, so the mirror probably did have magic in it. They try to convince themselves that they weren’t cursed, as Gerda gently hits Craes on the back – but he ends up tumbling onto the floor much to everyone’s surprise. She goes to get a first aid kit upon Orva’s advice, but ends up breaking the door off its hinges. After that, Gerda continuously destroyed things in Orva’s place. Feeling confused at the change in her, she returns home that night.

The next morning, Gerda continues to break things. Kai visits her with some flowers to cheer her up – though his tone changes sharply all of a sudden as he remarks how the flowers are wasted on her. He changes back to his usual self just as abruptly, and apologises. Inside, the change in Kai happens out of the blue again as he drinks her tea. When he’s back to his normal self, they both have the same thought. Later, Gerda visits Orva to apologise for last night. There, he shows her that upon touching her flowers, they all wither in an instant. He’s afraid of touching humans, unsure of what will happen, so he’s wearing gloves now which seem to remain intact. Apparently his mother bought them from a merchant. He doesn’t dare tell his parents, lest they worry further. However, there may be no need for her to visit anymore. Orva still isn’t sure though, so he keeps it a secret for now.

Gerda drops by the restaurant next and asks Craes if he feels any different. After thinking hard, Craes admits that for some reason he’s able to recognise people with bad intentions. This morning, he felt something bad from a man and saw him kick a dog for no reason afterwards. Later, a customer tried to run off without paying. He thought that it was just his instincts, but thinking about it his instincts have always been off. After Craes returns to work, Aje enters and orders his usual. Though he sits next to Gerda, he tells her not to talk to him. Feeling offended Gerda points out that he needn’t use that tone and questions if he doesn’t want to talk to her that much. In return, Aje denies this as he admits that he just can’t be honest and actually finds her really cute. Immediately, he blushes and says that he didn’t mean it. It doesn’t take long for Gerda to figure out what’s wrong with Aje, as he constantly sprouts things he doesn’t mean to say.


That night, everyone gathers at Gerda’s place to confirm the situation and how to handle it. Gerda has enormous strength, Aje says things without meaning too, Kai’s personality will abruptly change, whatever comes into contact with Orva’s hand will die, and Craes recognises people with bad intentions. Orva also reveals that the doctor confirmed that he’s fully recovered, though the reason is unknown. Still, they wonder what they can do with their problems. At this moment, a queer-looking boy suddenly appears before them. The daemon tells them that the reason for their change is ‘cos the magical mirror shards entered their body. Specifically, it entered the areas which are now changed – for example, Gerda’s arms, Orva’s hands, Aje’s mouth, Craes’ eyes, and Kai’s heart. He also reveals that he was the one who sold the mirror to Kai, though they have a hard time believing that. In any case, they have been cursed and can’t remove the shards from themselves. The only solution is to travel to the White World to have the Snow Queen remove them, for she’s the one who made the mirror. In order to get there, they’ll need to collect the keys from 3 worlds: Red World, Yellow World, Green World. They have little choice, and all decide to set off on the journey. Gerda wonders to herself though, why they believe the daemon’s words.

A few days later, everyone has made preparations. The night before leaving, Gerda is unable to sleep and goes out for some fresh air. These few days, Kai has been changing more frequently but would return to normal when she calls out to him. She wonders if they can return to how things were before. Depending on your choice, Gerda can end up visiting any one of the guys, or retire for the night.

>> Kai: Kai happens to be strolling outside, getting some fresh air. His parents are probably more nervous than him, telling him to work hard and protect Gerda. He adds that he’d protect her without being told to though. Gerda conveys her thanks to them, and adds that Kai feels like family to her as they’re always together. He looks a bit lonely, but agrees with her.

>> Orva: She sees Orva walking outside, as he hardly saw how the village was like. As they stroll around together, he admits that he’s rather excited to see the world outside.

>> Aje: Outside, Aje calls out to her. He advises her to sleep soon since she isn’t used to travelling. He recalls how he’s used to long travels, and once he was stuck travelling in the mountains for days. Aje adds that usually it takes one day to reach that town, but upon reaching the map somehow he ended up in the mountains. Gerda can’t help but feel a bit uneasy knowing that.

>> Craes: She enters the restaurant, seeing that the light is still on. Craes admits that he’ll miss not being able to cook here for a while, and offers to whip up some supper for her.

10 thoughts on “SNOW BOUND LAND: Prologue

  1. Sena says:

    I need to get to this game at some point, haha. I have to organize myself better. I keep saying I’m going to do things and then do something else xD


        • Yume says:

          Not really, it’s just that recently I had a short break so I played as much as I could. XD But I did just finish Aje’s route last night so that leaves me with one more to go before I finally finish SBL!


          • Sena says:

            Ooops, skipped this post for a while. That’s unfortunate that you’re still busy, but it’s nice that you found some down time to play!


            • Sena says:

              I basically do that too, but I actually have more time to play. I just try to sometimes do other things when I don’t feel certain games (or switch games). This means my pace is much slower, but I suppose it works out because the breaks encourage me to play a lot when I’m actually in the mood for it…


            • Sena says:

              Yeah…sometimes it feels like a chore because I’m like…I just want to finish this route so I can move onto ____’s route, which might be a character I’m more interested in playing. I don’t want to just start the other route either, because then I might never finish the one I don’t feel like playing. Since I already determined that my play order needed to change to motivate myself, I need to stick to it. Skipping or changing routes like that will not help me finish the game. It would only help me finish individual routes, haha.


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