Here is the common route for SNOW BOUND LAND. It consists of the happenings in the Red World, and the start of the Yellow World. This follows from the Prologue. (*Updated with Ivan’s events)

On the way to the Red World, Gerda insists on making dinner one night. Everyone is reluctant, except Aje who encourages her on. Unfortunately he soon regrets his decision, while Orva and Craes do their best to cheer Gerda on – though Craes has to cook dinner again anyway. Gerda thinks to herself that she wants to continue practising though, at least with Craes’ help next time. After several days, the group find themselves constantly going in circles. Whilst in disguise, the daemon appears before them directing them to the mansion of the witch. He tells them to try going ahead, since they met him.

Upon reaching the mansion, the witch invites them in. She introduces herself as Liselotte, and lets them stay the night. This mansion has always had strong magic protecting it, so it isn’t easy for people to reach here. It’s late, so she calls for Will to show them to their room. The next morning, they’re introduced to Will’s sister, Lydia. After hearing their story, Liselotte expresses her wish to help them. Though she does not have the key, it may be hiding somewhere in the mansion. She also offers to help them search the forests for it. After Lydia shows them around the mansion, they return to their rooms. Though Craes finds it difficult to tell since she may have used magic, he doesn’t think that they’re bad people. Meanwhile, Liselotte tells Will that she has to remove the glass shards from them somehow. Once she does so, she can be stronger than the Snow Queen.

As the days pass, the group gather no new information on the key or the curse. Liselotte gives them a bottle of red liquid each, saying that it will react when near magic objects – which may include the key or not. It will also protect them from evil magic. She lets them search the whole mansion, except for her own room. But we find out that Liselotte has no plans of really helping them, for she actually has the key on her. She merely wants them to remain here till she finds a way to remove the glass shards. In the meantime, they learn that Will is learning magic from Liselotte in order to take care of her. Lydia however, doesn’t know magic. She also remarks that if it were an illness and not a curse, Liselotte could have helped them.

Gerda also sees a glimpse of a masked stranger (Ivan) in the mansion one night. She tells the rest about this the next day, and they start to wonder if it’s a spirit. They ask Liselotte about this too, and she doubts that anyone can sneak in without her notice. She tells them to retire for the night, and they continue their search the next day. In the rose garden, they find Lydia painting the white roses red as it’s her job. If she doesn’t do it properly, Liselotte will get mad. They also search the gallery and question the relationship between the siblings and Liselotte. The witch denies making them stay against their will, and they stop Orva from pursuing the matter. In the lounge, they find Will asleep on the sofa with many books surrounding him – books on magic and medicine. Gerda overhears him talking in his sleep about saving Lydia. He soon wakes up, and speaks harshly to them before leaving the room.

With no progress, they decide to try and probe the siblings. However, they end up with nothing. One evening after dinner, Gerda spots the stranger again and chases after him. He helps her up when she trips; pulling her into an embrace to prove that he isn’t a spirit. His touch feels ice-cold to Gerda though. She tries to question his identity, but he gives no clear answer and soon excuses himself. She realises that she forgot to ask for his name.


Days continue to pass with no sign of the key. The only rooms they have yet to search are Liselotte and Will and Lydia’s. That day, Lydia passes by and they take the chance to ask her to show them in. She willingly does so, but the bottle doesn’t respond in the siblings’ room either. Will enters the room soon after, and they quickly excuse themselves.

One rainy morning, Gerda goes back to her room to retrieve a pressed flower bookmark she made for Lydia. Kai is aware that she’s afraid of the thunder and offers to return with her. Gerda insists that she’s fine, though on her way back she is startled by the thunder. Depending on your choice, either one of the guys will come back for her.

>> Kai: Kai helps her up, and recalls how they huddled under the sheets when they were young. Back then he was scared of the thunder too, but not anymore. He pats Gerda on the head, and reassures her that he’ll be by her side.

>> Orva: Orva covers Gerda’s ears while hugging her, as he remains by her side till she calms down. Unlike before, he can now stay by her side when she’s scared. Even though they talked a lot before, he never knew this side of her. Orva remarks that he only thought of himself.

>> Aje: Gerda insists that she’s alright, but appears reluctant when Aje is about to leave. He tells her to be more honest, and helps her up. But she can’t really stand up, so he carries her on his back instead despite her protests. Aje tells her to remain still, though she can’t help but be embarrassed. He denies being worried about her, but Gerda knows otherwise and thanks him.

>> Craes: Craes reassures Gerda, and admits that unlike Kai he didn’t realise that something was off. Still, Gerda is happy that he came for her.

>> Ivan: He helps Gerda up and later escorts her to the front of the room where everyone else is. Before leaving, he asks if she would like to see him again. When Gerda does so, he makes her promise to keep the fact that she saw him here a secret.

Later, Gerda gives Lydia the bookmark much to her delight.

>> Kai: Kai and Gerda return to the room, and he asks if she hates him when his personality turns cold, due to the curse. Gerda denies this, since he always apologises immediately after. In fact, she feels that people will hate her instead for she’s always destroying things now. Gerda feels down, and Kai notes that she always puts herself down when trying to cheer others up. He comforts her in return, saying that no one will hate her.

>> Orva: Orva questions if they really rid of the curse if they continue travelling like this. Gerda encourages him on, and he apologises for his words. He’s feeling uneasy, especially when he can’t feel her warmth now. He asks what will she do if he removes his gloves to touch her. Naturally Gerda is scared, but she also knows that he will blame himself is anything happens to her. She touches his face, and tells him that he can still feel her warmth this way.

>> Aje: Gerda sees Aje at the gallery, and he insists that he’s being affected by the magic of the pictures. He warns her, for this is his 5th time coming here even though he keeps trying to leave the room. Gerda immediately knows that he’s just lost, but goes along with his story. She offers to lead him out, suggesting that the magic may not work when he’s together with someone else. Outside, as they’re arguing on the correct direction, Will comes along and sees that they’re lost. He finds it ridiculous since it isn’t that complex a mansion. Before Aje can protest, Gerda hits him and thanks Will for confirming the right direction.

>> Craes: Lydia can tell that Craes likes Gerda, and he quickly stops her from saying it aloud to Gerda. He’d tell her himself when the time is right.


Lydia has already opened up to them. That night, she knocks on their door to join in their conversations. She’s never been outside, and is tempted to travel with them to their village. However, she and Will can’t leave this mansion as they’d promised Liselotte. She reveals that her family all passed away from an illness. They came here to ask Liselotte to cure her illness. So in return for that, they have to remain here and look after the witch.

After Lydia leaves, Will soon comes to find them. He tells them that the key is actually a red ring Liselotte wears. As for the bottle, he only tells them that it’s best to keep it. There is time when Liselotte goes to sleep, and she would remove all her magic items. That time is when the sun is high up in the sky, and as her result her magic is difficult to control hence she removes the magic items off her so as to maintain balance. Lydia has gotten too close to them, so he wants them to leave the mansion asap. For if she leaves the mansion, she’d die. Liselotte didn’t really cure her. She merely froze the progression of her illness. And the real reason for Will learning magic is to hopefully find a cure for Lydia. As for escaping the forest, the magic cast over it is Liselotte’s. So they should escape when the sun is at its highest point in the sky as the magic would weaken. He tells the more details, and gives them the key to Liselotte’s room.

At night, Gerda is unable to sleep and goes down to the rose garden. Ivan appears, and Gerda admits that she’s a bit afraid of him when he’s wearing his mask. He willingly removes it, and she recalls her first encounter with him. He admits that it was pure coincidence that she saw him – she will know later thought whether this is a fated encounter or not. After he leaves, she realises that she forgot to ask for his name again.

The next day, Gerda offers to go and steal the key. It takes a while to convince them, but they agree in the end. On her way there, she meets Lydia and doesn’t have the time to tell her the truth. She just tells Lydia to return to her room, so as to avoid any suspicion. Gerda promises to see her again. Eventually, Gerda successfully steals the key and they all leave the mansion. However, they are stuck in the forest. Gerda soon spots Ivan, and chases after him hoping that he’d provide some clue. But she ends up getting separated from the rest. As she approaches Ivan, she feels the bottle in her pocket getting warm. Seeing this, Ivan realises that the bottle was the reason he couldn’t do anything. He offers to tell her the way out, if she smashes the bottle. He reasons that he can’t use his magic to help her if it’s present. Gerda recalls Will’s advice, but she’s pushed into breaking it anyway. Immediately, a cold wind sweeps past her and she blacks out.

It switches to Ivan’s perspective. He finds her a simple girl, but he assures the unconscious girl that he’ll keep her promise – by bringing her to the Snow Queen. Kai soon appears, and snatches Gerda away. Ivan admits that they’ve exchanged words before, for he’s only interested in her – or rather only interested in the glass shard inside of her. Kai refuses to give her up, and is willing to sacrifice himself for her. Ivan is not impressed, but is tempted to twist Kai’s strong will to protect Gerda. He offers to let Gerda go if Kai comes with him in return. Though of course, Ivan doesn’t really plan to let go of Gerda. He gives Kai the night to think about it before disappearing. After Ivan disappears, Liselotte comes to find them. They have little choice but to return to the mansion.


When Gerda wakes up, she is unable to recall who she had talked to before passing out. She learns that they’ve been locked in the room. Meanwhile, Liselotte wonders how they knew of the key. She guesses that Ivan told them, as she doesn’t think that the siblings would betray them. She is getting impatient though, and soon concludes that she can try killing them. Even if the glass shards don’t appear, at least she would have destroyed the source of the Snow Queen’s power. But Lydia comes to find them, and says that there’s another way to escape. She gives them the ring she stole from Liselotte, and hurries them to her and Will’s room. On the way there, Kai gives Gerda his bottle and tells her to hold onto it no matter what. Soon after, a cold wind blows past and the lights go out.

>> Kai: Kai hugs Gerda and in an attempt to calm her down, he asks her what she’d like to do when they return to the village. Personally, he’d like to attend to the flowers again. They’d probably be all withered by then, but to grow them again is also part of the fun. Gerda feels similarly, and Kai remarks on how they’ve always been together. He’s thankful to just be with her. He actually doesn’t want to be apart from her. His words sound like a farewell to her. But before she can confirm anything, he lets her go.

>> Orva: Orva hugs her, calming her down and telling her not to think of all the bad things. He reassures her that everything’s okay.

>> Aje: Aje tells Gerda not to move as it’s dangerous. He pats her on the head, telling her to calm down for he’s by her side.

>> Craes: Both Craes and Gerda end up panicking, and he accidentally hugs her in the dark. Startled, she hits him away without controlling her strength. They both end up apologising to each other.

>> Ivan: Gerda feels a gloved hand touching her, and she realises that he’s by her side. He tells her not to worry as the lights will come on soon, and disappears the minute the light is back on.

When it comes back on, Kai is no longer there and there’s ice on the floor at their feet. Lydia doesn’t think that this is Liselotte’s doing, for she does not use ice magic. But there’s little time to explain so they hurry to the room first. Inside, Will is shocked to see them, but he soon tells the what Liselotte is planning to do with them. He also explains that the glass shards are the Snow Queen’s power source. The bottle contains magic with heat which the people of the White World fear the most. Kai has probably been kidnapped by someone serving the Snow Queen. They can only travel to the White World to save him. Gerda blames herself for if Kai had not passed her his bottle, this wouldn’t have happened. She can only resolve herself to save Kai.

Will opens up a secret passageway behind the book shelves. Liselotte has no knowledge of these secret pathways, which were probably made by other magic users who had lived here before. They knew of them as a magic user who visited the mansion told them. This particular one is the longest, and passes by Liselotte’s room. The next one is from the gallery – however it splits into two paths midway. One will be the safe way, and the other will be full of traps. They change every time, so it’s really a 50-50 chance. The last one is from Liselotte’s room. It’s actually the safest and shortest way as Liselotte believes in her own magic’s power so much, that she doesn’t take any precautions. Craes opts for the first one, Orva the second one and Aje the last one. So it’s up to Gerda to choose which path to take.


>> Will and Lydia’s room: Before leaving, Gerda promises to meet Will and Lydia again. In return, Will remarks that she shouldn’t remain in this dark place, and should belong to a place underneath the sun. She thanks him, and tells them not to give up. Surely one day, they can leave for a brighter place.

>> Gallery: As they head for the gallery, Gerda tells Will that they’ll meet him and Lydia again one day. Thanks to Gerda leading the way, they make it through safely.

>> Liselotte’s room: Lydia shows them the way, while Will stalls for time. On the way there, Gerda promises to meet the siblings again someday.

After they successfully escape, the daemon appears and notes that they’ve finally gotten the key. He directs them on to the next world, the Yellow World. On the way there, everyone is finding food for their meal. But Orva keeps bringing back poisonous mushrooms. In the end, Aje tells him to just remain still and wait for them. As expected, they get lost as Aje is unable to get his directions. Just then, a crow calls out to them. It offers to show them the way in exchange for something. Craes gives it a fruit he brought from their village, which he has been using sparingly each time they cook. After it eats it up, it shows them the way there. As they tell it about Kai, it remarks that his appearance must match the Yellow World’s prince. After leading them the way, it points out the castle in a distance.

*The next morning, they start to ask around. They learn that the reason there are many clocks around, is because the princess is very precise about time. They also describe the prince as someone who doesn’t act according to his status, and talks in an overly-casual manner. They think of the White World as a mere legend, but if there really does exist a key it could be found in the castle. Later on in the day, all the clocks start to ring and the people filter out onto the streets. Apparently there is no specific time in which the clocks will ring. There is magic cast on them, such that they’ll start to ring when the prince and princess appear.

*Note: This only happens in Craes, Orva and Aje’s routes.

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    • Yume says:

      So far I’ve only finished Craes’ route! It was really cute though the ending was a bit…hmmm? Haha, I liked the bad end though. I’m going to try and write his post out first before moving onto Orva’s route. ><; /snail pace


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