Kai (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is Gerda’s childhood friend who lives next to her and takes a great interest in flowers too. He’s a kind, gentle boy but due to the effects of the curse his personality has turned cold. This continues from the Common Route.

Feeling anxious, Gerda goes out for a breather at night. The daemon appears, knowing that she wants to go into the castle to see if Kai is there. He offers to help her, but only her. Gerda agrees, asking him to let her return immediately if Kai isn’t present. She gets teleported directly to the prince’s room, where she observes that the prince, Alfred, does look similar to Kai but isn’t. Just then, a loud alarm rings throughout which wakes the prince up. The daemon is gone and as Gerda tries to escape, the prince hides her just as the guards flood in. He assures them that everything’s fine, and when they’re alone he questions how Gerda got in. Before she can answer, he concludes that she must be his fan. Soon, the princess, Natalie, enters and Gerda ends up explaining that she’s looking for someone. After hearing her story, Alfred lets her stay in the castle till she finds Kai. He’s unwilling to let Orva and co. in the castle as they’re all men. As Gerda is led to a bedroom, she can’t help but feel bad to the rest for sneaking off – but this is her only chance.

The next day, Gerda plans to ask around but sees Natalie heading to the greenhouse. Curious, she tags along and discovers that the greenhouse is set to nighttime and that the flowers bloom only at a certain time. She is reminded of Kai, and Natalie observes that she must be in love – but she does not have the courage to notice this. After Natalie leaves for another appointment, Gerda is left in her own thoughts. She recalls her past in which she and Kai promised to see the different flowers of the world together. Gerda realises that her happiness in discovering new flowers is halved, for there is no one to share it with. Just then, Kai appears before her. But he is quick to change the topic when she tries to find out more about his disappearance. She takes his hand, and is surprised by how cold it is. Gerda finds herself unable to question further, for it seems as though he could disappear anytime again. She refuses to let go of his hand, as she leads him back to her room. They plan to return to the inn. Midway, Kai gets mistaken as Alfred by the servants till Alfred himself appears. Natalie also furiously comes looking for Alfred, till she’s taken aback by Kai’s appearance. Gerda introduces him, and would like to talk to them. Both Alfred and Natalie are busy, and promise to see her later. Once Gerda and Kai return to the room, she soon falls asleep. As Kai watches over her, he can’t help but be swayed as he wants to continue to stay by her side.


He wakes her up when Alfred and Natalie arrive. Gerda expresses her intention to return to the rest since she’s found Kai. Natalie questions if she’s really okay with leaving things this way. They do not seem to understand her intentions, especially when she tells them to sleep in the same room for the night. Gerda is flustered as they leave the room, and Kai wonders if she’s being self-conscious of him. But his personality abruptly switches, and he curtly tells Gerda to sleep on the sofa. Shocked, Gerda is unable to talk back and can only do as told as he goes to sleep on the bed. She reassures herself that it’s alright. Kai wakes up in the middle of the night, and realises what happened as he spots Gerda sleeping on the sofa. He apologises and thinks that she’ll come to no longer trust him one day – and even hate him. But he won’t regret his decision. To his surprise, Ivan appears looking for him. He reminds Kai of his role, to which Kai affirms it – but he’d like to remain by Gerda’s side a bit longer while his heart is still warm. While not totally convinced, Ivan lets him be for now and disappears. After all, neither of their fates will change. In the morning, Gerda wakes up from a dream of Kai leaving her. She find herself on the bed, and Kai at the sofa. Even though he has returned, she can’t help but feel uneasy. Later, they get ready to leave and want to bid farewell to Alfred and Natalie. But they are not around so they have the maid convey the message.

They return to the inn where everyone else is, and Gerda apologises for her actions. Though they were worried-sick, they are happy that they’re okay. Orva and Aje share the information they gathered in the past few days: the key is in the castle. Hearing this, Gerda and Kai decide to go back to ask Alfred and Natalie more about this. The rest agree to this, and will gather information about the Green World in the meantime. That night while Gerda and Craes are asleep, Kai asks Orva and Aje for a favour. He persuades them to give up and to turn back, for they won’t be able to defeat the Snow Queen nor is it certain that she’ll settle for a peaceful negotiation. Gerda is in the most danger too, for the Snow Queen desires the glass shard in her the most. So he’d like them to protect her and bring her back – for Kai isn’t sure if he can be with her. Kai refuses to share his reasons, for he doesn’t want to drag them in. He’ll try to persuade Gerda too. In response, Aje tells Kai to protect Gerda himself. After all, Gerda went to the lengths of sneaking into the castle by herself – that’s how much she wants to be with Kai. He doesn’t want Kai to give up at the start. But if Kai can’t handle it alone, then they’ll help him. Orva agrees, adding that perhaps they may give up and turn back later on depending on how dangerous it is. Hearing this, Kai merely asks them not to let Gerda know about this.

The party parts ways the next day. Just before they do so, Orva and Aje ask Gerda to keep an eye on Kai and advise her to talk things out. At the castle, they explain their story to Alfred. The prince doesn’t mind giving them the key, for he never liked holding onto it. However, it’s with Natalie now so they have to ask her. They do so, but Natalie is reluctant for it’s important to her, even after hearing how Gerda wants to help everyone to gain back their normal lives. She sees that Gerda is strong enough to do this much for the her important person, but does not have the courage to notice her true feelings. However, she will consider if Gerda changes that. And so Gerda and Kai decide to stay on till they can retrieve the key. Meanwhile, Ivan advises Kai to leave Gerda’s side before his heart is completely frozen – he’ll hurt Gerda less that way. After this, Kai returns to Gerda’s side looking pale. He desperately tries to persuade her to stop journeying as it’s dangerous. Gerda is unable to immediately decide, for she never once considered it. Just then, Kai swipes her hand away. He tells her to forget their promise and to return with everyone. Gerda easily sees through him, telling him not to lie to her. She’s aware that he’s pretending to be cold to her. In response, Kai merely says that it’s true that it hurts to be with her and can’t be with her anymore.

His words resonate with the dream Gerda had. She tries to find out his reasons, and Kai replies that he’ll only hurt her if this goes on. It’s true that he wants her to return to the village. Hearing this, Gerda cries and Kai apologises. He leaves the room and Gerda chases after him – but he’s already gone. He never returned after that, even when the next morning came. Gerda tries to search for him but to no avail. Alfred and Natalie see her, and she learns that they’re preparing for a ball tonight. Alfred invites her, but she’s in no mood for Kai has disappeared. Later, Natalie goes to the greenhouse and finds Kai there. She wonders why he’s still here if he plans to leave Gerda’s side. The princess learns that he’s wavering due to his feelings for Gerda. She says that if both parties hold back, neither will be happy. Rather than keeping quiet and helping her behind her back, she’s sure that Gerda will prefer if he remains by her side – even if it means getting hurt. She isn’t sure which is truly the correct way, but just as Kai doesn’t want to hurt her she’s sure Gerda feelings the same way. Natalie decides to give him a chance to face up to their feelings, and tells him to come to the garden at night before hurrying off for her next appointment.


That night, Natalie has Gerda dressed up and tells her to go to the garden an hour later. She promises to reward Gerda if she faces up to her own feelings. A confused Gerda does as told, and is surprised to see Kai there. Kai is also pleasantly surprised, especially at her new look. He apologises for last night, and commends on her appearance. He invites her to dance, and she finds herself getting self-conscious to the point of tripping. But she’s happy that they’re talking as per normal now. Soon, Kai shares that he’s always been thinking of how he can fulfill his wishes: for her to always be happy, and for him to be by her side. He hasn’t found the answer to making both come true. But he wants to be clear with his feelings now, even if he may hurt her again in the future. Kai confesses that he loves her. In return, Gerda says that she wants to be with him too – in fact she has the same wishes as him. She realises that she’s always been thinking about him, and finally notices her own feelings. Just as she’s about to voice them out, a cold wind passes by. Kai immediately tells her to return first, and she reluctantly does so.

Ivan appears and reminds Kai that it’s almost time. By right, Kai’s heart should already be fully frozen. Kai merely agrees and says that he’s prepared for it. Meanwhile, Gerda changes out of the gown and goes to find Kai. She wants to tell him her feelings as quickly as possible. Upon seeing him, Gerda instantly confesses that she likes him just as much. Overwhelmed by this, Kai kisses her with her permission. He may hurt her later on but he wishes that she won’t forget just how important she is to him. Initially, he wanted to give up but he’s changed his mind. Kai promises to work hard in order to remain by her side, and hopes that she won’t give up on him too. On the way back, they meet Natalie and thank her. Seeing the outcome, Natalie gives her clock to Gerda as a reward – it’s the key. All along, Gerda thought that they were the closest to each other but that was not the case – there was an invisible distance between them. But now they’ve confirmed their true feelings. They leave the castle the next day. But before returning to the inn, Kai asks if they can have a date first. Gerda finds herself unable to reject, and they end up touring the town. Afterwards when they return to the inn, Kai collapses in pain. He reassures her, saying that he’s learnt how to control it – by thinking strongly about her. Kai also promises to tell her everything once it’s all over. Gerda agrees, but reminds him that she’s here to fight alongside him too.

Back at the inn, they discover that everyone has disappeared. They learn from the innkeeper that they disappeared the day before, with all of their belongings still present. Outside, they find Ivan who remarks that he did it so that Kai won’t betray the Snow Queen. He offers to speed things up, and purposely attacks Gerda. Kai instantly jumps in and uses magic to protect her. It turns out that Ivan merely did this to make Kai use his magic. After all, the bottle Gerda carries would nullify the magic outside the White World, and he didn’t plan to hurt her in the first place. Instead, he wants Kai’s heart to completely freeze as soon as possible, since only Kai can fulfill this role – to bring Gerda back to the Snow Queen. Ivan disappears and Kai collapses in pain. His whole body turns cold, and he finds himself unable to resist. He apologises to an alarmed Gerda, for it looks like he won’t be able to be with her anymore. He persuades her once more to return to the village for that’s all he can do to save her. He’ll save Orva and co. somehow. With a tearful look, Kai lies that he’s always hated her and says goodbye to her. When Kai next wakes up, his personality is now cold and he declares that the Kai she knew will never return. He questions if she plans to continue the journey. Gerda has no choice but to do so, in order to save everyone and to remove the curse.

On the way to the Green World, Kai keeps disappearing from Gerda’s sight. One day, she finally finds Kai and sees him staring at different flowers with a nonchalant face. It appears that his interest in flowers has not changed. On another night, Gerda is alone tending the fire. But exhaustion overcomes her and she falls asleep. When she wakes up later, she sees that Kai is back and complaining about her. Still, he tends to the fire. Gerda pretends to continue sleeping, and notes that he looks up at the sky to catch sight of a shooting star. The next morning, she’s roughly woken up but finds herself covered with a blanket. Kai strongly denies being the one though. They take a short break when they finally arrive at the Green World. He wonders if she’s mindful of him, and closes in on her when she denies it. Gerda can’t help but be reminded of the time they kissed in the Yellow World.


Suddenly, Kai grabs her and kisses her. She’s shocked, and demands a reason – after all he doesn’t like her. In response, Kai flatly says he loves her but naturally Gerda is not pleased. He’s merely toying with her. She remarks that she likes him, but it’s not this Kai – he’s not Kai at all. He’s unconvinced, stating that he remembers all their past memories. For some reason, he appears upset. Gerda doesn’t give in, saying that Kai is kind and always thinks of others before himself. Hearing this, he gets annoyed and swiftly gets up. Gerda follows him, determined to retrieve the original Kai. Seeing this, Kai thinks to himself that she won’t leave him no matter what – not till the previous Kai returns. In his memories, she’s always smiling. But now she always looks hurt. He doesn’t know why this irritates him though.

It isn’t long till they come across what looks like a house. Gerda attempts to knock, but due to her strength it breaks the door instead. This causes the people inside to be on their guard, and point their spears at Gerda and Kai. Kai uses his magic to retaliate, till Gerda stops him and pleads their case. The people give in, and introduce themselves as mountain bandits. The leader, Fine, adds that they won’t back down if Kai uses magic again though. After Gerda explains their story, Fine is quick to show the key – her necklace. She has no reason to not give it, plus she never liked the Snow Queen. But she can only lend it to them 3 days later. Another mountain bandit, Bayser, explains that it’s a memento of Fine’s father and it’s his death anniversary 3 days later. Gerda agrees to this condition, and they are allowed to stay in the meantime. Fine is captivated by Gerda’s stories of their travels. Later, Gerda sees Kai tending to the fallen white rose. Gerda thinks that he’s tending to it kindly and recalls their childhood promise. But Kai claims to not remember, and says that he’s only doing this for it’s a symbol of the Snow Queen.

The next morning, Fine is unable to find her necklace. In the midst of the commotion, Kai brings Gerda outside. He passes her their belongings and shows her that he has the key. He wants to go to the White World as soon as possible. But Gerda is furious, and tries to reason things with him. But Kai shows little repentance, seeing the necklace as nothing more as a mere object. Gerda can’t help but recall her own parents, and his parents which cared for her like their own daughter. She shouts that he’s not Kai at all and hates him. She doesn’t want him to say such cruel things with the same face and voice as him. For a moment, Kai looks hurt and Gerda realises that she’s said too much. But she doesn’t want to apologise. Bayser steps in then, having witnessed everything. He plans to take the necklace back, but will tell Fine that he accidentally took it. He merely does not want to see Fine hurt due to their betrayal as they’re family. He’ll only let them off this once though. After he leaves with the key, Kai mutters an apology before walking away. Unfortunately, Gerda didn’t catch it. But somehow she feels that she should no longer deny that he isn’t Kai. After all, he stole it out of its necessity and not to hurt Fine. It appears as though he’s reflected too. Kai wonders to himself why he apologised, but somehow he didn’t like hearing that she hated him.

After Bayser gives Fine back the necklace, Fine apologises for having suspected Gerda and Kai. Gerda feels bad and tries to say the truth, but Kai cuts in. Seeing this, Bayser quickly interrupts and whispers to them that he’s thankful, but it’s best to keep quiet. However, he sees them in a better light now. It’s a small change, but somehow Gerda feels that Kai’s expressions are softening. All of a sudden, the room turns cold and Gerda feels the bottle getting warm. The bandits collapse due to the cold, and only Gerda and Kai are left standing. Naturally, they start to suspect Kai using his magic. But Gerda protests, saying that he won’t use it just to hurt others. Fine decides to believe her, but she tells Kai that if it’s his doing then he should just take the necklace now and save the rest. In response, Kai merely leaves the room. He only returns later that night, and Gerda hugs him out of relief. It appears that she’s still scared of getting left behind. Kai gives her a frozen flower, saying that it’s fragile to temperature changes. He tells her to boil the petals and let the bandits drink it. He adds that he owes Bayser one, so that’s all there is to it. Gerda is delighted, and says that she’s glad he’s here.

In the end, the bandits recover and 2 days later it’s time for them to leave. They thank Kai and Fine gives the key to Gerda. As they’re leaving, Gerda apologises to Kai for her words before. Kai replies that it’s true anyway, and walks ahead. It’s true that he obeys the Snow Queen now, but Gerda feels that there’s hope now. Kai questions if she’s really that happy to be able to go to the White World, for there’s no guarantee that she can return safely. Gerda thanks him instead, noting that he’s worried for her. He wouldn’t be telling her this otherwise. She’s sure that his kindness is slowly returning to him. Kai denies this half-heartedly, and Gerda affirms that he’s confused with his own feelings that’s why he’s always irritated and treats her extremely. She tells him that she still believes in what he said at the Yellow World, and won’t give up on him. She’ll do everything for his sake. Kai gets annoyed at her words, and pushes her down. He remarks that Kai gave up on everything so as to protect her. Suddenly, his tone changes as he begs for Gerda to listen and turn away. He’s happy but he’ll only hurt her instead of protecting her. His tone changes again, roughly telling her not to call out his name. He’s only making use of her. But Gerda’s resolution is only strengthened and Kai no longer says anything.


They arrive at the White World where Ivan greets them. When Gerda learns that he was responsible for hurting the bandits, she gets mad. He hurts others and makes use of them for his own goals, single-handedly deciding on their value. She finds it sad. Ivan is not convinced, thinking of feelings as something ugly as people easily betray each other. Gerda points out that they are worth trusting too, citing how she’s constantly been saved by others. She wouldn’t have made it here without their cooperation. When questioned about their relationship, Ivan answers that the Snow Queen won’t abandon him and they won’t betray each other – their relationship is not based on fragile feelings but on benefits. He decides to prove to her how fragile feelings are, and orders Kai to teach Gerda a small lesson so that she won’t displease the Snow Queen. Kai approaches her and starts to strangle her. He remarks that he hates her – as long as she’s here he can’t be himself. Gerda doesn’t resist despite her monstrous strength, and calls his name instead. This annoys him, yet he loosens his grip. He questions why she doesn’t resist, asking if she’s given up already. But Gerda is convinced that he won’t kill her. If his heart is completely frozen, he would say that he hates her and finds her an eyesore. Kai releases his grip.

Ivan notes that Kai doesn’t appear as cold as before. The white roses in the different worlds are used to keep a watch over them, and Gerda recalls their presence – including how Liselotte had them painted red. Ivan questions why Kai has been avoiding to use his magic, citing how he only used it to save the bandits in the Green World. Before he constantly used it, yet he stopped doing so lately. Is it so that he won’t lose himself any further? Gerda is unable to understand the conversation, so Ivan explains things simply. Normal people can only gain magic if a powerful magic user shares it with them. Kai did so, but in exchange he swore loyalty to the Snow Queen. Originally, Ivan should be bringing Gerda over but due to Liselotte’s bottle he can’t. So they can only gather the keys to take the orthodox path, and Kai’s role is to bring her here. He was worried about Kai’s loyalty, but he can’t possibly overcome the Snow Queen’s magic. So each time he uses magic, his heart slowly freezes and his life shortens. Gerda is taken aback by this, but Ivan wastes little time in taking her to the Snow Queen. But Kai cuts in and snatches Gerda away, as if protecting her. Kai insists that he’s merely fulfilling his role to the end, and will bring her to the queen. He walks off with Gerda, and Ivan decides to oblige just this once.

Kai stops in his tracks and questions her actions. Gerda repeats that she won’t give up on him, and now she believes that he’s Kai too. Hearing this, he admits defeat and that he was in pain when he had to hurt her. Kai decides to let her meet the Kai she loves, and a light shines. After that, the Kai she had always know appears and they talk about what had happened all this time. She learns that Kai accepted Ivan’s offer in order to protect her. He did try to persuade the Snow Queen first, but she didn’t believe in promises. So Kai chose to gain magic so that he could at least have the power to protect her. He only had this choice. And then he returned to her side in the Yellow World on the basis of keeping watch over her. He didn’t tell her the truth as he knew that she’d definitely want to save him instead of returning home. But perhaps the situation now is worse – slowly he himself will disappear. Gerda cries at his words, and Kai kisses her on the forehead. She doesn’t want to listen to his apologies, for there’s no meaning if he is not around. She doesn’t like being only on the receiving end either. But Kai denies this, saying that she does protect him each time by melting the ice in his heart. They hug each other, and decide to protect each other – they can only go forward. On the way, Gerda’s bottle breaks due to the Snow Queen’s powers.


At the Snow Queen’s, they learn that it’ll take some time for her to remove the glass shards – but she’ll let them sleep in the meantime just like their friends. But Kai has other plans and reveals that he never truly swore loyalty to her, it was all to protect Gerda. He hopes that she could remove the curse and let them all return home. All the shards are here now, so it’s worth a shot even if she doesn’t have a full power. In return, he’ll truly swear loyalty to her this time and stay behind. Gerda is shocked to hear this, she knows that this would mean never seeing him again. The Snow Queen  decides to agree, but she is unable to locate the shard inside Gerda. It appears that it has already melted into her, and so has its powers. In that case it’s a different story. She plans to freeze Gerda so that her power remains here. Kai immediately protects Gerda, as he starts to battle Ivan. But this strains his body and he collapses. His body turns cold and Ivan remarks that this time he has truly become a doll of ice. Indeed, Kai ignores Gerda when he wakes up and walks away to go to the queen’s side. Gerda hugs him from behind, tearing up and begging him to remember her.

Happy End

Her tears fall onto his back, and a light shines as Gerda feels his body getting warmer. But Kai tells her to let go and pushes her away. As he goes to the Snow Queen’s side, he suggests letting Gerda sleep with the rest. It supposedly makes them happy to be together. The queen agrees to this and Orva and co. instantly appear, as does a casket for Gerda. Kai guides her to it, and Gerda wonders why his hands feel warm. Thinking that this is the last time, she smiles at him and confesses that she loves him. Even if in her frozen dreams, she’ll continue to think only of him. In return, Kai whispers to her that she was always his beloved one, and he won’t let her into that frozen dream. He knows that she must be surprised, but he reassures her that it’s okay. He’s happy that she could still say all that to him despite what he did. A strong gust of wind blows past and Orva and co. are suddenly awake. Kai tells them to bring Gerda away. While Craes is shocked by the situation, Orva and Aje are quick to react and do as told. Aje appears surprised when he sees Ivan. Meanwhile, the Snow Queen is surprised as she notices that the shard in Kai has disappeared, as is her magic over him. She is unable to comprehend this, questioning if there’s a bond strong enough to do this. A reluctant Gerda is carried away by the rest, while Kai remains behind. They stop at the cave entrance, seeing that no one is chasing them. There, Gerda manages to explain the situation to the rest.

At Kai’s side, he explains that he didn’t do anything. It was Gerda who melted his frozen heart with her warmth. Ivan suggests that since the shard melted into Gerda, she could have unconsciously used the queen’s powers to do this. In any case, Kai doesn’t plan on leaving and is willing to stay behind as promised. He no longer has anything to lose. The Snow Queen can’t understand his decision, but to Kai his wishes have already been fulfilled. He’s sure that both she and Ivan can understand, for it’s not that they don’t have feelings. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be worried about being betrayed. Meanwhile, Gerda and the rest plan to go back for Kai as they formulate a plan. She’s thankful for their support despite the danger. Just then, she feels something warm in her chest.

Outside, they create a distraction by having Gerda break away a pillar. As expected, Ivan goes outside to check this leaving Kai and the queen inside. They head inside and the Snow Queen notes how both she and Ivan keep sacrificing for each other. She’s unable to comprehend for she was always faced with selfish desires, fear, servility and hatred. She starts to attack them, for she can’t bring herself to trust others. Gerda recalls her grandmother telling her about the Snow Queen – that’s she’s truly a lonely person who doesn’t know about love for she was never loved. Gerda tries to come up with a counterattack, and she feels her chest turning warm again. Orva collapses then, and Aje quickly brings him away to safety. Craes notices that she’s glowing – and it turns out to be the 3 keys. Kai comes to their side, and offers to block the queen’s attack while she focuses on the keys. It appears that he still has some magic remaining inside of him. Gerda does as told, and she prays hard for the Snow Queen’s heart to be freed. The queen starts to tremble at this, not wanting to know this warmth.


Soon, the snow attack stops and Kai hugs Gerda out of relief. They find the queen sobbing behind the throne, as she’s flooded with feelings which she had forgotten about. She realises that she was lonely all this time, and recalls the truth upon seeing the 3 keys. She couldn’t believe anyone, and didn’t want to be hurt. She gave the keys out so that no one could enter her world. But as Gerda points it, if she really didn’t want it she could’ve just locked her world and not give any keys. The Snow Queen also recalls why she made the keys: if she had completely lost her heart and hurt others, she then wanted her world to disappear alongside herself. So she waited for someone to come here with those keys. Ivan returns and is alarmed by the situation, but is stopped by the queen. She sees no point in recalling these feelings though, for she’s still alone. Even Ivan is only here due to his sworn loyalty. If his heart wasn’t frozen, he would certainly feel fear. Gerda denies this, and says that she’s not scared of her – at least now that she has regained her feelings. She promises to come back whenever she can so that she won’t be lonely. Gerda herself knows how strong people’s feelings can be, having experienced it herself.

The Snow Queen calls her weird, but is happy with her words. However, the keys were meant to fulfill its true role by melting her ice. The queen starts to fade away, and remarks that perhaps she is now saved from her lonely world. The warmth feels comforting, and she’s glad to have known it in her last moments. She apologises to Ivan for binding him here. Even if their relationship was in form only, she was reassured to have him here. She thanks him and bids farewell. For her last wish, she asks them to remember her. In a corner, the daemon appears amused with the outcome and disappears to toy with someone else. The castle starts to melt and everyone escapes outside. Even the air feels warmer. Before they knew it, Ivan had disappeared too but his expression when the queen was gone almost appeared to be that of a lonely child left behind. But their journey is not over till they fulfill their promises of returning the keys back. In the Red World, Ivan appeared to their surprise and helped them by saying they took the key away on the queen’s order – so Liselotte had nothing to say.

After returning the keys, they went back home to their normal lives. Some years pass by and Kai now stays with Gerda. Her strength is still enormous, but she’s grown accustomed to it. The curse has been lifted for the rest though, which means that Orva’s illness returned. But he’s improving day by day. Aje left to travel again after their journey, but he returns to visit them from time to time. Many things have changed for Kai and Gerda such as their intimacy, as they’re now lovers. But they’re blissful together now.

Bad End

Gerda’s words fail to reach Kai as he pushes her away. Gerda is saddened that she’s unable to protect him despite her promise and she tears up. The Snow Queen approaches her, and reassures her that her pretty figure will remain frozen forever. She even promises to let her sleep together with Kai, since she wants to be together with him. Gerda doesn’t resist. At least the Kai now won’t be sad to see her frozen. As she’s being frozen in ice, Gerda’s consciousness slips away and she calls out Kai’s name for the last time. As promised, the Snow Queen freezes Kai together with her. She comments on how silly people to bet everything on fragile feelings. But she has kept her promise. As the couple lay side by side, Kai promises her that he’ll always be with her in their own world. He’ll never let go of her hand.


Kai’s route really feels like the true route, since everything is more or less explained and it’s similar-ish to the original work but I think the original is more touching. Plus, that bad end CG is actually an alternate of an official illustration. Anyway, at least his route was of a decent length! I’m not convinced by how the kind Kai returned with a flash of the light (before they went into the castle) though. That was…odd. But as always the CGs are so, so pretty and I liked both ends. By the way, I may have a few typos in my post. I realised that I unconsciously kept typing “Ivan” instead of “Kai” at the beginning. I changed those I spotted but umm, if you find anymore then let me know. Lol.

Anyway, I’m more than halfway through! Aje’s route will be next, since his needs to be finished to unlock Ivan’s. This time though, I’m really not sure how long it’ll take me to finish. Let’s just hope I have the time!


3 thoughts on “SNOW BOUND LAND: Kai’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Hello—!Thank you!i’ve finished reading all the routes, so i’ll comment starting from the route which i read first!so, Kai’s huh? Like you’ve said, i agree that Kai’s route reveals most of the truths in the game. The scene that interests me the most is when they travel to Green World. He kind of acts like a tsundere, lol. Doing kind things, despite saying harsh/direct words… but the scene that follows Kai kissing Gerda though…it may be just me, but it’s gut-wrenching. I feel that, no matter what,even if he doesn’t recognise it, the fact of the matter is that he loves her, and cares for her. And thag her not accepting his other personality, is like her rejecting him and his feelings…?i think i am making some sense. Lol.


    • Yume says:

      I think I get what you mean haha. Your comment just made me realise that I feel the same towards Ryuu Bi – who actually has a similar thing going on. I think for Kai, it just took a while for him to warm up (no pun intended) to Gerda after being affected by the curse.


      • midoriha says:

        Oh, wha–hey! Oh wow, you’re right! That parallel between Kai and Ryuu Bi! Indeed, both Gerda and Kan U kind of reject the other, different personalities of their respective guys…hm…


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