Getsuei no Kusari -Kyouran Moratorium-: Wataru’s Route


I thought that I could finish the fandisk first since I heard it was short. Umm yeah it is short so far but gosh that one route sent me into despair land for weeks before I could continue again. Yeah this isn’t a fluffy fandisk. You’ll learn about it later. Anyway I’m starting with Inoguchi Wataru (CV: Asanuma Shintarou) again. This contains two parts: Another (alternate story) and After (takes place after Aijou end) so naturally this means spoilers for the original game. Wataru is one of the soldiers dispatched from the mainland to this island, though his family is actually a prestigious family of the island. He has a foreign mother and younger brother, who aren’t blood-related to him.


This takes place a few months before the original story. It starts on a certain night in which an “ayakashi” appears before a young man with many worries.

The beautiful drawn-out girl

Unable to sleep, Wataru snuck out of the dormitory and headed to the harbour. There, he spotted a girl who appeared to have no life in her – as if she could dive into the sea at any moment. After that, Wataru would see that same girl at the same place numerous times, wondering what she’s doing. Perhaps she may really be a “ayakashi”. He was hesitant to call out to her. Rather than not wanting to disturb her, maybe it was because he didn’t want to destroy his own illusions of her. The image of the girl cast in the moonlight almost seemed like a beautiful painting.

One morning, Megumi returns from running her errand and drops by the harbour as there’s still some time before she opens her store. She sees a soldier fishing, and he appears startled when their eyes meet. They greet each other, though Megumi realises that she uses her professional smile when replying him. An awkward silence follows, and Megumi doesn’t recall having met him before. The soldier introduces himself as Wataru, explaining that he’s waiting for the real owner of the fishing rod to return from his toilet break. After introducing herself too, Megumi soon dismisses herself.

The good-natured man

A few days after that, Megumi goes shopping at Shoutengai as it’s the store’s regular rest day. She spots Wataru looking lost, and offers to guide him to the destination. He explains that he saw an elderly person carrying this heavy baggage, and offered to help deliver it. Upon hearing this, Megumi can’t help but worry over how good-natured he is. She also learns that Wataru was born on this island, but was away for a long time till recently.

Dreams and the issue sleeping within

In return for her help, Wataru treats her to some youkan and green tea. Megumi accepts his kind favour, but also feels uneasy at the close distance between them. As they converse more, Wataru is impressed to learn that she runs her own store. On the other hand, he goes quiet when she expresses how he must have chosen his job so as to protect people. He was unable to protect his own mother after all. His father worked overseas, and never came back even when he knew that his mother was so ill, and even when she had passed away. He never even contacted them. Wataru felt that he had already lost something back then, and so he wants to protect people now. Megumi recalls her own parents, and also finally understands the reason behind Wataru’s good nature. At the same time, she wants to learn more about him. Before they part ways, Wataru asks to visit her store next time.

The closing distance

On another day, Wataru drops by just when Megumi’s about to close her store. She invites him in to eat, and while eating Wataru talks about the girl he sees each time at the harbour. Soon after, Megumi recalls that she has forgotten to deliver her report for this morning’s errand, and Wataru insists on escorting her. After that, they stop by the harbour and Wataru points out how thin she is, unaware that he’s making her feel uncomfortable. He immediately apologises, letting her go.

As Megumi gazes at the sea, she contemplates falling into the sea – though it would be painful till death, she would be released from this world. She would also be able to meet her parents. As if reading her thoughts, Wataru comments that it’s true that she won’t bother others by enduring everything. But it will also be painful for her. He suggests letting it out to a close friend, such as how he did (with Nozomu). Megumi goes quiet, feeling rather pitiful all of a sudden. Wataru then offers to be her listening ear, he’ll keep waiting till she’s ready. It’s the first time someone has said such a thing to her, and whatever little pride she had left before him is now gone. She starts to confide in him, and he quietly listens while patting her. When she’s finished, he sees her home. Megumi can’t help but want to cry at his kindness, at how he doesn’t speak unnecessarily.

Kindly and warmly

A few months from now, on a certain night at the harbour where he used to fish: he spotted a girl who appeared to have no life in her – as if she could dive into the sea at any moment. He was hesitant to call out to her, and instead quietly drew the distance between them till he could clearly see her face. That expression was especially melancholic, making him recall something. That’s right, it’s ––

After that, Wataru continued to visit the store. One night, Megumi accidentally cuts her finger and he offers her his handkerchief, and to also take over the cooking. To her surprise, he’s really skilled. He also advises her on how to hold the knight, though awkwardly backing off when he realises that he’s touched her again. Though she doesn’t dislike it, Megumi feels embarrassed. Soon after, Mamoru returns home, and wonders if he’s so tired that he’s seeing a stranger inside lol. As he disappears into his room, Wataru also excuses himself.

Ardent feelings

On a certain night at the harbour, he spotted a girl who appeared to have no life in her – as if she could dive into the sea at any moment. He quietly drew the distance between them till he could clearly see her face. That expression was especially melancholic, making him recall something. That’s right, it’s his mother. Every time his mother was alone, she would always have that expression. Though he doesn’t know what she’s upset over, her existence is burned into him in the exact same manner.

A few days after he first saw her at the harbour, she no longer appeared there. He wondered if she really was an ayakashi, or perhaps she no longer came as she noticed that he was there. Then one day when he was fishing in broad daylight, he saw her and greeted her. Unlike at night, she looked really young – but still she looked like she could disappear any moment, easily blown away by the wind. As they continued to interact, Wataru grew to learn more about her and became completely absorbed by her. This feeling was probably love. But given his circumstances it would be extremely difficult to confess to her. So he never told her anything.

After Wataru had left the store, a hungry Mamoru comes back to the store. He points out to Megumi that Wataru had left behind an envelope, and so she quickly chases after Wataru with it. After doing so, she tries to catch her breath and Wataru invites her to walk by the harbour for a bit. Somehow his smile looked lonely.

With the sea and moon and ayakashi

She is delighted by his invitation, and over there Wataru questions if she likes the sea. In response, Megumi points out the reflection of the moon in the sea and how it appears to stretch out – almost like a bridge. It’s like a pathway and she thinks that she could travel to someplace far away on it. Wataru though, sees the moon’s reflection as melting into the sea. Megumi feels at ease before him, as there’s no need for her to put up her proprietress front. Soon, Wataru explains that he knew Megumi from before. As she listens, Megumi thinks that perhaps the reason he treated her so kindly was ‘cos he saw her as suicidal. Even though she was happy to spent time with him. Despite him thinking that she was an ayakashi, Wataru knows now that she’s human. However, Megumi replies that she may be one – a fox one intending to deceive him. To her surprise, Wataru says that it would be much easier if that was the case. He wouldn’t need to be so bothered by it. However, it’s his problem and has nothing to do with her.

Megumi, Wataru

Megumi wonders if she has been troubling him all this time. She wants to grant his wish, and see his smile again. She doesn’t even mind becoming an ayakashi for him, since he saved her after all.  Before she would bottle up everything and go to the sea at night to distract herself from it all. But after getting to know Wataru, it’s like a light has been shone on her. Hearing this, Wataru kisses her and hugs her close to him. He apologises and confesses that he loves her. He never intended to do so, since after his work here is done he’d return to the mainland and hence be separated from her. He also holds a very prickly issue which needs to be handled. Megumi is willing to wait for him though, she doesn’t think that she can love anyone else. Wataru promises to come for her. He is fully aware of his family’s problems, and wonders if he’s giving a cruel burden to the frail girl. But he’s different from back then, back when he couldn’t save his mother. He just needs to have enough strength to be able to protect Megumi.

That figure bathing in the moonlight looked extremely mysterious, almost like a beautiful painting. It struck a heavy chord in his heart, and he found himself unable to move from that spot. The girl looked up at the sky and sighed, before gracefully disappearing. For the first time he realised that ever since that moment, his heart had already been captured by that girl.


By your side

Megumi serves Wataru some tea at his office. After Wataru took upon his new role, she has also been helping him out as his wife. After the second Rinkasai since their meeting, they married. Megumi does find it curious how they never met each other before even though they both grew on the same island. Instead, she isolated herself. But Wataru replied that he was saved by her as she gave them courage – his mother and Noah included. In fact, he feels better just by seeing her face when he’s tired. Megumi is happy to hear that she’s needed by him. Soon, Wataru leaves for a meeting and Megumi cleans up the place. When evening falls, Megumi leaves first for Tsuki no Hotori. Megumi helps Wataru in the daytime, and at night she opens her store for a few hours as an izakaya.

A kind person

The store is bustling with customer, a mix of locals and tourists as the store was featured on a travel magazine tailored for the mainland. A few months ago, it held a special feature on Koukashi and the title of that particular article was “The izakaya run by the young and beautiful wife”. It was extremely embarrassing for Megumi to read but it did attract more customers. Later in the night, Wataru arrives after work after touring parts of the town. He claims that it’s to experience the life of the town. But Megumi thinks otherwise. Ever since that time the likes of Noah or her were being isolated, perhaps he’s patrolling around to see if there’s anyone out there being treated as the black sheep by society. Thinking back, Megumi thinks that it couldn’t be helped. Being driven by uneasiness, anyone would have acted to protect himself/herself as a defense mechanism even if it was extreme. Perhaps she or Wataru would have done the same and hurt someone else even if they knew that it was wrong. The peace of mind you gain from abusing someone else; the abnormality and ordinary. Because there was no prescribed rule as to how to act in such a situation, things went chaotic. And so Wataru decided to choose such a job, a job on the island which only he could do. After the last customer leaves, Wataru helps Megumi to close up the store. Just as how she helps him, he wants to do the same for her.

Daily gratitude and a slight temperature

After taking his meal, Wataru offers to cook for Megumi, and even offers to feeds her. He insists that he isn’t drunk and is just grateful for their everyday lives. When she appears embarrassed, Wataru asks if he should feed her with his mouth instead. Megumi hurriedly agrees, and observes that Wataru appears to be in a good mood. She has never seen him like this before, and though she’s embarrassed she also feels happy.

Underneath the moonlight

After they close up the store, they head back to Wataru’s house – it’s where Megumi lives now. No one lives in her house anymore, as Mamoru left for the mainland after their wedding. They take a stroll, and Megumi worries about Wataru. He’s the type to know his own limits (with regards to alcohol), and Funasaka mentioned before that he’s pretty strong. But Wataru reassures her otherwise, and they walk to the entrance gate of Karyuugai. He mentions that he toured this area earlier on, adding that on the way back he went to drink with his colleagues here. Over there, somehow the topic shifted to Megumi and everyone was praising her. So this brightened Wataru’s mood and he kept drinking. His words make her both happy and embarrassed, causing Megumi to cling to him so as to hide her face. Wataru wonders if they should stay the night at the shop, before adding that he just wants to be alone with her. Seeing her embarrassment, Wataru kisses her and remarks that she hasn’t changed at all. Megumi comments that same of him, and leaves the matter of where to stay the night to him.

In the midst of peaceful days

Megumi enters the office, and sees Wataru sleeping on the sofa. She takes his hand, and a bittersweet feeling engulfs her. She wants to protect this person’s everything. Wataru wakes up, and thinks that he may be feeling languid thanks to the alcohol last night. Megumi admits that she should’ve stopped him, but didn’t as he appeared really happy and was seeing a side of him she had never seen before. He soon realises that he has a meeting in 3 minutes and quickly rushes off. But soon he comes back in, only to comment that the peaceful days are really dear. Megumi thinks to herself that Wataru is sincere, upfront and admired by people. He has a “strength” which is his belief in people. At the same time he can offer peace. Having fallen in love with such a person, Megumi feels blessed. She wants to save those in the same situation they were in in the past. She knows that it isn’t easy, but as long as they are living there are endless possibilities.

“No fighting, no hatred, I want to create a future in which everyone can find a bright future.”


Wataru, Megumi

Hey that was short considering that this is Takuyo. Yup no kidding. And usually I try not to post all the CGs in a game so that you can be surprised when playing it for yourself. But there were only two CGs for Wataru (not including variations)…and probably for the remaining three too. Anyway, I thought that Wataru’s Another route was interesting and I liked the writing there. But After route was really short and almost nothing happened. To be honest, everything was already resolved nicely in the original game so there’s nothing more you can add. And well at least to me, the point of a fandisk is to have some (fluffy) romance which may have been lacking in the original but this one didn’t…it kind of reiterated what we already knew of their relationship. I don’t know, I think it just says something when I prefer the alternate story to the continuation. And yes it’s all really short.

I’ll be doing Nozomu’s route next. /sighs at his After route

2 thoughts on “Getsuei no Kusari -Kyouran Moratorium-: Wataru’s Route

  1. Teruru says:

    OMG I can’t do anything but hope for your safety because aksdjaknuaksd Getsuei FD I feel so terrible you’re heading for that sea of despair by yourself sob I wish I was there with you (not) sob sob Yume-chan, I’ll be waiting on the other side (meanwhile I haven’t even touched Getsuei for months)!


    • Yume says:

      Noooooooooooooooo /clings to you

      Though tbh I have put the FD on the sidelines as the despair was too much for me. Which is kind of a first for me as usually I try not to do it but…like you said it’s a sea of despair and I didn’t want to drown in it. :’3


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