Podcast 9 + Happy (belated) 3rd Anniversary!

Happy (belated) 3rd anniversary to us! We’re late but at least we made it within the year! Here’s a random podcast put together by us on the topic of Vita otome games. Feel free to leave a comment – whether it be what (will prompt) prompted you to get a Vita, what Vita titles you are looking forward to, or anything else related to the topic. (Of course congratulatory greetings are most welcomed too. /o\)

Hope that the sound’s okay and that you enjoyed the random listen! I hope to be back with a Jyuuzaengi 2 post…later this year. Till then~

22 thoughts on “Podcast 9 + Happy (belated) 3rd Anniversary!

  1. Sena says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd Blog Anniversary! 😀
    I’m really grateful to this blog since it was one of the ones I followed closely when I first got started in the otome community and before I decided to make my own blog. I really enjoy being able to interact on here and trade ideas/interpretations of things that happened in games and this is one of the places I felt most comfortable doing that.

    I’m kind of like Hinano where the Vita’s screen and overall nicer console design has spoiled me. I also really like the cartridges over the UMDs. They just seem quieter and less fragile. Considering how short my venture into otome games has been and how many PSP games I have not yet played that I already bought, that’s a bit bad…but I’m still working on it…slowly. The good thing about jumping onto the bandwagon so late in comparison to others is that I can enjoy a lot of the ports as the first time playing the games xD. I actually bought the Vita because I knew otome games seemed to be heading in that direction and I wanted to make the investment sooner rather than later. If I’m completely honest, I was also probably prompted by Amnesia World and…I guess mostly Reine des Fleurs.

    There are actually a lot of games that I’m waiting for on the Vita, both ports and newer games. Like you guys said, pretty much all the titles are from Otomate. Clock Zero is at the top of the ports I’m most looking forward to. I haven’t yet played it yet so the port should be a fun first foray into it. I think I mentioned this on a different post of Yume’s, but Code: Realize, Reine des Fleurs, and Binary Star are the ones that caught my interest the most due to a mixture of the art, storyline, and teams that are working on the games. Trigger Kiss also has an interesting concept with the facial expressions as the choices, so I’m looking forward to that once I get it. I also admit that I’m following a lot of Otomate’s main titles like Diabolik Lovers and Hakuouki and Amnesia…so I guess I’m basically following everything? O.o I’m trying to choose my investments wisely since I’ve gotten into drama CDs too, if I wasn’t already strapped for cash with the games…

    I also hope Shinigami to Shoujo gets a Vita port. That’s another game I haven’t played yet or bought, because I’ve been having a hard enough time keeping up with new releases. I wanted to get it eventually, but I think I’ll hold off for now.


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! 😀
      Asdlkjasd your words really make me happy, I’m glad that you feel that way. I always enjoyed reading your comments and exchanging replies with you too! It probably still holds the record as being the longest conversation here haha. ;3

      That’s really true! It’s like how when I got into otome games, I could just go for the PSP ports vs. the original PS2 games. Just that now it’s Vita vs. PSP. Oh right, I remember that Amnesia World was one of the first Vita purchases you got!

      Yeesss go for it! \o/ I mean go for Clock Zero by all means! Hahaha I’m so biased but I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it! Good thing that you waited for a while first and then came the Vita announcement. And yeah that’s pretty much everything of Otomate’s haha. Except for their very, very new games like KLAP and Black Butterfly Psychedelica. But those will probably be out next year so no hurry.

      Yup, since Takuyo has also been announcing Vita ports, holding it off would be a good idea! We’ll see if Shinigami to Shoujo is next on their list. \o/


      • Sena says:

        You’re welcome! 🙂
        I’m glad you also enjoyed reading my huge text walls. I sometimes go back and almost feel embarrassed, hahaha. Especially when you say it’s probably the record of longest conversation on here still, but that’s okay! It was long because we were mutually engaged 😀

        Still playing through that Amnesia World, by the way. Boy, have I never appreciated how often you updated when you had more time in the past than I do now. I take so long to get anything out and it’s not nearly as detailed (or accurate) as your posts. I probably would’ve finished that game ages ago, but since I’m not just playing through it, it takes significantly longer. Especially because I made a personal rule that I can’t play onto the next world until I finish reviewing the one I played. It’s a good way to make sure I review each world, but it also delays me from playing on. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll get better at it eventually…

        I have pretty much zero doubt that I will enjoy Clock Zero. It really sounds like the type of thing I’d be into. I read about it so long ago now that I mostly forgot a lot of the route details, so that should be good when I get to playing it since it’ll be more of a surprise. The nice thing about reading spoilers is that after playing other games, they tend to fade after some time, so while I probably remember a few of the important mysteries, I think I forgot enough of it to almost start off cleanly. I wonder if along with a port, they’ll be making a FD of it…you would think they would since it was pretty popular as a PSP release. Black Butterfly Psychedelica is one of he new titles I was somewhat interested in. I’ll decide on it later when more info is released on it since like you said, there’s no rush.

        I would be so excited if Shinigami to Shoujo gets a Vita port. That game and Clock Zero are probably the two games that I really want to play but ust…haven’t for some reason. So perhaps this was the reason…? Hahaha.


        • Yume says:

          Ahaha can’t say that I’m glad that we’re in the same boat now but yes indeed. Indeed blogging about the said game does drag down my playing speed. I have the same “golden” rule too. I haven’t moved further into Jyuuzaengi 2, not till I post about the Common Route. /o\

          That’s good to hear! I don’t really forget about the spoilers, unless it’s been a majorly long period of time in-between – like a year? Lol. Anyway, always glad to pull in one more person to play Clock Zero! I doubt they’ll make a FD. Like you said it’s so popular, yet all this time they haven’t worked on one. So even though I’m still hoping, I’ll just be content with the Vita port (for now). Ohh Black Butterfly Psychedelica huh. It does look interesting! Here’s to hoping that Otomate’s Vita games continue to deliver.

          Hopefully! If so that would be a very good reason to have held off playing Clock Zero and Shinigami to Shoujo haha.


          • Sena says:

            Yeah…definitely not the best mutual situation to have. Eventually, I do get to a point where I just want to do it so I can move on, but it takes a while to get there…and it often just leads to a long break instead. This is also why I decided that I probably won’t review every game I play. That way, I can just play through some without worrying about it. Hopefully it’ll keep my motivation going. I think I’d be too exhausted to review everything…

            Yeah, actually, my memory’s quite good too. My re-read/re-watch value in things is rather low because it usually takes me years to forget (and if I really like something, I might never really forget it), but I think I read about Clock Zero a while ago now (definitely over a year, but maybe not quite yet 2) so it’s fuzzier. I also tend to forget reviews faster than games I actually played, so since I haven’t yet played CZ, it’s easier to forget than say…Amnesia. Hahaha.

            That would be a very good reason, although completely not intentional xD


            • Yume says:

              Yup, it’s probably best not to review every game you play. I can imagine that it would take a long time to get through all of them, especially with real life in the way! And definitely, it’s also nice to play it without having to worry about notes, and just play the game as it is.

              Well that’s a good point – forgetting reviews faster than games you would’ve have played. In any case, it all works out favourable like you said lol.


            • Sena says:

              I’ve actually been having more of a “life” lately than I’ve had in the last few months so I haven’t been dedicating much time to gaming…and then when I do, it’s not always otome games so I’m just being realistic. I’m trying to rekindle the enjoyment I remembered feeling from some earlier games…ironically, when I was playing and not reviewing, I was wanting to write reviews so I could exchange thoughts with other people, so I guess I’m just never satisfied ><

              The good (and sometimes bad) thing is that the impression of the game stays even when I forget the reasons behind those impressions. So in the case of CZ, I have very favorable impressions, haha.


            • Yume says:

              I see I see, that’s totally understandable. Including your sentiment about wanting to write reviews back when you weren’t actively doing so haha.

              Good to hear that! I mean in the case of CZ haha. I know it isn’t perfect but it’s perfect in my heart – probably due to sentimental reasons too as it being one of the main reasons why I got a PSP. And now Vita lol.


            • Sena says:

              I wish my mind would make itself up, hahaha.

              Hey, no shame. Games don’t have to be perfect to be great. There are so many agonizing/annoying things about games I really like too, so even though I sometimes don’t understand why I like them so much, I just accept it as one of those things xD

              So…the next time they make a new game system and if for some reason they port CZ to it again, would that mean you’d buy that system too? xD


            • Yume says:

              …Good question. Maybe I would, if they add in enough new content. Imo unlike other titles, CZ ports usually have a few years in between them and they somehow manage to add in enough new content to attract fans like me haha.


  2. Hinano says:

    happy 3 years! Been that long already eh!
    Got a Vita since Otome games are pretty much switching to that platform and now it’s just honestly hard to go back for the PSP. I’ve almost become a Vita snob at this point where I’m like “ew a new PSP release? no thanks” lol. The big screen and easy to read text are hard to return to the old PSP. I still have a lot of games in my backlog from PSP and even PS2 (lol) but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to them at this point since a lot of them had bad reviews anyway.


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! \o/ Time sure flies haha.
      That’s true, the Vita features are really nice. I may start to feel the same way as you once I play more on my Vita…so I will try to finish up most of my PSP games first. But I think it’s okay if you don’t go back to PSP/PS2 games, since as you said many had bad reviews lol. At least you have more Vita games to keep you busy. 😀


  3. Yukiru says:

    happy belated anniversary<333 (o´∀`o)ノ .•*¨*•.¸¸♬

    I had fun listening to your podcast (/was randomly crying due to natsukashii background music)!

    I am secretly happy the main reason that you got your Vita was for CZ ♡♡♡(✿´ ꒳ ` )ふふ

    My primary reason for buying a Vita was for Reine des Fleurs, as you know, because it's by the director of WoF. I have faith enough in him from WoF itself, the fan books (which have the most content out of all of Otomate's VFBs) and from his interviews. The art being gorgeous, the cast and Love Solfege are just big pluses for it (I credit the director for those appeals♡obviously I forgive his painful gameplay systems wwww). I can't wait for this game! ;w;

    Otherwise, there are great games for the Vita other than Otome such as RPGs. So I admit I thought about P4G, Tales, and the Kiseki games too to support my decision, which is why I didn't wait for Reine to get my Vita.

    Reine des Fleurs was the sole Otome game that I considered but CZ would've done it instantly too had it been announced back then XD

    A lot of the Vita games I'm planning on buying are ports. I recently bought the Hanamani port (my first Vita Otome game! lol). I love Hanamani since the story is well written in all the subtle points. Hanamani deserves more love! XD I'll surely get Ken ga Kimi and CZ's ports in LE version. I'M SO HAPPY FOR BOTH \o/ I'm sure Takuyo will eventually port Shinigami to Shoujo, and I will get an LE for that without thinking too, but I really hope they take their time and add new content/improvements or I will be pretty disappointed. ;w; I mean I'm so happy about Nakaba's route, Nadeshiko's name and Nagaoka returning to draw new CGs for everyone sobs… so.. Sayo full voice please, Takuyo? (Or at least for Hinase's ch.4 8D /kicked) ♡ 欲張り多いw I'd also happily buy Vita ports or remakes of the WoF games if they ever get made. :3

    There is no other new Otome game I will be getting without waiting to hear reviews about first. I'm crossing my fingers for Code:Realize and Senjou no Waltz because in my opinion they have the most potential (mainly considering their development teams) and I like the setting/theme of both games. I'd probably buy them if I could holiday as much as I want in Japan and still have money to spare. Probably the reasons I don't make decisions to buy stuff based on art nor theme/setting alone anymore are Norn9 and the Shiratsuyu horror of last year lol. Lately I only trust Japanese reviewers who I've certified that I mostly agree with on many previous games I've played, and the reactions of my friends in Twitter<33 There are still many awesome PSP, PS3 and PC games I want to play so I'm in no hurry to play the newest Vita games, as much as I love keeping an eye on new games lol.

    PS. Will you be getting DMMd Re:code? :3
    Sorry for tl;dr ;www; T^T orz


    • Yume says:

      Thank you again!! 😀

      Glad that you enjoyed listening! (even though the music made you cry ww)

      Yeah, I felt that I would get a Vita one day – it was just a matter of when. Then the CZ port announcement kinda sealed the deal. :’3

      Ahh yes, you’re following Reine des Fleurs really closely right! It really does have a complete package like you said (the music so far is gorgeous asldkajsd like the art). So far it doesn’t seem like it’ll have any system like WoF’s so hopefully it’ll be easier for you to conquer this game. (^ᴗ^)b

      I see, I see! I admit that I’m not really into RPG games so I never really factored them in. (It like took me over a year to finish SC II on PC so gosh knows how long I’ll take with these if I do get them.) orz

      Ohhh you got Hanamani! I’ve heard lots about it but I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tea. How’s your progress with Hanamani so far? Heheh other than that we’re both eyeing the same games! Really glad that they’re adding new content to both Ken ga Kimi and CZ. I mean, I can never get enough of CZ so /o\ As for Ken ga Kimi, it’ll be really cute to read about their (happy) after stories and…I really would like to know more about Tsuzu and Suzu’s back stories. It felt like there was more they wanted to add, but maybe didn’t in the end for reasons. As for Shinigami to Shoujo – fully-voiced Sayo would be really nice!! If they do that I will certainly get the Vita port for it, even though I know that my heart will get broken again by Tooya. wwww

      Yeah Code:Realize and Senjou no Waltz have really great teams behind them! I would add Trigger Kiss to that list too ‘cos I love the GHP team haha. But yeah for the rest it’s hard to say since many of them are new collaborations so we wouldn’t know what to expect from them aka we can’t judge them based on past games. Ahaha holiday in Japan. I’m still wishing for the day where everyone on our TL can meet up and holiday there together. /o\ But hmm what Japanese reviewers do you follow? I haven’t really found any whose opinions I agree with (well except for this one who is an Ishida fan too but yeah…ww).

      But gg Shiratsuyu horrors…I’m still so bitter over it. I was disappointed over NORN9 but it is nothing compared to Shiratsuyu no Kai. This is off-topic but I was watching a playthrough of an RPG maker game (Kirisame ga Furu Mori / The Forest of Drizzling Rain) and it REALLY feels like the story of Shiratsuyu no Kai was meant to be like that. The elements of Japanese folklore, curses, fate, horror, mystery (even hidden shrine/prisons) were all there – except that the indie maker pulled it off way better. And the couple there is so cute. ٩(๑>ᴗ<๑)۶ It's so well-liked that it even got a manga adaptation recently.

      Back to your reply~ You own a PS3? There are so many nice games on that platform, no wonder you're in no hurry to play all the new Vita games. Nice nice \o/

      As for DMMd Re:code, I think I will wait to see how the reviews for it are like. I like that they're adding in new scenes, but I'm not sure how much they will make up for the scenes they will have to remove for the Vita – like that scene in Clear's route. ww So yup, I'll wait and see how the reception is! Wait and see tactic ( ̄︶ ̄)

      And no worries! I loved reading your comment and replying to it ❤


      • ゆきる (@yukiruyume) says:

        RPGs usually satisfy my crave for an epic plot and they usually have romance involved too :3 The Kiseki series is satisfying my crave for world building because it’s super super detailed and the characters are really nice too. It’s also a good thing when characters bond together first then the romance develops later. So I play RPGs every now and then to balance things out with Otome for the sweet romance/sweet voices. :3 (But lately I prioritize plot/setting.) Sen no Kiseki has a free trial so you can try it out on your new Vita *w* /please friend me on PSN whenever you feel like it (my id should be easy enough to guess lol) :3

        I’ve only done Haku in Hanamani lol (and he is the most popular character so probably it’s writing is the best?) To me, the writing feels very much like Saneaki’s route. Hanamani and Ken ga Kimi share some scenario writers–the better one in my opinion. You could say Hanamani’s story is rather 地味 compared to Ken ga Kimi because there isn’t much supernatural stuff in Hanamani. To me, I really like it because it shows a more subtle side of Japanese lifestyle and history. More of a backstage side to history I guess, so it’s different from Hakuouki too. The relationships of love, friendship and trust also gradually develop (thus the game spans quite a while and is long) but I find it realistic and more engaging. (Lately in some newer Otome, the relationship develops way to fast!) I like it when the heroine chooses the right choices and every time it pings love and admiration in the guy. So, yes, Hanamani has some nice writing and is not heavy to your mind like Getsuei no Kusari lol. Also, the other characters will grow on you after playing a route. I’m intent to play Kurama (he sounds like Takato *w*fufu) and Wasuke (this guy is awesome and he…*w* /coughcoughs) and Takara too. Maybe not Hoshi’s character much..yet lol. Basically you can judge from the Vita OP if it’s your cup of tea or not. :3

        Speaking of Japanese folklore, I remember you have Aka Aka in your backlog. I have it there too! /looking forward to it. My PSP backlog is currently now playing: Shiei no Sona-nyl and Aka Aka is next up. But now I’m committed to Sen no Kiseki on the Vita side. I have backlogs for every console wwwww The PS3 one is at a complete halt at Tales of Xillia 2 www Next year I’ll probably get a PS4 :’D


        • Yume says:

          Okay I’ll friend you once I figure everything out! I tried looking for the free trial of Sen no Kiseki but I guess it’s not available on my local PSN store…? Only the full version. ;; Are you using a local PSN account or Japan one for your Vita? /curious

          Ohh I never knew that. I did enjoy Saneaki’s route so that’s good to know. I don’t mind that there isn’t supernatural stuff, or grand battles. Sometimes I find that it’s better not to include them if you can’t have a firm world-building, or a tight plot. owo I do agree that lately the relationships in otome games develop pretty fast though. But your Getsuei comment…that really hit me lol I guess I’ll go check out the OP. I have been aware that it’s pretty popular but just never knew anyone who has actually played the game.

          Yup I do! Hanakisou too. Haha it’s okay, my backlog is incredible too. XD Good to know someone else interested in Aka Aka! We’ll just see who gets to it first www Wow PS4! You’re certainly going to be…very occupied next year. ;3


          • ゆきる (@yukiruyume) says:

            My PSN account is a Japanese one 🙂 My local area doesn’t even have any support lol. The PSN store is similar to Apple Store (you won’t find the same things in different stores). You also can’t use a foreign credit card to buy stuff and will have to buy gift cards. I haven’t had to buy anything through the store yet because for all cases, importing the game was still slightly cheaper than getting it on PSN because of shop discounts. You might also consider getting a PSN plus account since some games will be available for free play once in a while. (Princess Arthur was free once–I heard from a friend. I’m already planning to wait for some games like Norn9 Vars commons to be available even if it may take a year or two to appear lol. /絶対に買わないと決めた *evil* www btw I haven’t gotten PSN plus yet. I’ll probably register when a game I want appears..oh and obviously PSN plus is not free but it’s significantly cheaper than the game’s price.) DL versions may go on sale on special occasions so if you don’t plan to play a game right away and you don’t care for the tokutens, there’s a chance to get it for cheaper. 😉 (A super save version of Sen no Kiseki came out after I got it lmao ちょっと悔しいwww)

            Aka aka has Tachi _(:3 」∠)_ but I heard its 世界観 is very good too. /looking forward to it

            I forgot to tell you my fav review site in my last reply. She’s a harsh scorer so she doesn’t give 90-95 that often (when she does it’s like CZ, Hanayaka nari waga Ichizoku, KgK or Hana Awase level–a high quality game) 80-85 is usually a very good game 75 is the average score. I usually like what she gives 70-85 more or less depending on my preference (she’ll tell you why she gives scenario a higher or lower score and I find her descriptions helpful too and I’ll generally 納得 if she gives a game I like a lower score. As I said, she’s harsh but that’s better than saying everything is good coz it’s hard to make any judgement out of that.) Other than the total score which reflects her overall satisfaction, you can also look at what she gave for scenario/character/graphics/system/music. She’ll always tell you how long the game is and general information like how many routes it has. She’s also really fast … I don’t know how she does it while playing RPGs too. Lolol. XD 話は長くなりましたw I don’t get to talk about review sites often. もっと話したいトピックなのかも。例のサイトのリンクはついったでDMしますね。


            • Yume says:

              Ohh I see, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining! I was thinking which PSN account I should use and went with my local one as my Vita came with a voucher I could use for some games. But like you said different stores have different things…I do prefer hard copies of my games though so I won’t switch to my Japanese one for now. I’ll consider it longer for the PSN plus account though. But perhaps not in the near future since the Vita games I’m most interested in aren’t actually out yet. XD

              Ohh that’s right, Tachi is the main guy! No wonder ;3 Yup, I heard many good things of it too~

              I got your DM! Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out tomorrow and see how her reviews are like. So tomorrow, I have something to pass time with at work yay 😀 I may bug you on twitter at impromptu moments when reading it. ww Personally, I don’t mind people giving harsh scores as long as they’re consistent and have good reasons. (Nice to see CZ is one of those titles btw!) 因みに、長い話は大歓迎です!(*ノ´∇`)ノ


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