Jyuuzaengi 2: Shuu Yu

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0053

Shuu Yu (CV: Morita Masakazu) is the other new character in the sequel. He’s the last Maozoku in Kei Shuu, and also Son Ken’s right-hand man. When he first sees Kan U, he’s immediately attracted to her. Remember to read the Common Route first!

Shuu Yu’s route was good to play after Shokatsu Ryou’s, as the plot is more or less similar – with a few tweaks to make Shuu Yu stand out more. Also, it just highlights how nice Shuu Yu and Shokatsu Ryou’s friendship can be~ I already thought this in Shokatsu Ryou’s route, but here it was made more obvious and touching.

Like I mentioned, Shuu Yu is immediately attracted to Kan U as she’s the first female Maozoku he’s encountered (aside from his mother that is). Similar to their first meeting, he would flirt with her and start attacking her weak points – like her ears. But like their first meeting, it tends to end with Kan U punching or kicking him aside before running away. Despite that, Shuu Yu’s interest in Kan U only increases. Take note that Shuu Yu (and Son Ken) doesn’t reveal his real identity from the start, and he merely introduces himself as a Kei Shuu soldier. But he ends up helping her and the Maozoku on several occasions. For example, when they are trying to persuade the Shin Ya villagers to escape with them from Sou Sou’s incoming attack, Shuu Yu shouts out that he’d rather escape with the Maozoku than wait for death. His words spur most of the villagers to do the same, even though they are cautious of the Maozoku due to prejudice.

When they are about to set the castle on fire, Kan U feels obliged to persuade the remaining villagers. She ends up learning that a human child is lost and goes to find her. But she spots Sou Sou inside the castle already. She encounters Shuu Yu who helps her distract Sou Sou’s attention while she goes to save the child. What follows these events is especially important in Shuu Yu’s route. Kan U ends up saving both a human child, and a Maozoku child. She persuades the remaining villagers believe in her – even if it’s just her human half – and wishes for them to interact peacefully like the two children. Unfortunately (or not), Sou Sou had been chasing after them and ends up hearing this piece of information. He’s clearly shaken and the Maozoku end up escaping. But he’s certain that they’ll end up meeting again – he’s determined to gain Kan U, the only one who has the same blood as him.

But back to Shuu Yu. He’s quick to open up to the Maozoku about his past. The fact that he’s the last Maozoku in Keishuu. There was only him and his parents living in the mountains, but they passed away when he was still very young. Before he realised it, he descended the mountains and somehow managed to survive till now. As the other Maozoku sympathise with him and offer to do anything for him, Shuu Yu quickly turns his attention to Kan U. He expresses how impressed he is with her strength, even though looks-wise he prefers Chou Sosou (who loudly declares that he’s a guy lol). He adds that seeing her save the children while appealing to everyone else made a big impact on him. So he wants to have her. Though his words start to affect Kan U, she states that she isn’t an object and escapes again.

As Shuu Yu continues to hit on Kan U whenever he can, she continues to avoid his advances. Shuu Yu’s used to doing this with other women so he wonders why it doesn’t work. Having observed their exchanges, Shokatsu Ryou can’t help but wonder if Shuu Yu is a masochistic pervert lol. But other than that, Shokatsu Ryou has known Shuu Yu’s identity from the start. After all, Go’s primary general is a Maozoku. This leads to the same flow of them approaching Ryuu Ki, and then Go for an alliance.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0052

With Shuu Yu’s identity out in the open, Shokatsu Ryou advises Kan U not to do anything to ruin his good mood. This makes Kan U conscious of Shuu Yu, who takes this chance to tease her further. But later, he tells her to treat him the same as before. Shuu Yu actually likes how she won’t treat him differently just ‘cos of his position – unlike the other women. However, Kan U ends up wondering if he’s only interested in her ‘cos she’s the first female Maozoku he saw. She confides in Chou Sosou and Kan Tei, and they decide to introduce Shuu Yu to the rest of the Maozoku ladies. Of course, Shuu Yu catches on quickly and goes to find Kan U after it’s all over. He’s not going to leave her alone. Though he does get taught a lesson by Son Ken when he witnesses the harassment.

Of course on their trip to negotiate with Go, Shokatsu Ryou has Kan U join him and Shuu Yu. There, we learn that Shuu Yu had brought Son Ken out to see what’s happening outside with his own eyes. Shuu Yu advises for them to form an alliance, to which Kou Gai agrees. He feels that if they surrender to Sou Sou it will no longer be their own country. Shuu Yu though, just wants to preserve Son Ken’s life, knowing that Sou Sou will kill him if they surrender. Despite the other officials not being convinced, Shuu Yu pushes for the alliance and convinces Son Ken.

Despite Shuu Yu’s high position in court, he expresses that he only wants to assist Son Ken till he himself becomes a fine ruler – as he had promised Son Saku (Son Ken’s deceased brother). Son Ken is uneasy at this thought. When his brother passed away and he was still grieving, Shuu Yu forced him to mount a horse and visit different areas to show that the family was still well. Though Son Ken wants Shuu Yu’s continuous support, the latter knows that he’ll leave his side one day – whether it be in one form or another.

Kan U also learns from Kou Gai that Shuu Yu pretty much trained the Go army to fight on water from scratch, so the soldiers admire and trust him deeply. But not all officials think the same, due to their different backgrounds. There are ones which have served for 3 generations like Kou Gai, those who have served for 2 generations like Shuu Yu, and even those who have fled here from the North. This explains their various virtues and morals, as well as the differing treatment towards the Maozoku. As such, some officials tend to always object to Shuu Yu’s suggestions. While Kan U feels indignant for Shuu Yu, he tells her not to pay them any mind. No matter what, they’d find something to complain about.

Of course in Go, Shuu Yu continues to chase after her, to the point where she runs to Shokatsu Ryou for help and they end up sleeping in his room pfft. Despite this and witnessing how the women flock to Shuu Yu, Kan U can’t help but be genuinely impressed after seeing Shuu Yu’s presence in court and command of the soldiers. After all, he managed to accomplish this much even though he’s a Maozoku in a human country. He reveals to her that only came to Go after Son Saku met him and persuaded Shuu Yu come with him, rather than remain a pirate. After that, Shuu Yu assisted him but Son Saku ended up being killed by a petty mountain bandit.

The turning point comes when Sou Sou springs an attack on Kou Ka castle, not long after Kan U and co. had reunited with the rest of the Maozoku and Ryuu Ki. They quickly form a plan to give the surprise attack instead, for Sou Sou would not be aware of their alliance yet. Due to this, Shuu Yu and his soldiers are to remain in ambush till Sou Sou comes to the front – as apparently he’s personally leading the attack for some reason. Shuu Yu can’t help but have a bad feeling. At Sou Sou’s end, he orders Chou Ryou to locate Kan U’s whereabouts on the battle field.

(As we all already know) Sou Sou desires Kan U and when Chou Ryou helps him locate her later, he quickly reveals the reason – they have the same blood flowing in them. If she refuses, he’d just remove her legs, hands, eyes, anything that defies him. It doesn’t take long for Shuu Yu to jump in, as he can no longer watch from the sidelines. Sou Sou’s words anger him, how he treats her like an object. Shuu Yu manages to fight him head on but just as he’s about to deliver the last blow, he starts to cough up blood. Thankfully, Kan U steps in for him and Kou Gai leads his men in. As Sou Sou retreats, Kan U shows her concern for Shuu Yu. But he quickly runs away.

Everyone is celebrating the victory but Shuu Yu remains cooped up in his room. Still worried, Kan U goes to find him and offers to comfort him. Hearing this, Shuu Yu asks her to sleep with him then. He pushes her down and Kan U struggles intensely at first. But upon seeing his hurt expression she soon stops and is willing to let him have his way. Her words make Shuu Yu back away though, and he tells her to leave the room. Ever since that day, Shuu Yu clearly avoids Kan U. This is where we first see Shuu Yu’s keyword: 宿命 (fate; destiny).

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0056

Shuu Yu confides in Shokatsu Ryou that it’s his dream to build an eden for Maozoku once again on these lands. But he knows that it’s just his wishful thinking. Shokatsu Ryou questions if it’s due to the fate of the Kei Shuu Maozoku, to which Shuu Yu agrees. As long as it’s there, it’d be irresponsible of him to approach Kan U for it would just hurt her deeply. Not long after, there’s sighting of Sou Sou’s army again. This time it’s 800,000 men in all. Everyone is alarmed as the barely make up 50,000 men. But Shuu Yu is confident of his men’s military strength on water. Moreover Sou Sou’s forces are probably made up mostly of Ryuu Hou’s men, who would have low morale and be drained from the travelling. They immediately formulate a plan, with Shuu Yu, Chou Hi and Chou Un leading men near the front – and Kan U behind.

However, it turns out that this is all part of Sou Sou’s strategy. Indeed, Shuu Yu and the rest successfully defeat the 50,000 soldiers at the front. But Sou Sou personally leads another batch of soldiers to corner Kan U at the back. He even admits to Kan U that his 80 ships were a lure in order for him to gain Kan U. She’s shocked at how ruthless he can be, and frozen stiff when he approaches her with a cold stare. Thankfully, Shuu Yu manages to hurry to her side in time and tells Kan U to jump into the waters. He saves her and carries her back to his ship, successfully escaping Sou Sou’s clutches yet again.

While the rest are in high spirits, Shuu Yu and Kan U remain down. Shokatsu Ryou predicts that the battle will enter a stagnant period, which makes Kan U relieved for she wouldn’t have to see Sou Sou. The tactician calls them to one side though, wanting to know what had happened. Hearing their side of the story, Shokatsu Ryou finally realises that everything was within Sou Sou’s plan. But they just have to plan ahead for that now. When alone, Shokatsu Ryou observes how rare it is to see Kan U down. Shuu Yu remarks that Sou Sou’s attachment to her is not normal, and he’ll definitely protect her. He has a plan but in order for it to succeed there are several conditions. He wants them to wait for a while longer. Shuu Yu goes to find Kan U at night, and comforts her. But he still keeps his distance. Meanwhile, Sou Sou orders Chou Ryou to investigate on Shuu Yu’s background.

Ever since then, Kan U remains stuck in her room. The rest of the Maozoku are worried, but she doesn’t open up to them. Some days later, they hold a meeting and Shuu Yu finally announces his plan: in a few days there will be strong southern winds and that can help them set all of Sou Sou’s ships on fire if done right. But he doesn’t know when exactly, so Shokatsu Ryou proposes a plan to stall Sou Sou for a few days: to send Kan U over to Sou Sou. Naturally, Shuu Yu opposes to this but after much thought Kan U agrees. While Sou Sou is scary, she’s much more afraid of everyone dying. And so Shokatsu Ryou tells her to pretend to surrender to Sou Sou; to feed false information that their alliance will break off and Go forces will retreat in a few days. So Kan U goes to Sou Sou’s side knowing that there is little chance of survival if she remains. Following her, Kou Gai will then surrender to Sou Sou and they will execute their plan. Shokatsu Ryou knows how dangerous it will be but there is no other way.

Kan U is to set off tomorrow, and Shokatsu Ryou tells her not to leave with any regrets. He knows that Shuu Yu is keeping his distance from her due to his own reasons. Later, Kan U goes to find Shuu Yu and asks to spend the night together – so that with this memory at least, she can bear anything that will come. He is hesitant though, muttering that his blood is imperfect. While Kan U doesn’t understand him, she persists and Shuu Yu embraces her. After they sleep together, Kan U says that she’ll wait for him. His touch still lingers on her so she can remember him even if they’re apart. She soon leaves and heads to Sou Sou’s camp.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0058

Everyone is wary of Kan U’s words even though it sounds logical. Sou Sou dismisses the rest and when they’re alone, he asks her to swear her loyalty to him if she wants him to believe. But even after she kisses him, he’s wary for he knows that she won’t desert the rest of the Maozoku. Kan U quickly reasons that she does want to save them – but she thought that it would have the opposite effect on him if she’d mentioned it, seeing how attached he is to her being of mixed blood. So she’d wanted to wait till he believed her before requesting for them to be saved. Sou Sou decides to trust her for now. He’ll wait and see if the alliance really breaks off first.

Back at the camp, everyone talks bad of Kan U except for the few who know the truth. There’s no telling where Sou Sou’s spies are so they have to remain tight-lipped. Shuu Yu and Kou Gai start to argue over this, and Shuu Yu even beats Kou Gai up. He declares that anyone who opposes his orders will be deemed a traitor. The news of this travels to Sou Sou. Meanwhile, Kou Gai prepares a letter to be sent to Sou Sou. He’s surprised that the other officials are cooperating, as they were always against Shuu Yu. They reply that there is no other choice, plus Shuu Yu promised that he’d retire and leave Go after this battle.

At Kan U’s end, she barely manages to keep herself safe from Sou Sou. They are interrupted by Kou Gai’s surrender letter, which promises to send over 1000 men, food, and weapons tomorrow night. Kan U is delighted by the news, but Sou Sou comes to find her again that night. He promises to save the Maozoku as long as she remains by his side. Her blood is especially precious to him, for she’s his only family and the only one who can understand him. Kan U recalls how she felt out of place, but she was saved by Ryuu Bi and hence accepted by everyone else. But that’s probably not the case for Sou Sou. Sou Sou sees that she understands his loneliness, and promises to treasure her. In response, Kan U tells him to properly welcome her as his wife when it’s all over then. He agrees and leaves her for tonight.

On the night Kou Gai sails over, Sou Sou notes that his ships aren’t sinking in the waters much even though they should be loaded with supplies. He immediately orders his men to attack but it’s too late. Kou Gai has his men set the ships on fire and the winds spread the fire. Only he and Shuu Yu, whose homeland is here, would have been aware that the northern winds would switch to southern winds around this time. Sou Sou sees that they can no longer counterattack, and orders his men to minimise the damage and retreat. He goes to retrieve Kan U, with intentions of keeping her away from everyone’s eyes but his till she dies. Even if he loses 800,000 men here, he’s satisfied as long as he has Kan U. When she resists, Sou Sou loses his cool at her betrayal and is determined to bring her away, even if he has to injure her.

Shuu Yu arrives in time, declaring that he’ll definitely defeat Sou Sou so as to set Kan U. It’s the least he can do as his last task. Sou Sou notes that Shuu Yu knows his own situation, and reveals to Kan U the fate of the Kei Shuu Maozoku. There’s a reason why some Maozoku did not follow Ryuu Kou and remained in Kei Shuu. It’s ‘cos they were plagued with illness, and would not be able to stand the long journey. They had children among themselves – their line lasted for 300 years. But what happens to their blood? It thickened over the years resulting in Kei Shuu Maozoku having very short lives now. This also explains why his parents passed away when he was still young. Kan U is surprised by the news. The men continue to fight, as Shuu Yu’s determined to finish Sou Sou off with what little life he has left.

Bad End: Unfortunately, Sou Sou deals a decisive blow to Shuu Yu. The latter tells Kan U to escape to where everyone else is as he kisses her goodbye. He then remarks that your armour gets heavier with the burden of killing people. He’s sure that Sou Sou’s must be extremely so. Sou Sou is unsure of what he means, till Shuu Yu grabs him tightly – refusing to let go as they are both thrown into the water. Kan U can only cry out Shuu Yu’s name, as his touch and warmth still lingers on her skin.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0065

Good End: Shuu Yu finds his blood tainted, and there’s no guarantee that it won’t infect her if she comes into contact with it either. As such, he finds himself to be imperfect and unworthy of her. To his surprise, Kan U kisses him even after he coughs up blood. She doesn’t find it tainted or filthy – she desires all of him and is willing to bear that fate of his too. Though he says that she belongs under the warm sun, if he isn’t there everything will be cold and dark. Everything will be meaningless to her if he isn’t there. Shuu Yu is moved by her words, and agrees to stay together with her. He declares to Sou Sou that surely he can’t chase after Kan U to the other world. Despite Sou Sou’s desperate protests, the couple jump into the sea.

Sou Sou ends up defeated and pulls back his forces. Chou Ryou delivers the news to him that a national funeral was held for both Shuu Yu and Kan U. Sou Sou remains in disbelief, as the death of Kan U sinks into him. She has left him all alone in this world, but he knows that his heart will be forever trapped by her and that he’ll be like a living corpse now. He can only wish to see her again. A while later, Ryuu Ki passes away due to illness and leaves Kei Shuu to Ryuu Bi. The Maozoku still have a hard time believing that Kan U is gone but can only move forward.

But one day, Shokatsu Ryou travels deep into the forest to find the couple still well and alive in a cottage. Apparently it was all part of Shokatsu Ryou’s plan to stop Sou Sou’s pursuit of Kan U. But at the same time, everyone else also believes that she’s dead. He delivers the news of everyone’s well-being to their relief. Kan U is sure that she can meet the Maozoku again one day, but not in the near future as they are still wary of Sou Sou.

We learn that Shuu Yu’s condition is better, probably ‘cos he’s no longer fighting. Shokatsu Ryou tells him that most people die of lung hemorrhage due to suffocation rather than illness, so he advises Shuu Yu to secure his respiratory tract if he coughs up blood again. In any case, he’s sure that the change of environment will help Shuu Yu. If he doesn’t want to hand Kan U over else to anyone else, he just needs to live a long life. He expresses his gratitude, to which Shokatsu Ryou replies that Shuu Yu is protecting Kan U by her side, while he’s doing so from the sidelines.

When the couple are alone, they talk of creating their own eden. Shuu Yu admits that he once despised his bloodline, till he met Kan U. Now he’s thankful. Kan U points out that if they have children, their blood would be mixed with hers so surely they would be released from the fate of Kei Shuu Maozoku. Shuu Yu doesn’t know how long he has left. But instead of counting down his days left, he’ll start to live to the fullest now. With her around, the world seems much brighter as she makes his imperfect self – complete.

Overall thoughts

Just happy that I managed to get this out before my long break ends /cries. Anyway, I swear that Shuu Yu’s good end had me panicking and wondering if I did something wrong. Everything was so dramatic in a heart-wrenching way, way more so than the bad end – I felt so deceived. Anyway, it wasn’t perfect – I thought they would be more shocked at Sou Sou’s secret. And Kan U got pretty down in this route, whereas in the first game she was really strong even in Sou Sou’s own route. But these points weren’t so glaring. At least she recovered. So it was still another enjoyable route! Despite Sou Sou going down the dark road, I liked that they also showed his vulnerable side. I can only imagine the guilt Kan U felt when she had to betray him. I would say that the couple’s relationship developed pretty well – from Kan U punching Shuu Yu away to asking him to sleep together lol. As mentioned at the start, I also enjoyed Shuu Yu and Shokatsu Ryou’s friendship a lot.

Again, I couldn’t include all the Momozono and humourous scenes (like the Maozoku all falling into the water and Chou Un trying to pull them up with his sword…) but I think this post is pretty organised. I’ll be doing Chou Hi’s route next but no guarantee when I can post it since my long break is over sigh. Oh well, till then~

2 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi 2: Shuu Yu

  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks for the review—-!so, i’ll get to commenting on the others later, but since Shuu Yu is one of my favourites in the series, i should comment on him first!wahaha! Ok, anyway, i love the relationship development between Kan U and Shuu Yu, as you’ve mentioned. Such cuteness! And it does seem to me that in this second game, Kan U plays less of a role, and is (kind of) less proactive then in the first. Still, Shuu Yu and Kan U are really nice together…so…i sure ship them together!also, for the happy end, i’d be totally elated if they had children, lol!


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! Glad that you read my Jyuuzaengi posts, it’s one of my favourites. 😀 Oops, maybe I just made Kan U sound that way but overall she really is a great heroine. I mean, volunteering to put up with Sou Sou is no easy task haha. /o\ But yes they’re a really nice couple. The writers really did a nice job for the two new characters!


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