Jyuuzaengi 2: Chou Ryou

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0079

Chou Ryou (CV: Yusa Kouji) joins Sou Sou’s army, but explicitly states that he will leave if he can remain by Kan U’s side. His reasons are unclear, but when asked of who he’d like to be his master, he immediately thought of Kan U’s face. Remember to read the Common Route first!

During the battle in Shin Ya, Chou Ryou goes to find Kan U and asks if she can be his master. In order to gain her trust, he even throws away his sword and protects her from Kakou En. Seeing him go to such an extent, and noting that he can’t stay in Sou Sou’s army with his betrayayl, Kan U agrees to let him remain by her side. Like in Chou Hi’s route, Ryuu Bi does not awaken in his adult form here. As such, Shokatsu Ryou’s ideal outcome didn’t happen even though they still won the battle. While everyone is celebrating their victory, Kan U finds her attention drifting away. Chou Ryou offers to carry her back to her room, while apologising for touching her so casually. Ever since their meeting, this often happens to Kan U. Plus, someone would be struggling in the darkness, but it is unsure whom the monologue belongs to.

Similar to previous routes, the Maozoku plan to retreat from Shin Ya. Having observed them all this time, Shuu Yu (and Son Ken) ask(s) to meet Ryuu Bi. Shokatsu Ryou is surprised to see them in person, and Son Ken explains that he wanted to see if he should be at odd ends with Sou Sou. But he admires how they fended Sou Sou’s attack away, and asks to remain with them for a while longer. He and Shuu Yu join them as they head to see Ryuu Hou.

On their way, Shuu Yu expresses his interest in Kan U and Chou Ryou insists on staying by her side even if they get married. The rest discuss on how Chou Ryou can do every household chore, so it’s like a wedding package pfft. Still, they find it odd how Chou Ryou doesn’t mind staying with Kan U even if she’s with someone else. Their talk embarrasses Kan U and she escapes. Meanwhile, Ryuu Bi suggests playing hide-and-seek later to Son Ken. As the former explains the game, the latter takes the role of oni too literally – thinking that it’s their strict way of training themselves.

Upon meeting with Ryuu Hou, they convince him to confront Sou Sou, and to seek reinforcements from Ryuu Ki. Son Ken also pledges to alliance with them. Sou Sou and his men arrive at Shin Ya, realising that they have already left. While Ka Ku thinks that they may have left Kei Shuu, Sou Sou guesses that they may very well be in Jou You given their personality. Meanwhile, the other side prepare for battle. With Shokatsu Ryou’s suggestion, they have gathered every other thing to throw down from the castle walls – stones, arrows, hot water and even bodies of dead animals. When the enemy forces are weakened, Maozoku and Ryuu Ki’s army would attack them head-on. Ideally, Son Ken and Shuu Yu’s reinforcements would return by then. When the rest are suspicious of Chou Ryou, Kan U speaks up for him.

At the same time, the other Ryuu Bi starts to emerge, reasoning that there must be a presence with a lot of jyaki nearby. Chou Ryou notes that this is the same Ryuu Bi who killed Ryo Fu. His words shock the rest, and Kan U explains that she felt that she couldn’t tell them the truth then. When this Ryuu Bi sees Kan U, she starts to black out and a voice inside her exclaims on how this presence feels nostalgic. But it has yet to recall anything. When she wakes up, the rest are worried over her well-being. She explains that she had a headache, and her chest tightened up back then. A concerned Chou Ryou immediately feels for her heartbeat, commenting that it is indeed quickening. Chou Hi and Chou Un’s expressions change, and they pull a confused Chou Ryou away. Kan U notes on how Chou Ryou’s wavelength is a little different from the rest, knowing that he didn’t do it on purpose.

Outside, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou keep watch. Sou Sou’s army hasn’t shown any signs of attacking, and are merely surrounding the whole castle. Sou Sou desires Ryuu Hou’s army, which has soldiers who are experienced on water. So he’d much prefer if Ryuu Hou grows fearful and surrenders. Shokatsu Ryou plans for them to make a surprise attack in three directions – with Kan U, Chou Un and Chou Hi leading each party. He wants them to do as much damage as possible, and to retreat before the enemy has time to retaliate. As they carry it out, Kakou En appears before Kan U. As she’s about to retreat, she feels light-headed. Thankfully, Chou Un saves her in time. Back in the castle, Chou Un looks after Kan U and Chou Ryou starts to feel a mysterious pain in his chest.

When Kan U wakes up, she finds Chou Ryou pacing outside her room. He had been worried about her since last night, wanting to do something for her. Kan U though, is worried about him falling ill instead. Just then, Sou Sou attacks them as payback for last night. As the rest head outside, Chou Hi insists on Kan U resting, lest she collapses again. She persuades Chou Ryou to go in her place, instead of staying by her side. Outside, Son Ken and Shuu Yu barely manage to make their way back in time. Elsewhere, the other Ryuu Bi finds his way to Shokatsu Ryou. The tactician is hesitant about relying on Ryuu Bi’s powers, and the latter says that he’ll observe the situation for now. He goes to find Kan U, and senses something odd. He apologises for disturbing her rest. But soon, a voice starts crying out at the scent of blood.

Kan U bursts the castle doors open and takes down the first army of Sou Sou’s. But something’s clearly off as she is thrilled at no longer being in darkness, and at the scene of carnage. Seeing Kan U, Chou Ryou willingly joins her side. But Chou Un and the rest desperately try to stop her. In the end, half of Sou Sou’s men are killed and he has no choice but to retreat to Shin Ya. Kan U eventually blacks out again, and wakes up with no recollection of what had happened. She’s shocked when Chou Ryou tells her that it was her doing. The rest quickly comfort her, saying that they’ll always be by her side and are trying to figure out the root problem. Kan U asks to be alone, and they leave the room. The others try to explain to Chou Ryou that sometimes one has to lie instead of saying the truth, in order to protect that person. Chou Ryou insisting on staying with Kan U when she asks to be alone, is also not respecting her wishes.

As Chou Ryou tries to digest this, he ends up staying outside her room the whole time trying to figure out when is a good time to see her. The rest reflect back on the situation, and agree that it was as if someone possessed Kan U. Meanwhile, Kakou En and Ka Ku are in disbelief at the results. One person killing 10,000 men. Kakou Ton and Sou Sou recall on seeing a similar figure like that before – Ryo Fu. Further time passes by, and Sou Sou refrains from attacking. Kan U is still distressed by what happened. The smell of blood continues to haunt her, and she can’t help but keep washing her hair and hands. She can no longer trust herself. She asks Chou Ryou to kill her if it occurs again but he refuses. No matter who she becomes, he’ll stay with her. He wants to live and die for her. He explains that all along he lived for Ryo Fu’s sake. So when she died, it was as if he’d lost his purpose. All that remained in him was the thought of her. And now she’s filling him up with her warmth. Seeing how Chou Ryou unconditionally accepts her, Kan U requests him to take her away so that she won’t harm the rest.

Not knowing what’s happening, the rest discuss Kan U’s condition. It’s unlike the time when Chou Hi went on a rampage in Jo Shuu, for it was as if he had turned into a beast. But they believe it’s linked to Kinme somehow – after all Ryuu Bi has always remained like that ever since he came here. But they soon discover that Kan U and Chou Ryou are missing, leaving only a letter behind. Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou decide to head to Kou Ryou, the place where Ryuu Kou originated from, in hopes of finding a clue. At Kan U’s end, she has no clear destination. Chou Ryou suggests visiting Jo Shuu, the place where he woke up. He hopes of finding a clue as to why he’s still alive despite Ryo Fu not being around. Kan U doesn’t understand him, and thinks that he was probably brainwashed into thinking that. He should be free to do what he wants now – yet here she is dragging him along.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0081

That night, Kan U insists on Chou Ryou resting too instead of always keeping watch. He lies down beside her. He admits that even though he tries not to touch her casually, he ends up doing so in the end. He touches her warm hand, saying that it warms his heart too. But to Kan U, her hands are stained with blood. She clings to his cold hands, with the thought that she may drift away again if she doesn’t. She falls asleep, but wakes up again. She voices her excitement at having killed so many people, and muses over how nostalgic Ryuu Bi was. She doesn’t know why she’s here, but is thrilled to have this body. She falls asleep soon, with Chou Ryou having witnessed all of this. Meanwhile, Ka Ku advises Sou Sou to send some men back to Kyo Shou in case she runs wild there.

Kan U and Chou Ryou arrive at Jo Shuu, where the people warmly welcome them. But the situation doesn’t last long as her other being emerges. She ends up killing all of Sou Sou’s soldiers, and threatens to harm Kan U’s body when Chou Ryou tries to stop her. She finds the castle familiar, and he explains that Ryo Fu stayed here before with the intention of taking Kinme’s powers from Ryuu Bi for herself.  When she exits the castle, the people are alarmed at the fact that she killed them all. Even though they didn’t like being under Sou Sou, it’s a bit much and they flee in fear. Chou Ryou asks her to wash away the smell of blood before Kan U reawakens. When she does, she finds herself outside of Jo Shuu. Chou Ryou says that she collapsed and was asleep all this time. But his kind smile and the sweet smell of flowers around her sadden her.

It’s not long before Sou Sou is informed of what happened. He orders for Kaku Ka to head there first since he’s nearer, as well as Kakou Ton. With his country in danger, it’s not the time for him to be heading North. He can only wonder what has happened to Kan U. Chou Ryou and Kan U end up staying in Shouhai, which is currently not in use. Kan U ends up going to the room which Ryo Fu had used, which surprises Chou Ryou. He apologises for scaring her with his words, after all Ryo Fu is already dead. Kan U asks for him to stay and hold her hand, and he obliges.

At the same time, Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou arrive at Kou Ryou. They seek out information about Kinme from one of the village elders. The elder explains that 300 years ago the blood-stained land was filled with fear and despair due to ongoing war. As such a lot of yin energy accumulated which gave rise to youkai. But most of them were sealed, and only Kinme was left – and we all know how the story goes after that. As for how the rest were sealed, it’s said that they were done so by a tree, Daihiju, which can purify their jyaki. The elder also recalls the legend of a fairy who lived in Konron, and would consume youkai to preserve her youthful figure and powers. In Jou You, there is no movement from Sou Sou’s end and Ryuu Hou hopes that he ends up retreating altogether. Shokatsu Ryou remarks that something critical must have happened if that becomes the case.

In Shouhai, the being in Kan U emerges when she’s sleeping again. As she converses with Chou Ryou, she recalls being one of the youkai who was consumed by Ryo Fu. With Ryo Fu’s death, it appears that she was released. She recalls first seeing a young girl, whom soon crumbled into dust (Chou Sen). Then she came upon a pile of clay and collected them together, and it became Chou Ryou. Having been assimilated into Ryo Fu for 300 years, it would explain why she’s able to do that. However their link is fragile, for both of their lives should have ended already. So Chou Ryou is relieved that they will disappear soon, and that would end Kan U’s worries. She is not happy to hear that though, and entertains the thought of stealing Kan U’s body for her own. She recalls being held in total darkness, but before she knew it she was with Kan U. Hearing this, Chou Ryou realises that she must have transferred from his side to Kan U’s, because he went to meet Kan U. He was the root cause of it all.

A month passes by and each morning, Kan U would ask Chou Ryou if anything happened that night. As always, Chou Ryou prepares breakfast for her but for some reason he never eats with her. When questioned, he replies that he’s very picky with food and excuses himself for he’s not feeling well. Outside, he wonders why he lied and why he can’t bring himself to tell Kan U the truth – about himself and herself. Meanwhile, Ka Ku arrives at Jo Shuu but refuses to step inside the main castle – the stench should be horrible. He tells the men to clear it up, and heads to Shouhai instead. Later, Kan U goes to find Chou Ryou. He apologises for he finds himself not worthy of her concern. But the touch of her hand disperses the pain inside of him. He recalls having felt the same pain in Jou You when he saw Chou Un saving her. It was probably jealousy.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0082

All long he thought he was content with just being by her side, yet it appears otherwise now. He also has things he wants to tell her, but can’t. Kan U feels that she can trust him no matter what, but her words put him in an even more difficult situation. She ends up falling asleep by his side. Meanwhile, the youkai inside of Kan U starts to scheme as to how to get Kan U’s body. When she next meets Chou Ryou, she provokes him into taking Kan U for himself – unless he just wants to sit there and watch her get taken away. Chou Ryou carries Kan U back to her room, and there he pleads for her to fall for him, to remain by his side. His lips almost touches hers, but he restrains himself and apologises. He is no good with words, and was told that he could convey his feelings if they kiss instead.

When he leaves her room, Kan U can only wonder how to face him tomorrow. Soon after, she hears people outside and tries to find Chou Ryou. He’s not in his room though, and she ends up bumping into Kaku Ka. He sees that she is not aware that she’s being pursued, and persuades her to stay for there are bandits outside. When he shakes her hand though, he injects poison into her with his ring, which immobilises her body and speech. He explains that she’s the monster who killed tens of thousands in Kei Shuu, and thousands in Jo Shuu. He’s never met someone who’s killed so many people before with their own bare hands, and gets excited. He injects more poison into her just in case, and has her carried back to the room.

Chou Ryou soon realises that Kan U is probably captured, and Kaku Ka asks his men to stick up posters of her capture to lure him out. Kan U meets the youkai inside of her for the first time, whom informs her that if she disappears so will Chou Ryou. He’s not human, and relates to how he has no warmth and doesn’t eat, sleep nor drink. Kan U finds it hard to believe that he’s a clay figure, but the youkai knows that she will come to accept it soon. When Kan U wakes up, Kaku Ka comes to find her and contemplates how to torture her – such as removing her limbs when she’s unable to feel a thing. Just then, a soldier calls Kaku Ka’s attention away and he leaves the room. Chou Ryou takes this chance to enter, but Kaku Ka soon returns. He acts friendly towards Chou Ryou, as Kan U realises that he must not have heard of Chou Ryou’s betrayal.

Unfortunately, this is just a farce and Kaku Ka takes the chance to inject Chou Ryou with the same poison. To his surprise, it doesn’t affect Chou Ryou who remarks that this body has its usefulness too. Kaku Ka immediately calls for his men, and Chou Ryou carries Kan U off, protecting her from the attacks. They escape the castle and when he lays her down to fetch some water, Kan U sees that there’s no blood coming out from his injuries. Kaku Ka also saw this, and is thrilled at the thought of experimenting on Chou Ryou’s body once he’s captured. That night, the poison wears off her. Chou Ryou is reluctant to sleep by her side, for he would only steal her warmth off her. He can’t provide her any. She replies that he warms her heart though, and upon hearing this he confesses his love for her again.

The next day, the couple decide to head West. Kaku Ka came from the North, while Sou Sou is in the South. While the sea is at the East. At the West side though, there’s Rakuyou and even further down, there’s Chou An. Chou Ryou adds that past Chou An, there is Ryo Shuu which is still not under Sou Sou’s reign. If they reach there, they should be safe for a while. That night, the youkai reminds Kan U that there is not much time left, since it’s been a year since Ryo Fu’s death. Kaku Ka sends a message to Kaku Ton, telling him to remain in Yo Shuu. He also lays out an order, for no one within Sou Sou’s territory to wear anything on their heads.

As such, Kan U and Chou Ryou have no choice but to travel through the mountains. However, this was all part of the plan as they are ambushed by Kakou Ton and his men. He remarks that Kaku Ka can use his talent when he wants to. Chou Ryou tells her to stay behind him, but Kan U feels bad for she’s being chased for a reason. Yet now she’s killing more people to stay alive. But if she’s captured and killed, Chou Ryou’s life will end. Soon, her other being emerges and cuts down the rows of enemies. Ironically, thanks to her they manage to escape. But she knows her time is up and says that it might have been troubling for Kan U, but it was fun for her.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0085

With this knowledge, Kan U quickly realises what’s happening when she sees a bright light surround Chou Ryou. He is relieved that the source of her worries will be gone, including him, the root cause. Just because he wanted to be with her. But Kan U doesn’t want him to disappear, and is thankful for everything that happened if it meant that. Ignoring his protests, Kan U willingly gives up her body for him. The youkai surfaces, with full control of Kan U’s body. Chou Ryou’s life is now linked with Kan U’s, so his body should feel warm. Chou Ryou is upset at taking everything away from Kan U, even her life. The youkai forces him to submit to her, threatening to hurt her body if he doesn’t. Chou Ryou knows that Kan U is still somewhere there, and promises to protect her till he finds a way to retrieve her back.

After that, she starts to destroy Sou Sou’s cities one by one – including Kyo Shou. Sou Sou orders Kakou En to join Kakou Ton and Kaku Ka, to save Kyo Shou. Sou Sou travels to see Ryuu Hou and Son Ken, informing them of what’s been happening much to their disbelief. If this carries on, the whole land will be in grave danger. He proposes for them to alliance against Kan U. He wants the Maozoku to join too, whom of course are very reluctant. But Shokatsu Ryou reminds them of the time when they stopped Ryuu Bi from rampaging the lands. Just like that time, they should do the same. Chou Sosou relates this incident to Kinme too, and can’t help but think that it’s unrelated. He believes that one of the youkai from 300 years ago may have taken over Kan U’s body. And the solution back then was to seal it with Daihiju.

They propose this to Sou Sou. Chou Sosou persuades him to investigate its whereabouts, after all he owns most of the land here. In that case, they can investigate the documents left behind. In the end, Sou Sou agrees and tells Ka Ku to aid Chou Sosou. But that is if they find any clues. If not, they’ll still go ahead with the attack against Kan U. The rest are to join Sou Sou in Kyo Shou, but Kan Tei is to stay behind with Ryuu Bi. Shokatsu Ryou observed that when he’s near Kan U, he’s influenced by her jyaki so they should stay away from each other.

On the night of a crescent moon, Kan U awakens much to Chou Ryou’s delight. She apologises for making him carry the burden of everything, while she merely escaped. But he’s happy to just know that he can meet her again – that hope alone carries him through everything. As he kisses her, he’s grateful to carry the same warmth as her. Kan U stresses that he’s taken nothing away from her. As they converse, they realise that her condition is just like Ryuu Bi’s curse. Chou Ryou recalls the youkai having found Ryuu Bi familiar, so perhaps it is related to Kinme. The next day, he persuades the youkai to find the Maozoku if she wants to build her own country. Knowing that Ryuu Bi is the leader of them, she agrees and they head back to Jou You.

Kan Tei is horrified when he sees them meet up, but he’s unable to stop them. In the end, both he and Chou Ryou have no choice but to follow them to Kyo Shou – where they decide to build their country. Kan Tei decides to hurry on ahead to inform the rest ahead of time, before Sou Sou finds them. Left behind with them, Chou Ryou feels that same pain when Kan U goes to sleep with Ryuu Bi. Moreover, half a month has passed and it’s another night of a crescent moon. Later that night, Kan U awakens and goes to find Chou Ryou. Her touch heals his pain once more, and she says that now they can share each other’s warmth. When Ryuu Bi finds him carrying an unconscious Kan U back though, he threatens to kill Chou Ryou if it happens again.

At the same time, Chou Sosou and Ka Ku head to Chou An, the old capital 300 years ago. They start to investigate the documents, and chance upon one which vaguely describes Daihiju. The location of it is south from where they are, the upstream point of the Han River. It makes sense that the purest water should come from the source. The rest are left waiting at Kyo Shou, as Sou Sou has yet to locate Kan U. Shokatsu Ryou suggests for the rest to search for Kan U first. It’s not long before Kan Tei reaches them. Shokatsu Ryou tells Chou Un and Chou Hi to go find them first, to avoid drawing Sou Sou’s suspicion.

On their way there, Ryuu Bi persuades the youkai to head to Kyo Shou asap instead of destroying villages along the way. When they meet with Chou Hi and Chou Un, he asks for Chou Sosou’s whereabouts. He asks Chou Ryou to find out what’s happening with the rest. Meanwhile, Chou Sosou and Ka Ku’s findings reach Sou Sou. Chou Ryou happens to eavesdrop on this, and shows himself. He persuades Sou Sou to go ahead with this method, as there’s no guarantee that they can stop the youkai no matter how many men they gather. Sou Sou is well aware of this, but says that if this fails then they have no choice. Chou Ryou offers to lead the girl to that place, asking a favour from Kaku Ka.

That night, Ryuu Bi wonders if Kan U will be happy if they build their own Maozoku country. Chou Ryou informs Ryuu Bi of what they plan to do. He himself desires Kan U just like Ryuu Bi, but right now it’s not really her. He gives Ryuu Bi something, seeking for his cooperation. The next morning, Chou Ryou tries to feed her something. She forces him away, ignoring his pleas of wanting to bring Kan U back. When she takes Ryuu Bi’s hand though, she’s injected with poison. She’s taken aback by Ryuu Bi’s betrayal, who only says that she’s not the Kan U he desires. It explains why he was so concerned over Chou Sosou’s progress. The ring is returned to Kaku Ka, who expresses his interest in Chou Ryou’s body. He finds it hard to believe when Chou Ryou replies that he’s not human.

They immediately sail south towards Daihiju. It’s another night of a crescent moon, but Kan U is unable to move or speak even if she wakes up. However, Chou Ryou notices that she’s crying, and is relieved to know that she’s there. Meanwhile, Chou Sosou and Ka Ku are already at the tree. But Chou Sosou notices something amiss. When the rest arrive, the poison wears off quicker than expected. But before she can attack Ryuu Bi, the tree reacts to her jyaki and captures her. Ryuu Bi is relieved that he isn’t in his complete form, if not the same would’ve happened to him. Though the rest are happy that the solution is working, Chou Sosou points out something. The buried dolls he dug up here from 300 years ago have only just began to be purified. Then it would take thousands of years to purify her.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0089

Chou Ryou promises to remain with her till that happens, no matter how long it takes. Kan U apologises to him. But to him, she has given him many things – different feelings, memories, warmth, and even her life. After that, the alliance went separate ways. The Maozoku decide to settle down nearby, waiting for Kan U. But thousands of years pass by till the only one left who knows of Kan U, is Chou Ryou.

Bad End: Many things have changed.  The northern nomad country are attacking them, and even countries far away in the west. He can only pray that the sparks of war don’t reach them here. Unfortunately, soldiers approach him that morning declaring that this is their territory now. They heard that this tree is a religious symbol of the country, so they want to burn it down. Chou Ryou does his best to stop them, and starts to feel Kan U’s life disappearing. He realises that the purification is complete, and she’s moving onto a new life. But the soldiers take this chance to shoot him and he collapses to the ground. He apologises for breaking his promise to her, and asks for her forgiveness.

Elsewhere, a girl called Rin Rei is called out of her thoughts. Before she realises it, she finds herself constantly searching for something she’s forgotten. After all, a voice keeps calling out to her, saying that he’ll always be waiting for her.

Good End: That morning, Chou Ryou starts to feel Kan U’s life disappearing. He realises that the purification is complete, and she’s moving onto a new life. Knowing that their lives are connected, he believes that they’ll meet again someday.

In the Momozono scene, the after story shows him calling out to a human girl called Rin Rei. He never thought that he would be able to become human. When she moved on, so did he and he was given a new life too. It was all thanks to her, Kan U. She slowly recalls their identities, and they embrace and kiss each other.

Overall thoughts

Omg, I knew that they had to do something grand for Chou Ryou’s route but this is…wow. Seriously the reason why this post is much longer, is because everyone is doing their own thing so the POVs keep switching. I couldn’t find an appropriate place to mention Chou Ryou’s keyword, so I’ll just do it here: it’s 犠牲 (sacrifice). I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. While their relationship was really endearing and his CGs were a lot prettier this time, I was pretty confused at the bad end. Does it imply that he couldn’t have been reborn just like in the good end ‘cos of what happened? I don’t know so that’s why I find it confusing. By the way for those who have played Kamikimi, yes I do see the similarity with Mikoto’s end haha.

Other than that, the good end was so bittersweet. Just the thought of everyone passing on except for them…sobs. So even though they’re human now, I don’t know if I prefer this end over the end in the first game. Characters-wise, I don’t have much complaints. I do feel a bit conflicted at the fact that in the good end, you don’t get to see how the other characters are doing. I know I’m greedy. I just want everyone to be happy especially Ryuu Bi. 😥 Speaking of Ryuu Bi, this route made me feel so torn when he kinda took Kan U away from Chou Ryou. But I knew that he wasn’t gonna do it in the end, knowing his personality. Alright, I’ll stop myself from ranting about him – since I’m doing his route next, I shall save it for his post!

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