Jyuuzaengi 2: Ryuu Bi

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0097

Ryuu Bi (CV: Ishida Akira) is the leader of the Maozoku, who carries the curse of Kinme within him. It appears to be weakening, however things don’t always go accordingly as to what one desires. Remember to read the Common Route first!

Due to what happens in the later part of the game, it’s best to play this route after Chou Ryou’s for a better understanding. Like in Shokatsu Ryou’s route, Ryuu Bi awakens in his adult form. While Kan U is upset at how Ryuu Bi’s life was endangered for this, Ryuu Bi says that he desired it and Shokatsu Ryou only responded to his wishes. Shokatsu Ryou’s ideal outcome happens, but the strategist made one miscalculation. He’d thought that the condition was to put Ryuu Bi’s life in danger – but in fact it happened when Kan U’s life was in danger. The first part of Ryuu Bi’s route overlaps a lot with Shokatsu Ryou’s and Shuu Yu’s so don’t mind the repetitive content. Ryuu Bi is also my bias so I apologise in advance that it’s…obvious.

Recall that Kan U and Ryuu Bi persuade Shokatsu Ryou to evacuate the people of Shin Ya, and hence everyone prepares to flee by boat while Chou Hi and Chou Sosou wait to set the castle on fire when Sou Sou’s men arrive. In addition, recall that Kan U goes into the burning castle to rescue a Maozoku child and a human child. Here, her reason for doing so is for Ryuu Bi’s sake – he can’t forgive himself for being so helpless despite being the Maozoku leader, so she wants to go in his place. She doesn’t want to see him get hurt like this, and despite his protests she heads inside. Kan U ends up saving both children, and persuades the remaining villagers believe in her – even if it’s just her human half – and wishes for them to interact peacefully like the two children. Her words happened to be overheard by Ka Ku, who ends up conveying this to Sou Sou. Chou Ryou confirms this, as Ryo Fu did say that her having black eyes, despite being a Maozoku, is proof of this. Unknownst to his generals, Sou Sou is deeply shaken by this fact.

On the boat, Shuu Yu (and Son Ken) join them. The former reveals his Maozoku identity, and is deeply intrigued by Ryuu Bi – whose in a way, is supposedly the root of their clan. When they safely reach Han Jou, Chou Un goes to Jou You to seek reinforcements from Ryuu Hou. As they settle down, Ryuu Bi is thankful that he could save the humans. It won’t erase his sins. But this time, instead of killing, he managed to actually save lives. Kan U can’t help but think that he’s pushing himself. She adds that she feels proud of him, and no matter his appearance he’s important to her. Ryuu Bi acknowledges that she’s still as kind to him, but she hasn’t slept together with him ever since his appearance changed. Embarrassed, she reasons that since he’s big now he can sleep by himself. Seeing his forlorn look, she thinks that he’s still the same after all and gives into their usual hug. As Kan U hugs him, she says that it’s okay for her to spoil him a little. There’s no need for him to carry the burden alone, as she’ll always by with him.

Like other routes, they soon find out that Sou Sou has attacked Jou You and it’s likely that Ryuu Hou’s been killed. Shokatsu Ryou immediately suggests for them to travel to Kou Ryou, where there’s plenty of resources. Again, he advises Ryuu Bi to not bring along the Shin Ya villagers. However, Ryuu Bi doesn’t stop those who want to follow them. In the end, the Kei Shuu soldiers and Shin Ya villagers choose to trust him and tag along much to Shokatsu Ryou’s displeasure. Meanwhile, Sou Sou leaves Ka Ku in-charge of Jou You and leaves with the rest to chase after the Maozoku. They are surprised to hear that he’ll be leading them personally.

The road to Kou Ryou is not an easy one. While there’s thought of splitting up, since Sou Sou’s main target is the Maozoku, Ryuu Bi does not want to risk the villagers getting hurt. Ryuu Bi asks Shokatsu Ryou to ask aid from Ryuu Ki. Shuu Yu (with Son Ken) volunteers to tag along. After they part ways, the rest of the group start to rest for the night. Ryuu Bi confides in Kan U about his uneasiness. He has always been protected by everyone else, including her. So when he gained back his original form, he thought that he could finally return the favour. Yet he’s likely to commit the same error if he can’t suppress Kinme’s curse. Kan U does her best to reassure him, that they can overcome this together. They won’t know till they try.

The next day, the group soon arrive at Chou Han and Sou Sou’s army is in sight. It’ll still a long way till Kou Ryou, and the reinforcements have yet to arrive. Chou Hi tells Kan U to escape with Ryuu Bi and the rest, while he and Kan Tei stall for time. Unfortunately, there are just too many villagers and one by one, Sou Sou’s men start to kill them. The screams and scent of blood start to haunt Ryuu Bi, and Sou Sou appears before him and Kan U. He declares that he has no need for Ryuu B’s filthy blood, and is only interested in Kan U. His words confuse Kan U, and provoke Ryuu Bi. It’s not long before Ryuu Bi falls under the curse’s influence, and one blow from him takes down all those nearby. Ryuu Bi had wanted to protect everyone, but now he’s destroying his own wish with his bare hands. Shokatsu Ryou (with Shuu Yu and Son Ken) arrives too late with the reinforcements.

Kan U desperately tries to stop Ryuu Bi from attacking further, while telling Sou Sou to leave for now. The two men are reluctant to leave it at that, till Kan U hugs Ryuu Bi so as to restrain his movements. Sou Sou orders his men to retreat, and Ryuu Bi expresses his regret at letting the other go. But he enjoys the fact that she’s hugging him, and tells her to do so properly lest he pursues Sou Sou. He teases her by biting on her ear, and later her neck. His actions startle Kan U, but she manages to tell him off. After all, this isn’t the right time and place – not when they’re surrounded by corpses. Indeed, after this the humans all leave their side, unable to trust Ryuu Bi. The Maozoku keep their distance. But Kan U knows that Ryuu Bi must be suffering the most, to be treated like this by the people he wanted to protect. Everyone is well-aware that Sou Sou won’t let them off easily after what happened. Shokatsu Ryou suggests for them to immediately meet up with Ryuu Ki at Kou Ka, and for an alliance with Go. Kan U finds it weird when she sees Shuu Yu deep in thought at these words. Kan U feels helpless at her powerlessness, yet all she did just now was blame Ryuu Bi.

When he comes to find her later, he’s unable to comprehend why she kept stopping him from finishing Sou Sou off. To be honest, he’s fine with a world with just the two of them. His words constantly rub against Kan U the wrong way, and he’s even more miffed when she hits him. Kan U begs him to not say any more cruel words, she despises the him which wishes for that. When she sees his hurt face, Kan U immediately regrets her words and apologises for not being able to do anything for him. Ryuu Bi snaps out of the curse’s influence, and apologises instead. He explains that previously he had given up on his own happiness time after time, but in the end he wasn’t able to do so and hence regained his original form. But he’s still being tortured by this curse so he thinks that happiness is impossible for him after all. Kan U sees no need for this, and wants them to be happy together.

He thanks her, explaining that the happiness he couldn’t give up on was her. In a world in which he drifted between dream and reality, she was his only ray of light. Even though he never saw sunlight, he was happy just to wake up by her side. But due to hi strong feelings, when he falls under the curse’s influence he ends up wanting to restrain her in their own world. Even so, he can’t deny that these desires must be his own too. He’s a coward who worries about her leaving his side. Hearing his insecurities, Kan U says that she’ll always be with him. She knows fully well that he’s all the same Ryuu Bi, but just isn’t used to the current him.

Unfortunately, he knows that their feelings aren’t quite the same. She thinks of him as family while if he could, he’d want to marry her. Her shocked reaction saddens him a little, but he re-emphasises his feelings towards her and wants her to remember that. While embarrassed, Kan U wants to get to know him better and is happy to have heard him out. Ryuu Bi knows that he has to first overcome the curse though. But the path he has chosen will be full of battles, and yin energy that will only strengthen the curse. Hearing this, Kan U decides that it’s best for him to avoid the battle field. She will try to consult Shokatsu Ryou about this too, and tells herself to fight on behalf of Ryuu Bi too. Though she has never considered the idea of marrying him, she doesn’t want to see him in pain.

They reach Kou Ka safely, and now Shokatsu Ryou prepares to head to Go to negotiate. Ryuu Bi wants to come along too, feeling that he’s to blame for the current situation. Shokatsu Ryou eventually agrees, and has Kan U join them. When they reach Go, Ryuu Bi happens to help a girl out, saving her from crashing boxes. She expresses her gratitude, but Ryuu Bi simply accepts her sincere words and declines her invitation as they’re in a hurry. When they present themselves before Son Ken, Shokatsu Ryou does his utmost to persuade and reason for an alliance with them. While Shuu Yu and Kou Gai show their support, the other generals are reluctant and only give vague responses. Kan U observes that they are not making any progress.

Shou Kou, who had been watching from behind, steps out to speak up for Ryuu Bi – for she was the girl he had saved earlier on. Moreover, he must have enough resolution to personally travel to a foreign country. The generals continue to hesitate,  and suggest that for there to be some guarantee to strengthen the alliance lest they are betrayed – essentially a political marriage. Shou Kou volunteers herself and Kan U unwittingly lets slip that Ryuu Bi is still a child. While Shokatsu Ryou is very much in favour of the suggestion, Ryuu Bi is hesitant to agree. As they stay the night to consider this, Son Ken goes to find his sister in private to confirm her intentions. Shou Kou admits that she didn’t intend for things to reach that stage, but has no regrets.

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Meanwhile, Ryuu Bi goes to find Kan U. Just when he’d agreed to find his own happiness with her, he’s being deprived of it once more. Being spoilt by her kindness once more, Ryuu Bi asks Kan U to hug him like before. However, Kan U feels her heartbeat quickening unlike before. He soon lets go and apologises. He was merely a bit confused, even though he knows fully well what he should do. When he leaves the room, Shokatsu Ryou is waiting there. He advises Ryuu Bi to accept, for it’s the only way they can live on. He adds that Ryuu Bi can take her as a concubine if he adores her that much. Ryuu Bi is taken aback by these words, and says that Shokatsu Ryou doesn’t understand his feelings. The latter admits this, but says that the master he decided to serve was one who dedicated himself for the Maozoku, and not himself. Ryuu Bi finally answers that an alliance with Go is necessary for their survival.

Hence, the alliance was formed and Ryuu Bi is to wed Shou Kou. Kan U knows that the decision made was correct – but hearing Ryuu Bi accept the proposal made her heart ache for some reason. At Sou Sou’s end, Kakou Ton reports that the Maozoku are in Kou Ka with no visible movements. Right now, they’re just awaiting Go’s reply to their offer for an alliance. Sou Sou orders Chou Ryou to spy in Go, while the rest prepare the men as he plans to confront Ryuu Bi. In the darkness, a voice struggles to find out who and where she is.

A banquet is held in Go, and Kan U has to remind herself not to approach Ryuu Bi too closely. After all, it’s now up to Shou Kou to support him. But as she overhears him and Shou Kou conversing, she excuses herself. She never expected to feel this lonely. Shou Kou apologises, having observed that Ryuu Bi feels something special for Kan U. At the other corner, Shuu Yu also observes the same. This just provides him a golden opportunity though. Shokatsu Ryou remarks that a leader can’t decide solely based on feelings, and needs to look at the bigger picture. They plan to reunite with the Maozoku, and to send other men to settle at Riku Kuchi.

Ryuu Bi and Kan U also sail back to reunite with the Maozoku. But the leader is afraid of what lies ahead. Kan U offers to believe in him on his behalf too, feeling that they will surely understand his true intentions. Ryuu Bi thanks her for always giving him the words he wants to hear when he’s down. It would be nice to live together with everyone like they did before, but he can’t after this alliance. While Kan U realises what he refers to, she asks him not to keep a distance all of a sudden. She’s willing to always listen to his worries.

However, they are interrupted as Shokatsu Ryou and Shou Kou join them. The former helps the girl to shorten the distance by getting Ryuu Bi to call her without any formalities. Ryuu Bi asks if it’s really okay for her to come along. Shokatsu Ryou reasons that having her with them is the best proof of the alliance, and Shuu Yu will be with them too. The Maozoku leader offers to help Shou Kou with her things, leaving Kan U and Shokatsu Ryou alone. The strategist remarks that she looks like a child who has lost her place. When she denies this, he tells her to keep it together as her role is to protect Ryuu Bi.

Back in Kou Ka, the Maozoku apologise to Ryuu Bi for their behaviour. He is their leader after all, and they’re willing to follow him. Kan Tei adds that the children have a song going among themselves: White Ryuu Bi is kind Ryuu Bi. He’s always working hard for everyone’s sake. Black Ryuu Bi is strong Ryuu Bi. He’s very scary but he saves everyone. Even the children acknowledge that he doesn’t just kill anyone – he never raised a hand against the Maozoku. So they all choose to believe in him. They are all shocked to hear of the development in Go, but celebrate on behalf of Ryuu Bi’s marriage. Shuu Yu starts to hit on Kan U, finding it easy to catch her in his arms today. Chou Un doesn’t sit back though, not when he hears that she’s lonely.

Unable to watch on any further, Ryuu Bi helps Kan U by giving the excuse that he has something to talk to her about. When they’re alone, Kan U tells herself that she can’t be with him as before. Shou Kou will support him from now on. But she admits that she’s happy that he looked out for her. Her words take him by surprise. He chose this path, in which he can’t be with her anymore but his eyes can’t help but follow her. Kan U holds herself back upon seeing his pained expression, and replies that she’ll continue to protect him. The other Ryuu Bi surfaces, saying that he refuses to leave her side. He consider killing Shuu Yu and Chou Un for their actions earlier. He knows that she’s jealous, and is happy to be on the receiving end this time. If she’s that sad, they should just stay together.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0096

Ryuu Bi quickly apologises for teasing her too much, but reassures her that he won’t marry. He’ll just kill Sou Sou by himself. Kan U predicts that it will only strengthen the curse further – they need the alliance to prevent Ryuu Bi from fighting. And so she replies that he needs to treat Shou Kou well. Shocked by her words, Ryuu Bi asks if she no longer needs him. She denies this, saying that his happiness will be to win over the curse. Hence they need the alliance. The Maozoku will be able to live together again someday, so they’ll still be together.

When he’s left alone, Shou Kou approaches him. She had witnessed everything. She feels discouraged, after all she pushed her own feelings onto him on the pretext of the alliance. But she tells herself to keep trying, and offers to hold his hand to ease his worries. Ryuu Bi thanks her, but whispers that his feelings can’t change even if he’s holding someone else. He soon excuses himself, and Shou Kou observes that she can’t help him after all. Chou Ryou appears from the shadows, admitting that he’s new and lost. He learns from her of the political marriage, as she admits to being envious of Kan U who is both strong and kind. She’s ashamed of herself for feeling this way, despite the fact that she initially proposed this for Go’s sake. A voice feels a presence from Shou Kou, and decides to follow her in order to recall something.

Shou Kou ends up collapsing, and wakes up to a bunch of worried faces. She confirms her identity and her marriage to Ryuu Bi, much to her delight. Chou Ryou reports his findings to Sou Sou, while recalling the legend of Kinme and the previous existence of other youkai. Meanwhile, Shokatsu Ryou and Shuu Yu discuss their 50-50 chances of success. They need not only a grand strategy, but destiny on their side if they are to win. At the same time, Ryuu Bi is haunted by dreams of the past, of him killing everyone at his side. Eventually, Sou Sou’s army arrive and settle down at the opposite shore. He’s confident that the enemy will give into fear upon seeing their large numbers. They just have to wait.

As expected, the opinions of the Go generals sway. Shou Kou strikes them with heavy words, adding them they have a formidable force with them – Ryuu Bi. In order to raise everyone’s morale, he should fight too. Of course, Kan U immediately objects. Shokatsu Ryou quickly cuts in, saying that they will discuss among themselves while Go should reinforce their unity. Later, Shou Kou approaches Kan U and rudely demands for her to stay out of her way. In fact, she should just die for no one else’s life is worthy besides hers and her brother’s. Kan U is left in shock, for her attitude is not normal at all. Son Ken joins them, as he wants to verify with his own eyes if they should continue the alliance. His presence raises the morale of his men too. When he confirms Shou Kou’s intentions, she mutters that she has to do something about it soon.

Ever since then, Kan U consciously avoids Ryuu Bi. When he catches her alone, she forces herself to comment on how he and Shou Kou are getting along. Though Ryuu Bi knows that he has no right, her words still hurt him. He’s decided to devote himself to the Maozoku and give up his own happiness, it’s a suitable punishment for him. His happiness is her, but he’s given that up for everything else. But he can’t help but waver in his decision, to abandon his pride and responsibility as the leader, his clan, his sins – to bring her away even if it means giving into the curse. Back then, that dark room on the night of a crescent moon, with her sleeping by his side, was his whole world. Now he has come to see more of the world, but in exchange for leaving that miniature world he’s lost her. For a moment, Kan U’s will is wavered as she feels that she’s willing to do anything for him.

But they are interrupted by Shou Kou and they quickly distance themselves from each other. Kan U excuses herself, feeling guilty that she wasn’t able to reject Ryuu Bi’s advances. He’d said that she was his world – but the same applies to her. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve remained an outcast due to her mixed blood. On the other hand, Ryuu Bi feels bad towards Shou Kou for he doesn’t think that he can make her happy. She says that she’ll always be on his side though, and that she knows him the best. She whispers that only she can save her brother. Elsewhere, Son Ken is still not convinced. He understands why Ryuu Bi accepted the proposal, but not Shou Kou. Just then, he and Shuu Yu learn that Shou Kou is missing, leaving only a letter behind. It writes that she’s gone to negotiate an alliance with Sou Sou, and asks them to join her later. They are suspicious as to whether it’s a trap, but it’s clearly her handwriting.

Outside, Ryuu Bi goes to find Kan U. He’s under the influence of the curse, and says that he wants to continue where he’d left off. Kan U remarks that she was happy just now, as for once he’d been honest in letting out his feelings instead of keeping everything in. Son Ken and Shuu Yu encounter them, and end up explaining the situation. Ryuu Bi and Kan U decide to join them, as they sail towards Sou Sou’s camp. Over there, Shou Kou presents herself and explains that they only allied with Ryuu Bi so as to draw them here. Once they join hands, they can take Ryuu Bi’s army out together. After all, the Maozoku are the descendants of the despicable Ryuu Kou. She explains that Son Ken is coming in person to verify this.

However, her plans are thwarted when Sou Sou sees Ryuu Bi on board. She quickly changes her plan, and thrusts Sou Sou’s sword into her own chest. Naturally, this would enrage Go. Sou Sou is shocked to see her sacrifice for the country, but she laughs and says that it’s all for her brother before dropping dead into the sea. In the end, the alliance between Go and the Maozoku is further strengthened as Son Ken swears to exact revenge against Sou Sou. Kan U is ashamed as she’s relieved for a moment that Ryuu Bi no longer needs to marry. Shokatsu Ryou is taken aback by the developments, for it’s all outside of his calculations. He can’t help but think that there’s a greater force working in the shadows.

Ever since Shou Kou’s death, there’s been a tremendous amount of yin energy and so Ryuu Bi has constantly remained under the influence of the curse. As such, Ryuu Bi sees no reason why he shouldn’t use his powers. Kan U can only think that him going onto the battlefield will make the curse worse, she doesn’t want to see him kill any further. In a moment of desperation, she cries out for him to return to his usual self. She quickly apologises, for she never meant to imply that she hates (the current) him. She merely wants to save him. Ryuu Bi snaps out the curse’s influence, and apologises for his attitude. But he doesn’t think that his feelings are truly reaching her. Kan U immediately denies this, saying that she’s been saved by him too. From their first meeting, his bright smile had been her ray of light. She’d do everything to support him, and admits that for a moment she was happy to return to their usual way of life with Shou Kou gone. Overwhelmed with feelings, she hugs Ryuu Bi, who whispers that he’s committed too many sins to be loved by her.

After that, they start to act out according to Shokatsu Ryou’s plan. The Go army would stir up Sou Sou’s army while the Maozoku would aim for Sou Sou. However, there is talk that Ryuu Bi should join them to raise the morale. Of course the Maozoku are personally against this. But Ryuu Bi doesn’t think that he deserves this. He confides in Kan U that after gaining back his growth he recalled his past too. Not just the incidents in Chou Han etc. but even earlier he had killed the parents of Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou – and even his own parents. It was when he was still young, and when the curse first awakened in him. He was unable to control himself, till Chou Seihei held him back. He had kept it a secret, and always looked out for Ryuu Bi ever since, telling him not to give into the curse. Even so, he wants to at least attain happiness for everyone. Kan U replies that he didn’t wish for all of this – he’d accepted the curse for their sake.

But Ryuu Bi grows insecure, remarking that she’s looking at him differently now, that she only wants to save the Ryuu Bi she loves. Not once has she smiled at the current him. He grows desperate to gain her, questioning what he needs to do. All he wants is for her to sleep peacefully by his side, with just the moonlight shining in that dark room. His words strike a chord with Kan U, and she sees that Ryuu Bi is the same at his core. But the way he chooses to carry out his wishes is different. She explains that she is sad to see others die and get hurt – and the same should apply to him too. Under the curse’s influences, his desires are heightened, but he should still be regretting what he did to Chou Seihei. Kan U apologises for always hurting him unintentionally, adding that she doesn’t want to see him hurt after each fight anymore. Likewise, she wants to see him smile.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0098

He hugs her, touched at how much she knows him. She shakes her head, saying that she still has more to learn about him. Ryuu Bi is happy to finally be able to talk like this with her, after all she always got angry at him. Moreover she’s letting him hug her instead of struggling like before. Kan U answers that he was always too forceful before, and never chose the correct time or place. Her words puzzle him, making her realise that he really didn’t get it. For the first time, she laughs, which delights Ryuu Bi immensely. Kan U promises to confront him properly from now on. Though he can’t erase his past sins, he can learn to confront them.

Finally, the day of the battle has arrived. The Go army carries out the plan as promised, and the Maozoku venture deeper into Sou Sou’s army till Kan U finally confronts the man himself. As they’re fighting, another person starts to attack Sou Sou’s ships. It’s Shou Kou, and she interrupts their fight much to everyone’s shock. The news travels to Shokatsu Ryou, and upon hearing this Ryuu Bi and Son Ken insist on going to verify. They are accompanied by Shuu Yu, and they can only guess as to what’s really occurring. Meanwhile, Kakou Ton saves Sou Sou and explains the situation to him. The way Shou Kou was acting, it was similar to Ryuu Bi’s rampage.

As Shou Kou kills more men, she’s thrilled at the thought of her brother joining her soon. Everything was prepared for his return, and she invites the incoming Ryuu Bi to kill too. She finally explains that she merely took possession of Shou Kou’s body, and that her real name is Hakudou while her brother refers to Kinme. It was all thanks to Ryuu Kou that he was defeated, while she was consumed by that dreadful woman. Hakudou no longer needs Shou Kou’s body though, having killed enough to revive herself. She exits the body, and plans to do the same for Kinme. Shou Kou is safe, but Ryuu Bi starts to struggle with the curse. When he continues to refuse, Hakudou drags a semi-conscious Kan U before him, threatening to kill her.

Good End: Kan U struggles to stand up, saying that she’ll be alright as long as he’s here. She believes in him, and tells him to confront himself. Ryuu Bi starts to cry out, but not to Hakudou’s expectations. He refuses to kill Kan U just as she wishes, and plans to use his powers for his own wishes. He tells Kan U to escape with everyone else, intending to stop Hakudou by himself. With the blood of the curse, as their leader, and as their fellow Maozoku, he’s going to equal her out with Kinme’s powers. It’s all thanks to Kan U that he could come to accept himself as he is, including the curse itself. His sins won’t be erased, but at least he can atone for them like this. Kan U tries to stop him, saying that he hasn’t truly accepted himself if he still can’t forgive himself. There is only one Ryuu Bi whom she loves, and she refuses to lose him.

Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou appear too, saying that it’s the curse’s fault. Despite hearing the truth, they’re willing to forgive him and in fact feel betrayed that he didn’t confide in them. Ryuu Bi is touched at everyone’s words, realising that he had always been saved by them. It was he himself who decided that he could not attain any happiness. He thanks them, and agrees to fight in order to live on with everyone. It’s also thanks to Kan U, that he has come to think that it’s alright to love himself too. With their support, he defeats Hakudou. Sou Sou’s army suffered a heavy loss thanks to her, and so he retreats his men. In the end, their alliance was a success.

Back in Go, Shou Kou apologises as she had been jealous of Kan U and kept all these feelings in. Hence she was easily possessed by Hakudou. Ryuu Bi says that it was thanks to Shou Kou’s support, that he came to realise that he can’t bring everyone else happiness, if he himself isn’t happy. As such he has to refuse their marriage. Shou Kou accepts this, having observed that Ryuu Bi is strong as Kan U is with him. She thanks him for teaching her these feelings of love, and confirms with Son Ken that the alliance will still carry on. He agrees, for with the last battle everyone would’ve witnessed the strength of the Maozoku.

Meanwhile, Shuu Yu harasses Kan U as he wants to discover the truth behind her bold confession towards Ryuu Bi. Chou Un and the rest join in, but she is eventually saved by Ryuu Bi. He kisses her and asks if she loves him in front of them, to confirm their suspicions. As the couple leave, Shokatsu Ryou remarks that they should be happy that they weren’t killed. While Shuu Yu is appalled at the change in Ryuu Bi, Chou Hi is still having a hard time processing that they’re a couple. Chou Sosou observes the change too, and Shokatsu Ryou comments that Ryuu Bi has done what no other leader could’ve done – to accept the curse as himself. With this, there should be no changes in his personality anymore. His good mood rubs Shuu Yu off the wrong way, and Chou Un joins him in drinking down his sorrows.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0100

In the end, Ryuu Ki invites the Maozoku to govern Shin Ya. Ryuu Bi is determined to create a place for both Maozoku and humans to coexist this time. That night, Kan U and Ryuu Bi look up at the crescent moon. He remarks that all along he only knew of the crescent moon, just like how he’d only known a part of himself. He’d been afraid of the curse, and hated himself for it. But now everything in him has fallen into one piece, just like the waxing and waning of the moon. Kan U has said that anyone has that side to them: a bright side like the full moon, and a dark side like the new moon. Right now, he’s exactly like the half moon. Ryuu Bi feels blessed, and Kan U promises not to leave his side. Ryuu Bi proposes to Kan U, and she accepts. His world started from her, and it became her, and that will never change.

Bad End: Kan U knows that Ryuu Bi is afraid of everyone leaving his side. But she will never hate him and she assures Ryuu Bi that she loves every last bit of him. So it’s alright for him to love himself too. However, her words don’t reach Ryuu Bi as he says that he’s not afraid of that. Didn’t he tell her about the nights with just her, him, and the crescent moon? He tells Hakudou to do as she wishes, for this isn’t his world. Ryuu Bi knocks Kan U unconscious while apologising.

She wakes up indoors, where Ryuu Bi eventually admits that everyone was killed and he could only save her. He breaks down in tears, crying at his helplessness as their leader. He doesn’t want Kan U to blame herself, since he was the one Hakudou was after. He profusely apologises to everyone, begging for forgiveness. Kan U does her best to comfort him, and promises not to leave his side. She ends up crying herself to sleep, and Ryuu Bi confesses that he had abandoned everyone. Taking her hand, he asks if the kind her will forgive such a despicable him. He wonders if they’ve returned to the past, where there was only them and the crescent moon. He has sinned once again, and wishes for Kan U to hug, forgive and accept him again when she wakes up. Ryuu Bi vows to never tell her the truth, as they remain in their own small world.

Overall Thoughts

……I did warn everyone haha. /o\ But oh gosh every CG with Ryuu Bi and Kan U is just filled with love, I had such a hard time choosing which to feature. Anyway, once I saw the appearance of Shou Kou I just knew what was going to happen. It’s as if the pain from the first game wasn’t enough, they just had to elevate it one more step. If you compare the routes from both games, it’s actually more or less the same issue – just with more pain and hurdles for the couple to overcome. But of course, this one has the perfect happy ending. (And in the last Momozono scene they’re shown to have a child. :’D) That being said, perhaps ‘cos I already knew Ryuu Bi’s complex (from the first game) there wasn’t the surprise element for me. So I think it’s good that Kan U came to recognise her feelings faster this time. In case you’re wondering, finishing Ryuu Bi’s route unlocks a special route for Son Ken.

His keyword wasn’t explicitly mentioned so let me go through it here. It’s: 渇仰 (adoration; admiration). I think when you take into consideration Ryuu Bi’s feelings for Kan U, it’s self-explanatory. I think the same could apply vice-versa too, since Kan U said it was the same for her. But anyway, what left an impression to me the most was the  comparison of the moon to Ryuu Bi. I was so happy that it was included ‘cos to be honest,  in the first game the symbolism of the moon was mentioned in every route – but not for this game. Ryuu Bi’s the first so far and it was really fitting too. Kinda gives off the OTP feel hoho.

In any case, I am too biased to Ryuu Bi so even if the usage of a third party element mildly annoyed me – it kinda happened in history too and eventually they got together so it’s all good. There was plenty of desperate Ryuu Bi too (including the bad end) so yay. Alright, let me zip my mouth now. I shall be playing Kakou Ton’s route next.

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