Jyuuzaengi 2: Kakou Ton

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0108

Kakou Ton (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) is Sou Sou’s loyal right-hand man. He strongly supports Sou Sou, and is determined to help realise his ambitions. He is antagonistic towards Kan U, but seems to recognise her skills on the battlefield. Remember to read the Common Route first!

During the battle in Shin Ya, Kan U gives herself the task of luring Kakou Ton and Kakou En into the trap. She provokes them while doing her best to tackle both of their attacks. Unlike the first game, it is here that Kakou Ton loses his left eye to Kan U. Kakou En quickly retreats with his injured cousin, vowing that he won’t let this go. Though she had taken countless of lives before, telling herself that it can’t be helped, Kan U couldn’t help but be shaken by this incident. At the end of their battle, Chou Hi says that he’s equally sinful, while Chou Un warns her to be careful as the pair would surely hate her. Ryuu Bi does not awaken in his adult form. As such, Shokatsu Ryou’s ideal outcome didn’t happen even though they still won the battle.

As Sou Sou orders his generals to lead 5 times the army towards Shin Ya, Kakou Ton struggles out of his room to appeal to Sou Sou to let him join too. Sou Sou agrees, reminding him that he desires the Maozoku and doesn’t want Kakou Ton to give into fury and to kill them. He agrees, and is allowed to join the same camp as Kakou En. When the cousins are alone, Kakou En expresses his hatred towards Kan U for robbing Kakou Ton of the light in his left eye.  But the latter emphasises that it only reflects the fact that his skills were inferior to hers. Even without doing anything, half of his vision is black and he’s constantly reminded of this fact. That’s why he’s filled with regret. He doesn’t want revenge, but to win over Kan U next time to prove himself. When Kakou En insists that he should brand the same scar on Kan U, Kakou Ton remains quiet.

Later on, as Shokatsu Ryou and Ryuu Bi head to the castle to do the convincing and Chou Sosou and Chou Hi prepare the materials for burning, Kan U keeps a watch-out for Sou Sou’s army. She sees that they’ve set up a camp for the night and is relieved that this will buy them time. Meanwhile, Sou Sou sees that even though Kakou Ton has recovered physically, his thoughts are still clouded. He reminds his general that every war has its battles that end in losses. He can’t lost sight of the goal: currently it’s Kei Shuu, and after that it’s Go. Kakou Ton acknowledges this and goes to cool down his head first, agreeing to be back before the meeting.

Unfortunately or not, he ends up running into Kan U in the bushes. Just when she thinks that it’s over for her if he calls his men, he tells her to en-guard as he starts to attack her. This catches her by surprise, and her slow movements make him question if she’s pitying him. She denies this, but doesn’t want to be caught up here and quickly makes her escape. Kakou Ton exclaims that he’ll definitely find her even if she escapes this time. Kan U thinks to herself  of how it’s the first time such deep hatred has been directed at her.

When they have to evacuate their own people and villagers from Shin Ya via boats, Kan U joins Chou Un in leading the first batch which includes Ryuu Bi. While Kan U is anxious of how the humans and Maozoku will interact to the point of accidentally squeezing Ryuu Bi too tightly, Chou Un calms her down. He reasons that most of the people here were those who were immediately convinced so there shouldn’t be much conflict. They arrive at Han Jou, where they wait for the rest to arrive while Chou Hi goes to find Ryuu Hou in hopes of reinforcements.

Sou Sou’s army arrive at a deserted Shin Ya and soon make plans for their next move. When Kakou Ton insists of going after the Maozoku who had escaped, he is reminded once again of his goal. Sou Sou tells him to prove in his contributions to him, rather than in fighting Kan U. He orders him and Kakou En to join Ka Ku in taking down Jou You, highlighting that it’s an important task considering that it’s the capital of Kei Shuu. The two cousins agree and leave to make preparations. When Shokatsu Ryou arrives with the rest at Han Jou, Chou Un also returns with news that Jou You has fallen to Sou Sou’s troops. Hearing this, Shokatsu Ryou immediately decides that they need to leave for Kou Ryou which is rich in resources.

At Jou You, Sou Sou orders Chou Ryou to chase after the Maozoku in Han Jou. Kakou En protests and Sou Sou replies that he will just kill them, despite knowing that he wants them alive. He orders them and Ka Ku to head for Kou Ryou, for it’s the strategic point between Kei Shuu and Go. Sou Sou brands it as the most critical mission, and doesn’t want them to disappoint him. His words lift their spirits and they go to prepare. Their superior sees that they’re still very much shaken, and thinks that they need to gain back their confidence. Sou Sou thinks that it’s best to distance them from Maozoku as much as possible, telling Ka Ku to watch out for the two men. The latter agrees, observing that both of them have their own wounds: Kakou Ton losing to Kan U, and Kakou En seeing Kakou Ton get hurt before him.

When they’re alone, Kakou Ton asks Kakou En if he’s ever become afraid of a match. The latter replies that there’s no way they’ll lose, but the former starts to question if he’s really strong. Naturally Kakou En speaks up for Kakou Ton, saying that if Kan U suffers the same injury then it will be a draw. Elsewhere, the Maozoku are in the midst of journeying to Kou Ryou with the villagers. Seeing their slow pace, Shokatsu Ryou advises Ryuu Bi to leave them behind. At this rate, they won’t make it to Kou Ryou in time to prepare for Sou Sou’s attack. The Maozoku are reluctant, which gives Shokatsu Ryou the only other option of seeking help from Ryuu Ki in Kou Ka as a compromise. He leaves with Ryuu Bi on a boat, agreeing to unite in Kou Ryou.

Meanwhile, Kakou Ton has sorted out his feelings and tells Kakou En to focus on the task at hand. If he meets Kan U, he will challenge her again and win, so that he can move on – not to take her life. To him, there is no meaning in giving her the same injury either. The rest of the Maozoku head onto Kou Ryou, but the distance between them and the people at the end is growing. Kan U goes behind to help, but over there she keenly picks up the sound of horses approaching. She tells one of the men to inform the Maozoku ahead, and goes to stall for time.

However, the direction she is headed for is actually where Kakou Ton is. His men report to him sightings of what look like refuges as they carry no flag or weapons. Kakou Ton says that there’s no need to harm them then. But then Kan U appears before them, and Ka Ku sighs as all of Sou Sou’s efforts have been wasted. Kakou Ton stops Kakou En from joining him, saying that he has to be the one to ends things with her so that he can move on. He stresses this to Kan U too, explaining that he can’t forgive the fact that he got his scar because his skills were inferior to her. As they’re fighting, one of the soldiers suddenly call for the rest to support Kakou Ton by firing arrows. Kan U barely manages to dodge, getting lightly wounded in one of her legs. Furious, Kakou Ton yells at his men to stop. He tells Kan U that he’s not saving her life, but her current self is not worthy of a match. Ka Ku stops Kakou Ton from almost strangling the soldier responsible for destroying his chance.

In the end, Kan U is taken into captive. The only thing she is thankful for is that she’s given the rest enough time to safely escape. That night, both Kakou Ton and Kakou En keep watch over Kan U in the supplies tent. She can only feel awkward around them, and avoids eye contact as told by Kakou En. He laments at why Sou Sou desires them, and Kakou Ton reluctantly recognises their capabilities. They agree that once they reach Kou Ryou, Kan U will be thrown into prison. Before they rest, Kakou Ton tells Kakou En to tie her dominant right hand to his left hand, lest she attempts to escape. As if things aren’t already not going well for Kan U, they are soon attacked by people dressed like bandits. As Kakou En chases after one of them, Kakou Ton tells Kan U to cut the rope. But she has trouble as Kakou En tied it too tightly with too many layers (“as instructed by Kakou Ton” in Kan U’s words).

With no other choice, Kan U quickly kicks away one of the bandits’ attack. She firmly tells Kakou Ton to fight as per normal, saying that she’ll match his movements. He’s speechless for a moment at her courageous expression, before muttering that up till yesterday they were always fighting at opposite ends. The pair successfully defeat the bandits, though one of them end up escaping. Kakou En returns and starts to accuse Kan U of getting in Kakou Ton’s way. But the latter stops him from doing so, which makes Kan U wonder if he helped speak up for her. Kakou Ton thinks that they’re not mere bandits after supplies, as they knew that there were Sou Sou’s men from the start. He also reflects on how well he fought with Kan U, and her eyes which showed no hesitation. It’s odd how he ended up fighting by her side – a Jyuuza, a woman, and his enemy which took his eye away – but he has no choice but to recognise her skills. If he’s to defeat her, he can only make himself stronger.

The next day, Kakou Ton and Kakou En are surprised to see Sou Sou’s flag already raised in Kou Ryou castle when they arrive. Ka Ku merely remarks that things went better than expected, admitting that he had sent another party beforehand just in case the Maozoku headed this way. He switches his attention to Kan U, but his manner of calling her “lady” doesn’t sit well with Kakou En. After all, she’s the one who made thousands of their men die in that fire. When she hesitantly replies that she neither thought of that strategy nor actually carried it out, Kakou Ton questions if she’s denying the fact that she’s a warrior, much to her surprise. He doesn’t see how he can have better skills than her if she isn’t. Kan U replies that if she is, it stems from her desire to be strong so as to protect the Maozoku. It’s not to defeat enemies nor to expand their territory. She never once thought herself as better than him, for she only fights when she has to. But she doesn’t think her words will convince him, since she took his left eye away. Kakou Ton tells her to have her wound on her leg heal quickly, so that he can have that re-match with her.

Soon after, their men report that Ryuu Ki appeared to have sent reinforcements, but in the end it’s unsure of where they went. In any case, Ka Ku asks Kakou Ton and Kakou En to suppress the small surrounding villages. However, that’s not before an exchange of words take place between Kan U and Kakou Ton. She finds Sou Sou’s conquest arrogant and only sacrifices innocent lives. But Kakou Ton believes that they’re only making things right once the country is unified, and they can’t give up even if their own comrades die. Ka Ku interrupts them, ordering the men to take Kan U to prison. He tells her that in war, each sides are fighting for what they believe is their own “justice”. So there’s no use in trying to persuade Kakou Ton or Kakou En.

Elsewhere, the Maozoku learn that Kan U had protected the villagers, and that Kou Ryou might have possibly fallen into Sou Sou’s hands. Shokatsu Ryou predicts that Sou Sou will take time to train his men to fight on water if he plans to attack Go, so in the meantime they should approach Go to negotiate an alliance. In the end, it’s decided that while Shokatsu Ryou goes to negotiate and Ryuu Bi remains in Kou Ka, Chou Hi and Chou Un will go to search for Kan U’s whereabouts. Ryuu Ki offers to guide the pair around the area.

Kakou Ton and Kakou En are about to leave, Kakou Ton tells the other to bring not too many men along as they are mere villagers. Moreover they would provide them food in future. Kan U’s words still ring in his head though, and vice versa. He goes to find her, saying that she cannot expect to live quietly in these times of chaos. Moreover, she is connected to him (with his left eye) and he refuses to let her escape till he’s settled that issue. To her surprise, things take a weird direction as he ends up bringing her with them. Her hands are tied together, and they head to the nearby village with Kakou En. Strangely, everything’s eerily quiet so they split up to thoroughly search the village. Of course Kakou Ton insists on Kan U following him.

As they’re searching, they hear a painful cry. Knowing that it belongs to Kakou En, Kakou Ton warns her not to move before rushing over. Kan U starts to hear more cries, and sounds of a fight. It’s her chance to escape, and she slowly makes her way. But bandits appears before her. They see that she must have been their captive so they hold nothing against her, but can’t let her go either. They knock her unconscious and bring her with them. When she wakes up, she learns that the bandits are actually the former Kei Shuu soldiers that protected Kou Ryou castle. They brand Sou Sou’s army as bandits instead, for stealing their land. They escaped here, finding a chance to take revenge and take back the castle. They believe that she must hate Sou Sou too, and promise to let her go once they’ve accomplished their goal.

But to Kan U, she’s still a prisoner. She wonders if Kakou Ton and Kakou En are here too. When asked, the soldiers tell her that they are. They throw an injured Kakou Ton into the room, which tickles Kan U’s sympathy. Though she knows that this works out she’s more likely to escape, it’s not as though she wishes death upon Kakou Ton. When Kakou Ton figures the situation out, he still doesn’t bow down. Not even when a heavily injured Kakou En is brought into the room. After all, this happens in war. With clenched fists, he states that they’ve both lived for their own purpose and have no regrets in dying. Though Kakou En tried to kill her, Kan U is conflicted. In the end, she can’t bring herself to leave someone to die. To her, life isn’t to be thrown away just like that. Even if she’s called naive, she knows that she’ll regret if she doesn’t act.

She pleads for Kakou En to be saved, saying these two are important generals of Sou Sou and should be used as pawns. Her words convince the Kei Shuu soldiers, and the three of them are brought to a room filled with the elderly, women, and children for treatment. From these villagers, they find out that the soldiers intruded their village out of nowhere and took all the men for their own army, using the rest as hostages. If any object, they would be subjected to torture. As they help Kan U to treat Kakou En, Kakou Ton is unable to comprehend their actions. But they don’t see the cousins as enemies. Not when even their own Kei Shuu soldiers turned against them. They also advise Kan U to dirty her own face, to avoid attracting attention as all the pretty women were taken by soldiers.

Kan U realises the truth of Ka Ku’s earlier words to her. Each party believes that their own “justice” is the right one. But she doesn’t agree on involving innocent and unrelated people. As she takes care of Kakou En, she would hold his hand, asking Kakou Ton to not mind it. The latter refuses to have her look as his injury though, insisting that it’s nothing in comparison. While he still doesn’t understand her reasons, it’s a fact that if it weren’t for her Kakou En would be dead. In Chou Han, Ryuu Ki, Chou Hi and Chou Un find no signs of Kan U. They can only expand their search area. As for Ka Ku, his men find no traces of the other two generals in the village either. Back at Kakou Ton’s end, he observes Kan U more, noticing the different expressions she’s making. When she goes to fetch water, he purposely dirties her face. Though he states that it’s just in case and that it’s not like he thinks she’s pretty. He also asks her to take note of the numbers of soldiers and their positions.

While she’s outside, the elderly village chief greets Kakou Ton. He finds out that they want nothing to do with the Kei Shuu soldiers, and don’t really care who is the ruler. They’ve heard scary rumours of Sou Sou. Kakou Ton denies this, though they have a hard time believing that he’s under Sou Sou since he was with a Maozoku. When he claims that they are the scary ones, being the descendants of a youkai, the villagers correct him. He ends up learning the true history behind the Maozoku, including the fact that they were actually humans before. The village chief remarks that they had believed the scary rumours about Sou Sou’s army, but that was dispelled upon meeting him in person. So perhaps it’s the same case for Kakou Ton now.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0105

When Kan U returns, Kakou Ton’s attitude is clearly odd. Thinking that he’s worried about Kakou En, she remarks that he’s pulled through for 3 hard days now so he should be alright. To her surprise, he approaches her without a word and forces her to look at him in the eye. She comes face-to-face with his eye, and she’s finds herself unable to break free from his intense gaze. He reaches out his other hand to pinch her cheek, ignoring her protests. He touches her smaller hand, and she in turn realises how rough his are from the continuous training. Kakou Ton mutters that they aren’t that different – except for her ears. Not that he knows girls that well. Unable to bear the serious yet gentle way he’s touching her any further, she raises her voice at him. He breaks out in panic at their close distance, and embarrassingly draws back.

At Kou Ryou, Ka Ku’s men reports to him about rumours of Kei Shuu soldiers gathered in a north-eastern village from the castle. The next day, Kan U tells Kakou Ton that the soldiers are all gathered in the north while the other sides are blocked by forests and cliffs. So there’s only one exit. He wonders why she isn’t already escaping, and if she plans to wait for Kakou En to recover and run away together like friends. Kan U denies that she’s acting out of good nature. Just then, a soldier enters the house and Kakou Ton immediately hides her behind him. When the soldiers asks for her, he’s reluctant but Kan U doesn’t want to cause a ruckus when Kakou En is still not well. She assures him that she can handle it, and leaves with the soldier.

Thankfully, the soldiers only wanted to talk to her as she’s a Maozoku. They hope to join hands with Ryuu Ki to gain back Kou Ryou, and have sent an envoy. But Kan U can’t leave Kakou En behind even though they offer her to stay in separate quarters. She returns and soon after Kakou En regains consciousness. But he’s agitated when he sees her, refusing to listen to Kakou Ton. He ends up fainting again, and Kan U quickly looks after him. She reassures him that she won’t desert Kakou En halfway, but Kakou Ton is more concerned about the weird faces she’s been making. This confuses her, and she says that he’s been acting weird too. He explains that it’s because of her. Unsatisfied with his vague answers, she ends up pinching his cheeks.

Kan U laughs at his flustered reaction which further embarrasses him. They end up in a bit of a struggle, which results in them falling down and accidentally kissing each other. Though Kan U knows that she should get off him, Kakou Ton’s grip over her arm tightens and he leans towards her. She slowly closes her eyes, but Kakou En’s moans causes them to leap out of each other’s arms. His breathing calms down again, and they awkwardly retire for the night. Chou Hi and the rest still can’t find Kan U, but they end up meeting one of the Kei Shuu soldiers who is thankful to see Ryuu Ki. They learn that they had captured a Maozoku girl and Sou Sou’s generals in one of the villages, and go after their new lead. Meanwhile, Kaku Ka returns from his previous mission. Sou Sou orders him and Chou Ryou to chase after the Maozoku.

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Meanwhile, Kakou Ton and Kan U open up to each other. Kan U recalls how he once called her good-natured, but she finds herself selfish. She doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or to die, that’s why she helped Kakou En. But if they were enemies at war, she wouldn’t hesitate to fight him if it means protecting her loved ones. She’s willing to kill other people’s beloved ones to protect her own. And when she sees the wounds she gave others, she feels hurt on her own accord. Hearing this, Kakou Ton says that it’s only expected for you to fight to protect, and he’s relieved to hear that she isn’t just being naive. After coming here, he has seen many sides of her. He likens her expression to a mother’s, when she’s looking after Kakou Ton. It’s filled with compassionate love. It’s only natural but he’s only met her on the battlefield hence he never knew the other sides of her as he does now – the life she led, her being happy or sad.

Kan U thinks to herself that it’s the same for her. He adds that when she talked about fighting though, it was the expression he always saw. He tells her not to forget that he wants to surpass her. His words make her realise that one day they will fight again, both wanting to protect what’s important to them. But why does she not want that day to come? Kakou Ton leaves the room, reminding himself that he’s just not used to her other sides. But why is his heart ruffled when he sees those sides? Having separated from Chou Hi and Chou Un, Ryuu Ki asks a Kei Shuu soldier to deliver his message to Kou Ka – for his men and the Maozoku to reunite with him here.

In the village, Kan U sees a conflict breaking out between the soldiers and the villagers. The former insists on taking all of their food for themselves, claiming that it’s for their own good as they want to gain back Kou Ryou castle for their sake. She interferes, unable to stand by. The news travels to Kakou Ton, who’s eager to go to the site. But the guard stands in his way, who demands the rest of the villagers to block his way. Infuriated, Kakou Ton calls for the villagers not to tolerate this injustice anymore, and to believe in him. He’ll promises that Sou Sou’s army will return them back their peaceful days. The villagers are gradually persuaded, having seen his behaviour these few days. Knowing that he stands no chance, the guard flees.

Outside, things get worse as the soldiers draw their swords. Even though their role is to protect the villagers. She has no weapon, but she refuses to budge if not the man behind her would be killed. Fortunately, Kakou Ton arrives in time with a sword he grabbed from another soldier. He notes that she’s as reckless as always, but thanks to that someone was saved. To her surprise, he’s smiling. A child calls out to Kan U with her spear, apparently the village chief asked him to give it to her. With both of them armed, the Kei Shuu soldiers are no match for them. Kakou Ton lectures them on how they’re acting foolishly. Seeing how he’s protecting the villagers, Kan U realises that he was sincere in wanting to create a peaceful, united country.

Lost in her thoughts, Kan U accidentally twists her ankle though at the end. Though speechless at her actions, Kakou Ton still ends up offering to give her a piggy-back. He says that he’s only returning the favour, and that it’ll be more troublesome if it worsens. She reluctantly gets on when he’s about to carry her on his own accord. But Kakou Ton soon realises the consequences of their current body positions pfft. He refuses her thanks, saying that it’s only natural to treat a girl kindly. His words make her happy, and she can’t control her quickening heartbeat despite the fact that they are enemies. Kan U also notices his reddening ears and can’t help but laugh.

Wondering what if they had met under normal circumstances, she clings to him tighter. This makes him flustered, and he mutters to himself that he’s only giving her a piggy-back. His reaction entertains her, as she secretly finds it cute. They return to the villagers, and Kan U thanks the child. Seeing them, he asks if they’re husband and wife. While Kakou Ton corrects this with a red face, Kan U wonders what sort of husband he’d be. After staring at him, she merely remarks that he looks like the type who will treat his wife really well.

Knowing that some of the Kei Shuu soldiers have already headed towards Kou Ka, the pair take Kakou En and bid farewell to the villagers. Kakou Ton promises to help them again, and he reminds Kan U that she’s still their captive. But with her plea, he agrees to let her negotiate with Sou Sou regarding the Maozoku. With the rest taken by the Kei Shuu soldiers, the villagers lend them the only two horses they have left: a wild horse, and a horse with a white patch on its forehead (Dilu). It’s believed that for the latter, whoever rides it will die, so everyone was fearful to kill it, and to ride it. Kakou Ton dismisses it as superstition, and gratefully takes both horses. As they’re riding, Kan U sees the horse as approachable and remarks that it must be hard to judged only by the rumours. Her words strike a chord with Kakou Ton.

They rest in the forest that night, and Kakou En regains consciousness. Kakou Ton recalls what happened to him, including the fact that Kan U saved him. Hearing this, Kakou En guesses that she must be trying to redeem for her sins. He insists that it won’t erase any of her sins, and refuses to be saved by someone’s who killed his men. Unable to listen further, Kan U runs away and Kakou Ton chases after her. When he grabs her, he’s shocked to see her crying for the first time. In a moment of weakness, Kan U says that those important to her have died too. Not wanting to see her crying, Kakou Ton hugs her to his chest. He insists that it’s not ‘cos he wants to hug her and tells her not to misunderstand, which makes her laugh. It’s another first for him, to see her laugh up close. He remarks that she’s just like a normal girl.

Seeing his eye-patch up close, Kan U reaches out for it. Kakou Ton says that he was once regretful that he lost to her, but now he purely just wants to have a match with her. As long as he bears this scar, he’ll always chase after her and they won’t be separated. Kan U knows that he doesn’t mean it, but his words almost sound like romantic ones. He admits that he does want to see more of her other expressions though, and Kan U admits the same, that she wants to know more about him. But she can’t abandon the Maozoku. Seeing that he looks like he’s about to cry, Kan U says that they can always meet again if they’re connected. She’ll chase after him too. Why Kakou Ton denies that he’s crying, she replies that his heart is crying then, and pats his head. After a while, they return to where Kakou En is.

There, Kakou Ton admits that he couldn’t do anything, and if he had died he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for life. So at that time he realised something – that Kakou En blames himself for Kakou Ton’s loss of his left eye. He says that no one is in the wrong, and tells Kakou En to forgive himself. No matter what motivated Kan U to save him, he’s still grateful that he was saved. He then excuses himself to check the area, leaving Kan U and Kakou En to talk the rest out. Forgetting that Kan U is there, Kakou En breaks out in tears. Out of habit, Kan U strokes his face. To her surprise, Kakou En holds it as he realises that she was always doing this when taking care of him. He remarks that he doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t hate this hand of hers. Hearing these words, Kan U wonders if they’ve come to see eye-to-eye just a bit.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0111

(So far besides Shokatsu Ryou’s, his is my favourite keyword: 赦し (forgiveness). I love how it applies not only to Kakou Ton and Kan U, but also to Kakou En. My OT3 is back. ‘Cos of one incident, they each have something to forgive others/themselves for. Which is not easy.)

After a few days, Kakou En continues to recover. One night, they hide from some Kei Shuu soldiers passing by. They overhear them talking about getting Ryuu Ki and the Maozoku’s help. Kan U doesn’t want to see the Maozoku dragged into a war, not if she can negotiate with Sou Sou. Kakou Ton thinks that they don’t have anymore time left, predicting that Sou Sou’s end would be preparing for war too. He tells Kan U to go back to the Maozoku to persuade them not to fight and to surrender, adding that he’s returning the favour. She accepts his offer, and takes one of the horses. Before she leaves, Kakou Ton calls her name for the first time, reminding her not to forget that they’re connected.

Ryuu Ki receives word that only his men are here, but not the Maozoku. Shokatsu Ryou opposed to it, stating that it’s a losing battle. Ka Ku learns of the current situation, including the fact that Kaku Ka is on his way here. They have a total of 150,000 men again 30,000. Just then, Kakou Ton and Kakou En make it back to Kou Ryou and are updated. The former asks if the Maozoku will be present. While Ka Ku is puzzled by the change in how he’s calling them, he comments that if they are it’ll be troublesome. Kakou Ton appears hesitant at facing Kan U as enemies again. Near Chou Han, Kan U encounters Ryuu Ki with his army. But she soon senses something amiss, as Ryuu Ki plans to make use of her. By falsely informing the rest that she’s been captured by Sou Sou’s army, the Maozoku will surely join the battle. Before she has time to escape, he has his men tie her up.

Meanwhile, Chou Hi and Chou Un failed to find Kan U in that village. But according to the villagers, she was definitely there. Chou Hi is upset to hear that she was with another general and that they were very compatible, but wonders why Chou Un is getting jealous too. At Kou Ka, they soon receive the news from Ryuu Ki. Shokatsu Ryou is still opposed, but of course the Maozoku refuse to stand by. As such, Shokatsu Ryou says that he has something to confirm first while they make preparations. He also wants some members to stay behind with Ryuu Bi, and for Chou Hi and Chou Un to be updated on this when they return. When alone, Shokatsu Ryou tells Ryuu Bi that if Kan U had been captured by Sou Sou, then they would have sent them a message. He would’ve used this to negotiate and get the Maozoku. So he believes it’s a possibility that it’s a lie. But since Ryuu Bi wants to protect Kan U and the rest, he’ll do everything he can.

Ryuu Ki’s men tie Kan U to a tree deep in a forest. They ignore her pleas, saying that even if they have to use deception they will fight for what they want to protect. Kakou Ton is informed that a group of Ryuu Ki’s men have headed into the forest. It may be a trap, but he decides to check. Kaku Ka and Chou Ryou arrive, and the former remarks on how stupid Ryuu Ki is to not realise their presence – for someone not adept at war, he’s pushing on for a lame reason.

Good End: Kakou Ton finds Kan U, where he learns what happened to her. He worries over her, and quickly releases her. When Kan U hears of the situation from him, she is determined to hurry back and stop the battle. Though she understands where Ryuu Ki is coming from, his method is wrong. But she believes that he can be persuaded. Kakou Ton is reluctant, worried that he’ll lose her – when she had told him so strongly to treasure life. Kan U thanks him, but says that she can’t let the Maozoku get dragged in ‘cos of her. She also knows that they both want peace, and hence wants to stop this fight. Though he may want to have a re-match with her, it doesn’t have to be on the battlefield. Kakou Ton still finds her too naive, but values her spirit and lets her use one of his horses. He won’t forgive her if she even gets a scratch. Left alone, Kakou Ton says that he only thought for Sou Sou’s cause – but he’s changed.

Kakou Ton leads his men towards Kaku Ka, and tries to convince him that the Maozoku are not fighting so it’s a pointless war. Moreover, Sou Sou desires the Maozoku. Shocked at the change in his attitude, Kaku Ka remarks that they should kill all those in the way for Sou Sou’s ambition. Kakou Ton admits that he’s realised otherwise. They need to not leave behind any hatred, if not unification will be impossible. Kaku Ka remains unconvinced, and tells Kakou Ton to stop him via force if he has to, as he’s merely carrying out his initial orders. An envoy from Ryuu Bi’s army comes to find Ka Ku, and Kan U appears before Ryuu Ki. Chou Hi and Chou Un have reunited with Ryuu Ki, and see that Shokatsu Ryou’s prediction was true after all. They restrain Ryuu Ki, and Shokatsu Ryou joins them to persuade him to surrender to Sou Sou’s side.

Kaku Ka is speechless as Ka Ku orders him to not attack first, as apparently he received word that the enemy is surrendering. Unsatisfied, Kaku Ka willfully says that he’ll still attack if it doesn’t happen within an hour. Shokatsu Ryou reasons that Sou Sou needs Kei Shuu in order to attack Go, so there’s space for them to negotiate. They couldn’t get an alliance with Go, so there’s no choice but to surrender to Sou Sou if they want to survive. He suggests Ryuu Ki to oversee Kei Shuu on behalf of Sou Sou, and for the Maozoku to remain in Kou Ka instead of being used by him. As they’re persuading, Kakou Ton fails to stop Kaku Ka from asking one of the soldiers to fire an arrow in order to provoke the fight. Luckily, Kan U defends it safely and doesn’t retaliate. To Kaku Ka’s surprise, Kakou En says that he’ll raise his sword if he continues – with this he no longer owes any favours.

Ryuu Ki is unconvinced, even when Kan U recounts hat happened in the village. Though he says that this is for their sake, he’s ignoring their feelings. But Ryuu Ki’s can only think of gaining back Kei Shuu. When Kakou Ton approaches, he even uses Kan U as a shield. Kakou Ton is unable to attack with Kan U in front. He tries to persuade Ryuu Ki, even going to the extent of bowing. Sou Sou’s goal is to unite the country for peace. If he surrenders, Kei Shuu will be protected by outside enemies too. He also recalls his promise to the villagers. Ryuu Ki finally agrees, much to Kaku Ka’s displeasure – who raises his sword at Kan U. Before the rest can react, Kakou Ton knocks him unconscious. He is tied up, and Kakou Ton goes to check on Kan U.

He seems to worry if she’s not by his side, even though all along he never had any hesitations holding him back when he’s on the battlefield. It’s odd, especially when at first all he wanted was to fight her, that he wants to fight alongside her now. He’s surprised at his own awakened feelings. Kakou Ton is thankful to her, for changing his views towards Maozoku. She’s taught him that by you can become stronger by approving of the other person. He also understands now that her strength lies in her pure feelings of wanting to protect her loved ones. Kan U admits that she was attracted too, by his strength which is rooted in his simple desire to become stronger. They both confess their love for each other, with Kakou Ton saying that he loves her as both a warrior, and a normal girl. She’s taught him many things, and even more in the future. He tells her to take the responsibility of smiling by his side forever. Both of them agree to protect and support each other, as they kiss. They are able to become stronger when they have each other.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0113

And so the war ended without any casualties. Ryuu Ki surrendered to Sou Sou with the Maozoku. At Kou Ka, the castle is lively with the presence of the Maozoku, and Kakou Ton and Kakou En. Since they’re decided to live under Sou Sou’s rule, Shokatsu Ryou returned to living in seclusion. He only wants to serve Ryuu Bi, and wanted to avoid Sou Sou asking him for his service. Ryuu Ki has been appointed to govern Kei Shuu. Though Sou Sou can’t have the Maozoku fighting for him again, at least they’re not doing so for someone else. He doesn’t think that he needs to worry with Kakou Ton here though. It also appears that not fighting Go may be an option too. Kakou En has fully recovered, and now looks upon his scar as proof that he’s lived through. He leaves Kakou Ton and Kan U alone to train.

But Kan U’s thoughts are elsewhere, and Kakou Ton panics when he almost hurts her. He wouldn’t like her to be injured, even if he was the cause. His straight words embarrass Kan U. When she tries to hide her face Kakou Ton pushes her down and holds down her hands to get a clear view. He’s happy to always see her different expressions. Looking at his eye, Kan U remarks that it’s not compensation but she’ll be his left eye and always protect him. He affirms that they won’t separate, for they’re always connected via it. They’ll live, and share happiness and sadness together.

Bad End: Not wanting to wait any longer, Kaku Ka launches the attack. If one person dies, it’s a tragedy. But to him, if many people die then it’ll become a comedy. Ka Ku also attacks. Kan U is stuck to the tree, till everything’s over and Ka Ku delivers the sad news to her. She swears to take her revenge on those who killed her loved ones. She’s unable to forgive like Kakou Ton. Hearing this, Kaku Ka remarks that they can’t leave her be, and asks to take care of her. In the end, he slices her again and again with much delight. While enduring the pain, Kan U wishes to see the eye bearing that strong gaze once last time. Much later, Kakou Ton is desperately finding Kan U. When he discovers her limp body, he breaks out in tears with no knowledge of who committed this. He cries out at her beautiful eyes which have lost its light, questioning why things have turned out like this when they’re supposed to be connected.

Overall thoughts

I don’t know why my posts are getting longer…no, actually I do in this case. Kakou Ton is my other bias in this game, and like the first game, the moments he had in Kan U were just too cute to miss. And once more, I’m in love with the character and relationship development. It started worse in the sequel – Kan U was the one responsible for his loss. Like wow. But I’m so happy that it was all handled so well: Kakou Ton’s gradual change in attitude (and calling “Kan U”, “Maozoku”), the issue of not judging based on rumours, the keyword, and Kakou En! No words can describe how relieved I am that he’s well and alive, that my OT3 has a happy end.

As you may have noticed, Kakou Ton’s CGs only appear much later in the route, which is understandable given the development. But yes, I’m sorry for the walls of text at the start. Anyway, I am just so satisfied (and excited for tomorrow’s Lantis festival concert) so I don’t have anything much to add. I hope you enjoyed the post because I think the next one will be a rollercoaster – Sou Sou’s.

3 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi 2: Kakou Ton

  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you very much for this!
    This was a totally adorable route, overall! No, i mean, seriously…so cute!!
    so, it was better this time, since i decided to read the bad end first.(note to self: if intending to read bad end, read it first) so…the bad end was utterly sad…painful! Pain—-ful! I could just imagine it in my head…Kan U dying, Kakou Ton finding her, and the grief he felt…Pure angst…
    So, for the whole of the route, and the good end…there were so many incredibly adorably moments, which I expected and am certainly glad for! It was definietely cuter than the previous game!
    There was that cool scene where she fought alongside him against the bandits.. That scene after Kakou Ton talked to village chief, and Kan U came back..!delightful! And that accidental kiss scene…w-what? Why so cute! This is too much! Oh, and when he carried her on his back, and the consequences of his actions! Rofl! Also, when Chou Hi and Chou Un got jealous…that was so funny! So many, many other adorable moments…!
    Also, so glad Kakou En didn’t die! That alone makes the second game’s route better than the first game! They’re your OT3!? Mine too!-high five-
    All in all, Kakou Ton’s route is less serious, which is definitely to my taste, and this is certainly one of my favourite routes too! (Too many favourite routes…! Sweet bliss!)


    • Yume says:

      Indeed, there were many cute moments in this route! Kakou En not dying was definitely a huge bonus for me too. When a sequel was announced, I was praying for his life the whole time lol. Glad to hear that they’re your OT3 too 😀


      • midoriha says:

        So many cute moments! Sweet, wonderful bliss! Yes, i was really glad that Kakou En didn’t die in this route, and all the way to the end…! Awesome OT3, they are!


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