Jyuuzaengi 2: Sou Sou

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0119

Sou Sou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) desires the Maozoku for his own ambitions. But after finding out a certain fact about Kan U, he becomes even more attached to her and is determined to chase her down. Remember to read the Common Route first!

The start of the route is like a mix of Shokatsu Ryou’s and Shuu Yu’s so don’t mind the repetition. After the battle in Shin Ya, Kan U believes that Sou Sou will not leave them alone, since Ryuu Bi has awakened in his adult form. Indeed, instead of letting Ka Ku going alone with his men, he chooses to personally step into Shin Ya too. But before that, his men camp the night and Kan U goes to spy on them. Both Sou Sou and Chou Ryou have equally sharp senses though, and the former goes to find her himself. He expresses his desire for her to return to his side. If words don’t work, he’d just use force. But of course Kan U refuses and makes a timely escape.

When they are about to set the castle on fire, Kan U feels obliged to persuade the remaining villagers. She ends up learning that a human child is lost and goes to find her. But she spots Sou Sou inside the castle already. Wanting to distract his attention from the child’s crying voice, she reveals herself before him. As he tries to take her away by force, Shuu Yu appears and helps her distract Sou Sou’s attention while she goes to save the child. He himself also escapes when the castle is set on fire, and a hooded Son Ken waits for him. Kan U ends up saving both a human child, and a Maozoku child. She persuades the remaining villagers believe in her – even if it’s just her human half – and wishes for them to interact peacefully like the two children. Unfortunately (or not), Sou Sou had been chasing after them and ends up hearing this piece of information. He’s clearly shaken and orders his men to kill everyone except her. They escape in the end, but he’s certain that they’ll end up meeting again – he’s determined to gain Kan U, the only one who has the same blood as him. He’ll make her realise that those with her are not her true comrades.

They safely make it to Han Jou, and Shokatsu Ryou asks Kan U to go to Jou You to seek help from Ryuu Hou. But unknown to them, Sou Sou had already taken down Jou You. While Kan U found the eerily quiet premises suspicious, she only realised the truth too late. There, she learns that Sou Sou is of mixed blood just like her. By right they are existences which shouldn’t have been born, as it’s part of Kinme’s curse. However they were, so he sees themselves as the chosen ones who should rule over this vast land. When questioned about his ears, Sou Sou remarks that they were unnecessary for him to live as a human. He doesn’t care about her wishes, and is determined to keep her by his side. Wanting to prove that it’s useless for her to run away, he gives her one day to do so. But once tomorrow comes, he’ll surely pursue her. Kan U does so, but his words, mad with desire, haunt her mind.

Meanwhile, Shokatsu Ryou and the rest learn that Jou You is now under Sou Sou. They have no time to waste, but Chou Un volunteers to remain behind and wait for Kan U, before joining them. Sou Sou predicts that they have left Han Jou too, and analyses that they would head for Kou Ryou. He states that it’s alright for them to kill everyone, for he has found something else he desires more besides the Maozoku. At the same time, Ryuu Bi sees that they can barely make it to Kou Ryou with the villagers. He suggests for Shokatsu Ryou to go to Kou Ka and seek help, as Ryuu Ki is there. Kan U unites with Chou Un, and they soon catch up to the rest. However, so does Sou Sou’s army. Despite their best efforts, the difference in numbers is just too great. Kakou En is also determined to go after Kan U, till Sou Sou personally stops him.

Sou Sou captures Kan U, and brings her back while she’s unconscious. When she wakes up, she knows nothing of what happened to the rest as he replies that he left the rest to Kakou Ton. Realising that Sou Sou’s sole goal was her, she blames herself. If she had not reunited with the rest, they would not have gotten involved. But Sou Sou doesn’t understand why her heart’s still with them, when there is only two of their kind. He tells her to live for his sake, and he’ll protect her as long as she doesn’t betray him. Bringing her close to him, he remarks on how her warmth, heartbeat, and blood are extremely precious. Kan U though, is thoroughly filled with grief.

At the meeting, Sou Sou has his generals focus on preparing the army to attack Go next, while they conquer the rest of Kei Shuu. Meanwhile, he formally introduces Kan U as his to-be wife. Kan U is shocked at the news, as is the rest of the generals. But she sees how attached Sou Sou is to their mixed blood, and doesn’t think that he can be persuaded otherwise. As expected, Sou Sou tells her that she should understand him the best ‘cos of this. However, if she rejects or betrays him, he’ll punish her. If she tries to escape or betray him, he’ll cut her limbs away. When she’s alone, Chou Ryou advises her not to do anything foolish for it’s impossible for her to escape. If she escapes to the Maozoku, Sou Sou will surely kill all of them too. In return, he agrees to tell her any information concerning the Maozoku’s welfare.

That night, Kan U asks if having the same blood is that important. Sou Sou replies that it is. He will gain everything under the sky, so as to prove that his existence was right. That way, that man will have no choice but to recognise it. It’s revealed that he’s referring to his father, who had locked his mother up for his own twisted desires – and in the end he was born. Likewise, he ended up being locked up too. But now he has gained great power, status – things that neither human nor Maozoku could gain. With this surely, his father can no longer deny his existence. But to Kan U’s surprise, that man is already dead. Sou Sou had killed him as he was in the way, not longer after Tou Taku died. Hearing this, Kan U can only question just who he wants to prove it all to then. If his father is dead, then there is no end point for Sou Sou. She wonders if he realises that he can only fight on endlessly.

Meanwhile, Kakou Ton and Kakou En return from their task of finishing up the Maozoku. They are horrified when they learn that Kan U is to be Sou Sou’s wife, and Kakou En is sure that she must have done something to Sou Sou. On another night, Sou Sou calls Kan U to his room as a beautiful crescent moon hangs in the sky. Once more, he remarks that it’s fate which decided that they’re to be together. He wants her to accept this already, and if she doesn’t he may have to resort to other means – like making her pregnant. Sou Sou pushes her down on the bed, and Kan U does her best to resist. She exclaims that he’s weird, and if her limbs are being held down by him she will just bite at his throat. When this doesn’t faze Sou Sou, as he admires her courage, Kan U remarks that this is the same as his parents. He gets mad when she compares him to his father. His father had driven his mother mad, to the point where she couldn’t even recognise her own child. But he wants to treasure his own kind. Kan U rebuts this, pointing out that he’s never once thought for her sake, and she refuses to be with him. Him forcefully making her his is just like his father. After a short silence, Sou Sou merely states that she will still be his wife no matter what.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0118

The next day, Kakou Ton and Kakou En report to Sou Sou that the Maozoku have perished. They were chased till the Han River and washed away. Surely they could not have survived that. Kakou Ton appears hesitant about Kan U learning of the news. But she does learn of it from Kakou En, who wanted to determine that she seduced Sou Sou. Unable to take this news, she passes out. Chou Ryou checks on her, and Sou Sou postpones the meeting to see her condition. When the former suggests postponing the wedding, Sou Sou answers that there’s no need. He’ll just prepare everything he can to improve her condition. When Kan U regains consciousness, she recalls the news and is unable to forgive herself. But even more so, she can’t forgive Sou Sou. When Sou Sou next visits her, she takes him by surprise as she pushes him down and attempts to strangle him. Her strength is no match for his, but he appears amused. He welcomes her to kill him anytime, he’ll still love her.

No wonder Sou Sou’s keyword is 愛憎 (love and hate).

At the same time, it’s decided that they’ll ask Go to surrender while they prepare their army. He also orders Kakou Ton and Kakou En to attack to Kou Ryou. Kakou Ton asks to train the soldiers with Ka Ku though, to which Sou Sou agrees. Instead, he sends Chou Ryou with Kakou En. Before leaving, Chou Ryou pleads with Kan U not to do anything foolish and hopes to see her well again. But in Kan U’s heart, the only thing she feels is an intense hate for Sou Sou. The wedding proceeds as planned. While she may be trapped in his cage forever, she’s fine as long as she has the chance to kill him. Before she goes to his room at night, she asks an attendee to give her the hairpin she had worn earlier, as well as a red flower from the garden.

When Kan U is in Sou Sou’s room, she waits for her chance. As they’re on the bed and he leans in to kiss her, remarking that it’s his fortune to have found her. Kan U attempts to stab him with the hairpin, but he intervenes in time. She exclaims that it has been nothing but misfortune for her. He has taken everything away from her – her place of belonging, the people she relies on and shares happiness with. Sou Sou replies that he’ll treasure her unlike his father though. Kan U only says that she won’t let him take her (body), and swallows the red flower. To Sou Sou’s horror, she starts to groan in pain and he quickly calls for help. He learns that the red flower is the higanbana, and is deadly poisonous. Hearing this, he wonders if she plans to reject him to the point of killing herself. When she wakes up, he questions why she won’t accept him. He’s just like his parents in this case. He can’t believe that he’s just like his father, whom he detested so much. Sou Sou says that he won’t touch or approach her anymore if she hates it, but pleads for her to stay. As long as she remains here, he’s fine.

At the same time, Ryuu Ki agrees to help them. It is revealed that the Maozoku survived with Shuu Yu’s help, who had prepared boats and nets for them. Ryuu Ki wants to learn of his father’s whereabouts, just as they want to save Kan U. A spy reports that Kan U has married to Sou Sou, much to everyone’s surprise. Shokatsu Ryou tells Ryuu Bi to prepare to attack, while he and Shuu Yu go to negotiate an alliance with Go. He had long figured out Shuu Yu’s true identity. At Go, Son Ken tells Shokatsu Ryou that Sou Sou had asked them to surrender and many of the generals are in favour of this. Shokatsu Ryou can only do his best to persuade them.

Ever since that night, Sou Sou has kept his promise and never once showed up before Kan U. But to her, she can’t exact her revenge if this goes on. Yet she also can’t escape. Unsure of how to continue on like this, she decides to clear her head by training. Kakou Ton agrees to be her partner, till Ka Ku reminds him that it’s time to train the troops at the Han River. He appears reluctant, and Ka Ku correctly guesses that it must be ‘cos he can’t swim. In the end, Kan U ends up training with two of Sou Sou’s soldiers. Sou Sou sees this from afar, and seems to notice something about the pair of soldiers. He has Ka Ku constantly report to him about Kan U, saying that there’s no need for him to see her in person.

At night, the soldiers guarding Kan U’s room plant incense in her room to make her fall asleep. Once they confirm that she’s in deep sleep, they kidnap her. Sou Sou is alarmed when he hears the news, and personally leads the search. When Kan U wakes up, she realises that the soldiers were actually Ryuu Hou’s. They want to bargain with her life and learn of Ryuu Hou’s whereabouts. One of the soldiers appear hesitant about killing her, and the rest reprimand him. After all, Ryuu Hou had given them a place to live and yet she married the enemy. He’s sure that she must’ve betrayed the Maozoku in order to save herself. The Maozoku are foolish enough to still want to save her though. Discovering that they have escaped to Ryuu Ki’s side, Kan U is desperate to learn more. But it’s not longer before Sou Sou’s men can be heard from afar.

The soldiers roughly drag Kan U along, whose hands and legs are both tied up. Sou Sou catch up to them, and attacks all but one as Kan U begs for his life, stating that he didn’t want to kill her. When she thanks him, he remarks that it’s all his fault. A worried Sou Sou checks her injuries, but he doesn’t touch her scratched face, only her hair. One of the injured soldiers is still alive though, and attacks her. Sou Sou ends up getting hurt while protecting Kan U, before finishing the soldier off. He insists that he’s fine as long as she’s safe. When they return, Sou Sou immediately goes to interrogate the remaining soldier instead of having his injuries treated first.

When he’s done, he goes to find Kan U and apologises to her. He admits that he was naive, and didn’t consider the consequences of her becoming his wife. She has become his weak point for others to attack. The other day, he had seen the two soldiers and recognised that they were Kei Shuu soldiers. Yet he didn’t think of removing them from the duty of guarding her room. He blames himself for what happened, and refuses to expose her to danger again. While it’s safer in the daytime, he can’t rest easy when it’s nighttime. Sou Sou requests for her to sleep in the same room as him, saying that he’ll still keep the promise. She doesn’t have to see or talk to him, she can even still attempt to kill him. He just wants her by his side.

Seeing his desperation, Kan U agrees. She also notices that his injuries have not been attended to yet, and insists on treating it. While she does so, she wonders why he’s so obsessed with being of the same kind. The next morning, Kan U is greeted by Ka Ku and Kakou Ton who had stayed up the whole night guarding. She also learns from Ka Ku that Ryuu Hou is no longer here.

With this turn of events, the distance between Kan U and Sou Sou starts to shrink. On the first night, Sou Sou apologises that he has to work while she sleeps, promising to be as quiet as possible. Observing how he endlessly works, Kan U wonders if it’s all for his ambition – and to show it to his father who’s no longer around. One night, Sou Sou is feeling dizzy. Kan U insists on him resting, saying that they can share the bed. While they are resting, he questions if she will love him if they are the only ones in this world. From the moment he was born, he was never loved by anyone – even by his parents who should’ve. That’s why he doesn’t know how to love, or to be loved. He also thought that if it was the same kind, the person would understand and love him unconditionally.

Before, he had said that they were chosen existences. But in reality, he had always thought that he shouldn’t have been born – that’s why he was never loved. And no matter what he did, he constantly felt empty and lonely. But then she appeared, and he felt saved by her very existence. So he’d thought that she would understand and love him. That’s why he can’t afford to lose her. Kan U thinks to herself how lonely he must’ve been, and to reason that the root cause is due to his mixed blood. Hence he came to believe that it’s also the only way to save himself. But it’s people who save other people, not your blood. Meanwhile, Kakou En and Chou Ryou have successfully taken over Kou Ryou. While Go still has yet to give a reply.

On another day, Kan U learns that Sou Sou is always working as he has to oversee everything in Yu Shuu, Jo Shuu etc. Kan U thinks to herself that he has more than enough, and wonders why he has to burden himself so much for the sake of his ambition. On the other hand, Sou Sou wonders why she didn’t kill him when he was feeling unwell – it was the perfect chance. Kan U is unable to say the truth, fearing that he will target the Maozoku. He takes her silence as a sign that she is no longer attached to them, reassuring her that she still has him. But he starts to act oddly, remarking once more that they’re chosen ones and have to prove that their existence is right. It’s his fate to gain everything. Kan U asks what he’ll do when that’s done, adding that his father is no longer here. She can’t bear to see him acting like this any longer. Unfortunately, her words don’t reach Sou Sou as he points out that his father has come again no matter how many times he’s killed. He proudly presents Kan U as his wife, stating that he’s different.

After witnessing this, Kan U comes to the conclusion that Sou Sou is bound by his father’s curse – to gain everything, and essentially fighting till his death. She wonders why he’s so anxious, as before he said there was no need to attack Go if they surrendered. But now even without their answer, he has ordered his men to prepare for battle. Worried, Kan U decides to try cooking something for Sou Sou to create a chance for them to talk. At first Sou Sou says he’s too busy, till Ka Ku deliberately remarks that Kan U will eat with him and Kakou Ton then. As they converse, Kan U explains her background. Even if they are both of mixed blood, their circumstances were completely different. And to be honest, besides the fact that they’re of mixed blood they don’t know much about each other. Kan U hopes that they can learn more about each other. She wants to know what he’s trapped by, and hopes to ease that. But she wonders why she can’t leave him alone, why she wants him to know her as her.

Everyone is shocked when Kan U manages to persuade Sou Sou to take the day off work, and even to get him to eat breakfast on the day itself. Amusingly enough, when he’s not able to do any work, Kan U finds him staring into space. It’s as if he doesn’t know what else to do. When they are able to take a short travel outside, Kan U notices Sou Sou’s sad expression. She realises that he’s worried about her escaping, and reassures him. Outside, Sou Sou is still having a hard time sitting still so Kan U suggests exchanging blows. She ends up losing to him, and keeps requesting a rematch till he’s pretty tired. They take a break, and Kan U ends up sleeping for a while. Unable to hold himself back, Sou Sou kisses her lightly on the cheek.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0121

Kan U wakes up, and he apologises. He knows that he shouldn’t but he couldn’t resist, not when he feels this much for her. Kan U brings his hand to her cheek, saying that she doesn’t hate it. Back then, he was forceful and never considered her feelings. But he’s different now. She’s willing to forgive him, and agrees to letting him touch her. Relieved, Sou Sou remarks that they were only husband and wife in name, but now they’re finally starting to understand each other. He asks if they can be a proper husband and wife now. Kan U is honest and answers that she doesn’t know, for they’ve barely started to understand each other. But perhaps they will in the future. He’s grateful to hear this, and thanks her.

Elsewhere, Shokatsu Ryou has finally settled the alliance with Go. He and Shuu Yu quickly make their next move. Meanwhile, Sou Sou tells Kan U that he’s planning to bring her with him to Kou Ryou 3 days later, as they prepare to attack Go. That night, he hugs her tightly as he admits that she’s become extremely important to him. In an attempt to soothe him, Kan U pats his head. She feels the scars on his head, from when he had removed his own ears. He had done it on the day he swore revenge against his father, and now he has come this far. Noticing a dark glimmer in his eyes, Kan U calls out to him till he snaps out of it.

The next night, Kan U spots a bird flying. Other birds would’ve returned to their nests. It’s as if that bird has forgotten how to rest, how to land on the ground. She relates it to Sou Sou. In response, he replies that if it stops it will just fall to the ground. If it doesn’t fly it will die. Saddened by his words, Kan U asks if he’ll fight till the day he dies. Sou Sou replies that it’s his way of life. But he admits that now he doesn’t know what he really wants. He then compares her to the flower blooming on the ground, one which the bird has always admired. But the bird doesn’t know how to approach it. Kan U thinks otherwise, persuading him to stop already. He has gained more than enough, and they can live on without being tied down to anything.

Hearing her words, Sou Sou admits that if it were in the past he would’ve thought that she’s concerned for him as they’re the same kind. But now he knows it’s different. At first, she had rejected him even though they were the same kind. But after spending time together, they’ve grown closer. It’s nothing to do with the blood flowing in them, but their hearts. Kan U agrees, saying that they’ve formed a stronger bond now, as husband and wife. They’ve may have come a long way to realise this, but it was probably necessary.

Sou Sou decides to wait a while longer, to Kan U’s delight. He still has much to do in Jou You, plus he wants to hold their marriage ceremony properly this time. But this peace is short-lived, when it’s reported that Go and the Maozoku have allied with each other. Sou Sou is determined to crush them, just as he has done so countless times. His path is stained with blood, and it’ll continue to be like that till it’s a sea of blood. He was freed from his father when he killed him. He’ll do the same for Kan U now, who’s bound to the Maozoku. She rebuts him, pointing out that he is not freed. His goal is to be recognised by his father who’s no longer here – his path is a never-ending one, even though he really wants to stop.

It’s because she’s his wife, that she want to stop him. Kan U thought that she could by staying at his side, but it appears that the curse haunting him is too strong. In that case, she’ll stop him with her own method. She’ll shoot the bird down. She’ll confront him head-on with her weapon in hand. He laughs at her words, remarking that if their opinions differ he has to kill her then. For she’s his weak point. After they kiss, he lets her go with a pained expression. The next time they meet, they’ll be enemies. And he informs this to the generals. Kan U knows that he wants to be stopped, that’s why he let her go instead of locking her away. She swears to do just that.

As Kan U travels back to the Maozoku’s side, the two armies prepare for battle on the waters. When Sou Sou’s army barely settled down, Go attacks them successfully. But this is just a small victory, and they’ll need something more decisive. Sou Sou knows that the situation will be stagnant too, and has his men train further to adjust to the waters. After some time, Kan U finally reaches her destination. She informs the rest of her situation, though they have a hard time believing. In any case, Shokatsu Ryou decides to make use of it. He explains their plan to set the enemy boats on fire in a few days when the weather is appropriate. But they need someone to approach the enemy, and he wants Kan U to do it. While the boats are on fire, the Maozoku hiding on the boat will attack, with Go following behind.

He wants Kan U to pretend to surrender, she says that Sou Sou will see through it. Instead, she will face him head-on, making use of the fact that she’s his wife. She doesn’t think that most soldiers know that she has left Sou Sou, so she’ll dress up on the day itself to hide her intentions. At the same time, Sou Sou continues to wait for Kan U’s arrival. Kakou Ton reports that as many soldiers aren’t used to these lands, many are falling ill. He persuades Sou Sou to attack, and the latter agrees to do so in 3 days. Before Kan U leaves, Shokatsu Ryou reminds her that their final goal is to kill Sou Sou. She nods at this, as if having prepared herself. Seeing her expression, Shokatsu Ryou wonders if she has other plans.

Kan U carries the plan out perfectly, even though Kakou En spots her at first. Sou Sou refuses to back down, and they end up exchanging blows. He insists on the rest not interfering. Eventually, Kan U manages to gain the upper hand and attacks him. She remarks that just as she will be the cause of his death – it’s the same vice versa. Sou Sou realises that she had planned to die with him from the start. But from the start, he could never have killed her. He tells her to live on, and will only take her love with him. He prays to meet her again in his next life, before falling into the waters. A grief-stricken Kan U calls out to him, while Kakou Ton and the rest quickly go to rescue Sou Sou. Chou Hi and Chou Un bring Kan U back with them before the flames engulf everything.

Back on shore, Shokatsu Ryou sees that Kan U had planned to die together with Sou Sou. Despite their victory, it’s not over yet as Go has sent men out to chase after the remains of Sou Sou’s army, and to confirm Sou Sou’s whereabouts. Go already has men guarding the path towards Kyo To, so Shokatsu Ryou predicts that if he escapes he will head towards Kei Shuu. He tells Chou Un, Chou Hi and Kan U to head there.

Good End: Sou Sou is saved by Kakou Ton and Kakou En. But it appears as though he has lost the will to live, saying that he no longer has any value. Kakou Ton denies this, stating that Sou Sou doesn’t appear to be able to make sound decisions now. In that case he’ll take the liberty of saving Sou Sou, and is willing to accept any punishment when they return. As the cousins blame Kan U for this, Sou Sou tells them not to as it’s all his fault. They also reunite with Chou Ryou as they’re escaping. Along the way, they encounter Chou Un and Chou Hi. Chou Ryou and Kakou En end up staying behind while Kakou Ton and Sou Sou escape.

Kakou Ton ends up revealing that he was once a child who could only watch his land get destroyed in the flames of war. He was powerless. But then he met Sou Sou, and he believed that Sou Sou could end the times of war and bring peace to all. Even though Sou Sou says that he isn’t a chosen person, Kakou Ton thinks otherwise. Kakou En and the rest feel the same way too, that’s why they’ve chosen to follow him. They end up being ambushed by Go soldiers, and Kakou Ton asks Sou Sou to escape, promising to catch up. But he is outnumbered. Thankfully, Kan U chances upon him. To her surprise, Kakou Ton asks her to protect Sou Sou. Though he really doesn’t want to, Sou Sou has given up on living and he wants her to bring him back.

Meanwhile, Chou Ryou has already sensed that Chou Un has no killing intentions. The latter admits that while he can’t forgive Sou Sou, he doesn’t want to see Kan U cry. That’s also why he stationed himself at the crossroads, so that he’ll tell any Go soldiers to go in the other direction. Chou Ryou goes to find Kakou En, as it’s also revealed that Chou Hi has no killing intentions. But they couldn’t just let them go as they wouldn’t be able to answer to Go. Kan U catches up to Sou Sou, who puts up no resistance as Go soldiers attack him. It’s only when she gets hurt in protecting him, that he raises his sword.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0122

They end up escaping to a cave, where Sou Sou stops the bleeding of her injury. He insists that his injuries are minor. Kan U says that she won’t forgive him if he leaves her behind again, and is thankful that he’s alive. Sou Sou admits that he doesn’t know how to live if he stops fighting, that’s why she chose for them to die together. She agrees, but says that she was foolish to think that. In fact, he can protect the people in his country instead. To bring peace to them. Kan U makes Sou Sou realise that he has many other possibilities. He remarks that she has changed him, shining the light on his blind spots. Not only has she stopped him, but she has also taught him a new way of life. Kan U says that she can’t bear to kill him either, and tells him to live on for everyone’s sake. Sou Sou promises so, as long as she’s with him he will no longer be trapped in any darkness. As they kiss, they end up sleeping together. (I swear it was so obvious with Sou Sou kissing every other part of Kan U’s body.)

When dawn breaks, Kan U goes to call for Kakou Ton and the rest. Though she tells Sou Sou that she’ll be back, in fact she plans otherwise. As Kakou En and Chou Ryou go to find Sou Sou, she tells Kakou Ton that she was the one who betrayed them and caused thousands to lose their lives. She can’t possibly remain his wife, when everyone would hate her. When Sou Sou realises that she’s gone, he comments on how cruel she is to give him a new lease of life – but to leave his side. Yet he can only keep his promise to her, to keep on living and to become a fine ruler. After that, Sou Sou no longer attacked any countries and made his own prosperous. The Maozoku settled down in Jou You, running Kei Shuu together with Ryuu Ki. But none of them ever saw Kan U again.

In a faraway village, Kan U disguises herself as a human girl, Kan Rei. She’s been helping the villagers with farming for the past 3 years. A boy invites her to a nearby village’s festival, where merchants from northern China would be coming. She hears them praise the ruler. At the festival, a girl is jealous of her coming with the boy. She even removes the cloth from Kan U’s head, revealing her ears. As they start to chase her away, Sou Sou shows up to welcome his wife back. Though he wasn’t fully convinced, he understood that everything she did was for his sake.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0124

And it took him 3 years to explain to his people that it was his fault for the great loss they suffered, and that Kan U did everything to stop him. It was a war he shouldn’t have started. It wasn’t easy, but he stopped fighting and focused on making his country prosperous and peaceful. He has shown that he’s learnt from his mistakes. So now, there’s no reason for her to not be with him – not when they love each other this much. Kan U agrees to return to his side. They’ve overcome many difficulties with their strong feelings for each other, and shall always remain by each other’s side.

Bad End: Kan U encounters Kakou Ton and the rest escaping with Sou Sou. She pleads to remain by his side, to which Kakou Ton agrees. She’s grateful that he’s alive, but Kakou Ton mutters that they took too much time. A few months later, they continue living in Kyo To. Kan U caused the loss of many in that way, and she is extremely hated by the people. But she doesn’t mind as long as she’s with Sou Sou. Moreover, he is no longer involved in a never-ending battle. As he was rescued too late, Sou Sou’s alive but his body is no longer the same as before. (I assume that he’s paralysed.) In his room, Kan U talks to him as she recalls the day they travelled out together. With Kakou Ton’s help, maybe they can do it again next time.

With Sou Sou no longer fighting, she wonders if he’s been freed. They have much time together now, and it’s extremely precious to her – even if they can no longer converse with each other. Kan U kisses him as he sits motionless in the chair, expressing her love for him.

Overall thoughts

I can’t believe that I finished writing his post in one go lol. Anyway, I think I can safely say that I enjoyed this more than his route in the first game. It felt as though the couple came to overcome their difficulties better here, and came to really understand each other equally. I liked the keyword for his route. Basically Kan U was just amazing here. I loved that they featured the depth of Kakou Ton (and Kakou En)’s loyalty to Sou Sou, as well as Sou Sou’s other sides (ahem staring into space). I don’t really have any complaints. Except for the fact that if you know Chou Ryou’s back story, you wonder how he survives in every route?

And that bad end? Wow did they just do a role reversal or something. If you’ve played the first game, you would know what I mean. In any case, I enjoyed this route more than I’d expected. Maybe ‘cos it feels like Sou Sou really redeemed himself in the later half of the route? Anyway, I just have one last route left to go (Chou Un)!

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  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks a lot!
    ah, i finally got around to reading this! Anyway, this route gives me way too many feels!-sobs- I mean, i already know Sou Sou’s history from the previous game, but, it doesn’t make it any less sad. And i can totally see how him discovering Kan U’s mixed heritage makes him become so attached to her…
    As you’ve said regarding the bad ending, it certainly does seem like a role reversal!bad end is sa—d!
    And I totally agree with you, when you say “It felt as though the couple came to overcome their difficulties better here, and came to really understand each other equally.” I felt so touched, and was really happy that they were together. And those moments that they spent together, getting closer…-sobs happily- I was really happy for them! Super adorable moments! I really liked the happy ending, too, witn Kan U disappearing from the Maozoku and living in a village. However, i would have liked seeing Kan U and Sou Sou have a family—!
    I can’t help it…I ship this couple so—– much!


    • Yume says:

      Glad that you enjoyed this route too! It would be rather interesting to see them have a family I mean…the very idea of Sou Sou being a father is very intriguing given his past. (Fandisk material?)


  2. lenaleemelodee says:

    I finished playing Shuuyuu, Shoukatsuryou, Chouun, and Sou Sou. I basically loved all of these routes to my surprise, but I enjoyed Sou Sou’s route the most, I think. If I were to name these routes, I’d say Shuuyuu – painful love, Shoukatsuryou – nantonaku love, Chouun – caring love, Sou Sou – deep understanding love. Something like that. I felt that Kan U and Sou Sou were fundamentally similar in his route and even though Sou Sou was bonkers and talked to the wall, the basics of their characters were similar. So when they ended up together, it felt natural. Actually to the point I didn’t feel like playing any other characters after that.


    • Yume says:

      I am near the end of Chou Un’s route so I understand what you mean by “caring love”! I preferred how Sou Sou was handled in the sequel as compared to the first game. Yup he went bonkers lol, as expected. But I guess this time there weren’t misunderstandings which were dragged on (actually applies to Chou Un too), and they confronted each other earlier on. My favourite is still Kakou Ton’s route though (I am so biased to the OT3) so I hope you get to enjoy it soon!


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