Jyuuzaengi 2: Chou Un & Concluding Thoughts

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0127

Chou Un (CV: Suzumura Kenichi), despite being human, remains with the Maozoku and has a strong desire to protect them. He also seems to be a natural at charming other people with his honest words, without intending to do so. Remember to read the Common Route first!

After their success in the battle in Shin Ya, Chou Un wants to Kan U alone. But the soldiers invite him to celebrate and drink with them. When she comes to find him later, he tells her that he was happy that she was worried for him, when he was given the task of luring the generals out and hence volunteered too. When Kan U wonders why he’s going to such an extent to thank her, he admits that it was an excuse to be able to talk to her. He wants to talk more with her, and draws the distance between them. While she is taken aback, Chou Un caresses her face as he nears her – only to fall asleep in her arms. Kan U realises that he must’ve been drunk and expresses her irritation at him the next day as she refuses to tell him what happened. He can’t recall anything, but concludes that he must’ve done something to offend her and decides to lay off the alcohol for a while. Kan U feels stupid for being the only one who was affected.

When they have to evacuate their own people and villagers from Shin Ya, Chou Un and Kan U prepare the boats. The viceroy’s attendee immediately plans to flee with the viceroy when he hears the news of Sou Sou attacking, allowing them to use the boats freely. The couple also lead the evacuation of first batch that includes Ryuu Bi. They arrive at Han Jou, where they wait for the rest to arrive while Chou Un and Kan U go to find Ryuu Hou in hopes of reinforcements. When they are a distance away from Jou You castle, Chou Un senses something off and they quickly realise that it has fallen into Sou Sou’s hands. They head back to Han Jou where the rest have arrived too. Shokatsu Ryou proposes for them to flee to Kou Ryou, stressing that they can’t bring the villagers along with them. He and Chou Un talk to them, saying that it may be more dangerous to follow them since Sou Sou is after the Maozoku. In the end, only a portion of the villagers decide to still follow them while the rest remain behind.

At Sou Sou’s end, he orders Ka Ku and Chou Ryou to pursue the Maozoku, adding that he wants Kan U alive. He also wants to conquer the rest of Kei Shuu and to prepare for their invasion of Go by first stabilising the marine army with Kei Shuu’s. Meanwhile, Shokatsu Ryou, Ryuu Bi and Shuu Yu part ways from the group to seek reinforcements from Ryuu Ki. As the rest continue their journey, the Shin Ya villagers are worn out and start to express their complaints. Even though the Maozoku do their best to soothe them, they misunderstand that they let Ryuu Bi flee to a safer place. Chou Un steps in to quell the complaints, but they remain concerned over a mother’s complaint that the children are hungry. Kan U suggests feeding them Ryuu Bi and Shokatsu Ryou’s share of food.

When Kan U is serving it to the children later, they are suddenly attacked by Sou Sou’s army. While the rest are fighting, Kan U does her best to protect the tent the children are in even when she is heavily outnumbered. Things get ugly when Ka Ku tells Chou Ryou to protect Kan U and to not let her go at all costs. While she was fighting, he ordered his men to pour oil on the tent. As Chou Ryou grabs hold of her, the tent is set on fire. The smoke is spotted at the other side, and Chou Un rushes to the site. Chou Ryou covers Kan U’s face in his chest. The children barely escape, and Kan U struggles to go to their side. But Chou Ryou holds her in place, and is unable to cover her ears as the cries of children are heard when Ka Ku orders the soldiers to kill them. When everything’s finished, Kan U is greeted by the horrible sight. Unable to accept that it occurred before her presence, she can only cry out. As she passes out, Chou Un arrives and manages to save her from the enemy.

Shokatsu Ryou and the rest arrive with the reinforcements. Shuu Yu leads the counterattack, while Shokatsu Ryou stays behind with Ryuu Bi and Son Ken. As everyone manages to escape safely, Shuu Yu predicts that Sou Sou would’ve sent another army to take down Kou Ryou. While Kan Tei and co. are genuinely impressed at Shuu Yu’s serious attitude lol, Shokatu Ryou suggests for them to sail to Kou Ka then. As the rest head there first, Chou Hi stays behind to wait for Chou Un and Kan U. As Chou Un carries Kan U back, she wakes up and keeps asking him to return to the children as she has to save them. Realising her condition, Chou Un apologises for not reaching her in time. He had thought that he saved her from getting hurt, but in truth her heart had already been this deeply scarred. He reassures her that she did all that she could, and tells her to not think and to rest for now.

As Ka Ku and Chou Ryou are left behind, the latter remarks that the former was really ruthless in breaking Kan U’s will. Ka Ku says that he merely does whatever it takes to achieve his goal, and Chou Ryou is surprised to hear that he feels nothing seeing people get hurt or sad. In defense, Ka Ku says that he feels nothing and at least doesn’t feel happy in other’s pain – like Ryo Fu or Kaku Ka. When Kan U wakes up, a worried Ryuu Bi attends to her as he explains that they escaped Sou Sou’s forces and are on their way to Ryuu Ki’s. The memories of the children’s death haunt her, and Kan U dashes outside as she vomits. Even after they reach Kou Ka, she doesn’t eat properly and holes up in her room.

Chou Un tries to lift her mood by bringing her out for a ride, in hopes that she smiles again. But Kan U questions why she was saved when the children weren’t. Saddened by her words, Chou Un says that he’s grateful that she’s alive. What happened to the children was unfortunate, but the one who should be blamed is Sou Sou’s men and not her. Just then, upset parents find their way to them, blaming Kan U for the death of their children. As Kan U repeatedly apologises, Chou Un remarks that she did her best to fight too. But the villagers still find fault with her, saying that she had called the children together. Chou Un tries to calm Kan U down, but she breaks down and faints. When she regains consciousness, she clutches to Chou Un and attempts to call his name – but her voice is gone.

When a meeting is held, Shokatsu Ryou decides to negotiate an alliance with Go. He wants to bring Shuu Yu and Son Ken with him. He doesn’t think that Sou Sou would attack them in the meantime, as he’s busy forming his marine army. Later, Chou Un reports on Kan U’s condition and hopes to take her away from the frontlines to recover. Though it’s hard on them to have lesser men, Shokatsu Ryou agrees, having experienced a scar on the heart before. Chou Un makes preparations, promising to keep in contact with the rest. When they part ways, Chou Sosou passes Kan U her weapon just in case. But she’s unable to grip it and it falls to the ground. As Chou Un leaves with her, he describes how peaceful the world appears right now. But to Kan U, she is numb to all of it.

As expected, Sou Sou decides not to chase the Maozoku for now. However, Kakou Ton points out that Kaku Ka is taking too long and so Sou Sou orders Kakou En to head there and hurry things. He also orders Kakou Ton and Chou Ryou to take down Kou Ryou, while he and Ka Ku focuses on training the men. When night falls, Chou Un prepares their camp and dinner. He pleads for Kan U to eat, but she’s reminded of the time she invited the children to eat. She desperately forces herself not to recall, as she freezes on the spot. When she doesn’t respond, Chou Un continues to tirelessly talk to her. Later, she has a nightmare of the children, covered in blood and wounds, blaming her for their deaths. Chou Un holds her tightly, as he calms her down. He lets her grip his hand, as she quietly cries. Chou Un then lets her listen to his heartbeat, lulling her into sleeping once more. He can only wonder how deeply hurt she was, and vows to protect her from getting hurt again.

The next day, Chou Un suggests going to Yu Shuu which is both their home village. Though her village is no longer there, he’s sure that the familiar scenery would comfort her. He has also never returned there since he left with them. When they finally reach the entrance, Kan U is hesitant. He calls her out from what’s haunting her, before hiding her ears with a cloth as they enter. There, he saves a man from bandits. In return, the man lets them rest at his place to express his gratitude. All this time, Chou Un kindly talks to her even though she can’t respond.

That night too, he recounts how everyone depended on her strength despite the fact that she was a mere girl. But in fact, she’s just as fragile inside due to her kind nature. He had misread her, thinking that she was always strong and steadfast. Right now, she can’t fight like she used to. But he can’t help but think that he’s alright with that. All he asks is for her not to depreciate herself. She can’t forgive herself right now, but he wants her to treasure herself. Kan U is unable to look at him in the eye, for she can’t do it. All she wants to do is to disappear. Once more, Kan U falls asleep while listening to his heartbeat and feeling his warmth.

The following day, the bandits attack again and kidnap Kan U while Chou Un is out getting supplies. Kan U doesn’t resist when the bandits want to sell her off, thinking that she should be punished. Thankfully, Chou Un arrives in time. He questions why she showed no resistance. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t see, hear, or speak to him. But he can’t stand her giving up on herself, as if she’s to be punished. He begs her to stop, for he thinks of her as most important. It’s the first time Kan U has seen Chou Un this emotional, and she feels sorry for being unable to answer him. She manages to barely speak his name, and Chou Un is touched that she’s healing. He promises to keep calling out to her, and reminds her not to give up.

Elsewhere, Kaku Ka is seen toruting an Ugan man. Kakou En arrives and reluctantly follows Kaku Ka’s strategy to attack a village – for Kakou En’s men to stay at the entrance while his men attacks from the south. Kakou En questions if he intends to kill everyone, even helpless children. Kaku Ka agrees, saying that it’s natural for the weak to die. Meanwhile, Chou Un learns about Kan U’s parents. She thinks to herself that her father probably abandoned her mother, and that it’s impossible for humans and Maozoku to be together. Chou Un recognises the difficulties, but says that her being born is proof of their love. He also recalls how Kouson San once deeply loved a Maozoku woman, but couldn’t be by her side.

And besides Kouson San, he says that there’s himself too. He doesn’t care whether she’s mixed or not, and confesses that he likes her for who she is and wants to protect her. Unable to answer him immediately, Kan U takes his hand. He says that it’s alright not to reply him now, and just wants her to remember his feelings. He can hear her answer when she’s fully recovered. Just then, he smells fire and realises that a nearby village is under attack. He tells her to wait, while he investigates. It turns out to be Sou Sou’s army attacking the Ugan people.

But Kan U is unable to hold back when she hears that children are in danger. She rushes to find them, where they are about to be attacked by the soldiers. Before she realises it, she attacks the soldiers, determined not to experience the same tragedy as she surprises herself with her loud outcry. The children thank her, but she thanks them instead of saving her. The news of the defeat reaches Kaku Ka, who decides to kill all the soldiers involved much to Kakou En’s surprise. Weakness is a sin, and that applies to his own men too.

Once more, Kan U falls asleep in Chou Un’s arms that night. He’s relieved to see her sleep peacefully in a long time, though the fact that he was staring at her face the whole time embarrasses her. When he apologises, she replies that it’s alright which makes him think that it’s alright for him to continue. Though what happened in Chou Han still remains as reality, Kan U feels that perhaps she’s able to slowly move forward. Chou Un is happy to see that light has returned to her eyes. This peace is soon interrupted, as a man who claims to be the leader of the Ugan people, Tou Ton, accuses them of invading the village while he was away. When Chou Un tries to clear up the misunderstanding, he takes Kan U as hostage. The former gives up resistance and Tou Ton brings them back to the village. There, Chou Un sees that the village is extremely run-down. It wasn’t like this back then, and he wonders what happened.

When Tou Ton comes to interrogate them, Chou Un explains that Sou Sou’s goal is to crush Ugan but they interfered yesterday. In that case, Sou Sou’s men will attack again. In that case, they’d need to retreat to the west to counterattack instead of the south where the enemy is. Tou Ton questions why he’s so familiar with the territory, only to be shocked that he’s Chou Un, Kouson San’s right-hand man. At the same time, Kan U feels obliged to help them, not wanting to leave the children be. Chou Un is happy to hear her being selfish, and agrees. As they formulate a strategy, Kan U is unable to sit still despite the fact that she’d just recovered.

They successfully trick Sou Sou’s men by setting fire around them. But another batch attacks from the south and Kan U bring herself to confront them, who are led by Kakou En. Chou Un assists her soon after, troubled to see her fighting again so quickly. But he’s thankful that she helped to stop the enemy’s advances. Kakou En is shocked to see both of them here, and retreats when he’s updated on the situation. Tou Ton and the rest thank Chou Un, who replies that he merely borrowed someone else’s knowledge. Moreover they did most of the work and sacrificed their village. Tou Ton states that they can’t continue to live peacefully here anyway. He also finds out that it was Kan U who had saved the children the other day, and apologises for his misunderstanding. They plan to retreat to Hakurousan.

They also clarify that when Kouson San died and En Shou took over Yu Shuu, they wanted to make use of Ugan’s capabilities and hence approached them. So when Sou Sou conquered Yu Shuu, they saw Ugan as helping the En family. To be honest, they merely helped those who were in danger when Sou Sou’s army attacked and didn’t bother whether they were part of the En family or not. Kan U is unable to abandon the children like this, and Tou Ton takes this chance to ask the children to appeal to her. As such, Chou Un gives in when Kan U appeals to him too. At the same time, the news of Kan U and Chou Un’s appearance makes its way to Kaku Ka. The couple’s letter also reaches the rest of the Maozoku, who are updated of their situation. Chou Hi ends up writing a reply, with Chou Sosou and Kan Tei teasing him at the side.

Shokatsu Ryou returns with Shuu Yu. Go has not agreed to their alliance yet, but Shokatsu Ryou thinks that the couple being in Yu Shuu would be a great opportunity for them to turn things around. So perhaps they can propose a different form of alliance to Go, as it doesn’t always mean that they have to fight side by side in the same place against the same enemy. He then asks Shuu Yu a favour. The couple continues to fight with Ugan, as they have same exchanges with Sou Sou’s forces. Meanwhile, Sou Sou continues to strengthen his forces in the south.

On one of the days, Chou Un and Kan U converse as he recalls how the children brought back the smile to her face, adding that he couldn’t do it. She denies this, saying that it was also ‘cos he was by her side all this time. Though she is still a bit scared to return to the frontlines, unfortunately fighting is the most effective way to protect the children in these times. She won’t say that it’s in place of those who died in Chou Han, but she wants to do what she couldn’t then and protect these children. Chou Un understands her sentiments, and says that he won’t be selfish and ask her not to fight anymore. He will just do his best to protect her. Just then, a girl approaches Kan U and asks if the two are husband and wife since they always sleep together at night. This makes her flustered, as she never thought deeply about it and realises that it is odd.

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That night, Kan U tells Chou Un that she’ll sleep separately as she’s already recovered. However, she’s unable to fall asleep and ends up returning to his room. Chou Un points out how she doesn’t rely on people much, so he’s happy to spoil her. On the flipside, he describes himself as selfish and always doing what he wants. He pushes her down on the bed, asking if she remembered his confession. If she’s to listen to his selfish request, he asks for her reply. He pleads with her to not reject him, before gently kissing her. He admits that he was sad when she asked to sleep separately, adding that he’s the one being spoiled by her. Kan U answers that he isn’t pushing his feelings on her, as she confesses that she likes him too. Delighted, Chou Un asks to kiss her again. He finds himself unable to suppress his feelings, and thinks it may be better for them to sleep separately. But Kan U is reluctant, and so Chou Un decides to take tonight as his toughest training thus far pfft. He then says that he wants to visit Kouson San’s grave with her once this battle is over.

Kakou Ton reports to Sou Sou that they’ve successfully taken down Kou Ryou. But Sou Sou is unable to focus on his invasion of Go as Yu Shuu still hasn’t been fully conquered. Ka Ku suggests asking Go to surrender, so as to avoid fighting them. Sou Sou takes his suggestion. In Yu Shuu, Ugan continues to be a threat and grows in size as other anti-Sou Sou forces join them. While Kakou En is worried, Kaku Ka reasons that they are able to wipe out all the enemies at one go. He decides to send an army mostly made up of Chou Un’s former subordinates, predicting that Chou Un would hesitate in retaliating. He calls to one of them, Ba To, asking him to capture Chou Un or Kan U alive – if not his family would be buried alive.

When that army sets up a camp nearby, Chou Un leads the men to launch a surprise attack. Upon closer inspection, he senses something off but Tou Ton is unable to wait and attacks first. His men are caught in a trap, and the enemy counterattacks. Chou Un jumps in to save Tou Ton, asking him to gather the rest to retreat first. Ba To approaches Chou Un, questioning if he knows who he has killed. As the latter realises the truth, the former admonishes him for abandoning his country. He had thought that Chou Un was dead, yet he was alive all this time with the Maozoku. Kan U tries to explain that Kouson Etsu had chased Chou Un away and En Shou took over Yu Shuu so Chou Un had little choice. But Ba To refuses to listen, and states that he’s merely following orders now. The couple barely escape with the rest, but Chou Un is clearly affected.

Kan U chases after him, as he blames himself for deserting his country while living as he’d liked. When she reasons that they were the ones who depended on him and kept him with them, he replies that it was his will too. She hugs him from behind, hoping to soothe him. He soon pulls himself together, and apologises for worrying her. He can’t afford to leave the Ugan people alone, and returns to the castle with Tou Ton to regroup. Kan U stays behind to wait for the remaining people. Unfortunately, she ends up encountering Ba To. She tries to persuade him to join them, but he says that he has to capture her if not his family will die. He labels this as the result of Chou Un deserting them, and choosing to save the Maozoku instead. Kan U recognises this, and says that she’ll take responsibility then as she surrenders herself. When Ba To expresses his shock, she replies that Chou Un would’ve done the same.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the men have returned to the castle except Kan U. Chou Un is anxious but Tou Ton says that it’s possible that they missed each other. At the same time, Shuu Yu and Son Ken visit Sou Sou much to the latter’s surprise.  Son Ken says that he hasn’t agreed yet, and is only here to see if he should really submit to Sou Sou.

Kan U wakes up to find her hands and legs tied, as Kaku Ka greets her. He appears extremely curious as she’s the first Maozoku he’s laid eyes upon, remarking that she looks a bit similar to his older sister. He even cuts her, experimenting on the pain she feels. When Kan U’s eyes show resistance, he is displeased as the weak should know their place. He muses upon the idea that humans and Maozoku can’t have kids, before adding that he was merely joking when he sees fear in her eyes. Kaku Ka states that she appears really strong and wants to see if she won’t die no matter what he does to her. With Kan U still nowhere in sight, Chou Un is sure that she must have been captured. Tou Ton stops him from riding off alone, and says that he’s not his usual rational self. He proposes to collect more information first.

The next day, Kaku Ka confirms if Kan U is still alive despite hanging upside down for the night. He brings her breakfast, telling her to eat like an animal since her hands are bound. Her refusal is within his prediction, and instead he splashes her with water. He plans to leave her outside in the cold, wondering if she will freeze to death first or will the Ugan tribe die first. Kan U gets mad at his treatment towards the “weak”, and states that the Maozoku have been through a lot and that he has no right to say that. But he replies that they shouldn’t find themselves special. He himself had his village destroyed by bandits. He was playing in the mountains when they came, and when he returned everyone was dead – his family included. He’d probably wanted revenge, and without thinking he chased after them. And there, he saw the Yellow Turban men killing them and stealing their goods. To think that they were finished off this easily. Moreover, Sou Sou’s army then came to quell the Yellow Turban rebellion, and hence in turn they were killed. It was then he realised that his family was at the bottom of that chain. It was their fault that they were weak and killed. So he’s only abiding to that rule and killing the weak.

Chou Ryou questions how Sou Sou easily let Son Ken return, and the latter replies that doing anything to him would just raise the chances of war. As Ka Ku asks how long they have to wait for their reply, a soldier reports that due to Son Ken’s visit the rest see that they’ve joined hands with Go. And it appears that the Maozoku have fled Kou Ka. The news surprises Sou Sou, and he immediately asks his men to find their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kaku Ka tells Kakou En that they’ll attack the Ugan tribe soon. Kakou En wonders to himself about Kan U’s cruel situation, and mutters that he can kill her off if need be. As for Kan U, she’s freezing in the cold and struggles to maintain her consciousness. She tells herself not to give up, to live on and see Chou Un again. As Chou Un berates himself for not being able to immediately save Kan U, an army approaches him and the Ugan people.

Kaku Ka is delighted that Kan U is still alive, and is impressed by her strength. He remarks that she just needs to know not to oppose to the strong. While she’s unconscious, he lies next to her to listen to her heartbeat. Kan U is startled at this when she wakes up, and discovers that she has been cleaned up. Kaku Ka explains that the female attendant did it. He informs her that Kakou En has led 200,000 men to crush the Ugan tribe, and she will soon realise that the weak will always die. To his surprise, a soldier urgently reports that a counterattack has been launched at them. It appears that another party has joined hands with the Ugan people. Annoyed, he remarks to Kan U not to foolishly get her hopes up high and brings her with him to kill them before her eyes. Inside the burning castle, Kaku Ka overhears Chou Un and Tou Ton’s conversation, realising that Kan U is Chou Un’s weak point. Chou Un is furious when he sees Kan U’s condition, but Kaku Ka provokes him further by listening to her weak heartbeat. As he holds Kan U hostage, he orders Ba To to kill Chou Un and exact his revenge.

Bad End: Kan U shouts that what he’s doing is useless and can’t reverse what is done. Kaku Ka slaps her to keep her quiet. In the end, Ba To swings his sword. She thought that Chou Un can dodge, but he chooses not to and is fatally injured. As Kan U runs to his side, Chou Un admits that he hesitated as he thought that he should receive punishment for deserting them. Even though he had decided to live with Kan U no matter what people say behind his back, that moment of hesitation costed him his life. A crying Kan U clutches to him, desperate to stop the bleeding but to no avail. Chou Un apologises to Kan U for leaving her behind. She begs him not to go, and for his heartbeat to not stop beating. He admits that he really wanted to live on with her, and asks for her forgiveness. Kaku Ka points out that his words were true after all, and tells Kan U not to cry anymore. The two of them will always be together from now on.

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Good End: Kan U begs Ba To to stop, saying that it was their fault and not Chou Un’s. She tells him to kill her instead, and questions if what he’s doing now was the justice Kouson San wished for. His family will only be continue to be used a shield. Irritated, Kaku Ka slaps her to shut her up. At Sou Sou’s end, he suspects that Son Ken’s visit was a decoy to let the Maozoku quietly slip out of Kou Ka. It was all a ploy to retain their attention on Go. In Go, Son Ken is upset that Shuu Yu didn’t tell him the full truth. The latter points out that he can’t lie though, and says that it all ended well anyway. He adds that they will immediately attack Sou Sou, just as the others are attacking from the north now.

In Yu Shuu, the soldiers are taken aback by the sudden attack from elsewhere. Chou Hi joins them, as he explains that the Maozoku are all here. Kaku Ka orders Ba To and his men to hold the frontline first, while he regroups the other soldiers. He tells Kan U that he will retreat for now, but is determined to capture her again. Chou Un retreats with Kan U, and they find Kan Tei and Chou Sosou. They are thankful that she’s well, but tells the couple not to let Chou Hi see their heartfelt reunion lol. They learn from Shokatsu Ryou that Sou Sou only proceeded to attack Go as the north was completely under his control. So when he had received Chou Un’s letter, he realised that they should create a new threat in the north then. An alliance doesn’t always mean that they have to attack the same enemy at the same place in the same direction. Right now, Go is attacking from the south and Ryuu Ki is attacking from the west. With attacks from three sides, surely Sou Sou would be under pressure. Kakou En reports to Kaku Ka that even with their larger army, the surprise attack has damaged them greatly.

At night, Chou Un is pained to see all the wounds on Kan U and starts to kiss them. He admits that he can’t stand the thought that Kaku Ka left all these marks, as if stating that she’s his. He can’t help but want it all to disappear quickly, and apologises that his feelings aren’t pure at all. He blames himself for her predicament. Kan U denies this, and says that she managed to live on as she desired to see him again. These marks will disappear, her feelings for him won’t. Chou Un agrees with her, and promises not to be taken by these wounds though his anger towards Kaku Ka still remains.

The following day, they are pursuing the remains of Sou Sou’s men when Kaku Ka shows up before them. He tells them that they’ve retreated, and says that it’s all wrong since they should be the strong ones. When questioned as to why he didn’t escape, he says that he was weak so he should be killed. He is perplexed that they showed up and messed up the way of things by saving the Ugan tribe. Such a miracle shouldn’t have occurred. In that case, why couldn’t his family have been saved too. Kan U tells him to stop thinking that way, and adds he’s only escaping reality by thinking that way. She did the same too, when she couldn’t forgive herself for the children’s deaths. But she knows it’s wrong, nothing will change. And he won’t be saved by abusing the weak. Kaku Ka refuses to listen to her, but admits that he likes her as she’s strong.

He raises his sword, explaining that he’s applied the strongest poison to it and one will die immediately. When he aims for Chou Un, Kan U steps in between. Kaku Ka saw through it all, as he says that his real target was her and asks her to die with him. Before she has time to react, Chou Un cuts Kaku Ka’s hand, and it drops to the ground with the sword. It’s unlike the rational general, but he admits that he can’t keep his cool when it comes to Kan U. He won’t let Kaku Ka die easily. The latter pleads with Kan U to kill him off. She takes the poisoned sword, remarking that if he had seen more he could’ve lived on without being so attached to the idea of strength. But till his last breath, Kaku Ka denies this as if one is strong, they wouldn’t die first and leave him behind. Kan U kills him, and tells Chou Un that Kaku Ka saw her as similar to his sister.

As a result of the heavy loss, Sou Sou retreated from Yu Shuu. The threat from him isn’t completely gone, but at least for now peace has returned. Chou Un asks Shokatsu Ryou to let his former men go. Ba To reflects on himself, saying that he was powerless and only pushed all the blame to Chou Un. He knews Chou Un’s situation, and in fact he was one of those who had expelled Chou Un from Yu Shuu upon Kouson Etsu’s orders. Chou Un tells him to stop blaming himself, as he was at fault too. They should not focus on the future, and asks for his help to protect the country again. Shokatsu Ryou agrees, saying that with them, Go and Ryuu Ki in alliance, they can restrain Sou Sou from three ends. They will build a new country here with Kouson San’s foundation – where humans, Maozoku, and the Ugan tribe can coexist. True to his words, Sou Sou gives up invading the south and the Maozoku has finally found a home.

十三支演義 偃月三国伝2_0134

That night, Kan U and Chou Un sleep together like before. As she leans closely against his chest, Chou Un’s weariness gets wiped away as he pins her down. He recalls how she said that the marks will disappear but not one’s feelings. However he’s become greedy and can’t help but want to leave his own mark on her as an expression of his love. Kan U allows him, as he kisses her. Chou Un remarks that all of him is already hers, and asks the same of her. His feelings for her will never die off.

Overall thoughts

I’m finished~ \o/ To me, this route was better than the one in the first game! At first, I was hesitant about the couple leaving the rest but then they managed to change things around and make it interesting. In the first game, it didn’t sit well with me how Chou Un didn’t want Kan U to fight and wanted to protect her all the time. Here, they made this more convincing and at least Chou Un compromises. As for his keywords, 復活 (revive; restore), I remember Director Itou saying that there were two layers. Of course the first one is Kan U’s recovery. I think that the other one is the revival of Yu Shuu.

I also liked the bad end…I mean, in a painful way like the first game. First they had Chou Un lie there, then the next variation came with all that blood and Chou Un’s eyes losing its light. Just imagine it for a moment. Kaku Ka’s special scene was unlocked and you can guess when it takes place! Again, painful, but I definitely preferred it to En Shou’s in the first game yup. I liked how they paralleled numerous things between him and Kan U/Chou Un.

Concluding thoughts

I enjoyed this game a lot! I felt that the writers went up a notch. They gave each route the justice it deserved. Routes like Chou Un’s and Sou Sou’s were improved from the last game, and the CGs too. I’m sure the seiyuu had a LOT of lines to record, but they stuck in character till the very end. In the end, Kan U was great in every route and the UGH I AM JUST FULL OF PRAISES. But I can’t help it, there was no route I didn’t enjoy. I feel sorry that I’m not going to post the Momozono scenes this time, but I don’t think I’m up to it at the moment. Just know that most of it is sweet fluffy moments – most of it. By the way, I only realised at the end that you could immediately skip to the character route from the start button 2nd playthrough onwards. /slow

For some random trivia, I think that Sou Sou’s good end is the happiest and Chou Un’s bad end is the saddest. But Kakou Ton’s still remains my overall favourite (OT3). Everyone had really pretty CGs this time so I can’t pick one. Voice acting-wise, I give it to Toriumi and Ishida. But also Ka Ku’s seiyuu (Ichijou) ‘cos omg I swear, it must be so hard to always speak that way. Music is the same as the first game, but I loved the new tracks they added. I couldn’t include many of the comedic moments, but any scene with Chou Hi, Chou Sosou and Kan Tei is awesome.

If you want to play in terms of plot gradually unravelling, I recommend: Shokatsu Ryou, Chou Hi, Chou Ryou, Ryuu Bi, Shuu Yu, Kakou Ton, Chou Un, Sou Sou. Something like that? Definitely play Chou Ryou’s before Ryuu Bi’s. I left Sou Sou’s for last since I think his good end is the happiest – so you can end on a happy note! Remember that Chou Hi, Chou Un, Kakou Ton and Chou Ryou’s route can only be played after you finish another route. So I put Shokatsu Ryou first since his route is a good introduction. But feel free to mix it up according to preference.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts and that you’ll consider picking up the Jyuuzaengi series! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

9 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi 2: Chou Un & Concluding Thoughts

  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you so much!
    Chou Un’s route…hm… i have mixed feelings about it. There were parts of it that was not to my taste, so i was just neutral towards it…but there certainly were cute moments. While I like Chou Un as a character…the plots in the first and second(this one) game tended to not be the types I like, unfortunately for me…

    Well, for the game as a whole—-! That was definitely one of the most interesting games I’ve read so far! The story and writing level had increased, and there was a lot more character and couple development and interaction, which is totally awesome! The variety in each of the routes was great! I have so many favourite routes from this game, so i’m very happy, whoo—-!
    once again, thanks a lot for covering the routes for this game!


    • Yume says:

      Well I can see why Chou Un’s route may not be to everyone’s liking. No worries (: I had a similar problem for his route in the first game too.

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game as a whole though! Thanks so much for your comments too, really appreciate them! ❤


  2. lenaleemelodee says:

    You also forgot to mention that Shuu Yu’s happy end is the saddest happy ending ever. Like… is that even a happy ending??? I also agree that Shoukatsuryou’s route should be played first. He explains the strategy very well, and all in all is kinda the smarter one xD


    • Yume says:

      I didn’t ‘cos I found Shuu Yu’s satisfactory (though I felt cheated of my feelings). At least it implies hope for the future. If I had to choose one it would be Chou Ryou’s. Others may find it romantic and touching but I was sad for various reasons. Yeah Shokatsu Ryou’s goes through everything in detail and is a pretty balanced route.


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