Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Prologue


Alright finally, PS Vita! Well, this isn’t my first Vita game, but it’s my first Vita otome game! I decided to just post the prologue for Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ first since I’m kinda slow these days. It’s not that long but enjoy!

The game starts off with the following monologue: Loved by none. Needed by none. My existence has no meaning. We then hear a calm voice telling our heroine, Cardia, that everything will begin from her. When she wakes up, she will guide people from their cage given by god to the bigger world. However, he stresses that she must live alone. She cannot know what love is – if she does, she will become unhappy. The reason being that she’s a monster.

6 years later in the year of 1853, our two guys Arsène Lupin and Impey Barbicane are camping out behind the bushes. While the latter is happily humming away, the former is getting irritated at the lack of any target movement for the past 5 days. They can’t do anything else but wait, as the only information they have is that the target will appear here. As if an answer to their prayers, Lupin spots automobiles in a distance – with not only army soldiers on them, but also canines. From their uniforms, the men serve as the Queen Victoria‘s bodyguards. They are led by (knight) Rempart Leonhard.

This is different from their leads, which said that Tasogare, British government’s secret military agent, would appear. But thankfully, the situation works even more in Lupin’s favour and Impey bids Lupin a speedy success. We learn that the men were told by Finis, the head of  Tasogare, to head towards a mansion in Wales via wireless telegraph. (I’m guessing エーテル通信機 is wireless telegraphy but I really don’t know. Maybe it’s a made-up term?) The monster there is most likely dead, so they can just dispose of its body. But in the case that it’s alive, they are to capture it alive. Leonhard guesses that it’s isn’t that important of a mission to Finis, if not he would use his own men. They were also told that anything that touches its skin would melt. He asked numerous times for clarification on this but Finis never replied.

(Note: I’m just randomly guessing that Finis/Tasogare is based on the story I linked. I don’t know who Leonhard is supposed to be based on.)


They cautiously enter the mansion, led by the dogs and a machine which beeps louder and louder till they reach a room. They barge in and Cardia is awoken from her deep slumber. The men find it hard to believe that she’s the monster, till a dog attacks her and it melts from her poisonous touch. Seeing the dog die instantaneously, the men raise their guns and threaten to kill. Leonhard stops them, and politely but firmly requests for Cardia to follow them. She nods in return, for there’s no reason for her to object. It’s been years since she left the mansion.

With her hands bound, Cardia is driven off in an automobile. She gazes listlessly at the night sky, with no interest as to what is going to happen to her. She even feels a bit relieved if she was to be killed. But she would have one regret. Just once—

Just then, a shadow appears at the top of a ruined building – it’s Lupin. He has his eye on stealing Cardia away and a few guards start to panic. After all, even the whole of Paris’ police force failed to capture him. They shoot at him, but strangely his body expands and bursts. A flash of light explodes and several more explosions cause smoke to appear. Lupin shows up before Cardia, explaining that that was just a balloon. He invites her to escape with him, and perfectly mimics Leonhard’s voice to confuse the guards. They then take this chance to escape.

As Lupin revels in his success in fooling the men, Cardia remains quiet. Worried, he checks if she’s hurt before introducing himself. He claims that he’s here to steal her “heart”, and in exchange for that he’ll grant one wish of hers. In reply, she considers how she’s always been alone and says that she wants to feel that warmth he possesses. Lupin smiles as he takes her hand, and promises to do so.

7 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Prologue

  1. kurorisa says:

    I really want to play this game but I’m just waiting for aksys’ localization because what is importing lol.

    anw really looking forward to this and thanks for the prologue post! I never knew really deep about it maybe half of it because I want to play it myself


    • Yume says:

      Ahh yeah it’s better to just wait then – since they plan to release it this year! When I saw the localisation news, I thought that I’d better hurry my butt on with it and finally started playing. XD

      You’re welcome! The prologue is just the tip of the iceberg tbh. I hope to post the common route soon but that itself already contains spoilers which I think is best to save for your own playthrough!


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