Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Impey Barbicane


Yay for the first route – Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)! While his route doesn’t reveal too many facts, it’s a fun one. This follows from the Common Route.

Chapter 9: Steam Punk

With the automobile, Impey drives Cardia towards the location where the airship race was held. He explains that people here would know where Nemo lives, since when registering for the race you’d have to write down your address. He adds that for their case, they just used one of Lupin’s many hideouts. He talks to the guards, and eventually they escort one of the mafia bosses out. He welcomes Impey, as their crash landing suddenly made headlines and gave them good exposure. He’s sure that next year’s race will attract even more customers. Impey offers to buy off the information they need, and tells them to add it to Lupin’s tab. But the boss eyes Cardia, and says that he doesn’t mind having her in exchange for the information either. Impey immediately steps in front of her, and declines for she’s his fated one.

They leave after gaining the information, and Cardia admits that she was a bit happy that he’d stepped up for her just now. Hearing this, he can’t help but take it as a proposal from her and acts embarrassed. Unfortunately for him, she takes it as a joke. His exaggerated response makes her laugh. Following the address, they end up in a forest. Impey quickly swerves while steadying Cardia, as an airship zips past. He recognises it as the sky pirates that were after him during the race. Just as she’s about to explain to him why that’s the case, Impey notices smoke from a distance. They suspect that the sky pirates attacked Nemo’s place and quickly head there. Their suspicions are proven true, as Nemo comes dashing out from a cave.

He mistakes them for the culprits, and throws a tear gas bomb at them. Thankfully, Impey dodges with Cardia in time, and the smoke soon clears up. Nemo recognises them, and starts to tearfully explain his situation upon cue. The pirates had infiltrated his lab (aka the cave) and stole the core of his research. He refuses to tell the details to his self-declared rival, except that it’s a black triangular object that glows and can fit on the palm of one’s hand. Impey understands the frustration of having your research stolen though, and agrees to help him retrieve it. With much gratitude, Nemo provides them a mechanism which would track down the pirates’ location. The black smoke just now has a special particle which would stick to them, and allow them to trace it within half a day, and within a certain distance. Impey stops Nemo from joining them though, and Cardia silently agrees. They couldn’t possibly sneak in quietly with Nemo’s over-dramatic behaviour.

The couple end up tracing the pirates back to London. The two of them volunteer to take the lead, before finally agreeing to head in together and to protect each other. As Impey talks to the guard, Cardia knocks him unconscious and asks Impey to help her move him away and to tie him up. He can’t help but remark that she’s so well-trained it’s scary. Afterwards, they sneak in and observe the situation. The leader boasts about the item he stole to an elderly man, who demands to see it. Impey sees this as a chance to steal it, and tells Cardia to flee if he’s caught. She refuses, and replies that she’d distract their attention instead with the help of Fran’s concoctions. The leader opens a box and insists that it’s extremely valuable being Nemo’s most treasured item. The elderly man comments that it looks like junk though. As they’re arguing, an explosion is heard as Nemo comes storming in. He even openly announces that his comrades are here, and Impey is caught on the spot. He blames Nemo for driving them in a corner, as all the pirates target them.

Seeing this, Cardia grabs her smoke bomb. But before she can release it, Nemo starts throwing more explosions – not caring where it aims at. Impey protects Cardia from a direct hit, and she can’t help but realise that he really means what he says about protecting her. As they’re about to escape, the pirates notice that Nemo has passed out from his own explosion (lmao). Unable to ignore this, Impey apologises to Cardia in advance as he carries her with one arm. Speedily, he grabs Nemo with the other and runs away. Unfortunately, they head a dead end and he lets them down. Cardia recalls her lessons with Lupin and Van, saying that it’s better not to resist if they can’t win. Impey remarks that if he doesn’t, he can’t protect her though. She notes that he isn’t that good at fighting though, and says that she’ll protect him instead with the help of Fran and Lupin’s tools. She steps before the pirates, warning them to retreat if they don’t want to regret it. He thanks her, but still asks her to let him act cool before the girl he likes.

Upon his signal, Cardia drops the test tube and covers her nose, eyes and mouth. She tells him to run away, but Impey wants to teach them a lesson first. As he literally kicks their butts, one of the pirates aim for Cardia. She dodges his knife, but her clothes tear slightly to reveal the horologium. As the smoke clears, she witnesses Impey defeating the pirates with incredible speed and strength. When she wonders something aloud, he merely smiles in return. When he’s done, Cardia observes that he looks sad rather than courageous. As she hides her horologium, she recalls how Impey was when he was faced with Van and Dela. In response, he admits that he’s a vampire and asks if she’s afraid of him. She denies this, for he’s still Impey and remarks that he’s a lot more harmless compared to her. He bursts out laughing. Though it’s inappropriate, but he can’t help but confirm that he really likes her. His words catch her by surprise, and somehow his words ring in her this time.


After that, she quickly mends her clothes and they head back to Nemo’s lab. He happily invites them in, and they are speechless at how wide it is inside the cave. They soon ask him about Isaac, and he answers that he’s Isaac’s disciple. He was involved with Isaac’s research till the man disappeared. Hearing this, Impey demands to know more as it could save his important person. Cardia knows that he’s saying that to draw Nemo’s reply, but his words warm her heart. Nemo explains (in a roundabout way) that Isaac was researching on homunculus, which was an extremely difficult task. In the process, he created a soulless monster. Noting Cardia’s reaction, Impey asks Nemo to stop but she refrains him from doing so. Nemo continues on, saying that Isaac’s final goal was to create a complete horologium aka the philosopher’s stone. To do so, there needed to be a long-term denaturing effect via human activity. But it was extremely poisonous and a normal human would die immediately. But if it’s a homunculus, it could act as this living catalyst while tackling the poison.

Impey quickly asks if it’s possible to remove the poison from the horologium, and Nemo replies that theoretically it is. But to his knowledge the 666 experiments never once succeeded so it’s no use talking about it. He remarks that if he hadn’t been chased away, things may have been different though. But he could still provide them some reference, and promises to share with them the next day. After that, he leads Cardia and Impey to separate rooms to stay the night. Nemo’s words ring in her head, about how she’s a soulless tool. She’s used to being called a monster, having killed those she loved. But does it also mean that these feelings she has now are all fake? Back then, Impey remarked that only you can decide who you are. His words gave her support, but now even she can’t believe in herself. Wanting to erase her uneasiness, she goes to find him.

On the way, she hears Nemo loudly declaring that the one miraculous success has been delivered to his doorstep. He had seen the horologium glowing in the smoke back then. With this, he can continue his research and he thanks Tasogare for the funds. Hiding in the shadows, Cardia is shocked to witness Nemo talking to the Tasogare members. No doubt that it would be dangerous to get caught by them even if Finis isn’t around, and she rushes to Impey’s room. A sleepy Impey opens the door, and wonders why she’s here this late. He promises to gives her lots of love when her poison is gone. As Cardia desperately tells him to stop sleep-talking, he continues pouring out his feelings for her.

Impey: ……Then is it what Nemo was talking about just now? Don’t worry. No matter it is my feelings for you will never change.
Cardia: ……t-thank you. Those words make me really happy. —I’m happy but that’s also not it!!
Impey: ……Alright. Even if my body will melt, I’ll respond to your burning passion!

Cardia hurriedly stops him from stripping and exclaims that Nemo is connected to Tasogare, and he already knows that she’s the homunculus. They need to escape right away. However, the door doesn’t budge and not even Cardia’s poison works. Nemo’s voices comes through the speakers, as he says that he needs the horologium for his research. As expected, he must be watching their movements from elsewhere.

Impey: I’ve been locked in together with her!? ……What do I need to do to make use of this sweet development to get even closer to her……!!
Cardia: ……Impey, now is not the time for jokes.
Nemo: Ha–hahaa! You two are funnnny! I don’t get tired of looking at yoou!?
Impey: Shut up! I don’t want to be told that by you of all people!

Nemo soon releases sleeping gas into the room. Even though Impey tries to protect her from it, both of them end up falling unconscious.

Chapter 10: Be Arrested

Cardia dreams of her past again, before waking up feeling sluggish. Her hands and legs are bounded, and she feels a sharp pain in her chest. She realises that the horologium has been chipped off slightly, and can only imagine the danger she’s in. Soon, Nemo appears and reveals that Impey is still locked in the same room. Acknowleding Impey’s skills, he plans to persuade him later to join hands. Though she can’t fully trust his words, Cardia trusts him for now. Nemo then rambles about the enormous energy horologium can produce, and he draws out a dagger. It melts upon touching the horologium, and he notes on how the horologium must be near completion. Once it does, it’ll become the philosopher’s stone and can do wonders. In fact, she’s a living wonder. A mere doll walking and talking with a free will. Cardia thinks to herself that once it become the philosopher’s stone, he’ll remove it from her and she’ll die. Nemo goes on about a grand experiment he’s conducting with the horologium piece he removed. He ignores her when she asks about his relationship to Tasogare, laughing away.

She sees this as her chance to escape, and quickly removes her gloves to melt away the cuffs. For a moment, she questions herself for she’s a mere doll. But she’s reminded of Impey and she’s motivated to save him. By the time he realises his mistake in not coating the restraints with poison-resistant substances, Cardia knocks him out and flees the scene. But soon, she hears an alarm ringing as it signals that either Nemo woke up or Tasogare found him. As she hides from the Tasogare members, she does her best to locate Impey’s room as best as she can. But the surroundings all appear the same, as this place is much bigger than it looks. Just then, a sharp pain hits Cardia and she falls to the ground. The men hear the noise and approach where she is. She quickly hides herself to avoid a fight, and waits till they pass by.

After a while, she finally reaches Impey’s room. Upon informing him that Tasogare is chasing them, Impey is touched at the risk she’s taking to save him. He (one-sidedly) concludes that it’s due to her love for him, and instinctively Cardia agrees. As he’s delighted by her answer, she realises that though she never knows whether he’s joking or not he’s always declaring his love for her. She starts to feel warm inside and her cheeks feel hot. Impey gets carried away though, and says that they’ll make love when her poison is gone, proudly declaring that he’s number one for maintenance of women. Cardia doesn’t understand what he’s saying though, and takes back her words. But he’s no longer listening. Impey’s lines are so cheesy it’s so funny. She doesn’t have anything to pick the lock, and her poison doesn’t melt the bars either.

When Impey tells her to escape alone, she refuses. He’d predicted her answer, so he tells her to lure the Tasogare members here for he has a plan. When Cardia succeeds in doing so, Impey explodes the door. The guards are knocked over, and so is the locked door. He’d made a bomb with a small neo steam engine he always carries around and the toilet cover. He thanks her for coming to save him, and for being safe. He’s determined to escape safely, and confidently yells at all the guards to come at him. Unfortunately, the numbers exceed his expectations so Impey carries Cardia and runs for their life. As he cheerfully remarks that nothing’s impossible for him when he has her passionate love, she quietly denies this.

They soon come to a dead end, and Impey cleverly kicks a nearby pipe to release the hot steam upon the guards. They take this chance to escape, and continues running till they come upon what looks like an escape door. As they try to find a way to open it, Nemo appears with more of Tasogare’s men. In response, Impey kicks the door open and they’re shocked to see the vast sky before them. Nemo gleefully tells them that this is his floating fortress, Nautilus. The airship he’d used in the race was but a test version. In other words, they have nowhere to escape. But Impey can’t comprehend how such a heavy vehicle can be lifted in the air, till he realises that Nemo must have the important thing he’d been searching for all along – his gravity-relief mechanism.

Nemo is thrilled to hear this, but Impey is not all that pleased since he needs it to travel to the moon. The former claims that he got it properly from an organisation which supported his ideas. In any case, he plans to make the world, which didn’t recognise him, bow before him with the power of science. And then he can do all of the research he wants to fulfill his curiousity. He invites Impey to join him in this. In response, Impey checks the time on his pocket watch, before asking Nemo how he managed to power everything. Cardia realises that it must be her horologium doing the job. Hearing this, Impey tells Nemo that the purpose of his invention was to travel to the moon, not to hurt anyone – he definitely won’t cooperate with Nemo, seeing that he hurt the girl he loves. He vows to get his invention back as he grabs hold of Cardia. Impey tells her to believe in him, before jumping off Nautilus.


While Cardia panics for there’s no way to survive. If they’d been caught, perhaps he could still be saved. When he questions if she’s okay with dying alone, she replies that she wasn’t alive to begin with. Her own words sadden her, but she can’t bear the thought of destroying Impey’s future and dream. Surely it would be wrong for him to die here. In return, he corrects her by saying that it would be wrong for her to die. He then asks if she believes in fate. He does, for he felt that he’d fall for her upon first sight. As they overcame the dangers each time, that feeling grew stronger. Now whenever she’s sad or happy, he feels a million times of that. Even more so when she wants to sacrifice herself. His words make her happy, but she grabs him tighter as they fall further down. Impey then remarks that he can even fly if she says that she loves him. Cardia denies this, but his serious attitude draws the words out from her. He confesses his love for her too, and a miracle truly happened.

Lupin appears hanging from a ladder, as the ornithopter flies above them. They are saved in the end, and Impey explains that before they left the house he left a letter and a tracking device behind. It allowed them to locate each other, and for him to send an SOS to Lupin when Nemo knocked them out with sleeping gas. Seeing Cardia remain quiet, he panics and confirms that everything he said was true. She finally remarks that he’s amazing, and thanks Lupin too. Just then, a pain hits her continuously and she blacks out.

Chapter 11: Criminal Declaration

Cardia wakes up in her room. She soon hears Fran’s diagnosis, as he explains that the incomplete horologium has caused a change in the energy it’s creating. But her body can’t deal with the change, so at this rate, she’ll die. The only solution is to get the missing piece back. If it’s placed near to hers, it should naturally become whole again. Impey nods at this, and Cardia feels a glimpse of hope. Just like how they were saved when they jumped off the Nautilus. Fran adds that due to the change, the poison seems to have lost its lethal edge from what he can tell. However, Cardia can’t bring herself to feel happy. But Impey expresses his happiness, as he removes her glove and touches her hand much to everyone’s surprise. All along, Cardia was told that she’s a monster who can’t love or be loved by anyone, who can’t desire for anyone’s warmth. But now the warmth she’s feeling from Impey tells her otherwise. As she holds his hand in return, she tears up and agrees to get back both his invention and the horologium piece.

The next day, everyone is discussing what to do next. While Cardia doesn’t want to involve them in her personal matters, the rest don’t feel good letting Nemo run wild. And of course, they want to save her, for their various reasons. In other words, this isn’t just her problem anymore. Hearing this, Cardia feels that she belongs here, and that everyone accepts her for who she is. Since both items are in the Nautilus, they can only infiltrate it. When Impey adds that his happy future with Cardia is there too, the rest look at each other in confusion. Lupin even wonders if Cardia’s being threatened. Impey quickly corrects this, describing how she must have fallen for him when they were alone. Even though 60% of what he’s saying is true, she can’t help but feel like denying it. She eventually admits that she wasn’t sure what she felt then. But before she finish her sentence, Dela draws everone’s attention to a huge vehicle in the sky.


It’s the Nautilus passing by, and it soon stops above the middle street. Fran and Saint agree that what is dangerous isn’t Nautilus – but the combination of the horologium and Impey’s invention. Nemo could be capable of creating a greater danger with them. Meanwhile, Nemo makes an announcement to the whole of London, stating that if they don’t find a girl called Cardia, who possesses the horologium, within 3 days he’d blow London up. He instantly explodes the street below him to scare them. Quickly, the group packs their belongings and leave the mansion. There’s no telling how the people and government would react to Nemo’s threat, but it’s possible that their location may be found out soon. They head to one of Lupin’s hideouts, and attempt to come up with a solution to the current situation.

Feeling anxious, Cardia asks to get some fresh air outside. Naturally, everyone is against this. But Saint understands how she’s feeling and tells her to be accompanied by someone. As Impey joins Cardia outside, she observes the panic and can’t help but think in a negative way.  Unless she gives herself up, London will be destroyed. Observing this, Impey asks her what she’s thinking. When she confides in him, he’s happy as she never did it before. Impey remarks that if London is destroyed, it’ll be a temporary thing. But if she dies, it’s permanent. He tells her not to give up on herself, for everyone is doing their best to protect her. Cardia thanks him for easing her worries, but at the same time she starts to feel afraid at the thought of him leaving her side. When asked why he’s doing this much for her, Impey replies that it’s because he loves her. Somehow his words sound different to her this time. As she recalls having read about love in a book before, and realises that she must be in love with this person who taught her about another person’s warmth, and about love.

As they return to where everyone is, they find them outside the hideout. They’d gone out to buy groceries and to do some investigating, but more importantly they were worried about Cardia. When they enter the hideout, Dela informs them that their friend has visited. Lupin is alarmed to see Sholmes there, who explains that he had to track them down again when they were no longer found in the mansion. He adds that he isn’t the only visitor, as Leonhard and his men soon show up. He remarks that Lupin’s skills have gone rusty to not have noticed this. While Van had already sensed their presence, he didn’t inform them as they don’t seem to mean any harm. Leonhard states that the queen has called for them, and everyone is escorted towards the palace except for Dela and Sissy.

There, they are faced with Queen Victoria once more. She explains that they’d already observed them escape from Nemo’s airship, and investigated on his background. He was a scientist formerly part of the Royal Society. But as he kept conducting dangerous experiments which ignored morals, he was chased out. She then asks for them to speak of whatever they know. In return, Impey tells her everything except about Cardia’s horologium and his invention. Soon after, a soldier reports that the Nautilus has been sighted again. Nemo starts dropping more explosions, in an attempt to draw Cardia out. Victoria orders Leonhard to counterattack. That night, the British army constantly attacked the Nautilus but to no avail. Nemo revels in this, as he recalls how he was chased out of the Royal Society and abandoned by Isaac. He often wondered why, till he’d realised that he needed to show what he can really do to Isaac.

Chapter 12: Grandest Dream

2 days after the defeat, Victoria formerly apologises to her people for her mistake. But she vows to defeat the Nautilus, and has everyone evacuate London for their safety. As they investigated the connection between Nemo and Tasogare, the people investigating suddenly vanished without a trace. While this angered Victoria, she decided to focus on Nautilus. But at the same time, it also disappeared. While she mobilises her army for preparation, Cardia and the rest are also given a task. Tomorrow, she’s to act as a decoy while Fran and Saint guard her. Lupin, Van and Impey would find a way to infiltrate the Nautilus and to destroy it from within.

Amidst the busy preparations, Cardia notices that Impey is often missing and goes to find him. When she does so, he explains that he got everyone’s permission to have some time alone. She joins him on his walk, they end up in one of the destroyed streets. As he ponders, he apologises to Cardia – if he had not suggested going to meet Nemo, things might not have ended up like this. Her life wouldn’t be in danger either. But Cardia shakes her head, as she’s willing to take responsibility for her own actions. Moreover, he’s doing all that he can right now. In fact, he should be angry at Nemo. But Impey admits that he doesn’t hate Nemo, but is regretful that his invention is being used to harm people and feels the urge to stop it.

Impey then switches the topic, as he recounts how his identity as a vampire was long revealed to Dela. After coming to the mansion, he secretly asked Impey to take revenge together. But recently he no longer does so. He was rejected anyway, and Dela couldn’t comprehend why. After all, he should be mad that his own kind were killed. But Impey replied that he has something else he wants to do, which is travel to the moon. As Cardia wonders why he feels so strongly about this, she asks Impey to share his story. He agrees, and in exchange he has her promise to listen to his one condition. When she nods at this, Impey warns her to be more wary of men. But Cardia knows that he won’t do anything she hates, and that’s why she agreed.

Impey then recalls how his parents died when he was still young. As his parents didn’t have a good relationship with the rest, he was treated as an outcast. He wasn’t taken in by anyone, and in the end he made his own little house in a forest just outside the village. The least they did though, was to provide him with food. He also gained the means to get by. But he was all alone, and didn’t do much. However, there was one thing he liked and it was the moon. He never got tired of looking at it. Then one day, everyone was making a ruckus about a man-made monster. Once more, Impey describes to Cardia the exhilaration he felt upon seeing the steam locomotive. It felt like his world had changed. As he returned home, he decided to build the same thing. Though he didn’t know the works, he kept trying everyday.

At the same time, there was another outcast. A weird old man who constantly kept talking to himself. He always told himself not to get involved with the old man. But one day, the man saw the model he built and asked if it’s a steam locomotive. While Impey was excited to finally know its name, the old man offered to teach him how to build it. After that, the man taught him everything about man-made machines, and even secretly bought the necessary parts from humans. It was then that Impey decided to become an inventor. He also learnt that the ways of a vampire didn’t sit well with the old man either, and it was his dream to bring science to the vampires too. But no one understood him, and he came to give up. As the young Impey cheers him up, he then goes on to say that he wants to travel to the moon. If they make the impossible possible, surely they would understand how great science is. Though Impey was unconvinced at first, slowly it started to become his dream too.


More time passed by, and they built a small cannon for their first experiment. Impey proudly wrote “Cannon Club” on it, as he declares that it’s their team name. Though their first test-run failed, they continued to chat in excitement. And then, the old man said that his life isn’t that bad now having met Impey. While the boy told him not to talk as if his life has ended, he couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. When Cardia asks him what happened to the man, Impey replies that he got caught up in the war and passed away. She wonders why he only wears a sad expression, when the shock must have been huge – just like Dela’s parents being killed. Impey remarks that he doesn’t know how the war started. At first the vampires were with the advantage, but suddenly the tables were turned. The human army made use of poison gas and killed almost everyone in his village – including the old man.

That day, the old man had created the gravity-relief mechanism and it was the day they were going to first test it. But he never came and so Impey went to search for him. There, he found everyone dead as the British army flew past. Before he realised it, he was running towards the old man’s house. But it was too late, and the old man left behind the invention and a last message for me: “I’ll be waiting for you on the moon. Let everyone see our dream.” In the end, the survivors made graves for everyone. They swore to take revenge on humans, who created such a horrible thing, and went to join the vampire leader Delacroix who was said to be putting up a last resistance. But Impey didn’t. He didn’t feel anger, only sadness that the “science” he and the old man were pursuing caused this tragedy. After that, he left the village and went to many cities. All while thinking what science is.

In the end, Impey concludes that it’s not meant to be used for war, but for hopes and dreams. So he wants to carry out the old man’s last wish and show that to everyone. Rather than fighting each other, there are better things to do – even if it’s going to the moon. In response, Cardia comments on how he must be the kindest person here. He didn’t run away, he continue fighting all by himself. Though she may be a mere doll, she wants to fight with him, and to live together with him. Her words surprise him, for he never found her unsuitable for him. After all, he’s confessed his love to her time and time again. Cardia replies that she thought he was joking. So he recalls how he was shocked to find out the truth about her. But at the same time he found it amazing – she’s made up of 100% hopes and dreams, if one is to say that science equals that. He finds her a beautiful miracle, and she’s symbolises hope to him too.

Though Nemo said that she has no soul, no one fully understands what it is. In that case, he’d rather believe what’s before his eyes – that she has an incredibly beautiful heart. Cardia admits that she can’t believe in herself, for her father’s words still haunt her. So Impey tells her not to force herself, for everyone is always searching for answers. Instead, she can believe in him – the person who accepts and loves her the most. As she stares back at him, he adds that he is proposing to her now. His condition for letting her listen to his story, is to always live with him. Since tomorrow is the day they execute their plan, he thought he should say it first. Cardia rejects him, which send him flying into panic. But she remarks that she doesn’t want tomorrow to sound like the last day they have. She wants to continue living with him for as long as they can. Hearing this, Impey agrees and kisses her instead. After which, he asks if she can go to the moon together with him when it’s all over. In response, Cardia kisses him instead.


Afterwards, the two remain sitting on the rubble as Impey struggles to think of a bright idea. When Cardia remarks that it would be nice if the gravity-relief device breaks down to their convenience. Upon hearing this, he is struck with inspiration and they quickly head to Saint’s mansion to build it. Throughout the night, Impey is hard at work till he finally completes a small, cynlinder-shaped device. It will cause vital damage to Nautilus and hopefully Nemo has yet to realise this weak point. They return to the palace, where Impey introduces this new element during the final meeting. Rather than any of their previous strategies, he suggests that they send Nautilus flying into outer space instead. In order to carry this out, he needs a special bomb to hit Nautilus first in order to tremendously increase the magnetic field. He also needs to buy time to infiltrate Nautilus and to activate the device. While they are skeptical at first, Cardia reasons that this way London can avoid further damage if Nautilus crashes down on them.

As such, Victoria orders the army to be mobilised as they decide to place their bet on this plan. Impey thanks Cardia for her help, but she asks if he’s alright with not retrieving the gravity-relief device back as it’s like a memento. He replies that he can make another one from scratch. Moreover, the old man wouldn’t want his invention to be used like this either. Just then, Cardia’s horologium glows dimly, and without warning she collapses to the ground.

Chapter 13: Fly Me To The Moon 

When she wakes up, her whole body is in pain. Fran is next to her, and so is Impey as he left the rest of the preparations to Lupin. While Cardia insists on carrying the plan out as per normal, Fran warns her that the change in the horologium is more rapid than he thought. The energy it’s creating is gradually decreasing, and he predicts that it’ll become a mere stone soon. Cardia feels uneasy faced with this news, but Impey says that they just have to return the missing fragment to her on the spot. In other words, she and Impey would both infiltrate the Nautilus.

For the past 3 days, Nemo has been watching how his power has been influencing the whole of London. Thinking back, his place of belonging has always been snatched away. He wasn’t originally born in this town. He was the royalty of a certain perished country, and migrated here. Not out of revenge or reverence, but to learn the science of England. Upon witnessing the power of science destroy his people, his heart was probably destroyed too. Rather than hating that power, it became a symbol of worship. And while studying here, his talents flourished and he was invited to join the Royal Society. He overstepped the line, for he was willing to do anything for power. As such, he was kicked out. But to Nemo, the British army trampled on his country for their own benefit. So he sees nothing wrong with doing the same for his own science. Yet even Isaac disappeared on him. So he was left wondering why no one will understand him. But it’s different now. He no longer feels powerless or rejected.

Soon, his men report that Cardia has appeared in Buckingham Palace. As he drives the Nautilus there, Victoria waits with a servant disguised as Cardia. Nemo asks Cardia to board a smaller airship, and warns them that he has a horologium detector. Seeing that he can’t be tricked further, Victoria orders her men to attack. Amidst it all, they manage to launch Impey’s special bomb too. Elsewhere, Impey and Cardia get ready to board another airship. Before they leave, Dela comes to find them. As he reaffirms Impey’s thoughts, he remarks that they’re really different. He apologises for back then, and tells Impey to walk his own path. When Cardia wants to promise to always be together when they return, Impey replies that it’s impossible as he can’t leave her side already. She smiles at his words in return.

As everyone boards the airship, they approach Nautilus as close as possible without getting noticed. As Impey passes the controls to Lupin, he and Cardia climb onto the deck. They tell Lupin that they’ll escape the Nautilus somehow with its emergency escape ship. Impey points to a cracked window, and says that they’re going to crash through there. Cardia knows that he must be uneasy as she is, but he’s doing all of the impossible for her sake. As he carries her, Impey crashes into Nautilus. Once inside, Impey activates the device he made but nothing happens. He panics, wondering if it’s broken from the impact just now. As he tries to fiddle with it, an alarm rings so it’s possible that they’ve been noticed. Left with little choice, they change the plan to stealing the gravity-relief device. Impey more or less guesses where it must be, and they hurry to the said room without getting caught by Tasogare. Cardia struggles to keep up, as she feels herself slowing down.


When they finally reach the room, Nemo shows up with the Tasogare members. Nemo had already predicted what Impey would do, and has already protected the gravity-relief device with a magnetic shield. Being driven into a corner, Cardia steps up to buy Impey time. But like before, he tells her to let him act cool before the woman he loves. Nemo wonders why Impey can’t understand him, as he researched on his background and realised that they grew up in similar circumstances. However, Cardia states that they’re different – to which Impey agrees. Unlike Nemo, he wasn’t alone. He takes out the cynlinder-shaped device again, but this time it has another part attached to it. And when Impey activates it, a low rumble is heard throughout and a flash of light strikes. Slowly, Nautilus starts to shake.

Taking this chance, Impey defeats the guards. As Cardia can feel her body growing colder, Nemo realises that the Nautilus is heading upwards and is at a loss as to how Impey lifted the limiter of the gravity-relief device. As Nemo orders the remaining guards to attack, Impey dodges it all but gets hit when protecting Cardia. However, he’s wearing Lupin’s specially made bullet-proof vest. As he approaches Nemo, he remarks that he was lonely and merely wanted recognition. Impey stresses that science is to fulfill people’s dreams, and not to be used for war. Nemo takes Cardia as a hostage but to no avail. Impey snatches Cardia back, and knocks Nemo out.

He then goes to retrieve the horologium piece, while withstanding the poison it’s still seeping. When he finally does so, he quickly returns it back to Cardia. As Nemo slowly stands up, he vows not to give up. He pulls a lever down, as he’d secretly installed this function without even telling Tasogare – Nautilus will self-destruct by crashing towards the palace.  As he cries for Isaac to watch over him, tears stream down his face. All along was never felt fulfilled, but now he finally realises what he wants. As Nemo looks above, part of the ceiling crashes down on him. He smiles asks pleads for someone to—.

Impey tells Cardia to search for an emergency ship, and says that he’ll stay here to try stop Nautilus from crashing. As he urges her on, Cardia can choose to either do as he says or stay behind with him.

Normal End

While she remains uneasy, Impey reminds her that he has never broken his promise to her. He kisses her, pouring all of his feelings for her. As Cardia leaves, he feels bad for lying to her as she’d surely come back for him. It’s too late to stop the crash, so Impey directs the Nautilus to River Thames and announces his last message to Cardia. He believes that Cardia has found her escape route, and tells her not to return. The path towards this room is all blocked with debris, and it’s not long before Nautilus will crash. He’ll figure something out, and forcefully says that they’ll meet again on land. As he switches it off, he sits down next to where Nemo is buried, wondering if all geniuses die young. As Impey closes his eyes, he bids farewell to Cardia and is glad to have met her.

1 year later, Cardia is being seen off at the train station by Lupin, Van, Fran, Dela and Sissy. Saint had disappeared for France a year ago. Back then, London was heavily damaged but no one was killed as Nautilus crashed into the river. As the city is recovering, Cardia is preparing to travel to America. While other see travelling to the moon as impossible, a sponsor over there is willing to help her. Fran has recently started giving medical treatment in the impoverished street, while Dela is going to recover the remaining vampires and protect them. They’re going to make the government recognise them not by force this time. Van is also cooperating, with the condition that Dela gives up on revenge. Lupin is still trying to stop Tasogare’s terrorist plan.

After the case with Nautilus was cleared up, they couldn’t find connection between Nemo and Tasogare. In the end, Victoria dismissed the organisation and put those involved on the wanted list. But till this day many remain missing. Impey also remains missing, as they never found his body. But Cardia decided to carry on his dream, and believes that he’s watching over her. As she boards the train, she tells herself that it’s her turn to fight in place of Impey – to show the wonders of science to the world.

True End

Cardia refuses to, having seen through his intentions. They can’t possibly do both options, so she knows that he means for only her to escape safely. Impey admits to this, but still urges her to leave. Cardia reminds him that they promised not to leave each other’s side, so she’d either choose to live or die with him. Unable to oppose her, Impey chooses the former option. The two of them redirect Nautilus to River Thames, and use force to pull at the emergency brakes. Miraculously, the airship eventually freezes and they are saved. They climb onto the deck, and Impey notes that the horologium will become poisonous again soon. So he takes this chance to kiss her again, as the sun rises again.

A year later, Cardia is searching for Impey in the mansion. London is recovering, and everyone has gone on their separate paths. Saint left for France first, and left the mansion to Cardia and Impey. Surprisingly, Dela told Van to work for him, as he plans to gather the remaining vampires and protect them. They’re going to compromise with the government so that they can live in peace. Fran remains in London as he’s still searching for something. At the same time, he’s recently started giving medical treatment in the impoverished street. Lupin is still trying to stop Tasogare’s terrorist plan. After the case with Nautilus was cleared up, they couldn’t find connection between Nemo and Tasogare. So unexpectedly, Sholmes is cooperating too.


Today, everyone together is finally gathering for a party. Cardia finally finds Impey at his workshop as an explosion occurs. Thankfully he’s alright, though he joked at first that he was hurting in his chest (due to his burning love for her). He’d been working on something for days, but refuses to tell her as it’s a surprise. He finally reveals his invention, which would take them one step closer to their honeymoon. Impey wants her to be the first one to witness it, and he steps off the cannon. A bright light is sent flying, and it suddenly appears as though there are two moons in the sky. Impey proposes to Cardia. Though they’d been together ever since then, chasing after the same dream, he can’t help but want a tangible promise.

Cardia is well-aware that they are faced with many problems – such as the fact that she is a homunculus with the poisonous horologium. But the bright light in the sky and Impey’s smile wipes away her worries, and she asks him to make her happier from now on. He agrees as he smiles in return. While they are chasing their dream of going to the moon, once that is fulfilled they will surely chase after another new dream.

Extra scene: Impey (finally) manages to get Sissy’s affection by making himself smell like her favourite item, as they ask Fran to personalise such a perfume for them. Cardia observes that the dog sees Impey more as his toy though. At the same time, it’s an extremely hot day so Impey decides to cool down by drawing water out from the well with a hose. It spurts out suddenly, and they end up getting wet. But it’s okay because that CG wow He then shows her a rainbow as he directs the hose elsewhere, and Cardia is impressed and remarks that he’s capable of anything. Impey proudly agrees that he can if it’s for the one he loves.

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed it! Impey’s humour made me laugh each time, and in his words, Cardia was really “manly”. I love how hard she worked at what she did, and how she would respond to Impey’s nonsense. Though I was not convinced at a few parts, everything was pretty solid and I see them as a really cute couple. I guess his route felt more straightforward since not much of Cardia’s background was revealed – so it focused more on Impey.

Somehow, I have a feeling that I’m going to feel the same way for this game as I did for Kami naru Kimi to. Like the way everyone sticks together and supports each other almost unconditionally. And Impey’s narrated flashback part was exactly like that game where each guy would do the same probably due to the writer lol.

I’m very happy to get this post out within the same month as the previous post! I’m almost done playing Saint Germain’s route, but wish me luck anyway. Till next post!

18 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Impey Barbicane

  1. Eu says:

    Bumping up an old post. xD

    I loved Impey! And I am loving this game! I just love everyone in this game /sobs. How can I move on to other routes when I know that Impey has a crush on Cardia… while she’s happy with some other guy T_T. But how can I NOT move on when everyone has a mystery I needed to unveil. www PLUS Lupin is waiting for me in the end~~

    I’ve read the normal end, and I feel like someone stab me in the chest again u___u. This end is sadder than any of the bad ends so far. Impeyyyyy T_______T


    • Yume says:

      Ahhh I’m so glad to hear that! I love everyone in this game too ❤ The other routes are really enjoyable too – and are heart-breaking in their own ways too hohoho. Can't wait to see your reactions to some of those other ends! :'D

      Whose route will you be playing next?

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yume says:

          I see! Yes he is ww you have to sit through a very misleading first half before you learn about his true motives and background. To my own surprise, he’s my 2nd favourite after Lupin *^* (I like everyone though)

          Yes same writer! He’s also the writer for Natsuzora.


          • Eu says:

            I’m soooo confused with Saint’s motives. ww He keeps on saying bad things but with a sad voice and expression. HiraDai’s voice though. 💞 But sometimes I want to jump back to Impey’s route esp when he’s being cute being jealous. wwww

            Ooh! Now I have sudden interest in those games! *o*


            • Yume says:

              Yup!! You will be surprised at the change in him later on…in a good way? w

              I think that if you like the balance of humour and sad scenes in C:R, you will enjoy Kami naru Kimi to too? 😀 I love all the characters there too. I haven’t played Natsuzora yet so I can’t comment.


            • Eu says:

              I hope so! I’m still in ch11 tho. 😀
              I’m liking what I see in C:R so far. And so is the bond of the characters. If it’s like that w/ the other games, then I might end up liking them as well. 😀


            • Yume says:

              Oohhh Chapter 12 will be “exciting” heheh. Can’t wait for your reaction (:

              I hope you do! Even though every route in Kami naru Kimi to made me tear up……w


            • Yume says:

              Yes please do hoho~

              Ohh you’re going to play Psychedelica! Seeing how we have pretty similar tastes (Clear, Ryuu Bi, Shuuya), I hope that you end up liking Monshiro too. ^^


            • Eu says:

              I’ve just started the chapter! XD
              Yep! I initially wanted to finish C:R and Psychedelica before the release of Haitaka but got distracted by Ace Attorney. XD I’ll look forward to his route. 😀

              Liked by 1 person

  2. midoriha says:

    Thank you very much—!
    This, too, will be a pretty long one! Anyway, i wanted to say first that i like Impey best! His character is interesting to me, and he matches Cardia very,very well, in my opinion!
    Ok then, let me begin…
    The interactions between Impey and Cardia are solid gold! totally entertaining and awesome!
    ‘She’s his fated one’ he says ! Oh wow, Impey, so sweet—-!
    He’s a vampire—?! wha—?
    ‘He promises to gives her lots of love when her poison is gone.’ and the dialogue that follows….so utterly hilarious!I was grinning uncontrollably..!
    Impey being touched at Cardia coming to save him, though! so funny!
    Cheesy lines totally fit Impey’s character. Most certainly!
    The miracle of their love confession in the air, however…!?-laughing-
    So many Cardia and Impey moments, so utterly wonderful—-Yes, I am very, very happy—-
    I ship this couple so much—ah—- -cheers excitedly at the kiss scene- yes, yes, yes—!
    And like I said for Saint’s route, Ifeel it would have been a ‘nicer’ normal end for them to die together…
    Her poison isn’t suppressed or erased in the ending? Aw…
    The extra scene, though! I want to see that CG of them getting wet!
    Yes, well, that was a nice route indeed, and I so totally ship Cardia and Impey together! Ship—-!


    • Yume says:

      Ahh I’m so glad that you like Impey! In the popularity poll his character was ranked the lowest (among the main guys + Cardia) which made me a bit sad. w I really loved his personality and interactions with Cardia too. I probably laughed the most in his route!

      Ah for the extra scene CG, it shows him and Sissy getting wet. Cardia was left out. Impey started commenting on her alluring figure (when she’s wet) and ended up getting bitten by Sissy. XD


      • midoriha says:

        Eh—-? The lowest?! -bangs fist on table repeatedly- why—?! Lol, well i guess he’s the least ‘cool’ among the guys? And assuming the vote is done in japan, the ‘cool’ type usually ranks higher than the ‘energetic, fun’ type,it seems…
        But, Impey’s still the best to me, and his interactions with Cardia are so vibrant, it’s great! From when i read the common route, i already knew that i liked his character the best, and he matched so well with Cardia!
        Lol to Impey hitting on Cardia in the extra scene!


        • Yume says:

          Yeah I believe most of the voters would be Japanese so that would make sense. ;;

          Agreed, his personality and interactions were already shining so brightly in the common route haha.


          • midoriha says:

            Yeah, it’s unfortunate! I wouod love for there to be more ‘energetic,fun’ guys—-rather than just the cool ones! Variety is the spice of (otome) games–!

            That’s right, ‘shining so brightly’ is a great way to put it! It totally pulled my interest of shipping Cardia and Impey together—! -cheers- how wonderful!


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