Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Arsène Lupin & Concluding Thoughts


Finally, we have Arsène Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)! You can only unlock his route after completing the other 4 routes, so it means that this route contains spoilers of other routes. You have been warned! This follows from the Common Route.

Chapter 9: いつかの許し (Forgiveness of someday)

A few days since leaving the mansion, Cardia is on the train on her way to Wales. She hasn’t been back to the village since what happened 2 years ago. If given a choice, she wouldn’t. But it’s the first place that came to mind on where to search for clues on her origins. So she keeps telling herself not to run away. Upon arriving at her old house, she goes to search for clues. Cardia eventually enters her room. Unlike in the past, she feels lonely. Her encounter with Lupin and the rest probably changed her. She spots a tear in the carpet. If it were before, she would pay no mind. But thanks to her lessons, she realises that it’s a hidden keyhole. With the skills taught by Lupin, she picks the lock and discovers a letter.

Just then, she hears the sound of glass shattering. If it was Tasogare, there would be no need to sound their presence like this. Cardia soon hears people shouting for her to come out, and she discovers that it’s the villagers. Apparently, one of them saw her returning to the mansion and now they want to chase her away. As they blame her for Elaine’s death and the famine and plague they’re facing now, the past memories flood Cardia’s mind. Her mind goes blank, as she loses her cool and she can only think of escaping. She escapes from the house, but panics and trips and falls. Her glove is pulled away from the branches, but she has no time to recover it as the villagers are alerted to her presence.

While running away aimlessly, numerous thoughts run through her mind. Why does she have to be chased away? Is it because she’s a monster? That’s why she has to be taught a lesson? Before she realises it, she’s soon surrounded by the flames of the villagers’ torches. Cardia can’t recall anything she was taught, and can only tremble as she’s faced with angry gazes – just like in the past. She can’t deny their accusations, for she did kill Elaine. She rests her hand on a nearby tree, and it starts to melt away. The priest points this out, claiming that it’s proof of her being a cursed existence. Because they let her escape the last time, God has punished them. He incites the villagers to kill her now to correct their wrong. Someone throws a rock at her, and the blood from her wound melts the ground below. Cardia can only quietly beg for them to stop, and the priest keeps persuading them to attack.

At that moment, an annoyed voice expresses his disgust. Lupin appears by Cardia’s side, declaring that he’s just a thief here to save a lovely girl from the assault of foolish, ugly people. He tightens his embrace over her, as if to give her courage, and apologises for being late. He’s just glad that she’s alright. The worries are washed away from Cardia. Even though she left because she just didn’t want him to see her as a monster, she can’t help but being happy at his arrival. Unable to take anymore of their insults, Lupin calls them a monster instead. Though he dislikes violence, he threatens to kill them if they say it once more. He adds that it’s their own fault for the village’s predicament. Instead of coming up with a realistic approach, they blamed it all on a girl. Cardia sees that he’s standing up for her, just like Elaine did back then.


When a villager remarks that they’re only following the priest’s words, Lupin rebuts that there’s no need to follow blindly. He tells them to think on their own. His words anger the priest, who starts calling him a devil who controls the monster and tells them to attack. Having said his piece, Lupin taps something and smoke fills the scene. He carries Cardia, and nimbly leaps atop a tree with the help of a wire. He quickly escapes, till the flames of the torches disappear out of sight. When they reach the target place with all the camping preparations, he lets her down. Cardia thanks him, as she wipes away the blood from her forehead. He notes that the bleeding has stopped, and hands her glove back to her.

Lupin explains that after she left, they split up to look for her. Feeling both happy and regretful, she’s at a loss of words. As he urges her on, she expresses her gratitude again. However, she tells him not to get involved with her anymore. She remains quiet when he asks what she means. It’s not as if she’s doing this because she doesn’t want to put them in danger. It’s a more selfish feeling, being afraid of them seeing her as a monster. He lets out a big sigh, and correctly guesses her reason. Just like that, he’s stepped into her heart where her inner feelings lie. Lupin admits that there are people who view her as a monster, but not him. To him, she’s just a lonely girl who really wants to reach out to others, but is afraid of hurting them. He takes her hand, asking why she thinks she’s a monster. Her poison is but a mere characteristic, which he promises to cure. Seeing that she remains unconvinced, he decides to speak more frankly.

When he first read the documents from Tasogare concerning her, he did think that she was a monster. But when he saw her that night for what she truly is, he never once thought that again. He did kidnap her for his own reasons, but also because he saw her beautiful but sad-looking profile. Taking her hand as if she was a princess, Lupin remarks that he’s glad he did so. That jewel-like smile of hers has nothing to do with being a monster or human. Just like he’s himself, she’s her own person. Like magic, his words calm her down.

Just then, they hear footsteps and a young girl carrying a thick book appears before them. It turns out to be Etty, who says that she still can’t forgive Cardia. But she thinks that it would be wrong for the villagers to kill Cardia. Elaine wrote a lot about Cardia in the book, and never once she called her a monster or begrudged her. Though she still doesn’t trust her, she wants to believe in her mother’s words. After a brief silence, she says that Cardia isn’t a monster and thanks her for the book. The girl then disappears. Something which had been frozen in Cardia’s heart since then, slowly melts away. Lupin points out that there are others who see her for who she is. While the sad and painful memories of the past remain, she’s feels somewhat saved by Etty’s words. Unable to hold back anymore, Cardia falls to the ground and cries. Lupin only watches over her quietly, till her tears stop.

After he checks that there’s no one after them already, he sets up a fire and prepares a simple meal. Lupin describes how everyone was in panic when they learnt of her disappearance. Impey exclaimed that it must be a lover’s quarrel, and Fran and Saint searched for her endlessly through the night. And while Van appeared calm, the newspaper he was reading was upside-down. Everyone was worried for her, and not one of them sees her as a monster. Cardia says that she’ll have to apologise to them when she returns, and starts to confide her past in Lupin. When she finished, he only remarked that it must have been tough. It’s as if he fully accepted it all, and that makes her happy. Cardia then reveals what she found in the house. After studying it, Lupin realises that the real message is hidden in a code. He deciphers it, and finds out about Idea, an organisation which has been guiding history from the shadows. It appears that Isaac was very on guard against them, and did a lot of research on them.

Lupin carries on reading: “If you’re reading this, it means that my plan is near its failure. I loved God. Bearing God’s faith and name, I wanted to bring the truth of this world to light. But God didn’t love me. God betrayed the world, betrayed men, and……continued to betray me. As such, I’m starting a war against God. You and I will guide mankind into God’s forbidden territory. You and I will reach out to the forbidden, which is only allowed to God. That is my goal. You’re my dear princess. Everything will start from you. The place where people pray to God. St Paul’s Cathedral. I have started my rebel against God in its basement. You will surely hold many questions and much uncertainty towards your situation. All of the answers. Your eternal peace……all lie waiting for you in the cathedral’s basement. Let us walk together towards our new future. ——Code:Realize.”

The term clicks in Cardia’s mind, as she recalls having heard it before. Lupin says that it’s also the name of the terrorist plan he’s been chasing after. It’s a huge clue for them and with this, surely they can unveil the truth. They have to hurry back to London tomorrow to share it with the rest. But for some reason, Cardia feels that it’s a secret which shouldn’t be exposed. That same night elsewhere, Finis wakes up from his sleep of death and starts to move his limbs. He falls down several times, but eventually continues walking, as he always does, to that same place. He walks up to his favourite spot – the outer walls surrounding London – and gazes down at the city his father developed. He’d never expected his sister to be this foolish, but affirms that he will have her. But he asks his father to forgive him for the slight alterations to the plan. As he welcomes the birth of a new world, parts of London explode loudly. He laughs with great satisfaction, promising to see through it all.

Chapter 10: 戦火 (War)

The next day, Cardia and Lupin take the train back to London. The latter can easily tell that she’s both anxious and scared of what awaits them in the cathedral – only a person like Impey wouldn’t know pfft. He knows that Tasogare is using the cathedral as their HQ too. If she doesn’t feel like it she doesn’t need to force herself to go there. Cardia gathers her feelings, and says that she’d go ahead. He commends her, for the only way to discover the truth is to use your own eyes and think for yourself. For some reason, she feels at ease by his side. It’s probably thanks to him, that she can move forward like this. Lupin thanks her for her ardent gaze, but admits that it feels awkward. When she remains puzzled by what he means, he replies that it’s a secret and tells her to sleep first.

Some time passes by, and when Cardia wakes up Lupin has some troubling news. The train conductor just informed them that London is under martial law, and all railway lines travelling towards it have been suspended. Apparently, part of the military has revolted so London is currently in chaos. The rest should’t be in grave danger though, as Saint’s mansion is quite a distance away. The two of them exit the train to where the other passengers and people who have evacuated are, hoping to catch a rumour or two.

There, they find out that the rebel army first caused explosions in parts of London. While the police and military were tackling that, a eeriely-dressed pack of men led a charge from the cathedral to overtake important facilities. At first, they took over the cannons located at the outer walls. From there, they fired shots to cause the police and military to lose central command. And now they’re attacking the palace. Though Victoria is holding out with the bodyguards, defeat is only a matter of time. Though the rumours may not be 100% true, it is without a doubt that London is in chaos. As much as Lupin wants Cardia to stay behind here, she refuses. Though he stays that he will contact the rest and quickly escape, she knows that he will do all he can to stop the terrorism. In that case, it’s better for her to join him and help out. Since that’s been decided, Lupin decides to go and save Victoria first. If they do, she can gather her forces again and help to attack the cathedral. While they’re caught up in crossfire, they can take the chance to sneak in. They borrow a horse-carriage, and head towards London.

Along the way, Lupin goes to question one of the people evacuating for further details. The man confirms that it’s chaotic and the government is pretty much wrecked. Seeing that the enemy moved so rapidly, they’ve probably been preparing since long ago. They first aimed for the military’s communication network, and main streets. Before the government could access the situation, they crushed their military. So it doesn’t look like the queen can last for long. When asked why he knows this much, the man admits that he was just fighting a while ago. But he got frightened when he saw his men die, and fled in order to live on for his family in the countryside. Lupin only remarks that everyone is afraid to die, and the man only thanks him before moving on. In this world, there are those who die for a cause, and those who don’t. Lupin doesn’t think that you should blame those who don’t. Life is not just about dying a grand death, there are those who struggle to get by too.

When they reach the borders, soldiers stop them from entering, as well as many other people. Due to the massive amount of people, they easily slip into the city. Inside, they see the queen’s army take to the skies and they guess that it’s a coup. Seeing that they don’t have much time left, they hurry towards the palace. Before doing so though, Lupin changes clothes in a flash. On their way there, they came across collapsed buildings and corpses, which he tells her not to look at. When they finally arrive at the palace, they find it surrounded by the enemy. Lupin carries Cardia and leads her through the sewers. Seeing her flushed cheeks, he remarks that he didn’t expect her to be this embarrassed. But he beams and jokes that it probably can’t be helped since she’s being carried by this extremely handsome man.


He warns Cardia to be alert of his signals, for they’re going to enter a war-like zone. When she appears uneasy, he reminds her that his failure rate is always 0%. Cardia brings up his failure to kidnap Finis, which he dismisses since there was a change to the plans and they safely escaped anyway. He also strongly dismisses Sholmes. They soon exit, and find the enemy overpowering the queen’s guards. Lupin invades the scene, with the use of tear gas. Afterwards, he hears Leonhard’s booming voice calling for the queen. As Lupin remarks that Leonhard certainly isn’t cut out for a thief, it helps them to track his location down. When they catch sight of him, they’re attacked by a Tasogare member. The thief uses Fran’s specially-made sleeping gas – but both the enemy and Leonhard end up falling asleep.

After typing the enemy up, they go to wake up Leonhard. They persuade him to cooperate with them due to their common interests. Leonhard tells them that the rebels are concentrating on the queen’s room or the throne room. Lupin offers to distract them, as he starts to imitate Victoria’s voice perfectly. They take this chance to find the queen, and soon find two enemies attempting to break down the door to the throne room. Leonhard charges in on them, and Cardia quickly helps him out, though she’d wish he didn’t announce their presence. Inside, they find Victoria who sees that she has little choice and follows them to escape.

However, before they can do so, Finis surrounds them with his men. Cardia is shocked to see him still alive, and Victoria demands to know his motive. Annoyed at the interruption, he lashes at the queen. She is but a mere pawn in his plan, and he invites Cardia to cooperate with him. Finis explains that the plan, Code:Realize, is to create a new god for the world. He points out that science always advances with war. Mankind instinctively knows that it’s the key in survival and progression. That’s why Isaac thought of a way to let human civilisation progress to the next stage. By having an eternal, world-wide war overseen by an absolute existence. Finis wants to see through this, with their father as that absolute existence.

They’re at the last stage now. In order to revive Isaac, they’d need his body as the vessel, and Cardia’s horologium for the heart. That’s the meaning to their existence. They have no heart or soul, and are mere tools. They act like humans, but they are only dolls. Everything down to their memories and feelings, is fake. Though Finis says it all with a smile, there’s also a deep sense of despair behind his words. He invites Cardia to fulfill their roles, so that they will be loved, so that they will gain happiness. Leonhard exclaims that it’s madness, but Finis replies that they’re only correcting this mad world. He seeks Cardia’s understanding, and she does. She knows that he’s speaking the truth, and the desire to erase this sense of despair and emptiness.


She can hear her father’s words once more that when she wakes up, she will guide people from their cage given by god to the bigger world. But she must live alone. She cannot know what love is – if she does, she will become unhappy. For she is a monster. The realisation that she’s an ugly, poisonous monster sinks into her, only created for the sake of her father’s dream. She actually already knew everything, he told it all to her in her sleep. But she just didn’t want to remember, and buried it deep.

“Loved by none. Needed by none. If my existence has no meaning. Why am I here?”

Unconsciously, she reaches out to Finis’ hand. Victoria remarks that he’s crazy, and tells Cardia that she can’t return if she takes that hand. Her words pull Cardia back, as she tells herself that this isn’t the hand which led her outside to the bright world. It isn’t the one she wants to touch when her poison is cured. She forces herself to hang in there, to think just of Lupin, as she buys time. She’s sure that he will come for them. So Cardia asks Finis to explain in detail, as to how she should cooperate. Pleased with her answer, he tells her that she just needs to sleep, while the horologium is changed into a philosopher’s stone. Once they remove it, she will die. She then asks what will become of him. Finis starts to sense something off.

At that moment, the lights go off and a small airship flies by and drops several bombs. The bombs don’t hurt anyone directly though, and Cardia instantly knows that it’s Lupin. Making his grand entrance, he promises to steal her away each and every time for her heart belongs to him. Before the enemies can react, he releases a smoke bomb and tells Cardia to escape at the right time. Leohard carries Victoria and leaps at a rope hanging from the airship, and she follows suit. Left behind, Finis can only shout after her: Why won’t she grant their father’s wish. Everything he didn’t have was given to her. Both of them are monsters, and have no place in this world. No one will love them.

His words sting her with the truth. In the end, they escape successfully thanks to Lupin stealing an airship. They seek Victoria’s cooperation in attacking the cathedral, which she agrees to since she has to quell the rebel forces. All of England’s knowledge and technology resides in London, so she can’t give it up.

Chapter 11: 正義の味方 (Champion of justice)

Elsewhere, Omnibus is tending to her garden. She snaps off a branch, to allow the rest of the plant to grow healthily. Guinevere appears to report the incidents in London, saying that it was thanks to Lupin and Cardia that the queen was saved. Omnibus decides that it’s time for them to act, and asks Guinevere to gather all the disciples under Saint. Isaac is attempting to cross into God’s territory, just like how she made that mistake long ago, and they need to intervene.

While Leonhard and Victoria fall asleep, Cardia remains by Lupin’s side. She wonders why he’s going so far, and if he has other reasons. She expresses the pain in her chest when she thinks of him. Though she’s glad that he came to save her, at the same time she fears for him when he puts himself in danger. She doesn’t know why though, and begins to stutter on her words and redden. For a brief moment, she feels something warm as Lupin pulls her hat down and kisses her through it. After that, they land the airship just outside the city area. Immediately, Victoria gathers the remaining army and citizens in the impoverished area, and rallies for their support. At the same time, Leonhard vows to return Lupin the favour someday. The latter also thanks the knight for protecting Cardia. Just then, a familiar voice causes Lupin to freeze. It’s none other than Sholmes, who’s here to cooperate with the government.

At the same time, Saint and the rest join them. The former commends on their brave act, which was big enough to change the course of history. Though Cardia says that it’s all Lupin’s doing, Lupin recognises her efforts and this secretly makes her happy. It feels as though she’s returned the favour to him, even just a bit. They retreat to one of Lupin’s hideouts, where Dela and Sissy reunite with them. Sholmes also decides to intrude on them. There, Cardia apologises to everyone for her actions. Lupin then shares the plan with everyone else, warning those who doesn’t want to stay and risk their lives to back out now. No one budges, as Cardia requests for their help despite the fact that it’s also her personal issue. Lupin gets down on one knee and extends a hand, saying that if it’s for her sake, they will make the impossible possible.

Later, Cardia is unable to sleep and heads outside. Saint finds her, and says that he wants to let her meet someone. As he leads her on, she notices that he’s lacking his usual elegant aura. He admits that he’s feeling confused because of her, and everyone else. He recounts that in the past, men was driven out of Eden, rejected by God as beings unworthy of affection. In other words, this was the original sin and ever since then mankind has been asking for forgiveness from God. That’s the history of mankind. They have to keep walking on the right path till they gain salvation. But mankind is weak and repeats mistakes, so there needs to be someone to watch over them and prevent it – Idea. He reveals that he’s one of Idea’s disciples, and that Idea deems Cardia as one of the “wrongs” which they need to remove.

Guinevere and Omnibus appear before her, as the latter says that she and Finis are beings which shouldn’t exist. They would only invite disasters. Saint voices his hesitation, that even if her existence is wrong, the path she walks towards her future isn’t. When Guinevere questions if she’s worth betraying them, he affirms this. In order to prevent her two disciples from fighting in this crucial time, Omnibus changes her approach. She hands Cardia a bottle of poison, which will gently kill her. Though she isn’t forcing her, she wants her to take it if she feels that it’s necessary. Omnibus hopes that Saint remains on their side till the end, and disappears with Guinevere. Cardia thanks him for protecting her, but he says that he did nothing to erase her pain. They return to the hideout, but she’s still unable to sleep and goes outside.

Cardia wonders if “dying” is the appropriate word for her. As she hears the distant sounds of explosions, she trembles. She still can’t help but be afraid of death. Lupin discovers her, and she quickly hides the poison. He’s gone through so much for her, and she hates herself for contemplating death so easily. Observing that she doesn’t want to share what happened, he sits himself beside her. Soon, Cardia finds herself questioning him.

Cardia: There’s no reason for Lupin to go to this extent for me. I can’t……see why you’d risk your life for me.
Lupin: The reason for saving you? Well, that’s because I’m a champion of justice— you’re not convinced by that?
Cardia: ……what is, justice……? You’re risking your life in this fight right? You may even die right? I’m happy that you saved me. I’m really grateful to the point where words aren’t enough, but—!! Even though you could die……!

For some reason, she feels frustrated. She’s reminded that she’s a monster and can only bring misfortune to others. Lupin calmly answers that it’s both his and her fight. The information he had about the terrorist plan, was actually from his teacher, who taught him everything. He finally confides his past in her. He was an orphan in Paris, and pick-pocketed in order to get by. Perhaps he had talent, he was never caught – except once when he was 10 years old. Instead of handing him to the police though, the man commended on his skills and offered to teach him how to be a thief. That was how he met his teacher.

His teacher stole from the corrupt and shared with the poor. Lupin respected him a lot, and learnt much from him. One day, he asked why he’s teaching him so much. His teacher only replied that he’s done a lot of bad deeds, so he’s doing all of this to repent. Though he’s doesn’t expect to be forgiven. He then told Lupin that he shouldn’t bother with other people’s sense of justice, and should stick to his own. Those words remain with Lupin till today. He only found out the truth about his teacher some years later. Lupin came to learn that his teacher stopped being a gentleman thief, and even used the money Lupin stole to create a criminal syndicate. Naturally he was shocked, since his teacher was a father figure to him. He was betrayed, and tried to persuade his teacher. But on that rainy day, he cut off all ties with Lupin.


After thinking through things, Lupin decided to crush the organisation and to bring his teacher back to his senses. He infiltrated it, stole the wealth for an orphanage and anonymously stole criminal evidence for the police. But before the police could act, the organisation fell apart due to what happened. They started to accuse and kill each other. Lupin found his teacher on that rainy day, and knew instantly that he wasn’t going to make it. But his teacher only smiled, seeing that there was someone who cried for his sake. Acting as his son, Lupin took care of his funeral and belongings. He then discovered his teacher’s diary, and the truth. His teacher was an intelligence agent of Tasogare. He learnt of Isaac’s Code:Realize plan but escaped out of fear. The regret of not stopping it though, had been eating at him ever since then. Since he was his disciple, Lupin decided to see through the justice he couldn’t, and to find out more about this plan. That was why he came to London.

Cardia thanks him for sharing, but he adds that there’s another reason. He hints that the difference between a human and a monster, is probably the ability to love. After mulling over his words, she remarks that she probably loves him, and everyone one else. He agrees, but says that the love he’s speaking of is different. There’s only that one special person you love, and will do anything for his/her smile. Hearing this, Cardia believes that he is that person for her, but feels inferior to him. She asks if he has one, and he confirms this. That’s his other reason for fighting. A person who is a coward when it comes to herself, but brave when it comes to other people. Cardia is reluctant to hear him speak warmly of that person, but she soon realises who he is referring to when he calls the person stupid for thinking that she’s a monster.

At first, he couldn’t stand to see how she looked as though she’d given up on everything. So he vowed to make her smile. But the more time he spend with her, the more he fell for her. Lupin grins widely at her, saying that it has nothing to do with whether she’s a monster or human. He truly loves her. That’s why he’s giving his all to make her happy. Cardia replies that she’s already more than happy, for she now knows how much she is loved. It’s thanks to him, that she’s been human all this time. Lupin only remarks that he knew so long ago.

As dawn breaks, Victoria has finished the preparations. The group prepare to set off, and Dela insists on joining them. Whether it’s vampires or humans, he can’t stand to see those with power sacrificing the weak. Van replies that he probably won’t ever forget the truth in his words, and thanks him. Right now, a unit is acting as a distraction and attacking the frontline, while another unit will infiltrate and attack from within. They hurry towards the cathedral, but observe the intense situation and decide to change plans. They decide to charge in and fight. Dela stays back to fend off the enemies at the entrance. Saint, Fran, Impey and Van help to ward off attacks, while Lupin successfully finds the secret entrance to the basement.

There, they find Finis waiting for them. He taunts Van into shooting him, and each and every time another clone appears. When another one appears, he remarks that they shouldn’t be surprised since he is a monster, just like Cardia. He was built differently from her though, and he invites Cardia to see the truth for herself. He disappears down the hallway, leaving them to with a wave of clones. Saint tells Lupin and Cardia to go ahead, while they handle it. Down the dark hallway, they arrive at a room with a large globe in the middle. Finis welcomes them, as he brings a gun to his head and shoots himself. He falls to the ground, but his voice is still heard coming from the globe. In other words, these are all disposable clones and his real self is the globe. That’s why he is immortal. In addition, all of Isaac’s memories and knowledge is stored within him. So together with that, his body and her horologium which produces eternal energy, they will get an immortal being with supreme knowledge. Isaac will be none other than god.

While Finis raves about becoming one with their father to receive his love, Lupin has no intentions of handing Cardia over. He takes out explosives, and threatens to use it if he doesn’t say how to cure Cardia’s poison. Unfazed, Finis answers that the poison will disappear when she is united with Isaac – but she will cease to exist anymore. At that moment, the room starts to shake and everything is being swooped up. They hear Nemo’s voice praising the gravity-relief mechanism with glee, as he now grants Isaac’s dying wish. It’s too late to run, as large cables grab Cardia and Lupin can’t use his explosives anymore. Another cable sweeps him away and everything else starts lifting upwards. Lupin attempts to jump towards her, but the anti-gravity force releases him and he falls to the ground.

Left behind, Lupin promises to come for her and tells her to believe in him. Cardia exclaims back that because he loves her, she can believe in herself. And she’s human because she loves him. So she will wait for him. Outside, Leonhard and everyone else stare in disbelief at the huge, monster-like airship. It drops a blue, sparkling item, which Leonhard immediately recognises as jikterium. He calls for everyone to retreat, as smoke emerges. On that day, they were dealt with a blow due to the Nautilus. And the Nautilus will aid Finis’ rebel army in taking the reigns of god, but to Leonhard and the rest it will be seen as the devil itself.

Chapter 12: Code:Realize

In her sleep, Cardia is woken up by Isaac. In her dream, she’s not wearing gloves or anything special, but the items don’t melt under her touch. As she heads downstairs, she finds her mother and younger brother too. It’s as if she is somebody else, and tears run down her face as she smiles at her family. Cardia wakes up to the chime of the clock, and recalls what happened. She was taken away, and a part of her horologium was extracted. Due to the pain, she passed out. She now finds herself strapped to a chair dressed in her old clothes. She learns that the extracted horologium was taken to support the Nautilus’ operations.

Finis then brings out his pendant, and brings it towards her horologium to awaken it. The heat and pain pierce her body, and just when she’s about to pass out again, the pendant breaks. The final preparations are over, and Finis remarks that his duty is almost over. Soon, he starts crying out as he can feel a shift in himself. The globe starts to glow and before Cardia knows it, Isaac awakens in Finis’ body. Isaac gladly greets her, and admits that it’s all his doing. She insists that it’s wrong to kill people for this, and questions why he made her this way if he said that he loved her. But Isaac corrects her. He loves Cardia, his daughter who died in that fire. Her DNA was the only one he could salvage from the remains, and he created her. Even if she’s just a shadow of his daughter, he’s happy. But Cardia sees that she’s just a tool to him, like Finis is. The horologium still isn’t complete, so Isaac’s time is short-lived and he says that he’ll see her again.


Finis reawakens and he revels in the joy that their father’s wish will soon come true. Cardia is not though, for innocent people will die and even the two of them will disappear from this world. But he sees no problem to it, for they will end up receiving Isaac’s love. He starts to accuse her of always being loved despite the monster she is, unlike him. Overwhelmed with rage, he grabs at her hair, exclaiming that she won’t understand how it feels to be looked at with disgust and hatred by their father. When she remarks that he doesn’t truly love her, he replies that she’s still loved – even if it’s fake. But he was never once met with a smile. His anger slowly turns into sadness, and Cardia realises that he was the one more aware than anyone else of his identity as a monster, a doll. The one who was truly alone. Finis slowly squeezes her throat, wondering “what if Cardia wasn’t here”.

Elsewhere, Lupin and co. join Shomes, Victoria, Leonhard and other important figures to discuss the next move. They’ve more or less quelled the rebel forces, but there’s still the palace left. It will be a tough task with the Nautilus present. It didn’t take long for Impey to realise that the Nautilus has his gravity-relief mechanism. And he suggests that the best way is to break in and destroy it. Fran also explains that the large amount of jikterium that went missing after the vampire wars, was probably in Finis’ possession. Lupin also sheds light on Isaac’s true plan, Code:Realize. Victoria decides to give everyone 5 days to prepare for a counterattack, though everyone is uneasy about it.

Lupin is left alone, wondering how Cardia is doing now. Feeling anxious, he’s driven to save her now and goes to find Impey’s ornithopter in Saint’s mansion. His rational self knows that it’s reckless and that he will fail, just like how he failed to bring his teacher back. Van had tailed behind him, and he notes that the usual Lupin would’ve long discovered his presence. He questions why the gentleman thief isn’t waiting for the right opportunity, but of course Lupin is worried about Cardia’s well-being. She’d finally smiled from the bottom of her heart, and he wants to protect it. Though Victoria said 5 days, who knows how long preparations will take. He tells Van to stop him, as he’d rather die than lose Cardia.

To his surprise, Van says that he isn’t stopping him. In fact, he’d need more forces to fight Nautilus. Impey and the rest turn up too, indicating their desire to follow. Saint has a proposal, as Omnibus and Guinevere appear behind him. They return to where Victoria is, and Omnibus introduces herself before the queen. Saint explains that 5 days isn’t enough, for Isaac would’ve long finished his goal by then. They want Victoria to gather all her forces by tomorrow night, and Idea’s disciples will cast a magical barrier to protect the attack team on Nautilus. With that as a lure, Lupin and the rest will infiltrate the airship to destroy it and stop Isaac. Everyone agrees, but Lupin reminds Omnibus that he will save Cardia. The elderly lady gives way.

Victoria announces that she’d grant a handsome amount of money, as well as the title of knight to whoever joins them. This attracted the wealthy nobles, and the mafia and pirates to join the cause. So many airships turned up. At the same time, Idea’s disciples are casting their magic with the help of the court alchemists and Royal Society. Saint and Fran have gone to help them, while Van is teaching the citizens how to handle the weapons. And Impey is re-engineering the airships. Lupin is at the main building going through the plans. As of now, the Nautilus has been quiet, and will probably remain so till Isaac is fully revived. Eventually, there is just a few hours left till the set time.

Lupin is reminded of his past though, and Van catches him banging his fist against the wall. He’s not his usual self at all. The thief admits that even though he’s always self-confident, he’s feeling uneasy at a time like this. Van doesn’t see why it should be pitiful, for they’re talking about the woman who is more important to him than any other jewel or top secret information. Up till now, he was desperate in everything he did – whether it’s to live, to learn the skills, to see through his justice. But he’s probably similar to Cardia, in that he wasn’t truly human till now. Van acts amused, and later tells Lupin to find the answer in himself.

The gentleman thief does so, and remarks that he’d never thought he’d be comforted by Van. The latter admits that he’s beginning to think that it isn’t so bad to have friends. The two of them go to rest first, and Lupin wonders how Van thinks of Cardia. He believes that even without Finis in the picture, Van would save her. When she disappeared, he did frantically search for her. But he holds himself back from asking Van any further.

That night, everyone is prepared and Victoria makes her final speech to them. She admits that just a while ago, she also thought the same thing as Isaac despite her varying reasons. She’d thought that if a world war occurred, England could live on. But after witnessing what the Nautilus has caused, she finally realised that it’s wrong. There is no meaning in killing each other. She affirms that justice is on their side, and that everyone is a hero. She prays for their victory, and survival. The airships take to the sky, and Sholmes asks to board Lupin and co’s airship too. Sholmes explains that he has someone he has to settle things with. Dela has come to see them off, hoping for their success. He also tells Van to live on.

They start to attack Nautilus, and Impey ups the speed of their airship to close in before they’re noticed. At the same time, Cardia is woken up by the distant sounds of explosions. She isn’t tied up, and sees her other set of clothes lying on the floor. She searches it for the poison, though she tells herself to believe in Lupin. A loud explosion hits the airship, destroying the door of her room. She exits, hoping to find a way to stop Nautilus from within. She searches each and every room, while avoiding the Tasogare members. But before she can find the central control room, two men catch her. Finis arrives, and kicks her to the floor. Cardia starts feeling dizzy, and she can only follow Finis back to the room with the globe.

He asks for her cooperation again. As her holorogium has already started to evolve, it will naturally seek for its right body. In other words, when the time comes the horologium will dispose of her body and start to kill her. But Isaac made it so that her body will withstand it, so only her poison will get stronger. When that happens, her poison will spread and kill everyone else. Of course, he isn’t affected so he will use it to revive Isaac. Finis laughs at her false righteousness, and asks her to choose between becoming a monster or to accept her fate. She is filled with despair at the news. Even if Lupin comes to save her, she will end up killing him.

Cardia is reminded of the poison she has from Omnibus. But she doesn’t want to die, nor does she want to become a monster or a part of god. She wants to live on with Lupin. Her words irritate Finis, and he says that he will decide for her instead. He takes out a test-tube filled with a chemical which will speed up the changing of the horologium. He tells her to rot in despair while destroying the world with her selfishness, and a drop of it touches Cardia. She screams in pain, as her chest burns up. The horologium shines brightly, as does the globe. Finis laughs gleefully, as Isaac will finally be revived. After a short while, the pain dies down and silence fills the room. Isaac is now in Finis’ body, and he greets her again.


His ideal has finally become a reality. Large cables extend towards Cardia, as he asks for her to offer the horologium to him. So that he can destroy this ridiculous world and create a new one. Cardia whispers for Lupin to save her, and to her surprise he responds. Smoke fills the room, and a shadow approaches her – just like their first meeting. Lupin remarks that he’s here to steal her away, and assures her that he never fails. Cardia tears up as she’s being saved by the person she loves, who always steals her away from pain and sadness. Lupin tells her to smile if she wants to thank him, as they leap towards the exit and shut the door.

Chapter 13: ぬくもり (Warmth)

Soon, an alarm sounds throughout the airship. Cardia is having difficulty running, so Lupin carries her. She learns that everyone else is also onboard for their own reasons. She quickly stops him, for she has something important to say. Cardia thanks him for saving her, admitting that she was glad to see him again. But she can’t be with him anymore. She can feel the horologium burning, as if hinting that she’ll soon turn into a monster which will destroy the world. In the true end, she will give her reason. In the normal end, she will remain quiet but Lupin will eventually persuade her to share it. She really wants to be saved, but can’t stand the thought of the person she loves dying because of her. Cardia thanks him for always being by her side, and bids farewell. It was thanks to him that she became human.

But Lupin stops her from leaving, telling her not to decide things by herself. He pulls her in, reinforcing his feelings for her. Before she gives up, she should rely on him more. No matter what happens, he will definitely steal her back. At that moment, Finis shows up. Since Cardia left midway, he has come for her to complete the revival process. He swiftly picks up a gun and shoots Lupin. The latter falls to the ground with a fatal wound. Cardia is in shock, and can’t but blame herself for not leaving his side earlier. Left with zero resistance, Finis drags her back.

Elsewhere, Impey and Fran have arrived at the central control room to reclaim the gravity relief mechanism and jikterium respectively. Nemo exclaims his admiration for both of them, and wants them to join him in showing the world the wonders of science. Of course, both of them refuse. Science isn’t meant to create tragedy, but things filled with hope and romance. In another place, Saint is confronted with Guinevere. He guesses that Omnibus pretended to help but in truth, she wants to destroy everything. She reminds him of the tragedy he’d caused years ago, but Saint refuses to give up. He doesn’t want to believe that it’s all absolute. Guinevere only expresses her envy.

In yet another place, Van is fighting Arester. The latter appears pleased at Van’s performance, but Van is enraged at the truth. The murder of his family was his doing, not Finis’. But Arester wants a companion, someone else who understands his loneliness and sadness. After a long silence, Van tells him to leave. If he stains his hands further, he wouldn’t be able to return to the rest. Heavily injured, Arester walks away, as if inviting Van to shoot anytime. Left alone, Van can only wonder if his decision was correct. While limping away, Arester wonders what Isaac will do now. After hearing the genius’ ideal world, he decided to follow him.

Just then, a voice remarks that justice and evil are opposite existences. However, the definitions of it can be changed greatly depending on the place and time. However, his existence is an absolute evil no matter what – James Moriarty. The elderly man gazes at Sholmes, and also addresses him by his real name, Sherlock Holmes. Herlock Sholmes was just an anagram of it. The detective says that he’s finally chased him down, and is here to judge the criminal. Unlike his disciple, he isn’t as naive. In fact, he has obtained the permission of the government to kill him based on the law. Moriarty observes that he looks a bit regretful though, and Holmes admits that he feels a bit lonely to rid of his nemesis. His cases always provided him a challenge, so it would be a bit boring without him around. Hearing this, Moriarty realises that the detective is alarmingly similar to him. Perhaps it was because that he kept gazing into the darkness of humans, that he’s attracted to it. He is satisfied to be killed by this opposite existence, one he never thought he would feel this close to. Putting good and evil aside, Holmes admits that the chase was fun. Moriarty accepts this compliment, and is shot dead.

Back in the room with the globe, Cardia can’t stop blaming herself for Lupin’s death. But in the next moment, the horologium shines brightly. Finis declares with joy that the prologue of Code:Realize is finally here, and asks if Isaac is watching – if he’s been useful. Cardia cries aloud, as she feels the poison overflowing. The pain from before disappears, but she feels a weird pulse instead. The horologium has transformed into the philosopher’s stone, and Cardia’s hair turns silver in colour. Isaac awakens in Finis’ body, and is glad to see that his “heart” is finally complete. He tells her not to panic, for currently his body is taking in her horologium’s power and poison. So the pilots can still operate the airship. However, when his body can no longer handle the strength of her poison, she will then become a true monster. As long as he accepts her “heart” before that though, it will be okay.


Isaac then gazes at his body, commenting that Finis always did unnecessary things. Angered by his words, Cardia points out how much Finis wanted to be loved and helped him to finish Code:Realize. Isaac is unaffected, saying that it’s only expected for his creations to work the way they should. She denies this. Even if they lived differently, they were alive. Yet he trampled on it all with his own desires. Compared to them, he is way more like a monster. He only remarks that she’s an imitation, and has large cables reach towards her to extract the philosopher’s stone. If she didn’t desire for anything and gave up from the start, she wouldn’t be in pain. He will end it all for her now. Cardia admits that she shouldn’t exist, but she doesn’t want to give up on this life which Lupin tried to save. She will resist with all she has as long as there’s a strand of hope. But Isaac robs her of her freedom, and shuts her within the globe.

While inside, Cardia loses conscious and sees a dream of Isaac’s past. A young Isaac told a woman that he’s going to join Royal Society, hoping to bridge magic and science. He asked her to wait for him till he succeeds. In London, his talents shone but he remained humble, kind and hard-working. So many people feared yet respected him. Soon, the country recognised his talents and he called the woman over and married her. With his success, he was guaranteed a comfortable life. But one day, he gave it up. He felt that he’d already contributed enough, and would disrupt his peers’ ambitions if he remained. So he retired from Royal Society, and moved with his family to a village plagued with famine. He continued to use his research so as to help them out, while raising his twins (Cardia and Finis). Slowly, the village situation improved and the villagers started to admire him. Everyone was happy.

But 2 years after moving to the village, the famine situation was so terrible that even Isaac could not help much. This made the villagers believe in nonsense that he’d used demon’s magic to help them before, making God angry and hence they’re being punished now. They blamed it on him, yet he didn’t give up. He used his own money to research further, not noticing the rumours about him. Then one day, he went to London to gather some research. And when he returned home, he found his wife stabbed and children with burn wounds. But they were still breathing, so he rushed to borrow a horse from the villagers, to get them treatment. But no one listened, and they even threw rocks at him. In the end, his family died.

Filled with regret and anger, Isaac could only question where he went wrong. Ever since then, he changed. He returned to Royal Society and buried himself in research, and no one else could understand him anymore. There were even rumours that he went mad. But Isaac didn’t care. To him, no matter how many miracles science creates, or how advanced life is, everything will go up in flames by the very people using it. And so, he aimed to recreate this world with Code:Realize. But that was just a false motive to avert his eyes away from his real desire. Cardia wakes up in a familiar room seated on her chair. Nothing has changed with her waking her. If so she should just go back to sleep and wait for her father. She feels extremely tired, and no longer wants to think about anything. If she remains cooped up here, she won’t get hurt and won’t hurt anyone. So she wishes to remain undisturbed. A voice calls her a liar.

???: That’s not a wish. It’s only your obligation. ……that’s not what it really is right.
Cardia: B-but……
???: Listen here, my lady. The answer I want is only this. A wish you truly desire from the bottom of your heart. Nothing will start if you don’t say it first. —Rest assured, my lady. No matter how absurd or reckless your wish is, I will see that it is granted. There is nothing that the world’s number one thief can’t steal.
Cardia: …………ah
???: Now, raise your voice Cardia! I am always ready to take your hand!!
Cardia: I want to see you……! I want to touch you……!
Lupin: Understood. My fair lady.

He breaks open the globe to save her, apologising for his late entrance. But he won’t leave her side anymore. Apparently, it was all an act earlier. Thanks to Impey’s special-made bullet-proof vest, coupled with a fake blood pack, he only passed out. He also reassures her that he isn’t affected by her poison. Lupin also compliments on her new hair colour. Though she feels that it’s proof that she’s a monster, he remarks that she’s the prettiest jewel in the world.

They’re interrupted by Isaac, who asks if he purposely waited till now to appear. Lupin confirms this. If the horologium produces poison in exchange for its enormous amount of energy, then Isaac can have all the energy he wants – as long as a bit is left so that Cardia can live on. Indeed, it was a risky bet but also the most effective way. Isaac adds that its eternity function is pretty much in his hands, so there’s hardly any poison left in her – if she uses it a few times it would be gone. However, that also means that he can now start his work as a god. Lupin remarks that he only looked at the bigger picture though, and missed out the minor details. At the same moment, explosions occur throughout the room, affecting the control of Isaac’s movement. The bombs are merely made up of gunpowder and an ignition, a long-forgotten creation of the past. But all the more the him which relied entirely on machines would not notice. He has been defeated by the human technology which he wanted to abandon. Lupin doesn’t plan on being guided by any god, but to walk on with his own two feet together with Cardia.

Cardia admits that she may be a foolish existence. But she points out that the happiness Isaac had lost was when he was human, so it’s wrong for him to deny everything he had then. The explosions destroy the globe, and Isaac’s body collapses to the floor. Instead, he weakly controls the cables while demanding that science has to advance, so that he can revive the dead. And this time he won’t leave their side again. It becomes clear that all along, he really wanted to be with his family again. The cables come to a stop. With Isaac gone, the enormous energy he’d absorbed has no place to go and starts destroying the rest of the Nautilus.

All of a sudden, Lupin is shot in the leg. Finis is back, and determined not to let this fail. The airship starts self-destructing, probably because Impey did what he aimed to do. It tilts violently and Finis starts sliding towards the side, where the wall is destroyed. Injured, Lupin can only do his best to hold on with Cardia. Seeing that Finis is helpless with his body, Cardia promises Lupin that she’ll be back and releases herself from his grasp. As the brother apologises to Isaac, the sister grabs him in time. She tells him to hold on, but Finis knows that she isn’t strong enough without the horologium.

Finis: Father is dead. Now I’m just a useless doll…… No one loved me…… I’m just a doll……longed by humans.
Cardia: I……will love you……!
Finis: ……!?
Cardia: So……! Live on, Finis! You’re my brother……! My only family!! Though we clashed a lot……and hurt each other, we can still make amends! So let’s live on together……!? Finis!

Cardia’s hand starts to tremble, but she refuses to let go, determined to make it back together. Finis remarks that she’s really made poorly and refuses to live together with her for he hates her. He lets go of her hand, bidding farewell to her. He despised her all along, except maybe in this final moment. Finis falls down the sky, and Lupin catches Cardia in time. He understands her sadness, but says that they’ve to make it through first. But the walls start to tear apart and it’s clear that they don’t have much time left. Cardia tells Lupin to escape without her, reassuring him that she’ll make it out too. But he complains that his wound is suddenly hurting and he can’t move so he’ll stay with her. After all, this room is supposedly the sturdiest in the Nautilus so elsewhere can’t be much better. They just have to bet on their destiny.


Everything crumbles away, and Lupin apologises for not fulfilling his initial promise to her. But she says that he has already done so. It’s always warm by his side, and they’ve long been connected. As they fall with the wind, he says that he’d at least fulfill it in their last moments. The last of her poison burns his glove and hand, but he remains smiling as he strokes her hair. (The poison has seeped into her hair in her awakened state.) Even if his hand melts, he wants to keep touching her. Finally, it no longer burns as there’s no poison left. Like a final reward, Lupin kisses her, finally fulfilling the promise. Even if the world ends, they love each other.

Normal End

A month after the incident, the scars from it remain in London. Thankfully though, the queen is safe. Saint observes that humans are mysterious creatures. Despite receiving that much damage, they’ve begun to recover. People are flooding back to the impoverished area, as quickly as they’d evacuated. This chaotic area reflects both the ugliness and beauty of humans. So he likes this place. When the Nautilus crashed, the only survivors were Van, Fran, Impey, Sholmes, Saint and Guinevere. It is not certain what happened to Finis, Arester, Nemo – Cardia and Lupin. Saint and the rest remained waiting for them at the escape pod till the last minute, but they never appeared. Their whereabouts still remain unknown.

Saint is no longer a member of Idea. Having betrayed them that day, he was kicked out as a punishment. By right, he should’ve been killed. But he wasn’t considering the fact that the people he gathered finished off Isaac. Since he’s no longer Idea’s disciple, he’s no longer immortal and has about 50 years left. He has already decided what to do in his remaining time. Impey, Fran, Van and Dela all have set off towards their new goals. But he has lived long enough. So he’ll use the rest his life to wait for the two of them. After all, it would be lonely if there’s no one waiting for them. Saint returns to his mansion, where Sissy welcomes him. He prepares some tea, before going to get the photo from their win at Black Gathering.

Hopefully with this, the house won’t be as quiet. He sits on the sofa with Sissy on his lap, and closes his eyes. Gradually, the house is vibrant again with the presence of everyone else. He smiles at Cardia’s bright smile. What used to be their everyday life, is now just a memory like the photo. He can no longer reach out to them. As Saint smiles sadly, he quietly falls asleep. At the very least, he can be with everyone else again in his dreams.


True End

Saint finds Cardia tending to the garden, and he tells her that they should be doing the work today and tomorrow. But she admits that she’s both happy nervous about tomorrow. She worries about him being targeted by Idea. He assures her that Omnibus has forgiven him (and Cardia’s existence) since they stopped Isaac’s plan. Apparently, his punishment is that he will die, with less than 100 years to go. But it feels that he’s now finally one of them. Cardia is puzzled by his words, but is glad to see him happy about it. He promises to watch over her opening the door to the next chapter of her life. That night, Lupin finds Cardia still awake. She’s extremely happy now, that she finds it hard to believe that it’s reality. It’s been half a year since the incident. Just when they were prepared for their last moments, Impey and co. saves them with an emergency airship.

Following that, London slowly recovered and each of them are moving on. Saint has been chased out of Idea, but he feels extremely relieved. He has shifted his activities from France to London, and living casually. Fran has returned to the Royal Society to continue his alchemy research. He’d confessed to them that he was the one who made jikterium, and apologised. Now he’s persistent in not repeating the same mistake again, so much so that even Victoria is pressured. Impey is leaving for America next week, having retrieved his important item. Now he can pursue his dream is going to the moon. Van is now the bodyguard of Renfield, the diplomat in-charge of mediating vampire and human relationships. Dela is representing the vampires, and acting as a guardian to them. Concerning their revenge, he told Van to atone by helping them to get by.


Lupin refuses this to be a dream after all their hard work. And even if it is, he’ll break through it and kidnap her anyway. The next day, their wedding is held with the blessings of everyone. But as usual, it’s lively with Impey starts entertaining thoughts of stealing the bride, Van threatening to shoot, the rest stopping them, and Leonhard crying his eyes out. Cardia even invited Sholmes to surprise Lupin. Cardia laughs at this, but Lupin can’t take it anymore and gets straight to kissing her. They skipped the ceremonial stuff, but instead they swear to each other that they’ll always be together. The new world they created together starts now.

Extra scene: This takes place not long after the true end. Only Lupin, Cardia and Sissy remain in the mansion. Without a question, Cardia is blissful. But she can’t help but feel conscious of Lupin when it’s just the two of them. Also, the other day Fran told her that the flu bug has been spreading. Though it’s a common illness, one could die in a worst case scenario. So that day, Cardia panics when it’s raining and Lupin returns home soaking wet. She grabs a towel and dashes into the room while he’s in the middle of changing. While thanking her for the towel, he soon notices that she’s embarrassed and realises that’s the reason behind her avoiding him recently. He graciously apologises for not noticing earlier and promises to make it up with his endless love. When he learns the reason behind her panic, he laughs aloud before hugging her. Lupin confesses that he was lonely, and Cardia feels bad for not telling him directly. Still, he’s happy that she worried for his sake and kisses her. But he’ll leave the rest for tonight.

Overall thoughts

I am not hiding my bias, I love Lupin so much. His route was amazing, his character is amazing, their trust in each other is amazing (whether it’s with Cardia or the rest of the guys). I just have so many scenes and quotes I love in this route. And everyone else gets a closure on their own story. Others can say that because of this, Lupin’s route is like the overall best end – and I’m alright with that since he is my bias. After all, nothing would’ve kicked off for Cardia if he didn’t kidnap her that night. And yeah he says some cheesy line, but for some reason it sounds charming coming from his mouth. I don’t know why, it just does. Maybe because he’s the gentleman thief.

But yes that normal end…really got the waterworks flowing. Especially when you know how Saint lived all this time and what they meant to him.

I couldn’t help but notice, that compared to the other routes, Cardia gets saved over and over again by the guy. Usually I like relationships where couples save each other (which you can see in the other routes). Here, you see Lupin crashing in to save Cardia 3-4 times. But yet it’s not as if she’s always the damsel in distress. When she returned to her old house, she found a hugely important clue on Isaac. In the palace, she did her part to escape with Victoria and Leonhard. Before she was saved by Lupin from Isaac, she attempted to escape and destroy the airship. And finally, when Lupin crashed her out of the globe, she had to first voice her own will to live on. So just saying that Cardia is awesome as well.

It’s been a while since I enjoyed an otome game and character that is not voiced by Ishida this much SO EXCUSE MY RANTS.

Concluding thoughts


I mean…I love this a lot. Sure, you can tell that certain routes have less romance but overall everything was very plot-driven and it all comes together in Lupin’s route. Which is my cup of tea no pun intended. So going through the 4 routes for him was worth it. Personally, I ended up liking all the main characters a lot. The way they come together for each other reminded me of my other favourites (eg. Kamikimi, CZ). I kind of already went through what I think about each character in their own posts so I shall zip up here but to put things briefly – everyone is precious and went through a lot in their past which may surprise you in a good way. Given that some of them don’t act that way. I think it also says something when all the main characters have such meaningful lines that move you.

And here’s a separate paragraph for Cardia. It’s so pleasing to see how much she grows and matures throughout each route. I noticed that the difference in choices leading to the normal/true end, is basically her remaining quiet/not trusting vs. voicing her own thoughts/trusting the guy. Which I believe says a lot.

It had a good balance of serious and comedic moments for me too (mostly thanks to Impey, which is why I love him). The common route really builds up everything and gives a good introduction to the side characters. Again, it reminds me of Kamikimi/CZ where the common route is mostly fun (with some serious moments) and then…we have the intense individual routes. Speaking of side characters, it’s amazing how much backstory they managed to squeeze for them. The only one who got the shorter end of the stick is Sholmes. We’ll have to see how they make it up for him in the FD. The visuals are stunning. It’s not just the CGs, THOSE HOLY BACKGROUNDS. I loved the music and both opening and ending songs too. The bonuses were great too, so rewarding lol.

Basically, everything was so fab that you can ignore the minor things that may bug you. Voice-wise, I thought that there might have been a mismatch for some characters – but I was proven wrong. Which is great! Even better when they call out Cardia’s name. I really recommend this game if you agree with what I just described. My recommended route order is the basically the order I played, if you want a gradual unfolding of the truth. But if you don’t mind, it’s okay since Lupin’s has to be played last anyway.

So yes, I shall truly zip up now. Totally worth it to play for yourself instead of just reading. Here’s to hoping that the official English version will be just as moving for those planning to get it. For those who’ve already played it, I’m sure we’re over the moon no pun intended about the FD news. I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts anyway, as much as I’ve enjoyed playing this! I don’t know what I will play next, but it’s likely to be another Vita game. (My Vita backlog is starting to pile up too.)

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  1. ignacia says:

    love his route aswell, its my fave… and you know i never thouht he was constantly saving her. In my opinion she was in situations where herself alone wouldnt be able to do much.
    The first time he saved her against the people, well there it could be counted as damisel in distress but it didn’t felt like that to me
    Second time, when escaping the castle: at that point it would have been impossible to get away from so many enemies, they needed an air escape though since it was lupin’s route ofc it’s going to be him in there (in the other routes it was also him there aswell as the other guys saving her).
    Third time, sorry just how can a normal girl escape against tentacle machines + finis copies? i was actually expecting the whole group cooperation since it would be impossible for lupin aswell (which was and cardia got abducted)
    Fourth time, was expecting it. There was no way to escape from that (and this time he uses his tricks) but ends up “dying”
    Fifth time was more in the damisel in distress part, she could have tried to get out of that ball machine i guess? Though again, for me those situations are not something one can escape alone
    My point is that the difference between the routes focuses is what made the savings happen. In the other routes Cardia was not the main focus (except in Saint G’s where she is rescued quite a bit too from situations that are not from one single girl to manage alone or by the mid part of Impey’s where she is aswell rescued quite a lot) so the action was around the other characters while in Lupins the action goes around her, the enemies wants to capture her.


  2. Eu says:

    I’m so happy and empty at the same time. T v T The FD is so near yet so far~~

    His cheesy lines are lurve. <333 He manages to pull off those lines while sweeping off our feet www. Lupin got me thinking that maybe it won't be bad to be stolen by him. <3333333

    I love this route so much! Not just because of Lupin (but mostly bec of him lmao), but also bec it solves the mysteries in the game. Biggest surprise for me was Arester. That's another thing that I like. The side-characters have a solid background and I had fun reading their stories which make me understood their actions.

    I'm super happy for the other main guys for achieving their goals. It's sad to see them go but it's nice to see them all move on bec despite their distance, their bonds won't be broken. And it's nice that for once, Saint didn't ~disappear~ in a true end except his. xD

    I played this for months and still feel like it's not enough. u o u I had fun untangling the mysteries of the game. Definitely one of my faves!


    • Yume says:

      Congrats~~ Heheh just wait a bit more and the FD will be out *^*

      Yes, Lupin can get away with those cheesy lines (but not Impey hahaha). ❤

      Agreed! His is really the true route in that sense. Especially when like you said, the other main guys get to achieve their goals too. (Though the normal end still hurts ;w;)

      Glad that you ended up liking it!! Will you be playing Psychedelica next…?


  3. Eu says:

    I probably shouldn’t ask if this is a MUST play right? 8D
    I’m /this/ close on reading your entire C:R posts but gaah I have to resist. I was actually having second thoughts on whether I’ll get this or not because I have like 3 Vita games and 3 more PC games waiting for me (and it doesn’t help that Jyuuza Vita is going to be released this month lol, hello there backlog!). But gosh the art is ❤ ❤ <3. And waiiiit there's going to be an FD? O v O


    • Yume says:

      Eheh :3

      The art is really lovely! The background art was amazing enough to get its own artbook too. ❤ Yup, they just announced a FD at this year's Otomate Party! So…play it before it comes out? /nudge (I easily have over 10 titles in my backlog sobs) But really, I think you'll enjoy this!


  4. Hinano says:

    Congrats on finishing!


    ME TOO GUUURL キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! Hopefully the response to the English vita edition is positive enough that they consider bringing over more games!


  5. ゆきる (@yukiruyume) says:

    I’m glad to hear you really enjoyed the game and enjoyed reading your concluding thoughts! I’m more than convinced that it’s a great game but I still can’t get into the mood to play it… I was in the right mood when I bought the game in January but then Psychedelica happened (Psychedelica is a really thrilling ride that I unexpectedly fell for XD). Everyone says they love all the characters in C:R but when I think of starting the game myself, I’m really unconfident whether I will love them too (even though I’ve read why above). Anyway, I cursed myself so I can’t buy new otome games that aren’t ports/FDs of a game I already played and loved (I preordered Reine and TaiAli before so those don’t count) until I play C:R–that’s my way of controlling my backlog (coz Vita backlog costs a lot lol).

    I’m also looking forward to the anime, because Cardia will be voiced yay! I hope it’s a TV series of 13 or 25-26 episodes instead of just OVA.


    • Yume says:

      Thank you yukiru-chan! I totally understand. I bought the game last year yet I only played it 6 months later…lol. Tbh up till I started playing, I wasn’t hugely interested in any of the main characters. None of the main cast is my bias too. I only just picked Lupin’s banner to put up since he’s the main guy. But unexpectedly, I really fell hard for him. And the other characters grew on me as I watched them interact. Even ones which I thought I may not like (ie. Saint, Impey), I ended up liking them more than Van/Fran. w Though the difference is minimal. So surely the same will happen for you too. ^^

      wwww I don’t want you to force yourself but I hope C:R slowly makes it way up on your to-play list! /o\

      Same here! It’ll be really nice to hear the changes in her tone of voice from start to end~ Indeed, 13 episodes would be nice to cover the full story. ;w;


  6. Sena says:

    I just read your concluding thoughts this time since I’m trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible nowadays, but congrats on finishing the game and the reviews! I saw they were releasing a FD so I really gotta play this before that comes out so I can decide whether it’s one of those purchases I have to make.

    It pains me to say this, but it really makes more sense to buy FDs after playing the original games (duh, self). When I first started out building my collection (which now keeps growing but the amount of games played has not really grown), if a series was “proven” to be good (as in many people agreeing on its goodness), I would often buy the game and FDs or sequels that were out just because it sounded like a good game series, but I realize I can’t (and shouldn’t) do this any more now that I’m a slightly more seasoned player…and because I simply haven’t got the money hahahah.

    I think most people have liked this game so I’m optimistic that I’ll like it (and it has to be a good sign that they’re localizing it into English right?), but please remind me not to jump on the FD unless I’ve played the game. I’m counting on you to help me control myself, Yume! Hahahaha xD


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! I actually understand what you mean /bought the whole Hanaichi series for Vita. But yeah, it definitely shouldn’t be done all the time when you haven’t even played a single title haha. And not when the backlog is a black hole.

      Hahaha as much as I recommend the game, please tighten your purse strings Sena! You did buy a lot of August releases right?


      • Sena says:

        I have stopped with Diabolik Lovers. I put my foot down because honestly I barely started the second game but I already own the two after that. I don’t even know if they’re any good because I haven’t seen if anymore played them. I saw the next game and wanted to pounce on it hut I restrained myself…because you’re right, August was a killer for me. And I had other non-game expenses come up which essentially drained my bank account. So I might need to tighten those purse strings out of necessity anyway hahahaha. Otomate has so many interesting releases coming up though…it’s not like I want them to be bad, but I’m hoping some just end up sounding like they wouldn’t be my thing so I don’t feel the desire to buy them. I have a hard time controlling myself when the games sound really good. Oops


        • Yume says:

          Oh my, that’s a lot of DiaLov games you’d have to go back to! Which is totally similar to my situation huhuh. ;; Yes please don’t pounce on the next one haha. You’d need to at least see if you enjoy the second cast of characters.

          Ohhh gosh I know what you mean. The good thing (for me) is that I’m not interested in Rejet’s new announcements which is great for my wallet. Then we have Otomate anouncements after that which amounts to more than 10 titles! Wow. It’s as if they’re saying, you’re not interested in this? Okay we’ll give you 5 more to look at. Lol. None of them ping to me really hard (except for the continuations) due to lack of info (and Ishida). So I guess I’ll wait and see.


          • Sena says:

            I KNOW. I’M SO BAD Dx. I have no idea how I’m going to feel about the next set of characters…and then the set after that. I might just need to wait for motivation to return after the anime comes out. I never find otome game anime the greatest, but they usually get the job done in terms of at least making me want to play the game.

            I was also not interested in the new Rejet CDs and what I know of their last set didn’t really impress me either. I wasn’t even too crazy about Hiyokuroku, which was just sad. Otomate’s announcement honestly worries me a little because there were a few titles that sounded interesting…but like you said, it really depends when more info is released because it’s hard to gauge with just the title and summary. Lack of Ishida! Hahaha. You and your bias. You’re so funny xD. I did notice the lack of Ishida though, so understandable on your part.


            • Yume says:

              All the best! XD Hopefully it will give you the motivation you need~

              Yeah…the only thing that’s happy is our wallets haha. Haha, he is in Bad Apple Wars though, and another d3p game (plus Jyuuzaengi Vita port) so I’m fine with him not being cast in more new titles. :9


            • Sena says:

              Hahaha thanks~

              How are things going on your end now that you’ve finished Code Realize?

              I did notice Ishida was in BAW so that should be interesting!

              YUME DID YOU SEE? THEY FINALLY ANNOUNCED THAT THE FOURTH HANA AWASE GAME IS GOING TO BE IROHA-HEN. I’m laughing internally though because it felt like there was all this hype and discussion for no reason. It almost feels like a letdown, yet I’m glad it finally has a title. Makes it even harder to wait for the third game to make its way in the mail though…before I was going to play whichever game came first between Hana Awase and Reine des Fleurs, but I think I need to play Hana Awase first.


            • Yume says:

              I’m…not playing anything at the moment. I still can’t decide if it’s better for me to play ports (Moujuutsukai/CZ) or to satisfy my curiousity with Psychedelica. Since if it’s ports I just need to blog about the extra content. But with Psychedelica it means going through another round of reviews. I should probably make up my mind soon. ;;

              Hahaha it was like meant to be something unexpected, but we kinda expected it already. They’d probably take another year or so to release it though, so you have plenty of time to play the previous installment of Hana Awase. 😀


            • Sena says:

              I see. I’m trying to finish Binary Star and maybe some other older unpublished reviews. Taking a break from Amnesia World because School World is next and based on the amount of choices on the walkthrough, it looks like it’s going to be a loooong ride.

              Ports might be good for the break. I would say Psychedelica if you wanted to play it really badly, but since you’re waffling between it, you probably don’t have the must play now drive. However, if you decide you wanna tackle it, good luck! I have to wait until my friend finishes it and gives it back to me still…

              They probably hyped it on purpose, but it just felt like they were trolling us hahaha. I’m expecting it night be delayed. It says 2016, but since the third game was delayed by two seasons, I’m expecting it to maybe come out early or mid-2017. So yes, lots of time to play it. I’m just impatient because I have a holiday tomorrow and aa three-day weekend would’ve been the perfect binge-playing time.


            • Yume says:

              Ohh, I would like to read your views on Binary Star. ^^

              In the end I decided to give in and play Psychedelica haha. I really don’t know how I’m gonna review this as the recommended play order I was given is…pretty confusing haha. I think I will have to figure out as I play on.

              Oh wow, I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend! \o/


            • Sena says:

              I really need to get back to it. I think I just lost the momentum for it so I haven’t touched it in months, and that isn’t even because I didn’t like it because I do so far. I’m into my third route if I recall correctly…just not sure how far in the route hahahah.

              Ooooh good luck! I’m sorry to hear it’s confusing so far but I hope it starts to come together later on and a logical way of reviewing it comes to you.

              I did enjoy my weekend. Unfortunately, no otome gaming was worked into it, but it was fun and mostly relaxing xD


            • Yume says:

              Ahaha, I hope you find the motivation to get back to it~ It did receive good reviews after all?

              So far I’m done with the bad end and moving onto a general-ish end. I can see how they’ve structure the story but when I think about reviewing it…I think there’s gonna be a lot of jumping between posts. XD

              Haha, good to hear that it was relaxing either way~


            • Sena says:

              I will…eventually. Especially because I KNOW I like the game even without finishing it hahahaha. Just…initially I wanted to try and finish it before Hana Awase or Reine comes in, but I know now my focus is elsewhere. I’m waiting so much for those games shipping feels like it’s taking longer than usual when it really isn’t too bad. I’m just impatient. I probably should’ve done a faster shipping on one of them hahaha.

              Ah I see what you mean. Sometimes the game itself makes sense but in terms of how to organize it in a review it’s not as straightforward.

              Unfortunately, I feel like the relaxing weekend transitioned into this horrible week. The universities just started up school this week and we’ve been experiencing a lot of flash flood warnings and heavy storming weather for certain parts of the day. Those two things put together has made transit hellish so by the time I get home I’m so pooped out and the night just goes by so fast but the days go by slow T_T


            • Sena says:

              I DID. I GOT THEM BOTH ON THE SAME DAY. I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST CRIED. I also binge-played Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen over the weekend when I had time so I finished both of Mizuchi’s ends and I started Hime’s route. I don’t know how close to the ends I’m getting though, but I’ve been on it a while so it might be soon. As expected, this game is draining my life hahaha. My poor friend had to endure my spazzing and very vague commentary that made zero sense. I think she got a kick out of it at least.


            • Yume says:

              Ohh that’s great! Nice to hear that it’s got you hooked so you must be back in the otome gaming mood. XD I see that you’ve changed your icon to Karekurenai too haha. I did hear that it answers quite a few questions so hope that it satisfies your curiousity~


            • Sena says:

              Yes. Definitely. This series is so ridiculous I literally drop everything and play. I’ve finished Hime and Karakurenai’s ends now. This game is killing me. I can’t handle it sometimes. Really though, I should slow down. The problem is I’m speed-playing, but I’m missing a lot of stuff because of it. I can’t bring myself to chill out and understand things more fully though because I just want to know MORE…however, it is answering a lot of questions. And, as expected, brings up new ones.

              I was having such a hard time deciding who I wanted Chromite to draw more because I’m honestly going back and forth with Karakurenai and Iroha. I decided on Karakurenai because I feel like since it’s his game it made me like him more, but then Iroha comes and his scenes send such strong feels that I almost regret my decision. But I know if I had changed it, something would’ve happened that would make me want to change back. I feel so conflicted. I’ve really liked Karakurenai since the first game, but Iroha was always number 1. I think they’re tied now hahaha. Therefore, I made a compromise and changed my blog icon to Karakurenai and my Tumblr is Iroha. I might switch them around too because I’m so indecisive like that. I FEEL LIKE A CRAZY PERSON, YUME. THIS GAME MAKES ME LOSE MY SANITY.


            • Yume says:

              I forgot to reply your comment /o\ Anyway I would love to read your review but it looks like it’s a lot of spoilers so www

              I hope you’ve recovered your sanity since then…!! I definitely know the experience of drowning in feels /o\


            • Sena says:

              It’s okay ~ we’ve been talking more frequently on twitter because I’ve actually been going on it hahaha.

              Also, I made the bottom part non-spoiler so if you really want to read it, you can always scroll really fast yo the bottom, and scroll up slowly until you reach the “End of Spoilers” note I wrote hahaha. The most about plot I detailed in there was saying you find out info about so-and-so but I don’t actually write what that info is and stuff like that. So if you’re fine with that then feel free to check it out. If not, it’s completely okay if you don’t want to read it in case of accidentally running into spoilers.

              I’ve recovered a little. I won’t pretend I’m not still a little affected, but I had a busy weekend and the break helped me ease out of the drowning in feels mode to drowning in feels once and a while hahaha.


            • Yume says:

              Oh I see! Okay I’ll just read the bottom part of your post then. I’ll try to remember to do so tomorrow as it’s late now and my brain is dying. /o\

              Haha, glad to hear that you’re on the road to recovery!


            • Sena says:

              Hahaha. Don’t worry about it. It’s not like a must-read or anything. I appreciate that you actually seem interested in the review though! xD

              Slowly.I’m kind of not playing anything right now, but I’m going to try and ease into another game soon to hopefully take my mind off it but still get enjoyment from the new game. Still can’t quite figure out what I want to do because it might be a while before I get Psychedelica back from my friend, but I’m afraid of starting something else in the mean time hahaha.


  7. midoriha says:

    Thank you very much—!
    Lupin telling Cardia about how the other guys were worried about her was so cute—-!
    Lupin is seriously smooth! Smooth—! For example, ‘heart belongs to him’, that confession coversation…-shakes head- wow, Lupin, wow…-slow claps-
    Cardia’s sad dream! Oh,Cardia…
    The Lupin and Van scene, nice friendship!-thumbs up-
    That normal end—no—-! Fe—–els!-bangs fist on table-this is too much!
    Impey wanting to steal the bride, and Van threatening to shoot, though…so hilarious!
    …i feel like i’m having a mood swing…wanting to cry, then the next moment, laughing…!
    Lupin’s route was nice indeed!


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