4th Year Anniversary + Giveaways!!

4th anniversary

Happy 4 years to us!!!!

Well we are 1 month late but… better late than never!

Thank you friends for sticking around and as a gesture of appreciation to you, both of us have decided to do a giveaway!

DEADLINE: August 31st 2015 11.59pm GMT +8

There will be 4 prizes in total, which means 4 winners.

The deadline has passed and results have been announced!

Yume’s Giveaway:


2 sets of 1.25” (32mm) badge pins. The guy in the red hood is about 1.75” (45mm).

Set #1 (top row): DRAMAtical Murder badges.

Set #2 (bottom row): Random Otoge character badges.

Please state which set you want when you enter.

Chromite’s Giveaway:

2 totally awesome drawing requests! 1 for 1 winner.

Fanart or original art is okay. For fanart, I’m okay with otoge, anime/manga, video games (Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed etc.), and TV dramas/movies (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc.). Absolutely no nudity, crude stuff or randy/kinky poses. Please don’t request with the intention of using it for commercial reasons. Check out my website and blog for examples.

How to enter and win:

  1. Pick a number from 1-100.
  2. Reply in the comments: Your chosen number + Request.
  3. If you enter both draws, please write your requests + TWO numbers (can be same/different numbers). If you enter only ONE, please specify which draw + your request + ONE number. Don’t cheat and do multiple entries for either draw! It’s important to leave behind the correct email so that Chromite can email you your drawing, and Yume can ask for your postal address in private.
  4. We will pick 2 numbers each.
  5. If the number is within the range of -/+5, the lucky person gets the prize! (eg. ’55’ is picked, any number from 50-60 is the winner).


  • What happens in the event of a tie? (eg. ’55’ is picked, there are requests with numbers ’54’, ’56’).
    We will randomly select another number and see which one is closer to that. (eg. ’79’ is picked, ’56’ is closer so that wins).
  • What happens if only one draw has a winner and the other doesn’t?
    If there are ANY entries in that draw, Chromite/Yume will keep selecting a number till there’s a winner. If in the unfortunate case that there are 0 entries in that draw, there’s no point since there will be no winner. Please note that this will only happen if one draw has a winner and the other doesn’t! This is to make sure that both of us will try to fulfill a request.
  • What happens if both draws don’t have a winner?
    We will NOT keep selecting numbers to determine a winner.
  • I didn’t understand any of that!
    It’s okay. We’re super clear on our side so it’s no problem. We’re just sharing how the procedure will go. 8D

If anything remains unclear, please feel free to clarify! (: Lastly, we reserve the right to reject a request for reasons we may or may not disclose. Have fun!

36 thoughts on “4th Year Anniversary + Giveaways!!

  1. lissysanna says:

    Hello! Congratulations for the 4 years anniversary :3

    I would like to enter both the giveaways with the number 66 ^^.
    For Yume’s giveaway I want set #2 and for Chromite’s art I think I want a fanart of Akatsuki no Yona.


  2. Eu says:

    Woohoo 4th year anniversary! Congrats guys!
    I won’t be joining the giveaway this time so goodluck to those who will. Btw, I still have that fanart Chromite did on one of your giveaways before. :3


  3. doropyan says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary!! I won’t be entering the draw but I just wanted to pop by to congratulate you guys for this (almost) milestone xD

    I’m so damn tempted to read your C:R posts Yume but… spoiler…must play the game first… Looking forward to your thoughts on HaruToki6 if you blog about it Chromite!

    Again, Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary!!!


    • chromite says:

      Thanks for dropping by!
      I’m in the middle of Harutoki 6! But… i’ve put it on hold for a few months LOL. I’ll definately blog about it! So far, I can tell you that it’s pretty good!


  4. Hinano says:

    Happy anniversary, glad there’s still a few of us active otome bloggers still around to even celebrate one xD Damn I just realized I’m gonna be hitting 7 years this year whut ಠ_ಠ;;;

    Put me down for #29 and I actually only am interested in Chromite’s fanart (of my FF14 character xD) cause I already have enough otome game buttons filling up my bookshelf x_X


  5. aseriaa says:

    Happy 4th year anniversary! Your blog’s amazing and you guys put in so much effort. I’ve always been a silent lurker haha, but we appreciate all that you do for the otome fandom ^_^
    As for the giveaway, I’d like to enter Yume’s giveaway for Set #2 and pick the number 33
    Once again, happy anniversary!


  6. Ilinox says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I’m not joining in on the giveaway but just wanted to give my love to the both of you and all the hard work you guys do n_n. I feel a bit bad because I’m always trying to read your reviews Yume but they tend to be the ones of the games I want to play so I’m like “must resist… spoilers… but so tempting…” (I love reading your thoughts on the route for games that I have done though!).


  7. Sena says:

    Happy Anniversary! Or, I guess Belated Anniversary xD. Hope you stick around for many more and happy gaming to you both!

    I will refrain from entering because I just own waaaay too much stuff but I just checked out Chromite’s art and it’s really pretty *_*


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! XD Please stick around with us too in both the gaming and blogging realm~

      It is!! You are most welcomed to enter the giveaway for her art \o/


      • Sena says:

        I will definitely stick around! Discussing about games is half the fun! xD

        I wasn’t planning on entering…but I can’t resist the chance at pretty art so I shall enter for Chromite’s giveaway with 70 ^^


          • Sena says:

            Oh….uh….Hmmmm. I don’t know 100% what I’d like but if you did fanart, I’d probably like something of Ikki from Amnesia or Iroha or Karakurenai from Hana Awase. Your original stuff looks really nice too though so if you felt like doing that I would like it as well!


  8. Dellz says:

    Happy anniversary, haha I’m bad with this kinda of luck but I’ll try it.

    I would like to enter Yume’s giveaway, my chosen number is 37 and for set #1.


  9. Anny says:

    Hi! I haven’t commented here in so long, sorry. I’ve been lurking around though.

    I’d like to join both giveaways with the number 9 and for Yume’s I’d want set #2 and for Chromite I think I would like fan art of… uh, is it alright if I take a bit of time to think? Suddenly there are like a billion characters I want fan art of.


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