4th Year Anniversary Giveaway: Results

The 4th Year Anniversary Giveaway has ended and we’d like to announce the results today! So after drawing a random number (generated from random.org), we got the respective numbers:

Chromite – 70, 29
Yume – 33

Congratulations to the winners! Sena picked number 70 and Hinano picked 29, so Chromite will be drawing their requests. Only Dellz entered the draw for set #1 so she will be getting those badges. And Aseriaa picked number 33, so she will be receiving set #2.

Chromite will email Sena and Hinano the finished requests and will post a LQ preview here for everyone to see once she’s done. And I’ll ask Dellz and Aseriaa for their postal addresses to mail out the can badges. Thank you all for your participation and we hope that you had some fun!

15 thoughts on “4th Year Anniversary Giveaway: Results

    • Yume says:

      Thank you for participating! \o/

      I have sent out the can badges today! Hope it reaches you safely~ It says 5-8 working days but from experience it takes 1-2 weeks ;;


  1. Sena says:

    OH! I can’t believe it. I’M SO HAPPY. BEST MONDAY EVER ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

    I second Hinano’s question about the more details. I gave Chromite like…3 different options. Do I need to do anything else on my side to help make things easier for her?


    • chromite says:

      Out of the 3 options (i think they were Ikki, Karakurenai, or something original), which do you prefer the most?
      Oh and do you prefer chibi versions or actual proportions? If you have any kind of pose you want (eg. just the head, half body, full body), let me know as well!


      • Sena says:

        Hmmmmm. Overall I think Ikki is my number 1 but to fit the fact that I’m obsessively playing Hana Awase right now and Karakurenai might’ve just pushed past Iroha for first place, I think I’m going to choose Karakurenai for this one xD

        I think I would prefer a real proportioned one. I can’t think of an exact pose I’d like, but I’d like half or full body. If you’re okay with doing some decorative stuff, I’d appreciate something Hanafuda-related in the picture. I’m like…obsessively into Hanafuda things. I own so many of those decks it borders an addiction. It doesn’t need to be a lot or really complicated. Just if you don’t mind. If it’s too much extra work then no need the extra stuff. I don’t want to make things hard for you, especially since you’re giving me free art. Thanks in advance!


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