5th Year Anniversary + sharing about Japan


So…8 months flew past without us posting much, and the 5th year anniversary arrived last month. ;; Well, there were some changes in RL, but to be honest the bigger reason is probably that I have very low motivation at the moment. (Yet I’m wasting time on mobile games) But I do hope to at least finish something this year haha. Though if you don’t mind posts about mobile games, I can write something up too.

We haven’t prepared anything for this year. But we see that this blog is still getting views and the few comments here and there, probably thanks to our old posts. So thank you so much for that!

It’s not much, but below I plan to share some places about Japan. More specifically, stores which otome fans like myself may be interested in. Then again, you may already know them, but for those who don’t – hope you find it interesting!


5ya-1 5ya-2

Ikebukuro is known for its “otome street” for a reason. Of course, you may already know that Animate, Stellaworth, Rejet shop, Bookoff, K-books etc. are all found there. Personally, what I like about Stellaworth is that sometimes you can find exclusive Otomate merchandises – if the character isn’t super popular. For example, they were selling Clock Zero/Code:Realize x Otomate cafe keychains.

The last few times I’ve been to Ikebukuro, large posters of popular mobile games like Ensemble Stars and Idolish7 lined one side of the street. Unlike some years back, the Animate branch’s 6th floor has almost one half dedicated to otome game goods. The top events floor often has temporary fairs. Examples I’ve stumbled across include Yume100 (夢王国と眠れる100人の王子), and Broccoli.

5ya-4 5ya-7

5ya-6 5ya-5

Rejet shop is in P’Parco. I guess it’s temporary event spaces in P’Parco, but I’ve seen pop-up stores like Boyfriend(kari) there too. Surely, there are other pop-up stores happening elsewhere in the area. Not to mention, nico nico (and cafe) is in the basement. I’ve never walked in to see what events they have, but who knows right?

5ya-8 5ya-9

I will make a special mention of Tokyu Hands. They often have booths in front of their store, and sometimes I see the tie-up is with swallowtail patisserie – and they have done desserts based on otome titles. Speaking of swallowtail, you know its butler cafe? Apparently they were distributing their musical samples there before too.

Of course besides all these, there are numerous cafes there. I have only ever visited Animate cafe there, which I will post about below. In any case, there’s a lot of things going on in Ikebukuro!


5ya-11 5ya-10

I don’t visit Shibuya much. But Rejet shop is in Parco, and I’ve seen a Prince of stride pop-up store there before. But currently, certain sections of Parco is under renovation. I’m not sure if the area where Rejet shop is, is affected too.

Of course, Animate is there too. Tokyu Hands is there too (but then again, it’s at Ikebukuro too). That’s all I know about Shibuya. If you know more places, feel free to share!


5ya-12 5ya-13

My main motive for visiting Shinjuku is Otomate Store at Marui One Annex. Otomate also holds their Summer and Winter markets here. That being said, the same building also tends to have anime/otome pop-up stores on the same floor, or one floor above. Past examples I have seen include Neoromance, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge and D.Gray-man Hallow. (Shinjuku animate cafe shop is located here too.)

One floor above Otomate Store, lies Animega. To my surprise, I found a decent amount of Corda 3 merchandises here. I can’t recall if there were other Neoromance titles. ;;


As far as I know, you can take advantage of their member card even if you’re a foreigner. When I was given the option to apply for one waaaay back, I accepted and said that I would complete the registration process online instead of filling up on-the-spot.

Other than Tokyo, I’ve been to Animate branches in Sapporo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nagoya. I’m pretty certain that they all had a section dedicated to otome goods – it’s just a difference in scale.

Animate cafe

The last time I visited, they were still using the old reservation system. So it won’t be very helpful if I recall how I booked my cafe appointments. ;; For the old system, I believe that you had to be a member. From what I can see, it’s not necessary with the new system. Also, when I arrived at the cafe, I had to show my booking number and passport to certify my identity. I’m not sure if it’s still required.

So I’ve been to animate cafe about 4 times in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. Only one time, could I just walk-in and get a table – it was Nitro+CHiRAL’s lol. So it’s best to always check in advance since majority would require advanced reservation.

5ya-14 5ya-16

To make things clear, animate cafe separates into 3 types (?). One is like N+C and Osomatsu’s featured in the photo. You get to sit there for 1.5 hours at a table. The menu consists of actual food, drinks and desserts. In the time you spend there, you are free to buy the exclusive merchandises, past merchandises, and to take photos of all the displays. So going by description, this is more like the cafe.

5ya-17 5ya-18

Then there is what they call “animate cafe shop”. It’s a much smaller space mostly consisting of single-seaters, and you only get 0.5 hours altogether. The flow is that you get your appointment checked, queue up to buy your order, and sit down. When I say order, I really mean your desired drink/dessert AND the merchandises you want. Due to the time constraint, this system probably makes more sense. Again, you are free to take photos of all the displays. Just take note of the time! Honestly, I’m still amazed by people who can order 2 drinks and 1 dessert to consume in 0.5 hours.

5ya-20 5ya-19

Lastly, you have what they call “kitchen cars”. Basically, you just purchase the drinks and/or merchandises from the truck parked outside Ikebukuro Animate. There is only one such kitchen car at the moment. Since it’s such a small scale, they tend to feature new/ongoing titles. Despite this, if it’s a series as popular as Osomatsu-san – you have to book a reservation in advance!

Since this is a “cafe”, the merchandises sold here tend to feature the characters with a cafe theme. It is extremely toxic for people like me who love cafe themes. ;; Also, you can use your Animate member card to collect points when you patronise the cafes.

And that’s all I have! I’m aware that I did not cover all the possible places, just the ones I’m familiar with. If you have more to share, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and till next time!


13 thoughts on “5th Year Anniversary + sharing about Japan

  1. Hinano says:

    Thanks for the interesting tips about the various stores! I haven’t really been to tokyo since my stop briefly in 2013 and the only thing I visited was Stellaworth at the time. Seems like they added a lot more otome stuff in the last 3 years so next time I visit I’ll be sure to hit up all of them 😉 (Now if only the yen stopped being awful wtf Japan!!)

    Also grats on your 5 years. I feel like a lot of people are drifting towards mobile stuff nowadays but I’m still driving my console bus :’)


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! If I could only visit one place for my otome fix, I would go Stellaworth too haha. But indeed, there’s a lot more stuff now! Hope that you get to visit them all 😀 (Haha tell be about it ;;)

      Thank you!! You’re dedicated. XD To be honest it’s just a lot easier for me to pretend to be doing stuff on my phone at work…when I’m really just playing haha.


  2. Sena says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary!!! I cant believe it’s been another year already O.o

    Seeing your pictures and explanations made me very nostalgic, especially because I didn’t go to Japan this year…I’ve never checked out the cafes because the system sounded annoying but maybe I should try it out next time…

    I’ve actually been playing a lot of mobile games myself…I have to at least log on every day so I get the login bonuses. It’s terrible. I think I have a login streak of 500ish days for some…so I completely understand. It takes more effort to go and play full games versus daily (dare I say habitual) and simpler phone ones. I hope you’re able to find your motivation soon!


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! Haha me too. I saw that I missed your blog anniversary – happy belated 2nd anniversary!! ;;

      If they’re doing a collaboration of a title your like, I recommend trying out the cafes! It’s an interesting experience. And I feel that Animate cafe is easier to reserve compared to others – though I’ve never tried, others mainly referring to Otomate cafe (need to pay) and Animega cafe.

      Hahaha yes, login bonuses!! It’s so easy to just login for the bonuses, then you end up playing it for a while instead. Thanks! Actually today on twitter, I was reminded of a certain BL game which I haven’t played yet and feel slightly motivated. We shall see XD


      • Sena says:

        It’s okay! If you read my post, I almost missed my blog anniversary too hahaha. Thank you for the well wishes 🙂

        I seeeee. Animate would probably be the one I would have tried just because of its location. Is it located in Ikebukuro? I feel like I saw it there closer to the Sunshine City side but I’m not the best with directions so I could be wrong…

        That always happens to me! I play a lot of the OKKO and Arithmetic games so they’re the ones where you have an avatar and get 5 free scenes per day. I always have problems though because I run out of closet space…that’s where I put in some money. I’ve sworn off putting money in again as much as possible but sometimes I give in…it was such a money hole at some point.

        Oh really? Which game??


        • Yume says:

          There are 3 Animate cafe branches in Ikebukuro! The one I went to is actually near Sunshine City. So you’re probably right. 🙂

          I see! I played similar games before. I totally understand about running out of closet space. ;; But since I’m playing Yume100, Idolish7 – it’s more about running out of space for more ikemen ahaha. Thankfully the problem is manageable for Yume100 as you can earn game currency through other means. Their gacha is pretty merciless though. How many of those OKKO/Arithmetic games are you playing at the same time? Must be tiring juggling them.

          The game is Taisho Mebiusline FD. I did a non-spoiler review on the first game before. ^^


  3. kurorisa says:

    nice sharing! too bad I didn’t get the chance to visit Ikebukuro because I was traveling with my family and they said something like you had enough in Akihabara and Ikebukuro is pretty much the same. I didn’t get to visit many anime/otome shops as well. I only went to animate in Shibuya, Kotobukiya shop in Akihabara, and go to gameshops in Nipponbashi Osaka and Shinjuku. I can’t believe I didn’t find Otomate store cries.

    I really wish I could read your post before going to Japan but ah well

    maybe next time. I hope.


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