Taisho Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku Review (non-spoiler)


And so Taisho Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku by Love Delivery ended up being the title to boost my motivation! Aka Taisho Mebiusline fandisc. As such, do note that this is a R-18 BL game so there is mature content. This will be a non-spoiler review, but there may be slight hints of what happened in the first game since this is a FD. The only graphics I’ll show are the title screens, and random screenshots of the OP.

The FD features the after stories of Hiiragi Kyouichirou and the four other main characters: Misaki, Shigure, Senge Iori, Tatebayashi Kai. Because of this, you are clued in already as to which of the endings in the first game are…well, canon. In addition, the twins Ise Kaoru and Ise Kahoru also get their own mini-route.

There is also a mini-game section in which you can play their version of tetris or trump. The tetris game is really hard…because it is a combination of tetris and match-3. On the other hand I love the trump game and hearing the dialogue. The lines they say when they lose are the most amusing. But since the more you play both games, the more cute and hilarious mini-scenarios you unlock – I will most probably do my best to complete the tetris section.


The FD is a lot shorter than the first game, but not a line is wasted here. Everything is condensed but meaningful to the development of the couple’s relationship. Again, I played in the order of Tatebayashi, Shigure, Senge, Misaki. It worked up well for me, because that was the order in which the emotions in me built up – aka the order in which how much I cried. But again, I strongly recommend leaving Misaki for last. You will not regret it. (I played the twins’ route in between whenever I needed to cheer myself up.)

The walkthrough I followed is HalfAdder’s. END 2 is the one without a credit roll, while END 1 is the one with a credit roll. I found this out on my first try, so I decided to always play END 2 first, then END 1. The only exception is Misaki and Ise twins’, which both have a locked 3rd end. So you need to clear the first two ends first.

Can you play the FD without having completed the game, eg. just play Tatebayashi’s in the original and FD? I personally don’t recommend it, because usually a route in the FD will refer to certain facts which were revealed in other routes. Even in other ends of the character’s route. So things may be confusing for you. Heck, even I was a bit lost one or two times since it’s been over 3 years since I played the original game!


Tatebayashi: Maybe because his route previously had a lack in romance, but they certainly made it a point to include more of it in the FD! But as always, there is a proper ongoing plot. It’s just that you get to see the couple flirt more, and the side characters giving them the side-eye look haha. It was a good route to start, with a nice mix of romance, plot, comedy, melancholy.

Shigure: MY BIAS Ahem, again his route had a lovely mix of romance, plot, comedy and melancholy. But I really, really love the way this couple interacts with each other. They have such an understanding between each other, and the way they trust each other without doubt (aside from Shigure using jealously as an excuse to make Kyouichirou spoil him haha). The ending scene with the credit roll was beautiful and also the beginning of my tearful journey…

Senge: Once more, his route proves to be the one with the most amazing writing, imagery, chemistry and dialogue. It’s not as if the other routes didn’t have memorable moments too. But I guess since the writing in Senge’s route for the first game was so strong, they just had to continue upping the level in the FD. It was really interesting to see how the couple communicated their important feelings through actions rather than words. Yet they have this extremely significant conversation before the credit roll – it was one of the best moments ever.

Misaki: This was the most unexpected route. I guess I took it for granted – the fact that him having the true end, doesn’t necessarily mean the “happiest” couple. Seriously.  This route made me appreciate Misaki and the couple more, having realised that they actually face the most “unusual” and difficult circumstances among the rest. While I find the imagery and chemistry stronger in Senge’s, Misaki’s had some great dialogue – to the point where you will never see certain words the same way again . Also, you get to see a rare side of Kyouichirou and Misaki.

Ise twins: The most FD-like route. Kyouichirou enjoys some private time with either the older twin, younger twin, or both! I loved all the scenarios haha. Putting that aside, they somehow managed to bring the route back to a mellow note at the very end. Even here, they don’t let you escape the sentimental feelings!


All the main characters were great. Again, you can see how much Kyouichirou means to them and he truly is the changing factor. It has become one of those games in which I can empathise with all of them, even though I do have my biases. I loved the sub-characters and their interactions too, whether it be for comedic or plot purposes.



The interface is the same as the previous game. But this time they added animation to the title screen and backlog screen! The art and music have also been upped one notch! As if it wasn’t enough that I already considered the previous game to have one of the best soundtracks. The CGs were really pretty and it becomes even more jaw-dropping when they utilise animation and music to the fullest. This time, Tatebayashi, Shigure and Misaki’s routes made amazing use of the CG animation. It was also at moments like this when they introduced the brilliant new tracks (with vocals this time!!) – applause to the staff for that. When that happens, it becomes like a movie so you have no control over the progression of dialogue. I believe that they did this so as to perfectly time the music with the animation and dialogue.

While Senge’s did not get the same treatment in that aspect, they did a simple one for his credit roll. Despite that, the scene remains one of the most memorable because of what happens after that. It was just such a clever move. Like the previous game, you unlock the CG gallery, scene replay gallery, music section – and with each route you finish you can gradually access the theme songs and ED songs.


If you could witness me doing a standing ovation – I would. Everyone’s voices have become so ingrained in me, that I can no longer think of someone else voicing that character. They really provide the extra depth and volume in their tones and nuances – especially Misaki’s and Shigure’s. You can tell, oh so he purposely does this when speaking to Kyouichirou, or when speaking as an official figure. (Also everyone sounds cool when they recite norito.)

I give extra credit to the VA behind the Ise twins, for providing two utterly different voices. And above all, to Kyouichirou’s VA because you can hear how different he sounds depending on the situation – in a good way. The most distinct example would be how he sounds in Senge’s route as opposed to the rest.


Same comments as the previous game. The language is heavy. And just because this is a FD, doesn’t mean that the language is any lighter. The characters will still use more archaic terms, and discuss about political woes, foreign invasion, mythical folklore. So be prepared to search up unknown words. That being said, it adds flavour to the game and paints a more realistic view. One of the big reasons why I enjoy this title.



If you have played the first game, I really recommend playing the FD. It isn’t just witnessing more romance between your favourite couple. It’s the continuation of their story from the first game – with visually-appealing new CGs and breath-taking new tracks. Do not expect the same length, but you can certainly expect the same level of writing.

On another note, does the メビウス in the game title get mentioned in the FD too? If I’m not wrong, it does in one route. Feel free to keep an eye out for it, and find out the answer for yourself! I hope that this review has given some insight on what you can expect from the FD.

(By the way, Love Delivery seems to be working on a new game and it looks really intriguing.)


2 thoughts on “Taisho Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku Review (non-spoiler)

  1. Yulia says:

    This is a little old, but I just wanted to say thank you for this review! I’ve had my eye on this game for a while now, and your review made me want to try out both the original and the fandisk.


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