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I did mention that I was playing more mobile games, and one category is escape games. So I’ll just touch on some I’ve played – Japanese and English. Take note that I’m using Android.

Escape games by FUNKYLAND


I enjoyed their escape games so much I played everything so I’m reviewing them as a whole! My personal favourite is Escape Alice House 2. I love how colourful their game designs are, and that the puzzles are a bit challenging. After you have played their games for a while, you more or less figure out their “style” so it does become easier for you to solve the puzzles. The best way is to search every corner, before you see what you can solve first. Because their puzzles usually need to be solved in a certain sequence.

That being said, you may get stuck here and there. You can access the Hint BBS, which is where everyone comes together to ask and answer questions. The rule is not to give an upfront answer, so usually people give directions or blank out letters in their answers. That being said, the Hint BBS is 99% in Japanese. So you will need to know Japanese if you want a hint. However, the games can be played without knowing Japanese – in fact, some of the puzzles need English knowledge!

They have 2 Escape Alice House games, Escape Fruit Kitchen, Escape Candy Room, Escape Girl’s Room. These titles each have several stages. And there’s an Escape the Sweet Shop Series, which includes 5 previous releases and 1 new game in 1 download. So you should get that, rather than downloading their games individually. So there’s more than enough stages to kill time when you’re bored. Try it out!

In fact, I just saw that they updated Escape Fruit Kitchen, Escape Candy Room, Escape Girl’s Room with more stages since I last played. I need to check them out again haha.

Wappoi Room Escape by mipp


A charming escape game with a Japanese theme. The story is very straight-forward, but the puzzles were cutely-executed in the form of answering the requests of the animal and mythical creature figurines. Don’t forget to keep visiting the first room as it will provide you keys as you go along. You need to watch a short ad in order to access the hint system. The hint system is in the form of screenshots of the places you need to investigate in order to move on.

There’s only one stage so it’s short. But it was certainly a fun play. Available in English: try it out!

脱出ゲーム スライドプリンセス by bloom mushroom


This is an escape game with a top-down perspective! One morning, the princess wakes up to find a hidden dungeon in the garden, after hearing a terribly loud sound of something collapsing. You control the curious and adventurous princess, as she’s accompanied by her worrisome feathery butler. There’s a total of 23 stages, with a few cut-scenes in between and a hidden stage (if you find a hidden card in all 23 stages).

The puzzles get more challenging as you go on. The last few stages were quite tedious! However, if you’re stuck there’s always the hint system. It doesn’t give you the solution upfront. The game is called “Slide Princess”. And rightly so because there are certain parts where you have to accurately “slide” her so as to solve the puzzles.

The art is cute and the two characters are charming. If you had collected the hidden cards, don’t forget to read them to learn more about the underlying story. To be honest, I somewhat understand the story, but still can’t fully understand the sequence. Nonetheless I still enjoyed this a lot! I didn’t manage to get all the cards or unlock the hidden stage, so I (lazily) just watched what it was about on youtube. :’D

All in all, a lovely escape game which doesn’t just focus on the puzzles and graphics, but also on the story and characters. Available in Japanese: try it out!

脱出ゲーム ぼくのおねがいきいて by あそびごころ。


They call it an escape game, but the main character (cat) is not really escaping anything. In any case, you control the kitten who does his best to do tasks for his ill mother, and anything else to make her feel better. As such, this makes the story really sweet and touching, though the ending was a bit heart-rendering…

There are 25 stages in all. The tasks are straight-forward, though the puzzles can be a bit challenging. You will need a Japanese keyboard to type in certain answers too. The hint system comes in two parts. First part is just a hint. If you’re still stuck, you can click on for a detailed solution. The graphics are really, really cute. And it’s fitting that the narrative is written only in hiragana, given that the character is just a little kitten.

The game takes place in the house, as well as the streets and shops outside. You can pick up lottery tickets around the town too, and try your luck to get all the prizes. With each prize, you can unlock a cute story about how the kitten and his mother enjoyed the prize.

As mentioned, the ending is a bit sad – but fortunately it’s not the worst possible type. You will find out why the game title is called “Listen to my wish” from the ending too. Available in Japanese: try it out!

That’s all I have for now. I have played more, but these are the ones which are still fresh in my mind. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Mobile: Escape Games

  1. aheadofthenight says:

    Oh dear, the final one caught my eye and it sounds really touching ;A;
    I think I can tell what’s the ending like, might try Boku no Negai Kiite >/////<


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