Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Another Story ~Lupin the Gang~


Finally starting on the fandisk, Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~! I decided to start with Another Story ~Lupin the Gang~ first since it’s an alternate story which takes place in the original story’s timeline. So let’s see the gang in action once more!

Upon Queen Victoria’s orders, Leonhard and his men have been protecting Marquis Grimond’s mansion for almost half a day already. In just 10 minutes, it will turn midnight. However, there is still no sign of the thief who is after the statue of Báthory, one of the treasures of the vampires. Marquis Grimond is a greedy noble who only thinks of power and money, and doesn’t welcome the royal guards at all, claiming that he has taken more than enough measures of his own. Leonhard insists that the queen has lent her strength to a powerful noble such as him. Herlock Sholmes shows up, noting that the noble doesn’t seem to understand the threat of Arsène Lupin. Leonhard is thankful to see the detective, who takes the liberty to approach the statue in question. The former warns him not to get too close, as the case is installed with an electric defense mechanism. Sholmes sees that that’s why the Marquis is so confident.

At that moment, an explosion goes off in the garden. Leonhard orders his men not to go to check on the situation, lest it’s a diversion. Marquis Grimond returns to the scene, unable to feel at ease. Sholmes suggests for the noble to check on the statue just in case, since there’s no telling whether he would’ve switched the statues or not. They agree to this, and to Marquis Grimond’s relief, it hasn’t been switched. Just then, a small explosion goes off and smoke fills the room. The detective chuckles, and his figure slowly distorts in the smoke. He remarks that Leonhard let down his guard, as Sholmes turns out to be Lupin in disguise. The gentleman thief steals the statue, and jumps out of the window despite them being on the 4th floor. The noble immediately orders his men to pursue him.

Lupin swiftly cuts through the forest outside, but quickly hides when gunshots go off. Soon, a masked man in a black suit appears from behind, pointing a gun at Lupin. He commands Lupin to hand over the statue. The latter recognises this aura, for he had just met his kind at the airship race – mafia. He senses that there are about 10 of them closing in. Lupin calmly pretends to give it up, before throwing a flash bomb. The gentleman thief darts away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be as effective as bullets come flying in his direction. So instead, he aims wires towards the trees, escaping upwards instead. Lupin successfully escapes, and has achieved his goal. However, he wonders why mafia were there.

Back at the mansion, Impey has just finished modifying the automobile. These include 1.8 times the horsepower, and new features to counterattack enemies. As he continues explaining to Cardia, Sissy appears, reminding them that it’s almost time for dinner. Cardia tells Impey that there’s no need to worry about dinner preparations, as Van has volunteered. The news horrifies Impey, who questions why no one stopped Van. She explains that Lupin and Saint have yet to return, while Fran is busy in the courtyard and Dela is still sleeping after playing with Sissy. Impey cries aloud that the team’s last dinner has finally arrived. Cardia doesn’t quite understand why the situation is that bad. Impey declares that he has to be stopped in any case, and has no choice but to postpone the test drive to tomorrow.

Cardia offers to test drive on his behalf. He says that it’s a good idea, however he is still worried, especially since they have to worry about Tasogare. She reassures him that the situation has been peaceful recently, plus Sissy will protect her. Impey is still worried, causing Sissy to attack him. She adds that she can defeat a few people easily too. He gives in, and allows her to test drive for about an hour. They each head on their separate ways, and Cardia gives us a refresher course while she’s driving.

This is the Steel City, London. Her father, Isaac Beckford, was known as the “modern Prometheus“, having aided in the planning of it and allowing Queen Victoria to construct this fortress city. A double-walled fortress and multiple canon towers lined up. Steel buildings, and mooring towers for airships. It is no question that this is a gear and steam powered city born from the accumulation of science. London is divided into two by a large wall. Outer London is made up of several areas, such as the middle street which is responsible for generating steam energy, the impoverished street, and the forest area where many rich people own villas. Central London is filled with government facilities and the houses of the rich and powerful. It’s a massive city mixed with items, people, information. However, before the completion of London could be finished, her father vanished one day. Cardia is currently in the midst of searching for him with her 5 comrades.

She notes that it’s about time to return. But a small figure jumps in front of her, and she has to step on the brakes. The small girl leaps into the passenger seat, pleading for Cardia to step on it again. Men who appear to be mafia chase from behind. There seems to be no time to waste, so she doesn’t hesitate to drive again – surely her comrades would’ve done the same. However, the speed of the mafia’s automobile surprisingly match up to their own. She isn’t confident of accelerating any further, lest she is unable to control well. When the pursuers catch up to them, a large figure jumps onto their automobile’s bonnet. One of the man’s arm is an artificial one, and he commands Cardia to hand the girl over. The girl ignores his threat, grabbing the handle and telling Cardia to step on it again. The man is flung off, and the chase is on again.


The girl asks her to increase the speed, but Cardia says that she can’t as she is a beginner in driving. It would be too dangerous to do so. Unfortunately, more automobiles appear from the front. They soon find themselves surrounded by 9 of them in total, and reach a dead end. The large man corners them, telling them to give it up. Cardia is reminded of the emergency button, which Impey had instructed her to press if she’s in a pinch. However, nothing happens when she does so. She can only think of the word “useless engineer”, as the man orders his subordinates to get them.

Back at Saint’s mansion, Impey serves dinner while Van remains unconvinced. Fran tries to appease him, saying that plenty of preparation is necessary. Dela wakes up, noting that it’s rather quiet. It seems that Lupin and Saint still have yet to return. The former returns timely, looking rather worn out, explaining that things got troublesome. He presents his steal, and Dela is impressed with its beauty. It’s his first time seeing this treasure, for another clan leader originally had it in his possession. He thanks Lupin on behalf of his kind. Van guesses that the gentleman thief got caught up by Sholmes, and Lupin is not happy to hear how they’re being associated as a set. In fact, it’s odd that the detective wasn’t present this time. Due to the pursuit of the mafia, he had to hide in his hideout in the impoverished street first. He adds that the streets seems to be more rowdy, and Van agrees that public security has worsened. The cause is unknown, but Lupin cites that it wouldn’t be good to let a lady wander alone – and Dela too.

On this note, the others discover that Impey had let Cardia leave the mansion alone. The former admits that he was worried, but he wanted to respect her feelings too. The rest stare at him in silence. Dela sees his point, but Van notes that the timing couldn’t have been any worse. In any case, they decide to search for Cardia. Impey reassures them that he had instructed her to press the emergency button, which would have sent an SOS signal. Dela points out that it would only work if the situation allowed her to even do so. Everyone else immediately heads out, while Dela stays behind to watch the mansion.

Cardia and Sissy are locked inside a prison cell. She worries about the girl, who was taken elsewhere. She wonders if the large man was the mafia boss. In any case, she needs to contact the rest. She slowly loosens the ropes around her wrists, but one of the men enter the cell. The man wearing goggles, reassures her that he means no harm. In fact, he would get into trouble if he did. He asks her to follow him, as the missus is calling for her. The ropes about her legs are untied, and she and Sissy are brought outside – though Sissy was brought elsewhere midway. Cardia looks outside of the window, confirming that they should still be in London. She is led inside a room, where the girl welcomes her, concerned if she was hurt or not. She apologises for getting Cardia involved, but the latter reassures her that she’s used to it. She had even infiltrated the palace and was on a falling airship. The girl bursts out into laughter, for her tales seem so over-the-top. Cardia is confused, saying that it’s all true.

The girl introduces herself as Shirley Gordon, and the subordinate who had brought Cardia her introduces himself as Passy Montbrun. Shirley orders Passy to untie Cardia’s hands, before offering a handshake. At that moment, the large man and numerous men in black burst into the room. The former starts crying out while hugging Shirley, questioning why she had left on her own accord. The girl is annoyed at how he’s treating her like a little kid, despite being 13 years old already. Cardia figures out that they’re father and daughter. The man introduces himself as Darius Gordon, failing to keep up his intimidating act after that scene. His daughter explains that he’s the boss of the Gordon family, confirming that they’re mafia.

To Shirley’s disbelief, her father is suspicious that Cardia may be from a rival family. Shirley insists that she’s innocent. While they’re arguing, Cardia overhears a subordinate joking that she would fetch a high price. Another one warns him, for they don’t deal in such underhanded things. One of them questions if she’s related to Crudele, while another brings up the issue of the drugs. The term “statue of Báthory” is mentioned. Darius warns his men not to say anything unnecessary. Meanwhile, Shirley claims that she will take responsibility, vouching for Cardia’s innocence. Passy adds that Shirley doesn’t seem to be lying. Darius orders his men to tie her again, agreeing to compromise if she can prove that she isn’t an enemy.

Cardia agrees, but is surprised when someone gags her mouth. Her poison immediately dissolves it, much to the surprise of the rest. She prepares herself to be called a monster, having experienced this before. However, Shirley is impressed, asking if she’s hiding something in her mouth. Darius expresses his astonishment too. Cardia finds the lack of hostility unexpected. In fact, the father says that it would be convenient if Shirley had it too. He apologises for saying this lightly, since it surely is a burden for her. While Cardia remains taken aback, she observes that the sun is setting and it’s way past dinnertime. She remarks that it would be bad if they don’t release her soon.

As she’s about to elaborate, an explosion is heard. A subordinate reports to his boss that four intruders are heading for this room. Darius orders them to catch them, and not to kill anyone. Soon, the four intruders burst into the room as they explode the wall. Van, Impey and Fran swiftly deal with the men, while Lupin unties Cardia’s restrains. He counterattacks Darius, questioning if he is the same mafia at the noble’s mansion the other day. The boss seems to have no knowledge of what he’s referring to. Impey informs Lupin that they’ve knocked out all of the men, much to Dariu’s shock. The only left is Passy, who is protecting Shirley. Lupin tells Cardia that they’re jumping out of the window, adding that they’ve already got Sissy. He has Fran set off smoke, while they make their escape. For a moment, Cardia exchanges glances with Shirley – but they’re unable to exchange any words.

As they’re driving back in the automobile, Cardia asks why they knew where she was. Fran explains that the automobile had sent an SOS and so Impey’s radar could pick up her location. Cardia can’t help but think about the father and daughter, who were the only other people besides Lupin and team, who didn’t call her a monster. She would’ve liked to talk more to them. Seeing Darius dote on his daughter, also reminds her of her own father.

After a night’s rest, she shares the information she had obtained with the rest. Van acknowledges that the Gordon family is indeed one of the more moderate mafia families. Lupin observes that they don’t seem to be the same mafia he had previously encountered. Still, it is strange to be caught up with mafia continuously. At that moment, Saint returns home. He’s in a good mood, having returned from preparations for an upcoming antique auction, which will take place on a luxurious cruise ship while touring the world. He shares that it’s rare for priceless art pieces from all over the world to be gathered in one place.

Saint: Yes. The deeper the darkness of beautiful things, the more one’s heart is drawn to it……fufu.
Dela: ……indeed, a fitting reaction of the Count.
Fran: Uwaah, his smile is scary. I don’t really want to listen……

Fittingly, Impey expresses excitement over the ship instead. Saint doesn’t mind if they join him, but adds that it’s taking place at a port town called Liverpool, which is rather far. This confuses the rest, especially when the Count adds that they’d need to defend themselves – because the event is all organised by mafia. The faces of the others turn pale, making Saint puzzled. After the situation is explained to him, he agrees that it’s highly possible that the mafia encounters and the worsening security are connected. He pauses, before asking if they’re aware of the statue of Báthory. The rest exchange perplexed gazes. Saint says that it’s one of the auction items. Lupin is startled, questioning if the one he had stolen is fake then.

Dela quickly brings the statue out for Saint to confirm. To their surprise, the latter concludes that neither of the pieces are real. The real one no longer exists. He suggests for them to calm down with some tea and snacks first, before proceeding to explain. The real statue was actually destroyed 200 years ago – the vampires agreed on this decision. The statue was once passed into the hands of humans, and each owner went mad and met with terrible fates. When it was finally returned to the vampires, they decided to destroy it once and for all. Naturally, there were many who mourned over the loss of this beautiful art, which gave arise to a second statue of Báthory and is being treated as the “real” one now – which is the one Lupin stole. The gentleman thief observes that he’s really knowledgeable, as if he had witnessed it with his own eyes. The Count chuckles, answering that he’s naturally knowledgeable in his favourite field.

This in turn causes them to wonder about the statue appearing in the auction. Cardia recalls that the Gordon family were talking about it too. When she brings it up, the rest see that at least two mafia families are involved with the statue now. Van points out that the case is unrelated to their goal, though Lupin feels that there’s something deeper. Fran can’t help but find the statue of Báthory familiar. In any case, it’s for certain that the public security is getting worse. For now, they agree to stay alert and report if anything happens.

Elsewhere, after the sun has set, a man coldly questions another suited man. The latter struggles to report that the statue has fallen into the hands of a thief, Arsène Lupin. The former ends the latter’s life after having drawn out the information. He is intrigued by the news, but his goal is just straight ahead of him. He laughs, for the stage is already set.

The next few days are peaceful. But there have been increased newspaper reports of incidents in the impoverished streets, as well as sightings of mafia. Later in the day, Cardia and Saint are talking in the entrance hall. Out of the blue, someone knocks on the door. It turns out to be Shirley, Passy and Darius. They had bumped into Sholmes on the way, who was also on the way to see Lupin, and he led them here. Saint asks if it really was a coincidence, and the detective would prefer for him to think that way. Being wary of the mafia, Dela goes to another room with Sissy. But the rest join in the same room with the four guests.


First off, Darius apologises to Cardia. He had misunderstood that she was from the enemy mafia family, and thought she tried to kidnap Shirley. He has his daughter apologise too. Cardia speaks up for them, explaining that they didn’t treat her cruelly – moreover they weren’t turned off despite knowing about her poison. Noting this, Fran and the rest also apologises for attacking them. Darius says that it’s alright, aware that they did not severely hurt his men. He also presents Cardia with a beautiful white dress and hat. Fran reassures her that he will take the measures so that she can wear them. Cardia thanks them, adding that she wouldn’t have met them if Shirley hadn’t jumped into the automobile. In a whisper, Saint advises Cardia that she should call Shirley a “friend”. Shirley is delighted that they’re friends now.

Lupin wonders if it’s alright for Sholmes to be helping the mafia. The latter answers that it’s fine, since the Gordon family are honourable. Shirley explains that they don’t deal in criminal jobs, and it’s their motto not to kill. Sholmes agrees, adding that they’re more like a vigilante. Moreover, it’s probably fate that they encountered each other. He mentions about the statue of Báthory, guessing that they should be aware of it. In fact, he’s grateful that Lupin stole it. He was preoccupied with another job, so he had left Leonhard to the scene. Darius stops the detective from elaborating any further, not wanting his daughter involved in any danger. As they argue, Cardia is reminded of how everyone else always protected her previously.

Seeing that her father isn’t giving in, Shirley says that she wants to go out with Cardia instead. Darius cries out, worried that men may hit on her. The two of them argue again, till the daughter insists that she wants to enjoy her time like a normal girl too. And so, the father agrees to let her – on the condition that she returns by sundown and not to enter the impoverished streets. Naturally, the others are still worried. But Shirley strictly warns them not to rudely interrupt their all-girl’s date. So they compromise by passing them some self-defence items just in case, as well as telling the location of the hideout to Shirley.

While the two girls are outside, Cardia can’t help but be reminded of Elaine and Etty. Would she have been able to spend like this with them, if they had met in a different manner? After that, they head to where the airship race used to be held, next to River Thames. There are still numerous booths set up. Shirley tells her that there are many mafia here, so it’s actually safer for her to be here – since they will all know who she is and wouldn’t dare harm her. The younger girl leads Cardia to a shooting gallery. It’s her first time, but Cardia managers to get 3 targets out of 10 tries. It’s Shirley’s turn, and she turns out to be fantastic – so much so that the owner begs her to stop as she’s claiming all the prizes. After they have the bulky items sent for delivery, the two girls return to the streets.

They bump into Leonhard, though it isn’t long before his men report that another “drug addict” has caused an incident in the impoverished streets. Leonhard gives his orders, before warning Cardia not to enter that area, and to go back early. After he leaves them, Shirley observes that it’s still bright and suggests going to watch an opera. As Cardia follows her, she senses someone else’s presence – but doesn’t see anyone following them.

Back at the mansion, Sholmes expresses that he didn’t expect them to just let the two ladies leave by themselves. Lupin and team trust Cardia, while Darius adds that his daughter is capable too, especially with a gun. Thinking about it, a fellow female friend is rare for each of them. They return to Sholmes’ reason for his visit, and he mentions “set a thief to catch a thief” – though not literally. In this case, it’s mafia. They should already be aware that the statue of Báthory is one of the auction items. The real one was stolen by Lupin, and the newspaper should have reported it already. It’s a rare item, and usually one would take all means to protect it. Yet the noble refused the help of the royal guards and the police. With further hints, Van realises that it was all an act. The mafia whom Lupin encountered, were in cahoots with Marquis Grimond. They would use the “real” one in the auction to fetch a high price, only to hand over the fake one. He would then pay off the mafia, and still possess the “real” one.

Saint can’t comprehend why Sholmes is investigating this – unless someone he couldn’t refuse, ordered him to partake in it. The detective grins at this, eventually admitting that the queen herself gave the order. He allows Darius to explain the rest of the case. The latter says that they’re after a drug which also happens to be called the statue of Báthory. In a way, it’s also an item which can drive people mad. Sholmes spreads some documents on the table, describing the effects of the drug. It first causes people to feel high, as if seeing a beautiful dream. With repeated use, it draws out people’s traumas and hence driving them mad. Eventually, they lose all reason and go on a rampage like a beast. Moreover, the side effects involve lifting one’s physical limits, hence granting them immense strength. But in turn, it will surely burden the body, and eventually paralysation. Due to the high reliance on the drug, the user will be addicted even if taken once. Van mutters that the drug sounds just like Hidden Strength.

Darius explains that his group used to produce the plant, which is the base ingredient of the drug. But his group only used the plant for medicinal purposes. It was delivered to various organisations in various countries – for example, the Royal Society or the palace’s medical department. They realise why the queen is concerned about the case now. The only way it could have fallen into bad hands, is if an organisation diverged it elsewhere. Darius’ men caught the culprit behind that, but not the real mastermind yet. He recalls that in the past, many greedy men were after the product. Out of all of them, one man stood out – Avido Crudele, the boss of Italian mafia, Crudele family. Saint chuckles at how his name means “greed” and “ruthless” in Italian, surely it can’t be his real name. Sholmes adds that Avido is the main organiser of the upcoming auction. It’s likely that the mafia Lupin had encountered were the Crudele family.

The detective also raises the increased crime cases in the impoverished streets, and how the culprits were hardly in the right mind. The rest realise that it sounds like they were affected by the drug, leading to the crime. That being said, it has yet to be confirmed. Whether the culprits were threatened or hinted to do so, but all evidence of the drug were deliberately removed. Plus it’s difficult to detect the drug from blood analysis. It seems difficult for a regular doctor or alchemist. Fran gets the hint that Sholmes wishes for him to determine if the drug is the statue of Báthory or not. The detective agrees, hoping that he could go to the palace after this.

He wishes for them to infiltrate the cruise ship where the auction will be taking place. Sholmes believes that the drug should be stocked in the ship, and as the ship is cruising the world, the drug would also spread worldwide. They will need to find evidence of the drug and dispose of it if needed, as well as catch the ringleader. Lupin is willing to lend his help, but Darius is reluctant to drag them in – after all, he only came here to apologise. The detective was ordered to solve the case as soon as possible though, so he’s willing to use any advantages. Van admits that he’s curious about the drug, while Fran can’t stand by seeing medicine being misused. Saint doesn’t mind helping since he won’t be bored, and Impey doesn’t mind the danger either. Lupin convinces Darius that they can’t bear to see their peaceful days disrupted, so they have the same goals. As Darius finally agrees, Fran gets ready to leave with Sholmes. The detective mutters that it’s nice to have comrades.

After the opera, the two girl drop by a cafe. It’s a popular spot among her schoolmates. But it’s the first time she’s come here with someone else. She doesn’t come here with her father or Passy. Her father always makes her stay behind whenever something occurs, treating her like a small child. So she usually comes to this cafe alone, trying to think of a way to make him approve of her. Shirley directs the topic to Cardia, asking about her parents. She apologises when she learns that Cardia doesn’t really remember. She reckons that’s why she’s living with all of her brothers alone. The younger girl is shocked when Cardia corrects her, commenting that she’s too defenseless among all those men. But soon she grins, asking who is the special one among the five. But Cardia respects all of them, and they are all special to her. Shirley isn’t surprised, seeing how they attacked their hideout to save her. She can sort of understand why her life seems like an adventure.

Before Cardia can suggest to return, Shirley leaps out of her chair. She glares at a black figure in a distance, snapping as she utters “Avido Crudele”. The other girl recalls that the subordinates mentioned that name. It looks like the figure is luring Shirley away, and she tries to stop the younger girl from chasing but to no avail. They eventually find themselves cornered in an alley by Avido and his men who are all wearing masks. Avido commends on how easily they fell into his trap, adding that the last time he saw Shirley was when she was little. The girl yells furiously at him, determined to kill him for what he did to her parents. When his men capture Shirley, Cardia demands for her back. Seeing that she won’t back down, Avido orders his men to capture her too. She tries to resist, but it’s futile as she’s at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. When they try to gag her, her poison dissolves it. This draws Avido’s curiousity, as he calls her a beautiful monster.


They’re taken inside an automobile and the ride is pretty long. Cardia reckons that they’ve left London itself. When they’re ordered to get down, she finds herself standing before a large steamship. Avido boosts that it’s the latest yet, and that he had bought it. He specially invites them aboard the luxurious cruise ship, Gloria. They are led inside, and locked inside a cell. Shirley remains unconscious, and Cardia waits for the footsteps outside to disappear. Only their hands are tied, so she can still walk around. Only she can protect Shirley now, so she encourages herself to stay strong and find a way out.

Meanwhile, Lupin and the rest are about to go out and search for the girls. Darius receives a fancy-looking invitation, addressed from Avido. They realise that the enemy made their move first. Impey double-checks the tracker, and Van guesses that they’re headed for Liverpool. It looks like they have another mission now – to save the two ladies. Saint reassures Darius that Shirley will not be harmed, at least till he arrives. Outside, Fran returns with the results.

Cardia observes that the sun is setting, so it should have been 1 day since they were kidnapped. She has already removed the restraints from her hands. But she’s still inside the cell as Shirley refuses to leave. She vows to kill Avido the next time she sees him. Moments later, Avido approaches their cell. Before Shirley can throw herself against the door, Cardia stops her. The man informs them that he has sent an invitation to Darius, so as to talk about business. He can’t kill her till then. As he leaves, Shirley screams that she was helpless and couldn’t exact revenge. The scene reminds Cardia of Dela. She decides to ask Shirley about her past. The latter is quiet at first, but she slowly shares her story – about her pure rage towards a greedy devil who took her father’s arm and her mother’s life.

It was 9 years ago, when she was 4 years old and first met Avido. He introduced himself as the boss of Crudele family, from Italy. While he was always smiling, it appeared fake and she never trusted him. He claimed that he was here for business. But Darius never let her or her mother stay in the same room, for it may be dangerous. So Shirley never knew. All she remembered was her father’s scary face whenever he was with Avido. That’s why she hated Avido. After several visits, the man suddenly disappeared. The others said that he probably gave up convincing Darius, so she believed that too.

All was peaceful till her 5th birthday. After celebrating her birthday, she happened to wake up at night and overheard her father. He sounded angry, frantic and sad over his medicine becoming a source for a drug. Even though she was young, she more or less understood that it was being misused. She shuddered as she heard her father mention Avido’s name. After that, her father and subordinates were busy. She and her mother were told to always stay at home, as it was dangerous. That day her mother reassured her that her father will protect them all, was the last day her mother hugged her. After that, her mother never came home. Now she knew that it must have been Avido’s doing. But back then she didn’t, and couldn’t bring herself to ask Darius. Instead, she vented her uneasiness onto Passy, who grew up with her.

As the days passed, she finally had time with her father. But his kind smile couldn’t erase her uneasiness. She asked when she could play with her parents again, and he replied that it will soon be over and told her to wait. He left after that. When he finally returned, she rushed out to see them. But her mother wasn’t there, and her father was injured. His left arm was gone.

No one would tell her what had happened. Surely her father had instructed that. That’s why Shirley desperately investigated on her own, and figured out that it was Avido’s doing. So she swore revenge, yet here she is now – helpless and weak. She forces a smile and ends the topic abruptly. But Cardia is grateful that she shared her story. She’s also happy to know that Shirley actually loves her father a lot. She advises Shirley to escape, rather than be used as hostages by Avido when Darius comes. It doesn’t look like the ship has left the dock yet. They successfully escape, and Cardia knocks the two guards unconscious. While trying to find the exit, Cardia does her best to remember the layout of the ship.

However, more men come chasing after them till they find themselves surrounded. She tells Shirley to escape while she buys time, since there’s no telling what Avido will do to her. Shirley is reluctant. As Cardia manages to knock one man unconscious, the wall before them explodes. As the smoke filters out, Van and Saint appear before their eyes – dressed in black suits, like mafia. They swiftly deal with the enemies, before slipping away inside a large room with stacks of boxes. Once inside, Cardia learns from them that Impey had actually placed a small tracking device inside her hat. That’s why they could trace their location. Shirley thanks them, but Van points out that it’s still too early to say that. Saint agrees, moreover they weren’t the only ones who came to save them – Lupin, Fran, Impey, Gordon family, and a reliable guardman. As they explain that they’re wearing black suits to blend in with the mafia, Cardia can only wonder how they found the time to prepare it.


Van opens up one of the boxes, to reveal guns. Saint finds gunpowder in another box. The drug doesn’t seem to be here. However, they should move soon before they’re found. A voice from the announcement system echoes their words, as if having heard their every word. It’s Avido, and his men soon come barging in. Avido reassures them that he only wishes to invite them to his reception party. He claims that their other comrades are already caught. Noting that they’re at a disadvantage, the group are obediently escorted to a large hall. Numerous guests dressed in fancy clothes are already inside. Lupin and the rest are waiting for them there too. It appears that Avido said the same thing to them to make them obedient.

As they regroup, Lupin and team quietly discuss what they should do. It wouldn’t be wise to force their way out, especially since they still have yet to find evidence of the drug. Just then, Avido’s subordinate asks Darius if he brought the item. Apparently, Avido ordered him to prepare proper party outfits for the ladies. Fran reassures Cardia that he has already applied the anti-poison substance, so she can wear the dress she had received from Shirley and Darius. When Shirley sees that Passy merely brought a change of normal clothes for her, she hits him out of irritation. The ladies change clothes in another room, before returning to the hall.

Soon, the lights go out and the spotlight shines on Avido, who is standing on the stage. He gives a short speech to the guests, before leaving the stage. As the lights go back on, Cardia observes that Avido’s men are watching them from afar. Van notes that Avido is highlighting that all these guests are his hostages. Darius doesn’t want to involve them anymore, and thinks that he has to be the one to end things. But before he can take a further step, Avido has his men pointing their guns. Despite this, none of the guests seem rattled, as if it’s just Avido showing them his influence. Darius mentions the statue of Báthory, but Avido feigns ignorance since there is no evidence. He claims that he wishes to discuss business with Darius, just like 9 years ago. As he says that, the group feels the ship leaving the dock. At this rate, they’ll be unable to escape. Avido leaves them, while his men escort them to a guest room. It was the room Saint had originally reserved, since he had intended to participate in the auction.

Impey brings out a basket of sweets he had specially prepared, noting that they must be tired now. Seeing everyone in their black suits, Cardia remarks that it may be more appropriate to call them Lupin family now. Lupin laughs at this. But rather than a vigilante, they’re made up of a gentleman thief, war hero, royal alchemist, wandering engineer, a mysterious noble and a beautiful princess. It may be more suitable to call them a “gang”. She asks if Dela is watching the mansion, and Fran says that he has an important task to fulfill too. At the very least, it seems that Avido isn’t wary of them enough since none of them are locked up or tied up. As they discuss how to find the evidence and to capture Avido, Shirley coldly questions if they only intend to capture him – killing him is not even enough.

She shouts at her father, pointing out that he could’ve shot Avido there and then. But he replies that it would’ve endangered the other guests. But she remarks that she will exact revenge if he won’t. Darius tries to persuade her not to do it, and to leave it to them. He doesn’t want to involve her. Shirley insists that she’s prepare herself for any consequences, and out of spite she calls him a coward and says that she hates him. Darius orders his men to lock her in the next room till she calms down. Cardia can hear Shirley screaming and throwing items, before finally breaking down into a quiet sob. Darius apologises for the commotion. Cardia decides to speak up, saying that she had heard a bit from Shirley. Despite all this, she believes that the father and daughter both think of each other dearly. She offers to share Shirley’s side of the story, if Darius does the same. He agrees, and tells his side of the story.

Since before, Gordon family grew a lot of medicinal plants. So there was never an end to people with bad intentions, eyeing it. Some members got injured in such a brawl, and Darius helped them without knowing the circumstances. That’s what led him to joining the family. The motto of the family is “not to kill”. He fell in love with the boss’ daughter, and eventually ended up as the boss himself. Not longer after Shirley was born, Avido appeared. He was only in his early 30s, but already had the cold eyes of a snake eyeing its prey. He had enough money to buy a whole town, and wished to discuss business for the medicine. While he never used the word “drug”, his intentions were obvious enough. Each time he visited, his offer increased. Till Darius bluntly said that he won’t agree no matter the amount – he can’t trust Avido.

Avido disappeared after that. All was peaceful till Shirley turned 5 years old. One day, they discovered that a staff of the Royal Society misappropriated the medicinal plant. Of course, he was fired and sent to prison. But they noticed that the real mastermind wasn’t him – but Avido. When the case was finally quelled, Avido had his hands on more than enough of the ingredient. The same thing happened as now – the drug got leaked to the impoverished streets and caused a ruckus. Due to this, bad rumours spread, saying that the plants harvested by the Gordon family were the root cause. As such, people lost trust in them. That’s was Avido’s aim. Even so, other groups and people who also thought badly of Avido, believed in them till the end. They banded together with Gordon family, vowing to resist. As Darius was busy dealing with this, he hardly had any time for Shirley.

It was difficult to quell the aftermath. Around this time, Avido returned. With a smile, he told Darius that negotiations were over – but that never meant that he wouldn’t take action. He warns Darius that it would spread even further, if they don’t do anything. He further provoked Darius, mentioning that Gordon family takes pride in not committing crimes or taking lives. Avido offered to leave London alone, if Darius cooperated. But the latter refused to give in. That was the start of their conflict. Avido further spread the drug to other mafia in London. Groups who took on his business, were consumed by the drug and eventually collapsed. And their finances would end up going to Crudele family. The situation worsened in London, but they vowed to end this as soon as possible. Their efforts slowly but surely came to fruition.

But one day when he was away from home, his wife was kidnapped. It was unlike Avido to take such drastic measures, but it also showed just how much they had counterattacked. Wishing to put an end to this long drawn-out conflict, Darius decided to personally meet Avido. That night, he reassured Shirley that it will soon be over. Gordon family and Crudele family met up, and his wife was there too. Darius wished to talk things out, but Avido had no such intentions. That being said, Darius had the upper hand and eventually pointed his gun at Avido. The former ordered him to leave London and to let his wife go. The latter agreed, dropping his weapon and letting his wife free. Darius was relieved that it was over. But Avido stabbed his wife the next moment, cackling at how Darius actually trusted his words.

With his dying wife in his arms, Darius’ mind went blank. All he knew was that he couldn’t let this man live. Before he had realised it, he was beating Avido up badly. He managed to stop himself from shooting Avido. However, the latter had used his last gunshot and that’s how Darius lost his left arm. Avido lay motionless on the ground, and his men was in disarray. Darius ordered him to leave once more, before his anger prompts him to kill. And so Avido left London, and the drug’s influence slowly withdrew from London. But he lost his wife and his arm as a result of this.

He ordered his men not to tell this to Shirley. Though it may be because he himself doesn’t want his daughter to find out. But due to her personality, it seems that she went to investigate the truth for herself. As much as possible, he’d rather keep her far away from such bloody disputes. Cardia remarks that the father and daughter are similar – they both force a smile after sharing their painful pasts. Having heard this, Lupin declares to his gang that they can’t fail now. They explain the full background to Cardia, since she was absent previously. Fran shows a sample of the drug, the same one that was spread 9 years ago. Even with Sholme’s help, the police are at a loss. That’s why they’re hoping to cooperate behind-the-scenes too. The police and royal guards on the surface, and the mafia behind-the-scenes.

Fran also informs the rest that Marquis Grimond is in-charge of the palace’s medical department, and is also a patron of the Royal Society. And the time when the accounts of the medicine were mismatched, was when Marquis Grimond starting investing in the Royal Society. It appears that the noble has a part in this too. Fran also suspects that the statue of Báthory appearing in the auction may be the drug. In other words, the noble and Avido are in cahoots to rake in the money by selling off the drug. In fact, Lupin recalls having spotted the noble among the crowd just now. They agree that they will need to discover where the drug is, and to find evidence of the misappropriation of the medicine.

As for the evacuation of the guests, they ask Impey to take charge of navigating the ship back to harbour. He can’t be certain how long he’ll take since this is the latest technology, but he’ll make it happen. Saint recalls that the ship will be circling the Irish Sea till the auction ends. After that, it will sail to the Atlantic Ocean. Once that happens, they will be on other countries’ territories which will make things more complicated. In other words, they will need to resolve everything before tomorrow night’s auction. Lupin still manages to show a relaxed smile though. Avido thinks that he has them in his grasp, so he’s not on his guard. They can take advantage of this.

First, Van will guard Impey, and they will wait for their chance to sneak into the control room. A few Gordon family members familiar with the technical stuff will join them too. Lupin and Saint will be in-charge of gathering information about Avido, as well as Marquis Grimond – for they suspects that the noble is on this ship so as to escape the country, rather than tour the world. Fran and some of the Gordon family will search for the drug. Cardia compiles all the information each party has gathered, and shares it with the rest. They started their tasks late at night, till the next afternoon. However, they have yet to find the drug. Darius ordered them to bring Shirley to the police once the ship docks at bay. When Cardia conveyed the news to her, she felt lonely that she was being treated differently and envied Cardia.

Recalling this, Cardia decides to prepares some tea and snacks and goes to talk to Shirley. Passy is standing on guard, and informs her that the girl has just fallen asleep. Cardia decides to share the snacks with Passy, and he learns that Darius had shared his past with everyone else. Seeing how concerned he is, she thinks that he’s like Shirley’s older brother figure. Soon, one of Darius’ subordinates comes rushing in. He calls for Cardia to bring the first-aid kit and to accompany him to where Fran is. She immediately does so, and finds Fran in the hall with a male patient. The man was drinking, and suddenly seemed to be very drunk – though that’s probably not the real cause. She and Darius’ subordinate assist Fran, as he administers the medicine. He counts down the seconds, as the patient struggles with immense strength. Once the time passes by, the man calms down and he is brought to the medical bay.

Avido’s men observe them, but soon disappear into the crowd when everything has calmed down. It is only then that Cardia whispers to Fran, asking for the real cause. Fran replies that he administered a neutralising agent for the drug just now. In other words, the man must have taken quite a bit of the drug to become that state. If it was taken through injections, it should’ve been taken orally. However, his partner didn’t seem to suspect anything. Cardia ponders over this, before suggesting that the drug may have been mixed into the drinks. Fran leaps up at her words, and brings over some glasses. He mixes it into the test tubes he has, and the liquid inside changes colours – confirming that the drug is present. They need to inform the rest immediately, but avoid raising any suspicions.

The team gathers in the room, and exchange their findings. Lupin’s side leads them to a locked room they found. The gentleman thief easily picks the lock, and they find what appears to be a storeroom filled with some of the auction items. It’s odd as it looks too messy, and there was no one guarding this room. They find multiple statues of Báthory, full of cracks. Fran goes to break one of the statues, and finds a small bottle containing white powder. He confirms with the same method that it is the drug. However, this amount can’t be everything Avido had siphoned. Cardia contemplates once again. Its appearance can easily pass off as salt or sugar, and it should be somewhere convenient to be mixed into the drinks – the food storage room.

They need to come up with a plan at once, to counter the outbreak of victims. For that, they’ll need Fran’s neutralising agent. Saint volunteers to go and check the food storage room for the remaining drug. After parting ways with Saint, they encounter Passy. The latter has alarming news – Shirley had escaped via the small window in the room. Naturally, there is only one place she would’ve headed to – where Avido is. Darius panics that the same experience from 9 years ago will take place. Cardia calms him down, pointing out that this time he has their help. So she asks for him to believe in them.

2 hours later, the auction is ongoing. Fran confirms that he has finished the preparations already. Meanwhile, Darius and a few of his men are sitting next to Avido where the stage is. Lupin checks that Passy and his team are ready, before starting their plan. The emcee is about to announce the next item, the statue of Báthory. The light go out abruptly, and Lupin and Cardia advance towards the stage. He grandly greets the crowd as the light comes back on. Cardia tells the emcee that this is a surprise Avido had prepared for the guests, so they had brought the “drink”. The emcee believes their story, which proves that he is in cahoots with Avido’s plan too. Meanwhile, Lupin unveils a tower of glasses, and splendidly pours the wine. Darius tells Avido to just watch. The latter is puzzled, but he’s also confident that they can’t do anything at this point.

Lupin: Now, the finishing touch will be by this beautiful princess. She will pour this special bottle, along with her magic! But don’t let your hearts be stolen just because she is beautiful. She is the fairy of this wine. If you have hidden intentions, she will hide herself instantly……!


Cardia can only wonder about his setting for her, as she pours the bottle of wine with gilt. Like magic, the glasses change to a beautiful gold colour. As the guests help themselves to the drinks, Avido arrogantly asks what the famous gentleman thief is possibly capable of. Lupin shrugs while commenting that mixing stuff into drinks is a classic but fine method. It’s only then that Avido realises what they’ve done. All the guests are now drinking Fran’s neutralising agent. Darius’ subordinates would have already served it to those guests who aren’t in the hall too. With this, there won’t be any sacrifices in his plan. Darius asks if he did the same thing to the London mafia back then. Avido admits this, but shows no remorse, calling them slaves.

He remains confident as they’re onboard his ship. He orders his men to surround them, as they raise their guns. Darius questions if he plans to get the influential guests involved in crossfire. Avido shrugs, saying that this can be part of the show too. Lupin remarks that his show hasn’t ended yet. At this moment, the ship rocks and it clearly changes direction. Lupin releases smoke and Fran releases sound and light explosions, to mimic a real explosion. Before the guests fall into panic, Darius’ men shine torchlights to guide the guests towards the deck. They announce that a mafia has revolted, but the ship will soon reach harbour so that they can escape safely.

This news shocks Avido, asking what his men are doing. Cardia answers that Van has taken care of them. After all, he is the human weapon. To his alarm, Avido realises that they’re referring to Abraham Van Helsing. The smoke clears up, and Passy reassures them that they’ve got the evacuation under control. All that’s left is Avido. Darius warns him one last time to leave London. Avido points out that they have no evidence. Cardia replies that they’ve found the drug evidence, and they can question Marquis Grimond. Avido coldly laughs, for no one can ever question the noble again. He was a useful source of money and connections, but he suddenly wanted to flee the country. So he killed him off, lest he leaks any evidence. Lupin notes that he intended to make the noble the scapegoat, since every document had Marquis Grimond’s name. Darius can’t believe how easily he can kill people, but Avido can’t comprehend the opposite. Is it out of duty, belief, or the trauma of his wife’s death?

Avido shots at Darius, who swiftly blocks it with his artificial arm. The former declares that England is a treasure trove of science, knowledge and technology. If he can control the centre of it, London, he’d pretty much have control of the underground world alongside endless wealth and power. When questioned, he admits that he doesn’t have any other aim – it’s just fun to rack in the wealth and to control others like pawns. The two opposing sides start their gunshots, as crossfire breaks out. However, Avido has the upper hand as he has more men. Eventually, Cardia’s party is driven to the upper deck. Fortunately, it is not the end where the guests have evacuated. Darius orders his men to hide, while Fran does his best to tend to those who was wounded. Darius refuses to surrender, prompting Avido to bring out Shirley as a hostage.

The father is enraged, and Fran reassures him that his daughter is only unconscious and appears unhurt. Soon she wakes up, and Avido threatens to kill her. He provokes Darius into attacking him for real, if not the same thing will happen again. He is even open negotiations again, offering 10 times the previous amount. Darius refuses, but he’s reluctant to shoot. So Avido orders him men to kill the rest, for he only needs the father and daughter alive. As his men attack, the rest take cover. They can’t counterattack, in fear of accidentally hurting Shirley. Meanwhile, Avido incites that it’s Shirley’s fault for endangering everyone else. The thought alone causes her to tear up, even though Darius tells her not to listen. He reassures her that he won’t die, before sprinting towards her. He blocks the incoming bullets with his artificial arm. His brash action alarms the rest, but Lupin seems to observe something else. He notes that this can work, before shouting to Darius to jump towards the right. All of a sudden, there’s an explosion as a section of the deck is destroyed.

Moments ago, Impey and Van were making their way towards a large store room, where the automobile was hidden. Impey greets Sissy, as it had been standing guard there all this time. The duo were to wait here, and retrieve the rest when the ship docks. However, they can hear the loud conflict coming from above. They decide to go to their aid. As Impey wonders how to reach the deck quickly, Van remarks that they can create their own path. He points towards the stacks of boxes. Impey notes this, and he drives the automobile towards it. They climb towards the top, and Van blasts the ceiling away. With this, the two men manage to join the rest on the deck and Van swiftly turns the tables around. He shoots down the enemies in a flash, including those who were restraining Shirley. Cardia is surprised to see Sissy as well, but she recalls Saint mentioning a reliable guard man previously. In fact, they’ve even dressed the dog up for the occasion too.

Lupin praises Impey on the nice timing. With most of Avido’s men down and Shirley safe, Avido no longer has the upper hand. He’s willing to admit defeat, but he’s confident that he can use his money to bail out and vows to chase them down again. He provokes Darius into shooting again, if he wishes to avoid that. Shirley is angered, but Lupin stops her. The gentleman thief notes that Avido is proud of his wealth, which is why he had prepared something else. Impey hands him a device, and Lupin announces that they’ve planted bombs in this ship – especially in areas which has his money, documents, antiques, and drugs. Saint had secretly done so. With a single button, they can send the wealth he had earned all his life into flames. He hands the button to Shirley, which angers Avido even more. They leave the decision to Shirley.

Avido earnestly begs her not to do it. However, she recalls that he took something precious from her – so she will do the same since money is the most important to him. This is her revenge. Once she pushes the button, explosions go off in various parts of the ship. Avido collapses to his knees in despair. When he recovers, he orders his men to kill them off. Lupin and the rest have already jumped into the automobile. Passy reassures Darius that the rest will jump into the sea and escape safely. As for Saint, Van remarks there’s no need to worry as he would’ve escaped with the other guests. As the ship soon reaches harbour, Impey gets ready to drive the automobile off.

Meanwhile, Marquis Grimond struggles down the corridor with a critical injury. He’s determined to preserve his property and wealth. But first, he needs to get rid of the evidence before the police or royal guards find it. However, his consciousness slips away. Saint finds the dead man, commenting that the statue of Báthory certainly drives people to madness – whether it is the statue or the drug. Before he leaves to regroup with the rest, Avido’s men surround him. So the Count takes care of them immediately.

At Lupin’s end, the team safely drive away from the ship. As expected with 7 people and 1 dog, it’s quite a squeeze. As the ship disappears from sight, they question if it was alright to let Avido go like that after all that he had done. Shirley rationally answers that her mother and her father’s arm won’t return anymore. Moreover, if she had killed out of fury, she may end up losing her friend. It’s thanks to them that she could decide so. Cardia corrects her, saying that it was her own decision. Van remarks that it is another form of revenge. Darius praises her for sticking to the Gordon family’s motto, and notes that she is no longer a child. Lupin reckons that Avido can no longer recover from that, and the police should’ve arrested him already.


Unexpectedly, they soon find themselves being chased from a large tank. It’s Avido. Impey can’t afford to accelerate any further, due to the many passengers. Van attempts to shoot as well, but his bullets bounce off the armour. Instead, they barely scratch by when the tank shoots at them. So Impey warns everyone in advance before he swerves and escapes into a smaller alley. Unfortunately, that doesn’t deter Avido from pursuing them as he mowers down the surrounding buildings. Left with little choice, Impey drives back towards the wide harbour so as to minimise the damage. However, Avido soon catches up with them. He remarks that while his ship was utterly destroyed by the hands of Shirley, only this tank survived. He plans to thoroughly destroy them in return.

Darius stands up, and stops Lupin and Van from following. The older man says that he has to end this. He leaps towards the tank, and Avido provokes him once more – that he’d kill his daughter. However, Darius refuses to break the family motto and punches Avido. The latter notes that he must wish to kill him. Shirley denies this, but Darius admits that he almost did kill Avido when her mother died. Shirley hesitates when she hears this, but Cardia encourages her to believe in her own father who is desperately trying to protect her and her future. Darius adds that it was the thought of his own daughter, which stopped him from dealing the finishing blow to Avido back then. So at this stage, he’s determined not to break the motto. Fran agrees that it’s much harder not to kill than to kill.

Avido is furious that he still won’t bend his will, questioning if the motto is that important. His tank is on the verge of destroying the automobile, so the only way to stop Avido is to immobilise the tank. Cardia suggests using her poison, but Lupin has another idea. He instructs Impey to drive towards a building in a distance, which happens to be a hotel being re-constructed. The latter drives at full speed, and everyone takes cover as they crash into the building while Van shoots down the falling concrete pieces. Avido’s tank also crashed behind them, and doesn’t seem to be moving anymore. Avido climbs out of the tank, looking dizzy. Darius tells him to give it up, but the man angrily draws his gun.

This prompts Lupin to ask why he’s so persistent. After all, there are other ways for him without relying on the Gordon family’s medicinal plant. Avido finally blurts out that his father was originally part of the Gordon family, albeit part of the smallest unit. But after marrying, the couple moved to Italy. His father formed his own mafia, inheriting the Gordon family motto of not killing and not committing crime to earn money. But theirs was a weak family of merely 5 members and even had debts. His father refused to break the motto, even when his mother was ill and needed treatment. As a result, his mother died like that. Because of that, Avido became obsessed with destroying the Gordon family.

Once more, he taunts Darius into pulling the gun trigger at him. However, the latter tosses his gun in the air and punches Avido. Honestly, hearing that his father was once part of the Gordon family made him loss all will to kill. After all, it means that he’s part of the family too. Avido laughs emptily, not having foreseen this outcome. After he collapses, Shirley rushes up to her father. Darius says that they can come home now, and has much to share with her.

Just then, a beautiful blue automobile pulls over. Saint emerges from the automobile, informing them that Passy and the rest are safe too. Lupin thanks him for setting up the bombs, but the Count replies that it’s too early to say that. Leonhard appears from afar, accusing them of stealing valuable goods from the ship and even destroying the city now. They look at each other, puzzled at what Leonhard meant by the first statement. Saint comments that he thought that he should act like a fellow thief, and the rest discover the antique and money lying at the back of the automobile. The Count admits that he just couldn’t let them burn to ashes. Van notes that he can easily restock his bullets. Darius clearly draws the line between them, since Leonhard is after Lupin and gang. Saint agrees, but Fran points out that it’s Saint’s crime alone. Lupin’s gang quickly ride off in the automobile, and fireworks go off in a distance. Those were meant for the party, and Saint says that he had timed it as the finale. Cardia and the rest wave goodbye to Darius and Shirley, and the two girls promise to meet again someday.

A few days after the incident, the royal guards and the police captured the remaining of the Crudele family. After further questioning, they’ve managed to recover the rest of the drugs. The spread of the drug has also been suppressed. With Fran’s guidance, alchemists and doctors have been administering treatment to the victims. However due to the high dependency, it will take a long period to treat them. That being said, peace is gradually returning to London.

One day, Lupin, Impey, Saint, Fran, Van, and Darius are at the palace. Queen Victoria had called them in, and thanks them for their efforts. She’s grateful to have gained a reliable consultant partner in Gordon family. Saint remarks that it’s as if she took this as an opportunity to strengthen her connections with the underground world. Leonhard takes the chance to commend them on quelling the case to as little damage as possible, and that they’ve secretly held a funeral for Marquis Grimond. However, the queen notes that they’ve damaged the streets of Liverpool quite a bit, and would like to seek compensation from them. The cost is pretty much equivalent to the amount Saint had stolen. However, their account is in the red if they take into consideration the repair costs for Impey’s automobile.

They encounter Sholmes on the way out. Lupin accuses the detective of being missing in action, but the latter answers that he was busy with investigating the production place of the drug. In the end, they’d pinpointed the location as one of the warehouses at Liverpool harbour. Sholmes thanks them for taking up his request, and informs them that the Crudele family is pretty much dispersed with the capture of Avido. Sholmes learns from them that the two ladies are together now, and that they have “guards” this time.

Passy, Dela and Sissy are accompanying Cardia and Shirley today. It’s the first day of the market, so there’s a big crowd. Cardia learnt later that Dela had went to the Buckingham palace to request for the royal guards’ help, and inform them of the main suspect. It must have been uncomfortable for Dela to do so given the history between vampires and the England government. Meanwhile, Shirley returns with ice-cream for everyone. As they enjoy the ice-cream, Passy requests for a nearby photographer to take their photo. And so this moment is captured forever as a photo, of Cardia and her first female friend.

Overall thoughts

I do enjoy the trust and chemistry between Lupin and gang. But I admit that it was a long ride. ;; That being said, I like the fact that this sort of becomes the story of how Cardia makes her first proper female friend – given the fact that you know what happened in her past with Elaine and Etty. Though I think that was kinda overshadowed by Avido’s craziness huhuh. Anyway, I’ll be playing Impey’s after story next!

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