Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Impey Barbicane


Here is the after story for Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou). Enjoy!

Since young, it was his and the old man’s dream to travel to the moon. While the old man has left first, he is still chasing after that dream with his most important one. She completely ignores his joke about announcing that he’s gathering girlfriends once he lands on the moon. Still, usually one would laugh at the thought of travelling to the moon. Yet she didn’t. So perhaps that’s why he was attracted to her since their first meeting. And those feelings were confirmed during that moment, when they jumped off Nautilus. She cried while saying that she wasn’t alive to begin with – that she was a cursed monster created by men and had no life, that she was merely a doll. But he never once thought that. Rather than a curse, it was a miracle that he could meet her and embrace her. Science isn’t meant to harm others, but to bring smiles to everyone. So he feels that Cardia, the crystallisation of science, has to keep smiling! He’ll go to the moon with her one day, and asks for the old man to wait for him till that day.

It’s been 1 year since the Nautilus incident. Cardia is strolling down the streets with Sissy, and she observes that the streets have more or less recovered from the damage. However, Nautilus itself is still lying in the waters as it’s too difficult to retrieve the heavy vehicle. So it has pretty much become a tourist sight. Just then, Sissy barks at someone. It’s Lupin and Sholmes. The last time she saw Lupin was 1 month ago, when Impey had shot that cannon in the air. The gentleman thief gracefully greets her, while Sholmes calls him cruel for casually flirting. Lupin retorts that he’ll hit him. Cardia finds it curious how the pair get along so well despite being complete opposites. They’re almost like brothers. She learns that there’s been new developments in the Tasogare case, so they went to meet the police earlier on.

Apparently, Tasogare was the source of Nemo’s funds. That’s how they tracked down Tasogare’s headquarters as the basement of St Paul’s Cathedral. However, it was too late when they arrived. Everything was already destroyed. Lupin refers to last week’s explosion at the cathedral. Sholmes describes that Tasogare members were found dead in the explosion. Moreover such an explosion would call in too much attention for an underground organisation. Lupin concludes that there seems to be more than meets the eye, but the case is closed with the incident. He regrets that he couldn’t settle it himself. Sholmes reminds Lupin that he had promised to help in exchange for the detective’s cooperation. The detective asks if Impey has been treating her poorly and offers his help. Cardia answers that it’s fine, as he’s been kind to her. While the poison still hasn’t disappeared, she can say that she is happy now.

After parting ways, Cardia returns to the mansion which she already considers as her home. Impey welcomes her back, as he’s almost finished preparing lunch. She’s pleasantly surprised when she sees him serve the coffee with latte art of their faces. However, she points out that the one with his face is slowly losing its shape. He’s alarmed and insists on redoing it. As they sit down for lunch, Cardia keenly observes that he must have done another all-nighter on the research he’s been working on with Fran. When she asked for the details previously, he only replied that it was important. She expresses her worry for his health, and Impey is delighted that she’s openly voicing her concern for him and eagerly presses in for a kiss – only for Sissy to interrupt by biting him. Cardia tells Sissy off as she’d need to wash his clothes once more – instead of the more obvious reason.

She thinks to herself that Impey hasn’t changed at all, as she sees his smiling face. From their first meeting to the reveal of her true identity, he never once grew afraid of her. In fact, he grew to like her more. Whether it’s about his dream to go to the moon, or when his creation was used for bad purposes or when it comes to the dangers of science, he never changes. That’s what she likes about him. He blushes at her words, but he corrects her that his feelings for her now are much deeper than before. Cardia blushes at his direct words. She feels that she has changed too, for she never responded this way when he first kept confessing his love for her. She says that she loves him a lot more than before too, prompting him to close in for a kiss. She stops him and apologises, for there’s still poison within her. The kiss they had shared previously, was just a momentary miracle.

Impey says that there’s no need for her to feel sorry, as he gently looks at her and takes her hand. He puts her finger against her lips, and presses his lips against it. While this is the limit now, he promises that he will do something about it. Cardia believes in him, and admits that she might not be able to wait long. He feels the same way, but they will have to endure with this for now. He lightly bites her finger, before moving away. However, he pauses and hugs her again. He wonders if he can make it if it’s just a split second, like a miracle born out of their love. She attempts to calm him down, but he forcefully reasons that experiments are necessary for the progress of science. Cardia wonders what happened to the endurance from before.


He spots something in the corner of the room – it’s a gun. She explains that Van gave it to her in case Impey assaults her. Fran had give her a strong dosage of sleeping and numbing drugs. Saint taught her the emergency escape route, while Lupin told her about about his evacuation hideout. Impey is shocked at the lack of trust everyone has in him. Cardia deals the final blow, saying that she would’ve trusted him if it weren’t for that attempt just now. She giggles at his reaction. He might not have realised it, but the sadness she had felt just a while ago is now all blown away. He is always saving her when she feels sad. That’s why she fell for him.

One day, Van and Dela visit them. The former confirms that they plan to visit Scotland next, as there are rumours that there are surviving vampires there. They returned to London this time, for discussions with the queen regarding an autonomous region for vampires. Dela explains that due to the terrorism incident with Nautilus, the queen is taking no chances and hopes to lessen any elements of uneasiness now. Van adds that it would be easier for her to control the vampires if there were all in the same region. The young vampire is aware of the queen’s intentions. But he’d rather his own kind live together securely in the same area, rather than be scattered. So he will take advantage of it too. Cardia notes that Dela has matured a lot. The latter declares that he was an adult since before, prompting Van to recall that he complained about the bitter coffee and was all excited when he first rode an airship. The smile of Van’s face appears really peaceful, something which neither Cardia nor Impey had seen before.

Impey remarks that he need not worry then. Though he isn’t in a position to comment as a vampire who had left his hometown. Dela tells him to come to him if he ever gets chased out here. The older man laughs awkwardly, asking what he means. Van answers that it’s in case Cardia ever grows tired of him. Impey pretends not to hear his words. Cardia laughs at their conversation, being reminded of the past. Van recalls their experiment from a month ago, when there was two moons in the sky. Dela wishes that they could’ve waited for him, and declares that he’ll be the one to push the button in the next experiment. Impey shares that he has succeeded in the canon shots numerous times, but he only succeeded once with a human – which was when he shot Van during the airship race. He quickly adds that he’s thankful to Van for the precious data. Cardia says that surely everything is going smoothly, and Impey nervously agrees. Everyone else immediately senses something off, for he’s never been good at lying.

He admits that he didn’t want to involve them, but they sincerely respond that they will help him out. So Impey takes a deep breath, and says that he used up all his budget and pleads for them to lend him money. After all, it does take an immense amount of money to go to the moon. Of course, he doesn’t mean to actually borrow money. Van picks up on his meaning, noting that he wants help in finding a patron to sponsor the project. However, it isn’t easy to find someone willing to offer such a heavy investment. Impey suggests another plan, which is to sell Saint’s antiques. Dela points out that his neck will fly off cleanly. While everyone is scratching their heads for a solution, Saint happens to drop by. He had went to France after the incident, but returned to London a month ago. So he sometimes drops by the mansion. Cardia says that he could just stay here again, but the Count doesn’t wish to interrupt their newly-wed life.

Cardia: W-we’re not married yet……
Dela: Ohh? You say “not yet”. In other words—-
Van: In other words, you only have now to reconsider.
Impey: Oi! Don’t just decide on our future!
Saint: Fufufu, everyone is the same as always.

Saint has finished his task in France, but he still needs to take care of other things. He tells Cardia not to pay any mind. He informs Impey, who had asked for his help the other day, that he has found someone interested in sponsoring the project. However, the potential patron has a condition too so Saint thinks they should meet up to discuss. The Count warns Impey that the person is a difficult one. Impey happily agrees, however the place they’re led to was all too unexpected – the palace.

The potential patron is the queen. Saint points out that she is the most capable patron if you think about it. Leonhard expresses his respect to them, for they contributed to the Nautilus incident (however capturing Lupin is another matter). Impey immediately appeals his case. Besides the cost for the vehicle, he still needs to repair the broken gravity-relief mechanism he had recovered from Nautilus. Not to mention the miscellaneous costs. Saint adds that his project might seem like just a dream, but he believes that it can be realised into reality. Queen Victoria says that she’s in their debt with regards to the Nautilus incident. So personally she wants to help. However, she can’t easily do this over personal reasons as a leader of this country. She will have to gain the approval in court, so he needs to prove his skills to help their case.

A few years ago, the World’s Fair was held in London (also known as The Great Exhibition), where countries would display their achievements in different areas. Saint recounts that it was held in the Crystal Palace, and it was truly a feast for the eyes. Impey himself visited the mechanics area everyday. Queen Victoria says that the next one will be held in Paris. However, there is difficulties with the item they had planned to display there. So she wants Impey to lend his strength, and in doing so, appeal to the global scene that they have a talented engineer besides Isaac. As for the item in question – they had initially planned for an airship. But with the appearance of Nautilus, it would be hard to build a more impressive one. Saint adds that rumours are adrift in other countries that London plans to attack with that invention.

Leonhard: Isn’t it obvious. If it’s not the sky – it’s the sea!
Impey: ……! I see……! I get it, old man Leon. There’s no need to tell me everything……!
Leonhard: Hmm. As expected of someone whom Her Majesty set her expectations on. Aren’t you sharp—-
Impey: In other words a man’s dream……! To create a pretty and sexy transparent swimsuit for women right!?
Leonhard: How did it become that!?
Saint:  A swimsuit creation with the nation’s prestige. The World Fair will be excited in a bad way.

The queen ignores Impey’s remark and continues the conversation with Cardia. She reasons that Britain is known as a navy country, so they wish to invent a submarine to explore the deep sea which may have many resources. Cardia notes that there inventions of airships and ships, but no one has created a submarine yet. Impey is willing to help with the submarine project, but still he questions why the queen is willing to invest in his project. Others would see his dream as fruitless. Moreover, she’s a leader who has to prioritise the country’s needs. Queen Victoria shares that she realised how fearsome science can be with the Nautilus incident. That it can progress to the point that it’s out of one’s control. Saint agrees that it is unsettling, and that power out of people’s control does exist in this world.

Cardia remarks that it was he who stopped Nemo then, someone who loved science more than anyone else. So it was also science which had stopped the fearsome side of science. The queen agrees. Having witnessed the dangers of science, she wishes for others to now see the hope in science. It should be fine for her to dream sometimes. Impey proudly supports this, for his goal is to show everyone how wonderful science can be. Anyone can dream, anyone can look towards the moon. So they agree to this condition.


After parting ways from Saint, Impey and Cardia head to River Thames where a shipbuilding area is. The couple are allowed entry inside, which is now used as a dock. They spot a round vehicle, which appears to be the submarine-in-progress. He starts examining it at once. Soon, they hear a familiar voice – it’s Fran. When he hears that the queen had asked for their cooperation, he collapses to his knees – as if praying to the angels who had descended from the sky. The staff behind him cheer for joy too, for they can finally go back to sleep. Impey can’t help but feel uneasy, and Cardia agrees with him. Fran expresses his relief, for he hasn’t slept in three days. Cardia tells Impey to work hard. In any case, they are shown around the area on their first day.

The next day, Impey gets to work as Fran updates him with the project. To be honest, Cardia can’t keep up as they keep using technical terms. But she does her best to help by writing down notes of everything they’re discussing. After a while, Impey notices this and gets her to copy down embarrassing lines like “I loooove Impey” and “I swear to love Impey in times of sickness and health”. It takes her a few minutes to realise what’s happening.

As the day goes on, Fran confides in Cardia that Impey is surely reliable. He wouldn’t have been able to handle this alone. She questions if he’s alright with participating in a plan led by Queen Victoria, for she knows that he’s uncomfortable. He shares that the queen had promised a few of his requests in return. The information he had obtained is not just for his own sake, but also for his important ones. Fran almost lets slip about the medicine he’s working on with Impey, but quickly recalls that it’s still a secret. He comforts Cardia who feels left out, reassuring her that Impey will explain it himself when the time comes. All he can say that it’s a wonderful research for the both of them. So he says that he’s fine with cooperating in this.

The days pass by, with Impey being one of the busiest – especially so in the past one week. On one such night, Cardia brings supper to him, who is currently in Saint’s room. All she can help out in is organising the data, so this is the least she can do for him. She finds asleep on the desk, amidst the books and documents, while muttering research terms. She lays the tray down and kneels besides him, gazing at his sleeping face. She remarks that once he focuses on something, he loses sight of everything else – even sleep. As his lover, she should stop him from overworking. But she can’t upon seeing him so lively while working. Because she finds him the most handsome in the world when he’s driven by his dream. That’s not the only thing she likes about him though – she likes everything about him. He loved her, a poisonous monster. He called her the crystallisation of dreams and hope, when she couldn’t understand why she was born. Surely he has no idea how much those words saved her.

Cardia: Impey, you’re more important than anyone else to me. When the poison disappears from my body, when that time comes……I want to feel your lips once more like before. I want to kiss you over and over again.

Embarrassing words which she can never say when he’s awake, come pouring out naturally. However, she soon realises that he’s pretending to be asleep.

Cardia: ……are you awake?
Impey: ……I-I’m asleep. Fast asleep.
Cardia: …………
Impey: Go ahead……! I’m asleep so you don’t need to pay any mind……!? Your honest and pure love! Please, express it from the bottom of your heart……!
Cardia: …………

Instead, she grabs a nearby dictionary and hits his head.

Some days later, the development of the submarine is reaching its completion – all except one problem. Cardia drops by the place with snacks. The staff informs her that Fran is outside while Impey is in the rest area. She heads to the rest area, to find it in a mess just like Saint’s room. She hears the sound of water trickling, only to find Impey taking a shower at the back. He’s muttering to himself, contemplating what material can be strong enough to use for the body of the submarine. He tells himself that this isn’t for the government, but all for her. Cardia grabs the basket of food tightly, lest she drops it. His gaze meets hers, and he calmly responds to her, saying that he’ll get changed soon. She hurriedly leaves the room.


Afterwards, Impey recharges himself with her food. But all she can think about is the scene from before. Cardia quietly apologises, and it takes him a while to register the implication of her words. He reddens and apologises instead. He could only think about work, and didn’t realise at all. Looking back, it was extremely embarrassing on his part. She attempts to comfort him, though she wonders why when she should be apologising instead. She switches the topic to the progress of the submarine. She heard that there’s difficulty with the submarine material.

Impey shares that almost everything is completed, but that biggest problem has yet to be solved. It needs to be sturdy enough and have enough tension to withstand the water pressure. However, he and Fran have been unable to find a suitable candidate. She notes that it would be different if there were other amazing scientists to share ideas with. So far, the only other ones she knows of is her father and Nemo. At her words, Impey pauses as if he’s struck with an idea. He tells her to convey to Fran that he’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, and disappears.

When he returns, he reveals a metal board. He had overlooked something, which had withstood the canon blows of Britain’s army – it’s from the outer wall of Nautilus. Impey had to go down to the sight where Nautilus had fallen, to extract this. Besides having the required sturdiness and tension, it hasn’t rusted at all despite being in River Thames for so long. Of course, they still need to test its other qualities, but he’s hopeful. Besides using it for the submarine, he’s also considering using this for their rocket to the moon. While Nemo was a selfish, narrow-minded and hopeless pervert, he too also purely loved science. It’s just that his path was the wrong one. Impey doesn’t hate him, and wishes to take Nemo’s invention to space too. He wants to prove that not everything about Nemo was wrong.

Cardia is in favour of this. Despite who might have made it, science itself is not sinful – that’s what Impey taught her. Just like how it isn’t a sin for her to be standing here. She accepts that what Nemo made, can be used for other purposes besides destruction. Fran agrees too. He knew Nemo from when they were both in Royal Society. Nemo was always alone and no one could keep up with his genius skills. But surely Nemo himself also hoped for a fellow companion in research, chasing the same goal. While they won’t ever know Nemo’s true thoughts, that’s what they’d like to believe.

And so a prototype is made after a few months. And the day of the experiment arrives. The team sails out to the sea with the prototype. While the staff goes through the final checks, Leonhard confirms if they’re ready. Impey and Cardia will be the ones in the submarine, while Fran will support them from above. Apparently Impey had insisted that she be the one to accompany him. To be honest, she’s uneasy about her poison and being trapped in an enclosed space, after what happened in her past. Fran reassures her that the timing isn’t that long, and is within his calculations. He’s about to say something else, but notes that he shouldn’t be the one to say it. He tells her to believe in them, as well as in herself. Cardia nods in return. Before they leave, Fran quickly passes Impey something. He had just completed it this morning, and the rest is up to Impey. The latter thanks him, adding that if he was a girl he would kiss Fran right now.

The couple enter the submarine and make the checks. Impey admits that he’s excited. It’s different from going to the moon, but it’s also entering territory which no one has ventured to yet. As the submarine submerges, Cardia finds herself entranced with the view. He remarks that it’s like they’re on a date, and hugs her shoulder. Leonhard’s voice immediately comes through the communicator, telling them to be serious. They can still hear them clearly, but Cardia reckons that the signal will grow weaker as they sink. Impey takes advantage of this, pretending that the signal is worsening and switches the communicator off. The view outside gradually turns dark, as they soon reach the bottom. Impey decides to turn off the light outside, since this is a rare chance of seeing the sea as it is.

The two of them gaze outside, where everything is silent and dark. He asks her what the view reminds her of, and she replies that it’s like outer space. He’s happy that she got it, elaborating that the bottom of the sea is similar to the space environment – dark, cold, with no oxygen. Cardia points out that there are stars in space though. Impey smiles at this, before switching off the lights inside the submarine too. Darkness envelopes them, and he welcomes her into his embrace. She politely declines this, only holding onto his sleeve. Soon, small white lights seem to appear outside, like stars or snow. At first, Cardia wonders if it’s an illusion. But he explains that the phenomenon (marine snow) is real. He read about it when researching, known as the sky of stars in the sea. This is the world which they plan to visit.

Afterwards, they safely head back to the ship and everyone gathers for a small party. However, Cardia eventually realises that Impey is missing from the scene. When she finally finds him, the sun has set. He’s gazing at the moon, reporting on what had happened to his old man on how they’re a step closer to the dream – along with other things. He asks what she thought about the experience, and she admits that she was a bit afraid. If he wasn’t with her, she doesn’t think that she could have withstood that dark world. Her existence felt so small then. Impey actually felt the same way. That’s why he finds her so dear, as someone aiming for the same dream as him. Surely he will feel the same way, when travelling to the moon too. He’s thankful to have met her, to have fallen in love with her. Cardia averts her gaze, feeling embarrassed.

At this moment, Impey reveals the research he and Fran had been working on. He shows a sparkling blue liquid, and asks her to drink it. It’s something extremely important for the both of them. After she drinks it, he takes her hand, asking if she remembers when the poison temporarily disappeared from her body. He removes her glove, and before she can protest, he entwines his fingers with hers. He had always been longing for her touch. Cardia realises that the wall between their two worlds has collapsed, that the medicine from before has neutralised her poison. It took him and Fran a year to complete, so he tells her to thank Fran too. He jokes that he’ll allow her to kiss Fran on the cheek once.

Hesitantly, she asks if she can touch him. After all, such an act was a sin for her all this time. Impey answers that it’s fine – she can live now without hurting anything. Unknowingly, she finds herself crying. He gently wipes her tears away, admitting that it was tough not to be able to touch her after having done so once before – since he came to know of her feelings, her warmth. Cardia admits the same sentiment, and honestly says that she wants to kiss him because she loves him. Her words strike a blow to Impey, and they naturally draw closer to each other – only to notice Fran and Leonhard watching them in silence. The latter had been searching for them, and Fran quickly pulls the knight away. Impey sighs as the good mood was ruined. He wonders if he’s always going to be this way till the end.

So Cardia catches him by surprise, as she presses her lips against him. Rather than a romantic one, it comes out as desperate as her feelings come pouring out. They embrace each other, and she can feel his heartbeat, warmth, and everything. When they break away, he comments that it was passionate indeed. She giggles, replying that she had been enduring it all this time – however this isn’t enough. Impey says that he feels the same way, for he loves her. She answers that she loves him much more.

One year later, Impey is singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ while doing the final touches to his ornithopter for this once-in-a-lifetime situation. Lupin comes looking for him, questioning why the main person is wasting time here for this once-in-a-lifetime situation. The gentleman thief points out that there’s less than 5 minutes to go till it starts. Impey is surprised to hear this, but casually states that the hero always makes a late entrance. He’s sure that his princess is feeling excited at this waiting game too. Lupin wonders about that, describing how chaotic it is outside – with everyone fighting over the role of the groom if he doesn’t show up. As of now, Sissy is in the lead. This confuses Impey, who dashes off to welcome Cardia as the official groom. His friend shakes his head at how he has to take care of him till the end, whispering that Impey should make her happy.


On the deck, the guests are waiting for the main couple. Lupin soon joins them, reporting that he has chased Impey. Dela still can’t believe that they’re getting married, moreover the ceremony is taking place on this airship. Saint chuckles at how such a flashy ceremony suits Impey. He takes on the role of the pastor, announcing for the entrance of the bride and groom. An awkward silence follows, with Saint making the announcement once more. Lupin tells everyone to look up, and they’re shocked to see the couple flying down from the sky. Impey knows that no one would’ve expected this, and welcomes everyone. Saint observes that they’re using the gravity-relief mechanism, in a most unexpected manner. The crowd starts clapping and cheering, and Cardia turns to Impey.

She asks why he came up with this idea. The groom replies that one reason is to test the gravity-relief mechanism, and he leans in closer to give his second reason. He had always thought that if they held their wedding, he wanted it to be as close to their goal as possible. The two of them turn towards the moon, its pale figure hanging in the sky in distance like a mirage. However, they never once lost sight of it – their goal. Because it’s their dream. They will soon reach it, and Impey tells the old man to wait a bit longer. To go to the moon – that was once he and the old man’s dream. Now it is the dream he and Cardia took over. The project is on track. After two years, she will set off on the journey to the moon today. She will leave earth and travel to where the stars are with her beloved.

Overall thoughts

I still enjoy their dynamics and interactions very much. Like in the first game, the weaker point about his route is the vampire issue, which felt random – but I can see why Cardia and Impey grew attracted to each other. It’s sad that Impey isn’t very popular, but to me he’s a really great character for Cardia (not to mention he cooks well). Maybe it’s because of how the other guys tease him so much and how he sometimes says funny lines in serious situations – so he appears less cool? I laugh so much at those parts though haha.

This was shorter compared to Another Story. But I enjoyed every minute of Impey’s route, everything was nicely developed (and I read up on more history and random facts along the way, thanks). That being said, I don’t know if it’s just me or Cardia’s facial expression looked a bit stiff/awkward in a few CGs…hmm. Anyway, I’ll be following the same order as the first game, so Saint’s post will be next. Till then~

3 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Impey Barbicane

  1. Eu says:

    Like in the first game, the weaker point about his route is the vampire issue, which felt random – but I can see why Cardia and Impey grew attracted to each other.
    — I sort of forgot about this already /o\. It’s treated as a very minor thing when it should have been a major one for Impey.
    Yeah, too bad he’s not that popular D:. I liked him a lot though! Not as much as Lupin but on the same level as Saint. XD


    • Yume says:

      Yeah it was. ^^; It’s odd because for the others, their pasts/origins was a really huge thing for them. So I guess it’s odd that it doesn’t apply as much to Impey. I guess the old man plays more importance w

      Me too! Him and Saint are my next favourites after Lupin ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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