Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Saint-Germain


Next is the after story for Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). Enjoy!

The route opens with a flashback scene. Someone offers to grant a wish of an injured man, in exchange for carrying out the duty of guiding humanity to the right path of history forever. The latter chuckles weakly, for it sounds like a deal with the devil – to give up your soul for your wish. The former, who introduced himself as an envoy of fate, doesn’t deny this. For gods and devils aren’t that much different for those who don’t believe in any faith. The injured man reveals a wry smile, noting that he doesn’t have much choice anyway with this fatal wound. Piles of stone rubble surround him. This was what he had spent his whole life achieving, the fruits of his labour. He had been a slave for as long as he could remember, and kept moving and piling stones upon the orders of the arrogant king. But the ziggurat which was soon to be completed, came crumbling down as if it had offended the gods – by the hands of this very man standing before him.

The man addresses him as a nameless slave, correcting him – he has a fortunate choice of choosing to die here too. The slave can’t even bring himself to laugh at that statement. The man offers his hand, as if waiting for the slave to grasp his own destiny. It is true that he was chosen as someone to accept the curse of immortality, but the decision remains his. Since the beginning, he never did have a choice in his life – his family, friends, even his own life. Everything was in the hands of the king, since the moment he was born as a slave. That’s why he never wished for anything, never desired for anything, never expected anything from the cruel thing known as destiny. But if he could……

???: If I could wish for, my first and last wish——–one day, I—-

The man vows to grant his wish, as a supervisor of history, a guide of history, and a traveller of time trapped in a prison known as immortality. From that day on, the slave became a disciple of Idea. To make sure humanity doesn’t tread on the wrong path of history, to lead them to the correct path of salvation while they carry the burden of the original sin. There is an organisation known as “Idea” since ancient times. And Saint-Germain is Idea’s disciple. Idea’s activities is never unrelated with blood. Distinguishing the sparks of war. Cutting away the roots of revolt. Erasing the source of an epidemic. He has killed many lives, including those of women and children. Countless, in fact. But he can say for sure, that he has surely saved the most number of lives – and also killed the most number of people.

So the next mission should have meant little to him. Killing off a pitiful monster born from the hands of a man who had stepped into the territory of the gods. It should have been nothing compared to wiping out an entire town or country. But the target he was supposed to kill, was but a mere girl unworthy of the title “monster”. Despite knowing that he was after her life, she still believed in him. An innocent girl with a poisonous body who sought for human warmth. And he who wears a fake smile while killing people for thousands of years. ……just who should really be called a monster?

Perhaps that’s why he couldn’t kill her. A horologium for a heart. A poisonous body which didn’t forgive any human touch. Even so she continued to live on, without giving up on being human. Her existence was so bright, as someone who kept killing while wearing a puppet-like mask. He was envious of her, who continued to hold onto something which he had long thrown away. Her smile which she smiled in his place, was dear to him. That’s why he grew attracted to her. His beloved person, Cardia. The moment they confirmed their feelings for each other, his clock began to tick again – ticking in the same time as hers.

After facing off with Idea in London, the couple began touring Europe. Almost a year has passed since they have started their travels. Cardia does miss the lively days with her friends. But the new sights she keeps seeing with Saint, hardly give her time to feel lonely. Currently, they’re on a ship and the next stop is France. Perhaps she could drop by London to see her friends – Lupin and Impey who are still searching, Van and Dela who have set out to find the remaining vampires, Fran and Sissy who have remained in London. If she manages to see them, she hopes to catch up with them on the past year. She slowly drifts off to sleep as she rests on a chair.

But Saint greets her as he kisses her lightly. The burning sound and smell pulls Cardia back to reality. She opens her eyes to see him playfully licking his lips. He wanted to be more prudent, but he couldn’t resist upon seeing her cute figure. She tells him off.

Saint: Oh my, I beg your pardon. Would you have preferred it to be more passionate?
Cardia: That’s not the problem! Seriously……even though I’ve told you over and over again that it’s dangerous……!

He should know that her body is still poisonous, yet he still touches her freely. She isn’t sure of why he looks happy too, as if confirming the poison in her body. Saint says that he is merely confirming – perhaps it would’ve vanished miraculously one day. After all, miracles do happen. He winks at her, and says that he’ll try it once more – this time more gently and thoroughly. Cardia refuses to let herself be tempted by his alluring voice and pushes him away. After lecturing him for 5 minutes, Saint notes that she’s become better at dodging and thinks that he has to come up with a countermeasure soon. She begs him not to. Even if he says that he still has his regenerative powers, her poison is still dangerous.

At that moment, one of the ship crew members pass by and thank Cardia for her help earlier in the kitchen. She explains to Saint that they appeared busy so she merely helped them out by peeling the potato skins. As the man leaves, Saint remarks that she has changed quite a bit. Previously, she would be hesitant to help out in the kitchen even if wearing gloves. She replies that it must be thanks to Saint and the rest, if she did change. It was Saint who risked his own life when confronting Idea, as he wanted her to live on. That’s why she wants to respond, by moving forward together with him. He chuckles, and comments that it’s a good thing for her to expand her horizons. The blue sea stretching before her, is the same colour as the horologium in her chest. As a seed of disaster, it should’ve been destroyed by Idea. The sight of Saint protecting her against Idea’s will is still fresh in her mind. Because of his plea to Omnibus, she let them free with the condition that Cardia finds another way to live on. That’s why they’re touring different countries now.

Saint tells her not to worry. He did promise her after all. Cardia says that she can’t help it since it’s been a year already. However, they have yet to grasp any clues. They met various skilled doctors, but none of them could provide a solution. He says that it’s only been a year, and still too early to give up. They can try a different approach instead. Omnibus, who is able to see the future, gave them a chance – which means that the possibility isn’t 0%.  Usually Idea’s leader would have ignored such a slim possibility, yet she let them free. So surely there’s still a chance for them. He may have just intended to calm her worries, but she wishes to believe in his words nonetheless. He pats her head, and adds that he’s also been chasing after the footprints of “him” while touring each country. There is just one place left now.

Once the ship arrives in France, he says that they’ll head for Paris where he has a mansion nearby. But before doing so, he would like to visit somewhere else first. He has an old connection there. There’s a sense of nostalgia in his gaze. Saint explains that having watched over human history for thousands of years as Idea’s disciple, there have been several geniuses. One of whom is her father, Isaac Beckford. And this other person he knows, is another such genius – Hermes Trismegistus. He was also Idea’s disciple, and known as a forefather among alchemists. It’s said that his name is recorded in over 35,000 books and that he has lived for over 3,000 years. Saint recognises him as a brilliant alchemist.

A few days later, they reached France and are driving towards the destination. Cardia learns that the Trismegistus is no longer alive, which she finds odd since Idea’s disciples are immortal. But Saint doesn’t elaborate on the matter. He describes Trismegistus as free-spirited, selfish and fickle, and always being played around by him. Cardia can’t quite imagine that, and he laughs and comments that he was still a greenhorn. They drive past the streets and villages, to eventually reach a barren field. They stop the car, as Saint is certain that one of Trismegistus’ research labs was here. He soon discovers the trigger between large stones, and fiddles with it for a few minutes. He succeeds, and a large rock opens up to reveal a staircase leading downstairs. Before entering, Saint mutters a prayer for Trismegistus’ soul to rest in peace – though Trismegistus himself probably doesn’t believe in such things.

Cardia finds this surprising, having thought that everyone in Idea would have a deep faith like Saint. Having sensed this, he smiles wryly and explains that all 13 disciples have distinct personalities. Someone who destroyed a country out of love. Someone who sought for a place to belong to, out of grief from losing family. Someone who just didn’t want to die. Trismegistus was also pretty individualistic. He was never active in fulfilling his duties, and often went travelling and ignored Omnibus’ orders. He was certainly irregular, in more ways than one. Cardia finds them similar, in how they both love travelling and are fickle. Saint finds this unexpected, for he is the type to fulfill promises.

They descend the staircase, and discover an empty, run-down research lab. Saint reckons that it was the work of grave-robbers. Almost all items of value seem to have vanished. In any case, they search the room. Cardia comes across a tattered notebook, and is unable to read the writings. Saint recognises that it is Akkadian, and that another one is written in Hebrew. He asks her to just search for things she can read, related to the philosopher’s stone. The term rings a bell in Cardia, for that was her father’s aim. Saint says that it was rumoured that Trismegistus was the only one in history who gained the philosopher’s stone, though he himself knows that Trismegistus didn’t. However, it was true that he was researching about it. So his research should be useful to them, especially his Emerald Tablet which has the secrets of alchemy inscribed on it.

But despite searching the place, as expected most of the items were stolen. There was hardly anything left behind related to the philosopher’s stone. They leave the underground lab and drive back to Paris, where they’ll try to gather more information. Cardia reassures him that she won’t feel down from this, and that there’s still hope like he said. Saint says that she must be tired though, and advises her to sleep till they arrive at the mansion. As she falls asleep, he resists the urge from kissing her. He mutters that it’s just like Trismegistus to leave others bewildered. But perhaps this result is to be expected – since he probably wouldn’t want to save someone who had killed him.

The sky hasn’t changed since then. Back then, Saint went to see Trismegistus, asking if he’s researching about the philosopher’s stone. The latter doesn’t deny it, for it’s every alchemist’s wish to create it. The former doesn’t deny this, and adds that Omnibus isn’t cautious of that act. However, Trismegistus is different from other alchemists. With his knowledge and skills, there is a chance of him achieving it – that is what Omnibus fears. Trismegistus laughs at how they overestimate him, which riles Saint up. He asks if the younger man is worried. Saint rejects this thought, after all he was the one who robbed away his home village. He sarcastically remarks that he may even dance for joy if Trismegistus passes away. The other man finds his comment cruel, and confirms that he won’t stop his research.

Saint doesn’t understand his motive, since they have no need of immortality which the philosopher’s stone supposedly grants. Trismegistus says that he made a promise to someone, so his research is no longer for himself. Saint asks if it’s worth risking his life for that. Trismegistus agrees, for his life is of not much worth. The former can’t comprehend how anything could be more important than your own life. The latter cites the example of love, family – anyone who has lived would have something which they feel is equivalent to their own existence. He’s certain that Saint will find it one day too.

The next day after they searched the underground research lab, the couple arrive in Paris. The “city of flowers” is a different sight from the steam city of London, blooming with art and culture. Saint suggests looking around a bit, before heading for the mansion. She learns that while he stayed here for about 300 years, he had to change his stance several times to avoid drawing suspicion – such as being a pastor, to being a baker and so on. So comparatively, he probably stayed in Paris the longest. Cardia would like him to show her around, as he did when she first arrived in London. Saint gladly offers his hand and escorts her – from Avenue des Champs-Élysées to Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile to Louvre Museum. He watches over her delighted reactions. However, she also starts to observe the men and women dressed elegantly – unlike her. Seeing couples exchanging kisses, also makes her feel jealous.


She can’t help but feel that she doesn’t look compatible with Saint. But he catches on quickly and pulls her in before she can distance herself, asking if she needs to be punished. He hugs her tightly and intertwines their hands, not minding if she admires just him, besides the scenery. Cardia protests out of embarrassment, and is wary of the close distance between their faces. Instead, he softly remarks that he doesn’t mind kissing like the couples she was watching. After all, he’s the only one in this world who can touch her over and over again. She doesn’t want to hurt him, yet he’s smiling sweetly as he says that. Saint draws his lips closer.

A kid bumps into her, pulling her rational side back. Cardia quickly releases herself from his embrace, and helps the kid up. She learns that the child is playing catch with some other children, but always gets bullied as he is slow. She attempts to encourage him, and Saint recognises her words as teachings from Lupin. She asks for some time to teach the child, leading the boy into an alley. Saint sees her off, before sitting down on a bench. He thinks to himself once more that she has changed, for she used to avoid human interaction. Even though she still has the poison, surely she isn’t that much different from a normal girl. No one will see her as a doll or a monster. Once they resolve the issue with the horologium, surely she can gain much happiness as a normal person would – plucking flowers, wearing pretty dresses, and her initial wish of touching others. He mutters to himself that it’s a good thing for her horizons to expand.

Later, they head to Saint’s mansion. As expected, it’s exactly the same as the one in London. They spend the next several days gathering information around Paris. Sometimes when Saint goes off alone, Cardia goes to teach the child. One day after parting ways from the child, she bumps into Lupin. It’s been a year since she saw him. He points out that he is French, so it isn’t odd for him to return home once in a while. He’d thought that she would’ve been with Saint 24/7, instead of acting separately. She guides him back to the mansion, where he meets Saint later. He shares that the rest are doing well, from when he last met them a month ago. He’d love to share more, but he notes that it’s pretty late and will visit them another day.

After the gentleman thief leaves, Saint wonders if it really was a coincidence. Perhaps he specially came by, because he was worried. After all, everyone else really liked her. Cardia tells him not to say such strange things. He then insists on clearing up the table, and has her retire for the night first. The next day, Saint says that he will be late and leaves early in the morning. She decides to clean up the place, but finds it odd as he hardly stays quiet about where he’s going. Thinking back, he’s been acting weirdly since a while back. However, there’s no one else here whom she can confide in. A timely knock is sounded, and Lupin enters the mansion. So Cardia takes this as a chance to confide in him. He smiles and pats her head, reassuring her that he will investigate the matter. He leaves afterwards, and she continues cleaning the mansion.

In the end, Saint never returned that night. She goes to bed, but is unable to sleep. When it’s nearing midnight, Cardia seems to hear a sound from outside. She heads to the courtyard, and finds Saint trimming the plants. He greets her as per usual, admitting that he can’t sleep either, especially on a night with such a beautiful moon. He stops tending to the plants, and turns towards her. With the moonlight casting over him, Cardia is reminded of their first meeting. She wants to ask him why he’s acting weird recently, but can’t bring herself to and praises the garden instead. Saint thanks her, commenting that beautiful things heals one’s heart. Being immortal, he did pursue unchanging beauty in the form of antiques. But flowers with its fleeting beauty is also dear. As he gathers the cut flowers together, she stands beside him.

She can only smell the sweet scent of the flowers, while hoping to touch it one day – and not just flowers. Before she can continue her sentence, Saint embraces her from behind. Cardia is perplexed, especially because he sounds like he’s in pain. He asks what she would do, if her poison doesn’t disappear. His words perplex her, for it seemed completely different from what he had said previously. She points out that that’s why they’re searching for a solution by touring different countries now. Saint weakly agrees with her, tightening his embrace. To be honest, she doesn’t want to think about that possibility, and shivers as she imagines going back to the time when she was all alone. He reassures her that even if that happens, he will remain by her side. Even if her poison kills off every other living form and her kiss is a sweet kiss of death, only he can accept it all.

In a trembling voice, he questions if she can be comforted by his existence alone. Cardia cannot understand what he is afraid of. Even if she’s lying, she should nod. But as she’s about to, a breeze blows past and the flowers brush past her cheek – and the petals immediately decay. She remarks that even if it’s a lie or a what-if situation, she doesn’t want to think about that possibility. She wants to get rid of the poison, and to touch him. Just like how he was willing to throw away his immortality, and to live with her. Saint quietly acknowledges this, and steps away from her. He’s wearing the same smile, as she saw during their first meeting. He apologises for before, and urges her to sleep first while he tidies up the place. Above all, he wishes to be alone for now. As he turns his back towards her, Cardia can only wonder why he’s in such pain.


Left alone, the Count asks himself why he said such a statement. It was as if he had given up on finding a solution. Only he can touch her, the one and only existence in this world. That’s probably why he hesitated to finding an answer. The fact that he left their visit to Trismegistus’ research lab for later, is proof of that. He laughs at how ugly and hypocritical he is. Did he wish to monopolise her, so much so that he betrayed her trust. A familiar voice interrupts his thoughts, noting that Saint’s current expression is unlike him. It’s Lupin. He had been there for quite a while, but Saint must have been so deep in his own thoughts to not realise. The gentleman thief asks how their progress is, learning that they’re searching for old research materials left behind by an old acquaintance of Saint’s. Surely once they find it, Cardia can suppress the poison and live normally – touching whatever she wants to.

It’s a happy thing indeed, but Lupin observes that Saint doesn’t look that way at all. The latter sighs, and gives up on hiding his true feelings. He admits that he is uneasy. Only he can accept her now. But once the poison is gone, will he no longer be the one and only special existence to her? Lupin says that he’ll punch the Count if he says anything else. He thought that he could entrust Cardia’s happiness to Saint. Lupin grabs him by the collar, speaking in a cold tone. In the first place, he was the one who promised Cardia to remove her poison. If Saint is still so hesitant, then he will fulfill the promise instead. He releases his grasp roughly, and walks away. He tells Saint to stay that way, if he has no confidence that Cardia will remain by his side once her poison is gone. His words hit Saint, who realises that he himself is letting of go of his future with Cardia. The words escape his mouth before he knew it. It’s hard to think that he’s someone who has lived for thousands of years, for now he sounds like a mere child.

Saint: …………I don’t want that…………! It doesn’t matter even if the poison is gone……! It doesn’t matter what others think!! Even if it’s you……! I won’t hand her over to anyone else……!! I love her, Cardia—-the most in this world!!

His desperate cry rips through the silence of the night. Lupin merely whispers to Cardia, who apparently had been there this whole time. Saint looks up in surprise. The gentleman thief questions if he has ever confided in Cardia herself. He sighs that smart people like Saint always keeps things within, and should directly ask Cardia if he’s unsure. Lupin waves and excuses himself, leaving the couple alone.

Saint weakly laughs at his miserable self. Cardia shakes her head, saying that it’s her turn to talk now. She apologises for not realising he was in pain this whole time, and stops him when he tries to say otherwise. She takes a step towards him, and admits that she was extremely happy over the fact that he could accept her kisses. But she doesn’t love him just because she can touch him. She loves him, that’s why she wants to touch him. Just as he had confessed, she too loves him regardless of the poison. Saint stops her from saying anything else. He asks her to wait a bit longer, and will redo his earlier confession for when they find a solution. He hugs her, and says that he will definitely find Trismegistus’ research. So that one day, they can finally kiss without any hesitation, with everyone’s blessings. Lupin watches from a far-off tree, sighing at what a handful they are.

The next morning, Saint shares with Lupin about the Emerald Tablet and how it was stolen from the underground lab. The culprit probably stole it for money. So he hopes that Lupin can help them to track where it might have been sold. The gentleman thief awkwardly agrees, averting his gaze when Cardia thanks him. He asks in detail where the lab is located, and if the entrance is hidden behind a huge rock. When he confirms this, Lupin cries out an apology as he confesses that he probably stole it. It was probably when he was still young and rough. The Emerald Tablet is probably still at his hideout, as he didn’t feel right selling it off when the owner was unknown. One hour later, Lupin returns with it. Saint easily reads the ancient writing, as if gazing into a distant past.


It had been 50 years since they last met, when Saint went to visit Trismegistus at the underground lab. The latter wants to celebrate their meeting with some wine, but the former’s expression remains grave. Omnibus had ordered him to remove Trismegistus the alchemist, for trespassing into forbidden territory. The older man remains unfazed, having expected this moment. It would be meaningless for him to run away, for Omnibus sees everything. Even if he did, the next person who would come after him would probably be Guinevere. It wouldn’t be bad to die at the hands of a beauty, but he’d rather die at the hands of his friend. Saint asks if he still deems him as a friend, when he’s here to kill Trismegistus. The man says that the two have no relation to each other. Saint calls him a fool, and asks why he continued his research on the philosopher’s stone despite knowing this outcome.

Trismegistus replies that there are two reasons. Firstly, he is tired of living. He tried various ways, but was unable to end his own life. If he did this research, surely Omnibus would lift the immortality curse off him and hence ending his life. Even if that weren’t the case and he completed the philosopher’s stone, surely it could grant death as well. The second reason is as he had mentioned before – a promise to someone. His faint smile and meaningful attitude stirs Saint’s heart. Trismegistus says that his predictions aren’t as certain as Omnibus’, but he can at least foresee that even if his research comes to a halt now, it will be useful for someone else’s happiness one day.

Cardia asks what the tablet says. Saint answers that it’s all of the man’s research findings. However, he added an extra line at the very end.

???: If I could wish for, my first and last wish——–one day, I——–want to grasp onto normal happiness—-

“You once made a wish to me. That you just want to grasp onto normal happiness. I once answered you. That I have heard that wish. It will be difficult to wish for that happiness being a member of Idea but……after the end of everything–I pray that I will certainly grand your wish. —-Your friend. Hermes Trismegistus.”

Saint whispers that he will be borrowing his friend’s research findings. Cardia, Saint and Lupin return to London after a year’s absence and meet Fran back at the mansion. After Fran goes through the results, he concludes that if the findings are accurate, Cardia’s poison can be removed. He praises Trismegistus for truly being a genius, and excitedly wishes that he could get his autograph. It appears that Trismegistus had already succeeded at jikterium hundreds of years ago. According to the information inscribed on the tablet, Trismegistus had also almost accomplished in creating a horologium. Both of these substances are highly poisonous. However, it should be impossible for it to truly be able to melt everything. That’s why Trismegistus did all sorts of experiments.

Until he finally discovered a curious reaction from a certain material. A green stone of the beryl variety, which was used as a wonder medicine in many areas since ancient times due to its strong detoxification properties. Fran decides to demonstrate it, by placing the Emerald Tablet against Cardia’s cheek. To her surprise, it doesn’t melt. Saint realises that this is why everything was inscribed on emerald. Fran elaborates that very pure emerald, is also capable of absorbing the horologium’s poison – only if it is extremely pure, like the tablet. Upon Saint’s encouragement, Cardia removes her gloves and slowly touches the tablet, tracing the words with her fingers. Fran says that he was doing his own research too. Thanks to these findings, he can now come closer to rendering the horologium harmless.

In other words, there’s no need for them to worry anymore. Lupin declares that everyone should gather together for a celebration. Everyone will definitely come flying back at this good news. Saint beckons Fran to a corner, wishing to discuss the details of how the emerald will absorb the poison. Fran thinks that it’s best if Cardia can carry it around with her. The Count says that he has a suggestion in that case.

A few days later, Saint is touring London with Cardia, just as he did when she first came to London. She still finds this city the most comfortable. He points out that it’s like her second home, and she adds that it is also where she met him. The couple eventually comes to Tower Bridge. He recalls that many things happened here – where the two of them confronted each other, where Saint battled Guinevere, and vowed to Omnibus. It was a place where they confronted destiny. That’s why Saint chose this place today. He removes his hat and bows. Once again, he confesses that he is an ugly person. She will be able to touch many things after the horologium’s properties are changed – green grass, gorgeous flowers, soft hair, and human warmth. He takes her hand, admitting that he was uncertain if she could still remain his then.

Cardia repeats her words from that day. The days spent with him taught a doll like her, how to love. That’s why she will always love him the most. Saint acknowledges this, and wishes to apologise for doubting her love. And he vows to always love her. It’s the first time she’s seen him smile so naturally. He whispers in her ear, asking her to close her eyes. As she does so, she feels her glove being removed, and something cold being slipped onto her left ring finger. She opens her eyes to see an emerald ring. To think that a girl who was once called a monster, would receive such a bright future now. A gift from her most beloved person, who risked his life for this.

Saint tells her that since ancient times, the ring finger is said to link to the heart. That’s why it’s the best place to detox the poison from the horologium. He chuckles at her disappointed reaction, before apologising. He brings her finger to his lips, and the emerald seems to have began working. He says that the meaning of emerald is “happiness”, and wearing a ring on the ring finger means “an eternal vow”. He says that he loves her, and sends his eternal blessings. It’s the words she had been waiting to hear, and the warmth she had longed for.

Thanks to the ring, the poison in her body is slowly fading away. It was just her ring finger at first, but it’s almost half of her body. Fran estimates that the poison will be fully removed once this trip ends. Cardia no longer wears gloves. She recalls their adventure in Egypt, and that they’re headed for Asia next. Saint adds that they’ll cross over to American after that and should visit Impey, whose prototype is near completion. Van and Dela have also just succeeded in establishing an autonomous region for vampires in Ireland. Fran is still a doctor in London, and has many disciples now and even created a doctor’s organisation. Saint shares with her that Sissy also got a partner and children now. As she wonders about Lupin, he shows her today’s newspaper. The cover photo features a familiar silhouette, and the article describes how the famous gentleman thief exposed a dictatorship scandal. It looks like everyone is doing well on their own path.

As for the couple, Saint thinks that they can take their time touring different countries. Cardia would like to visit his home village which is supposedly in west Asia. He can hardly remember it, but he doesn’t mind visiting it with her. He thinks it’s a good point in time too. Once they do that and return to London, her poison would’ve been completely removed. And then, they can hold their wedding. He reckons that they will need to invite 10-20 people – to her surprise, he’s including the likes of Queen Victoria, Omnibus, Guinevere and the other disciples. Though the one he wants to call the most is no longer here. Cardia wishes to know more about his old friend. Saint replies that he is selfish, fickle, and doesn’t say the critical things. However, he’s an important friend who showed him the way. She holds the ring against the forehead, and thanks Trismegistus. After all, he’s the person who connected them together.


Hearing this, Saint takes her hand and says that they should show everyone that the woman he loves isn’t a danger to the world, but a dear and kind woman. He kisses her, and smiles happily. Cardia thinks to herself that in a way, he is more poisonous than the horologium – a sweet and crazy poison that makes her fall for him more. The happiness, wishes and hope he had given up thousands of years ago, is here with her now. He’s truly blessed to be able to touch her, convey his feelings, and to be with her. Cardia replies that it’s the same for her, as he is her happiness and meaning for living. He kisses her once more. Saint no longer kisses her where there is poison while hurting himself. In exchange, he kisses her many more times in places he can touch. He smiles at the thought that there will gradually be more areas he can kiss. When the poison is gone, he will have all of her. As they kiss again, Cardia thinks to herself that the day isn’t far off – when they return to London for their wedding.

Overall thoughts

It looks like Saint’s route cannot be complete without pain, haha. I thought that the flashback scene at the start was painful enough – but they just had to add that conflict in the middle. Honestly, I wish they would just time-skip to the wedding since it was already mentioned at the end that – the day isn’t far-off. Ahhh anyway, the CGs were beautiful for this route and so were the new background scenery. And I liked how the gang came together to help solve the issue because like Lupin said, he was the one who first made the promise to Cardia.

I will be playing Sholmes’ route next. Till then~

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  1. Eu says:

    “You once made a wish to me. That you just want to grasp onto normal happiness. I once answered you. That I have heard that wish. It will be difficult to wish for that happiness being a member of Idea but……after the end of everything–I pray that I will certainly grand your wish. —-Your friend. Hermes Trismegistus.”
    — I teared up again. D: Can’t they give a feel good route for Saint for once? www
    I loved this route but omg, that ending is still bittersweet. Trismegistus gave up his life for this research, which had him killed by Saint, which caused guilt on his friend. After 234834083 years, it eventually became the reason Saint got his happiness <– fate is cruel /sobs.


    • Yume says:

      Yeah poor guy can’t catch a break ;;

      Right? The whole cycle of how Trismegistus’ promise to Saint was finally fulfilled was such a tear-jerker. It was nice to see how Saint also once had a close friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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