Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Victor Frankenstein

Next up is the after story for Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya). Enjoy!

He had committed a sin. A grave sin which should never be forgiven. Jikterium, something he had created by chance in the process of researching the philosopher’s stone. And the “sin” itself. It’s extremely poisonous, and tens and thousands of people would die if it were used as a weapon for war. He never thought that it would be used to kill people – he can’t use that excuse. He shouldn’t have created such a dangerous thing. Since the tragedy of the vampire war, not a day went by where he did not think that. If he never created it, the vampires wouldn’t have been driven to extinction. The person he loves, wouldn’t have had to experience the loneliness of being unable to touch another. Yet she thanked him, that it was because of his creation that she exists today. Those words saved him. His sin will surely never be erased. But thanks to her words, he can still move forward.

At first, perhaps he wanted to remove her poison because of his guilt, by painting over his sins. But along the way, another feeling started to pour out of him. He wanted to touch her. To feel her. It was not out of guilt, but his own wish. Now that it has been granted, he can say that he truly loves her now.

In the morning, Cardia checks with Fran if he didn’t forget anything before he leaves for work. According to Cardia, he often forgets when his work gets busy. For example, he once wore the shoes on the wrong foot, and even took Sissy instead of his bag. Noticing his bed hair, she reaches out her hand to fix it, but instinctively draws back. Seeing this, Fran tells her not to be afraid. He removes his glove and gently brings her hand to his cheek. There’s no burning sensation or smell, just the warmth of the person she loves. It hasn’t been long since her poison has been removed. So Fran tells her it’s okay to slowly get used to it. She is now a normal girl, and won’t hurt anything else anymore.

Cardia thanks him, but also adds that he’ll be late for work. He panics and quickly leaves the house. However, he soon returns, saying that he forgot something. Fran tells her that he loves her, before rushing off again. She can’t help but smile, and decides that she will have to return the favour when he returns home later. She picks Sissy up, and heads off to clean the house.

After risking their lives to stop Queen Victoria’s plans, the queen changed her plans to a more peaceful one. Fran has returned to the Royal Society, so as not to repeat his past mistakes. He is currently doing research as a head court alchemist. He’s determined not to run away from his past anymore. The couple is currently living in Saint’s mansion, along with Sissy. Saint is away in France. Lupin and Impey are searching towards their own goals. While Van and Dela are seeking to protect the remaining vampires. Of course, Cardia wishes to support each of their paths. But the mansion now is rather lonely. She hopes that she will soon meet everyone again.

Just then, Sissy dashes off and she follows the dog till the dining room. She realises that Fran had left behind his lunch. If she leaves now, she should be able to reach the Royal Society before lunchtime. So she decides to use this as an excuse to see Fran. She and Sissy leave the mansion with Fran’s lunch, and step onto the peaceful streets of London. This sight wouldn’t be possible, if they hadn’t stopped the spread of jikterium. Thinking that this is what everyone desperately tried to protect, makes her smile.

However, when she reaches her destination, one of the staff informs her that Fran is not in. The queen had called him over to the palace for an important meeting. So Cardia heads there instead. But the security is heavy and it doesn’t seem like they’ll easily let her inside. She can only wait for the meeting to end. Fortunately, she happens to encounter Van. He had returned to London not too long ago. When Sissy barks, one of the guards walks over to them. Van says that Cardia is his acquaintance, and she has brought something critical for the meeting for Renfield. Thanks to his help, Cardia is easily allowed inside the palace. They eventually reach the courtyard of the palace, and it looks like the meeting had just ended. They spot Fran and Dela.

The former just happens to be confessing to the latter, that he was the one who drove the vampires to near extinction. For he was the one who created jikterium. In other words, his research killed Dela’s clan. He knows that he won’t be forgiven, and doesn’t even know how to atone for his sin. But he still wanted to apologise to Dela, though it may just be for his own self-satisfaction. He bows, and the young vampire remains silent for a while. Dela points out that if he didn’t confess, he wouldn’t have realised at all. But Fran thinks that he wouldn’t have any right to smile next to him, if he kept the truth hidden. The young vampire gently tells him to lift his head. He knows what sort of person Fran is, and that he would never intend to create something for the purpose of killing. While it is admirable of Fran to take responsibility, he recalls that his father once said: if people keep blaming over past sins, there will be no end to it. So Dela says that it’s fine. He adds that first and foremost, they’re friends. Fran thanks him.

Van sees that it’s a good time to interrupt, remarking the Dela has grown to resemble his father. The two of them are taken aback to see both Van and Cardia. She is glad, and Fran agrees that he has finally settled sorted out another one of his regrets. Upon learning that he had forgotten his lunch, he thanks her. He had only noticed it a while ago. Observing the situation, Dela eyes the lunch made by his wife with plenty of love. Flustered, Fran denies this. But Cardia says that she does make his lunches with plenty of love as she loves him. He feels the same way, but he’s deeply embarrassed. Later, he tells Cardia that he has another course after this, so he’s unable to see her back. Dela and Van also take their leave, and promise to visit them whenever they’re in London. Before Cardia can leave, Leonhard calls out to her as the queen would like to see her. Hearing this, Fran nods with a smile and tells her to go ahead as it’s good news.

So she follows Leonhard to where Queen Victoria is waiting. The queen asks if she is aware of her drastic change in policies. Cardia nods, noting that she is compromising more with neighbouring countries and colonised countries, as well as foreigners. The former confirms this, recalling the sights she saw on the streets after the incident. She had wanted to sacrifice this steel city to make London stronger. However, she saw the streets full of scars and grief instead. But she also witnessed the people slowly rebuilding their lives and moving forward. It’s just like what they had told her – the people, this country, is not weak. So she won’t keep sheltering and protecting them, but support her people’s growth from the shadows. It may take ages to gain peace, but she will keep forging the road towards it.

Queen Victoria laments at how she’s terribly busy now because they didn’t let her die. Cardia is willing to listen to her complaints anytime, and will even have Fran prepare tea. The queen is delighted at the offer. She then teasingly asks if things are going well between the couple. Cardia answers that he’s always kind and she’s incredibly happy. She recommends to have someone like that. Queen Victoria laughs at her choice of words, and wonders if she should marry as well. Leonhard stutters, clearly shaken by this statement. He eventually calms down, and says that he will wish her well from the bottom of his heart, for the sake of the country’s future. She then remarks that it’s just a joke. After all, she needs to first ensure that the country is stable first.

Soon, Cardia takes her leave. Her footsteps are light, as she feels heartened by her conversation with the queen. She would never have imagined exchanging words like this with Queen Victoria, when they were once enemies. She takes a detour back to the mansion with Sissy, gazing at the peaceful streets. She wonders if she and Fran will be able to enjoy such peace, once they have finished everything that is to be done.

Later in the day when Fran has returned from work, he worries over her. She doesn’t seem well, and offers to check her condition. When she insists that she’s fine, he tells her to not hesitate to visit him at the Royal Society if she’s unwell. He touches her, making her feel at ease, and kisses her forehead. After all, she’s important to him. Cardia thanks him, and she takes a deep breath. Surely she feels uneasy, because she is extremely happy now. So she can’t help but wonder if these peaceful and blissful days will last.

At that moment, a guest arrives. It’s Saint. When asked if he has finished his business in France, he hesitantly replies that he has. However, he can’t afford to relax at the moment. Though he’d rather everything remain peaceful like this. A heavy silence follows, before he says that he has someone whom he wants them to meet. Or rather, someone they have to face. The couple quietly follow him outside, to Tower Bridge. Strangely, there’s not another person in sight. It isn’t usually this quiet. Soon, an armoured figure appears. Cardia finds it familiar, and a female voice replies that she has always been watching them ever since they met Saint. An elderly lady in a wheelchair shows up as well, introducing herself as Omnibus, the leader of Idea. Cardia finds the term “Idea” familiar.

Omnibus explains simply that Idea guides mankind towards the correct flow of fate. And Guinevere, the knight, and Saint are Idea’s disciples. The latter softly apologises to Cardia and Fran for deceiving them. Omnibus says that they’re here to give a gentle warning, and a proposal. Guinevere remarks that Fran has the possibility of surpassing Isaac, and it may not even be long before he steps into what should only be god’s territory. However, he should also be aware of what Isaac created, as a result of that. Fran glances over to Cardia, and takes her hand. The elderly lady says that they won’t stop his research, but would like to warn him before things are too late. Fran firmly replies that he won’t commit the same mistake as he did in the past, and has learnt that he needs the resolution and responsibility to see it through. She is glad to hear that, and proceeds with the proposal.

She looks over to Cardia, noting that she is living as a human being since the horologium has been stopped. However if her prediction is correct, there is a possibility that its poison will activate once more. Fran angrily denies this, for he has confirmed with every possible measurement that it is stable. Even in 10 years, there is 0% of it activating. Omnibus agrees, adding that this will only happen 100 or 1000 years in the future. It wouldn’t have been a problem, for a normal human being. Even if the poison is gone, she is still not human. She has no heart, and doesn’t even need to eat. There is even a possibility of her living for more than 100 or 1000 years. However, Fran will probably only live on for another 50 years. Cardia can’t bear to listen any further, and clings onto Fran. He glares at Omnibus, warning her.

The latter says that she merely wants to give him a choice – just like Saint and Guinevere, Fran also has the requirement of becoming Idea’s disciple. In doing so, he will gain immortality. There’s a requirement for the soul in order to become one. And he has it, unlike the rest of his friends. In exchange, he will gain eternal time with Cardia. Saint reminds her not to only share the perks, as it wouldn’t be fair. So they tell Fran that he will have to use the rest of his life for Idea, to right the world and to protect the innocent from disasters. Saint bluntly remarks that their mission is to kill people for the sake of the world. And so Omnibus lays down the two choices for Fran: to become Idea’s disciple and to live forever with Cardia, or to eventually leave her behind when he dies. Fran clarifies if they had seen Cardia as a target to exterminate, for the sake of the world. Omnibus confirms this, adding that originally Saint was supposed to dispose of her. But due to Saint’s plea and Fran stopping the horologium’s poison, they decided to put that plan on hold. However, they won’t hold back if the poison reactivates.

After a short silence, Fran asks for some time to consider this. The elderly lady agrees to give him 3 days. She and the knight retreat, leaving the couple and Saint standing there. Saint apologises, for he did not intend to involve them. Fran realises that he didn’t actually go to France, and was negotiating with Omnibus for their sake. The Count says that he failed though, so it was meaningless. Cardia thinks otherwise, for instead of killing her off, at least they gave Fran a choice. Fran adds that it’s also a problem they would have to face sooner or later. Saint smiles at their words, commenting that they’ve grown stronger. He prays that they will find the right answer. They part ways.

But that night, Cardia is unable to sleep. She heads outside to the garden, recalling the conversation. Even if the poison is suppressed, she is not human. For she is a monster. She knew this all along. But the thought of this is too painful. Fran finds her outside, admitting that he couldn’t sleep either. Seeing his usual smile, she questions if he isn’t at a loss over the situation. Fran says that he is. He places his hand on her cheek, his usual gesture to reassure her. He replies that he’d rather be by her side, to think over this. Like he mentioned before, he wants to stay by her side for as long as possible. She tears up at his kindness, confessing that she’s extremely vexed that her existence is shackling his future. She’s afraid of losing this warmth, when her poison overflows again. Surely she has grown weaker. She can probably no longer go back to those days of being alone, even if it were to only come years later.

Fran gently takes her hand, reassuring her that he won’t let her return to that state. Even if it is 100 or 1000 years later. He once said those words to her. But this time, it can’t erase her uneasiness. As Cardia breaks down into tears, he hugs her till she calms down. After which, he urges her to return to bed. He still has yet to find his answer, and asks her to wait till he does. He promises to tell her then, whispering that his top priority is always to save her.

2 days have passed since then. Fran sits on a bench at a square in front of the Royal Society, staring into space. In the end, all he could do was comfort Cardia. What should he do? He needs to decide by tomorrow night. But it feels like no matter which choice he makes, he will be filled with regrets. Just then, Saint calls out to him. He quietly stands next to Fran, knowing that the alchemist probably can’t approve of Idea’s stance. Fran agrees that he couldn’t forgive Omnibus for calling her cursed. But at the same time he was angry at himself for being unable to change that. Saint points out that he did suppress her poison, and it was thanks to Fran that she came to know warmth and love. The latter says that it isn’t enough. He thought that once he suppressed the poison, their happy days would last. Of course, if he thought hard about it, he would’ve known that things wouldn’t be that simple. He turned his eyes away from reality.

Saint asks what he plans to do. Fran says that if he has immortality, he will be able to deal with the horologium each time it glows. He will use up everything he has for her sake, and even enter Idea and kill others. The Count asks if he plans to use Cardia to acquit those sins. Cardia is a kind girl, so would she be happy to see him kill others for an eternity for the sake of their future? Frustrated, Fran questions what he should do then. If he doesn’t and leaves her behind after dying, she will have to keep living in fear. And he would no longer be there to save her. If that is the case, he should keep living with her and make her happy. Saint remarks that that may be his happiness, but it’s not necessarily hers. Even after Fran passes away, it may be possible for Saint to keep watching over her, and perhaps Omnibus will close one eye over this. But will that truly be the happiest ending for Cardia?

The Count gazes at Fran, telling him to think carefully as to what will be her happiness. As someone who has lived much longer, he can say that living life alone for an eternally is much too long of a time frame. Lupin, Impey, Van, Fran and Cardia. Surely one day, he will have to take care of them. And he will recall the fun times now and then, and still have to live on without his friends. Thinking about this pain, it’s probably salvation to rather remain alone and not know about love. But Cardia already knows love, and she is not alone now. That’s why Saint wished for them to remain as they are. For it is extremely painful to lose something you have gained, especially more so if it’s important. He chuckles at how he’s gone off rambling about himself. At the end, he tells Fran that life is longer than he thinks. Even if he doesn’t have an eternity, the rest of his life ahead is plenty of time for him to struggle. There is still hope. Saint leaves Fran to find his own answer, and the latter thanks him. Fran reckons that Saint probably didn’t want to divulge about himself to anyone, yet he told Fran as a friend. It’s still too early for him to decide. But he can’t give up here either.

Elsewhere, Saint tells Guinevere to show herself. She warns him not to act too carelessly, but he remarks that he was merely deepening his relationship. She says that Omnibus probably doesn’t want to lose her oldest disciple, that’s why she gives him some degree of freedom. But there’s a limit. He is aware of this, and is grateful to Omnibus for giving the choice. But he wanted to return the favour to those who considered him a friend. Guinevere herself should know the pain of losing the one you love. She admits this, but emphasises that Idea’s role is to guide the correct flow of fate. Saint acknowledges this, but that’s also why he would like the world to be kinder to them. At least, that’s what he wishes for.

At the mansion, Cardia sees that it’s already time for lunch – not that she feels hungry. In the first place, her body doesn’t require food. She ponders over the issue at hand. She doesn’t want to gain her happiness, if it means to steal his future away. So what should she do? The deadline is tonight. Sissy starts to bark, biting onto the leash. Cardia decides to take this as a chance to clear her thoughts, as she takes Sissy out to walk. But Sissy ends up pulling her along, for she would stop in her tracks from time to time. Soon, she notices a commotion and sees guards and people gathering in front of the Royal Society. Leonhard happens to be there, and informs her that the queen is visiting the Royal Society. Recently, the queen has been going out in the streets whenever she has the time.

Just as Cardia is about to walk away, he stops her. He had always wanted to apologise properly to her for what happened during the jikterium incident. No matter what the reason, he ended up pointing his sword against a lady. Also, he would like to thank her for stopping him and Queen Victoria from walking on the wrong path. They will no longer make that mistake. So he wishes for Cardia to see them create a bright future for this country, which they protected. She says that he is strong, and is envious of his confidence, even though the future is unpredictable. The guard remarks that the future isn’t something that drops onto you – it is a place you reach as an accumulation of today. That’s why if she don’t smile now, how would it be possible for her to smile in the future? She’s taken aback by his words, and she compliments him for saying something wonderful.

Back then when poison was overflowing from her body, Fran believed and didn’t give up. That’s why they have today. If so, she shouldn’t just grieve over the situation and be comforted by him. If he is at a loss, this time she will be the one to say those words. Just like then, it is too early to give up now. She thanks Leonhard, and goes off to find Fran, ignoring the guard’s protests.

Currently, Fran is in the middle of a meeting with Queen Victoria. As he ends his report, she thanks him for the meaningful time, feeling heartened that he has returned to the Royal Society. But she also observes that he looks listless, almost like how he was 2 years ago when he was troubled by what his research was used for. What is troubling him now? Before Fran can answer, Cardia barges in and accidentally pushes him over and to the ground. She immediately asks what he plans to do. When he tries to point out the situation, she reminded him that he told her not to hesitate to find him – be it at work, or even in front of the queen.

Cardia takes a deep breath, before saying that she doesn’t want him to enter Idea. It hurts her just to imagine him staining his hands with blood, for the sake of her future. She wants a future with him, and it would be meaningless if it had to be exchanged with his smile. Fran answers that he has the opposite opinion. He doesn’t want a future in which he is gone, and can no longer save her. That’s why he plans to join Idea, to protect her smile even if it means killing others. When she protests, he remarks with a smile that he’s joking. He did think about it. But he realised and wondered if his happiness would be the same as hers. She says that she realised the same thing as well.

Fran: ……yes. Surely it’s because we always think for each other, that we immediately consider sacrificing ourselves. Even though a future, in which we both aren’t smiling……is meaningless. Do you remember what I said before? “It’s meaningless if we ran away from the past”. I said that then, and look at me now—- I’m trying to run away from a future that hasn’t even occurred, believing in a future suggested by someone else……nothing will change, if you only run away. Even though you taught me that.
Cardia: Then……it’s my turn to save Fran, to make sure that doesn’t happen. If we’re going to worry over this, then I want us to search for the answer together. Not for a future in which one of us is unhappy, but a newer path……I wish to search together with you.

Fran asks her to entrust her life to him, and she agrees without any hesitation. If they aren’t both happy, surely Lupin and company will be angry. So they can start searching together from now on. He chuckles at her response, commenting that she’s strong yet kind. He embraces her, saying that he just wants to live normally with her. He won’t let anyone steal away that simple happiness. Cardia agrees with him. They smile and release each other. Fran admits that what Idea said may be true, but he has decided not to let her be alone anymore. He reassures her, telling her not to worry.

Queen Victoria asks if they’re still in their own world, as she’s getting tired of waiting. The couple quickly stand up, and Cardia apologises for interrupting. Leonhard apologises, for he failed to stop her too. The queen dismisses it, as she got to witness something interesting. She commends Cardia on boldly pushing Fran down, and their words of confession. Leonhard is touched as well, and fully supports their happiness – though it feels that he doesn’t understand the situation at all. Queen Victoria can’t ignore what was said though, and seeks for an explanation. She won’t force them to say everything. However, she finds both of them important and will spare no efforts in helping them. Hearing this, the alchemist confesses what happened – though not everything.

The queen mulls over the name “Idea”, having recalled seeing it recorded in the royal library documents. She asks if she can help in any way. Cardia politely rejects her offer, for this is their problem. Fran thanks her as well, promising to report to her after it’s over since he shared it with her. With Queen Victoria’s persuasion, Fran leaves the Royal Society early. The deadline is tonight. They have yet to prepare an answer. But he reassures her, telling her to believe in him. He has something he wishes to gamble on.

It’s nighttime, and they arrive at Tower Bridge. Saint is already there, as he confirms that they’ve arrived at an answer. Fran questions if it’s alright for him to side with them this much, and the Count remarks with a smile that he will just erase any obstacles. After all, they are friends. Upon hearing that the couple doesn’t wish to give up on any possibility, Saint prays that that possibility will lead to their future. As the moment approaches, Fran gently takes Cardia’s hand. He wishes that he could confidently tell her to entrust it to me, but this is all he can do. He guides her hand to his cheek, his usual gesture to reassure her. She says that it’s alright, for his warmth reassures her much more than any words.

As everything turns silent, Omnibus and Guinevere appear. The former refers to Cardia as Isaac’s cursed daughter, and she can’t deny this. But she doesn’t wish to say it herself, for Fran firmly told her that she was a normal girl. That her heart is human. So she wishes to believe in that. Meanwhile, Guinevere notes that Saint is showing every intention of killing. The Count replies that he won’t do anything as long as they don’t act. Fran says that obtaining immortality by becoming Idea’s disciple, is indeed very tempting. Omnibus says that it’s a wise decision, and not everyone could make the decision. She smiles widely, welcoming Fran to Idea. She adds that one wish may be granted to Idea’s disciple, and asks for his last wish as a human. He answers that he wishes to live with the girl he loves. It’s an answer she had anticipated. She tells him to take her hand, in which his soul will be separated from his body and he will gain immortality with magic. In doing so, his wish shall be granted. Fran tells Cardia that her life is now entrusted to him. She agrees, telling him to do as he wishes.

He informs Omnibus that he does want to live with Cardia, but not in the manner she had suggested. He won’t go with her, and will still live with Cardia. He knows that her holorogium may turn poisonous again, and that her lifespan will not be the same as a normal human’s. He knew all along, that this happiness will only last till his life ends. Nonetheless, he won’t enter Idea. Cardia doesn’t want him to kill others. Omnibus reasons that he will be saving much more lives in exchange. He agrees that it may be true. But it’s not about what’s right or wrong. He simply can’t forgive that act. And if he chooses either options he was presented with, they will just be escaping on the easier path. He doesn’t think that that it right. Omnibus’ proposal is truly a forbidden fruit to them. But surely the future they hope for, is something else. He will remain human, and won’t let her return to how he was before, and definitely protect her from them. When Guinevere moves, Saint instantly warns her, if not he will kill her.

Fran says that he has a proposal. This is his gamble. She said that he could possibly surpass Isaac, which may include completely resolving the horologium. After all, it took him just a year to completely suppress its poison. That’s why, he wants time – and the deadline is the day he dies. Omnibus questions if he wants Idea to wait while the risk increases over time. She adds that the separation later on will only make things more painful for Cardia, and may make her condition unstable. Cardia firmly rejects this idea. For Fran doesn’t plan to continue his research on how to erase her poison – but for her to live the same lifespan as a human. This was their conclusion. Not for Fran to give up on being human, but for her to completely become human. Cardia says that if the research is successful, she would’ve already died before the horologium can turn poisonous again. If they are distrustful, she doesn’t mind if they kill her after Fran dies.

Omnibus points out that their proposal is full of uncertainties. Fran is well-aware of this, and can only prove himself with his current skills. That’s why he desires time. By letting her live as a human, she will no longer be alone, and no longer be called a monster. They will live together and obtain happiness, without any regrets. The elderly lady says that she unfortunately can see the future, and it usually is correct. His proposal isn’t certain, so they won’t back down. Silence falls upon them, and everyone remains motionless. That is till Omnibus announces that Idea will dispose of her. Saint notes that negotiations have broken down, and Guinevere reminds him of his position. The Count knows that he’s Idea’s disciple, but he is also their friend. Omnibus finds it unfortunate to have to lose Saint and Fran, and persuades the latter to reconsider.

But Fran refuses to accept a world without Cardia. So Omnibus turns to Cardia instead. Fran tightens his grip over her hand, reassuring her. She reminds herself not to give up, and voices that she wants to live with him. At Omnibus’ next words, hooded figures appear in a flash. Saint sees that all 8 of Idea’s disciples are present. Guinevere persuades the Count to give up. He knows that he may not win, but he doesn’t plan on losing either. Fran feels apologetic, and Saint tells him not to mind. However, it is a difficult situation. Cardia steps forward as well, determined not to give in. When she says that, a voice praises her. One of Idea’s disciples is shot down.

To the couple’s surprise, Lupin, Impey, Van and Dela show up. Saint chuckles as he sees that they held back till the last minute to intervene. It turns out that he had informed all of them beforehand, to lend their strength just in case. They were supposed to quietly back away if everything went smoothly though. They’ve finally reunited, and Dela remarks that this situation for their reunion is truly characteristic of them. Even though the odds are against them, Cardia can remain strong with their presence. Omnibus questions Saint’s motives, and he replies that he doesn’t mean to betray Idea and still wants to guide the world onto the correct path. But he believes that letting them live is the correct path, and that they won’t invite the destruction she speaks of. The rest of the group would rather believe in each other, and stands by the couple.

Fran insists that they won’t separate no matter how treacherous the path ahead of them is, and he will devote all of himself to protect her, and to live on with her. Once more, he asks Omnibus to give them them time – the rest of his life. The elderly lady turns to Cardia instead, asking if she still desires happiness as a human despite a life of toils ahead. Remembering what Leonhard told her, she smiles and answers that she does. Everyone, including Fran, proved to her that it was possible for her to touch others, and to love. That’s why she wants to believe in Fran, and in herself. Fran believes that a path to the future will surely open up, if you keep trying and challenging. It’s too early to give up now, when he has tens of years to come. So he will continue to put up a fight. And he will make sure that his knowledge and skills aren’t used misused.

Idea’s leader asks what Cardia means to him. He repeats that she is more important than anyone else, the girl he loves who has a beautiful heart. Omnibus acknowledges his answer quietly, before announcing that they’re retreating. She shall place her hopes on them as requested. Fran firmly promises that he will achieve it, as he will no longer ran away from the past or the future. The elderly lady finally addresses Cardia by her name, noting that she is loved by a good person. Idea will continue to observe them. But their fate is now in their own hands. Cardia thanks her for believing in them, as Omnibus and the disciples back away.

The couple hugs each other out of relief and joy. Fran admits that he was a bit afraid, but it was thanks her staying by his side that he remained strong. As he turns to the rest, the whole gang leaps at them and draws everyone into a group hug. Cardia thanks everyone, as well as Fran – only he can say so convincingly that she is human. He smiles in return, replying that she is a normal girl. The only thing different is the beautiful jewel on her chest. From now on, he will teach her everything she has to know about happiness as a human. They kiss, and the rest of the gang go into a commotion. Van immediately covers Dela’s eyes.

A week has passed since that night. Lupin and company has returned to France, while Van and company have returned to Dela’s home village. Cardia heads to the palace, where Fran is giving his report to Queen Victoria as promised. She’s relieved to hear that they’re safe at the moment, and will provide support in any way she can. Fran requests for an assistant for his future research, and the queen answers that she has already found a perfect candidate. To his surprise, Cardia walks into the room. Apparently, Cardia herself has requested for this, as she wants to support him as close as possible. While Fran has many things he wants to say, he first thanks the queen. The latter replies that it’s her job to guide her people to happiness, which includes him. Cardia thanks her as well, but also adds that Queen Victoria herself should be happy too – because she is a citizen of Britain as well. Hearing this, the queen wonders if she should find her own happiness after things settle down. Leonhard fails to see that her comment is directed at him, and she sighs and dismisses her previous statement.

The couple leave the palace, and Fran leads her to a church where he wishes to pledge his love to her. He gently takes her hand. They both had a past full of burdens, and did their best to live till today. Surely there will still be many painful and sad times to come. But they will accept their past, instead of forgetting it, and continue to move forward. Cardia agrees, saying that it’s because of her past that she is able to stand next to him today. He smiles and strokes her face, reminding her that they shouldn’t be trapped by their pasts either. So he will reassure her as many times as he needs, whenever she’s feeling sad or scared or in pain, that she is a normal girl. That it’s alright for her to be happy. She says that she wishes to live happily with him, as a normal girl.

Fran is about to continue his words, before he shakes his heads and corrects himself. After all, he is in front of a church. Instead, he makes a wedding vow. Cardia replies with her vow as well, and they kiss. The warmth from each other spreads, as if implying that they will never separate. They will live on happily, and Fran vows to continue loving her with his everything. A breeze blows past, like a small blessing on their future which they will carve out from now on.

Overall thoughts

I enjoyed Fran’s route, I did. The plot was decent, the couple was really cute, the CGs were pretty, and again I loved how the gang got involved for the couple. But…his route touches on a plot point which affects the other routes. Because most likely, Fran came up with the same antidote in Impey and Van’s route. So then the same issue comes into play, and we start to question just how happy are their ends. I’m assuming that this isn’t an issue in Lupin’s route (since true end), and Saint’s route (because he used a different method + we know Saint’s background). But yes because of this, it makes me feel bad for Impey and Van now. Luckily I had already finished all the other guy’s routes before Fran, aside from Lupin. I appreciate consistency so this sort of thing does bother me quite a bit.

Anyway…I plan to move onto Finis’ story next, but only after I complete a route from Clock Zero Vita. So it will be a while till my next C:R FD post. Hopefully not too long, because Lupin’s after story is within reach and I really, really, really want to get to it. Till then~


7 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Victor Frankenstein

  1. Eu says:

    Because most likely, Fran came up with the same antidote in Impey and Van’s route. So then the same issue comes into play, and we start to question just how happy are their ends.

    —Now that you mention it, my nagging feeling makes sense. When I played Impey and Van’s routes, I couldn’t help but wonder if Cardia’s poison completely disappears because she has to continuously drink the antidote right? But that creates another question – how long is she going to take it? How long can Fran provide the antidote? This line of thinking makes me sad so I avoided it www. I just want all of them to be happy but then I think of how temporary everything is and I just T_____T


    • Yume says:

      Yeesss why did they have to bring this issue up in Fran’s route. But not in Van and Impey’s route. Let us remain ignorant – ignorance is bliss www


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