Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Extra Story ~Finis~

Here is the route for the other side character, Extra Story ~Finis~ (CV: Kaji Yuuki). This route continues from the first game‘s Prologue and Common Route. Also, I recommend having already gone through Lupin’s routes from the first game. It will help you understand things better. Enjoy!

Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? Where will I go?


If I’m loved by no one—- needed by no one—- why, am I here?

He can hear his father’s voice calling out to him, begging him to call out his name. He wants to erase that sadness, that pain. But he just can’t return the words which his father desires. Surely that is the error of everything. He can’t make his father smile, nor answer his father’s expectations. That’s why, it’s a given that he isn’t loved. His father’s hands grab his neck, and he stops breathing.

Isaac: ……forgive me, Finis. I can’t love the you now. Because you are—- a mere doll.

Chapter 1: Into the darkness

Memories of her days spent with her friends roll past behind her, as the train Cardia is in travels further from London, and towards Wales. She quietly apologises to each of them – Lupin, Impey, Fran, Saint, Van and Dela. The time spent with them, changed her life. They each taught her knowledge and skills. Together, they snatched a train, infiltrated where the queen was, and caused a ruckus at an airship race. It was truly fun. She carefully shuts away those happy memories, for she will no longer return to those days.

The truth told by Finis, Tasogare’s leader and her brother, was cruel, as she witnessed the countless bodies of “her” in that room. That she is a created “monster” and not human. Those people may accept her without any hesitation despite knowing this, and those lively days may still continue. But she herself, wouldn’t be able to endure that fact. It would keep haunting her. That’s why she can’t stay with them, at least not until she confronts herself. Why was she born with such a body, and why did her father create her – surely she can find those answers in the house she once lived in.

After a long journey, Cardia arrives in front of her old house. She enters it, arriving at her bedroom. To her surprise, Finis greets her, having expected her to come here. She can’t believe her eyes, for she’s certain that Saint killed him. He asks if she didn’t hear from Van that he was immortal. He glances around, at the house “they” had lived in. It’s the first time he is here, and he comments on how rundown it is. She questions his words, and Finis reminds her that those are all “memories” implanted in them. After all, they are creations. There’s no way they can live like normal human beings – or rather, they can’t live normal lives. His words bear no emotions, and she can’t see his expression, for he has his back turned towards her.

Finis: ……at the very least, I don’t feel any sense of nostalgia when I see this mansion. That’s right. Nothing fun, nor sad—-……not a single memory, with father……!

He overturns a nearby table out of frustration, causing the numerous toys to collapse. His face is twisted with hatred and rage, as he faces Cardia. Finis asks if unlike him, whether or not she feels any sense of nostalgia. The older sister stares at the fallen toys, whom she had spent the 2 years with. However, she has no further collection past the 2 years, including how or why she has these toys. She admits that she doesn’t feel nostalgic, perhaps because she cannot remember the past. It’s her room, but also feels like someone else’s room.

The younger brother finds her answer unexpected. He takes a deep breath, as if to recollect his thoughts. It is true that “they” once lived here, but not them. Their father once had 2 children. The older sister was “Cardia”, and the younger brother was “Finis”. But they have long since died. Cardia questions their identity then. Finis laughs at her, adding that she must have realised that they were creations. That’s her purpose for coming here – to confirm that she is a poisonous monster. She denies this, but he only grins gleefully while explaining that the dead siblings were their “originals”. She was created from the cells of “Cardia”, while he was created based on information about “Finis”. They are fake children, so it’s just her misconception that they are humans, that what they feel are real emotions. Because they are mere dolls, created to only resemble the originals.

His words resound inside of her. They are fake, a shadow of the real children, a monster created to resemble. Was that why her father gave her such a body? Finis mockingly asks if she feels hurt, even though she is a fake and those feelings can’t possibly be hers. He chuckles, being able to imagine her despair. There’s no sadder thing – than the fact that their father’s love which they had believed in, to have been for someone else. He declares that she is the same as him, that their father did not love her either. Before he can finish his sentence, Cardia asks why he is smiling so sadly. In fact, he looks much more sadder than her. Finis denies this, correcting her – he feels great that the truth has finally hit her. But his prideful laugh seems to suggest otherwise to her, that he is in pain.

Just as she is about to speak to him, she hears the sound of glass shattering. She exits the mansion, only to find numerous torches burning in a distance. Villagers have gathered, and point out that the monster has returned. Unwittingly, Cardia starts to tremble as she recalls the memories from 2 years ago, along with the scar of her sin which will never heal. She finds the villagers’ faces familiar, for they were the same people who had scolded her a monster and chased her. A priest steps out, the same one from 2 years ago. He asks if she wants to repeat the same tragedy, in which Elaine had lost the protection of god. Her daughter kept defending the monster after that, but finally came to her senses after listening to the words of god – even if it meant recognising that her mother was evil and destroying her gravestone to repent.

Cardia refuses to believe this, but the villagers blame her for being the root cause. She is unable to say anything in return. When she remains silent, the villagers start to blame her for the poor crop harvest, and throw stones at her. Van and the others taught her before how to handle such an attack. But her body is frozen, and her mind is a blank. Her forehead starts to bleed. All she can do is crouch while covering her head. Is her existence alone a sin? A trail of her blood drops to the ground, causing the grass to wither. Seeing this, the priest cautions the villagers and advises them to purify everything with the holy fire. The sound of crackling flames approach the motionless girl, whose heart is drenched with fear and despair.

At that moment, Finis interrupts the scene. She looks up, seeing her brother standing in front of her. No matter who it is, he is her brother. She can’t involve him in this unreasonable violence. Cardia urges him to run away, for she is their target. He asks if she’s worried for him, out of love. If so, he feels nauseous. He turns to the villagers, pointing out that they’re contradicting themselves. If this “monster” had escaped to this mansion after the commotion 2 years ago, why did they leave her be? They should’ve just killed her there and then, if she was the cause of all of their misfortunes. The villagers claim that according to the priest, the house is cursed and hence dangerous for them to approach. Finis ridicules how stupid they are to believe such a lie – but then again, the priest would lose a convenient scapegoat if they really did kill her. So that whenever anything bad happened, she would take the blame.

The priest demands to know who he is, and Finis honestly answers that he’s the monster’s brother. This provokes the priest and the villagers, as they close in on the siblings. The younger brother remains unfazed, as he closes his eyes and whispers for Arester. In that same moment, the older man stabs a villager. Tasogare’s leader orders him to kill everyone. All at once, the masked Tasogare members show up and execute the order within 10 seconds. Finis finds his sister foolish, but they’re even more so for thinking that this side will always not resist. Honestly, he couldn’t be bothered if they were alive or dead – but “Finis” probably hates them. Moreover, the price for laying hands on what belongs to his father, is heavy. The priest utters his last breath, stating that they will surely be punished by god. Finis smiles wryly and aims his gun. Unfortunately, to him only his father is his god.

He turns to face Cardia after everything is settled, noting how taken aback she is. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve been burnt. She feels that things didn’t need to be taken so far, but he points out that the villagers made things end this way. They attacked her even though she was innocent, and even made her lose those important to her. He’s sure that she actually wants to kill them all. She quietly denies this. Finis thinks that she should be more self-aware of her position. Being the key to their father’s plan, she’s in a much higher position than those lying dead. He casts a cold glance at the pile of bodies. The development was unexpected, but he reckons that it’s a good example for his sister. With this, she should know that she is a monster who can’t live among humans. So he invites her to join him, offering his hand to her.

Surely there won’t be any turning back if she accepts his cold, blood-stained hand. Cardia confirms if she will learn the meaning behind their existence, if she follows him. He affirms this with a smile, adding that she will learn about their father’s plan, and his wish. Is it fine for her to follow him, and to trust her father? But this is probably the only path she can take, if she wishes to learn the truth. Cardia reinforces that she doesn’t trust him, but she will follow him because she wants to know the truth. Finis doesn’t mind, since he doesn’t need her trust – as long as everything goes according to the plan. While she’s reminded of Lupin and company, she accepts her brother’s hand. There’s no body warmth. Finis grins happily, and guides her forward – deep into the darkness.

Elsewhere, Saint and Guinevere encounter each other before a serene cottage. Both of them were called out by Omnibus, the leader of Idea, an organisation which guides mankind towards the correct flow of fate based on Omnibus’ predictions. They had already heard the gist of the issue, revolving around Isaac’s plan. Saint was sure that he had killed Finis, but he is still alive. Omnibus notes that he is immortal like they are, but in a different manner. The reason behind his immortality, is a much sadder one. The worst fears have come true, now that the two siblings are together – meaning that all the keys for Isaac’s plan have come together. She wishes to gather all of Idea’s disciples, to stop Isaac’s plan.

A young man with a large fork appears, asking his “mother” if that includes him. Omnibus acknowledges this, and he agrees to cooperate if it will lessen the misfortune of children. Saint and Guinevere look on in concern, as the young man walks away. Considering that the target are the siblings, it doesn’t seem ideal to consider him – or rather, them. Omnibus is aware of this, but they can’t afford to hold back their forces. And she’s certain that they will be fine. The man sniffs at the mixture of scents – greenery, soil, water, and the sweet sweet scent of a witch’s sweets.

Chapter 2: Along with the villain

Cardia returns to London with them, and is surprised to find out that Tasogare’s headquarters is within St Paul’s Cathedral. Arester remarks that it’s better to be bold rather sometimes. Since it was cordoned off ever since the accident, it’s the perfect place for them to hide. Feeling impatient, Cardia asks Finis where their father is, and their plans. She has plenty to ask their father. Her brother is clearly irritated, as he advises her to calm down. It’s not as if he will run away. To her surprise, Arester voices that he wishes to know the plan in detail as well. It would be helpful to know more. The leader sighs, but acknowledges that a promise is a promise.

Their father is currently in a deep sleep, and Finis wants to awaken him. In order to revive him, Cardia’s horologium is required. Arester remarks that it’s almost like a saint’s miracle. Finis answers that it is, for their father’s body is already gone – hence he is “dead”. The news shocks Cardia. Her brother nods in return, telling her not to grieve. Once the horologium is complete, Isaac will be revived in a new vessel. It takes her a while to register this information, and she questions if it’s alright to do so. Finis comments that their father is always correct, so there’s no need for them to question. Cardia herself had always wanted to meet her father. But if all the information so far is true, it meant that her father gave her this poisonous body as a result of the 665 failed experiments. Finis asks if she is unwilling to cooperate. Surely she won’t disappoint her father who doted on her. Before she can answer, a terribly familiar voice praises Isaac loudly. It’s none other than Nemo.

Nemo: You write science and read it as Nemo! You write Nemo and read it as science! Fuhahaha! Remember thaaaat!
Arester: Fufufu……wouldn’t it be better if Nemo apologises once to science?

Apparently, Nemo is cooperating in the plan. His certain invention, is needed in the plan. Despite them being different, Cardia can’t help but feel that Nemo has similar vibes to Impey. The scientist scrutinises at her, noting that she is Isaac’s child since she is his creation. In that case, he will allow them to call him brother. Finis contemplates killing Nemo off. Arester chuckles, telling the boy to calm down. Cardia gazes at the trio, and the Tasogare members. These are the people who will revive her father. With a small sigh, the leader advises her to cooperate. He will revive their father, no matter the obstructions or sacrifices.

She confirms if that is Tasogare’s plan, recalling that Lupin wishes to stop their terrorist plan. In that case, Lupin and company will surely interfere. Finis dismisses that idea, for it is Idea which they should be wary of. The name sounds familiar to Cardia, as she recalls Saint mentioning it. Nemo excitedly asks if she met Idea’s disciple. He also just learnt recently that Isaac was the most wary of them, a highly unscientific existence which acts behind the curtains of history. Arester agrees that if they watch over history, they will surely interfere with the plan. If it were in the past, Cardia would have cooperated with them without hesitating. But now, she has begun to question her existence. She’s unsure of what to do.

Nemo examines her closely, finding it amazing how she’s such a lively doll thanks to the horologium. Finis warns him not to use her as he pleases, for she’s an indispensable tool for his father’s revival. Arester comments that things will get busier now that all the cards are in place. Their words make it painfully obvious that they don’t see Cardia as “herself”. She is used to not being treated as a human, but she refuses to let this slide and firmly remarks that even if she is a creation – she is neither a product nor a doll. Her brother questions if she has unnecessarily awakened a personality while being with Lupin and company. They are tools meant to fulfill their father’s ambition, and by doing so they will be loved. The sister continues to stand firm, adding that Finis has his own personality too. But he sees that she doesn’t seem to understand her position, and thinks it’ll be better to hurry on with the plan. With this, he can finally be of use to his father.

After that, the Tasogare members lead Cardia to her room, though she is unable to fall asleep that night. She is wearing the same dress she had worn before she met Lupin, as Finis prepared it for her. Wearing the dress, makes it feel as though she has returned back to that time. If it were before, she would surely have cooperated in their plan. Her father warned her know to not of love. But after leaving the mansion, and she came to love the life she had with everyone. There are many feelings overflowing from her now, and even a smile which a tool shouldn’t need of. Her father isn’t the only existence she thinks of now. She has learnt much, and from all the experience she has gained – the alarms are going off in her head. That her father’s ambition will surely bring misfortune to many people. But what can she do? She can’t help but think of Lupin and company, but she shakes the thought of them away. She left them without saying a word, she can’t possibly go back to ask for help now.

Cardia steps outside of the room, deciding that she should at least grasp the layout of this place. As she walks down the corridor, she encounters Nemo who endearingly greets her as “my sister”. When he hears that she’s merely looking around, he praises her curiousity. While she doesn’t think she can really converse with him, she decides to probe about his past in the Royal Society. He acknowledges this, adding that it’s where he met his life-long rival Fran – as they affirmed their friendship amidst the sunset. However, he felt that his talents were restrained in that place, and left. And just as she’s aware of, he met his other life-long rival Impey at the Black Gathering. She questions why he’s cooperating with Finis, and he corrects her for he doesn’t mean to cooperate with that doll. He is only helping to the goal of reviving Isaac. While Nemo continues to rant on about the wonders of science, she quietly leaves him be and returns to her room.

A few days go by, and there isn’t any big movement from Finis and Tasogare. However, she’s sure that this is just the calm before the storm. The plan is moving forward. As proof of that, she has to participate in Nemo’s experiments everyday as he tests the horologium and confirms that with her, they can operate the “certain” mechanism. During this period, she has exchanged words with Nemo, Finis and Arester. One thing that is clear, is that they only see her as a tool. Unwittingly, she whispers her own name. Unlike her time in Saint’s mansion, there is no one here who calls her by her name. No one who treats her as a human. She reminds herself that she is Cardia, so as not to forget her own identity. Even if this name is not even originally hers, she can’t help but want someone to call her name, and tell her that she isn’t a monster.

Lost in her thoughts, Cardia ends up wandering in an unfamiliar place. She can hear a soft voice coming from somewhere, and she slowly traces its origins. She finds a room with a huge globe, with many cogwheels spinning. And at the foot of that globe, she spots a boy gazing up at it.

Finis: ……father, just a bit longer. Sister is finally here. Now father can finally revive. Father will……become the god which controls the world.

He doesn’t notice her presence, and keeps staring like a boy longing for the stars which he can’t reach. His figure appears fleeting to her.

Finis: ……say, father. Have I been useful? I have listened so well to father’s words, and did my best to make the plan come this far……surely everything will go well. Because I won’t let anyone, interfere. So……so father? Once this is over, to me—-……hey ……why? Why aren’t you answering, father? Because, I’m a doll? I’m a monster? ……isn’t that, strange? Even though you tell that monster of a sister that you love her, when she’s a doll too……!! Even so……! Why only me……!? Hey, answer me father……!! ………………aah, I see. Even if father wants to answer, you still cannot answer…………just wait, father. Just a bit longer—-just a bit longer so……

Cardia can’t bear to continue listening to his sorrowful plea, and quietly backs away. She had wanted to call out to him at first, but couldn’t do so in the end. His sad figure, was a sight she had not witnessed before. She walks back to her room, and that figure of Finis she saw is burnt deeply in her mind. Like a child who has no one else to turn to. She closes her eyes and recalls Lupin, Impey, Van, Fran and Saint. Does Finis have someone like that? How sad would it be, if there was no one to tell him that he is loved, that he is human.

Just then, a Tasogare soldier interrupts her thoughts. This is the first time one of them has spoken to her. Guarded, she asks what he wants. The soldier starts to chuckle at her response, but he is happy as her mentor that she is applying what she had learnt. The voice sounds very familiar, and the soldier unmasks himself to reveal his identity – Lupin. He urges her to be quiet, and magically changes into his usual outfit. She’s amazed that he knew where she was. The gentleman thief smoothly answers that no matter how far she is, he couldn’t possibly lose sight of her beautiful sparkle like the moon. Though truthfully, it was thanks to a note he had found in Isaac’s diary. He guessed that she might have returned to the mansion in Wales, and found it there. Isaac’s plan was written in the diary, the name being “Code:Realize”. That name seems strangely familiar to Cardia. Lupin explains that the name is also the name of the terrorist plan he had been pursuing. The main takeaway was that she is the key in the plan.

He offers his hand to her. He will leave his complains about her disappearing without a word for later, as they should escape for now. She looks at his hand, the same hand which brought her to the outside world. Surely if she takes it, he will save her from her grief and stop Finis’ plan and Isaac’s revival. It will be a future where many people will be happy. But, surely that child will not be happy in that future. The happiness of her brother, who can only cling to her father. Cardia apologises to Lupin, saying that she can’t go with him yet. She still has unfinished business here. She cannot leave her brother. As they look at each other in silence, Lupin finally sighs and hands her a small cube. It’s Impey’s ether communication machine, and he wants her to contact them regularly with it.

While his heart is opposed to this, it is a big merit to have a spy within Tasogare. And he can’t bring himself to reject her when she looks so determined. However, he will definitely bring her back if she’s in danger. She thanks him, and apologises for being selfish. Lupin says there’s no need to apologise if it’s something she’s decided on for herself, and will be counting on her – his beloved disciple. He changes back into his disguise, and disappears down the corridor. Cardia thinks that he always seems to know what words she need to hear the most, as she clutches onto the name he had just called her. She hopes she can pass on this warm feeling to her brother as well.

Back in her room, she contacts the others and Impey cries in relief at the sound of her voice. Fran advises her to contact them regularly, and to remain careful there. Van adds that she can at least trust Arester. Cardia wonders where Saint is, and Dela replies that he’s often out of the house nowadays. A few days have passed since she met Lupin, and she has been contacting them regularly. Honestly though, there isn’t much she can report to them besides Nemo’s experiments. In any case, she needs to speak to Finis first. But that is the hardest task. So she asked Arester if he can arrange for such a chance. All of a sudden, Nemo bursts in and greets her loudly. She questions if it’s another experiment, but he says that today is different.

Moments later, Cardia finds herself having tea time with Finis, Nemo and Arester. The latter urges Cardia to help herself to the tea, that there probably isn’t any poison in it. They do it sometimes, so that the Tasogare members are always on their guard. Finis tells the older man not to lie with such a straight face. Nemo laughs at this, suggesting for him to live straight and honestly like he does. Finis remarks that he is only honest to himself. Arester adds that his existence is a collection of lies or jokes. Honestly, Cardia can’t really taste the tea due to the awkward situation. But she, Arester and Nemo manage to carry on the conversation. Meanwhile, Finis throws in a few sugar cubes into his cup, with a clearly irritated expression. He questions Arester’s purpose, for he has no intentions of happily enjoying tea time with his sister.

The older man tries to calm him down, moreover it was Cardia’s suggestion – since she wanted to have a chance to talk to him. Finis asks if he can leave then, for there’s no point in this. After all, they’re only going on about Lupin, Impey and so on. Nemo wonders if he’s annoyed that he can’t follow the conversation, that he’s sulking. Her brother frowns and warns her not to think of anything unnecessary – she only needs to think about their father. Cardia asks if she shouldn’t think of family besides their father as well – like her brother. Finis repeats himself, saying that they are merely dolls and not truly siblings. Arester points out that he’s being contradictory. For if he’s a doll, then there’s no need to get so annoyed. The Tasogare leader exclaims in response, banging the tea cup on the table. His figure now seems childish to her, and fitting of his appearance. Cardia can’t help but giggle at this.

She realises that his body isn’t poisonous like hers, and he answers that it’s from the horologium – which is her special privilege. Thanks to that, their father loves her. And the smile which he can never gain, is always directed towards her. But Cardia can only recall the pain she has experienced because of the poison. Before she can retort, Nemo asks if Finis is carrying out the plan so as to be loved by Isaac. When her brother acknowledges this, Nemo comments that their paths will diverge though. Isaac will walk on the path of science. But Finis is only chasing after him, and not looking ahead of where Isaac is aiming for. So he will never catch up to Isaac, and their paths will separate. Finis furiously exclaims that he and his father’s path are one and the same. The scientist wonders why he’s so mad, as he was only reasoning things out.

In an attempt to change the topic, Cardia asks why Finis is immortal. Her brother comments that it isn’t unusual for the brother to be an immortal monster, if the sister is a poisonous monster. He stands up, signalling the end of the tea time. The preparations are almost finished, so he reckons that it’s fine to show her the truth. He guides her deep into the cathedral, into the room she had spotted him in before. The globe is the true form of him, and Isaac. It’s also the secret to his immortality, but it’s probably easier to show her than to explain. To her surprise, numerous figures of Finis step out from the shadows. Each and every one of him, was created by Isaac. All of them share the same memories, via the globe. And Isaac’s soul is sleeping within the globe too. Her horologium will be the key to reviving Isaac’s soul, which will then reside in the immortal vessel – Finis’ body.

Her brother asks if she’s happy to be involved in such a wonderful ambition. Human civilisation started to develop, once they discovered how to use fire. They progressed with the development of science. Wood to stone weapons. Stone weapons to steel weapons. Throwing stones to arrows. Arrows to guns. Human history develops with the development of weapons, and with death and conflict. So their father decided to become god – with his genius mind, immortal body, and eternal heart – to become god so as to ignite an eternal war to infinitely develop science. Cardia argues that a never-ending war is wrong, and finds the idea of treating everyone like a mere pawn frightening. Finis snaps at her to be quiet, and takes out a red pendant. The pendant is meant to act as a catalyst for the horologium to change into the philosopher’s stone. It will also cause huge amounts of poison to be dispersed, enough for the whole of London to die. But it’s a minor problem to him. Once the philosopher’s stone is complete, their father can recreate this world. Finis announces the start of Code:Realize.

Cardia’s horologium reacts to the pendant, as her body starts to burn as if something indescribable is eating away at her. Finis cackles gleefully, telling her to be happier. With this, their father’s wish will be granted and they will finally be loved. He asks her to bear with it for a while, gently stroking her hair. Her vision becomes clouded, and she wonders if she’s going to die just like that. Her brother remarks that it’s almost time, but his speech is cut short. All of a sudden, the many clones of him collapse to the ground, like puppets cut from their strings. The pain in her chest starts to fade away, and she quickly approaches Finis, shaking the motionless bodies. She is left confused, till she notices a faint blue glow.

There is just one Finis, standing up and surrounded with a faint glow. He remarks that he has awakened from a deep sleep. He acknowledges that he is her father, speaking through this empty vessel. He truly looked forward to this day. Without any hesitation, he touches her face with his hand, ignoring the poison. Isaac remarks that there are countless other replacements for this body. But she is much more precious to him. His words are sweet and kind, but Cardia doesn’t feel happy. Each time he expresses his love towards her, he’s coldly ignoring Finis’ affection. Isaac wishes to speak more with her, and to even embrace her – but the time isn’t right yet. The philosopher’s stone is not complete yet, and he is only momentarily awake.

She waited so long for her father, yet why does she feel sad and angry. Cardia slaps his hand away and takes a step back, questioning why he created so many clones of Finis – to the point where he’s truly nothing but a doll. Even though they’re both alive. Isaac points out that she’s misunderstood something. He loves “Cardia”, and her will is nothing more than noise to him. His words are a clear rejection of her. Isaac adds that Finis is just a doll with the same face, not even worth of loving. His cold words enrage her. But her father has no intentions of listening, as he regretfully observes that time is up. He will see his beloved daughter again, when the time comes. The body collapses to the ground, and Cardia quickly lifts it up.

Finis wakes up, aware that their father was in his body. He laughs happily at the idea that their father will soon reawaken. She questions why he can act like this, despite having heard what Isaac said about them. But it appears that Finis wasn’t conscious during that period, so he has no idea. She remains quiet, and he remarks that he’s truly envious. He wished he could’ve heard his father’s words too. Cardia braces herself, asking what would happen to Finis once Isaac is revived. Her brother calmly answers that his consciousness will disappear, for he becomes one with Isaac. The same will happen to Cardia, as she becomes one with Isaac too.

Cardia stares at her own hands and recalls how she killed someone, questioning why he treats life so lightly. Once you die, he can no longer feel any love, kindness or warmth. She grabs him tightly, hoping to at least convey some warmth to him. But he pushes her away, warning her not to interfere with the plan. No matter what she has to say, it’s useless. The last stage of the plan has been set in motion. She will gradually turn into the philosopher’s stone, and everything will be over then.

Arester interrupts them, informing them of intruders. It’s not Lupin and company, but someone they’ve never encountered before. Finis orders him to counterattack, for he won’t allow any interference. The crowd of Finis gather together, and he has one of himself accompany Cardia to her room. However, he doesn’t think that she will be able to move soon, due to the changes. Before she leaves, Cardia offers her handkerchief to wrap able his injured hand. Arester notes her consideration, but doesn’t recommend it for a burn wound. Her brother remarks that treatment is not needed, since he has countless replacements. He can’t comprehend why she looks like she’s in pain, when she’s unhurt. Finis finds it gloomy, and snatches the handkerchief from her, saying that he’ll accept it. Even if it’s for her own self-satisfaction, at least he won’t have to see that gloomy face of hers. He then leaves with Arester.

Chapter 3: Desire

Van, Fran, Impey and Dela go through the information they’ve collected thus far, concerning Code:Realize. Unfortunately, they can’t contact Cardia and presume that something must have happened on her side. So they are each making preparations while waiting for Lupin and Saint’s return. Just then, Lupin interrupts them with some bad news. He tells everyone to get ready, as Tasogare’s headquarters is currently under attack.

One hour later, the team has arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral where there are countless dead bodies of Tasogare’s soldiers. Guinevere encounters them, saying that she can’t let them pass if their aim is the cursed siblings. For they plan to kill them here and now. Her words provoke Lupin and company. Even though both of their aims is to stop Isaac’s terrorist plan, Lupin insists that they won’t sacrifice Cardia.

Meanwhile, Cardia struggles against the pain as she walks down the corridor. However, she feels that the pain is much more manageable now. Finis, who is accompanying her, receives information from his other clones who have encountered the intruders. Just then, he senses someone else’s presence. It’s Saint, much to Cardia’s surprise. Her brother tells her to move away, as he immediately shoots the Count. It’s his payback for what happened during their last encounter. Saint wishes that this day didn’t have to come, but it appears that fate won’t go according to what he wants. He re-introduces himself as Idea’s disciple, and is here to stop Isaac’s plan by killing them. Numerous of Finis’ clones show up, and he orders Cardia to escape while he holds Saint up.

>> Run away: Cardia does as told. She doesn’t want to be killed. Moreover, if she remains there, Finis won’t be able to escape either. But the biggest reason is probably that she doesn’t wish to witness her “brother” and “comrade” fight. She can hear Finis’ screams as he’s being killed. She covers her ears, and continues to run.

>> Don’t run away: The person who was once her comrade, is now after her life. Her brother who was once her enemy, is now protecting her. Unsure of the distinction now, Cardia hesitates. Saint starts attacking Finis, as her brother tells her not to think of anything foolish such as leaving him behind. His clones are dolls, just a shield, a part. When she protests, he orders her to run away if she sees him as her brother then. While she’s hesitating, he is getting killed one by one. One of his clones pushes her, prompting her to escape.

Cardia continues running, till she reaches the deepest room with the globe. Several clones of Finis’ are standing there. He’s already aware of the situation, and admits that the enemy is more powerful than he had expected. However, he has already ordered Arester and Nemo to bring out their trump card. His clones will buy some time, while that is being prepared. His sister finds it wrong for him to use his life like a disposable tool. But Finis says that it’s to be expected, because there is only one of her and multiples of him. A voice interrupts them, observing how the brother seems to be sacrificing himself for the sister.

An unfamiliar young boy with a large fork, slowly enters the room. He approaches Cardia, and sniffs at her, remarking that there is a sweet smell coming from her – the smell of tragedy made by a witch. Finis shoots at the intruder, informing his sister that the person is Idea’s disciple. His clones immediately stand in between Cardia and the young boy, who introduces himself as Hansel Hexenhaus. While he sympathises with them, he believes that Isaac’s plan will only give rise to more pitiful children. So he is determined to stop them. He draws his fork close to him, addressing it as “Gretel”. Hansel swiftly stabs Finis, while another of his clone orders Cardia to run away.

But his sister remains firm, telling her younger brother to listen to her once in a while. Hansel looks at them, finding them pitiful. He comments that Isaac was mad, pulling the world into disaster while desiring for his family. If they weren’t born to such a foolish father, perhaps their lives would have been different. His words anger Finis. His clones charge while shooting at Idea’s disciple. Hansel nimbly dodges the bullets, while stabbing the clones one by one with his fork. Soon, there is a loud explosion and the church starts to tremble. Cardia can hear the church crumbling down, however only this room remains upright – as if it had been planned all along. Finis laughs gleefully, for they have made it in time.

The ceiling which is now wide open, reveals a large metallic airship of sorts. Nemo’s voice can be heard over the speakers, as he introduces the “Nautilus”. Cardia finds it hard to imagine that such a heavy vehicle can be flying. While Hansel attempts to finish them off quickly, Finis gives the orders to Nemo, who starts to operate the gravity-relief mechanism. Upon doing so, Finis, herself and the globe start floating upwards towards Nautilus. Her brother cackles in delight, for Hansel has no way of chasing after them in the air. Outside, Lupin and company stare in surprise at the Nautilus as well. However, Impey glares at it, aware that Nemo is using the gravity-relief mechanism which he and his old man had invented. Nemo starts firing the cannons indiscriminately, and they quickly duck for cover. Lupin is shocked as he spots Cardia in the air.

The siblings arrive inside Nautilus safely. Finis curses Idea’s disciple, but remarks that it’s their win for the globe and Cardia are both safe. But Cardia recalls the countless corpses of Finis, stabbed to death by Hansel. It reminds her of her 665 failed experiments. She denies that it’s their win, when so many of him died down there. Her brother corrects her, that those merely broke down. He is still well and alive. She argues that their make-up may be different from a human’s. But they have a heart, and feelings. They love their family. That makes them the same as humans. Finis’ face twists in disgust, as he questions if that’s true – when no one loves them. It is only when they accomplish their father’s plan, then they will be loved. He grabs her by the collar, his face is twisted with rage, grief and hatred. He exclaims that they’re not human, but monsters. And only their father will love them. But Cardia questions why that love can only come from their father, as she takes him by surprise and hugs him.

Cardia: Please……listen to me Finis. I don’t know whether father’s love is real or fake. I don’t have the means to confirm that now. But, regardless of that……there is someone who will love you. I still don’t really know what exactly love is but……but, even so. At the very least I—-as your sister, I want to love you, my brother.

It saddens her to see her brother not value his own life. And she herself is unable to convey her warmth to her. But she still hopes to convey her feelings. Cardia hugs him tightly, so that he won’t push her away. Finis laughs weakly, commenting that this is meaningless as they are mere dolls. She tells him firmly to keep quiet. While others may call their existence “dolls”, she doesn’t want him to treat himself that way. Her brother quietly asks what he should do then. He has nothing, that’s why he desires their father’s love.

Before she can answer, her horologium starts to glow and throb stronger than ever before. She collapses to the ground, and Finis looks torn. But he soon lets out a dry laugh, for their father must be mad at them for saying something so foolish. He tells Cardia to give up struggling. But his sister refuses, insisting that she wants to love her brother. Enraged, her brother argues that they’re both dolls. It’s fine if only their father loves them – to live and die for their father.

To both of their surprise, a hole is broken through the floor as Hansel infiltrates Nautilus. Apparently, he had made his way using the other materials that were floating upwards, while tracking their scent. Finis is determined to take care of Hansel this time, as numerous wires stretch out from the globe and attack. Idea’s disciple realises that the globe is Isaac’s true location. Hansel counterattacks the wires and swiftly jumps towards the globe. All of a sudden, the wires grab Finis, pulling him back towards the globe before Hansel can land the final blow. Not only Cardia, but even Hansel is taken aback by what just happened. Taking this opportunity, the remaining wires restrain Hansel. Finis realises that Isaac had used him as a shield. The wires drop the injured Finis to the ground, and Cardia struggles to reach his side. While she panics at the gaping wound, Finis says that it’s fine. This is the correct way to use him. But for some reason, he can’t stop trembling. Those were his last words, as another one of her brother passes away before her eyes.

Soon, Finis speaks again, in a tone that doesn’t belong to him. Isaac stands up in Finis’ body, as if the injury is nothing. Hansel instantly recognises Isaac, a mad scientist willing to sacrifice his own children so as to become god. Isaac knows that he can’t kill Idea’s disciple, who is immortal, but he has other ways of dealing with him. Isaac grabs the restrained Hansel, and slowly walks towards the hole in the ground. It’s just as well, for he no longer requires this injured doll who seems to have gained a self-identity. Hansel realises that Isaac plans to jump together with him. Cardia begs her father not to do it. Her father wonders why she is doing this. Any child will throw away a broken doll. She denies that Finis or her is a doll. Noting this, Isaac smiles and addresses her in Finis’ tone.

Finis: “Sister, don’t come here. I’m happiest being of use to father. It’s the best feeling. So……you don’t need to feel guilty. There is no need for sister to feel sad. Sister just needs to remain quiet, and watch from there. The moment in which, I fulfill my duty.”

Slowly, Finis’ body leans forward.

Cardia: Don’t kill my brother!!
Finis: “So see you, sister. My precious, precious—-”
Finis: —-sister—-

Before Cardia can respond, Finis falls down together with Hansel. She couldn’t save him, even though he clearly cried for help to her at the end. Behind her, someone asks why she’s crying. It’s Finis, and he observes that Nemo will have to fix that hole. Finis smiles at her. He looks exactly the same. But Cardia recognises that he isn’t the same Finis as before. Her brother remarks that he is all the same though, and they all share the same memory. For example, he recalls the tea time with Arester and Nemo. But his smile scares her instead. Cardia can’t help but wonder if this was how her father felt. He has the same face as his son, yet he is not the original. He can’t become the original, no matter how many times Isaac tried. It must be tragic, to be told at first that he is Finis, yet not be allowed to live as Finis.

Elsewhere at Tower Bridge, Idea’s disciple reports to Omnibus that the queen is safe. Thanks to the other disciples as well, the damage to the streets have been lessened. Omnibus plans to have a talk with the queen, before deciding on the next move. Soon, she welcomes back Hansel, who apologises for not being able to finish off the siblings. He remarks that they’re truly pitiful, and remind him of himself and Gretel. Omnibus sees that the mission is too painful for him, but Hansel insists on seeing it through. He doesn’t wish for there to be anymore pitiful children like himself or Gretel.

It was a story that happened long, long ago. When he had yet to become Idea’s disciple, and was still very young. He can no longer remember the country he had lived in, but there was a great famine that year. There was no rain, and the plants withered. Whatever little was left, was ravaged by illness and bugs. Moreover, there were several wars. His village was no exception to the food shortage. Their family of four had already shared a piece of bread and soup for several days. His father was a wood-cutter, and his mother was the village’s best pâtisserie.

That day, his mother used the last of the wheat to bake them a cookie. She gave the cookie to the siblings, and said that they’ll go on a picnic in the forest past the hill. It’s said that a bad witch lives there, but it’s also said that the witch’s house is made of sweets. Her words excited the children, and the three of them set off. After a while, their mother told them to take a break while she went to fetch some wood. With a hurt expression, she said that she’ll be back soon and told Hansel to take care of Gretel. Looking back, Hansel had perhaps already sensed something then.

As the children waited, day turned into night. Hansel did his best to keep smiling to Gretel, who had turned uneasy. He suggested that perhaps their mother had already found the candy house, and was enjoying it all for herself. Or perhaps she was lost, so they’d better go look for her. So the two of them started to wander in the forest. Gretel said that she was hungry, so he advised her to slowly eat the cookie. If not, she would be too full to eat when they reach the candy house. Hansel continued to smile and talk to her, thinking to himself that he had to protect her as he held her hand. But reality was cruel.

Gretel started to talk less, and her movement grew duller. She started to stumble a few times. But she never cried once, probably so as not to worry him. When she could no longer walk on her own, Hansel did his best to pull her along. Eventually, Gretel whispered to him to eat her share of the cookie their mother made. Those were his sister’s last words. He kept crying, while carrying his sister’s body, which grew cold. He felt regretful, that he couldn’t protect her. He felt hatred, towards his mother who abandoned them. But more than anything else he felt sad, at this world in which you have to abandon children in order to live on.

His movement grew numb along the way. There was no meaning in him moving forward. There was no destination, and no place for him to return to. His mother’s last lie. Even if he had found the candy house, Gretel was no longer here. Eventually, his movements stopped altogether. That was when the night cleared and a gentle light shone on Hansel. A lady in a wheelchair appeared from a house. He questioned if she was the witch. The elderly lady finds the term suitable, introducing herself as Omnibus. She informs Hansel that he has been chosen as a candidate for Idea’s disciple. The young Hansel didn’t quite understand her words – except that she would grant him one wish in exchange.

He asked to see his mother and Gretel. He wished to keep living with them. Unfortunately, Omnibus can’t bring them back. But she offered to at least grant him half his wish. She touched Gretel’s body, and it disappeared in a bright light. Instead, there stood a large fork with his sister’s ribbon. She informed him that it’s his weapon, and his sister’s soul resides in it. And Omnibus will be his mother in exchange. So that was how the witch in the forest became his mother, and how his mother became a witch who abandoned them. A few years later, he officially became Idea’s disciple. He carried out his duty, hoping to reduce the number of sad children. But this mission is truly ironic. He has to bring misfortune to these siblings, who only seek love from their father, in order to save the rest of the children.

The voice Finis first heard, was very nostalgic. When he opened his eyes, the man facing him looked so joyful. Isaac is thrilled to finally met his son, years after the tragedy. But Finis questioned who he is. Isaac was taken aback, and attempted to jog Finis’ memory. Finis organised the information inside his mind, and noted that Isaac is indeed his father. But when he had finally called him”father”, Isaac was no longer smiling sincerely. After that, he helped Isaac to create a new “Finis”. But no matter how hard he worked, his father never smiled at him. And each time “Finis” woke up, his father’s smile would turned into disappointment. Because “Finis”‘ first words were always “who are you?”. The same thing occurred tens, hundreds of times. Eventually, Isaac no longer even called them “Finis”. Eventually, Isaac angrily called him a doll.

After that, he no longer desired for “Finis”. Of course, he never smiled at them either. But the only place he did smile, was in front of his “sister”. Among all the ugly failures, there was but one beautiful success. With a blue gem that shone with god’s blessings. Unlike them, his sister was made from the cells of the original sister. His father would always smile at her, a smile never directed at himself. Does Isaac not love him then? Even though he is also Isaac’s child. Why does he only love Cardia? Finis wants his name to be called, to be loved. Just once is fine, he wants that smile to be directed at him. Why won’t Isaac love him like he loves Cardia? What should he do? He so dearly wants someone, just someone to love him.

Cardia is drawn back to reality with a sharp pain. She had just seen an extremely sad dream. Nemo and Finis observe that she’s awake. She looks down to see a mysterious device attached to her horologium, which is connected to the globe. Finis explains that the globe and Nautilus need some of the horologium’s energy, to keep running. It’s an emergency measure, as their plans had to be hurried due to Idea’s invasion. Nemo finds it truly fascinating and monstrous, and she firmly denies that she’s a monster. The cables are removed from her, and indeed she feels drained of energy. But the pain from before has settled down.

Her brother says that it couldn’t be helped, but it will take longer for the horologium to change into the philosopher’s stone now. He finds it regretful that they won’t be able to become one with their father so soon. Cardia questions how he can still say that, despite Isaac having sacrificed him during the battle with Hansel. Finis repeats that he is just a doll, so it’s nothing. Nemo reveals the communication device he had stolen from her. She won’t be able to call for help now. Finis remarks that they just need to wait for Isaac to awaken now. He is unlike the Finis from before, whose core had been shaken ever so little. Cardia’s words won’t reach this Finis.

Below, Finis gazes up at the Nautilus through his blood-stained vision. Soon, his father will be revived as god. Soon, his father will praise his doings. He breaks into a haughty smile, and slowly closes his eyes. He can no longer feel his father’s presence, which used to always be so close. He realises that Isaac no longer needs this broken vessel – he has been abandoned. That’s why Isaac cut him off from the main globe. His role is finished. With this wound and having fallen from the Nautilus, it’s even a miracle that he is still alive. All that’s left is for him to decay away as a broken doll. But Cardia’s words keep ringing in his head. Finis tells her to be quiet, for he wishes to sleep already. He recalls that at that moment, he had asked her for help. He wonders why he did so.

Finis utters for help again. For some reason, tears are streaming down his face. His trembling hand reaches towards the sky. He can no longer reach her. But at that time, he had wanted to take her hand. As his consciousness slips away, a voice calls out to him.

Chapter 4: Finis

Nautilus has been raining down explosions on London, which dealt major damage to even the palace. The people can only watch from below, and wait for “god’s awakening”, as announced by Nautilus. Back at the mansion, Lupin laments at the destruction caused. Apparently, many residents have already fled from London. He finds it meaningless though, as the eventual goal of Code:Realize is to incite war among all of mankind as a catalyst for science to develop. Impey comments that it should be the reverse – science should develop for the sake of mankind. Fran adds that in any case, Cardia is the key. Van remarks that it’s why they have “him”. They can hear Dela’s voice coming from upstairs, and decide to check on the situation.

Upstairs, they see that Finis has woken up already and is insisting on leaving.  Dela leaves him to them, while he goes to fetch some water. Fran says that they found him in the nearby forest, and that the trees and grass cushioned his fall from Nautilus. The younger brother spitefully remarks that he never asked them to save him, and they won’t gain his gratitude. In fact, he is their enemy. Van raises his gun in agreement, for Finis killed his family. The latter shows no signs of resistance, for another one of his clones will be revived in his place anyway.

But if he dies here, another one of him will be revived with the same memories. Is that really a revival? When the him who is currently at a loss, will disappear. His shoulders tremble, in response to the fear of “the end”, something which he had never experienced before. He whispers to himself, that “he” will die if he is shot here. Lupin tells Van to restrain himself, as it is indeed meaningless. Moreover, he is the only link they have to Cardia now. Van lowers his gun. Finis realises that they only saved him in order to save Cardia, muttering that everyone is only concerned about his sister. He reckons that it’s too late for them to do anything anywhere, and shares that Cardia is in Nautilus. Her horologium will soon turn into the philosopher’s stone, and in turn disperse poison enough for the whole of London to die. Once his father gains the philosopher’s stone, he will become god. There’s no way for them to stop Isaac’s plan.

Lupin and company remain unperturbed, for none of them is giving up at this point. Finis can’t fathom how they can still smile in this situation of despair. The gentleman thief observes that he’s similar to Cardia when they first met. She saw herself as a monster, and was too afraid to cross the line. That’s why Lupin offered his hand to her. He wanted to make her a normal girl, who could touch others, feel their warmth, and smile. Fran tells Finis to focus on recovering first. He himself said that it doesn’t matter if “he” isn’t present. In other words, Finis is not Tasogare’s leader now, and not Isaac’s puppet. He is just “Finis”. As they shuffle out of the room, Finis notes that Cardia spent her days with them, and can sort of understand why she felt “loved”. He pauses, and soon realises that he can no longer connect to it.

The next morning, Finis continues to try and access his true being but fails to. He can no longer feel Isaac’s presence. That emptiness fills him with uneasiness and loneliness. It’s a mixture of feelings he cannot name, and he wonders if Cardia has the answer to this. But he shouldn’t wish for it. It would not be strange, if any moment now, the philosopher’s stone is complete and poison spreads throughout London. There’s a knock on the door, and Dela enters the room. He notes that Finis did not eat anything again. Not that he is in a position to say anything, considering how he himself had acted a while back. As Dela clears the dishes, an idea dawns on him. He invites Finis to join him in walking Sissy. The vampire lord drags Finis out, and the latter sees the huge damage caused to the streets. He gazes up at where Isaac and Cardia and “Finis” are. The place where he should be.

Dela observes that he is glaring at Nautilus. Finis denies this, and that he in fact feels proud. The former questions why is he smiling like that. You smile when there’s something fun or happy – does he feel that way now? Finis replies that it’s because his father’s wish will be granted. When his father is revived, he will finally fulfill his role and be loved. Dela asks if it’s really true. Even if that happens, the one who will be praised will not be “him”. Is it really fine with that? Finis snaps at him to shut up, for he doesn’t know anything. Dela admits that he doesn’t know anything, which is why he is asking now. Will he really be loved? He was blessed with his parents, though they were killed in the vampire war. The one who triggered that war was Tasogare. In other words, Finis is a target for his revenge. Finis asks why he doesn’t kill him then – and Van. The vampire admits that he did try to kill Van, but he failed and joined them instead.

It was then that he though about it – would his father truly wish for him to be filled with rage and hatred for revenge? In the end, he may have twisted his image of his father – that his parents hated Van and wanted him to exact revenge. But his father probably did not wish for it. Finis questions if he’s implying that he himself also twisted his image of Isaac. And that he is not truly seeing what his father feels. Dela shrugs at this, for their situation is different, so he cannot be sure. He is merely giving advice, as someone who was once blind because of his feelings towards his father and clan. They each need to eventually leave, and stop being tied down by the illusions of their fathers. After a period of silence, Dela returns to walking Sissy.

He thought that if he fulfilled his role, he will be loved and Isaac will smile at him. That thought alone which kept him going till now, is now crumbling like sand. Finis murmurs that it’s fine even if it’s an illusion. If he doesn’t think that way, who else is there to love him?

Lupin, Impey, Van, Fran and Dela gather back at the mansion to discuss how to save Cardia. The main problem is how to reach Nautilus. Everyone’s gaze turns to Impey. It turns out that he had hastily repaired the airship they had used for the Black Gathering, though they can only use it once. Lupin remarks that once is more than enough, since they won’t get a second chance. In addition, their only enemies may not be Tasogare, but may also include ones like the knight they had fought at the cathedral. A voice interrupts them, explaining that the knight is Guinevere and belongs to Idea. Saint and Leonhard appear behind them, and the Count excuses himself for being absent this whole time. He explains about Idea, and how he is part of it. Also, Idea wishes to stop Isaac’s plan, and they will resort to any method. Destroying the horologium is a necessary sacrifice – at least that’s what Omnibus and most of the disciples feel.

The rest are sharp enough to pick up on Saint’s implications, as he admits that he doesn’t fully support Omnibus’ opinion. He can’t leave Idea but the short time he spent with them, was more meaningful that the thousands of years he had spent living like a corpse. He tells them that Idea had safeguarded Queen Victoria, and the queen will cooperate with Idea as she regathers her troops to face off against Nautilus. Leonhard says that the queen will spare no efforts in destroying Nautilus, and that they can’t help it if they have to sacrifice a girl’s life. Before he leaves, he deliberately remarks that he’s talking to himself, as he shares that they plan to attack tomorrow in the early morning. He’s sure that no one will notice one more airship, even if they secretly take away one girl. After Leonhard leaves, Saint excuses himself as well. He will return to Idea, and do his best to restrain them. He would need to follow-up, in case they fail. Van tells him not to worry, and Fran says that they will definitely save Cardia and stop Isaac. Saint hopes for that, and for everyone to gather back here after everything is over, including Cardia.

The time draws closer, and everyone gets ready before finally regrouping at the main entrance. In the end, Finis never left his room after that, even when they went to see him. It’s understandable that Finis would be hesitant. Van feels that he is most suitable for guiding them inside Nautilus, though Fran points out that he may betray them. To their surprise, Finis comes downstairs. When asked what he wishes to do, he says that they could very well order him, since he is their hostage. Lupin tells him to make his own decision, and to be responsible for it. Finis knows that everything would go according to the plan. But his sister said that he wasn’t a doll. He thought that she was being foolish at first but – she felt warm when she hugged him, despite being a monster who can’t touch anyone. To be honest, he still wants to be loved by his father. But Cardia told him that she would love him as well. If a monster of a sister and a doll of a brother can love each other and live as a family as normal humans do – he wishes to confirm it for himself. That’s why he can’t let Cardia disappear.

Everyone else sees that he has made his decision. Finis gazes up at Nautilus, and tells his sister to wait for him.

Chapter 5: Tell me the love

The royal guards and police attack Nautilus. Bounty hunters and sky pirates attack as well, with the promise of reward. Countless airships attack Nautilus, among which include Lupin and company. According to Finis, Nautilus’ design doesn’t really factor in attacks from high above. That’s why they should stay at a higher level. However, they are having a hard time approaching Nautilus due to the counterattacks. Impey suggests that there is one solution, though he had wanted to avoid it as it did cause a trauma – the improved Helsing cannon. He hurriedly explains that it’s a secret weapon and that only one person can ride it. He hands Finis a manual, which only writes that anyone other than Van will die. Van himself sighs heavily, resigning himself to it.

Finis volunteers himself, but Lupin objects. If they can only send one person, they’d rather send their best fighter. But Finis refuses to give in, saying that he has much to take back from that airship. Also, the other side will be alerted if Van infiltrates. But if he goes, they will recognise him as another “Finis”. After a brief silence, Lupin finally agrees but advises him not to push himself. They will soon follow him, as soon as they can deal with the counterattacks. Van offers to guide Finis through, but warns him not to regret it.

Inside, Cardia can feels the tremours of the explosions. But she can barely feel anything else, due to the pain. Finis observes that she can hardly speak, but is willing to listen to her last words.

>> Outside……?: Finding her question boring, he shrugs his shoulders and replies that Nautilus is under attack right now. But she has nothing to worry about. The time limit is up.

>> Finis……: She was just full of regret. That the “Finis” who obey Isaac will never be loved in return. That she, his sister, could not hold onto his hand. Finis closes his eyes, perhaps gathering information from his other clones. He informs her that Nautilus is under attack right now. But she has nothing to worry about. The time limit is up.

At that moment, her chest throbs violently and her consciousness slowly melts away. She knows that this is the last stage of her becoming a “monster”. Finis tells her not to be afraid, for they will be loved now. Cardia wants to scream back that he’s wrong, but she can only scream in pain. The overflowing poison causes her hair to change colour. She silently cries for help, for someone to kill her now. Her brother spreads his arms open towards the globe, welcoming his father. With this, he will gain Isaac’s praise and love. His laughter is cut short, and the world turns silent for a moment. Cardia collapses to the ground, as the pain disappears.

Finis turns to her, but speaks to her in Isaac’s tone. Despite his kind tone, she can only feel bitterness. Does he have nothing to say towards Finis, who saw Code:Realize through just to be praised? Isaac questions if people praise someone who scoops with a spoon, or types on a typewriter. The tool fulfilled its role, that’s all that doll means to him. Cardia denies this, and states that they are alive and have feelings like humans. However, he is a monster who has thrown away his human heart. She and Finis are much more human than him. Her father finds this ridiculous, when she herself is a poisonous monster. But she need not worry. The globe would have absorbed part of her poison. So the world is safe as long as she remains in this room. The wires grip her, pulling her towards the globe. Once she is absorbed and becomes his “eternal heart” which provides eternal energy, they won’t need to worry about her poison anymore. Gradually, Cardia is pulled inside and loses consciousness.

Isaac finds the idea of a doll talking about love laughable. In 1-2 hours, Cardia will disappear and only the philosopher’s stone will remain. Once he has it, he doesn’t need to fear Idea anymore. With it, he can continue his research and finally revive his family. Arester and Nemo interrupts his thoughts, as they introduce themselves. Nemo reassures Isaac about the attacks, and attempts to show his growth as a disciple in his research. But Isaac shows no interest, and orders them to counterattack and make sure Idea doesn’t get here. Nemo sadly asks if he has forgotten him, recalling how Isaac praise his theory that day while everyone else laughed at him. Isaac remarks that even a useless puppet could have pulled it off. Arester drags Nemo away, leaving Isaac to gaze at the globe. The moment he had been waiting for, draws closer.

A voice comments that he has no future, when he is caught up in the past. It’s Hansel. Isaac angrily remarks that it’s Idea who only looks at the past. They’ve killed countless of geniuses, in the name of justice, based on an old lady’s premonitions, and in turn hindering the progress of mankind. Hansel replies that they only rid of those who twisted the world, and could potentially give rise to more sad children – like himself. Isaac orders the clones, and Finis appears one by one. Hansel observes that they no longer have a sense of self, and fends off the attacks.

Meanwhile, Finis has safely made it inside Nautilus. But he frowns as he recalls the method. He had passed by several Tasogare members, and none of them took any notice. Arester and Nemo should be in the control room. So he just needs to avoid another “Finis” and make it to where to globe is. Unfortunately, he bumps into Arester and Nemo, who were just on their way to the control room. Arester reveals how crestfallen Nemo is, who is sitting in a corner and muttering away. From their conversation, Finis realises that Isaac has awakened. He hurries along, only to be stopped by Arester.

The older man observes that he is Finis, but notices his injured hand has been treated. It’s a rare sight, considering how he sees himself as disposable. Finis questions if he suspects that he’s Lupin in disguise, while reaching out for his gun. But Arester catches him off guard first, pushing the boy down and raising a dagger. He observes that Finis seems so human-like, and unlike himself, as if he has been through a lot. He also notices the handkerchief around his hand, and recalls how a “Finis” fell down with Idea’s disciple and was cut off. He asks why an abandoned doll has come all the way back here. Finis answers that he wants to meet Cardia again, and to stop Code:Realize. Nemo perks up at his words, saying that he won’t let anyone interfere. He’s sure that if he remains useful, Isaac will approve of him. Finis firmly says that it won’t happen, for Isaac only looks at his lost past. He will never reach Isaac’s heart. Finis seems to be telling himself that, and his own words hurt.

Arester states that they still have to stop him, unless he has something to offer in exchange for them betraying Isaac. Like money, rank or other items – or “something” which captures his interest. Finis comments on how twisted Arester is, given the situation. He has nothing to offer, not even his position as Tasogare’s leader or pride as his father’s vessel. He only has his body and heart left. Instead, he begs for them to let him through, and to lend his strength. He wishes to save Cardia, and would like them to stop Nautilus. Both Arester and Nemo are taken aback by his request. While Nemo looks at Arester with a confused expression, the latter laughs heartily. He can’t believe that the once proud Finis, is begging them in such a situation. Finis tells him to look down at him as much as he wants. Being abandoned by Isaac like rubbish and being saved by Lupin and company whom he hates, he has no pride left. Arester replies that in fact, it’s the first time he’s taken an interest in “him”. Finis should be a doll filled with loneliness, and he is interested in what Finis will find in its depths.

The older man agrees to help, much to Nemo’s dismay. The former asks if Nemo wishes for people to approve of his capabilities. However, Isaac won’t and at this rate, the world won’t either. Rather than remain in Isaac’s shadow, he should go out into the sun. While Finis can only wonder what Arester is lying about, Nemo seems to interpret Arester’s words as advice for him to surpass Isaac. Picking up on this, Finis lies that Impey and Fran were full of praise for him as well. This causes Nemo to break out in tears, as he realises that he can’t destroy London, where his good friends live in. He asks for Isaac’s forgiveness, for children always surpass their parents. The scientist says that he will handle it, and dashes off. Arester reminds Finis that he is not supporting Isaac or Finis, and tells him to struggle as much as possible.

Elsewhere, the battle between Hansel and Isaac eventually reaches an end. Hansel’s weapon is flung away from him, and the wires restrain his movement. Countless corpses of Finis lie on the floor, and the globe has fallen from its pedestal. Isaac can’t believe the damage he has done to the globe, especially when it has no spare. Hansel sees that he just needs to kill him, and to destroy the globe. Isaac answers that he is helpless though, as the wires tighten around Hansel. He ponders over what to do with the immortal disciple. Just then, Finis arrives. Isaac observes that he is overwhelming with emotions, noting that an abandoned doll has returned. Finis’ face twists in pain at his words. It’s the long-awaited reunion, yet those are the first words.

Finis questions his sister’s whereabouts, only to learn that she has been absorbed and will soon disappear. Anything Finis does is useless. Their feelings are unnecessary to the plan, and they should’ve just acted like puppets. Finis regretfully sees that it’s just like what Dela said, and he did beautify his image of his father. He asks Isaac what he is to him. Isaac answers that he is a pitiful doll, who can never become his son. On top of being abandoned, he gained unnecessary feelings. He’s a defect. Hearing this, Finis feels relieved that he was cut off. Thanks to that, he has gained the sadness from being abandoned, despair, fear of death, and everything else. That’s why he will not hesitate to steal back Cardia.

While avoiding the wires which attack him, Finis shoots the wires restraining Hansel. This surprises both Isaac and Hansel, but Finis knows that he can’t do this alone and will do anything to save Cardia. He doesn’t mind being killed after that. Hansel smiles at his words, and reintroduces himself and his sister, Gretel. He asks if Finis came all the way here to save his sister. The latter acknowledges this. While his father and himself decided that he was a doll, only she saw him as a human, and loved him. That’s why he refuses to let her disappear without at least complaining to her. Hansel remarks that it’s a wonderful reason, agreeing with Gretel that siblings should argue while they can, and talk to each other while they can.

As Hansel creates an opening, Finis rushes towards the globe. He can see Cardia’s silhouette, and shouts out to her – wasn’t she supposed to teach him about love? His sister slowly opens her eyes, and makes out the face of her brother. She sees that, he isn’t just a doll after all. She slowly stretches out her hand towards his, but something drags her back down. Hansel lends them a hand, and helps to pull Cardia out. He states that he isn’t their enemy for now, and has taken care of Isaac. They turn to see him stabbed with the fork, and that the globe has been damaged. He has stopped Code:Realize. Originally, he was supposed to kill them. But having killed Isaac, he has achieved the final goal anyway. Moreover, Cardia is no longer a monster. He touches Cardia’s face, and to her surprise there’s no poisonous reaction. The colour of her hair has also returned to normal. Finis supposes that the globe absorbed most of the energy, as well as its poison, from the philosopher’s stone. They need to confirm with further checks but as of now, it looks like she is no longer poisonous.

Cardia stares down at her own hands, before hesitantly reaching out to Finis. He takes her hand with a smile, and reaches out to remove her glove. All of a sudden, she is abruptly pulled in. Isaac’s voice condemns the two dolls, not having expected this much destruction. While it is a defect he had thrown away, it is better than nothing. Finis struggles, as he shouts at Isaac not to enter his body. Hansel advises Cardia to stay back, saying that he may have to end things depending on the outcome. But she ignores his words and rushes to Finis, grabbing his hand. She pleads for him to hear him, and to not lose sight of his own feelings.

Elsewhere, Nemo is struggling to regain control of Nautilus. He informs Arester that Isaac had taken over the controls. The only way is to cause Nautilus to crash, but that would further damage London and they would die. At the very least, he can aim for the ocean. Just then, he hears noises coming from the cube, which he had confiscated from Cardia. He hears Fran’s voice, and happily responds to it. Arester comments on the interesting situation, and quickly explains what happened. Impey has much to complain to Nemo, but in any case, he has a proposal. Rather than making Nautilus crash, they can fiddle with the gravity-relief mechanism and make Nautilus ascend into space instead.

Darkness. Rage. Regret. Despair changed into anger towards the cruel world, and regret at how powerless he was. The unreasonable reality robbed his beloved family, and caused the scientist to bury himself in research. All that was left was the path of science. He did not need anyone’s understanding. He would continue this fight alone. To regain his family. That was the goal of his research – artificial life. Homunculus. But no matter how much he tried, he only created ugly chunks of flesh. His genius mind and research could fulfill his wish. Nonetheless, he persisted. As the years went by, one of his children finally awakened. Unlike the sister whose cells he had preserved, Finis was created entirely based on biological information. But it was enough for him.

Isaac had dearly anticipated to be called “father” once again, but instead Finis asked in an emotionless tone – who are you? After that, no matter how much Finis tried to act like him, Isaac couldn’t bring himself to truly love him. Still, he did his best to teach him all the knowledge he needed, and about the past. Finis was smart and absorbed everything in, and gradually grew closer to the real thing. But the more he resembled his son, the more Isaac thought that “this” isn’t his son. That thought weighed heavily on Isaac’s mentality. Each time he faked a smile towards Finis, an inexplicable fear gnawed at his heart. That this was wrong. It should’ve been perfect. Perhaps if he attempted once more. Once more.

Isaac recreate Finis over and over again. But each time he was asked who he was, his heart crumbled. He finally reached his limit, and could no longer bring himself to love the child. It was then, that Isaac came across jikterium, which was created by a young genius scientist in the Royal Society. Perhaps if he further developed it into the philosopher’s stone, he could make the impossible possible. Isaac continued his research, and eventually succeeded in making the horologium, which could produce eternal energy. It could form an eternal heart. But it was still not enough. He needed a human vessel to act as a biological catalyst for it to transform into the philosopher’s stone. When he first tried to place it in Finis, the burden was too heavy and his body dissolved instantly. So he created a homunculus with his daughter’s cells, and it did not dissolve when the horologium was inserted inside. But the body would soon change form and die. Isaac persisted. It was an endless cycle of creation, and death.

But finally, one of his daughters miraculously grew while accepting the horologium. Isaac was overjoyed, and would whispers words of “love” to it. But in exchange for its enhanced capabilities and longevity, the body was poisonous to the touch. The body and genes were the same. This was his daughter, but he could not embrace her. No one could. Once again, he had created something which only resembled his children. Quiet disappointment. Surely, he would not be able to love this child either. Even if he did, everything would be lost once he touches her. The more she knew about love, the more unfortunate she would be. In that case—-

Isaac: You cannot know what love is. You have to live alone. The more you know about love……the more unhappy you will become. The reason being that—- you are a monster.

It wasn’t enough. The progress of science. The time he had left. In that case, he would preserve everything he had, his mind, mentality, knowledge, forever. In order to regain his family, and those happy times. And then, he would create a world in which he would no longer lose his family again. He would love his family and that world, in place for the children he could not bring himself to love too. In order to do that, he would rebel against god and twist this world’s logic with the power of science. He would grant his ideal, with the power of science. That was Code:Realize.

Normal End

His father’s thoughts and past, is flowing into Finis. Upon knowing his father’s past, he is filled with growing hesitation. His consciousness is still stronger for now, but he knew that Isaac’s would eventually overtake him. Be it 1 day, 2 days, or a week later. When that happens, Isaac would certainly sacrifice his sister for Code:Realize. As Cardia calls out to him, Finis pretends to act as if Isaac had taken over his body. He claims that the doll’s consciousness has been completely erased, and will never awaken again. His own words sting his heart. He secretly apologises to his sister. For she kept telling him not to see himself as a doll.

Finis continues his act, saying that he could always create another doll, and even with the personality she desires. Cardia furiously tells him not to treat his brother like a puppet, and she cannot forgive Isaac. Hansel takes a step towards him, and quietly asks if it’s really alright. Finis acknowledges this. If Cardia knew his consciousness still remained, she would surely do everything she can to save him, even if it put the world in danger. So Hansel deals the final blow, swinging his fork down. Finis sees how Cardia remained motionless, with an expression filled with anger and grief. He felt a bit sad that, it would be the last expression he saw of hers. Finis utters his goodbye to his sister, and collapses.

Upon knowing that Nemo and the rest plan to send Nautilus to space, Cardia decided not to evacuate. The thought of her father and brother disappearing into space, seemed lonely to her. When she informed Hansel about this, he did not disapprove it. He remarked that it is lonely for family to be separated, and told her to do as she wishes. And so Cardia wanders inside the large steel grave, and eventually reaches the room filled with Finis’ creations. She stops in front of one of the experiments. She doesn’t know how to operate it since she doesn’t have her father’s knowledge. Still, she starts controlling the consoles. With the globe destroyed, she wouldn’t know how their memory would be like. She quietly waits for Finis to wake up.

Finis: ——–who are you?
Cardia: I’m Cardia. Your sister.
Finis: My…………sister?
Cardia: Yes, that’s right. My beloved brother—-Finis.

She gently embraces him. She doesn’t know what will become of Nautilus. But if this airship does land somewhere, she hopes to continue living with Finis there. She will love him, on behalf of her father as well, who took the wrong path. That is the “love” she is capable of now.

True End

His father’s thoughts and past, is flowing into Finis. But Cardia is unaware, and can only watch her brother struggle. Hansel suggests for her to remain by his side, for even her warmth alone will be his strength. She softly takes Finis’ hand, and Hansel approaches the fallen globe. As long as he thoroughly destroys it, Isaac won’t be able to revive again. Finis tells him to wait, for he himself wishes to do it. He himself doesn’t need a back-up anymore. After all, it was Cardia who taught him that there is only one life, and that it is not disposable. With Cardia’s help, Finis approaches the globe and gazes down at the gun in his hand.

He tells his sister that he saw a sad person’s dream. Someone who lost his family and fell into despair with the world, and created them in an attempt to regain happiness. Someone who desperately tried to love them, but couldn’t. Cardia replies that she saw the same dream while she was inside the globe as well. But surely that isn’t a dream, but rather their father’s memories and thoughts. Their father did not treat them as dolls at first. He truly did try to love them. Code:Realize. A crazy plan to involve the world in an eternal war for the progress of science, which was all rooted to a heart’s desire to regain lost love. But the siblings raise the gun towards the globe, and Finis apologises that they cannot obey their father.

Finis: ……father and I, are very similar. In an attempt to fulfill that one wish, we believed that there was happiness ahead……but father was wrong.
Cardia: While yearning for the lost past, and dreaming of the happiness ahead, you kept denying the present. There is only the past and future, inside of father.
Finis: That’s right. That’s why——–goodbye. Our father.
Cardia: —-Good night. Father.

They pull the trigger, and the globe meets its quiet end. Finis can feel Isaac’s presence inside of it, gradually vanishing. It is truly the end now. Hansel interrupts them, for they don’t have much time left to escape. A loud voice is heard through the announcements. Nemo informs them that Nautilus will be ascending to space, and that they should hurry to the escape hatch where Lupin and company are waiting. Arester takes over, adding that they will soon escape as well. He looks forward to Finis’ answer on what he found at the depths of loneliness, when they have the chance. As they leave the room, Cardia turns towards the globe one last time. Surely Isaac Beckford was a kind person, and “Cardia” and “Finis” probably loved their father a lot. She bids her father farewell. Everything starts to crumble, as if the nightmare her father had been seeing finally comes to an end. And he can finally rest peacefully.

There is a flashback. Isaac hurries home with a big bundle of toys and books for the children. His wife, Rebecca, giggles at how impatient he is, for the children are still babies. The two children are sleeping soundly in her arms. The father is regretful that he can only see them crying or sleeping. The mother answers that he is busy, but many people are also saved thanks to his research. Thanks to that, everyone treats her well too. Isaac feels embarrassed, and thanks her for protecting his place of belonging as well. They agree on the names which they had discussed previously – Cardia and Finis.

Isaac: —-listen well, you two. We are a family of 4 now. And will live happily. Till you both grow up and leave your nest, as we will always—- always—-……—-love you. Cardia, Finis.

After they had stopped Isaac’s plan, London slowly recovered and the siblings returned to their house in Wales. This place has many memories, both good and bad. Cardia reads the letter she had received, and is glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Lupin returned to Paris, for he has someone to report to, about stopping the terrorist plan. After which, he plans to return to London and think about his future plans. Dela began his journey to gather the remaining vampires, and Van is accompanying him. Nemo is currently imprisoned in the palace’s underground prison, due to his crime for creating the Nautilus. But since he abandoned Nautilus in the end and London avoided damage due to that, his sentence was lightened. While he can’t continue his experiments in prison, Impey visits him everyday to discuss about science.

Arester disappeared ever since that day. The rumours say he is planning something with London. Saint and Hansel visit them from time to time, with the reason that it’s to watch over them just in case. Though Saint says that it’s just an excuse to see them. Fran has opened a clinic in the impoverished district for the poor. Since he’s the only one with a fixed residence, Sissy is staying with him as the poster dog. They visit him whenever they go to London, and Fran would also check on her condition.

According to Fran, the horologium has more or less stopped transforming. In the first place, the poison was a side-product of its transformation into the philosopher’s stone. So it is stable for now. As for Finis, there is not much problem even though his body is slightly different from a human’s. While there is no longer a back-up, it isn’t necessary anymore. After all, Finis is now living as himself now.

Feeling nostalgic, Cardia reckons that they should travel to London. Finis overhears her, and reminds her that they just went there 2 weeks ago. He tells her to help out with the window repairs instead. After they moved in here, they’re slowly repairing the house and cleaning it up. She suggests going to London and asking Lupin and company to contact someone who can help them with the repairs. But her brother rejects her idea, not wanting to borrow anyone’s help. What if the house suddenly starts floating one day? His sister finds that it would be more fun with everyone helping out though, which causes Finis question if just the two of them isn’t fun. He sulks and says he will remain here alone, if she wishes to go to London.

Smiling, Cardia hugs her beloved brother from behind and asks him not to sulk. She doesn’t dislike spending this precious time with him at all, her only family. But she wants him to learn more about love, just like how Lupin brought her out and showed her the world. She wants to show the world to her brother as well, to teach him more about love, and for him to be able to smile among many other people. Surely he will become much more happier then. Because they are no longer dolls. They’ve learnt about love, and are now human. Finis shrugs his shoulders, and reluctantly agrees to accompany her to London. It is his duty as her brother, to ward away any nasty bugs from her. Cardia giggles at this, commenting on how reliable he is.

Finis says that he will only say it once, and warns her not to miss it. He thanks her for loving him. She pauses, before purposely asking him to say it again, for she did not catch it. Annoyed, he answers that he dislikes her. A sister and brother who were born in a different form from humans. They came to learn about love, and became human. And they will live as humans from now on. She, together with her friends, and her one and only brother.

Overall thoughts

Uwaaah this took my really long to write but I hope the wait is worth it. ;; I really enjoyed this route, and Finis finally finds his well-deserved love from Cardia. Kaji did a really good job of Finis ahhh. Especially when he had to use different tones for Finis and Isaac. The normal end was really bittersweet, and the true end was great. I liked how the “bad guys” were given redemption (well, aside from Arester). I was just sad for Impey, because they did not mention about his dream at all in the epilogue. They forgot about him…! Other than that, I was wondering how Hansel will fit into the story. But I see that they used his background as a parallel for the siblings, and the developments were convincing enough.

I don’t have much to add as I actually finished this route over one month ago. ;; Lupin’s after story will be next, and hopefully I don’t take as long to write it. Till then~

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