Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Arsène Lupin

Here is the last of the the after stories,  Arsène Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki). Enjoy!

That day, he stole away a girl who yearned for love. A girl who called herself a “monster”, and could wither flowers and kill people, with a poisonous jewel in her chest. She looked like a doll, and showed no traces of a smile. Her glass-like eyes reflected no emotions. It was as if her emotions were trapped entirely inside the jewel in her chest. The day he offered his hand, she spoke that she wishes to touch him, to feel his warmth. Those were trivial wishes, which did not even need to be wished for. However, those were impossible wishes for her which had a poisonous touch. That’s why he wanted to do everything in his power to fulfill her wish.

In the end, he could just stand back and watch this beautiful lady hugging herself in loneliness like a doll – as a gentleman thief, as a man. He decided to steal away everything with his name at stake – the sadness of nothing loving anyone, the loneliness of not touching anyone. He fulfilled her wish. They embraced, and she came to learn about warmth. They kissed, and she came to learn about love. The poisonous girl who hugged herself in loneliness, is no longer there. She is no longer a monster, but a precious treasure which is more important to him than anyone else.

Cardia wakes up in the morning, recalling that she was talking with Lupin yesterday, and having tea – and then he kissed her. She looks around, and finds him sleeping next to her. It has only been a few days since their wedding. They plan to find somewhere to live together, but for now, they’re still staying in Saint’s mansion. Filled with happiness, everything feels like a dream to her. Just half a year ago, she had deadly poison in her due to the horologium. But it is no longer a blue shade which kills lives, and is now a pure white colour like her dress. She looks in the mirror, and slowly reaches out to touch the wooden frame. She sighs in relief, when it doesn’t melt.

Lupin questions her words, as he leans over. He grumbles at how she should be touching him instead, if she wanted to check. After all, they’re already sleeping together. Nonetheless, she can’t erase her uneasiness. What if – yesterday was alright, but not today. He chuckles in response, as he reads her expression. He offers to erase her uneasiness, and gently kisses her – her cheek, her ear, her neck. He grins at her, as he confirms that it’s alright. Cardia comments that he should just sleep together with her from the start, instead of always sneaking in when she’s already asleep. He playfully answers that it’s more thrilling that way, since he is the gentleman thief. And her sleeping and her surprised expressions, are his greatest treasures. However, she finds his act not gentleman-like at all.

In any case, his unpredictable actions constantly keeps her on the edge. She always tells herself to make a complain or two, but ends up giving in. When she’s about to get out of bed to prepare breakfast, Lupin refuses to release her, mumbling that he won’t let her go to another man’s side. As Cardia wonders if he’s half-asleep, he replies that he’s awake while asking for 5 more minutes. With his soft whispers and stroking of her hair, she’s lulled back to sleep. The person who stole her heart. The person who promised to fulfill her wish. The person who gave a monster like her love, a place of belonging, happiness. Her heart was probably stolen by him in that moment. His warmth feels comforting and dear, and she falls asleep again.

She ends up waking up again when the sun is already long out. She manages to escape Lupin’s clutches and persuades him, prompting him to return to his room to change clothes. After Cardia changes, she belatedly goes to make breakfast while encouraging herself that she won’t make the same mistake again tomorrow. She greets Saint, who says that he was planning to wake her up since it’s already afternoon. He stares at her, before joking that there are visible kiss marks on her cheek. Her flustered response seems to suggest that it’s true, and he says that Lupin is well capable of it. Cardia remarks that it’s bothersome, since it would just place her in an embarrassing situation.

Saint laughs once more, as he comments that she has a happy worry. She admits that she is happy, but she is bothered by how she always ends up pulled into Lupin’s pace. The Count points out that it’s proof that she is loved, but she still feels troubled. Seeing how she feels satisfied with only being on the receiving end, Saint suggests counterattacking. He smiles playfully, and adds that it’s an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. Since Lupin stole her heart, she should return the favour.

She ends up sharing this idea with Fran, who is visiting her for one of her regular check-ups. He concludes that her condition is stable, and then listens to how the idea came about with an embarrassed expression. Cardia firmly announces that she wants to make Lupin equally embarrassed. After all, she vowed at their wedding to keep stealing his heart. Fran bursts out laughing, as he remarks on how cute her worry is. She is truly a normal girl in love now. He isn’t well-versed in love affairs, but he will think about what she can do, and also ask around. She thanks him, feeling heartened with the knowledge that she has more people helping her.

Later in the afternoon, Dela and Van are in the palace courtyard after the end of a meeting. Having heard about their presence, Fran hurries to their side. He’s happy to hear that they’re progressing well with the protection plan for vampires. Dela gives credit to Van as well, who shared the truth of the vampire wars. Hearing this, Fran notes to himself that he can’t keep running away either. He tells Dela that he will help as much as possible, since he was involved with the war too. The young vampire thanks him. After checking the surroundings, Fran quietly informs them of Cardia’s worry. Van thinks that it’s fine to leave them be, and that they’re over-protective of Cardia. However, Dela remarks that the couple’s happiness is their happiness, and reprimands Van. If he remains uncooperative, he’d rather ask Saint or Impey.

Van’s eyes narrows in response, unable to forgive the thought that he’d rather ask Impey. He smirks, and agrees to help. He explains that relationships usually deepen after the couple overcomes a trial together, as he recalls how some of his comrades got together due to the war. Fran supports his statement, as he read about this suspension bridge effect before. In order to put it simply to Dela, he explains that the thrill you feel in a pinch, is similar to the one you feel in love. Hearing this, Dela and Van come up with their own plan despite Fran’s protests. The former suggests a beast, while the latter suggests explosions. The scientist thinks that they’ve gravely misunderstood things, but the young vampire tells him not to worry.

That night, Cardia is unable to come up with any ideas. She looks at the time, and tells herself that she won’t be swayed by Lupin this time. But when he enters her room, he hushes her as he presses a finger to her lips. He senses multiple presences in the garden, and neither belong to Saint. They confirm that there are two figures downstairs, with the familiar bird masks. Tasogare was crushed half a year ago, so Cardia is puzzled as to why their members are here. In any case, they decide to make their move first and slip out into the corridor. To be honest, this feels nostalgic to her. Lupin admits that looking back, they were pretty rash. She thinks to herself that the months spent after she met Lupin, were much more fruitful than her life in Wales. Lupin remarks that it was certainly the biggest adventure of his life. She points out that he was always calm and reliable though, and he replies that he would fail as a gentleman thief if he didn’t appear that way. That being said, there were numerous times in which the situation was risky. But it was because of those days, that they are here now.

Soon, they hear movement from the other side. Lupin says that he will distract them, while she catches them by surprise. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite accordingly to plan. When Cardia demands to know their goal, one soldier hesitates, and the other answers that the goal is love. Lupin sees through their disguise, and Sissy suddenly dashes towards one of the soldiers. Looking closely, the dog seems to be affectionately licking him. The remaining soldier demands Lupin to hand over Cardia. The gentleman thief hugs her tightly, refusing to do so. Not when she is his woman, and his most important treasure. He announces that it’s time to reveal the truth. Both Lupin and the other soldier simultaneously aim their finger at each other’s forehead. Upon realising that their identity is known, the soldier removes his mask – it’s none other than Van. The other soldier is revealed to be Fran.

After they remove their disguise, Lupin demands to hear their reason. Dela shows up, explaining that it’s to deepen their relationship. His words confuse the couple. Van adds that they heard from Fran – they need a life-threatening danger in order to deepen their relationship. Fran attempts to clear the misunderstanding, but Dela sees no fault in their plan. Van asks if it was successful, and Lupin insists that they’re lovey-dovey enough. In the first place, he can’t believe that they came up with such a crazy plan. Fran apologises for not being able to stop them. Cardia doesn’t blame her, and thinks that they just consulted the wrong people. After that Lupin lectures Van and Dela for a while.

The next morning, Cardia helps Impey as he’s packing to leave for America in the next few days. He also teaches her how to maintain the airship. To be honest, she feels a bit lonely, since he’s usually the mood-maker. She also wished to learn more about cooking and machinery from him. He reassures her that he will send her a love letter everyday, and will return to see her from time to time. If she’s lonely, she can look up at the night sky any time – since the sky is connected. They will be able to gaze at the same moon too. She agrees, though points out that the time difference may cause a lapse though. As they continue packing, Cardia thinks to herself that Impey will surely fulfill his dream.

Impey asks what happened last night, as Lupin was exhausted. She explains the incident, causing Impey to comment on how dangerous it is to ask Van for love advice. Besides, there is a better person to ask – a man who has experienced countless love like the stars. Saint remarks that those were probably all failed love experiences though. He dropped by to offer them some tea and cookies. Cardia finds the cookies familiar, and Impey finds it delicious, as he pops a piece in his mouth. Saint gestures in her direction, and she admits that she made those cookies last night. Impey is surprised by how good her skills are now, but she answers that she made many failures as well. He remarks that failure is the mother of success, to which Saint agrees that it’s good advice. The Count encourages Cardia to consult Impey, since no one else would have failed as much as him. After hearing about it, Impey agrees to help her.

The three of them come up with a plan, and proceed to put it into action that afternoon. Lupin is reading the newspapers, and catches sight of Cardia. He’s about to share the news about a new cafe, but notices that she’s leaving for somewhere. He offers to escort her, but she abruptly refuses and says that she’s going on a date. He’s caught off-guard and soon protests, but she closes the door on him. She ends up regrouping with Impey and Saint outside. The former explains that by going on a date with them, Lupin will feel jealous. The latter adds that it’s mostly Impey’s curiousity, but it’s certainly better than a sudden attack. At the very least, he reckons that they have this much right to tease Lupin.

In a distance, Lupin watches the three of them with Sissy. He grumbles at how the two men are too close to Cardia, and continues to tail them. Meanwhile, Cardia observes how London has recovered in the past 6 months. She feels a bit lonely at how much has changed as well. This prompts Saint to comment that everything will change with time, including their relationship. She understands that they will each walk on their separate paths. Impey admits that he feels lonely too, but it can’t be helped that the futures they’re after will be different. But it won’t change the fact that they’re friends. Cardia feels that she has to thank Lupin for stealing her away back then. Because she met everyone, and is here today. Moreover, she became human.

The trio then head to a popular cafe, and Lupin huddles behind the bushes while hugging Sissy. 90% of the customers are couples, but he tells himself that what they do doesn’t concern him. If he thinks about it rationally, there’s no reason for him to condemn them. After all, Cardia drinks tea with them in the mansion everyday too. He overhears Impey feeding Cardia, and Saint removing some cream off her face. Lupin buries his face in Sissy, hoping for the dog to go and bite Saint. Something feels off when even the Count is acting like this. However, he understands that there’s nothing wrong with them being together, and tells himself to head back first.

As he’s about to do so, he overhears Cardia saying that she wishes to come here with Lupin next time. As the conversation flows, she’s asked what she likes about him. She finds it hard to come up with a straight answer, prompting Impey to point out that his friend has many good and bad points. For example, he tries to act cool but ends up in a pinch. He looks calm but he actually hates losing. If it weren’t for him, he’s sure that the police would have caught Lupin at least 5 times already. Saint agrees that Lupin is surprisingly childish, and has been driven into a corner by Sholmes. But Cardia says that she likes all of those parts of Lupin. In fact, she feels relieved that he isn’t perfect, and she loves him a lot. Her remark causes the gentleman thief to bury his face in Sissy once more, murmuring that he isn’t perfect in the first place.

Her words warm his heart. He knows that she wasn’t too good in expressing herself till recently. So there’s nothing more blissful than hearing her speaking about her feelings for him like this. He whispers that he loves her as well. He wishes to tell her that now, but now isn’t the time for it. He should listen to her finish what she has to say. Cardia admits that she is a bit afraid of always being on the receiving end, and always relying on him. Since he saved her, erased her loneliness and despair, gave her love and happiness, and taught her warmth. So she feels regretful that she gave nothing in return. She wants to be his equal. Lupin buries his face in Sissy again, finding it ridiculous how he thought that he understood her better than anyone else. It appears that it is not the case. He puts the dog down, and goes to say a complain or two to those two friends, as well as to convey his thoughts to her.

His sudden appearance takes Cardia by surprise, as she realises that he probably heard everything she had said. She explains that Impey and Saint cooperated for her sake, but Lupin mutters that they need not go to such lengths like linking arms and feeding. Saint questions if he’s jealous, and Impey jokingly asks for forgiveness since he’ll be leaving soon. As they joke around, Saint and Impey eventually excuse themselves with Sissy. Cardia is left feeling shy, and is unable to meet Lupin’s gaze. He sighs, and suggests them going for a walk. The couple walk in silence, till they reach River Thames. Lupin recalls that she said that she’s always feeling nervous and that he always appears calm. He pulls her close towards him, and asks her to look at him in the eye, and if she really thinks that’s he’s always calm. He can lie and fake his expressions, but his feelings aren’t a lie. Cardia feels his heated gaze, sees his flushed cheeks, feels his heartbeat, and his warmth.

Lupin says that while he appears calm, he’s just the same as him. His heart jumps when he touches her, and when she smiles. There’s no way he can remain calm around her. It’s impossible to steal his heart now. After all, his heart has already been stolen by her. She isn’t always on the receiving end. She has given him much more than she knows. For example, her smile which is more beautiful than any bouquet. How she learnt to cook for his sake, and even spending time together like this. Her existence itself, is his most valuable treasure. His words warm her heart. Lupin admits that he was a bit annoyed at her date. He knew that it was all deliberate, but it seems that he’s more childish than he had thought he was. Cardia asks if he’s jealous, and he pauses, before confirming that he is. She apologises for making him feel that way, but he says that it isn’t her fault as it’s all on his own part. That being said, he wouldn’t mind a form of apology in exchange. He gently kisses her.

Cardia says that her chest feels warm, and her heart is beating quickly. She asks if he feels the same way. He answers that he does, with a slight blush. He also recalls how she kept talking about him the whole time while with Impey and Saint, and that her confession even made him feel embarrassed. She shyly replies that everything is true though, causing him to chuckle. She had always thought that they were on unequal grounds, but he says that it’s not true. They love each other equally, and will always do so from now on. That’s why they married and became husband and wife – family. Happiness fills her heart as she hears this, and the couple remain by River Thames till the sun sets.

That night, she sees a dream of the past. “She” is carefully picking flowers in the garden to form a bouquet. That was when she realised that this is a memory of “her”. Wishing to give the bouquet as a present to her father, “she” walks back to her room filled with stuffed toys. But the flowers wither the moment the door opens. The door shuts behind her, and only the moonlight shines into the dark room. She stumbles and sinks into the chair, and hears her father’s gentle voice, saying that everything will start from her. But for some reason, those words don’t appear to be directed to her, but to “her”.

Cardia wakes up from her dream, a sad dream from before she was born. Lupin listens to her quietly, as she explains the fragments of memories she saw. She wonders if Isaac was really her father. She can’t help but feel unsure, as she is reminded of how Isaac said that she was different from his daughter. But she herself believed that she was his daughter, that there was love. While Isaac rejected her as an imitation, she can’t help but remember his last words – crying out for his family. A mad scientist who toyed with lives. A kind father who loves his family. She doesn’t understand him enough, to judge which side is him. If both sides are him, the thing which made him change so much—- if only she could have talked more with him.

Lupin gently pats her head, and remarks that it’s a given to not be able to understand another person’s feelings. At the very least though, she can understand her own feelings. So he asks how she feels towards Isaac. Cardia hesitates, but manages to put her feelings into words thanks to the courage given by Lupin, who has became her family. She wants to see Isaac as her father, her family. She is not his real daughter, but she wants to believe that his love for her wasn’t fake. But what about Finis? She is not sure. Lupin says that there’s no need to force herself to organise her thoughts, and that she can take her time, and even drag him into her affairs. Rather, he will have to interfere if she has such a painful expression. She thanks him in return.

After some thought, Cardia says that she wants to know more about Isaac, though there is no way for her to confirm his true feelings now. But he tells her that it’s too early to give up now. With a confident grin, he announces that he will always grant her wish, and is always on her side. When asked for her wish, she answers that she wants to know Isaac’s true self, and heart. Lupin praises her, telling her to leave it to him. But he persuades her to sleep for now, and to leave the rest for tomorrow.

The next morning, Lupin left early and only returns in the evening. Apparently, he just went to leave a notice in advance. Cardia only learns what he means, when she discovers that they’re infiltrating the palace that night. They slip inside and reach the courtyard, to meet up with Leonhard. Due to Queen Victoria’s orders, Leonhard guides them deep into the palace, past several locked doors. They arrive inside a huge library, filled with materials which would never be leaked outside, such as books about magic, or taboo topics. However, the queen has made an exception for them, and they’re the first people to be allowed inside here. Leonhard guides them to a specific shelf, with materials on Isaac Beckford. From photos to thesis papers and even letters. This includes the items which they retrieved from Tasogare, when Tasogare had raided from Isaac’s research lab. Leonhard waits outside at the entrance.

Cardia eventually reaches out for a small book, which turns out to be Isaac’s diary. It details his awe when he first arrived in London, and his uneasiness for the future. When his research was recognised, he called his wife over and held a modest wedding. He was happy enough till he cried, when his two children came to this world. The family moved to Wales for the sake of the children. He wrote about how his daughter called him “papa”, and how the children started walking. Cardia could almost hear his kind voice. She had always thought of the mad scientist and the loving father as two separate figures. But the two figures begin to overlap in the diary. She recalls how he desperately cried out for his family, in his last moments.

Another entry is written on the children’s 5th birthday. He prays for them to continue growing up well, and to receive lots of love and blessings in the future. There is an old photo of the family, smiling happily. Cardia tears up, hugging the diary close to her chest. Lupin gently wipes her tears, asking if she got to know what she’d wanted. She replies that she did, and confirms that Isaac loved his family from the bottom of his heart. Lupin admits that he doesn’t have a family, but he can empathise now that he has her. Family is more precious than anything else. That’s why Isaac tried to get them back. Even if it he had to cross into forbidden grounds, make sacrifices, and make an enemy of the whole world. That was Isaac’s one wish.

Cardia states that she can’t forgive what Isaac or Finis did, for they destroyed many things and twisted people’s lives with the plan. But it doesn’t change the fact that they’re her “family”. Even if that form wasn’t the “family” her father wanted to regain, the “family” her brother thirsted for, or the “family” she had wished for. Lupin hugs her shoulder, and remarks that everyone was probably still dreaming somewhere. No matter how many times they fail and experience despair. That once everything is over, they can become family once more and love again. Perhaps if their destiny was a bit different, they could have loved and be loved more. Lupin says firmly that she was loved by her family, and she answers that the reverse was probably true too.

Just then, she catches sight of some writings on another page: that even if his body is gone, and all warmth disappears, and he can no longer embrace – his feelings won’t disappear. He would alway pray for my beloved family’s happiness.

There is no date written, so it is unclear as to when Isaac wrote this. But it is clear that those warm feelings still remain. “She” probably felt these feelings, and Cardia herself doesn’t want erase those feelings. Lupin tells her that it’s fine to leave it be then. He vows to continue to love her, and will make her much more happier, on Isaac and Finis’ behalf as well. Cardia replies that she loves him as well, and vows to be happy together. The photo from before slips out, and her father’s smile on it seems to be blessing their future.

Code:Realize. That was the answer a scientist reached at the depths of his despair, after having lost his happiness. But what was it that he truly wanted to realise? The answer is probably a simple one. What he desired was far from a god’s wish. He wanted to touch his family again, to regain his lost family, and to keep loving his family. That was a trivial happiness which anyone else wished for as well.

The steel city London. A famous city of steam and science, created by Isaac Beckford. Cardia looks down on the city, standing on the outer walls of London. Today is the day Impey leaves for America. Everyone gathered in Saint’s mansion last night for a farewell party. Cardia knows that everyone will be chasing after their dreams now, and that today is an important turning point for them. Soon, she can hear a familiar voice. Impey cheerfully greets from the ornithopter, as he arrives to delivery Lupin upon Cardia’s instructions. The former kicks the gentleman thief out of the cockpit without any hesitation. The latter nimbly releases himself from the restraints, and makes a safe landing. Impey ignores Lupin’s complains, and says goodbye while riding away.

Cardia says that she has a present for Lupin, and didn’t manage to give it to him previously. She spreads her arms wide open and spins around, presenting the very sight of London to him. Her father had written about this scenery in his diary. This location was originally a hill, and her father often visited it when he lived in London. Apparently Isaac wished to bring his children here one day, to show them this sight. She believes that her father probably thought dearly of London, which grew with each day. If Finis had inherited her father’s knowledge, Finis probably also looked down from this same spot. Not that she can confirm this now. She loves this city. It is a place with many memories, and where she met everyone. Surely, she will have more encounters and memories from now on, and grow to love this city more. She can already picture everyone chasing after their dreams.

Far away, Impey praises himself for a job well done. He can see the small figures of Cardia and Lupin in the cockpit mirror, and feels a bit down. However, he soon tells himself that nothing is over, and that it starts from here – what he and his old man are aiming for. He will prove that science is the accumulation of hope. His first destination is America, followed by the moon. Elsewhere, Fran hears the faint sound of the engine. He looks up and spots the familiar ornithopter, and unwittingly waves. Queen Victoria calls out to him, for the meeting is starting soon. Leonhard remarks that he never imagined a clause on restricting inhumane weapons. It’s a meeting involving many countries. The queen agrees that the Fran in the past, would have never done this. Fran answers that it’s thanks to his friends. Everyone wouldn’t want to be killed. But they see that they have no choice but to take up arms, when the other side does so. He believes that this new clause can erase even the slightest of that suspicion. He swears that he won’t run away this time, and will do everything he can.

Van and Dela spot Fran in a distance. It’s about time for them to leave London. Van sighs at how he has no time to rest, as they keep travelling to different places. There is no longer the heavy burden of revenge upon his shoulders. It would be a lie to say that he doesn’t feel at a loss. But it feels much more worth it to fight to protect, than to fight for revenge. It was his friends whom he met in this city, whom taught him that. Back at the mansion, Saint almost catches himself dozing off. He wonders if his age is catching up. He pats Sissy, as he gazes up at the blue sky while sitting in the garden. He had thought that the sky was never-changing. Perhaps the reason it looks much more beautiful now, is because of the change in his heart. He pours tea into two teacups, and offers one to Guinevere. The female knight says that she just came to check on him, and comments that he appears like a different person now. The Count insists that he is himself, except that he has learnt to smile more naturally now. She says that it’s a happy thing. She has to leave for her next task soon, and may not be able to meet him anymore, for he is now human. But she will care for him when his life reaches its end. Saint acknowledges this. After she leaves, he agrees with Sissy that he will protect this place so that any one of them can return here. It’s strange how much he enjoys thinking of the future now.

Cardia remarks that she has nothing to her name, and nothing to give to Lupin. But she still wishes to convey her feelings. That’s why she wanted to give this scenery, left to her by her father. She apologises that it is an intangible item. He smiles widely in response, saying that it doesn’t matter for it is given by no one other than her. He pulls her into an embrace, adding that this scenery looks just like a treasure box – full of jewels in the form of memories and emotions. He’s sure that she has some too, and she agrees. Lupin thanks her for this. It’s the best treasure, alongside her. And he is the happiest person in the world, to have both of them.

At that moment, pure white petals are blown past them, as if they were raining down on London. Cardia is impressed by this magical move, asking if he did this. But Lupin says that he didn’t prepare this, and is just as surprised. It’s a coincidence. But he points out that there’s a more suitable word for this, to which she answers that it’s a “miracle”. He agrees, saying that it’s a belated blessing from the creator of this city, a week after their wedding. There’s the gentle breeze, and the various noises from the city. They could never have heard his voice, but the couple did indeed hear his congratulations.

Lupin addresses Isaac, stating that he has gained his daughter’s hand, and will definitely make her happy in this city which he had built. Cardia remarks that together with Lupin, she wants to create the happiness which Isaac had wished to regain, and the love which Finis had wished to gain. She wants to learn more about love, and thanks him. She will become happy. She read her father’s diary, and accepted his words of blessings. Because she finally feels like she is truly happy. Cardia turns to Lupin, and asks him to grant her first wish once more – she wants to touch him, and to feel like warmth. Everything started from that wish. In response, he accepts her wish in the same manner as that night. However, his tone is much gentler and he grants her wish immediately as he kisses her. They each whisper that they love each other.

She was not born as a “monster”. She was created by the hands of someone who sought for love. She was saved by the person whom she loved. She learnt to love and be loved, and gained “family”. She was born into this world, so as to learn all of these types of love.

Overall thoughts

I guess Lupin really motivates me. I wrote his post pretty quickly, haha. So if it wasn’t obvious enough, I enjoyed his route a lot. There wasn’t much of an issue, just Cardia’s cute worry and the rest of the gang supporting her in their own way – which was fun! Seeing Lupin getting flustered and embarrassed was refreshing too. And I loved how the change in points of views of each of the characters at the end because I love the gang~ The way they ended the route made it feel so OTP but I guess I’m not complaining since Lupin is my bias.

I’m glad that I played Finis route right before this, and it feels like everything comes into full circle when Cardia reads Isaac’s diary and comes to terms with how she feels towards him (and Finis). It feels like a fitting closure but……Otomate will probably milk whatever they can right?

I will leave those thoughts for my concluding thoughts in the next post. I will also just briefly write about the extra for Dela. Till then~

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