Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Dela’s Room & Concluding Thoughts

I will just briefly touch on Dela’s Room, which has a total of 8 short scenes featuring Delacroix (CV: Ishigami Miho) and you can unlock each one after clearing each story. And since this will be my last post, I will add my concluding thoughts on the FD as well.

Part 1: Clean

Dela finds Cardia at a loss as to where to start cleaning this big mansion. She wants to at least return the favour to Saint, for letting them stay here. The young vampire readily offers to help her. So she teaches him the basics, which Fran taught her, such as cleaning from top to bottom. Just 10 minutes in, Dela announces that he’s done with a room. She’s very surprised, and asks to check the room for future reference. Indeed, the room which was filled with many items is now almost spotless. But something feels off, and her gaze catches sight of the closet – which looks unnatural with its bulge. Dela proudly shares that he cleared everything and stuffed it inside the closet. Cardia tells him to take everything out once, as it appears that he misunderstood the conception of cleaning. But it’s too late as the closet creaks ominously, and it bursts open. She has learnt her lesson, that cleaning is not equal to putting things away and out of sight.

Part 2: Wake up

That morning, Cardia goes to check if Dela is awake yet. His breakfast has gone cold already. Sissy accompanies her, but there is no response when she knocks on the door. She enters the room, to find him sleeping soundly. It looks like he merely overslept. She gently urges him to wake up, but he murmurs something about not having enough training in cooking. It appears that he’s dreaming about cooking with Impey. Seeing how he looks so peaceful, makes her feel relieved since it’s proof that he has come to trust them. He looks like a regular child now, and you can’t imagine how he first kept snarling about revenge from his peaceful expression. She decides to let him sleep a bit more, and carries Sissy. Just then, Dela mutters Cardia and Sissy’s name with a smile, and says that he would like to go and buy sweets again. He has more fun, when with them. She promises him, and she has fun together with him too. He’s surely having a happy dream. She quietly exits the room.

Part 3: Have a meal

Cardia enters the dining room, and sees some cookies and muffins on the table. It looks very appetising, but these were made none other by Van. She had received strict instructions from Saint to dispose of them without anyone’s knowledge, especially Van, so as to prevent further damage. According to the Count, Lupin, Fran and Impey ate them without knowing that they were made by Van, and fainted. She leaves the room to search for a bag or something to wrap the snacks.

Soon after, Dela walks inside with Sissy. The young vampire is feeling peckish, after having played with the dog. He spots the snacks on the table, and helps himself to it. Cardia returns a plastic bag she found among Fran’s experiment belongings, and Sissy approaches her, gesturing to something. Dela has collapsed on the ground. The plate is empty, and there are crumbs around his mouth. She quickly rushes to his side, but he soon stands up, full of energy. He’s surprised by how delicious the snacks were, and realises that he should have left some for her. However, Cardia reckons that no one will be mad at him. In fact, she feels grateful. When he learns that Van made them, he says that he should learn from Van then, despite feeling regretful. She is happy to hear that the distance between them has shrunk, but strongly advises him against it.


It is a warm, sunny day after a period of rain. Cardia and Dela are in the garden, picking flowers to decorate the mansion with. Sissy is also with them, and excitedly plays with the vampire. Cardia patiently teaches him how to pick the flowers, just as Fran taught her. She admits that she had a difficult time at first too, as plants are delicate. Dela says that he would usually overlook the flowers in the mansion, so his perspective has changed slightly, now that he’s personally handling them. She comments that he probably feels attached to them now, and he agrees with a wide smile. Just then, a strong breeze blows past, stirring up the leaves and petals. They brush past her cheek and wither instantly, reminding her that she is a “monster”. She attempts to smile and dismiss it as something that frequently happens.

Dela is about to reply, but pauses. He then tells her not to feel so down, for no one here is afraid of her, including Sissy. Cardia understands what he’s saying, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a “monster” who can kill others. The young vampire suddenly tells her to sit, before lying down on her lap. His abrupt action causes her to panic, but he reassures her that he isn’t the least bit afraid. He’s fine, and tells her not to look so sad. His warmth and kindness, warms her heart. She giggles, and realises that she can see his every expression clearly. Dela blushes at her words, insisting that there is no deep meaning and that he is merely trying to reassure her. Cardia acknowledges this, and thanks him. Feeling shy, he gets up and leaves. But the spot where he was lying down still feels warm.

Part 5: Have a meal

One day, while she was studying about medicine in her room, Dela comes looking for her. He drags her to the dining room, where she finds lots of appetising snacks lined up on a big plate. He wanted to find a way to thank her and the rest. As Cardia thanks him, he tells her to sit while he prepares the tea. However, she soon learns that he made those snacks together with Van. After the incident in which Dela was impressed by Van’s snacks, he forcefully ordered Van to start teaching him. While the latter was confused at first, he didn’t complain and eventually taught Dela seriously. The rest of them did try to stop this, but no one could bend Dela’s strong will. But at the very least, the young vampire was happy. Cardia never imagined that she would face this trial though. There is no one else here to help her, and no tool she can use to overcome this.

Returning with the tea, he urges her to try it and give him her feedback. He will do his best to improve and surpass Van’s skills. If only it were Impey’s name instead of Van – Cardia takes a deep breath, as Dela eagerly waits next to her. She tells herself that perhaps the ones made by Dela will turn out differently, and takes a bite. Her vision turns white, and she passes out.

Part 6: Watering

The weather is fine today, and from her room, Cardia can see Dela cheerfully watering in the garden. He spots her from below, proudly showing off how beautiful the plants are. She smiles and waves back at him. Looking back, they’ve come a long way since the day he first offered to help clean the mansion to when he baked the snacks for them. After that, Fran became in-charge of cleaning and Impey in-charge of cooking. But Dela insisted on doing something else in return of the favour, so Saint suggesting for him to water the garden everyday. Impey observed that the garden is rather big though, so he created a sprinkler of sorts. Dela also gets to play with Sissy while watering, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.

Cardia goes to help the others out, but is soon finished. Just then, Dela calls out to her for help, as it is an emergency. Unable to spot him from the window, she quickly goes to the entrance. Once she opens the door, she finds him and Sissy soaked to the bone. He explains that Sissy bumped into the sprinkler, causing it to spray water out at full volume. When he went to switch it off, he ended up getting very wet. Cardia tells him to wait, while she goes to get something to wipe him dry. However, Sissy seems to think that they’re playing again, and runs off. In the end, Cardia ends up getting wet as well.

Part 7: Shopping

Cardia and Dela return from shopping. There was a lot on the list this time, so they had to split up to shop. The young vampire has grown accustomed to London, and is able to navigate it on his own now. Dela complains that he was made to buy all the heavy items, not that he is unable to handle it. The two of them start to sort out the items. He is shocked at the huge amount of potatoes she bought. She explains that Impey will probably whip up an amazingly delicious dish with them. She takes out the other food items, till Dela wonders what one bag contains. It appears to be food, but the bag has a skull printed on it. Cardia reads the description, describing that this special spice blend will shock your taste buds out of this world. She is certain that this belongs to Van. She contemplates if she should pretend that they forgot to buy it, for the sake of the others. But she decides against it.

Next, they separate a bunch of nails and bolts. These belong to Impey, and Dela questions if he can recognise all the similar-looking parts and if he won’t cause an explosion. After that, they take out some explosives with a warning sign. Dela thinks that he should go and punch Lupin and the gang. He doesn’t mind, but he doesn’t like the idea of letting Cardia going to buy these dangerous items. She doesn’t quite understand, since she feels that it’s proof that they trust her. Though she recalls that the store owner gave her a strange look. She thanks Dela, but says that she’s fine. Looking closely, the explosives are for threatening purposes only. So she keeps it aside with the wires and disguise make-up for Lupin.

After that, Dela takes out a heavy metal object. Cardia explains that this is a vise, showing him how it works. He pales at the thought that this could break someone’s hand, and she quickly explains that this is not a weapon. They put it aside for Fran, and next is an expensive-looking box. Dela recalls that he got it from a weapon store, which imports goods from the East. Hearing this, she reckons that this belongs to Saint. After sorting out some more items for Saint, they finally arrive at the last one. However, the two of them pause at the sight of a whip. Who could this belong to? For some reason, Cardia thinks of a person other than Lupin and gang. Dela lost the shopping list, so they have no means of finding out who asked for it. Compared to a sword or a gun, a whip is much harder to handle in killing an enemy. A weapon which doesn’t kill, and dishes out pain. The two of them grow quiet, and keep it aside for now. After a few days, it mysteriously disappears from the room.

Part 8: Future

When Cardia is quietly reading a book, she hears Dela complaining to not be treated like a child. She goes to find him, and sees no one else in the room. He shares that Lupin and Impey treat him like a child. She encourages him, approving of how hard he’s working. The young vampire eventually admits that he knows that he’s still immature, and that the rest are adults in comparison. But he still doesn’t like the treatment, and wishes to grow up quickly since he is a vampire lord. She giggles, remarking that it’s wonderful for him to have a goal. He blushes, answering that he obviously wishes to become an adult like his father. So he still has a long way to go. This prompts Cardia to ask the areas in which he wishes to mature.

First, Dela wants to prudent and knowledgeable. She relates this to Saint, and he agrees that the Count is a great example. Next, he wants to be strong, not only in strength but also in conviction. He hates to admit it, but this strongly describes Van. He also wants to be approachable, and admired by everyone. No matter how tough the circumstances, he wishes to be able to reassure others. Cardia points out that Fran is similar in this aspect, to which Dela agrees. The young vampire also wants to be confidant in the path he takes, and not to give up no matter how disadvantageous the situation is. She relates those traits to Impey and Lupin, who always seem to be able to look ahead.

Cardia notes that it is a lot of traits, and he answers that it is necessary if he is to become a fine king. He wishes to be strong, kind and brave like his father. She observes how much he loves and respects his father. He acknowledges this with a bright and innocent smile. She sees how he’s still pure like a child, in a good way. But what if he does grow up to become like the adult he desires? The future Dela would certainly have a different image from the current him, so much so that “Dela-chan” wouldn’t be a suitable nickname. He would surely be very…… she blinks as she imagines the future Dela, before commenting that it’s fine for him to remain the way he is.

The young vampire is certain that she imagined him to be very cool, and asks for further details. She merely smiles in return, before saying that Sissy is calling for them and if he wants to join her for a walk. Dela is upset at her deflecting his question, but accepts her invitation anyway. Cardia giggles, thinking to herself that Dela will surely make that future come true by himself.

Concluding thoughts

After 6 months…I’m finally done reviewing this FD. ;;; On the whole I enjoyed this FD a lot. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I felt that Van got the short end of the stick and that they should have just given Saint the final happy wedding scene to seal the deal. Also, Fran’s route brought up a vital plot point which makes it harder to enjoy Impey’s and Van’s. For that reason, please play Fran’s after story after Impey and Van’s. I personally enjoyed the gang story and the routes for both Sholmes and Finis – especially the latter’s. I recommend playing Lupin’s after story last since the final scene leaves a lovely aftertaste.

While a few CGs felt a bit awkward, most of them were gorgeous. Of course, the new background art is amazing as always. Playing the mini-scenes with Dela also left me wanting for more because…… imagine grown-up Dela. So well, that and some of the routes didn’t feel like it ended quite as nicely as Lupin’s so……I wouldn’t be surprised if Otomate announces something. :\ Though seriously, they could’ve just included an extra scene or two and it would be the perfect closure for everyone.

Anyway, with its upcoming English release, I hope that everyone else enjoys the FD. And I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to the anime as well. 🙂 I’ll be taking a break from spoiler reviews for certain reasons. So my next few posts will be non-spoiler reviews. Till then~

3 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Dela’s Room & Concluding Thoughts

  1. Eu says:

    Future Dela is <3. He reminds me of Erik and Gai. xD Congrats on finishing this! Glad you still somehow enjoyed the FD compared to me who has mixed feelings about it. XDD


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