Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Another Story: Cantarella

Started on Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~ and just like the first FD, this one is divided into several segments. One of which is Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~ is Another Story: Cantarella. It is an alternate story which takes place in the original story’s timeline. However, it references to some stuff which appear in Lupin’s route in the first game.

Somewhere, a man orders a songstress to sing, but the voice isn’t the once he’s looking for. He gives her a handsome reward nonetheless, and knocks her unconscious. Meanwhile, the famous songstress, Cantarella, is performing at the Royal Opera House. Her solo performance entrances the audience and she pulls them into different worlds with her songs of various genres. Cardia, Lupin and company are also among the audience.

On the way back, Cardia spots a suspicious masked man with Cantarella in the back alley. The man demands for the songstress to return with him to his “castle”, and promises her a fine reward. Cardia interrupts the scene, and caught off-guard, the man releases Cantarella. He seems perturbed when she points out that he was hurting Cantarella. Lupin and company arrive at the scene too, prompting the masked man to retreat. He declares that he won’t give up though, for she is the “fairytale songstress” he is seeking. He drops a tear gas bomb, and disappears. They learn from Cantarella that she doesn’t know anything, except that the man introduced himself as Baron Aiguille. Saint has never heard of that name before.

Cardia and Cantarella introduce themselves, and the latter noticed the former among the audience just now. The songstress’s face turns pale, and she explains that she just needs to take her medicine at home. She agrees for them to accompany her back home, but warns them not to be too surprised. Her home turns out to be a rather shabby place, with exposed pipes and worn-looking walls and ceilings. Cantarella feels better after taking her medicine, and serves them tea. They are confused as to why she’s living in such a place, when she should be earning lots as the famous songstress.

At that moment, Miles Strand returns home and mistakes them for the mafia. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, he introduces himself as a gambler and Cantarella’s father. The gang is at a loss of words, and understands the daughter’s situation now. Upon seeing how sharp-tongued she is with Miles, Cardia admits that she is surprised to see this sort of father-daughter relationship. She recalls Shirley and Darius as an example. Miles passes Cantarella one month’s worth of medicine, and she is evidently relieved. Her father insists that he won’t gamble away the money for her medicine no matter what, and to take it regularly. When Fran offers to check Cantarella’s condition, Miles swiftly refuses since she has seen a doctor and was prescribed the medicine – moreover Fran is strictly an alchemist, not a doctor. That being said, he doesn’t mind them getting along with Cantarella – especially Cardia, since the girls are similar in ages. His daughter invites Cardia to listen to her again, and is glad to have met her.

On their way back, Lupin can’t help but find Miles’ behaviour familiar – or the way he moves to be specific. Van points out that it is similar to Lupin’s, probably because he’s also used to running away (from the mafia). Saint reminds Cardia not to move around on her own when she goes to visit Cantarella. It’s not just Tasogare, but the weird masked man may attack them too.

Cantarella happily writes an invitation card for Cardia. Miles recognises Lupin and Van’s identity, and ponders over the true identity of Cardia. Later, he goes to visit Arester, whom hands him a small bottle of liquid. The latter wonders why he needs it, since it’s an extremely dangerous substance. He refuses to accept the money as payment this time, and instead wants Miles to help him with a certain task. After all, he used to be the No. 2 in Tasogare before retiring. Miles has no choice but to accept, as he needs the liquid.

On another day, Cantarella has invited Cardia to visit the Royal Opera House. Her performance is at a later date, so it’s just for visiting’s sake. Cardia can choose to go with Van, Impey and Saint, or Lupin and Fran. At the Royal Opera House, Miles joins them too, after breaking the lock which Cantarella put over the door. The songstress then sings to Cardia about a famous fairytale.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who loved songs. And her fiance was a prince from the neighbouring kingdom, who dreamed of adventures and nature. The two of them were always together. But the prince’s legs are crippled, and is unable to travel freely. On a full moon’s night, the princess sang her prayers to the God of Sound, to give the prince the legs to travel freely. Instead, a wizard who loved her songs, granted her wish by casting magic on the castle. The castle grew a pair of legs and started to walk. Thus, the princess and prince travelled to many sights in the moving castle.

Cardia never heard of this fairytale, which draws Miles’ suspicion. The accompanying guys quickly cover up for her. At the end of the visit, Cantarella offers to teach Cardia how to sing the fairytale on another date. They return to the mansion that night, and Saint shares a rumour circulating around – that Aiguille has been kidnapping songstresses in London and making them perform in his “castle”. However, he doesn’t harm them and even pays them. Neither of the songstresses remembers where his “castle” is though.

That night, Cardia sees a dream. A voice moans over his failure and disposes of it. It will be her turn next – surely, she will also be disposed of in the same manner. She wakes up the next morning, wondering why she had such a weird dream on the day she’s meeting Cantarella. She may choose to go shopping, invite Cantarella to the mansion, go see Buckingham Palace, see the airships docking bay, or visit the outskirts of London. Depending on the choices, one of the guys will accompany the girls there. During all of the scenarios, they will coincidentally bump into Aiguille. He declares that this must be fate and wishes to bring his fairytale songstress back – till Cantarella makes him feel uncomfortable by correcting him to address her by her name. He backs off due to the situation, and awkwardly apologises for hurting her hand the other day.

Afterwards, the girls are left alone to enjoy their meal, prepared by Impey, in a park. Cantarella teaches her how to sing the song, and also shares about her past. She only has memories up to 10 years ago, when Miles was carrying her. He isn’t her real father. But when she cried out for help, he took her hand and promised to save her. He was truly a novice dad, especially when she had high fevers. But he never left her side and would always sing her that song – though it was horrible since he was tone deaf. But somehow, it made her feel at ease knowing that he was by her side. So she felt a strong urge to sing to become someone else’s strength too, and aimed to become a songstress. Despite how useless he appears now, she recognises Miles as her father. However, she is afraid to call him “father”. That it would break their current relationship if she did. She no longer wishes to be abandoned – Cardia did not manage to hear those last words.

After parting ways, Cantarella is walking beside River Thames. She doesn’t regret confiding in Cardia, and thinks that there may come a time when she tells Cardia about her important notebook, which Miles gave her on her first successful public performance. A man bumps into her, and her notebook slips out of her hands and into the river. Miles chances upon a devastated Cantarella, and immediately dives into the river to retrieve her notebook. He finds it after 1 hour, and now she has one more reason to treasure it.

No one believed in Aiguille and told him to give up on his dream. But he will definitely prove them otherwise. Only the “songstress” chosen by the castle can make the miracle come true. He waits for the machine to complete its calculations. When it’s done, he’s elated to see the compatibility results at 150. He had recorded Cantarella’s voice from the other day. But he doesn’t know how to bring her back. He’s a bit afraid, but he has to accomplish his dream no matter what.

Cardia has an unpleasant dream again, on the day she’s planning to meet Cantarella. In the dream, her mother is singing about the fairytale to them. However, the scene is interrupted as a voice shouts that she isn’t his daughter and is a failure. Lupin suggests a walk to change the mood. Later that day, all of them head to the Royal Opera House, and the place is packed. They enter via backstage, and also see Miles. Before the performance, Cantarella tells Cardia that in 3 days, it’ll be the anniversary of the day Miles took her in. She plans to give him the songs she has written in her notebook, and wishes for Cardia to share her thoughts on it. When Cantarella goes to prepare, Miles remarks that the two of them look like sisters. Cardia is surprised to hear that Miles has a younger brother, though he hasn’t met him recently. Cardia understands how Cantarella feels now, for she herself is hesitant to attempt to call her “sister”. After all, who would be happy to have a sister full of poison?

The performance starts – Rodelinda, with Cantarella playing the title character. Midway, she collapses and Miles and the rest immediately rush to the stage. Fran observes that she has a fever but the temperature is so high that it burns his hand. There’s no way someone can endure this heat, and he asks Miles to explain about her condition in detail. Just then, Cantarella remarks that her name isn’t Cantarella, and is unable to recognise anyone. Instead, she questions where is her father. She avoids their contact, desperate to return to where her father is before she gets abandoned again. She then blacks out.

In her dream, someone rejects her as his daughter. He failed again, despite using a human-like body unlike Finis’. Yet her hair and right eye turned out like that. Even though he imprinted all of her memories perfectly. He tells himself that he’ll have to try a different approach. Cantarella wakes up, her memories in a blur. Miles tells her that it’s been 2 days since she fainted, and advises her to rest properly so that she can give her best performance to Cardia on another day. As requested, Miles sings her to sleep (with his awful tone-deaf voice).

After she falls asleep, Miles turns away to find Arester. The former accuses the latter of diluting the liquid, which eventually led to Cantarella’s breakdown. Arester replies that the jikterium is a highly dangerous poison, so he wanted to take caution. Though he did not expect Miles to actually use it as a medicine. He reminds Miles that his answer to their previous agreement is a long due. Miles quietly apologises to Cantarella – he’s a fake father after all. He gently kisses her forehead. His final gesture as her father.

Back at the mansion, Cardia is still holding onto Cantarella’s notebook. It’s been 3 days since the incident, meaning that it’s the anniversary day for the father and daughter. In Miles’ letter, he only simply wrote that her condition has calmed down. Fran informs everyone that there is most likely an artificial thing inside Cantarella’s brain, literally burning her brain. It’s hard to believe that there is a clump of metal inside, but her burning fever makes sense then. Moreover, Impey’s metal-detecting device responded. The only way to find out is to operate on her, but that field is still much too unfamiliar to any doctor. The only solution is for them to ask Miles for more information on the medicine Cantarella has been taking.

They arrive at their home in the evening, but can only find Cantarella sleeping on her bed. Miles is nowhere to be seen. Instead of just waiting, they decide to search the place. Cardia discovers a hidden compartment in the drawer, and finds the medicine. Fran takes it to check its contents. They’re taken aback by Miles’ sudden appearance, who had entered the room without making a sound. Fran questions about Cantarella’s condition, adding that he had done a blood test on her the other day, only to discover that her blood contained this medicine – except that it isn’t medicine, but a deadly poison. Miles knew that Fran would definitely notice this, which is why he was reluctant to have him see to Cantarella.

Unfortunately, Cantarella happened to wake up and overheard the conversation. Miles remarks that she gave him the golden opportunity though, of securing Cardia – or rather Isaac’s daughter. To their surprise, Tasogare members show up and Miles reintroduces himself as part of them. And actually all the money he took from Cantarella went to them. It was a complete coincidence that he met Cardia though, all thanks to Cantarella. He claims that he only took her in, in order to disguise his identity. But he planned to get rid of her sooner or later. And now he’s tired of playing her father. Cantarella is shocked by his words, and tears up. Lupin and Van attack him, but Van’s shot is counterattacked. To the gang’s surprise, the move is all too familiar as it was the same method Lupin used against Van during their first meeting. But Miles corrects them – he did not copy Lupin, but rather Lupin had inherited this method. He refuses to elaborate further.

Meanwhile, Cantarella is in despair and refuses to accept the situation. Just when she cries for someone to save her, Aiguille comes charging in as he breaks through the wall riding a metallic horse-drawn carriage. He has come to bring her to his “castle” – he only needs her, and her alone. His words appear like a ray of light to Cantarella, and she doesn’t hesitate to take his hand. Cardia lunges towards the carriage, and gets knocked out by sleeping gas. Before she blacks out, she can hear Miles crying out to Cantarella – and it sounds much too desperate to believe that he’s merely acting.

Cardia wakes up and exits the carriage to find a single tower sticking out of the grounds. Aiguille tells her not to be deceived by the appearance, and invites her inside as he carries Cantarella, who is still unconscious. Inside, she eventually wakes up and casually ignores Aiguille. She refuses to sing when he insists it upon her. She has no need for money either, now that she has lost the reason to earn it. He then turns to Cardia, asking her to persuade her sister – only to find out that they’re not related at all. Cardia thinks to herself that Aiguille is not capable of threatening people. The two girls remark that they have no clue about his intentions, and so he leads them to another room to explain himself. They are brought to a grand-looking bedroom. All of a sudden, Aiguille collapses to the floor and they see a mechanical face behind his mask.

A boy sitting on a large chair appears before them, explaining that it is a robot which he controls from here. It’s been 5 years since he has actually met anyone in person, and he admits that he’s extremely nervous. He has no friends, and has no work since he inherited a fortune from his parents. Also, he is unable to walk. His family came from a Baron lineage, so his family was pretty well-off. He was raised not far away from London, and was born with a disease that hindered his leg movement. He was treated immediately, but he couldn’t walk no matter how much rehabilitation he went through. As time passed, his family gave up and he eventually shut himself up in his room. His only condolence were the books which his parents bought for him every month. He especially liked the fairytale of the princess and prince, and the moving castle.

On a chilly night, he saw a large metallic castle moving across the field in a distance. No one believed his words. On an impulse, he left the house while limping on a crutch. He kept falling, but didn’t give up. Eventually, he saw only a small tower. He broke into tears, thinking that his parents were right, that he only saw an illusion. Just then, a man approached him. Upon hearing Aiguille’s words, he remarked that he had planned on letting it sink there – but it wouldn’t be so bad to have someone gaze upon it one last time. The man fiddled with the controls in his hand, and the buried castle ascended from the ground. He only made this on a whim, and it can no longer move since it just used up the last of the energy reserves. If a miracle were to happen, it would be by a “songstress” chosen by the castle. So the man left the castle to Aiguille, and vanished there and then.

Aiguille believed those words, and kept pursuing his dream. After his parents passed away, he moved here and kept researching. Now all that’s left is for her to sing, to grant his only wish of travelling the world in this castle. Cantarella agrees, on the condition that he lets Cardia return to London later. So they return to the previous room, where Cantarella sings the song about the fairytale. To Aiguille’s delight, it’s a success and the castle rises from above ground. He thanks her for fulfilling his dream, and offers to bring her to any place she desires. He could even invite her family to the castle. Cantarella coldly rejects the idea, and angrily lashes out at him – he only needed a “device” to work on the castle, and not “Cantarella” herself. He stutters and attempts to deny this. But the ground starts to shake and a hole opens up where Cantarella is. Once she falls through, it closes up again.

Cantarella finds herself in what seems like a control room. She regrets venting her anger on Aiguille. She spots a large door, and tries to open it. However, she hears a voice calling for Cardia and is overwhelmed by intense pain and heat. She continues to hear the voice calling Cardia’s name. She tries to deny it and the flashing memories, but continues to sink into despair as she recalls her last conversation with Miles. The fear of rejection by her father eats into her, and she cries out that she isn’t a fake – after all, she made this castle move. She doesn’t want to be abandoned again. She will prove that she is “Cardia”, by singing. Above, Cardia and Aiguille are confused by the situation. The castle starts to move again, due to Cantarella’s singing.

Miles sees a dream of his past. Over 10 years ago, he was still in Tasogare and the no. 2. He first met Theophraste then, who became his partner. Tasogare was a much more ambiguous organisation. Miles was also working in the government, and would keep check of any embezzlement of money while also gathering information. If given the orders, he would finish the target off too. Theophraste was mainly involved in gathering information, and was an especially positive guy who wanted to live while always abiding to his justice. He believed that the government would soon recognise Tasogare officially, and then they would be working for the country then. Even if they dirty their hands while fighting against “evil”, he believed that it would eventually lead to a better London and no child will have to starve anymore. Miles couldn’t believe how he can work in Tasogare.

He asked Miles to share his dream in return, so he casually answered that he wishes to get married to a beauty and have his own child. They both joked that if they have children, Theophraste’s would be only talented in cheap stealing and nitpicking while Miles’ would be extremely sarcastic. They grew close and started to share their skills and knowledge, and Miles also became influenced with his naive “justice”. That was till they came across the experiments by Isaac, Tasogare’s leader then. Isaac ordered them to dispose of the failures. The two of them were hit by the dark reality taking place in Tasogare.

Eventually, Theophraste suggested that they run away. He can’t support Isaac anymore, and knew that his overarching plans were horrible. Theophraste admitted that he would have regrets, going against his initial belief. But he can no longer stand it, he constantly dreams of the children whom he couldn’t save. Before they escaped, Theophraste decided to steal important information from Isaac – in case a miracle occurs and he has the courage to confront this situation once more. So they sneaked into the research area once more. That was when Miles first encountered Cantarella, whom cried out for help. Instinctively, he embraced her. He couldn’t ignore her, when she was clinging onto her will to live. Theophraste reminded him that the shadow of Isaac and Tasogare will remain with him, if he took her away. Miles said that he would do all he can to protect her smile. To think that his wish to be a parent would be granted like this.

They parted ways after escaping. Theophraste left the country, while Miles remained in London due to the girl’s special condition. He promised to help Theophraste if he ever returned again to stop Isaac’s plans. Years later, he heard about his friend’s death. The promise would never be held. And ever so timely, Cantarella was plagued with fever and he came to learn about the dreadful existence which Isaac had left inside her head.

Miles wakes up, and finds himself tied up. When Lupin and company question him, he denies that Aiguille was in cahoots with Tasogare. When the bottle of liquid slips out of his pocket, his face grows pale and he demands for them to return it to him. That is the last one he has, now that he failed the mission. If it’s disposed of, he has no way of saving Cantarella. Noting his reaction, they tell him to spit out the truth, lest they destroy the bottle of liquid. Miles admits that it is poison, but it is also a medicine against the content inside of Cantarella. It’s poison mixed with a neutralising agent, so as to control the timing when the poison takes effect – specifically when the poison reaches the foreign object in her head. The liquid is also mixed with an agent, so that it only reacts to metal. Though it’s true that the remaining poison will affect Cantarella’s condition, it isn’t life-threatening to her. Upon discovering that Miles was forced into this by Tasogare over the medicine and deliberately put up an act to make Cantarella hate him, Lupin, Impey and Van take turns to hit him.

Just then, the ground starts to shake. Saint guides everyone to the outer wall of London. At the same time, a soldier reports to Queen Victoria that a large castle is approaching London. She gives them permission to attack the castle. As the castle draws near, Lupin and company hear Cantarella’s familiar singing. They realise that that is Aiguille’s “castle”, and that Cardia must be inside too. Miles wishes to save his daughter this time, and asks for their cooperation. They agree since they have to save Cardia anyway – but saving Cantarella is his job. He thanks them. There are 6 of them, but Impey says that he will do his best to pilot everyone there with his ornithopter.

Meanwhile, Aiguille guesses that the castle must have taken Cantarella to the control room since it recognised her as the operational key. It will take him a while to counter the situation, but they’re running out of time. Cardia hears Impey’s voice, and quickly pulls Aiguille away as the ornithopter crash-lands. Both sides explain their side of the situation. The only likely solution would be to stop Cantarella, who has currently lost control due to the mechanism inside her running wild. Aiguille deciphers that there are two routes to the control room. One is a shortcut through the outer route at the east side, and the other is a longer route at the west side. In order to open the locked door of the control room though, Aiguille will have to operate a device located along the second route with his computer terminal.

They split into two teams: Lupin, Fran and Miles. Van, Impey, Saint and Aiguille. Cardia can choose which team she wants to tag along. The first team gets ambushed by Tasogare members. We also find out that Theophraste is Lupin’s teacher, which explains why Lupin and Miles’ movements are so similar. The second team tells Aiguille not to blame himself for the situation. Impey admits that he understands the yearning to make this huge castle move. Along the way, the bridge collapses due to wear and tear, and the computer terminal slips away. Aiguille is the one nearest to it, so he lunges for it. Fortunately, Van and Saint catch him in time, and safely pull him up. (Saint doesn’t miss the chance to joke that it was good that he dieted haha.)

The two teams meet up. Cardia gives Miles the notebook from Cantarella, reminding him that this was how his daughter truly felt about him. They enter the room, to find Cantarella singing desperately and forcing herself against her limits. When they try to approach her, large gears come charging towards them. One of which knocks Miles down. Lupin and Van counterattack, while Saint covers for Impey as they head towards the controls. Cardia and Fran help Miles up. Aiguille remarks that his dream had gone all wrong – to think that this castle has become a weapon. Impey is in disbelief, for there are no buttons or handles to be found.

Miles thanks everyone for their help, but remarks that he’ll handle it. As her father, he has to confront her face-to-face. Despite the attacks, he doesn’t stop and continues calling out to her. Frustrated, Aiguille leaps to Miles’ side and tells Cantarella to stop acting like a child and to listen to what Miles has to say. She should use her sharp tongue to express herself, or even hit him if she still feels disgruntled – rather than to give into this machine. Cantarella freezes at his words, and Cardia helps Miles up. Her attacks commence again, and Aiguille gets knocked down. While Cardia and Miles approach Cantarella, Cardia sings in hope of reaching out to her. For some reason, the castle’s movement slows down.

Finally, Miles reaches Cantarella, and asks if she hates him for saving her. But to be honest, her answer doesn’t matter to him. He couldn’t help it upon seeing how adorable she was. All he wanted was for her to smile. That feeling grew inside him with each passing day. So he vowed to not let her memories be robbed away by some device. He betrayed her in order to save her – though it looks like it backfired on him. He loves her, his beloved daughter. Cantarella breaks down into tears, replying that he said it too late. She was extremely uneasy and sad all this while. He apologises, and admits that he can’t live without her.

Outside, Leonhard sees that the castle isn’t slowing down. He is aware that Lupin and company are inside, but there’s nothing he can do to assist them except to order the soldiers to fire. However, the castle comes to a complete halt and he urgently orders them to stop. Queen Victoria appears beside him, wishing to see it for herself. Fireworks go up, and she remarks that it’s just like the fairytale. It’s not as well-known, but there was a continuation to the fairytale.

One day, the castle stopped moving even when the princess sung. Having lost his freedom, the prince sank into depression. The princess searched for the wizard, in hopes for the wizard to cast his magic again. But the wizard told her that it was only a transient dream. Saddened, she returned to the castle. However, she found the prince supporting himself with a crutch. She was surprised for it was the first time he came outside. When asked why, the prince smiled and replied that he was lonely without her – more so than when the castle stopped moving. The princess was so happy, that she sang. The wizard appeared, and cast magic on the prince’s legs – this wasn’t magic to heal his legs, but magic to give him motivation. If the prince doesn’t give up and continues to walk by himself, surely god will create a miracle. 1 year passes by, and the wizard’s words come true. The prince and princess now travel the world on their own two feet. Upon returning to the immobile castle after 1 year, beautiful fireworks go off. Apparently it was magic left behind by the wizard – to bless the couple.

After the incident, Arester reassures Miles that he reported that he “finished” him off. It’s in exchange for the interesting story. But more importantly, he has to attend to his real motive. Miles has no intention of stopping him, but he warns Arester that there are others who have inherited that “justice”.

1 week after the incident, things have returned to normal for Cardia. The castle got taken in by the Royal Society upon the queen’s orders. Sympathising with Aiguille’s pleas, she gave special permission for him to have access to it. But according to Impey who investigated it, the castle is nothing more than a child’s dream. Cardia thinks to herself that only one person could have made it – she will have to confirm with her father when she meets him. There are plans for the castle to be transported in the future, to be exhibited.

Miles kept making trips to the hospital in order to recover from his injuries. And Cantarella has returned to performing on the stage once more. It seems that the device lost its function after running wild. According to Impey and Fran, the poison kept eating away at it all this time. The outburst then caused the device to burn out itself. It’s still dangerous though, so Miles is planning to bring her to France to visit a famous doctor soon. Aiguille was invited to join a national workshop as an apprentice engineer. Impey encourages him to be positive, and to think of it as an adventure. The boy decides to aim to be someone who can give dreams to children.

It’s soon time for Cantarella and Miles to leave London. Once they return, Miles suggests renovating their home and inviting Cardia and company for a party. His daughter agrees, adding that they’ll need to expand the place to fit 9 people – including Aiguille. He’s taken aback by her words, insisting that he won’t allow her to be together with such a useless boy. She points out that he’s equally useless though.

On the last day of her stage performance, Cardia and the rest remain in the theatre. Aiguille hurriedly enters the place – or rather his robot. The real Aiguille still can’t walk properly, but he’s training hard everyday to do so. Cardia joins Cantarella on the stage, in order to fulfill her wish – to sing together before she leaves London.

Cantarella is now aware of who Cardia really is. She’s sure that Cardia will have to face a cruel reality in the future, and may cry and be filled with regrets. But she prays that Cardia won’t forget how to care for someone, and sings – filled with the hope of blessing her future.


I enjoyed this story a lot! The new characters were fun and each of them were given decent background stories. And it was also great that this ties in with Isaac and Lupin’s teacher’s past. They inclusion of the fairytale made things more predictable, but I still liked it a lot. I was wondering for a long time who Miles’ brother is since the name wasn’t explicitly mentioned – but now I’m wondering if it could possibly refer to Darius? Any other guesses? Haha.

2 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Another Story: Cantarella

  1. Lyseven says:

    About Miles’ brother, it can’t be Darius since Miles said he had a younger brother and Darius is old enough to have a teenage daughter.
    Pretty sure Miles is Mycroft Holmes, older brother of Sherlock Holmes. That would explain Lupin saying Miles reminds him of someone, Aleister being so interested in lending a hand… Plus in Sholmes story, the man who brings the elixir to put Cardia to sleep has the shadow and voice of Miles and I doubt Sholmes would have trusted a stranger with such an important task.


    • Yume says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes at the end of my post for Sholmes, I did write this clarification already. 🙂 because I played Cantarella first, then later Sholmes’ after story.


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