Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Herlock Sholmes

Here is the after story for  Herlock Sholmes (CV: Murakami Kazuya), which follows from the extra story in the first FD.

Lupin and Impey sneak into a Count’s mansion, in order to steal the rumoured “mermaid’s tear”, a blue diamond over a 100 carats. It’s suspicious as to how the security is almost non-existent. Nonetheless, Lupin successfully steals it from the safe. The duo dodge the incoming nets. As Lupin had expected, Cardia, Sholmes and Watson reveal themselves, since the mansion owner had requested for their help. With the windows locked shut, and the only doorway blocked, they remark that Lupin and Impey have nowhere to escape. Sholmes reckons that Lupin’s reason for stealing is to do with the fake diamond, as well as the Count’s illegal deeds. It’s likely that the Count had an alchemist make a fake diamond, and to profit when he sells it off. Despite having the same motivations for getting involved in the case, the detective and gentleman thief don’t agree with each other’s methods.

Just when they seem to have driven Lupin and Impey into a corner, the latter activates his new invention, causing numerous balloons (shaped like Impey) to pop up around the room. When the balloons explode, they are blinded by the light and the duo successfully escape. Before he leaves, Lupin pats Cardia’s head for he is glad to see his disciple doing well. As expected, it will take a lot more to catch Lupin. That being said, Sholmes achieved his other motive, which was to search for evidence on the Count’s misdoings. Cardia remarks that Lupin will be mad to hear that he was being made use of. She ponders on how to deal with Lupin the next time, and Sholmes gets jealous, adding that she looked lonely to part ways from Lupin just now. When Cardia turns to Watson for help, his partner asks them to call him to their wedding.

It’s been half a year since the incident with Moriarty, and she’s grown accustomed to her new life with the detective. A few days later, Fran and Watson are checking on her condition at the latter’s clinic. Unfortunately, the new medicine doesn’t seem to work on removing her poison. They reassure her that they will figure a way out. In fact, the first antidote is almost complete. An antidote to change the horologium’s basic composition and hence remove the poison. It’s just that it will take some more time to finalise it. Watson jokes that she should prepare herself for that time, as he requests her to give them both a kiss as a reward then.

Cardia returns with groceries to the agency at Baker Street. Sholmes reminds her to say “I’m home”, to which she does so while still feeling shy. 1 hour later, Cardia finds herself at Canterbury Music Hall, a place where one can enjoy both food and music. They even allow customers to perform onstage. She can’t help but feel nervous, as she hardly eats outside. He understands her reservations, but advises her to practise and grow used to it since they will find a way to remove her poison. He will make sure to order food which she can easily eat, and also brought her own glass. Sholmes also surprises her when he plays the violin onstage, and dedicates the performance to her.

Later, she has a dream of when they visited Wales 3 months ago, in order to confront her past sins. Upon apologising to Etty, the girl said sorry to her too. She read her mother’s diary, which was filled with happy memories. She then knew how happy they must have been with Cardia. So she apologises for calling Cardia a monster, and thanks her for coming to see her. She will be going to live with a distant relative soon, and reckons that they won’t see each other again. Her sin cannot be undone, and Etty probably still hasn’t completely forgiven her. But she’s glad that the last time she saw Etty, that the girl’s expression wasn’t one filled with hatred.

Cardia wakes up and is surprised to find herself in Sholmes’ arms. He recalls to her how she accidentally drank wine instead of juice, and hence passed out. The couple is walking past River Thames, and he finds that it looks the most beautiful during when the sun sets. She remembers how they walked past her before, and tells him that she dreamt of Etty. She’s incredibly grateful to him for loving her, for saving her. It’s also thanks to him that she managed to apologise to Etty. Sholmes accepts it, but also points out that she herself took the initiative. He urges her to continue sleeping. After Cardia falls asleep again, the detective reaffirms his determination to protect her. It would be good if Watson and Fran finish the antidote before the horologium reacts again. But if not, he has another way.

Soon, a man reveals himself and gives Sholmes a small bottle of pink liquid. As requested, it’s the secret concoction by the Count of Monte Cristo. The detective is aware of its dangers, and this is just insurance. Before the man disappears, he tells Sholmes that Cardia is a good kid, and to treasure her. Sholmes is surprised to hear him say that, and the man remarks that he also wishes for the happiness of his own. (Note: The name is never mentioned, but you can tell from the voice that the man is Miles Strand.)

Like any other day, Cardia returns to the agency with the groceries and gets ready to clean the place. Sholmes doesn’t wish to give off the image that he can’t clean, and proudly declares that he helped out while she was away – such as organising the books, folding the laundry, and washing the cup. She awkwardly thanks him, unable to break the news to him that these are ordinary tasks. When he’s about to offer to cook as well, she orders him to stay and says that she will handle the rest. He states that he was pretending to be bad at household chores all this time, and that she herself knows the truth. Cardia thinks to herself that he really hates to lose, to the point where it sometimes comes off as childish.

Later, they receive a visit from Van. After the incident, he was shocked by the truth and also stayed at Saint’s mansion to recuperate. He says that his body is fine now, and also went to apologise to Watson earlier on. Even if he was a victim of the circumstances, it’s no excuse to hurt others. As a token of apology, Van gives them some cookies. Cardia is taken aback by how heavy the package is. She decides to only eat it after Watson analyses its content. Till now, neither Van nor Sholmes comprehend what Moriarty wanted to achieve. But Van knows that he has to think about what he wants to do from now on, together with Dela.

Just then, something throbs inside of Cardia. The feeling is a familiar one – the feeling of her poison blooming once more. She dreams of that night on the rooftop of Buckingham Palace. Even in her dream, Arester remarks that he is just an image she conjured. He did give them more time, but it has run out. Cardia refuses to die, not when she decided to live on. So he suggests one more solution – for her to leave London and to go to a remote place where she won’t hurt anyone else.

She wakes up to find Sholmes, Watson and Fran. They have confirmed that her horologium has reactivated. However, the antidote is still not completed and it will take at least another year. They comfort Cardia, promising to do their best to finish the antidote as soon as possible. She nods, not forgetting her promise to kiss them when it’s done. Sholmes smiles meaningfully at her words, and Fran quickly shifts the fault to Watson. Determined not to give up easily, Cardia asks what she can do. Watson tells her to call her other friends over. After she leaves, Watson asks Sholmes if he has anything to tell them. The detective reveals the bottle of liquid to them.

Cardia thinks that she has become more selfish, after knowing the happiness of living with the person you love. That’s why she wants to live on. Just then, she hears a strange voice coming from the sewers. Someone may have been attacked. She leaves her handkerchief on the streets, in hopes that somebody will notice it, and heads underground. She tells herself that she’s more prepared this time, having noted her escape route and whereabouts. When the mysterious figure approaches her, she hits him and is surprised to find out that it’s Nemo. He forgives her when she passes him Van’s cookies though, commenting on its unique taste. Apparently, he hasn’t eaten for the past few days.

She finds out that this is his secret hideout, as he had lost all the support for his research. He also reveals his new invention, the cardboard house. He initially created it as a liner for hats to earn some money, but later discovered that he could sleep in it too. In any case, Cardia sees that he’s having a hard time and feels bad to leave him be. Nemo recognises her horologium, since he was her father’s disciple. He’s always been interested in its research, but currently he has no resources whatsoever. After hearing about her dilemma, he answers that it is possible to nullify the poison. But it’s impossible in this short amount of time.

Unfortunately for Nemo, he gets punched a second time as Sholmes comes to Cardia’s rescue and misunderstands the situation. After calming down and hearing what happened from Cardia, the detective apologises. He’s glad to see that Nemo is familiar with the horologium though, and asks if he is willing to cooperate with them. The scientist is very keen, but firmly states that the only solution to stop the poison is for Cardia to die. Sholmes throws Nemo off, when he remarks that his conclusion is unscientific since he hasn’t tested all the possibilities. That being said, it’s not as if Nemo is wrong as the situation is not in their favour. When Cardia repeats her conviction, Sholmes hugs her and whispers that there is only one solution – for her to die.

Back at the agency, Impey and Nemo have joined Sholmes, Watson and Fran. The detective shows the concoction, which will give temporary death. Fran and Watson already checked it, and it seems to be the real deal. By using this, it will help to buy them time to complete the antidote.  Since drinking it will temporarily stop all her life functions, it means that the horologium will also halt its reactivation. However, they will need to adjust this its dosage, lest Cardia never wakes up again. So Sholmes asks everyone present to help him with that. Everyone readily agrees, except Nemo. When Watson asks if he is not confident, it spurs Nemo’s competitive spirit. Watson declares that they’re comrades then, and Nemo seems delighted at that.

3 days later, they’ve adjusted the dosage. Sholmes shows Cardia the completed concoction. However, there is still the risk of her never waking up again. She knows that she shouldn’t say this, but she reassures him that it’s alright as she isn’t human. So there’s a higher chance of her waking up versus a normal human. That’s why she will take this chance, so that she will wake up as a normal human. She believes in him. He recognises her resolution, and gently embraces her. Before she goes to sleep, he wishes to tell her something. His embarrassed and indirect way of speaking is unlike his usual self.

Finally, he asks her to marry him. This probably seems obvious, but he realises that some things should be said aloud, lest he regrets it. They confess their love to each other once more, and promise to continue their romance when she wakes up. Cardia feels reassured, and drinks the concoction. Sholmes vows to find her no matter where she is, even if she is in a dream. His feelings for her will never change, and he will certainly wake her up when it’s time. She thanks him, and her consciousness slowly drifts away. He wishes her good night.

In the epilogue, one year has passed. Watson reads back on his latest novel, about the sleeping princess and her prince. Sholmes enters the room, and the doctor tells him that she’s waiting. The detective goes to where Cardia is, and sees that her holorogium is now a beautiful pink colour. It is proof that its composition has changed. He takes out the bottle of liquid which Watson gave him, the medicine to neutralise the Count of Monte Cristo’s concoction. He drinks it, and kisses her. After Cardia drinks it, she wakes up. They greet each other, and she tells him that she had a happy dream – about what they would do once her poison is gone. Sholmes replies that he wants to do many things with her, be it holding hands on their date, hugging or having their wedding. But above all, he wants to kiss his beloved. He kisses her once more.

This is a story of a detective and a girl. It’s a one of a kind romance, but also a regular romance. A kind love story between two people who just wishes to kiss each other.


This story was shorter than expected, but at least the problem is solved! I wished that they would’ve just given us the wedding scenario while we’re at it though. Like the route in the first FD, I’m sad to see Cardia having to face off against Lupin, but I guess it can’t be helped since this is Sholmes’ route. Also, I wonder if this answers my question from the previous post – is Miles’ younger brother Sholmes? In the original novel, Sherlock does have an older brother, but Miles’ seems very different in terms of personality etc. haha.

5 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Herlock Sholmes

  1. midoriha says:

    ooooohhh! it does sound a bit shorter, but that’s ok! one of mytop ships for cardia is still her with herlock sholmes! wahaha! oh, it’s good that things were resolved, although, yeah, i agree, holmes deserves a wedding scene! this injustice! lolol!


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