Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Triangle Date

One of the segments of Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~ is Triangle Date, in which you can choose any 2 guys to accompany Cardia. There are also 3 secret scenarios.

Lupin & Van: Cardia and Van are helping Saint with his long shopping list. Cardia is happy to visit so many spots in London, that are still unfamiliar to her. Van notices that she has been smiling more ever since the incident; and she observes the same of him. The sky is overcast, and soon it rains heavily. They take cover, and Van goes to buy an umbrella. Lupin runs for cover, and bumps into Cardia. He admits that he doesn’t like rainy days due to some bad memories. Cardia replies that nothing bad has happened today so it doesn’t count. He admires her straightforward attitude, and agrees with her. Van returns with one umbrella, and refuses to admit that he had ulterior motives. The three of them have no choice but to share it. Cardia smiles at their close contact – something only possible now that her poison is gone. Today is a good day for her.

Lupin & Fran: It’s been a few days since the poison was removed. Cardia and Lupin are reading each other’s recommended books. Cardia is still not used to being touched or touching others. Just then, Fran walks into the awkward situation where the two of them are touching each other’s cheeks, and dashes away. He feels frustrated at himself, even more so when he tries to approach Cardia again and fails. He caves in, and drinks a truth serum he just created – though diluted. This leads him to boldly confessing to Cardia. Lupin refuses to back down, and they both literally sandwich Cardia. When the effects wear off, Fran is filled with regret. Fortunately for him, Cardia tells him to confess to her properly on his own next time. Lupin sees that Fran is a big love rival, and the two of them openly declare competition against each other.

Lupin & Impey: They bring Cardia back to her home in Wales upon her request, as she said that she had something to do. They are filled with a sense of nostalgic, as they are reminded of their first meeting. Cardia goes to her room and offers a bouquet of flowers to her father. Since he has no grave, this is the least which she can do. The pair stop her from leaving immediately, and tell her to wait. 30 mins later, they led her into a reformed room and Impey even prepared a feast. Apparently it was Lupin’s idea, in order to create happy memories for her in her old home. She thanks them, noting that everything began upon meeting them.

Lupin & Saint: Saint is tending to the flowers in the garden, while recalling how he’s grown more passionate in caring for them due to Cardia’s reaction to the flowers as they bloom and wither. He recalls that the flowers in her room need to be changed, and wonders which will suit her. At the same time, Lupin asks for his advice on which flowers will suit Cardia. It seems that he has the same idea, and the Count deliberately gives weird suggestions like pitcher plant, an orchid which means selfish lady, and rafflesia. Lupin comments on how much Saint has changed due to Cardia’s influence, such as his genuine smile around her. Coming to the same understanding as love rivals, the two of them pick different flowers for her and later ask Cardia to choose one. She is overwhelmed by the proposal-like scenario, and even more so when she later learns of the meanings of the flowers: Lupin’s red rose = I love you, Saint’s white rose = I’m suitable for you.

Van & Fran: Cardia smells something weird and is lured to the dining area. Fran rushes out and tries to get her away, but Van catches sight of them. Apparently, Impey is out of the house and so Van took it upon himself to make lunch. Fran whispers that rather than cooking, it’s more like alchemy. Cardia offers to make lunch – it would be her first time, since she never dared to do it with her poison. She’d like to do it since Van always teaches her tidbits of cooking information. Van is moved by her words, and allows her to put her skills to the test. Fran suggests having a picnic, so the three of them head outside to the park. Cardia finds that they treat her like a child, with Fran offering to feed her and Van wiping her mouth for her.

Van & Impey: It’s been a few weeks since the poison was removed. But Cardia is feeling unwell with fever. Fran diagnosed that her body is still unbalanced. Van and Impey left to take care of her as the rest are away on urgent business. Impey distracts Van’s attention by telling him to prepare the ice pack, while he prepares her meal. Cardia still looks unwell; Impey randomly suggests to sleep with her – to take away her flu. Van takes his suggestion seriously. A while later, Cardia is still asleep but mutters for them not to leave, to which they readily agree. She wakes up next morning feeling better, and sees them fast asleep, each holding her hand.

Van & Saint: Queen Victoria holds a ball and Saint is one of the guests. He brings Cardia with him, and even takes the opportunity to introduce her as his wife. Soon, he gets overwhelmed by the other guests. She goes to get a drink for them, but ends up getting caught up with other men hitting on her. Fortunately, Van spots her and chases them away. He’s here as Renfield’s bodyguard, though it’s also to highlight their alliance to the people there. He invites Cardia to dance. Not long after, Saint finds her and joins in the dance too – with the two of them competing on who is the better lead in dance.

Fran & Impey: For the past 3 nights, Cardia hasn’t been able to sleep well. Her condition gets so bad, that she knocks herself into the wall and passes out. But at night, she can’t sleep again and goes outside for a walk. She finds Fran and Impey working at Impey’s work station. Apparently, they’ve been hard at work for the past few nights to complete a device which will work as aromatherapy for Cardia, to hopefully help her fall asleep. They’ve just finished it, so they put it to the test. It’s a great success as she soon falls asleep, and Impey takes the chance to ask Fran if he likes Cardia. The alchemist stutters, but eventually admits it. Impey is glad to hear his honest feelings, but won’t give up either. The two of them carry Cardia back to her room.

Fran & Saint: Cardia and Saint walk in on Fran wearing a dress, and misunderstand the situation. Fran desperately explains that he was altering the dress to fit Cardia, even though she may no longer need it since her poison is gone. She can get whatever clothes she wants now so they suggest going out to shop for new ones. On the way to the store which Saint has in mind, they ask Cardia to look around at what people are wearing to try and figure out her tastes. At the store, they are so impressed with the first dress she wears and get carried away suggesting new ones to her as they’re having so much fun.

Impey & Saint: Impey is gazing at the moon and stars with Cardia through a telescope at his work area. Saint joins them and unwittingly steals her attention; he shares that he is familiar with stars, mentioning that his old friend was very much interested in fortune-telling with the stars. Later, he suggests to Impey to go to the rooftop of Buckingham Palace for the best view. They travel there with the ornithopter, and enjoy looking at star signs. It is explained to Cardia that many of them are based in mythology, adding that olden people had little entertainment back then so they probably created all these interesting stories and legends. They get caught by the guards and make a hasty escape – leaving a legend in their own right as the only ones to sneak into the palace for star-gazing.

Delacroix & Sissy: Cardia finds Dela conducting some strict training with Sissy. It’s because he’s leaving with Van in 5 days, and he’s worried about Sissy. It’s likely that Sissy will be left alone in the mansion now and then, since everyone will soon go their separate ways. Moreover, sissy has been behaving naughtily recently. Sissy suddenly runs off, and the two of them spend the whole day looking for him. They return home with no results, and Dela bursts into tears. Just then, Sissy pounces onto him and another dog appears with him. It turns out that Sissy has a girlfriend now, and is probably trying to tell Dela not to worry since he’s not alone. His recent behaviour makes sense too. Dela promises to return to meet everyone again in the future, as a much better man.

Arester & Nemo: Arester invites Cardia on a “date”. She’s alone in the mansion with no one else to rely on, so she so follows him but with Impey’s tracking device. It turns out that he just wanted someone to deal with Nemo’s antics while they test-fly his newly created ornithopter. It was a smooth flight, till Nemo tests out a transformation feature and they all crash into River Thames. Both Cardia and Arester are speechless when they see Nemo appear without wearing his goggles – because he is an ikemen in their eyes now and the gap is too much to handle. Nemo doesn’t understand their reaction, and insists that they accompany him till the end as he tries to create his perfect ornithopter once again.

Hansel & Watson: Cardia is on the way to buy a new dessert at a cafe, and bumps into Hansel. Hearing about her plans, he tags along. Along the way, he gets distracted by desserts from other places. Watson sees them, and offers to treat them, especially after observing Cardia’s predicament. At the cafe, Hansel orders a huge amount of desserts. Cardia orders the new dessert, Victoria sandwich, which is apparently the queen’s favourite. When she gets some cream on her cheek, Hansel licks it off without any hesitation. This alarms Watson, who tries to pull him away but to no avail. Hansel admits that Cardia has a sweet smell so he always wanted to try tasting her, and decides to continue doing so. Feeling like a father whose daughter is in danger, Watson swears to always stand guard.


I loved the triangle date scenarios! They were perfect dosages of fun and romance in between the longer stories. Moreover, all of them had unique CGs! I also thought that they are a great motivation for you to keep playing – but now that I’ve almost completed this FD, I realised that I really enjoyed everything so such motivation wasn’t necessary haha.

2 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Triangle Date

  1. midoriha says:

    kyaaaa! fanservice! eye candy! yesss! so awesome, aaahh! well, obviously i like the ones with my favourite two guy, saint and impey, wahaha! but the hansel and watson one is right there, too! but wait, sholmes doesn’t have one? Why?! lol


    • Yume says:

      Yes, I really enjoyed all the scenarios! Nice to know that you like Saint and Impey too~ they’re my favourites after Lupin. Oh my, you’re right! I didn’t realise it. Sholmes doesn’t have one…he should’ve had one with Watson. And Hansel can be paired with Finis.


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