Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Finis

This was from Impey’s First Christmas story. But it’s too precious to not show it.

Here is the after story for  Finis (CV: Kaji Yuuki), which follows from the extra story in the first FD.

After the incident, the newspaper wrote all sorts of stories about “Code:Realize”. However, Cardia and Finis are aware of the truth. Isaac wasn’t born an evil person. He was a kind father who treasured his family above anything else. His plan which resulted in many tragedies may not be forgivable. But all he wanted was to regain that small happiness which slipped out of his hands. Their father was not a god – because he was only human.

It’s been half a year since then. It feels strange to Cardia, for 2-3 years ago she was all alone in this mansion. Since they returned, the siblings have gradually repaired the house. They reformed an empty room into her current bedroom. Her old bedroom has been left as it is, with the numerous stuffed toys. Cardia reaches for an old photograph, depicting her family. It was originally among Britain’s classified documents related to Isaac, and kept strictly within the palace’s underground archives. But the queen gave special permission to release this photo and an old diary. When Leonhard handed it to her, he reported that it was deemed that these had no value as classified materials – these were merely happy memories written by a father.

Finis calls out to her, questioning if she’s done with the cleaning. He complains about her sloppy attitude, blaming her for not being able to enjoy his elevenses‘ tea. He panics when he sees her crying, and quickly apologises for going overboard. After hearing that she was crying due to the photo, he denies that he was worried and adds that there’s no need to cry anymore. They’re happy now. She agrees and places the photo back. He removes his apron and reports to their parents about how poor his sister is at cleaning, cooking and repairing the house. Cardia points out that that isn’t a prayer. She remarks that he’s been mean recently. They’ve been really happy. Also, while they have been repairing the house, they left the small markings alone. Like a child’s drawing on the wall. In any case, Cardia reckons that she can soon begin her plans to make a small vegetable garden.

Soon, she hears a ruckus in the kitchen and finds Saint and Hansel helping themselves to the muffins and tea. Finis tries to chase them away but to no avail. The Count reminds him that it’s their duty to watch over them on behalf of Idea. Such a sight happens about once every month. Finis gets upset each time, but Cardia is happy since things aren’t so boring. Hansel remarks that it’s good to see them have so many different expressions now, to which Saint concurs. No one will see them as dolls now. Cardia thanks them, adding that it’s thanks to everyone’s efforts. She seeks Finis’ agreement, and he admits that he is grateful since he wouldn’t have been able to save Cardia otherwise. Saint asks if they will continue living here, and the siblings acknowledge this. This is their home town after all, and it’s not as if they have anywhere else to go. The Count appears relieved, and prays that they continue living in peace.

Cardia is happy with their current life. The only drawback is that it is a 2 hour drive to the nearest street, which is where they buy their groceries. There used to be a carriage which stopped close to their place. But ever since the nearest village was abandoned, the nearest horse carriage stop became further. That’s why Finis got them an automobile. Admittedly, she is still surprised that her brother can drive. He reminds her that he inherited all of Isaac’s knowledge.

In town, they shop for one week’s worth of groceries. Finis insists on carrying everything. When she tries to take half of the load, a man stops her. He apologises for interrupting, and someone else approaches them – Sholmes introduces Watson to the siblings. The detective pretends not to recognise Finis, and accepts his identity as Cardia’s brother. They leave soon after, as they’ve finally caught a whiff of “that person’s” whereabouts. Finis tells her not to mind it, as the past is the past. Now they are merely siblings living in Wales. He also comments that there are too many men around her, and advises her to be on her guard. To think that they would face such a problem after her poison is gone.

They drive back home, and Finis only senses someone else’s presence when they’re about to arrive. Arester reveals himself, and wonders if his former superior has become too complacent. He assures them that he isn’t here to harm them. He only wants to report about the state of Tasogare. After the incident, it was officially dissolved by the queen and now there is a great fuss within the government as to who will oversee the huge amount of resources – be it manpower, information, facilities. This is especially because Tasogare was involved in quite a bit of dirty work, so they were aware of many people’s weaknesses etc. Finis isn’t surprised at the news, but it has nothing to do with him now. Arester remarks that no matter what, you cannot throw away your past ties – be it good or bad.

In addition, he also wants to hear Finis’ answer to his question – what did he find at the depths of loneliness. He cannot hide his surprise when Finis is willing to answer, and urges the older man to follow him into the forest. However, Finis firmly tells Cardia not to follow them. When the two of them return, Finis has an unpleasant expression while Arester looks amused. The latter admits that the answer was different from his expectations, but it was still worth the trip. Her younger brother stops Arester from spilling their conversation, and warns her not to question about it. The older man takes his leave, especially since an excellent hound is after him. He suggests for them to handle things properly, to avoid encountering a situation like his.

On another day, Van and Dela visit them. It’s a big step even for Finis and Van to exchange greetings. Van says that his revenge isn’t something he can lightly abandon, but he will lower his gun for Dela and Cardia’s sake. Back then, after hearing from Finis that he didn’t order anyone to kill his family, Van hesitated. It was then that Dela asked Van to join him and think through once more. For the both of them who lost their family, do they really only seek revenge? Dela informs them that they dropped by, as they were on the way to London. Van shares the news from this morning, that there have been a series of buildings collapsing in London. They will contact the siblings again, once they obtain more information in London.

Half a day passes by, and Finis reads out the latest news. The buildings collapsing, two large steam engines stop functioning, and Queen Victoria calling the situation an emergency. The cause is said to be the numerous work machines which suddenly appeared. Finis seems to have an inkling, but he states that he cannot confirm now. In any case, it’s clear that London is currently in grave danger. He knows that Cardia wants to go to London, but reminds her that she can also wait here. She says that London is special. It’s where she had many encounters and met her friends, where many people live, what their father created, and where they became human. Finis sighs at her foolishness, but admits that if it weren’t for her, they wouldn’t be here like this. Resigned to it, he grabs his hat. However, he will stop her if it’s dangerous, since it’s his duty to protect her. She thanks her little knight.

Outside their mansion, they see Hansel. Unexpectedly, he wields his fork against Finis, stating that they have no reason to go to London. He advises them to leave it to the people in London, be it Saint, Lupin and company, the army etc. Finis remains quiet, before guessing that this incident must involve Isaac’s inheritance. Hansel doesn’t deny this, adding that Idea did have its reasons for watching over them. Cardia is no longer a threat, and is a normal girl now. But Finis is different, for he has inherited all of Isaac’s knowledge and skills – a true successor. He could easily change the world’s landscape if he wanted to. That’s why Idea compromised and would leave them be if they remained in Wales, and only visited London now and then. But Hansel will have to take measures if they get involved in such a big and historic incident. Cardia recalls their conversation with Saint.

Despite threatening them, Hansel looks at them sadly and begs them to withdraw. They are freed from Isaac’s curse and have become human, they’ve already gained their happy end and should continue living in happiness. And he will fight in order to protect that happiness. Cardia doesn’t think that it’s right to ignore what is happening now. Finis also says that their lives go on, and it doesn’t end like a story’s happy end. As much as he wishes to ignore what is happening, Finis is reminded of what Arester said – he cannot erase his past. Especially in this case, which involves what their father has left behind. Cardia thanks Hansel for protecting their happiness. However, they can protect their own happiness.

Hansel relents to them and corrects his past statement – they are not unfortunate and pitiful. He has always been fighting to protect someone’s happiness, but this is the first time someone has thanked him, aside from the people in Idea. He apologises to Omnibus for being unable to stop them. He points that they won’t find a train to London at this hour, and tells the siblings to follow him to a shortcut.

In London, Leonhard and his men are evacuating the people. The Gordon family is also helping out. The machines created by Isaac, Knockers, are targeting the buildings and destroying them. It truly is ironic. Elsewhere, Lupin and company are helping with the evacuation while counter-attacking the machines. Fran explains that the machines were built to demolish buildings and to take care of the debris, when Isaac was rebuilding London. The reason the machines have bombs, is probably to smash the debris into smaller pieces, which will be easier to transport. However, something is clearly wrong as the machines are destroying buildings even when people are inside; and they attack people if they get in the way. Impey investigated one of the collapsed machines, and reckons all of them are probably acting on the same instructions via wireless telegraph. In other words, there is a “boss”.

Meanwhile, Hansel guided the siblings through Idea’s headquarters and they soon arrive in London. It doesn’t take long for them to see the chaos, as well as the “boss” – a gigantic Knocker. Leonhard spots them, and his guilty reaction confirms Finis’ suspicions. That the reason the machines went wild is due to inside reasons. Most likely the researchers fiddled with them wrongly. However, he admits that it’s also his responsibility for not properly dealing with them. Finis calls the huge machine “Mother Knocker”, and adds that it is responsible for controlling the smaller ones. In other words, they just need to stop that.

Just then, a soldier reports to Leonhard that Mother Knocker is headed towards River Thames. Finis points out that Mother Knocker was used to destroy huge buildings, which Knockers are incapable of destroying. The only large building across River Thames is the palace. Leonhard remarks that there is where the queen and all the people were evacuated to, and orders his men to delay Mother Knocker’s movement as much as possible despite the odds being against their favour. Finis mutters that they need to find a way to the control panel on Mother Knocker’s head. Cardia instantly leads him to Saint’s mansion, and they find Impey’s ornithopter in the work station. While she finds more unfamiliar buttons, she should still be able to drive it. So the siblings borrow it and Fran’s explosives, and make their way to Mother Knocker.

At the same time, Lupin and company are doing their best to delay Mother Knocker while Dela goes to deliver a warning to the palace. They soon hear a loud explosion, and see the ornithopter in sight. They leave Mother Knocker to the siblings, while they do their best to buy time. Finis points out where the explosive hit Mother Knocker, and that the control panel should be underneath it. However, they get attacked when they try to get closer. Cardia drives closer though, so that they don’t get attacked. Finis sees that he can possibly jump over to it, and adds that he must have been influenced by her and the rest. When he is about to set off and says “see you”, she recalls the time when he was about to jump off Nautilus. Cardia instinctively grabs his arm, telling him to say something more appropriate. Finis smiles gently and pats her head, saying that he’s jumping off this time to protect her. He tells her to wait for his return, for he will definitely come back. He’s her younger brother.

Cardia sees him off, as he jumps off and crashes on Mother Knocker. The machine rocks back and forth violently, and he digs his nails into its body. His body is in pain, and his fingers are bleeding. But he tells himself that this is nothing compared to that time. Finis finally gets up and approaches the control panel, only to be blocked by numerous Knockers. Fortunately, Hansel shows up and easily takes care of them. After all, he promised to protect their happiness. Finis reaches the control panel, and cuts off the energy sources and main engines, and inputs the orders to all the machines. All that’s left is to enter the password.

He knows it, but is just feeling hurt and sentimental. He is ending yet another of his father’s creations, and cutting off his father’s influence. Hansel doesn’t think that they’re erasing the past. Moreover, Isaac has left behind something bigger, something which they definitely cannot end. Hansel leaves the rest to him, and leaps off to help the others. Left alone, Finis faces the control panel once more. He’s ending another of Isaac’s creations. Both he and Cardia love their father, so it is painful to do this. He thinks of his only sister, and enters the password: my dearest. It’s finally over.

A few hours later, and everyone is busy helping the injured and accessing the damage. But Finis himself is nowhere to be seen. Cardia climbs the stairs of the outer wall, and finds her younger brother. This is a favourite spot of their father’s. It was written in his diary, and overlooks the whole of London. The twins sit next to each other, gazing down at London. Finis thinks that Isaac was too ahead of his time. Just one of his inventions created such a ruckus. And that wasn’t all that was left behind. Perhaps there is a need to get rid of everything. Gradually, the street lights come on one by one. It looks like the neo steam engines are operating again. The sight is as beautiful as the stars, and as if pieces of hope are scattered all over. She remarks that there is no need to deny all of Isaac’s creations. After all, the lights are part of his creations. Their father may have gone crazy after losing his happiness, but the creations left by him are supporting a family’s happiness somewhere. Surely, their father wasn’t entirely wrong. Their father left behind both of them as well as this city. Finis realises what Hansel was referring to then.

Her younger brother recalls that the time when he was born, when Isaac still loved “him” and resisted fate. He told Finis that science isn’t just your own, but meant to shine on everyone’s futures. Finis confides in Cardia that he has been wondering who he is, ever since he was born. Why was he born? He feels that he has finally found the answer. He stands up, and corrects his past statement. It’s too early for them to retreat into isolation. They were just reborn as humans, and their lives have just begun. Cardia agrees with him, and holds his hand. He says that he will persuade Idea, and return to London in order to truly become Isaac’s successor.

In the epilogue, everyone has gathered in front of their house in Wales for a party. They toast to Finis’ new job, but the boy himself remarks that he merely returned to the government. Moreover, it cannot be publicly announced. In place of Tasogare, a new secret service agency called Akatsuki has been formed. Finis is leading it, to properly oversee Isaac’s inheritance, and to use them for peace. It’s been one month since he started the job, and he says that it isn’t that different from before – except that it’s less dirty work.

Everyone still finds it hard to believe that he commutes to and fro London everyday from Wales. Finis didn’t want to leave Wales, so Hansel suggested that he use Idea’s shortcut. Omnibus gave permission, thinking that it isn’t a bad deal in exchange for him properly overseeing the potentially dangerous creations. Also, one of Idea’s disciples joined Akatsuki to watch over their activities. Finis can’t comprehend why Hansel was picked for it though. Moreover his official job title basically entails drinking tea.

Seeing that he’s in a good mood, Cardia takes the chance to break the news to Finis – they’re getting a new family member. Finis is shocked at the news, as he immediately thinks it’s a marriage. He accuses Lupin and the rest one by one (deliberately ignoring Impey). Everyone already knows the answer, and is amused by his reactions. Eventually, Cardia reveals that it’s Sissy. Fran explains that she is alone when Finis goes to work, so they thought of leaving Sissy at their place. The younger brother agrees, and everyone toasts again to the new family member.

The siblings’ world is still expanding. After all, they themselves will create their world.


I enjoyed this a lot! They did a really good job of expanding Finis’ after story. While it also wasn’t a long story, everything that happened at the beginning was tied smoothly into what happened towards the end. Also, the way they showcased the siblings’ relationship was great. As mentioned by Hansel and Saint themselves in the route, it is nice to see them have so many different (facial) expressions now. I’m glad I left this to play at the end!

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