Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Special After Stories & Concluding Thoughts

After you finish all the other stories (aside from the Triangle Date scenarios), you unlock the Special After Stories. These take place following the after stories in the first FD. Since this will be my last post for the FD, I will include my Concluding Thoughts at the end.

Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)

It’s been 3 days since Impey returned to the mansion. He’s busy doing final adjustments to the submarine in preparation for the World Fair. Cardia tells Saint that Impey should’ve returned yesterday morning, and he only sent her a really long letter. So she’s glad that the Count paid them a visit. He remarks that he doesn’t want to interrupt the newly-weds too often, but it would be nice to have everyone meet up again some time. As for the purpose of his visit, he received a reply from the government. It seems that Isaac did do research about space. However, they were unable to find any documents on it. So it’s unsure if those documents aren’t kept by the government, or if they even exist. After Saint leaves, Cardia recalls that there were many books in her old home in Wales. Perhaps there may be something useful for Impey’s project. She wants to give Impey a surprise, so she leaves behind a simple letter and leaves with Sissy.

Meanwhile, Impey is on his way home. It was tiring work for the past few days, but he hopes that Cardia will be happy with what he has prepared. He has a small box in his hand. But first, he should apologise to her. However, the mansion is empty and he cannot find a trace of her anywhere. Finally, he discovers the letter she left behind. To his utter horror, the only message written is: I have gone back home.

In Wales, Cardia searches for useful materials but to no avail. She decides to call it a night, and carries Sissy with her as she goes to her old bedroom. Her father advised her not to know what love is. However, she has fallen in love with someone who shines on her like the sun, and makes other people smile. Though it’s impossible now, she thinks that her father would get along with Impey. She’s about to sleep, but hears an intruder in the house. (Note: You can pick either choice here. But only one of them shows the CG.)

It turns out that Impey came after her, with the misunderstanding that she left as she was angry and got tired of him. She explains the situation, and apologises for the misleading letter. She adds that she will never leave his side, and tries to kiss him on the cheek. However, he admits that he’s still a bit mad at the letter and kisses her instead. Cardia finds him sly, as he becomes really cool sometimes. Impey can’t help but question what she means by “sometimes”, and she forcefully switches the topic. He points out that it’s late already. Instead, he brings her outside to where they can see a whole sea of stars above them. It reminds her of the time when they were in the submarine.

They spot shooting stars, and Impey says that he wanted to see these with her. He explains how they are rocks which travel from space to Earth while it burns up. And very rarely, its remnants reach the Earth’s surface. There are many different types, maybe even ones which came off from the moon. He takes out a small box, revealing a pair of silver rings. Though they had their wedding, they didn’t have wedding rings. They slip on the rings, and he hugs her from behind. However, Cardia notices that there is no jewel set on the ring. He tells her to stretch out her hand, and the moon shines on the empty, concave surface. It’s almost as if the moon is resting on the ring, like a jewel.

Since they are aiming for the moon, he wanted to use it. Once they do land on the moon, he hopes to use the rocks to make another pair of rings. She happily agrees. Once they find her father’s materials, they will return to London to continue chasing their dream.

Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Some time after Cardia and Saint started to tour the globe, they return to London and Saint is showing her around the ship – Duo Gloria. Without a doubt, it’s the exact same ship which was once owned by Avido Crudele, except that it has been repaired perfectly. Apparently, Saint bought and had it repaired. Hence its new name. She decides not to think about how much it cost, and honestly praises the luxurious cruise ship. It’s almost like a castle on water. He remarks that they’re the castle lords then, and she playfully responds that she’s a queen then.

He reminds her about their promise, while gently touching her ring. She anticipates that it’s about their wedding, but Saint says that they should get Fran to confirm the horologium’s condition. When she sulks, he apologises and assures her that they will carefully go ahead with the preparations since they have the “venue” ready. He reckons that this ship is the best place to hold the wedding ceremony, since they keep travelling.

It’s been about half a month since her poison has disappeared. Fran checks her condition, and confirms that the poison is gone. However, the horologium has also lost its eternal lifespan, which means that she will die one day. The couple agrees that it is only natural for humans to die, so that it alright with them. The next day, they are busy preparing for the wedding, and that includes sending out invitations. Cardia asks if they should invite Idea as well. He replies that they should, in order to show them how loving they are. And there’s nothing happier than vowing that they will be together forever before god. Saint thinks to himself that it’s a miracle for him, Idea’s disciple, to obtain such normal happiness. However, it is still uncertain as to how Omnibus will judge their fate.

On another day, the couple are deciding Cardia’s wedding dress. She decided to let Saint decide as he pleases, but can’t help but be concerned about how much he is spending. Soon, it’s a few days before the wedding day. Their friends start returning to London one by one, and give their greetings at the ship’s dock. They never expected for the ship to be the wedding’s venue. Saint points out that it’s memorable for everyone. Plus, they can continue their travels with it. Eventually, it’s the night before the wedding. The couple are staying on the ship that night. Only Idea’s attendance remains unknown. They may have been enemies to her, but they are Saint’s long-time comrades.

Just then, the space around her goes dark and seems to come to a standstill. Hansel appears before her, as he was told to bring her to Omnibus. He reassures her that Saint is waiting for her there. When she arrives at Idea’s headquarters, she finds Saint, Omnibus and Guinevere. Omnibus tells the couple that there is no longer a reason to watch over Cardia. In other words, she is no longer a target. Guinevere says that they really did a find a solution. She reveals the wedding invitation, and comments that it’s unlike Saint to send this, knowing that they cannot attend. Idea is always in the shadows, in the backstage of history. They are people who no longer exist. Saint is aware of this. However, Omnibus remarks that they’d like to at least give their blessings here. The elderly lady closes her eyes and prays for them. Idea’s disciples are like her family, to which Saint responds that he feels the same way.

A shower of light and flowers circle around the couple. Saint thanks Omnibus, and she thanks him for all of his hard work till now. The world around them fades into white, and they hear a voice saying that his promise was fulfilled. Saint recognises it as Trismegistus’ voice.

On the day of the wedding, everyone gives their blessings. Saint remarks that he has no regrets left, but Cardia says that they should become happier. So he offers to grant her one wish. She replies that she has received a lot already, but for now – she just wants to grasp onto normal happiness with him. He looks surprised, but soon smiles in return, commenting that it’s the best wish. He vows to grant her wish, and kisses her.

Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Cardia and Van are choosing her wedding dress. She still can’t believe that they’re getting married, prompting him to kiss her on the cheek. He says that he will have to prove it to her. And they’re getting married in just a month’s time. Just like he said, time flies and it’s soon the morning of their wedding day. Shirley helps the bridge to wear her dress, and requests for Cardia to throw the bouquet to her later. The younger girl leaves the room, and Cardia wonders if she can walk properly in the heels. She decides to try them on first, and practices walking outside the church. Just as she’s about to head back inside, a group of men dressed in black approach her. They claim that they’ve been looking for her, and that it’s almost time.

Elsewhere, Van is on his way to the church alongside Lupin and the rest. To think that he has gained family again. He thanks them, that he’s able to have a day like this. Impey remarks that he’d like a kiss from the bride in return, prompting Van to draw out his gun for his closest (?) friend. They reach the church, and Dela and Shirley have some worrying news. Cardia is nowhere to be found. The Gordon family searched the area, and an eye witness said that they saw her taken away by a group of men.

Soon, Cardia arrives at another church and a man dressed in a tuxedo tells the rest to hurry. She’s absolutely confused, and insists that she isn’t the man’s bride. At the same time, Van comes barging in and easily knocks away the other guys. The other groom is perplexed by the situation, and finds himself grabbed by the collar. Fortunately, Impey and the rest stop Van from dealing the finishing blow. It turns out that the groom is rehearsing for a play. They only just received the news that the actress for the bride is feeling unwell, and cannot come. They’d panicked when the actress didn’t arrive, and searched for her. That was when they found Cardia. They apologise for everything, and Saint points out that luckily no one is seriously injured.

Van is evidently still angry. She apologises for making him worried. But he says that he’s upset that other people got to see her in a wedding dress before him. She finds that he can be unexpectedly childish at times, and cheers him up with a kiss. She twirls around, asking how he finds the dress on her. His expression softens, as he comments that she’s the most beautiful bride. They return to the church to resume the wedding.

The couple walk down, while receiving everyone’s blessings. As Cardia throws the bouquet, Darius forces his way in to catch it. Lupin tells Van not to make her cry, and Van answers that it will never happen again. They are taken aback when he throws the flower petals at them, and that it actually hurts. Van tells Cardia that they should shut them up, and the couple kiss.

Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

It’s been a few months since Cardia has been helping Fran out as his research assistant at the Royal Society. When he unwittingly hugs her, she reminds him that they’re at work. He quickly backs away, and says that he will continue at home. She can’t help but wonder if he realises the embarrassing things he says. Currently, her poison has stopped and her horologium is gradually changing such that the energy level is dropping. So as of now, she doesn’t have eternal life, but her life is possibly longer than a humans. What they need to do, is to adjust that energy, by adjusting the horologium’s change. By doing so, she will be able to “die” when the horologium stops. Cardia admits that she’s a bit scared, but it’s the natural course for humans. What scares her more, is being in a world without him. Fran reassures her that they will see the results eventually, now that they figured out the theory.

They kiss each other, only to be interrupted when their colleagues enter the room. They quickly back away from each other, though their colleagues tease that it’s okay to act as they would at home. Cardia leaves work first, and the colleagues praise how fast she learns. They remark that if Fran is the father at work, she’s like the mother. They’re sure that their wedding must have been wonderful. However, Fran answers that they haven’t held a wedding.

Back at home, Sissy welcomes Cardia back and she prepares dinner. When Fran returns home, he awkwardly asks what she thinks of weddings. She isn’t sure if she should wish for it lest she gets punished, as she’s more than happy. He firmly tells her not to think like that, as she’s already a normal girl. He draws her into an embrace, and kisses her forehead, to prove his words. He also prompts her to kiss him in return. It’s alright for her to be as happy as she wants to. He promises to make it a memorable wedding. However, it currently seems to be the popular season for weddings so they cannot find an available church. Cardia tells Fran that it’s okay not to rush, but he evidently looks bothered.

A few days later, the alchemist is at the palace to give his report to the queen. Even Queen Victoria notices that he seems troubled. She and Leonhard offer to hear him out. After he confides in them, Leonhard says that it’s okay not to hurry. After all, they are already husband and wife. But the queen insists otherwise, as a wedding means a lot to women. Especially for Cardia. Fran admits that he wants her to be happier, and that she is still a bit afraid of happiness. The queen says that she can’t ignore them now that she knows. However, she cannot abuse her power to push back other couple’s weddings. She does have a venue in mind though. It has been cleaned up, so it’s time for it to resume its original purpose. But it is a cathedral with a great history, so he needs to convince her before she promises her full support. Fran realises that she wants him to give a “presentation” on his feelings for Cardia. Queen Victoria gives him 1 week, and adds that he’s having quite a normal worry for once.

For the past few days, Cardia sees that Fran has been working late into the night. She decides to bring him some snacks that day, and heads to the Royal Society. On the way there, she sees a couple holding their wedding. Upon witnessing it in person, she realises that she really does want to hold a wedding. Just then, the bridal bouquet lands in her hands, and the people congratulate her. She remains standing there even after the wedding is over, lost in her own thoughts. Fran finds her there, and shares that his task is over. To his surprise, Cardia honestly admits that she wants to hold a wedding. It may be difficult now, but as soon as possible. He smiles, relieved to hear those words. Fran goes down on one knee, and proposes to hold their wedding and vow their love before everyone. The venue has been decided.

1 week later, Cardia finds herself in St Paul’s Cathedral. It used to be Tasogare’s headquarters, but those facilities are now completely gone. It was closed off to the public, but now it’s to be opened again – and their wedding is to be the first one. Queen Victoria and Leonhard come to greet Cardia, and the former explains how Fran got the venue. Cardia thanks the queen, but she says that it was thanks to Fran’s efforts. Queen Victoria and Leonhard return to their seats, as the wedding commences. As the queen had promised to give her full support, the wedding turns out to be a very grand one. Everyone gives their blessings to the couple, and the couple themselves feel very happy and fortunate.

Arsène Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

It’s been 3 years since Cardia came to London. She gazes down upon it from the outer wall, like her father used to. Lupin arrives, and they enjoy a picnic with the food which she had prepared. This spot is now their secret meeting place. They have to thank Isaac for this amazing treasure. Lupin knows a lot about her already, so Cardia asks about his parents. The gentleman thief says that he cannot remember his real parents. So the only person who was like a parent to him was his teacher, Theophraste. Lupin adds that it will be a long story, and suggests that they go for a honeymoon.

The couple arrive in Paris, which is Lupin’s hometown. Before they go onto the real purpose of the visit, he suggests that they fully enjoy Paris first. So they visit MontmartreChamps-Élysées, Seine – from many famous sights to places which only locals will know. As the sun sets, he brings her deep into the alleys, warning her to be careful as it isn’t as safe here. Lupin sees that the place is still the same, sharing that he used to live around here. Finally, he leads her to a very worn down house. It has no doors, broken walls, and no roof. It’s more like ruins. Lupin kneels before a small gravestone, greeting his teacher. Someone seems to have left two small flowers.

He apologises for being late to report about what happened to Tasogare’s plans, as well as introducing his beloved. Lupin explains that his teacher used to belong to Tasogare, and left for France after learning about Code:Realize. After Theophraste passed away, he got involved and that’s how he met Cardia. Lupin offers some alcohol to the grave, while sharing that Theophraste was a kind person with a strong sense of justice, despite being a thief. He only went after the bad people, and took in orphans like himself. Lupin admired him, and wanted to become like him. Cardia says that he already has done so.

Lupin recalls that he asked Theophraste why he took him in. His teacher answered that it was to repent for his sins – for not being able to save those he could, for not doing what he can do. He would have nightmares each time, and hear the voices of the children whom he couldn’t save. However, Theophraste knew that this didn’t actually solve anything. Cardia wonders what  Theophraste’s regret was, and if those children referred to the other experiments of her. She pays her respects as well, thanking Theophraste for raising Lupin. It’s because Lupin carried on his will, that she is living today, by Lupin’s side. On behalf of his teacher, the gentleman thief thanks her while gently patting her head.

Just then, the couple hears whispers. It seems that the local police recognises Lupin, and has called for reinforcements. Lupin explains to Cardia that he’s made a name for himself in Paris. He also recognises the one of the police is Ganimard, likening him to Leonhard. He quizzes her on the course of action to take, and she gives a perfect answer. After all, she’s his best disciple, and wife. Lupin successfully distracts the police, while Cardia prepares the special birdlime mix. The police find their feet stuck to the ground, and apparently the effect lasts for 3 hours. He throws down his mask towards the police, as if it were a souvenir.

They make their escape, as Lupin carries Cardia. They plan to return to London, and he remarks that they can return to Paris any time they want to. She agrees that they can do anything as long as they’re together. He grins in return, commenting that they’re the world’s best husband and wife. He tells her never to leave his side. Just like their first meeting, she finds herself swept off her feet by him and he’s bringing her somewhere. But she feels comfortable and at ease with her beloved gentleman thief wherever it is.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, the other three got their wedding scenes! Even though Impey got his in the first FD, and Lupin got his in the very first game, I enjoyed their scenarios a lot too. As for the issue I had with Fran’s after story from the first FD, at least it got addressed. So I don’t feel so concerned since I can assume that it is a solvable problem in the other routes too. I just felt a bit sad that the new characters from Cantarella don’t appear here, only the Gordon family. Also it feels a bit sad to see Finis’ existence forgotten and never mentioned…since I just played his after story.

All of the CGs and the new background art in this FD were gorgeous. You can play the stories in any order you like. But if you want to recognise the mysterious character who appears in Sholmes’ after story, I recommend playing Cantarella first.

Overall, I really enjoyed this FD! It left me feeling satisfied and happy. (Would’ve been perfect if these were just part of the first FD but oh well…Otomate.)

6 thoughts on “Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Special After Stories & Concluding Thoughts

  1. Lava Yuki(ゆうき・らわ) (@lava_yuki) says:

    yeah wedding scenes! I enjoyed shukufuku no mirai, but only Lupin got a wedding in the previous game. By the way, which site did you buy this from or did you get the download version?

    Once I bought a game from Play Asia to the UK and they charged me £16 customs… I was looking at Solaris Japan and Ebay but don’t want customs…


  2. midoriha says:

    yaaayyy wedding scenes, wooot! ….herlock? i’m still waiting as well! rofl! lol that misunderstanding in impey’s after story! saint’s afterstory was quite nice—!


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