Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

Here’s my review of Collar x Malice -Unlimited- (minor spoilers). The only graphics I’ll show are the title screens, random screenshots of the interface, and two non-spoiler CGs. However, since this is the FD, you should expect spoilers from the first game – namely about ADONIS.

The FD is made up of 4 segments: Interlude, After Story, ADONIS, Side Story.

The Interlude is like an alternate story taking place within the first game’s timeline. While the characters are trying to solve the mystery of X-Day, someone approaches the office for help. While they don’t wish to accept it, the person mentions about “ADONIS”.

Interlude is pretty short, and the story is almost the same for either ends. The only difference is which guy will accompany Ichika, and hence which CG you will get at the end haha.

Once you clear Interlude, each guy’s After Story will be unlocked. The After Story follows directly after the good end of the first game, and you can either obtain the normal ED and good ED. Honestly, I enjoyed all of the After Stories, excluding the latter half of Kei’s. (And Kei is my bias, by the way.) Mineo’s was really cute and funny. The same can be said for Takeru’s, except that it’s um, spicier haha. I expected Kei’s to follow the same pattern, however his story got unnecessarily emo and draggy in the second half. Why, in the FD?? Oh well, at least we witnessed how great Yoshinari was to knock some sense into Kei. I can understand that Kageyuki’s was more serious, given how his route ended. So I can understand if his is an exception, and at least it ends on a hopeful note and our couple is finally happy together. Aiji’s was enjoyable too, and it was also the only one to have a wedding scene.


Thus, one can’t help but wonder if Otomate is trying to force a 2nd FD like they did for Code:Realize. Well honestly, I’d say it’s unnecessary. Even if the other routes didn’t have a wedding scene, they already mentioned about engagements, weddings, meeting the family etc in the other After Stories. So it truly feels like a deliberate decision to only give Aiji the wedding scene (since he is the poster boy). Gee, Otomate.

Finishing the After Stories will unlock the different Side Stories respectively. Mineo’s corresponds with ONWARD, a short story about Kazuki and Akito. It’s about how they met, how Akito introduced Kazuki to Isshiki, and how they eventually went separate ways. Takeru’s corresponds with Pride, a short story about Minegishi’s conflicted feelings towards Ichika being the key figure in solving X-Day, and his interest in her. Kei’s corresponds with Crossroad, a short story about Yoshinari and his stakeout at the agency, and how he starts to fall for Ichika.

You will need to finish both Kageyuki and Aiji’s After Stories to unlock ADONIS. This follows the bad end from the first game, in which Aiji, Kei, Mineo, and Kageyuki are killed and Takeru fails to persuade Ichika against joining ADONIS for a “certain goal”. Her younger brother, Kazuki, was also killed in an unfortunate incident. 2 years pass by, and there is 1 month to go till their plans for X-Day revive again. Zero orders Ichika to investigate if there’s a traitor among 9 people – the 8 people whom exacted their revenge via ADONIS 2 years ago, and Mikuni. After the first playthrough, Ichika is also able to investigate Zero himself.

You can obtain 3 ends: normal ED, and 2 EDs for Zero – one of which is implied as the true ED as the ending movie plays after it. The congratulatory CG you get for collecting all the CGs, also highlights this.


You will need to play through the ADONIS section about 4 times in order to complete it. Take note that when you want to replay, you should start all over from the Prologue. You can’t start from other chapters, because those will only replay the scene itself. And if you load a save file, it will end up overwriting your previous progress. However, you can replay from 個別3 instead of the Prologue, in order to get the other ED for Zero. This sounds confusing at first, but I think you will understand once you start playing.

You can interact with each character for 7 times each. Later, a combo event will also trigger between 2 characters. Namely: Mikuni and Zero, Sanjo and Ogata, Suzune and Shion, Manabu and Akito, Rika and Hana. By interacting with them, Ichika discovers that they’re normal people aside from their revenge. Well, that’s excluding Zero, as in the end Ichika is unable to truly understand him.

Personally, I liked that they did not create a romance between Ichika and Zero. Honestly, I find it impossible for Ichika to have romantic feelings due to what happened – not unless she is mentally broken. We will also see several instances in which Zero denies that his feelings for Ichika are romantic – but he is attached to her existence and strength.

As you complete each segment, you will unlock different Extras. It is designed as visiting each guy’s room, and he will greet you with different lines. In fact, if you don’t touch anything for a while, he will respond as if you were ignoring him. Besides the CGs and BGM, you can also read an additional short story, LEAF conversations between the couple, and voice recorded messages. The short stories are more often than not, spicy romantic stories haha. The LEAF conversations were very cute especially with each guy’s personalised stamps, and you can choose the text replies too.

The side characters also appear, and you will need to see all of them in order to obtain a trophy. 6 side characters also have short stories, and over 10 of them have voice recorded messages. On the topic of trophy, be sure that the system data registers that you read all the short stories and LEAF conversations in order to get their respective trophies.


Hanamura Mai’s art was great for the most part, with Natsume Uta also providing some cute CGs too. Besides being able to spot cameos of Otomate’s past games in a certain new background, they also reference to the past games, Otomate Party in the dialogue. One of the background was also clearly a certain building of Shinjuku aka where Otomate store is located lol. As for the music and CV, well my comments are mostly the same as the first game.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the FD! If you liked the first game, you won’t want to miss out on this. We definitely get more romance between the couples, and a deeper understanding of some of the side characters too.

4 thoughts on “Collar x Malice -Unlimited-

  1. Lava Yuki(ゆうき・らわ) (@lava_yuki) says:

    My mum got this for christmas for me, I’m playing this at the moment and am really enjoying it. I find this game similar to code realize, where there is the guy the main character is “supposed to be with” and only they get the truth revealed in their route, unlocked after completing all other routes and also are the only ones to get a wedding a scene (Lupin, Aiji etc.). TBH I much prefer all the characters to get equal treatment and a wedding scene instead of the game being biased/favouriting just one character, like Amnesia’s FDs where they all got wedding scenes and most of the other otome games I’ve played where all characters were treated equally (Hyakka Hyakurou, black butterfly, pio fiore…)

    I like the CGs in Collar x Malice Unlimited and the more spicy romantic scenes. Kei always seems to get the short end of the stick in both games. He seems really nice and sweet and I love Yuki Kaji’s as a seiyuu, so was really disappointed about how he gets all emo and self sacrificial. He was also one of my favourite characters as well. In both games I found his route to be the most “doki doki” especially at the beginning, pity it goes downhill after as I had high hopes in the FD. Takeru was probably the most unexpected for me. For a computer geek type who is aesthetically less appealing along with Shiraishi imo, he sure packed a punch lol.

    My favourite characters are Takeru and Kei, followed my Aiji, then Enomoto and last is Shiraishi who I actually do not like and don’t feel like doing his route, but will do it for the platinum trophy.


    • Yume says:

      To be honest as long as it’s well-written, I don’t really mind the lack of wedding scene that much. So I was fine for CxM aside from Kei’s disappointing route which seemed like pointless drama.

      (C:R is a different story cos it was plainly an excuse for them to do a 2nd FD. As for Black Butterfly, Hikage’s treatment was different from the rest and got the short end of the stick in my opinion despite being the poster boy…)

      Actually in my eyes Shiraishi needed an FD the most with how his route ended in the previous game so. I feel like the hopeful aura of the FD is for him.


      • Lava Yuki(ゆうき・らわ) (@lava_yuki) says:

        Shiraishi’s ending was indeed the least happy, and his tragic love end was the most tragic.
        CxM is my favourite otome game more so than C:R, I really like Hoshino the way she’s so strong and not the usual passive type in otome games. I really want to buy the CR Hakugin no Kiseki, I might wait til I go to Japan hopefully this year to pick up a cheap used copy from Book Off lol


        • Yume says:

          Indeed Hoshino knows when to take initiative (her and Yoshinari made Kei’s route endurable). Oh hope you can pick up a cheap copy when you’re there then! 🙂


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