Otomate Party 2018

Sooo again for those who follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I went for Otomate Party 2018 this year. If I dare say so myself, I tweeted a very detailed account so if you want to read about what happened during the event itself, please check our my twitter. (Or you can buy the DVD when it is released!)

Also, I made an introduction post last year. So this post will just be a short add-on to that, with regards to some of the new information I learned this year!

Otomate Party JTB travel plan

Last year, I encountered a fiasco in terms of my hotel accommodation. Fortunately, everything went great this year. I noticed that JTB Taiwan was the one who sent me the documents this time (last year it was JTB Japan). I feel that they probably did not want to encounter the same issue as last year so thank goodness.

Someone online informed me that they approached JTB Japan, and they told her that people overseas can just apply via the Japan website and input a foreign address. But to be honest I kinda lost faith in them (due to what happened last year). In addition, a friend, Kei, had purchased through JTB Hong Kong and they messed up her tickets…she only found out about it one week before the event and panicked till they rectified their error. So needless to say, at this point, I still trust JTB Taiwan the most.


Exchanging goods

Last year, I mentioned how I saw all the event-goers exchanging their merchandises. So yes, I was prepared this year. I brought all my extra Otomate merchandises and tweeted about it.

Unfortunately, it slipped my mind to also search Twitter for other people’s exchange posts. I only recalled to stalk/search Twitter on the morning of the first day. Despite that, I still think that I was really lucky. Besides selling a Takeru can badge to my friend, I also exchanged for a Shuuya acrylic stand and gave away all my extra Tora goods. I say “gave away” because I approached the other girl too late so she didn’t have any Shuuya goods to exchange – but I just wanted to give away everything since I probably wouldn’t get another chance to directly meet a Tora fan…

I conversed with them in Japanese (while struggling with keigo) and added that I wasn’t proficient in Japanese. In my case, the fans were kind in their replies and kept to their promise of when/where we were meeting. So it was a really fruitful experience for me!

As always, feel free to ask me anything!

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