List of 天官赐福 characters

This is a list of (major) characters from 天官赐福 (Heaven Official’s Blessing). I basically made this reference for my non-Mandarin-speaking friends so that it’s easier for them to fall into the fandom… I tried to avoid spoilers…really tried.

谢怜 Xie Lian

  • 太子殿下 /  殿下 Your Highness the Crown Prince / Your Highness
  • 仙乐 Xian Le
  • 哥哥 Ge Ge (older brother)
  • 太子表哥 Cousin Crown Prince
  • 妖道双师之一: 芳心国师 One of the Yao Dao Shuang Shi (Double Demon Masters): Fang Xin Guo Shi
  • 花将军 General Hua (used a false name 花谢 “Hua Xie”)
  • 大伯公 Da Bo Gong (lit. Great Grand Uncle)
  • 四名景之一: 太子悦神 One of the Four Famous Sceneries: Tai Zi Yue Shen (lit. His Highness the Pleased God)
  • 花冠武神 Flower Crown Martial God
items: 若邪绫 (Ruo Ye silk),芳心剑 (Fang xin sword)


  • 四大害之一: 血雨探花 One of the Four Disasters: Xue Yu Tan Hua (lit. Blood Rain Seeking Flowers)
  • 三郎 San Lang
  • 城主 Cheng Zhu (lit. master of the city)
  • 红红儿 Hong Hong Er
items: 弯刀厄命 (scimitar eming),死灵蝶 (butterfly souls of the dead)

风信 Feng xin

  • 南阳真君 Nan Yang Zhen Jun
  • 巨阳将军 General Ju Yang
  • 巨阳真君 Ju Yang Zhen Jun
item: 风神弓 (lit. wind god bow)

慕情 mu qing

  • 玄真将军 General Xuan Zhen
  • 扫地将军 General Sweep-The-Floor
item: 斩马刀 (lit. cutting horses blade)

南风 nan feng

扶摇 fu yao

戚容 qi rong

  • 青鬼 Qing Gui (Green Ghost)
  • 四大害之一: 青灯夜游 One of the Four Disasters: Qing Deng Ye You (lit. Green Lanterns Wandering At Night)
  • 小镜王 Xiao Jing Wang (lit. little mirror prince)

君吾 jun wu

  • 帝君 Di Jun (emperor)
  • 神武帝君 Shen Wu Di Jun (lit. great and divine emperor)
  • 神武大帝 Shen Wu Da Di (lit. great and divine emperor)

灵文 ling wen

  • 南宫杰 Nan Gong Jie
  • 三毒瘤之一 One of the Three Cancers

裴茗 pei ming

  • 明光将军 General Ming Guang
  • 三毒瘤之一 One of the Three Cancers
  • 四名景之一: 将军折剑 One of the Four Famous Sceneries: Jiang Jun Zhe Jian (lit. General Who Broke His Sword)
item: 明光 (ming guang – this is the name of the broken sword)

裴宿 pei su

  • 明光殿副位武神官 Ming Guang Hall’s Deputy Martial God

半月 ban yue

  • 妖道双师之一: 半月国师 One of the Yao Dao Shuang Shi (Double Demon Masters): Ban Yue Guo Shi
  • 半月将军 General Ban Yue

师青玄 shi qing xuan

  • 风师 Feng Shi (wind master)
  • 风师青玄 Feng Shi Qing Xuan
  • 风师娘娘 Feng Shi Niang Niang
  • 四名景之一: 少君倾酒 One of the Four Famous Sceneries: Shao Jun Qing Jiu (lit. Youth Pouring Wine)
item: 风师扇 (wind master fan)

师无渡 shi wu du

  • 水师 Shui Shi (water master)
  • 水师无渡 Shui Shi Wu Du
  • 水横天 Shui Heng Tian (lit. water across the heavens)
  • 三毒瘤之一 One of the Three Cancers
item: 水师扇 (water master fan)

明仪 ming yi

  • 地师 Di Shi (earth master)
  • 地师仪 Di Shi Yi
  • 明兄 Ming-xiong (brother Ming)
item: 月牙铲 (crescent shovel)

贺玄 he xuan

  • 黑水 Hei Shui (Black Water)
  • 四大害之一: 黑水沉舟 One of the Four Disasters: He Shui Chen Zhou (lit. Black Water Sinking Boats)
  • 玄鬼 Xuan Ghost

郎千秋 lang qian qiu

  • 泰华殿下 Your Highness Tai Hua
  • 永安国太子 Yong An Nation’s Crown Prince
item: 一柄重剑 (lit. one heavy sword)

权一真 quan yi zhen

  • 奇英殿下 Your Highness Qi Ying
  • 师弟 Shi Di (junior disciple brother)

引玉 yin yu

  • 师兄 Shi Xiong (senior disciple brother)
  • 下弦月使 Xia Xian Yue Shi (lit. envoy of the last quarter moon)

雨师篁 Yu Shi Huang

  • 雨师 Yu Shi (rain master)
  • 四名景之一: 公主自刎 One of the Four Famous Sceneries: Gong Zhu Zi Wen (lit. Princess Who Slit Her Throat)
items: 雨师笠 (rain master hat), 雨龙剑 (rain dragon sword)

白无相 bai wu xiang

  • 四大害之一: 白衣祸世 One of the Four Disasters: Bai Yi Huo Shi (lit. White Robe Brings Disaster to the World)

梅念卿 mei nian qing

  • 国师 Guo Shi

宣姬 xuan ji

  • 宣姬将军 General Xuan Ji

郎萤 lang ying

谷子 gu zhi

剑兰jian lan

错错 cuo cuo

白话真仙 bai hua zhen xian (lit. empty words truth immortal)

other items:
锦衣仙 (lit. brocade robe immortal)
红镜 (lit. red mirror)
艳贞 (lit. glamorous chastity)

Notes: I used some of the translations from Sakhyulations so that it will be consistent and less confusing. Feel free to let me know if I left out any names or titles.

16 thoughts on “List of 天官赐福 characters

  1. カイカイ (@tsukusora) says:

    Hello! First of all, thank you for this detailed post! It was a great help to me when I first started reading.
    I just wonder if you would like to double-check Yi Zhen’s surname? I have asked a few Chinese friends and they said it’s ‘Quan’, not ‘Qian.’ I recall your other posts (Translations of fanvids) also wrote his name as Quan Yi Zhen so I’m assuming it’s just a typo here… 😀 ! Just a head-up, in case more people using this post as reference.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yume says:

      Hello, thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that it was helpful! And omg you are right, it is a typo. Asldkajsk thank you so much for pointing it out!! ;;;


  2. kayo iri says:

    Can you also translate each name? It’s fun to connect dots. For example, Xian Le and Yong An people really like flower names? Xie Lian used names with a ‘flower’ before (General Hua – 花; Fang Xin – where ‘Fang’ is 芳, which means ‘fragrant’ and the dictionary also gives me an example of ‘芳草 n., scented flowers, (LL) symbol of righteous gentlemen’). Lang Qian Qiu is also called His Highness Tai Hua (泰 华/華), with 華 meaning ‘flower’, but also ‘China’!


    • Yume says:

      Hello thanks for the suggestion. But tbh translating each and every one of their names and titles would make this post massively messy, especially because one Chinese character alone can have multiple meanings (a good example is 玄).

      So just thinking of how to organise the post alone will give me a headache.

      So sorry but I won’t do it unless I can think of a nice organised way to format it…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tsukki says:

    Many thanks for listing all these characters. Mtl really gave me headache, Xie Pity, flower city, saburo lol
    If only we have every picture for every character that would be perfect


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! However there is no official artwork of the characters, only fanart (of the popular characters). So I don’t think it is possible, and it’s also not so nice to repost fanart.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Eu says:

    Look at all that names! And someone said that MDZS have a lot of names/titles. 😂

    Fang Xin Guo Shi – confused the hell out of me www. I thought MTL refers to Feng Xin instead. Another guess was those were two different characters lmao.

    太子悦神 – OMG so Tai Zi Yue Shen is how you read that? MTL gives me Prince Edward instead. 🤣 So I’m like, “who is that???”

    仙乐 Xian Le – isn’t this the name of the country? This is his other name? If it is, then I no longer have to correct the way I read it every time Jun Wu calls him Xian Le. ww

    花冠武神 Flower Crown Martial God – he is called as this?? I have a theory but… it’s probably a spoiler so I’ll just wait until I get to that part maybe? 🤐

    花城 HUA CHENG – so that’s the character for cheng. No wonder MTL gives me flower city most of the time.

    三郎 San Lang – I was going to ask you about this actually. MTL gave me Saburo at times, sometimes San Lang. lol

    扫地将军 General Sweep-The-Floor – this never failed to make me laugh 🤣

    半月 BAN YUE – LMAO so that’s why I get half-moon/half-month xD

    风师 Feng Shi (wind master) – another name I confuse with Feng Xin www And I always think SQX = Fen Xin. I should start accepting that they are different characters. 😵

    I’m curious at the Three Cancers and the Four Sceneries… /rubs imaginary beard

    Annnnd this has gotten so long! I’m sorry 😰. I’m trying to commit as many names and characters in my memory as possible.

    Thanks you so so so much Yume-chan! You’re the best! 😘

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yume says:

      Hahahaha Prince Edward!!

      Yes 仙乐 Xian Le is his country but as you have observed, Jun Wu always calls him 仙乐 Xian Le.

      花冠武神 Flower Crown Martial God is more of the title given to his statues, which always depict him holding a sword in one hand and a flower in the other hand.

      The Three Cancers is like a group name for Ling Wen, Pei Ming and Shi Du Wu. As you can guess from the name, it’s mainly because their reputations aren’t that “good”. But they’re powerful.

      As for the Four Famous Sceneries, it’s because the stories of their ascension to god seem “beautiful”. But once you know the real story behind all of them……

      No worries, glad if it helps! You’re welcome~ 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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