Code:Realize @ SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory

This is just a short post about SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory, specifically when there was a Code:Realize (anime) collaboration earlier this year.

To be honest if it weren’t for the Code:Realize collaboration, I wouldn’t have visited. Plus I also had a discount ticket from Sunshine City Prince Hotel. It’s actually a nice observatory with a 360 degree view. Apparently you can even see as far as Mt Fuji on a day with good weather. Also it would probably be fun to visit as a group as there are many photo opportunities, due to the many photo spots with various visual and interactive effects. You can also pay an additional fee to experience several VR rides – I didn’t try any though, so I cannot comment.

The Code:Realize collaboration had different displays, including character sketches and episodes panels, as well as an almost ~3 minutes audio recording featuring Lupin and Impey. I guess the audio recording only played at a certain time, but I was lucky enough to catch it.

The cafe also served collaborative menu items (I didn’t try any though). There was also a shop selling Code:Realize merchandises. I guess as I was the first visitor on that weekday morning, who spent such a long time too, a staff approached me to ask if I was from overseas and requested me to fill up a survey. My main feedback was that I visited thanks to the collaboration haha. I guess we can only wait and see if SKY CIRCUS has any more future collaborations?

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2 thoughts on “Code:Realize @ SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory

  1. Eu says:

    That looks so good!
    Aww I wish they had this last year too when I was in Japan. Could have been a lot better than wandering aimlessly around Ikebukuro lol.


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