《浮世》魔道祖師 – English Translation

Back with a fansong for 魔道祖師 (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). I like how the melody has a haunting undertone (the original song is called《华添え诗》) which makes it stand out. The lyrics also includes a lot of the characters’ names, titles, weapon names – so it was a toss-up between translating or leaving them as they are. Slight spoilers.

Title: 浮世 (This floating world)

Original work: 墨香铜臭《魔道祖師》
Original song:《华添え诗》
Lyrics: 柴洱
Singer: 夕颜
Tuning: 圣雨轻纱
Poster image: 苏打
Frequency: 图图
Artists (weibo): 山人有松, 黑沢芥子, 川赤, 苞谷Kongu, 西乙训, 只是一个帅气的马甲, -璎珞-, 千二百, 黑璟樱, 绯羽尘心, 长阳RIN, 未命名的娃子, 撒呀酱_, 踏焰焚风

[00:34] 魏婴 Wei Ying
陈情催   万鬼自枯草生
浊酒温    魍魉无人问

Chen Qing urges on, tens of thousands of corpses shrivel up and are reborn
Unrefined wine still warm, nobody questions about monsters

[00:44] 晓星尘 Xiao Xing Chen
霜华冷   谁叹明月清风
渡众生   却害折拂尘

Shuang Hua is cold, who sighs at the bright moon and gentle breeze [1]
Saving the common people, yet caused it to break into dust, brushed away [2]

[00:54] 江澄 Jiang Cheng
一鞭送故人   旧情憎

A whip to see off old acquaintances, detesting past sentiments
Zi Dian leaves behind faint scars burying the dead like a dream

[01:04] 蓝湛 Lan Zhan
忘机奏招魂   三秋等

Wang Ji is strummed to beckon souls, waiting for three autumns
A lone figure roams this world on yet another journey

[01:13] 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li
命缘弄人   依却嫣然生

Fate toys with people, yet we still live on beautifully

[01:17] 魏婴 Wei Ying
惊鸿一面红妆一身   癫狂可被恨

Catching a glimpse of a figure adorned in red, crazed but despised [3]

[01:23] 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li
梦醒三更 老树绕枯藤

Waking up from a dream in the middle of the night, dried vines entwine around an old tree [4]

[01:27] 江澄 Jiang Cheng

Whose horse gallops and kicks up dust [5]

[01:30] 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li

Don’t ask the sins of old acquaintances

[01:32] 江澄 Jiang Cheng
一抔黄土讽   入歧途心不仁

A dwindling resistance mocks, walking on this path, hardening my heart [6]

[01:40] 金光瑶 Jin Guang Yao
算一生   天命终不由人
始于尘   名芳难敛恨

Calculating one’s fortune, in the end destiny is not up to men
Starting out from dust, difficult to hide resentment in the fragrance in one’s name [7]

[01:50] 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li
女儿心   将青丝红缎存
柔情深   一世一双人

A lady’s heart, keeping her black hair and red satin
Deep gentle feelings, a couple together in this world

[02:00] 薛洋 Xue Yang
烈焰焚仇恨   只一瞬

Flames burning in hatred, takes just a moment
Three poisons, hating that this chaotic world has the final say [8]

[02:09] 温宁 Wen Ning
再一瞬   金麟台残魂湮灭成风

The wheel of life turned at Qiongqi Path
In another moment, lingering souls in Koi Tower extinguish into the wind

[02:18] 薛洋 Xue Yang
殊途相逢   永非同路人

Meeting on different paths, will never walk the same path

[02:23] 晓星尘 Xiao Xing Chen
侠骨义诚   不敌错恨   故人铭碎魂

A sincere and righteous spirit, unable to fight against misplaced resentment, a familiar face engraves a shattered soul [9]

[02:28] 魏婴 Wei Ying
驱策孤魂   此生已纵横

Spurring on a lonely soul, this life is already unrestrained

[02:32] 蓝湛 Lan Zhan

To whom, do I keep this cloud-patterned brocade for

[02:35] 金光瑶 Jin Guang Yao
真假无处问   不辨情浅且深

Reaching its end, the play is overturned to the beginning for debate
Nowhere to ask what is real or false, unable to discern shallow feelings further deepening

腥风血雨无声   渔火照亮姑苏城
清河逍遥更胜   兰陵凤凰鸣功成
乱葬岗飘孤魂   浮世善恶名利争

A silent raving carnage, lights on fishing boats illuminate Gusu city
Qinghe surpasses in being free and unrestrained, the phoenix of Lanling sings of it success
Lonely spirits float around Burial Mounds, a struggle between good and evil, fame and wealth in this floating world
Half of one’s life tied to Yunmeng

[03:32] 蓝湛 Lan Zhan
复三春   岁寒不知云深

Repeating three springs, the years turn cold, unknown within the thick clouds [10]
Unable to endure waiting for idle chat, once more from a flute’s melody

[03:42] 魏婴 Wei Ying
春秋一轮   音容虽改风骨存
陈情再起   新忆笑故梦

Spring turns into autumn which passes by, though the voice and looks have changed, that inner strength still remains the same
Chen Qing rises again, with new memories while laughing over past dreams

济苍生   或为私己前程
古琴清冷   刀剑光影生死论
旧笛声   桀骜嗤笑此生

Helping the common people, may be for my own selfish future
After being possessed by the demon during the bloodbath of Nightless City, no longer able to endure
A guqin resounds crisply, light and shadows of blades and swords debate over life and death
Notes from an old flute, a stubborn laughter in this life

[04:10] 魏婴 Wei Ying
旧笛声   桀骜嗤笑此生

Notes from an old flute, a stubborn laughter in this life

[1] 明月清风 is an idiom which means that only the breeze and moon accompanies you. Implying that you don’t easily make friends, or that you have nothing to do. It is also part of his title with Song Lan: 明月清风晓星尘,傲雪凌霜宋子琛.

[2] 渡众生 is probably taken from 普渡众生 which derives from Buddhist teachings. In a figurative sense, 渡 refers to getting to the shore. So they’re drowning and you help them to get to shore. So if you take it in the context of Buddhist teachings, you’re guiding them to enlightenment (I guess). Also, I’m feel that the characters (雪) and (晓星) were purposely placed together at the end.

[3] Interpreted based on the saying 惊鸿一瞥 which means to briefly catch a glimpse of; unexpectedly see (a beauty).

[4] 老树绕枯藤 looks very similar to a line from Ma Zhiyuan’s famous poem《秋思》: 枯藤老樹昏鴉. The poem painted a melancholic backdrop of a traveler. (reference)

[5] I translated this literally since it sounds better. But 红尘 can mean this world, or a thriving city. It originated from the image of dust flying up when horse carriages run past, implying that it’s a path of fame and fortune.

[6] 一抔黄土 referred to graves. But now it refers to a small piece of land, or a declining or small opposition force.

[7] We can see a mix of his title (敛芳尊 Lian Fang Zun) and his sword’s name (恨生 Hen Sheng) in the line 名芳难敛恨.

[8] 贪嗔痴 is known as the three poisons of the mind: greed, anger, and ignorance.

[9] Wordplay at work here. 义诚 sounds the same as 义城 (Yi City).

[10] Interpreted 不知云深 based on the line 云深不知处 from Jia Dao’s poem《寻隐者不遇》. It literally means that the clouds are too thick, so you don’t know where the person you’re looking for is. (reference)

Notes: I used some of the translated terms from Exiled Rebels Scanlations so that it will be consistent and less confusing. Mandarin is not my most proficient language, so feel free to feedback. Also, I translated according to my own interpretation, and tried to balance between literal and lyrical translations.

※ 如果原作曲者或上传者不许可英文翻译或有什么意见,麻烦请留言。谢谢。

Please credit properly. If you want to use my poor translations for anything, it would be appreciated if you could leave me a comment. Thank you.

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