Cafe Digest #3

This is yet another follow-up to my previous post which introduced various themed cafes. Most of the cafes I will introduce in this post are also themed cafes. Enjoy!


I visited the branch in Yokohama. (There is another one in Kobe.) I had made a reservation in advance, but actually it wasn’t necessary. The space is pretty big, and I think that the mall it is in is not as popular as others so the crowd wasn’t as big as I’d expected. There is also a shop area. I liked how they did up the interior, such as the life-size lemonade stand, the photo area, the vintage toys on display, and the printed comic strips. Even the napkins and cutlery were all made according to the Snoopy theme.

You can order à la carte, or a set which includes free flow of appetizers, desserts and drinks. It’s probably worth it if you want to have a heavy meal! But I wasn’t hungry so I just went with à la carte. You get a coaster for each drink too. They made a mistake with our receipt though so luckily I double-checked, if not I would’ve paid the set menu price! Personally I really liked the food and ambiance there, so it’s a cafe I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant

A well-known chain of Alice in Wonderland-themed eateries. I visited the one near Shinjuku station. I have always been curious about it, but it isn’t a place I would feel comfortable visiting alone. The interior was done up with the fake hedges and picture book illustrations. So it is nice to pose for photos. I was a bit puzzled by the Disney background music though. I arrvied at 5pm+ and it got relatively busy after 6pm. A lot of the customers were foreigners, and the staff seemed used to it.

The food was okay, though I did specifically order those with Alice in Wonderland motifs or dishware. There is a requirement to order at least one food/dessert and one drink per person. They do serve you a small cup of soup and biscuit. However, they charge 500 yen per person’s entry. And in general, the menu is expensive. So I doubt that I will visit it again.


This features the games under Koei Tecmo, including their otome games like Corda, Harukanaru, Angelique, Tokimeki. They will also have collaboration menus which run during a limited time. It is located in Ikebukuro (in the same building as Stellaworth) and seems pretty easy to grab a table. The cafe is divided into different sections for the different game categories. I was seated in the area which was decorated for the current Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 collaboration.

Admittedly, I have only played their Corda 3 games (the rest are in backlog and I keep telling myself to play Harukanaru since Ishida is in the cast…). To be honest their menu is on the pricier end, and the food is quite normal. Still, it was an interesting experience since I was next to a table with older fangirls who brought their figurines to pose with the food. And by figurines I don’t mean the small, deformed ones. But finely-sculpted adult-looking ones. Wow.

Rejet collaboration @ Myojin Cafe

Rather than a themed cafe, this appears to be more like a regular cafe that just happens to do collaborations from time to time. It is a walkeable distance from Akihabara station. Since it is a regular cafe, the interior is pretty chic and there’s even a small stage, so I guess they hold regular performances. The only semblance of the collaboration were the illustration panels decorating the walls. The food is also decent (and not so themed), and actually most of the customers were not here for the collaboration. Just to eat a regular meal.

I went there for Ken ga Kimi, and made a reservation just in case. But actually I could have just walked-in. I’m not sure if it is because those selected Rejet series aren’t that popular (???) or some other reason. There was a small shop corner too.

Moomin bakery & cafe

There are branches in Tokyo (Tokyo Dome City, Sky Tree Town) and Hakata (Canal City). I tried visiting it once but it was packed. So I tried Tokyo Dome City again by visiting early in the morning, and managed to have breakfast there. I visited ~20 minutes after opening hours and was the third customer. So I could grab a seat next to one of those huge stuffed toys to keep me company. Despite it being a weekday morning, it didn’t take long for the cafe to fill up.

I ordered cream bread (shaped like Moomin), mentaiko cheese potato bread, and matched it with iced chocolate latte for a morning set B. The mentaiko cheese potato bread was amazingly delicious! I was blown away, I would totally order it again. I think it also helped that the bread is freshly baked in the morning. If given another opportunity and it isn’t crowded, I would like to try their lunch/dinner menu.

3 thoughts on “Cafe Digest #3

  1. Kaede says:

    These cafes are super cute! The price is always for the aesthetic rather than the food, heh. The Moomin bakery is adorable…I love that pattern on the latte.


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