《何幸如之》天官赐福 – English Translation

A 谢怜 (Xie Lian) and 花城 (Hua Cheng) fansong, 天官赐福 (Heaven Official’s Blessing), that was released in celebration of 花城’s (Hua Cheng) birthday (10th June). Mild spoilers since the lyrics are on the ambiguous side.

Title: 何幸如之 (how fortunate one is now)

Original work: 墨香铜臭《天官赐福》
Original song: 小旭GIRLS《明月行处》
Planning / Producer: 奈奈、披萨
Lyrics: 核桃
Singer: 白酱
Mixing: 秋浅[3F团后期制作室]
Artist: 博斯藤壶
Video: 叶靖先生
Wording: 空山
Poster image: 江离。

似白驹过隙   喧嚣梦醒
身如浮萍   只影伶仃

Like a fleeting moment, a clamour disturbing one’s dream
Constantly drifting, with only a lonely shadow [1]
Also wishing to lift one’s finger to cherish the butterflies stopping by
Red robes similar to painting a scenery

曾簪缨披锦   失之旦夕
曾觉力疲   曾深陷囹圄之境
曾沐甘霖   方得知微末皆幸

Once wore a crown and brocade, lost everything in an instant [2]
A plague befalling this world and blades piercing one’s heart
Once felt fatigued to the core, once trapped deep in adversity
Once cleansed in rain after a long drought, only then does one know the small things that count in every happiness

城阙尽处   惊变刺破繁华
幸回首   揽衣跃罢刻骨一霎
意气风发   或不知苦际无涯
幸留于   冥冥雨幕下

The imperial palace fades away, its prosperity abruptly disrupted
Fortunately turning back, lifting one’s robes and leaping, that moment deeply ingrained
Spirited and exuberant, perhaps one did not know that the end of suffering is endless [3]
Fortunately stayed on, under the dark curtain of rain
Encountering a flower

怜塞上飞鹰   墙下春荇
清烟氤氲   千灯长明

Pity the flying eagle by the borders, the spring water lilies beneath the walls [4]
Thinning and thickening mist, a thousand lanterns ever so bright [5]
Sculptures of a god sealed and hidden away till today
The stones of a cave reveal a god

曾混迹市井   亦登仙京
曾不识君   曾遗红珠未能寻
曾并肩行   方得知微末皆幸

Once hid oneself in bustling towns, and ascended into godhood
Danced with a sword and possessed immense strength
Once did not know you, once lost a red bead and failed to find it
Once fought side by side, only then does one know the small things that count in every happiness

幸于漆夜   度灵灯唤作答
幸昔日   红线青丝 绕指几匝
幸百年间   也仍作心上牵挂
幸一人   将之奉若珍匣

Fortunately in the pitch black night, passed by that glowing spirit and called out to answer
Fortunately in the past, red thread and black hair strand, circled the fingers a few rounds
Fortunately in hundreds of years, still keeping you in my thoughts
Fortunately for one person, came to bestow one’s precious remains

世间纵有   千万般苦痛不假
幸携手   赤诚无畏   白衣无瑕
亦曾飘零   将无间寒域遍踏
幸得见   桃源初绽春华

Even if there are truly a million kinds of suffering in this world
Fortunately we hold each other’s hands, absolute and fearless faith, flawless white robes [6]
Also once wandered aimlessly, and treaded all across the bitterly cold abyss
Fortunately caught sight of, the first blooms of spring in paradise
Like a painting

[1] 身如浮萍 literally means that one is like duckweed, implying that you are always drifting or wandering from place to place. This imagery seems to be often used in many poems, so I cannot pinpoint its specific origin.

[2] 簪缨披锦 literally refers to the crown and brocade, which implies the person’s noble identity and background.

[3] Apparently 苦际 refers to a Buddhism concept (dukkhassanta) which roughly translates to the “end of pain/suffering”.

[4] Specifically 荇 seems to refer to the fringed water lily.

[5] If you flip the words around, 长明灯 is a flame which cannot be blown out till the oil is exhausted. It is lit on new year’s eve, and also on other occasions like weddings or ancestral altars.  (reference)

[6] Just pointing out the contrast between red 诚无畏  and white 衣无瑕. 赤诚 means to absolute sincerity though so I couldn’t literally translate it. I translated 白衣 literally though it has implications of a commoner with no fame or rank, or a lowly official. But neither seem to really fit 谢怜 (Xie Lian).

Notes: Mandarin is not my most proficient language, so feel free to feedback. Also, I translated according to my own interpretation, and tried to balance between literal and lyrical translations.

※ 如果原作曲者或上传者不许可英文翻译或有什么意见,麻烦请留言。谢谢。

>> Spanish translation here 😀

Please credit properly. If you want to use my translations for anything, please ASK ME FIRST. I want to keep track of where my translations are being used. Thank you.

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