Cafe Digest #4

This is a follow-up to my posts introducing various themed cafes, the last one being #3. The cafes in the post will be a mix of those in Japan and Singapore. Enjoy!


This is the cafe located next to the museum space of Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower, on level 52. Usually it will have a collaboration theme with one of the ongoing exhibitions. For example, I visited it when it had a collaboration during the JUMP 50th Anniversary exhibition, and during the Moomin exhibition. They will do simple decoration on the glass walls and tables according to the theme. The space is decent, though tables and chairs can be a bit close to each other. It can get crowded, but during my two visits there, I avoided any queues by just going earlier than the usual dinner hours. I should highlight that if you get a window seat, you will be able to see a nice view of Roppongi. It’s especially pretty at night.

To be honest, I find the menu is rather limited and on the pricey side (even for a themed cafe). In fact when I visited during the JUMP 50th Anniversary collaboration, I only ordered the dessert (instead of a proper meal, oops) as I wasn’t too keen on the mains. But that was also because I wanted that specific coaster – yes, you get a coaster for each order. However, I did like the menu for the Moomin collaboration a lot. Personally, I guess it can be a hit-or-miss.


I visited the Tokyu Hands cafe at the top level of Shibuya Tokyu Hands as there was a Shibanban collaboration. The menu is limited, and on the pricey side. To be honest, I wouldn’t have visited if it weren’t for the Shibanban collaboration. But at least everything was delicious, and I just loved the Shibanban illustrations for this collaboration. You need to order at the counter, and the food was served to me later. One thing though, the staff forgot to give me the coasters at first…I also didn’t realise it at first ‘cos I was too busy taking photos oops.

The main decoration was the two big Shibanban stuffed toys. Other than that, there were some cut-out standees but those tables were occupied. The cafe space is not big, and it was crowded despite it not being lunch/dinner hour. And I realised that many people just ordered a drink, and would camp there with their laptops and do work.

Nana’s Green Tea

Not a themed cafe, but I find myself often dining at this cafe so I thought I might as well talk about it. It has branches in Singapore too, but it’s the menu in Japan which I really like. I don’t get tired of the rice bowls topped with fresh fish at reasonable prices. I also appreciate the fact that you can choose between two sizes – it’s good for me as I don’t eat as much rice. They would have seasonal menu items too, and there was once I tried the cheese curry rice bowl. Yum.

As for the desserts, the well-known item is their parfaits. Actually this is also the same as Singapore (but slightly cheaper I guess). I really like them all, but would usually stick with the green tea with warabi mochi (because I’m weak to warabi mochi). Likewise, their seasonal menu items include desserts too.

Snoopy Chaya

I visited Snoopy Chaya when I was in Ise. As you can tell from the name, Chaya = tea house. There are also branches in Kyoto, Otaru and Yufuin. As I didn’t have a lot of time, I could only pop in for a brief period to have some desserts. The space is big and tastefully decorated with Snoopy motifs. However, it really felt like there was a lack of staff as it took a while to get us seated. Unfortunately, the chiffon cake was a bit dry. The warabi mochi was much better though. I would’ve liked to try more of their menu so as to compare to my experience at PEANUTS DINER in Yokohama (which I loved). Maybe next time?

That being said, there was a shop selling an extensive range of Snoopy goods. Prices were reasonable, and designs were lovely such as the Snoopy characters with Japanese sweets. There were some merchandises which were sold exclusively in the Ise branch.

Gudetama cafe

There is a Gudetama cafe in Japan, but also in Singapore! I’ve visited the one in Singapore a few times already for a few reasons. One – usually my (overseas) friends would want to visit it. Two – the food is more costly, but also the portions are big and it’s pretty delicious. Additionally, there was once when I received a 20% voucher for my next visit with a minimum spending of $80. Eventually I did use it when dragging another two friends. So I guess what I want to say is, it is advisable to visit with as a group since the portions are big and you can share a few menu items.

The cafe is nicely-decorated, and some tables even have Gudetama cushions or stuffed toys. Also, the napkins are printed with Gudetama designs. As mentioned, the food is pretty delicious and it’s cute how they name it with Singlish references. The menu is pretty wide, so much so that I’ve tried different items for each of my visits. Some of the desserts are also modelled to look like savoury food. Sometimes, there will be seasonal dishes or promotions too.

Kumoya Singapore

This halal cafe in Singapore changes themes at regular intervals. Similar to THE GUEST cafe and diner in Japan. So far, some of the themes were Snoopy, Care Bears, Tokidoki, Cinnamoroll and so on. I guess thanks to this, it maintains its popularity and so far I’ve only visited once, during the Miffy collaboration. During then, I even visited on a weekday just before its opening hours, and a queue already formed behind me and my friends.

That being said, the cafe interior was done up nicely (even the visible kitchen area) and tables even had Miffy cushions and stuffed toys. The food was delicious. Again, on the pricier side, but it was yummy and filling. I would certainly want to visit it again, but I believe it’s crowded on weekends and it’s difficult for me to find time on weekdays. Hmm, I shall keep trying anyway.

My Melody cafe

Actually, My Melody cafe is located right next to Gudetama cafe in Singapore. I believe they even share the same kitchen. The space is smaller in comparison though, as is the menu selection. Likewise, the food is more costly. However unlike Gudetama cafe, I felt that the portions were manageable. The food was decent.

The cafe is designed with a strawberry (garden?) theme, which I suppose is perfect for My Melody and friends. That is also reflected in the menu, as they would have strawberries as one of the ingredients. There are My Melody paper mats, and some food dishes will have My Melody paper cut-outs too. It’s still a cute place to visit. But I suppose if I weigh the different factors, it’s more likely that I would visit Gudetama cafe again instead.

9 thoughts on “Cafe Digest #4

  1. midoriha says:

    -rolls in because i saw singapore- ayeee my country! rofl! japan has quite a few themed cafes don’t they? they started appearing quite a bit in singapore in recent years! the themed cafes are alll about the aesthetic! speaking of themed cafes in singapore, did you ever get to visit the hello kitty orchid garden cafe? if yes, what did you think of it? that was the only themed cafe i’d been to since i happened to have to wait around at the airport, hahaha!


    • Yume says:

      Wait, really?? I’m from SG too haha. What a coincidence! But yes themed cafes have been popping up here too! I never had the chance to visit the Hello Kitty cafe since I’m always rushing for my flight (departure) or too tired to drop by (arrival) oops…and now it’s closed already. ;;; what did you think of it though?


      • midoriha says:

        hahaha surprise, fellow singaporeans! well, the hello kitty cafe was the only cafe i’d ever been to, but the food was fine! serving size was pretty good. it was a smaller place, but i did like the aesthetic! and service was quite good too! but also maybe cause there weren’t many people when i went, so they could pay more attention to me, ahaha!


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