Quick CNovel Reviews #4

I’m a bit sad that my reading speed is slow these days due to my hectic work. But I realised that I still do have titles I can recommend from my list of complete reads, so here’s another post of quick cnovel reviews. This time again, the selection is pretty varied so hopefully you’ll find something that interests you!

As mentioned, I make it a point to finish once I start reading so if the English translations aren’t complete, I read the original Mandarin Chinese version.

不要在垃圾桶里捡男朋友 (Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin)

Written by: 骑鲸南去 (Qi Jing Nan Qu / Riding A Whale South)
Length: 270 Chapters + 13 Extras
Translations: Chrysanthemum Garden

Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-class looks. He crawled his way out of hell on hard mode to become a winner at life.

Then, he was smashed into a vegetative state by a chandelier.

061: Hello, here’s a brief rundown on the scum gong reconditioning system. This system measures the regret level of the scum gong. Every time their regret level reaches one hundred points, you will be able to leave the current world. A friendly tip, usually, through dedication and self-sacrifice, our employees slowly foster a sense of dependency in the scum gongs, gradually making it so the scum gongs can’t live without them.

Chi Xiaochi: How many regret points is a complete loss of reputation and standing worth? How about a fall from grace? Or wanting something but never being able to obtain it?

061: …… (Novel Updates)

I just finished this and had to rave about it. From the synopsis, it sounds like the typical world-hopping, face-slapping, revenge type of plot which we see every now and then. But believe me, this novel goes even further. For example, each world is varied and contains elements which you can find in every other similar novel: ABO, apocalyptic setting, breaking into the entertainment industry and so on. But the author puts extra effort in the world-building, and even explaining why the world became like this (for apocalyptic setting). Or they may even break the usual conventions which we always see in every other novel (for ABO). Moreover, they even explore the mechanics behind the scum gong reconditioning system, and MC starts to question if things are really that simple. It’s great, and I don’t want to spoil too much. Just know that you can’t take things at face value. And that the author really explains many things.

The characters are full of life and engage you. Not just the MC and ML, but also the side characters. The author takes time to showcase their personality, interactions, and history. This includes the host whose body the MC takes over in each world. Because the MC does not put first priority on exacting revenge, but on making life better for the host even after he leaves their body. This added to my enjoyment of every arc, and I did not dislike any. ML is also shown not just being an accessory to MC. He also plays an important role in uncovering the deeper truth, as do other side characters.

Also, MC and ML have great chemistry and a deeper past which gets revealed over time. This point alone makes everything so much more fantastic. Because very often for these novels, we just take it for granted that MC and ML are in love, somehow, along the way. Which is fine, to be honest. I can still enjoy those. But I have to give credit to this novel for taking the extra mile in developing the relationship between MC and ML. It’s endearing. The ending was a pleasant surprise too, as it is unlike other similar novels.

I feel that my review is a huge mess, because this novel makes me excited, but at the same time I don’t want to give away too much. So I’ll just say – please give this a try! Just take note that there are mature themes.

至此终年 (together forever)

Written by: 墨宝非宝 (Mo Bao Fei Bao)
Length: ~ 22 chapters
Translations: Hui3r

What if you met a teacher who was once a surgeon? When you were thirteen years old, both his and your mother were being rescued in the same hospital. However, six to seven years later, he can no longer hear any sound and unable to work in the surgery theatre anymore. Holding a book, he has become an ordinary university lecturer.

What if he is the same as you – abandoned by his mother, and a father who he can’t talk about?

What if he lost his health because he tried to save the nation?

What if, he loves you?

Can you bear not to love him?

“To have Ping Sheng in your life, life has no regrets.” (Novel Updates)

Reviewing another Mo Bao Fei Bao novel. Let’s see if I can still recollect my thoughts about this, as it’s been a while since I finished this. I enjoyed this because it hits close to home. The issues which two main characters face are rather realistic, adding to the angst of the novel. But rest assured that this has a happy end.

Though this features a teacher-student relationship, I feel that the main focus isn’t that. It’s more about two characters with troubled backgrounds, coming together to find solace in one another. If I remember correctly, the author did say that she modeled the MC after someone she knew, so I guess that explains why she felt really real. Additionally, the ML wasn’t modeled after someone specifically, but rather is a tribute to the doctors and nurses who risked their lives during the SARS outbreak.

全宇宙最后一只猫 (the last caT In THe Universe)

Written by: 醉饮长歌 (Zui Yin Chang Ge)
Length: 87 Chapters + 3 Extras
Translations: Counting Aries Translations / SilverNekoScanlations

During his patrol, Ji Xiu Yun, a marshal of the Empire, was ambushed and went missing. When he returned, there was a pure white creature crouching on his army cap.

Through genetic testing, it was determined that this cute and delicate little fellow was a creature that had faded away with the mother planet of humans 2000 years ago——a cat.

The last cat in the universe!

The people of the Empire were frenzied! (Novel Updates)

This is a quick, light-hearted read! I was looking for something short and fluffy to read then, so this was perfect for me. I loved reading how everyone fawned over MC in his cat form, and the ridiculous conclusions they make such about a cat by observing him. Because the MC’s identity isn’t exactly a cat, he is cultivating to be a nine-tailed cat and gain immortality. MC also learns about this futuristic world and their technology. Funny moments include him accidentally starting a live broadcast, and continuing to do so, so as to earn money.

ML has a poker face and a straight personality. He’s also quick-witted enough to figure out that MC saved his life, though he isn’t sure how at first. Nonetheless, he does everything to repay the favour, while also throwing bait at MC to get what he wants at times. It was interesting to see how he reacts upon learning MC’s true identity, and seeing his human form.

I thought that the transition of their feelings would be awkward. But it wasn’t too bad, and all in all a cute read.

舌尖上的心跳 (The Heartbeat At The Tip Of The TOngue)

Written by: 焦糖冬瓜 (Jiao Tang Dong Gua)
Length: 82 Chapters
Translations: distractedchinese

The vastly differing world views of the male and female lead –

The purpose of food:

Female lead: To fill my tummy!

Male lead: Art!

The impression they have of each other:

Female lead: Impossible!

Male lead: Too stupid!

Is there a possibility that you would date the other party?

Female lead: Who, who wants to get together with this peculiar weirdo!

Male lead: She’s so stupid, I’m the only person capable of accepting her.

This is a story about how an arrogant and cold male idol successfully PKs the female lead’s black-bellied childhood playmate before bringing the female lead along in his domination over the world of gourmet food. The male lead is an extremely talented chef; however, he suffers from blindness – thus, his other senses are all hypersensitive with the exception of his sight. With his perfect sense of taste and his ability to accurately determine people’s attitude and feelings through their vocal tone and their breathing, he is better able to discern the truth and people’s real underlying intentions when compared to the common man. (Novel Updates)

Warning: don’t read this on an empty stomach, or you may be left feeling extremely hungry due to the cooking and food descriptions! Essentially, this is about ML inspiring MC in discovering her dreams, and becoming a gourmet chef just like himself. Also in return, ML’s cold personality starts to warm up as he interacts with her.

There is a strong second male lead too. After having read this and another of the author’s novel, I guess this author has a thing about love triangles. However, I must say that the author handled it really well. While I didn’t find yourself rooting for the second male lead (because I’m a bigger fan of the ML…), I could empathise with him. It also adds to the notion that timing is important, and sometimes you can easily miss out on the one closest to you.

At the end of it all, I must say that it was the ML who won me over. Which I must add is difficult, because usually I side more with the MC. I love it when ML allows the MC to grow and mature, and this one fits the bill to a T.

反派有话说 (The Villain Has SOmething To Say)

Written by: 莫晨欢 (Mo Chen Huan)
Length: 150 Chapters + 14 Extras
Translations: Bowl of Warm Soup / Verdant Lore / Flying Lines

As the head disciple of the number one sect in the world, Luo Jianqing had a brilliant reputation. He was the most respected senior brother of his junior brothers and sisters: the last disciple of the cultivation world’s number one cultivator, Luo Jianqing greatly respected his master’s teachings, not crossing his limits by even half a step.

Afterwards…… he was stabbed to death just like that by the main character with his sword. His master’s sword.
Luo Jianqing: “……”
The heavens wants me dead, yet I refuse to die! See if the will of the heavens is more fearsome, or if the will of my sword is more stubborn!

Wu Yin: “Jianqing, I have something to say to you.”
Luo Jianqing: “Master, I also have something to say to you.”
Wu Yin: “… you speak first?”
Luo Jianqing: “You speak first.”
Wu Yin: “I like you.” / Luo Jianqing: “I want to top you.”
Wu Yin: “……” (Novel Updates)

I’m back with another Mo Chen Huan novel review. Well I have read a lot by this author, so you should expect more. Anyway, this time the author tackles the xianxia world, coupled with rebirth. At first, I thought that this would be a typical novel. That the MC will take revenge against the main character (who is actually transmigrated from the real world and hence knows what happens in the novel). But I eventually realised that this wasn’t the focus. MC starts to question what is heaven’s will and how to go against it. It’s a much bigger journey.

At the start of the novel, you will wonder what is up with ML. But I will just say that the ML has given up a lot for the MC, and that he has a huge part in why MC could even be reborn. (They are both thirsty for each other!) Towards the latter half of the novel, you may start to question if this is tragedy – it isn’t. It has a happy end, so don’t worry. Though I admit that I skipped to the last chapter to make sure of that, even while already knowing that it has a happy end.

Side characters are diverse and engaging too. This novel gave me one of my all-time favourite side character ever. If you read this novel, it won’t be hard to figure out who. I’ll just say that he gets his own happy end in the extras too (after a lot of pain ugh).

12 thoughts on “Quick CNovel Reviews #4

  1. dreamcatchergyu says:

    I read “舌尖上的心跳” and “至此终年” early last year and thoroughly enjoyed both, especially “至此终年”. It’s actually one of my favourite novel, just because it feels so realistic. The translator mentioned somewhere that we may not be the ones to experience those troubled lives, but somewhere out there, someone living the life with all those responsibilities thrown at them.

    There was this part that I remember clearly, where there was a comparison between the female lead and one of her female friends. Life ain’t fair and there’ll always be people who have it better; people who don’t have to lift a finger yet they’d have all they could want in their life. Then there will be the MC and her friend, who are disadvantaged from birth, but difference is one wallows in her plight while the other chooses to strive on despite her circumstances. This hit me pretty hard.

    Not sure if you know 墨宝非宝 has 2 other novels under this “至此”/ tribute series – “一厘米的阳光” and “归路”. I’ve read “一厘米的阳光” and loved it as much as “至此终年”. I think you’ll enjoy it too 🙂


    • Yume says:

      Oops, I don’t know why it listed your comment as spam. Sorry that I only discovered it now!

      Yeah precisely! These accurate portrayals really hit me and made me reflect. 🙂 Ohh I didn’t know there were 2 related series. I put all of her novels under my backlog, but will definitely keep this in mind when thinking of what to read next!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eu says:

    Yume-chaaaaaan! I blame you for increasing the length of my backlog! 😆😂😂 I’ll come back to this once I’ve finished your last recs. 😂😂😂


  3. Navleu says:

    Thanks for the great recommendations! I was saving your post for my free time, when I could actually read some of these novels.

    I’m totally in love with Don’t pick lovers from the trash bin. Chi Xiaochi is a MC totally different from the usual protagonists in that kind of novel and I’d loved every single world this far. It’s nice to know you enjoyed it whole, so I know even If there is angst, everything Will be fine in the long run.

    Well, one novel less, four more to go. ‘The villain has something to say’ sounds specially Interesting.

    Happy holidays!! I wish you lots of time to read more novels n.n


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying trash bf (that’s what I’m calling it for short now haha). It’s really a special gem, isn’t it? 😊 and yes, I can assure you that everything is fine at the end~

      ‘The villain has something to say’ was different indeed~ or I’m just bias to Mo Chen Huan haha. I’m also reading a similar-ish novel by the author who wrote trash bf and I’m looking forward to recommending it next, because it’s breaking streotypes again so far!

      Thank you!! That’s the best gift haha. I hope you have lots of time enjoying novels too~


  4. Usagi says:

    Ahhh Together Forever!!! I remember reading that story a while ago and I really enjoyed it!! I thought that description was familiar LOL

    I’ve been enjoying the shorter cnovels recently as I don’t have as much attention to divert to the longer ones anymore, what with everything else going on in my life. I’m not gonna lie, a lot of the stories published on jjwxc are really to my taste lmao they’re usually like, under the 200 chapter area and are fun and engaging.

    I don’t really read BL, but The Last Cat in the Universe sounds sssoooooo cute lmao there’s just something about MCs turning into cats or foxes that I’m really loving right now LOL ^q^ who knows, maybe I’ll give it a go!

    The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue sounds really cute! I’ve never read anything else by that author but it looks like it would be a nice read.

    I really enjoy reading your cnovel reviews. I feel like I can always get a nice idea of what to read from them haha! I’ve been kinda in a slump when it comes to what I want to read next in terms of cnovels so this was nice to read! 😀


    • Yume says:

      Yay it’s one of the stories I enjoyed more by MBFB! Though I haven’t read everything by her yet. I just really liked how relatable it was.

      Haha that’s true. It’s so much easier for me to blaze through shorter cnovels too. Just so happens that majority of the ones recommended to me by my friend (who dragged me in this pit) are pretty long. ;;;

      The Last Cat in the Universe was really cute! Very easy-going read, no drama, no angst and so on~ The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue had some intense moments, and I didn’t like how the author vilifies a few of the female side characters. Fortunately, there was some redemption at the end. And I just really, really loved the ML so much.

      Thank you! Glad to help out~ I have a super long to-read list, so I’ll do my best to keep going at it and see what else is good to recommend haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aqua says:

    ahhhh I read “dont pick up boyfriends from the trash bin” after seeing your recommendation and it’s so good! my only regret is that I never learned to read chinese so I have to wait for the eng tl skjdgkdsjgs I’ve tried reading a couple novels with the scum gong, MC transmigration plot and didn’t like them but I’m glad I gave this one a chance! although there hasn’t been any romantic development between the MC and ML yet, they’re both so endearing and their interactions so cute, I can’t wait for more of the novel to update! thank you for the recommendations! <33


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome, I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying it! 😀 yes the romantic development doesn’t really show up till later – though iirc ML has a hint about his true identity at the end of 4th arc and that helps~


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