Nintendo Switch Games #2

Back with another review post of some more Nintendo Switch games! If you’re interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.

AI: The Somnium Files by Spike Chunsoft

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AI: The Somnium Files is described as an adventure video game, but it’s more of a visual novel with some interactive elements. I think I could have enjoyed this more if I had lower expectations. Since there is a serial murder involved, I expected more sleuthing skills during the investigation process (also due to me reading one too many crime novels). In fact, I felt that a lot of the mystery-solving was hinged on Aiba (the AI belonging to the main character, Kaname) rather than Kaname himself. Aiba was truly the VIP throughout the game, and the character I grew most fond of.

Aside from that, the main feature is the Somnium stages. This involves Kaname going into the target person’s mind, unlocking their mental locks and finding out their secrets since some of them are SO uncooperative/forgetful. Some of the Somnium stages felt unnecessary to me since we don’t uncover out that much about the character’s psychological state or secrets. I guess the creators just wanted to design a Somnium stage for every significant character. Speaking of the Somnium stage, it really boils down to choice-making and managing the 6 minute time limit.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I can praise the game for that decent plot twist. Which appears in the 2 locked routes that you can only play after finishing the other 3. That was good. So the first 3 routes feel a bit redundant since you only scraped the surface. But if you like the characters, then I guess you would still enjoy those routes since you learn more about their background and stories. Anyway, if you are looking for a twisted mystery, it is worth checking out. It’s fully-voiced too! Personally, I kept the audio in Japanese, since some jokes and double meanings don’t translate as well into English. Do also keep in mind that the murders are rather violent, and that there is awkward erotic humour. The recall scenes are laggy in the latter half too, so just know that the fault isn’t with you.

Deemo by Rayark

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I played this rhythm game on mobile long ago. Since I saw it on sale at the Switch store as an enhanced port with the latest songs, I decided to get it. Not much for me to comment, except that there’s a wide range of music tracks and it’s quite good to play on the wide Switch touchscreen. Personally, I don’t find it hard to complete music tracks on the difficult levels. The story itself is simple, but touching. Once you finish the story once, you can replay a few times to collect more music tracks and gallery pieces. I’m actually still on my 3rd playthrough. It’s just nice to return to it now and then, to play a few songs.

Eqqo by Parallel Studio,

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Eqqo is a point and click puzzle game, in which you have to guide the blind boy named Eqqo, who is also the son of the narrator. Inspired by ancient Ethiopian legends, you help Eqqo transport the egg of a serpent god to its final destination in a temple. Along the way, you solve puzzles and have to fend off a masked monster.

Now the premise is really attractive, coupled with the mother’s narration. Apparently, it was created as a VR game though and when I played on Switch, the perspective goes blurry and fuzzy sometimes. It can be a bit annoying to adjust the perspective. Other than that, sometimes it isn’t clear what I am supposed to do in order to progress. I end up referring to a walkthrough. Though after a while, the puzzles are repetitive so I more or less know what is expected of me. So what’s compelling is really the story, and discovering scrolls along the way which explain more about the legend of the serpent god and the masked monster. You can consider getting the game tied as a bundle with the donation. You get your own tree in the game, and the donation goes to helping to plant trees.

Grim Fandango Remastered by LucasArts, Double Fine

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Considering that this game is over 20 years old, this remastered version actually looks good on the Switch screen. It also comes with commentary. But I didn’t know that the commentary is on when you are playing the game! I thought it’s a separate clip when you finish the game. Moreover, the commentary stops abruptly if you do in-game actions or travel between scenes. So it’s rather cumbersome. I ended up only listening to a bit.

Set in the Land of the Dead, you play as Manuel Calavera, an agent who sells travel packages to newly-deceased to make their way to the Land of Eternal Rest. The more good deeds you did during your life, the better the travel packages are available to you. Otherwise, you have to travel on foot which can be pretty dangerous. Hence some of them end up finding jobs instead. Manuel gets caught up in a bigger corruption scheme, and decides to help put an end to it. The story, characters, humour and design are amazing. I really enjoyed the fully-voiced dialogue, the film noir style, the irony of flowers being a symbol of death for the dead.

What was not as amazing were the puzzles. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, and don’t think I would’ve figured out without a walkthrough. Like when I was stuck in the forest. Also don’t be like me, as I figured this out too late: double-click to make Manuel run! I didn’t know and kept waiting for him to walk to the next scene. Still, the good points definitely outshine the clunky points, so I would recommend Grim Fandango.

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy by Level-5

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This is the only Layton game available on Switch at the moment, and follows Professor Layton’s daughter, Katrielle Layton. She helps to solve separate cases, most of them revolving around one of the 7 millionaires. The final case actually ties up all of the 7 millionaires in a single case, and this was not a bad story. Still, most of the gameplay is about solving puzzles. All sorts of puzzles. Besides the compulsory ones in the game, there are also daily puzzles found in the bonus section, as well as side puzzles you can unlock along the way. In any case, there are a LOT of puzzles. Now I didn’t mind this at all. But there were a few puzzles which felt more like trick questions. It didn’t come down to you solving based on logic or deduction. But more of finding the loophole. Which was kinda meh. Still, you can use up the hints to eventually solve them. Other than that, you can also dress Katrielle and Sherl (the dog) up in different outfits, and decorate her office.

Now I thought that we would eventually find out why the sidekick dog can talk, since that was the first mystery introduced in the game. But we never find out why. Um, okay. On the other hand, I was happy that we got to learn more about Katrielle’s assistant, Ernest. I do hope the other Layton games can get ported (even as a trilogy). There seemed to be plans for a port for the first game, but I have no idea if it is confirmed or not.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 by Next Level Games

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an action-adventure game. During what was supposed to be a vacation at a hotel resort, Mario and company go missing and Luigi has to save them while defeating ghosts. I really enjoyed this. It took me a while to get used to the controls. Once I did, I had fun exploring the hotel, with each floor having distinct and unique themes. The ghost-busting was straightforward for the common ghosts, but challenging for the boss ghosts. You’d have to follow a set strategy for them. I only played the single player mode, but still had a lot of fun. Some parts you had to have Luigi cooperate with Gooigi, a goo clone of Luigi.

As I progressed through the levels, the time I spent on the later levels felt shorter compared to the earlier levels. It felt a bit of a pity because the later levels had really cool stage designs. Such as the pirates/beach level, or the museum. Nonetheless, it was a decent playtime, especially if you are like me and revisit levels in order to collect all the gems and boos.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Games #2

  1. Eu says:

    Almost all the games that I want to play are here. XD I’ve tried the demo of AI and thought it looked kickass. Also, I learned that it was from the same creator of Escape series. But from your comments, I think I should lower my expectations lol.

    I haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion yet but from the let’s plays, I loved the beach and the pyramid one! Every floor is cool though. 😀


    • Yume says:

      Ohh!! Yeah I played the demo too and was intrigued, hence I went on to buy it. So I guess I was expecting the rest of the investigation and Somnium stages to be as good as the demo. ;; the overarching plot is good though!

      Ohh yeah the pyramid one is definitely one of the more interesting floors. 😀

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