Nintendo Switch Games #3

Back with another review post of some more Nintendo Switch games! Not as many titles this time, but I’m afraid that I’ll forget too many details if I wait to review them later. If interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.

HADES by Supergiant Games

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Described as a god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler, HADES is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. It became extremely popular and well-received, so you might have had a glimpse of it or even played it already. Still, I thoroughly loved it so I’m still gonna briefly review it. What makes HADES so fun is the replay value, and the story and various dialogue which gradually unlock. The dialogue is also so snarky and amusing. You can mix and match with the weapons, boons, mirror upgrades, keepsakes etc. to try out different styles. You need to fulfill certain conditions to get achievements, progress the story and relationships with/between different characters. Or even just decorate the hallway and bedroom.

Even though what you’re doing every round is essentially the same – hack and slash your way out of hell – there’s just so much to do that I’m sure I left out something. Not to mention, it is fully-voiced, and accompanied with gorgeous visuals and music? I’m not a good player, but HADES has a God Mode which slowly ups your resistance to damage every time you “die”. So you can still make progress eventually. Or if you want a challenge, you can tweak the difficulty with the Heat system, or even go for Hell Mode. Highly recommended!

Katamari Damacy REROLL by Bandai Namco

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Katamari Damacy REROLL is the remaster of the original game which was also released for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The gameplay is still the same, though you may take a while get the hang of the controls. I did struggle a bit on certain levels, but nonetheless managed to finish it (with thanks to tips on which areas are more efficient to roll up). Besides rolling up to a minimum size, the other levels would ask you to roll up specific items or the largest item possible. The former is okay, but I absolutely suck at the latter. Oh well, luckily those levels don’t affect your main progression.

You can also find secret presents, which allows you to dress up, or find your different cousins. Admittedly, I didn’t really explore this feature cos I got a bit frustrated at my poor skills to navigate to certain places. That being said, it is gratifying when you’re playing without a time limit and you roll as much as you like.

Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo

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Ring Fit Adventure combines exercising with role-playing. Together with the game, there is a ring-con and leg strap which would hold each joy-con. Basically you chase after the main antagonist while travelling and beating enemies in a turn-based RPG style. Just that you carry out different exercises along the way. You unlock more exercises as you progress in level, and each exercise targets certain areas (arms, legs, core, and yoga moves), which would also correspond to being more effective for certain enemies. You can set your preferred exercise moves for each stage, and also make smoothies to recover HP, boost your attack or collect more smoothie ingredients for that stage. You can also purchase clothes items for better attack and defense, and earn skill points to use. Other than the main story, there are other mini-games such as the game gym, rhythm game. Or you can also customise your own exercise routine.

Even though I already exercise regularly, I don’t focus on all areas so this game really helped me do that. For example, the arm exercises were more challenging for me. The game calibrates the difficulty level for you based on your age, weight etc. but you can adjust it anytime. It would also give you the final statistics after every session, be it the number of squats you do, how long you jogged for, calories burned etc. As it times how long you exercise, it would also prompt you to hydrate yourself, and ask if you want to end the session if you exercise for too long. You warm-up and cool-down for every session, and the cool-down exercises are also customised depending on which areas you exercised more of.

Obviously I’m not done with this game, because you can’t play it continuously for hours. It’s really helping me to exercise all areas in regular intervals, and in an interactive and challenging manner, so no regrets getting this.

Super Mario Odyssey by Nintendo

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Super Mario Odyssey is a really fun platform game where you not only control Mario, but also Cappy. You get to travel across the globe in order to (once again) save Princess Peach from Bowser before they marry. Besides being able to do a lot more actions with Cappy, you can also use Cappy to capture different characters (eg. frog, tank, dinosaur, Goomba, Bullet Bill and more) which adds further dimension to your playing experience. Speaking of dimension, there are certain stages where you get to play on a side-scrolling platform like in the original game. Throughout the game, you need to collect Power Moons (via an array of methods) to power up your Odyssey ship, in order to chase after Bowser. You also collect coins and purple coins to use at the shops, mostly to buy different costumes and decorations for your ship. The Assist Mode also helped me a lot in re-orientating myself, especially for bigger maps.

Once you finish the main story, you can revisit each kingdom to collect more Power Moons, especially if you want to further unlock two kingdoms. You can earn them by unlocking achievements too. There are a variety of mini-games, such as racing, RC car racing, jump-rope skipping, beach volleyball or approaching Luigi to play hide-and-seek with balloons. There is also a Snapshot Mode in the game, though admittedly I hardly used it especially when I’m in battle mode. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot! Maybe just, don’t be a completionist cos there are too many items to collect. Really.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Games #3

  1. Eu says:

    I wanted to play Hades, but after watching some playthroughs, I feel like this is something I won’t be good at. Something I’ll end up getting frustrated and will rage-quit www. The art is super lovely though! I’m glad that you enjoyed the game. 😀


    • Yume says:

      Oh is it hahaha. God mode really helped me and the story/characters spurred me to keep playing~ but yeah if it’s not your thing, then no need to force it!


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