Nintendo Switch Games #4

Here’s another review post of some Nintendo Switch games! If interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.

Bastion by Supergiant Games

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After playing HADES, I decided to pick up Supergiant’s previous games when they went on sale. Bastion felt very much like HADES: hack and slash, there are 12 different weapons, numerous abilities, upgrades, achievements and so on. However, the playtime is shorter and the replay factor is part of the gameplay. You carry two weapons simultaneously, and can easily switch them and your abilities as you play. You can also challenge yourself in a few ways such as the Proving Grounds for each weapon, fighting waves of enemies in Memories, or invoking the gods for more difficulty. There are two choices to make at the end of the game, which will affect the ending you get. You finish the story on the first playthrough and can carry on whatever you already unlocked on the second playthrough. I played two times to see both endings, and to fully unlock all the weapon upgrades.

The art and music are very charming, with good narration. I really enjoyed the world setting too, and the final choices you make give you something to think about. As mentioned, I’m not a great player but once I got the hang of it, it was fun. Though I still fell through the gaps lot lol. Still, there were so many weapons and abilities, it was fun to test each one out and discover how to best use them. If you enjoyed the play style of HADES, I think you will enjoy Bastion too.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles by Capcom

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The much anticipated duology came out recently and I immediately got it ( or rather I had pre-ordered it). The gameplay is very much like the Ace Attorney trilogy and mostly features Ryunosuke Naruhodo as the MC. However, since it is set in the past, we don’t have access to the modern techniques as seen in the other games (eg. identifying fingerprints, blood etc). We do get some access to it thanks to Herlock Sholmes. But otherwise, they still made the investigation and court scenes entertaining as they added in a dance of deduction and jury system. Since the two games are linked, you really need to play them back-to-back. As always, we have a set of quirky characters, and I really loved the character designs. I also feel that there is a really strong main cast here (and I love them), because some of their pasts are interlinked and play a big part in the cases. It’s something you should go in blindly and experience. The credit rolls build on the feelings when you finish the game, and it incorporated a theme I personally love (found family). Anyway, there’s only so much I can say without spoilers.

My buy includes the special content and I would say that it’s worth it. Because after I finished the second game, I felt hollow (you know that feeling after you play something good…) so I really needed more content to feed on. Haha.

Transistor by Supergiant Games

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This was the other Supergiant game I bought when it went on sale. Transistor’s gameplay is rather different compared to Bastion and HADES. It is a mix of planning your attacks and real-time attacks. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did it was FUN. You collect functions as you progress in the game, and you can mix and match them either as an enhancement, active, or passive skill. This results in so many possible combinations, and you really have to test it out to see which fit best (or check a guide lol). You can also challenge yourself through various tests be it finishing off the enemies with certain functions only, or fighting off waves of enemies. These really test how to best use the functions.

The art, music, story – all amazing. You learn more about the main characters, the world, and the plot through the dialogue between Red (the character you control) and the Transistor (the sword you use), the functions you absorb along the way, the announcements, recordings and so on. Because Red has lost her voice, the narration is by the Transistor. And it was SO GOOD. Especially during the ending scene. You can carry forward whatever you unlocked on second playthrough. The story doesn’t change, but I played another time to fully complete all the tests, and unlock all the background stories of the functions.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket by Turnfollow

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To be honest, I played these some months ago so it’s not fresh in my mind. You kinda watch the the story unfold, as it switches between perspectives of the four characters. A pretty short playthrough, but I enjoyed the dialogue and the art style. After you finish the main game, there is also some bonus content showing the story of two side characters. There’s not much for me to add. It’s a quick and easy game to go through in between.

6 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Games #4

  1. Eu says:

    I remembered crossing my fingers so hard for Capcom to give us GAA Switch port. I wasn’t even expecting an English localization lol. So so glad that they did give us both games tho! ❤


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