Time for some shameless plug! (lol not really)

I’ve finally put up a webcomic!!

It’s about a fine dining restaurant getting abducted to an alien food paradise where they are forced to serve food to unfamiliar clients. In a nutshell, it’s like Gordon Ramsay is the star of Star Wars. If you like sci-fi, space, food, aliens and a wacky plot with a touch of drama and comedy, please check it out!

Here’s the link: Ristorante Galattica

I update every saturday, but i might be changing the day. Mainly it’s a couple of pages weekly.

I know I haven’t been posting reviews of otoges for an extremely long time. I don’t really play otoges much currently mainly due to work and life and decreasing interest in completing my backlog. And I haven’t been very interested in otoges as much as I used to. They are all just the same cookie cutters to me and the characters are bland. Maybe I’ve outgrown those romance stories that I’ve been kinda desensitised lol. Sounds like i hate otoges but no, I just wish companies will step up their game and write better stuff with interesting characters and stories. That said, I’m still looking at otoges mainly for their art and character designs, due to the nature of my work. And I’m still loyal to Neoromance games though, so… LOL.

On the other hand, I’ve been playing more western games like Batman Arkham City, Wolf Among Us, and Fran Bow etc. So I MIGHT be doing reviews of those games instead. MIGHT.

bitchy resting face anyone?

Hey there guys!

So i’m always been introduced to quite a number to a variety of videos to watch and these are just a couple of them that make me laugh hysterically. Honestly, i suffer from bitchy/unfriendly resting face myself. I was even told by a friend that i have a perpetually angry face all the time. LOL

If you have other ridiculous videos that we should watch, let us know and post it in the comments!

Till the next random post, enjoy!


2nd Anniversary!! whoop whoop!

Clear, Ren, and Fukuchi are celebrating with us too!

Clear, Ren, and Fukuchi are celebrating with us too!


A big thank you to our awesome readers and we’ll do our best to bring in more game reviews and other fun stuff as well!

(As for me, i will share more youtube vids/other random stuff to make up for the lack of reviews LOL, since i’m practically always on it.)

Oh yes, we have other stuff to mention:

An FAQ page has been added for any kinds of burning questions you might have and the catergories/tags/list page was tidied up too. And usually we change our layout of the blog but we haven’t found any nicer ones lately so we’ll be sticking to this for the time being.

Have a great weekend guys!

Koisentai Love & Peace review (spoiler)


Hey guys, i’m back!

I finally completed Koisentai Love and Peace which I have been playing for a very long time because of a long hiatus.

In actual fact, the length of the game is average. Not too long, not too short. You can skip through the fighting scenes which I did for the last few character routes. I got really impatient by then lol.

I’m not going into details of each character route but just a summary of each and an overall review of the game.

I have to apologise before you continue reading though. Due to playing over a long period of time and a hiatus, I kind of forgot what happened in some of the character routes so some information might be wrong or missing. Please correct me if there’s anything.

All pictures are from the official website. I’m not able to save the CGs in the game unfortunately =__=.

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Merry Christmas Y’all!!

chocomix xmas 2012 LQ

We hope that you guys will have a great christmas and very happy new year!!

Drink till you’re drunk, eat good food, dance around, shout and act hysterical like you’ve never been crazy before~

Hopefully 2012 was a good year for you (obviously the end of the world crap is total bs lol) and that 2013 will continue to be as awesome or even more than that!

Till then!