Quick CNovel Reviews #8

Back with more cnovel recommendations! I’ve discovered more favourites recently~ But I want to prioritise those titles which seem lesser-known (?)  among English readers. As mentioned, I always make sure to finish reading what I started. I usually read the original Mandarin Chinese version, besides some exceptions.

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《I will be with you forever》犯罪心理 – English Translation

This is a translation of I will be with you forever, from 犯罪心理 (Criminal Psychology). The version I’m linking to is from the audio drama’s second season.

In the novel, the song is by the character Song Shengsheng. Part of the lyrics are also in the novel (aka author wrote them). Because I also translated the dialogue/lines from the video, there are spoilers. If you already know the novel spoilers, welcome and do prepare your tissues.
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Nintendo Switch Games #3

Back with another review post of some more Nintendo Switch games! Not as many titles this time, but I’m afraid that I’ll forget too many details if I wait to review them later. If interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.


《心间语》不要在垃圾桶里捡男朋友 – English Translation

This is a translation of 心间语, the theme song of 不要在垃圾桶里捡男朋友 (Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin)’s audio drama. This audio drama is the 网配 version, is free to listen and covers the first world (only 1 season as of now). It’s really good!

The song lyrics don’t really have spoilers, and is told from the perspective of the character 061.
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《永无宁日》欢迎来到噩梦游戏 – English Translation

I’ve fallen in the 欢迎来到噩梦游戏 (Welcome to the Nightmare Game) pit and am currently following the audio drama. This is a translation of the audio drama theme song 永无宁日, which I really love.

This song is sung from the perspective of the character 宁舟 (Ning Zhou) and has spoilers for volume 1. My footnotes also explain a few of the references to the novel’s events.

UPDATE (1 JAN 2021): They released another version, sung by Ning Zhou’s CV!!

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