Amnesia Crowd: Working, Orion & Concluding Thoughts

My last post for Amnesia Crowd. There will be spoilers for the previous games – in particular Ukyou and Orion. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy Below you’ll find an introduction to Working mode and Orion’s room, review of the mini-events from Working mode, and the bonus Orion scenario you get for getting all the quiz questions correct.


Amnesia Crowd: Kent’s route

Kent……that’s not smiling lol.

So I started on Amnesia Crowd. As a basic introduction of the game flow, there are 3 modes: Suspense, Working, Love. I believe that only Love mode picks up from the previous games’ contents. There is also a section where you can visit Orion, and another where you can play card games (Poker, Black Jack) with each guy.

There will be spoilers in this post for the previous games. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu” for like “you”. I wanted to review all the miscellaneous content first like I did for Amnesia Later, but apparently a certain event is only unlocked at the end of everything so I’ll have to save those for last. Below you’ll find Kent’s route (CV: Ishida Akira) for Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication).