Amnesia Impressions, Official Poll Results

I actually finished Amnesia almost a month ago and already started on another game but I haven’t found the time to do reviews for the other characters, ahaha. No idea if I will ever end up doing them. /bricked

So this will just be a short spoiler-free write-up of my general impressions of the whole game, and recommended order of play for those who are interested in playing the game.

Coincidentally, the poll results for the favourite character of the game was released on the official website today! I admit I was a bit surprised at the results but then again…it also didn’t seem like a surprise. Well, so below is also the sexy ご褒美画像 and translations of each character’s comments. (Didn’t translate voters’ comments ‘cos they’re suggestive, so don’t read them on the official webpage if you understand Japanese and don’t want to be spoiled.)

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Amnesia: Kent’s route

Amnesia has a surprisingly simple set-up: you’re the heroine who finds all of her memories gone, and in a dream-like world with a new companion: Orion. Orion tells you that he’s a spirit who came to the human world on a task but accidentally crashed into you and somehow, that impact caused you to not only lose consciousness but also all your memories and your personality too. He’s stuck with you ‘cos apparently he’s sealed away just like your memories, so you’ll have to regain your memories if he’s to be released from you. If not, he’ll slowly but sucking away the life from you.

Okay, that all sounds extremely freaky. But Orion is really the most adorable side-character ever, whether it’s his expressions or his lines (and most of the times, they’re exactly what I’m thinking). He pretty much narrates everything since 95% of the time you don’t have any lines. He tells you that there are parallel worlds and from there you are able to choose the one you want to go too. Since I went after Kent (CV: Ishida Akira) first, it’s the Clover world.