Important note about MDZS / TGCF posts

I started translating MDZS and TGCF fansongs because I admired the fans’ creativity, dedication and efforts. So I wanted more people to appreciate them, by translating into English.

Recently, I have to constantly remind myself of this sentiment which spurred me on. When a fandom grows bigger, naturally you will see more people and more kinds of people.

Similar to what happened with my DMMd (including Re:connect) spoilers posts – I am tired now. I have locked all my MDZS and TGCF fansong translation posts. They’ll require unique passwords now to be read. (I did not lock my List of 天官赐福 characters post.)

Yes, I reached my limit quicker this time. Again, this is tedious on my end. But I don’t want to see my translations being used any longer without any credit, an experience which will in turn affect my love for the fandom.

(Or even taking my hard work, editing some words, and passing it off as their hard work. That really dealt a blow to me and my passion.)

You may think that I asked for this because I don’t sub my translations on the videos. I have my reasons, which I always share when people ask. I don’t want to repost another fan’s hard work without their permission. I have tried asking original uploaders but to no avail. So I could only proceed this way. I have many footnotes which I think will enhance people’s understanding, but cannot fit in a video. Those are the top reasons. I allowed people to use my translations as long as they tell me first and credit/link back (including re-translating into another language), so I don’t think I should get this in return.


If you want the passwords, leave a comment and I will send you an email to access the list of passwords. Please don’t think that I’ll automatically email you though as the whole purpose of me locking my posts, is so that I don’t have to deal with upsetting business anymore. ): So I have to exercise discretion, it’s not that I mean to offend people. And please don’t entertain the thought of sharing it in public.

Thank you for reading, and especially to those who’ve always left kind comments. Please make sure that you input a valid email. I also realise that logging into twitter to leave a comment doesn’t reflect a valid email.

And if you have any comment related to the translations, please just comment on the post directly instead of emailing me. At least if you leave a comment on the post, people can refer to it if they have similar queries as you. Thanks.

24 APRIL 2019 UPDATE: I am making my posts private for my own viewing till I confirm if these people used my translations as a base or not. If yes, then I will wait till they delete their videos. If you think I have accused you unfairly, by all means contact me on twitter (@yumette).

I honestly do not like stirring up drama, cos why waste my precious time and energy for this. But I feel rather betrayed since the later videos appeared after I locked my posts and shared this list of passwords with you all. This is despite me turning a blind eye to them when I first locked my posts.

(The other youtube user has deleted / removed the subs)

Shiratsuyu no Kai, monochrome

Shiratsuyu no Kai, monochrome

Whew, this should be the last in my chain orders for now. I got Shiratsuyu no Kai Limited Edition version as well as nero project, monochrome (official website). I’ve only listened to it a few times but I think it’s crazy good a great selection of songs! My favourite tracks so far are Ai no Uta, Monochrome, Suisou, Cantarella ~grace edition~, Yakusoku no Sora, Jougen no Tsuki, Risky Game ~Kurousa-P piano edition~, okay all the tracks.

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Youtube stuff

Hey guys!

Firstly, I wanna apologise for the lack of otome gaming reviews from my end due to workload and lack of sleep >A<. I spend a long time completing a character route as I only play otoges like 20 mins a night? lol And I tend to abandon a game half way since i play so slowly unless it’s really worth my time. I don’t think i can do awesome detailed reviews like Yume does (woot~!) but I’ll try to do some short overviews or post on non-otoge related stuff like these at the bottom!

These are the stuff I really like currently so I wanna share them with you! Enjoy!

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Arabians Lost, Intensity

My most recent game buy is Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~ PSP Deluxe Edition. It comes with the game, deluxe edition drama CD, booklet (illustrations of the old game covers, from B’sLOG/Cool-B magazines, short comics [Aileen x Curtis, Lille, Roberto], and short stories [Aileen x Stuart, Shark]). There was also the preorder drama CD and the bromide tokuten.

Also got amu’s second album Intensity (official website), with the DVD. It’s been on repeat for the past week and I’m in so much love with it. My favourite tracks are bullet, Propaganda, 501 and Ame Nochi Futari. I think Intensity has a more balanced mix of hard and soft than step on does, if that makes any sense. XD I also got the animate tokuten which is amu’s solo version of Shounen Ginga.

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Kannou Mukashibanashi, step on

Oh hey, another fast delivery. I’ll try making this short and painless. Kannou Mukashibanashi Limited Edition version consists of the game, limited edition drama CD, booklet with chibi drawings, accompanying drama script of the limited edition drama CD, as well as the seiyuu signatures and short comments. As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD and the portrait tokuten from NeoWing. Both drama CDs are on entirely separate stories from the game so you can listen to them as and when you want (aka no spoilers).

Also got amu’s debut album step on (official website). I’ve only listened to it a few times but I think it’s quite a good mix of songs – though on a bit more on the “hardcore” side if that makes any sense. My favourite tracks are Silvia, Maboroshi no Oukoku, Away We Go, step on.

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